Wine Country Gourmet Giveaway

By Kate Riley December 17, 2011

Hi friends, happy only one week till Christmas!!  I’m feeling the spirit of giving, so it’s time for my annual WC giveaway, this one includes some gourmet treats from the region, plus something special (and handmade) from me!  The following goodies have all been carefully wrapped and packaged and they’re awaiting shipment via USPS to the address of one lucky winner. 

I pick up these gourmet treats when we tour the local wineries, and today I’m giving away a box of some of my favorites. We love nearby Viansa (mentioned here) in Sonoma which specializes in Italian varietal and blends. Truffle honey and lemon vinaigrette plus chardonnay strawberry peach preserve are included in the box.

My most favorite balsamic vinegar on the planet comes from the famous girl & the fig, and it’s paired with the apricot fig chutney, delicious as a spread.  For your summer BBQ, also included are both a spicy zinfandel and herbed cabernet marinades. And yes, I’m parting with my baby cutting board (full deets here) which is the perfect size for presenting a mini wheel of brie or a favorite artisan cheese, and also this great 2011 Food & Wine guide to the wine scene ~ it will tip you off on all the best wines to buy plus offers some basic things to know about different grapes, blends, and varietals. 

wine country giveaway

Eligibility to win the Wine Country Gourmet gift box . . .

1) Leave one comment telling me your favorite gift to give this season. That’s it!

One winner, US only, chosen at random.  Giveaway ends Sunday December 18, 2011 at 8 p.m PST.  By entering this giveaway you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry.


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  1. I started couponing this year and I’m excited to give all the toiletries I’ve gotten for cheap or free throughout the year.

  2. This year my favorite gifts to give are the items I have around that my family and friends have said that they like. I get to share and clear out space at the same time.

  3. I just sent my best friend in Virginia a packaged full of of local Texan jams, jellies, and nut butters, along with a set of cast-iron French onion soup crocks. Yum!

  4. I love to give gifts of food. My family all has enough “stuff” and we love food, so it’s a perfect gift!

  5. My favorite gift is always tickets to some event that everyone can do together. This year I am giving tickets to the Cardinals football game for all the guys and a shopping day and tea for all the girls.

    Great gift. I hope you and all your family have a very Blessed and Merry Christmas. Hugs, Marty

  6. My favorite thing to give this year is the Tervis Tumbler. I use mine every single day for my iced coffee and I adore it. I’m giving my parents a Keurig and the tumblers in their stockings.

  7. What a lovely gift! I love Christmas and shopping and gift-giving but this year (at the risk of sounding like “that” girl) I picked up and put down dozens of things in stores…our family, extended and otherwise, is very blessed, with few real *needs*, so everyone on my list this year got a gift from either Compassion or World Vision in their honor. I tried to tailor the gift to the person when possible – soccer balls and volleyball courts for some of the boys, newborn care and child vaccines for my compassionate girls, art camp for my musical son, clean water system, chickens, goats, education for girls – it was so much fun choosing gifts that will be truly meaningful to someone in a developing country! There are still a few other gifts under the tree (mama couldn’t resist!) but overall, everyone is totally on board with giving gifts to others!

  8. I am most excited to give my soon to be 5 year old son some legos I scored on Black Friday. He is obsessed and I know this gift will bring hours of joy!

  9. The Keurig is a great gift so I am giving one to my daughter in law and my brother…
    This is such a neat giveaway and I would be sooo happy to win….

  10. My daughter is a grad student and had a little 19 inch television. We bought her a 46 inch television for her to enjoy any time off she has from studies.

  11. This year, I’m all about the felted wool. I tried to stick to making all of my own gifts, but ended up with only handmade (by me and others…..etsy and local art shows). Love your blog and love the gift basket!

  12. Great giveaway!
    My favorite gift to give is homemade cookies and a cookbook :)

  13. I love giving meaningful books, pictures, or something meaningfully crafted especially for the recipient. I crafted most of our gifts this year. We also made donations to a few nonprofits in our loved ones honor.

  14. I’m super excited to give my dad a wine sampling kit! Come to think of it, half the presents I’m giving this year are wine/beer related…must be because I’m super preggo and I’m living vicariously through my gifts :P

  15. I give my dad a father/daughter trip to the store to pick out all the wines he’s been wanting to try all year! it’s our third annual tradition :)

  16. I love giving Sugar Cookies from my Great-Grandma’s recipe. They’re the best!

  17. I love to give gifts that I have made,whether it be food or a craft. I also love to give a bottle of wine.

  18. My favorite gift to give is an experience gift. I’m giving my Mom horseback riding lessons.

  19. mine aren’t big gifts! It’s the simple things that matter the most to us. I’m giving Dan some t-shirts that are hard to find! Thank you for a chance to win. :-)

  20. I’m excited to give my 7 year old a Nintendo 3DS! :) She’s going to love it! We told her she couldn’t get one until she could read…and now she’s reading like a pro!

  21. My favorite gift is seeing the smile on a mother’s face when I’ve paid for all the things she has in her basket for her children. Merry Christmas!

  22. I got my SILs name in family name draw. I’m making a photo letter display with their family name. I can’t wait…the frame will have the look of beautiful reclaimed wood, which is right up her alley (now I’m snickering, her name is Ali)!

  23. MY favorite gift this year is giving my husband a year of dates. One per month for the next year, already planned out and in separate envelopes to open at the beginning of each month.

  24. I like to give season passes to local museums or attractions. It’s a gift they can enjoy all year long, a way for each family to spend time together, and it doesn’t clutter up their home.

    I’m so jealous that you live in Sonoma. San Fransisco is one of my favorite cities and the last time we were there we went wine tasting in Sonoma. It was so beautiful.

  25. I’m so excited to give my husband his new ski pants he’s been wanting for years. He tore his ACL last year and missed out on skiing so I know he’ll love it this year.

  26. I made a blanket for my mom, and sent it to her with a few books. That way, she can curl up and read on cold winter evenings! This is a wonderful gift that you are offering- so yummy!

  27. I am from Seattle and we have a neat company here that makes beautiful glass candles…Glassybaby. I have picked out a few wonderful ones for family to enjoy all year round.

  28. I’m planning a complete family vacation to either NYC or Toronto and should finalize all of the details today. But maybe I should look at the California Wine Country!!

  29. My favorite gift to give is anything handmade. I love to make gifts for people, putting a little “love” into each one. Thanks for your giveaway!

  30. my favorite gift will be my homemade marshmallows i’m giving to friends and family! i’m trying a new recipe – fingers crossed!!

  31. I had my Dad follow your template for your cutting boards. So, I am giving those out along with a wedge of cheese.

  32. My favorite gifts to give are homemade things, usually food. My father-in-law lives alone and doesn’t cook much for himself so I make him a whole bunch of individual sized meals that freeze well and fill up his freezer for him.

  33. This sounds fabulous! I like giving gifts that I’ve made – usually some food-type thing. this year, I’m making hot chocolate mix, putting it in a jar and giving it with a mug and some of those chocolate covered spoons.

  34. Wow- whar a wonderful gift for you to give away. I dont have a favorite gift to give per se, rather I just love super personalized gifts. Etsy is always my favorite place to start, with my own coming in a close second. As long as the recipient knows that the gift they recieve from me was very thought out and symbolic in some respect- then I feel very good about it. giftcards are Never an option! :)

  35. My favorite gift to give is time. There’s very little cash that can be squeezed from the budget right now, (and I know I’m not alone in this!), so instead of money I spend my time making small but individualized gifts that create a connection that says, “I’ve really paid attention to you, and this is the proof”. And I know I’m not alone in this, either. Yay!

  36. In general, my favorite gift to give is the one the recipient really wants but either wouldn’t buy for himself or can’t convince his parent to buy for him. This year, that’s the PBTeen carry-on suitcase (monogrammed, of course) that my niece wants.

  37. My favorite gift to give is something homemade. Whether its a quiet book for my daughter, or clutches for my sister and besties, or personalizing some wine glasses with etching cream or paint or mixes for food ready to make in a jar. Homemade things are the best, because all too often they can’t be store bought.

  38. My favorite gift to give this year is my homeade sugar cookies. Everybody loves them, I guess they are my signature baked good :)

  39. I’m excited to give my husband a jersey that he’s been wanting and searching for. Thanks for the giveaway, love your blog! :)

  40. I love homemade baked goods for gifts. I’ve done chocolate dipped pretzels, Oreo balls, and granola!

  41. We are giving our children boxes of fruit this year. They love it, and we are focusing on our new granddaughter for the other gifts. We quit giving each other years ago when money got tight, and it’s been so much more relaxed and fun. We have a nice dinner and sit and converse!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  42. My favorite gifts to give are Christmas ornaments! I have been collecting Inge-Glas of Germany ornaments for years and love giving them as gifts too!

  43. This year I’m changing things up a little bit. My super sweet hubby bought me a cameo silhouette for our anniversary and I have been busy making as many gifts as I can. Seems so much more special when you make it.

  44. I love to give away home made things, from baked goods to aprons or trivets made with champagne corks. More special when it’s home made.

  45. I love giving gifts that people usually don’t buy themselves- like a nice, sharp kitchen knife.

  46. I’m giving my best girlfriend a bottle of her favorite Bvlgari shampoo. Both her and her husband just got out of the military and they moved in with his (oh so sweet and awesome) parents with their two year old twin girls. They are in the process of finding new jobs, new house, and new daycare all in a new state. You can imagine that she doesn’t get much alone time, so I thought the 15 minutes she gets to shower should be spent in the most luxurious way possible! Hope you have a great Christmas season!!!

  47. I make rocky road candy for everyone! Secretaries and teachers at school to friends and family. It’s a secret family recipe which makes it extra special. Merry Christmas!

  48. I love baking holiday scones and other yummy festive treats then wrapping them up in festive bags and sharing them with those I love.

  49. My girlfriends and I do a small gift exchange when we get together and do our annual cookie swap. This year I gave them all a cute little calendar for their desks from Etsy.

  50. This year I’m giving people personalized yarn wreaths, not only has it saved me tons of money, but I feel like this will be the best gift I have ever given!

  51. I like to give my family gifts that they really want, but would never buy themselves. This year that includes Cashmere gloves, a nice old fashioned razor, and pretty measuring cups from Anthropologie instead of the plain ones.

  52. My favorite gifts are the handmade ornaments from my kids. Love adding them to the tree each year (while drinking a fabulous glass of wine)!

  53. We give the grown-ups really good coffee roasted on a nearby farm. We all love coffee and rarely buy the good stuff for ourselves!

  54. This year instead of exchanging presents with my parents, we picked a family to sponsor from our church. It was a wonderful feeling to drop those presents off knowing three children would be having a special Christmas this year :)

  55. I really love giving people tiny indulgent things that they wouldn’t otherwise buy for themselves.

  56. My favorite gift to make is a plate of my yummy homemade cookies (I’m known to all as the cookie baker). I’m trying a new one this year with Heath Toffee Bits, pecans, white chocolate chips and semi-sweet chips. I can’t wait for them to come out of the oven in a little bit :)


  57. My favorite gifts are starbucks gift cards and homemade goodies! My friends and family all know me as the girl who loves Starbucks … they’rel all addicted too! It’s so easy to just pick up a few and tuck them in my Christmas cards!

  58. I love to give gifts to friends & family for their pets. Many people forget to buy gifts for their pets, and most pet owners are thankful that you remembered their pet during the holidays :)

  59. This year I am making “bark”……I used to make fudge, but found this recipe and it’s delicious, I use white and dark chocoolate !!!

    What an awesome giveaway, thank you…………

    Merry Christmas,
    Kathy :)

  60. Beautiful goodies! We visited Viansa a few years ago and it was amazing. My favorite gift this year was hand painted chalkboard door signs! They were so easy and I attached them to all of my gifts as gift “tags.” So fun.

  61. After a cookie-baking, 3-day marathon with my daughter, daughter-in-law and grandchildren, Christmas cookies are high on the list.

  62. What a great giveaway! Love these local items! This year we are making enormous quantities of peppermint bark to give to friends and neighbors. Such fun!

  63. OOOOOH…. I have always wanted to visitin Sonoma.. the wine, the food.. how can you go wrong!! Maybe some day!!! But would LOVE to win this!!!

    My husband and I do not give each other gifts… starting way back when the kids first came along and we just concentrate on giving to them and our families and to charity during this time of year.. The best thing I like to give is the gifts for the “giving tree” at church.. picking gifts to give to those that are struggling during the season…! Thanks again for this opportunity and enjoy your holiday with family and friends!

  64. My favorite gift I’m giving this year is an oil portrait of our dog to my hubby. Our pooch was our first born, but since having a baby he’s been a little shafted and my hubby feels bad.

  65. My son wants cash-he is buying a new house; I got my daughter rock climbing gear. I bought myself a case of wine!!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  66. Favorite gift to give is anything to my son–he is always delighted and announces that it was what he always wanted! And when he gets his binoculars Christmas Eve, I know I’ll hear that again. :-)

  67. My favorite gift I’m giving this year is some mercury glass votive holders for my mother-in-law!

  68. My favorite gift to give is anything homemade……..this year it is my sweetly spiced pecans bagged with a beautiful bow!

  69. This year, my best idea was a crockpot for my brother-in-law, plus some of my recipes — a bit unconventional for a college kid, but he’s a budding cook and it’s easily my favorite appliance!

  70. My favorite gifts to give are to the “Angels”. We always randomly select a few children from the Angel tree in our community and give them a Christmas (as well as their parents / caregivers). I always feel happy Christmas morning knowing that not only is my son excited and happy but so are some other much needier children.

  71. My favorite gift to give is a donation; whether it be a monetary gift, choosing a few gift tags from the trees displayed with less fortunate children’s names, or perhaps even making a donation is someone else’s name. I don’t think there is a better way to start “the season of giving!!” :)

  72. I’m so glad I found your blog. It’s fabulous and I am your new follower. Jennifer Tanner had your link in her post, that’s how I ended up here :-)

    I like giving watercolor paintings as gifts. It is a big project, especially when I paint for everyone in the family. Last year I painted a whimsical scene with three red reindeer, framed all of the paintings and gave it to the members of my family and my husband’s family. This project took me several weeks but it was worth it. This year I ran out of time, since I’m concentrating most of my free time on finishing my novel. Hopefully next Christmas I will have another set of holiday paintings ready. I will start on them in late summer to make sure they are finished in time to end up under the tree :-)

  73. I hate picking favorites….because it’s really a tie between three different things….but for the sake of following directions, my favorite thing that I’m giving are bottles of limoncello that I made and have packaged lovingly!

  74. Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas! My favorite gifts to give are the homemade candy that I make, everyone really seems to love it, I also love to make ornaments to go with the candy. Hugs, Terri

  75. I’m giving my parents a weekend trip to wherever they choose. I travel a lot so I’m happy to be able to give them the chance to!

  76. My favorite gift this Christmas is making a flannel pillowcase in a fabric special to each of my kids. Although they are older, 27, 25, 20, they each have favorties…one is getting a Sponge Bob one, one a penguin one, the other Thomas the Tank Engine. Just something home made from Mom.

  77. At this time of the year I love to give framed pictures. Candid shots of the kids to their parents ormy mother with her sisters and remaining brother.

  78. Yum – these would be fun to have around for a New Year’s eve party!

    I love to give handmade gifts to my grandmas… they always love it :)

  79. My favorite gift this Christmas is some blurb books I made of my grandma’s birthday that we had for her in August. She has terminal cancer so I made it for her nieces and children.

  80. Homemade cards and baked goods. Like it was said in Friends, ” cookies are personal and shows you care”

  81. I love giving fruit infused or herb infused Olive Oil! Everyone always enjoys using it and they come up with very clever recipes and marinades that they tell me about later!

  82. I made citrus sea salt and bacon sea salt to give as gifts this year. So far, everyone likes their gifts….

  83. My favorite gift to give is the banana split cake I make for family and friends… they all love it and ask for it year round, so I end up making the cakes for the holidays and bringing them to friends so they will have dessert for their holiday dinners.

  84. My favorite gift to give is any gift to my daughters as I love watching their faces when they open their gifts – and they are always thrilled whether the gift is big or small! Love it!!

  85. My favorite gift this year is a laptop I’m giving to my daughter. She has no idea! Can’t wait to see her face.

  86. I love giving gifts!! And I think on each person to give them what it fits better for them. I love giving things people mentioned in the past and I remember… My husband says I should open a business to help people giving presents… maybe some day… but this Christmas, my favorite gift was a book to a friend: When Georgia became O´Keeffe … I know my friend is going to love the book!!!

  87. I have enjoyed making homemade beauty products- bath soaks, bath bombs, body scrubs and face masks.

  88. My favorite gift to give this season is a cozy throw and seasonal candle for those cold, dreary nights in the Pacific Northwest. :)

  89. What a wonderful giveaway!! :)

    My favorite gift to give are homemade sweets. I love taking the time to bake and package them up for friends and family.

  90. My friends and I always share a Holiday Luncheon at our favorite restaurant and we exchange gifts that we try to keep under $15 and this year I found the most wonderful item! Camille Beckman French Milled Soap in the French Vanilla. It comes in many different fragrances and I’m planning to order a few more. Everyone loved it!

  91. I’m putting together a Caramel Apple Making Kit for my niece…it’s her favorite and I can’t wait to see the look on her face when she opens it!

  92. My favorite gift to give this season has to be certificates for a massage. Who wouldn’t love that?

  93. My favorite gift is love…for my mother who is ill and for my family who help to care for her…she is a very courageous and loving mother, and she looks forward to the holiday with her family. Love is a big part of Christmas this year for us.

  94. I’m moving from the Pacific Northwest to North Carolina in early January. I can’t take much with me so I’ve been choosing items for my siblings, nieces and nephews from my various collections (art glass, pottery, coffee cups, framed art, etc.). Happy Holidays!

  95. I gave the gift of time. I arranged to take photos of their children and/or family for Christmas cards and holiday gifts. My friends and family members are super busy being great moms and holding down busy careers. I was able to check a task off the long list! I hope to do this every year now-fun for me as the ‘auntie’; I get one on one time with great children!

  96. This year, I’m giving bracelets to my six granddaughters. That does sound so awesome until you know that they were made by the girls in the Kenya Mercy House. I’m proud to support these girls and even more excited about my granddaughters learning about mercy…..

  97. This year I’m all about nostalgia. Everyone seems to be getting something vintage or retro…throw backs to a simpler time.

    What a wonderful giveaway, thanks for the chance to win. :)

  98. I am so very excited to give my youngest daughter a homemade bed for her American Girl doll. I hope she loves it! Merry Christmas!

  99. Oh, Kate….how TRULY WONDERFUL! Awesome giveaway as usual! This is making me have a HUGE HANKERING for Italy…..we moved back to the States in Sept. and I miss it tremendously!

    I bought my eldest (Alexandra just turned 18…I like to say “I had her when I was 7! HA! My youngest are 8 and just-turned-6) a gorgeous vintage ring (she was so cute and I was so proud when she asked for a vintage ring “with history and personality!”) on ETSY!

    I CAN NOT WAIT to see her eyes and face light up and dance, dance, dance with joy when she opens it up!!!

    I want to say THANK YOU to the AMAZING YOU for being a constant source of inspiration.



  100. My favorite gift this season is “The Hunger Games” series. It will keep you entertained for hours. Thanks for the giveaway and happy holidays!

  101. I really enjoyed making cranberry orange walnut quick bread and snickerdoodles all packaged up for my husband to share with co-workers. What an awesome give away!! Hope your family has a wonderful holiday season!

  102. I’m making Dulce de Leche and will be placing them in a nice packaged container to give to my guests. I already started practicing! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

  103. We give a gift for finding the pickle in the Christmas tree…this year the gift is a gift card concealed in a mixed nuts container…silly but fun!

  104. I love to look through the Samaritan’s Purse catalog and pick something out for our family to give. We already have so much stuff…I love to remind myself and my kids about giving to others! It helps us to keep Christmas in perspective. :)

  105. This year, I am excited to watch the grandparents open up gifts my daughter designed and made all by herself. She’s 10 and it was amazing to see her go through the process, complete it and wrap them up. SO special to me.

  106. I have some creative surprises for my parents (who have everything…) and I’m excited to see their reactions!

  107. for the first time ever, i’m giving away diy gifts this year! centsational girl inspired me :)

  108. I made a photobook of my 1 year old son’s first year to give to all his grandparents. I’m so excited to give them this gift! Thanks for your thoughtfulness!

  109. My favorite gift this year were the drink coasters that I made for all of my friends, they were a huge hit!

  110. My favorite present to give this Christmas is a play computer to my grandnephew, Thomas, and some play pots and pans. He loves to bang on the keys and light it up at Nana’s work, and he loves to pretend to cook (or turn pots and pans over to drum on maniacally) At sixteen months he is the star of the show and we’re all mesmerized by him. I just love, love, love him. I hope you and your family have the most magical Christmas this year.

  111. This year we are making a donation to help the homeless in our city. Our church has a ministry to the homeless and we are hoping our donation will help to stock the food pantry to help feed them. We are reminded of those less fortunate than ourselves and would like to help if we can.

    Merry Christmas! Christ, our Saviour is Born!

  112. I always love to give anything that I have made myself. It is usually jewelry, but I make other things as well. The Wine Country goodies look amazing!

  113. This is my first year hand making all of my presents. Lack of money forced me to evaluate why and what my husband I give as gifts. So my answer is my favorite thing to give is something handmade. I have enjoyed making the gifts so much that this is going to be our tradition no matter how much money we have. :)

  114. My favorite gift to give every year is the plates of Christmas cookies I bake with my stepmom, my boyfriend, and my dad. But this year my friend gave me some extra branches from her Christmas tree and I was able to make 4 wreaths out of them. I never made a wreath before and those were a close second for fav gift!

  115. I love to watch my family and friends throughout the year and see what they like in home dec items, quilts, linens, etc. I then find fabrics in their style and re-create the items for my personal Christmas gift to each person.

  116. I made whole cloth quilts for all of my loved ones this Christmas. I used beautiful fabrics from Japan and quilted them. They are all washed and dried and crinkly soft. Each stitch was a work of love.

  117. My favorite gift to give is vintage watches! I have a cute store near me that sells all brands in all price ranges and I love hunting for a special one for that hard to buy for person on my list. The best part is seeing someone wearing it years later!!

  118. My favorite gift to give is framed photographs to remember all the specials moments in life!

  119. probably a nice luxurious hand cream for my mom cuz i know it is something she will use ;)

  120. My fave gift for friends with pets are species specific gifts for their pets. One friend has dogs, a cat and a cockatoo, so her package was loaded with gift bags for her pets in addition to some hand-knitted fingerless mitts for herself.

  121. I really love to bake so I will be gifting my co-workers with delicious cookies packaged in beautiful Martha Stewart gift boxes from Michael’s. Homemade treats are the best!

  122. Today I saw a women in wheelchair in front of the grocery store. She sat there with her guide dog for the blind holding a sign. Giving her something to ease her burden was the best gift I could give this year.

  123. Super yummy pecan nut cups are always a hit.
    Love this giveaway & that awesome little cutting board.
    Thank you!

  124. I like to give customized coupons such as a free night babysitting, back rub, or breakfast in bed!

  125. I’m excited to give my sister-in-law her gift this Christmas. It’s my nephew’s (her son’s) first Chrsitmas, so everyone is very focused on him. And while of course I love him and will join in on the celebration, I tried to think a little extra hard this season and find something special for her. Being a first time mom is stressful, so she certainly deserves something nice!

  126. My favorite gift to give is Christmas jam and sweets I make in my kitchen every year for my family. They look forward to it, thankfully, and they were made with lots of love.

  127. I love to give indulgent, spa inspired gifts to my co-workers. They are nurses who give of themselves to help others, so my hope is that these gifts will help them take a little time for themselves to feel cared for.

  128. I love to give gifts to our local nursing home. So many of the people don’t have any families.

  129. We had pictures taken earlier this year with my in-laws and I created a memory book of all the photos for each family to have. I’m really excited to give it to them! :)

  130. We are so excited to give my husband’s grandfather a custom-weaved blanket of our puppy!! He bought us our dog, and he is obsessed with him, so it’s the perfect gift! Especially because he is a very, very hard person to shop for!

  131. Since I am laid up for over six weeks, the Internet has been my Godsend! My favorite gifts to give are from Willow House. I absolutely love their entire collection.

  132. I give homemade candies, cookies and other goodies. I love how amazed people are that I can make such “fancy” things!

  133. My favorite gift are the pecan candies from Sunnyland Farms. Years ago I fell in love with their sugar and spice pecans, milk chocolate turltes, and dark chocolate turtles. I love buying interesting containers and filling them with the candies for friends.

    Thank you for the heads up and The Girl and the Fig balsamic vinegar. We drive 90 minutes to buy ours now.
    BTW, although it’s been decades since I’ve been back, I was born in Santa Rosa, CA. A wine country tour back ‘home’ is on my list.

  134. This year I’m giving a neat gift basket to a tea lover. I’m filling it with a tea pot with infuser and with a great variety of loose teas…a cup and some snack crumpets.

  135. My favorite gifts are things we picked up while in South America… Peruvian bath salts from the natural salt mines and alapacan throws hand knit in Ecuador.. wish I had bought a few more for me!

  136. OH, my favorite gift this year has been giving one of those plastic water glasses with straw filled with chocolates and those instant Starbucks iced coffee packets. It has been a big crowd pleaser so far!

    I won a wine country set from you once…we LOVED the fig balsamic. I’d love to get my hands on some more!

  137. I’m excited to give my dad a holiday beer gift. I have quite a few different holiday related 6 packs that he’s going to love. He loves to try different beer and he will be so excited to get it!

  138. You can never go wrong with winter accessories, but baked goodies seem to be what people get excited about receiving, like they haven’t had sugar in months.

  139. I like to give handmade gifts but the one I’m most excited about is for my mother, she started a quilt wall hanging class 25 years ago and never finished it. She brings it up from time to time. I’m finishing it for her for Christmas.

  140. My favorite gift to give this time of year is the gift of free time through gift certificates for car washes, house cleanings, etc.

  141. what wonderful treats! My favorite gifts to give are food or things I’ve crafted. When my time and/or get-up-and-go is low, I resort to my second favorite, items made my local crafts people.


  142. I am super excited about the iPad we are giving my Dad. I dont think he has every received an electronic device all to his own before.

  143. Mostly baked goods, and my family loves to bake and cook so they often are gifted kitchen tools.

  144. My favorite gift to give is ANYthing homemade! I do a lot of different crafts but right now I’m really into knitting and enjoying making so many things. :o)

  145. My favorite gift to give is ANYthing homemade! I do a lot of different crafts but right now I’m really into knitting and enjoying making so many things. :o)

  146. My favorite gift this year is homemade english muffin bread with assorted jars of jam that I’ve put up all fall…simply and filled with love!

  147. This year I’m excited for my parents & my husband’s dad to get their parent’s albums from our wedding! I just got them in the mail today! So excited :)

  148. I’m a huge fan of homemade gifts, scarves or baked goods as well! That way it’s still thoughtful but you don’t have to spend a ton of money.

  149. My husband was laid off from his job very unexpectedly a couple of weeks before Thanksgiving so we have had to quickly re-evaluate our Christmas giving this year. We have learned that the very best gift of all is time spent together with loved ones. All the “stuff” we give fades away quickly, by next Christmas you probably won’t even remember what you gave or what you received, but I’ll bet you will remember the time you spent with loved ones during the Christmas season, enjoying each others company…….so maybe the best gift doesn’t come from a store but rather from your heart.

  150. My favorite gift this year is a custom framed photo I took of the Florence duomo’s dome from the bell tower. My parents took us to Italy this year and my husband and I wanted to give them a memory of our trip.

  151. As cheesy as it sounds, I think time is the best thing to give. I live so far from my family, and for us to be together during the holidays is the best gift ever!

  152. My favorite gift to give this season are the Anthropologie Homegrown Monogram mugs. They are so cute and you can fill them with hot cocoa packets, marshmallows, etc — tie with cellophane and a ribbon and it is an adorable gift!

  153. I love the gift I got my hubby. A pic of our new baby blown up and printed on wood. Cool and adorable.

  154. I love giving home made gifts. I give all my neighbors(I only have 3) home made banana bread. It reminds me what the season is all about.

  155. I love to give homemade Vanilla Bean Extract. It’s so much better than the artificial stuff and it’s cheap to make as gifts! ♥

  156. Is it lame to say my cards? We went with the 5-picture collage and between the cow sticking out her tongue and the dog with reindeer antlers people seem to get quite a kick out of it!

  157. My favorite gift this year are the handprint ornaments that I’m making with my kindergarten class for their parents. There’s nothing like looking back at those little hands when your kids are taller than you!

  158. Whatever my 4 year old tells Santa she wants! Along with stamping stuff for my sister who still has time to make beautiful handmade cards.

  159. I have been giving away a cookie/candy that I call pine bark…but I’ve seen it called Christmas Crack on Pinterest. My go to hostess gift is a bottle of wine, usually from Sonoma.

  160. Yummy! I love apricots and figs. My hubby surprised me with a new laptop! It was a huge surprise and super thoughtful

  161. Well, I guess this year it is doll clothes. I’ve spent weeks making them for my granddaughters.

  162. We are giving our 2 year old son a train table complete with the entire train set. He is going to be so excited! I get a thrill every time I pass by it all set up in my basement…I can’t wait to see his face on Christmas morning!

  163. I love giving handmade goods- the thought, time, and effort mean more to me than purchasing something anyday. At this time of year, it’s usually cookies and candy!

  164. I bought my husband an opportunity to drive an actual race car for 5 laps. I cannot wait to see his face when he opens the gift certificate!

  165. Walking tour of nearby historic town and lunch for my mother (with me tagging along of course!).

  166. Yum!
    My favorite gift to give this year is THE GIFT CARD :) We are moving three days before Christmas…and as much as I would love to give something more interesting to open – it is just not happening!

  167. I have been quilting for a couple years and love to give them as gifts. I can’t wait to see my niece’s face when she opens hers!

  168. This year, I’m making simple fleece scarves with a button! They’re warm and fluffy, and the button keeps them wrapped at a comfortable spot – no slipping or choking, haha. Not to mention, they’re ridiculous cheap to make, and easy to customize. :)

  169. The gifts I enjoy giving the most are the ones that are unexpected but totally appreciated by the recipient! Tickets to an event or performance are great to give as well.

  170. This year I have given a lot of books and a few candles. I love to attach an ornament with each gift to make it extra special.

  171. I love giving books. Especially if I can find something that they might not have tried otherwise. I got my Dad hooked on “His Dark Materials” by Pullman one year.

  172. Table Topics Conversation Cards–a perfect way to bring families and friends closer together!!

  173. Olive Oil from the Temecula Olive Oil Company…amazing stuff!! Happy Holidays!!

  174. My favorite gift to give this year is souvenirs, yes, cheesy souvenirs from my trip to Paris!!

  175. I found a short story that my great-grandfather was in… I hand bound a copy of it for my dad with watercolor paintings… very special!

  176. I found a recipe for brown sugar body scrub and a lemon hand scrub. I’ve made the set for a number of people and they really seem to enjoy them. Those, with Nutella fudge, are my favorite gifts to share right now. Thank you for the opportunity to win your gorgeous and generous gifts!

  177. My fave gift to give is a photobook for my dad. He recently turned 70 and I used the pics from the party for the book. I hope he loves it!

  178. We are giving the grandparents silhouettes of our 3 girls. For them, it will be totally unexpected, and a break from the usual picture they like to receive!

  179. I’ve been making homemade cookie trays on a pretty Christmas plate, wrapped in cellophane and tied with ribbon and a keepsake Christmas ornament. In fact… I have more to make tomorrow.

  180. I am giving less but, focusing on gifts that are meaningful to the person receiving them. I am trying to create lasting memories.

  181. My simplest and favorite gift so far has been to purchase a bag of paperwhite bulbs to send to my mom in Michigan. It will be a little touch of spring to carry her through the winter.

  182. I love giving pictures I took of the person throughout the year in a nice picture frame.

  183. Homemade gifts all the way! A good at home meal seems to be the most appreciated for all my single-live alone friends, and little gifts like books, chocolate, a little bag of cookies, and everything else sweet. :)

  184. My favorite gift to give to people is my time and love, that is more precious than any material object there is.

  185. I love to give away cookies. The gals in my cookie exchange make some of the best…stop by and I promise I will share! :)

  186. I Love giving away The Amarica Girl Doll to my little sister in law….. She loves them.

  187. I have found small, regional, original watercolor paintings to give to a few friends to remind them of where they’ve lived or vacationed.

  188. My favorite gift to give is probably anything to my husband… I love brainstorming throughout the year for the perfect gift for him and listening for clues. :)

  189. My favorite gift to give this year is an Empire Park Pass. I’ll be giving this to my parents so that they can visit all of the New York State Parks for free!

    Love your website!

  190. Books. It just doesn’t seem like Christmas unless there are books under the tree for everyone! :)

  191. My favorite thing would be a photo I m giving my mom with all 8 of her great grandchildren and her in it.

  192. Homemade cinnamon rolls and gourmet coffee! I bake something every year for my family and friends This year my daughter and I made cinnamon rolls and I paired it with a package of gourmet coffee. Ready made breakfast!

  193. I’m giving my sister and niece hand-knit tweed cabled cowls that I totally love. Cannot wait until I
    finish up loose ends this week so that I can sit down and knit one for myself.

  194. I got a new Silhouette in November, so I plan to give many homemade gifts! So excited, but need to get going – big learning curve at first!

  195. I am so excited about the toys I am giving to my 2 1/2 year old. This is the first year he is really anticipating what is going to happen!

  196. I love to pick out toys for my four granddaughters. One I have for the 4 year old is a life like dog which barks if you come near!

  197. Just last night I gave my girlfriend a bottle of Francis Ford Coppolla’s Director’s Cut wine from CA. I wonder if you’ve ever been to his winery? We love the wine – but it was in limited quantities in NH! Merry Christmas.

  198. My favorite gift to give this year is a wide angle lens for my daughter. She’s an amazingly talented photographer and it’s the one thing she really wanted.

  199. My favorite gift this holiday season is the one my husband is making me – he is renovating our fireplace. We have lived here 8 years with pink marble on the hearth and no mantle. The hearth is now a walnut color travertine and he is building me a huge mantle from scratch! I will finally be able to decorate and hand stockings for Christmas this year.

  200. Each year, I give multiple handcrafted jewelries to all the women in my family. I always love it when they wear my creations all year round.

  201. I am excited this year to give my siblings a white & black wedding picture that I found of our parents on their wedding day

  202. My favorite to give are anything made by my bare hands. My aunt gets something embroidered (usually a pincushion) from me almost every year, simply because she always make my gifts a conversation piece on her house… displaying them so visitors will see them. To me, that’s very rewarding!

  203. Homemade gifts are my favorite this year! Its like getting a gift (being able to be creative) while giving a gift!

  204. I gave my dear friend Katie her first gift for her baby due in May. She was so excited and I loved seeing the smile on her face. I love this time of year!

  205. I’m most excited about giving a few personalized handmade ornaments. They were so much fun to make and I’m thrilled with how the turned out!

  206. I love to give cookies or other baked goods to those who either can’t anymore or their spouse isn’t with them any more. Thanks for the chance to enter.

  207. My favorite gift to give this year is handmade pen and ink (with a little watercolor) of family members’ and friends’ homes. Can’t wait until they open them!

  208. Home for the holidays dollhouse for our 6 year old. Cant wait for her to see it under the tree!

  209. Books, I always love to give books. Wonderful giveaway, thanks for the chance.
    Merry Christmas!

  210. I’m a knitter, so I love making gifts for the special people in my life. Selecting the perfect fiber, finding the right project and then knitting love into the stitches is so much more fun than standing in line at the mall!

  211. I love to surprise people with pretty, little things that they would never splurge on themselves. It doesn’t have to be expensive, like jewelry, but a really great set of measuring cups that they would love but never buy bc the old ones still do the job.

  212. I have been trying to make everyone on my list this year something homemade. I can’t wait to give my grandson his quilt. Merry Christmas!

  213. We are giving our 2 year old daughter a shopping cart from Melissa & Doug to play grocery store! She will love it!

  214. I am surprising my hubby with a paint sprayer this year! Can’t wait until he gets to use it on our bazillion projects planned for 2012…

  215. My favorite gift to give is baked goods to people who are deserving of them but get little recognition like the security guards, housekeeping, the maintenance department at my job.

  216. I like to give baked goodies, I like to bake/cook and makes me happy I can give friends goodies.


  218. My favorite gift this year was a gift basket sent to the tenants renting our previous home. I fell down on the job last year & I’m so happy to surprise them this year.

  219. I love to give gifts that make people laugh. I got my brother ‘Handerpants” – underpants for your hands. His kids thought it was hysterical that he had underwear on his hands.

  220. My favorite gift to give this year is home made marshmallows! They are so yummy and indulgent in a large mug of rich hot chocolate.

  221. My favorite thing to give is cookie trays during the holidays. I make so many cookies and give beautiful trays to our friends, family, and co-workers. I look forward to making them every year and people look forward to getting them!

  222. My favorite gift this year is a group of “made by me” lovely toss pillows for the sofa for my bachelor son

  223. My kiddos are getting new bikes this year. I don’t think they’re expecting it so it should be a fun surprise. I’ve also just started making cute journal book covers with my fabric scraps. That’s been lots of fun :).

  224. My favorite gifts are the stocking stuffers I collect throughout the year. I try to keep them all hidden together so i can just pull out the box and stuff the stockings after everyone has gone to bed. Fun treasures to find on Christmas Morning :)

  225. I do a photo shoot of my kids at a new place each year to come up with the few select photos to use for our Christmas card. Then I take the top 20 or so and create custom photo books for the grandparents. Every year they say it is the most precious gift.

  226. My all-time-hands-down favorite gift to give at Christmas is the gift of my time. I give my time to anyone I know that needs it! That could be wrapping presents for them, baking cookies, whatever…most people run out of time at the holidays and I enjoy giving that gift to them!

  227. I am giving my neighbor a bookpage wreath I made for her. Just the other day she said how much she loved mine. Hopefully she will love hers just as much.

  228. I’m enjoying making gifts this year from scraps of fabric and notions I have on hand. Baby is getting a ball and doll, big brother a pillow case for his favorite pillow, and big sister a pair of upcycled fingerless gloves made from wool socks.

  229. My favorite gifts to give at christmas are the decorated cookies and sweet treats that I make each year. Thanks for the opportunity.

  230. I’m so excited to give my boys a dog crate…with a note that we are getting a new puppy too!

  231. I can’t wait to give my daughter her first front page published story that we had framed for her!

  232. My favorite thing to give, because our friends and family are so distant, is to send them boxes of Petits Fours from Swiss Colony as well as my homemade butter and tea cookies. Always well received!

  233. My favorite gift to give our the homemade treats we make for family, friends and neighbors. This year we are making cinammon rolls for everyone!

  234. Photo calendars and photo books this year. My mom never gets to see the grandkids so it’s a gift that’s personal and she’ll enjoy.

  235. This year was the year of the cookbook — we gifted the recipient a book on their favorite cuisine, wrapped in an Anthropologie tea towel and topped with super cute measuring spoons, or a cooking tool that I knew that they needed.

  236. I’m giving my guy an awesome new watch! He keeps trying them on in the store but hasn’t made the plunge yet so I got it for him! He’s going to be shocked! I’m also hand knitting infinity scarves for my sis & sister-in-law!

  237. My favorite gift to give this year is definitely the custom cookbooks that my sister, cousin, grandma and I made at for our moms. It includes all of their favorite recipes and family ones that have been past down. They are going to love it!

  238. My favorite gift to give this year is a vintage bunk bed for American Girl Dolls I found at a thrift store!with a new layer of paint and bedding I made it is ready for her new doll that Santa is bringing!

  239. I love to give books. I especially search for out-of-print books for someone with an author or subject preference.

  240. What a wonderful giveaway! My husband and I love to host wine and cheese parties and it would be so fun to add these items to our table.


  241. My favorite gift to give is a loaf of Polish bread that my mom and I have been making since I was a little girl. Homemade gifts, especially food, are the best!

  242. This year my favorite gift I am giving is a wine “sock monkey” for my sister-in-law because I know she will crack up when she opens it!

    BTW, I love Viansa. It was the first winery my husband and I visited on our honeymoon 20 years ago!

  243. This year my favorite gift I am giving is time. I can give some to my daughter by(taking my grandson for overnighters), to the community by volunteering. Everyone needs time and I have some to give. Thank you.

  244. I am honoring the memory of my most fabulous mother, friend, co- conspirator in all things involving home — decorating, do-it-yourself crafts, top chef and baker by using her top three german christmas cookies recipes and baking dozens and dozens of them to give to everyone. She passed this last February and was dearly loved and admired in so many venues. This first christmas without her, her memory shall live on in good taste and tradition. Cherish the season and the ones you love. God bless!

  245. My favorite gift to give during the holiday season is my time preparing anything homemade. Today I am making peppermint bark for my co-workers and friends!

  246. This year I’ve been giving DIY monogram coffee mugs filled with cocoa and sweets + a jar of homemade gingerbread or candy cane body scrub…a great combo for relaxing during the rush of the holiday season! :)

  247. My favorite holiday gift is books! I like to scour used book stores throughout November and December. You can never have enough and it’s very easy to personalize!

  248. Thank you for this giveaway, Kate! My favorite gift to give appears to be scarves. I tend to give them a lot. I do love accessories!

  249. This is such a perfect giveaway and refelcts well my longtime favorite gift giving concept: whatever the season, occasion or reason – I always love to create my own VERY thoughtful and personalized Gift Baskets (or sometimes other types of containers when that seems more fitting!

    Although usually, my “gift baskets” DO include wine/beer (or in some cases Irish Cream or Single-Malt Scotch!) and almost always appropos food products, they are often geared to other special interests like a “Bicyclist Basket” or “Seamstress” or whatever best fit the individual recipient.

    This style of gift giving is always fun, thoughtful, creative and very gratifying for BOTH the gift giver and the lucky receiver!.

  250. This year my husband and I each bought Kindles for each other ! Now we are sharing the Kindle love and giving a few to some family! We love to read, and hope everyone enjoys their gifts :)

    Your giveaway so so thoughtful and sweet!

  251. I recently discovered your blog and am a huge fan! Love your style! I’m in the Bay Area as well (The Girl and the Fig is one of my faves!). My favorite things to give this time of year are homemade goodies (cookies, cinnamon rolls, etc) and dinners together (either at my house or out in Napa or in the city).

    Side note (since you’re in the Bay Area), one of my current Napa-obsessions is with the fresh mozzarella at Tra Vigne in St Helena. If you haven’t tried it, you simply must! It will change your life. I wrote a little blurb about it on my blog: This mozzarella is absolutely amazing!

  252. My favorite gift to give this year will be a fishing pole for my dad! He has been wanting one for years.

  253. I found some really inexpensive, but cute necklaces online that I’ve given to a bunch of friends.

  254. My favorite gift this year are the photo crosses my friend Robin made! The grandparents are going to love them!

  255. My favorite gift to give this year is a wooden horse stable for my daughter! She is going to be so excited!

  256. My favorite gift to give is a themed gift basket. I love to do a breakfast theme with some yummy pancake mix, real maple syrup, fresh blueberries, delicious jam and a Christmas blend coffee or tea.
    Merry Christmas!

  257. My very favorite gift for this Christmas season is the Egg and Muffin Toaster by Back to Basics. I have several college kids on my list and this hopefully will allow them to prepare a healthy breakfast, lunch or snack.

  258. my favorite gifts to give are personalized! For my mother in law, who sends out cards for her church, I got her this really cute address stamp to stamp onto her cards instead of writing out her entire return address. :)

  259. I’m still not done shopping! So far I’m excited to give my daughter a DS that she has been wanting.

  260. My favorite gifts to give are the ones people want not what we think they should want. I have to keep that in mind when shopping.

  261. Monogrammed anything! I don’t think there is a monogrammed item I don’t love. This years item?? Monogrammed diamond quilted jewelry cases from Pottery Barn. They are just so personal and thoughtful.

  262. I like to gift individualized gifts for each person. I spend alot of time thinking about what I see the person using/wanting and make my decisions from there.

  263. This year I’m trying to make as much as possible, (hopefully) including cutting boards made into different shapes with a scroll saw. We’ll see how they turn out! Merry Christmas!

  264. This is my year of homemade gifts – mainly handcrafted items I’ve “borrowed” from my fave blogs … NOEL wall placque, rustic twig tree placque, and of course a frame filled with subway art for the year ahead! Thanks for your blog and all you do!
    Merry Christmas to all!

  265. i love giving little handmade gifts to my kids, they get handmade ornaments each year.

  266. The favorite gift I’ll give is a homemade apron for my daughter who just recently became interested in cooking.

  267. My favorites are some vinyl gift/subway art prints I ordered from Thoughts in Vinyl – they’re beautiful!

  268. I like to cut fresh evergreen from my yard, fill miscellaneous old pots with dirt then arrange the evergreens. Wrap ’em with a pretty bow, sit them on an old chair and add lights or candles for night time. Great for the front porch:)

  269. My favorite gift this year is a sweet little owl ornament from Pier One. It’s for my daughter who loves owls and is celebrating her 1st Christmas in her new house… she’s is going to love it!

  270. My favorite gift this season is the wine decanter and stemless glasses for my Dad- We have each at our house, and he always comments on them- I am so looking forward to his excitement at recieving them!!!

  271. the gift I’m most looking forward to giving is a cd I had made of a tape recording that my grandad made 20 years ago of familiar family stories. It is awesome to be able to hear his voice again (he passed a few years ago) and I know my cousins will love it!
    thanks for the giveaway!

  272. It’s meee….way back here in the back….the one standing on the chair, waving arms frantically….
    I would dearly LOVE to win this amazing and generous giveaway and I thank you for the chance.

    My favorite gift to give this year is a glass lamp, filled with wine corks, to give to my daughter in law. She has a wine theme going in her home and they own a small vineyard out here in West Texas.
    I bought a fillable, glass lamp, got wine corks off Ebay, found the perfect shade and I just am so excited to give it to her.
    xo bj

  273. My favorite gift to give this year is homemade gingerbread cookies and the personalized cookie jar

  274. My favorite gift to give is homemade treats! This year it was Cranberry Almond granola. Yum!!

  275. Bag of treats in bags made from jute coffee bean bags. Besides food treats, each will have specialty dog cookies or plant starts/teenies depending on the recipient.

    Great blog!

  276. My favorite gift to give is Iphone or Kindles. I would love to try this products in my cooking. Ann

  277. My favorite gift to give this season is an OCD cutting board (obsessive chopping and dicing) from Uncommon Goods. It’s got grid lines for dice, fine dice, etc. and (to me at least) is equal parts useful and fun.

  278. My favorite gift this year is a silver and lavendar open jacket similar to a kimono for my mother. She is an artist and occasionally has a painting in a show in New York so I wanted to give her something unusual and unique to wear to the city. I am just starting to learn to sew clothes so it was a fun challenge to tackle.

  279. Every year we have a tradition that our girls receive pajamas on Christmas Eve. Initially we started it so they would look cute for the Christmas morning pictures. Even though are girls are in their twenties – and one is married – the best present is that they want to continue this tradition.

  280. My favorite gift to give is and always has been Christmas tree ornaments. I’m an Auntie, and have always given ornaments to my niece and nephews, starting the year they were born. I look for unique ones – either hand-made or not, commemorative or not – and write the date, and the name in some place on the ornament. When the person moves to their own apartment or home, the ornaments are enough to make an impact on a little tree. My niece and nephews are in their 30s now, and have children of their own, so the tradition continues. Some of the ornaments are child-like, recalling their days as children, but all are always different from one another – most important for brothers and sisters. Some are so unique they will fall into the category of “folk Art” in another 50 years or so, but all the ornaments contain memories to spark feelings of closeness and memories of family.

  281. The gift I am most looking forward to the recipant opening is… The National Lampoon’s Christmas ornament I got my husband! We love the movie!

  282. I’m really looking forward to giving my mom a kitchen torch this year. She’s been wanting one forever and I’m hoping it wil get me some very yummy desserts!

  283. My favorite gift this year is bringing my 8 month old daughter to her grandparents’ house for the first time. They’ve visited us a couple of times this year, but this will be their first Christmas with a grandchild, and they are soooooo excited.

    Thanks so much for the giveaway, it looks fabulous!

  284. My favorite gift to give is making sure I have TIME to make reindeer cookies with my 6 grandchildren when our family gets together Christmas Day.

  285. I made an effort to make handmade gifts this year, and am particularly excited to give my nieces their dress-up tutus!

  286. my favorite gift to give this year is homemade subway art…i’m pretty pleased with how they’ve turned out so far and thankfully i don’t have too many to make!

  287. It’s not even really my gift to give, but my 5 yo son’s gift to his 3 yo sister (which I did help him make). Her own personalized plate which she’ll love since she just learned to spell her name:)

  288. What a great giveaway! My favorite gift to give is a charm. I gave my niece and God daughter charm bracelets at their baptisms and have been adding charms to them for the past 4 years.

  289. I love giving books! I find something I either think the recipeint will enjoy or something I think is a must for their bookshelf.

  290. Love it! My favourite gift that I’m giving this year is “date night” coupons to my hubby – he can redeem them once a quarter and I’m on the spot to think up something special :) Merry Christmas!

  291. Favorite give of the season is hosting an annual holiday party for friends! It was last night and so much fun to see everyone mingling and sharing stories about how they will spend the holidays.
    Thanks for the opportunity. Happy Holidays to all!

  292. I am looking forward to watching my 18 month old son open ALL of his gifts… I’m, personally, mostly excited about his child-size recliner!!!!

  293. i’m loving the handmade gifts this year – like coasters from 4×4 ceramic tiles – modpodged with fun prints.

  294. Several years ago my honey and I started giving away homemade salsa. Now it’s become a tradition and every year our friends, co-workers and family hopefully ask, “Will you be making salsa again this Christmas?” They seem so thrilled when I hand them a jar of Anne and Fil’s annual Christmas salsa!

  295. My favorite gift is for my parents and in-laws: we will be giving them a pair of baby socks in a color that indicates the sex of the baby we’re having!

  296. My favorite gift I’m giving……a subway art that says “PRAY BIG” to my dad who is doing BIG things in his life now…..things I have prayed a LONG time for. :)

  297. My favorite gift I gave this year is the gift of time. Recently my daughter returned home from college and I cooked eggs, bacon and toast, wrapped her in a toasty warm blanket and watched a movie with her. Three hours later, we were both nourished!

  298. My favorite gift this year was a girls weekend in Chicago with my bestie. So much fun and more memorable than our usual gifts.

  299. My favorite gift will be seeing loved ones this week! Wishing you a very merry Christmas season!
    Thanks for the chance to win a little bit of California!

  300. My favorite gift is going for tea with my family in Chicago every year. Merry Christmas!

  301. I’m really looking forward to gifting my stepdaugher a beautful cashmere scarf that I’ve ben knitting for her for the past couple weeks. It sure was a labor of love. Hope she likes it.

  302. My favorite gift to give is something the receiver has mentioned casually. It’s great to see their face when they realize you remembered something they liked!

  303. What a great giveaway! Very creative. I made personalized calendars for my family members with family photos for each birthday during the year.

  304. I helped a 2 year old and her mother this holiday season. It is my sincere hope that they have a wonderful holiday season.

    Happy Holidays to everyone!!!!!!!!!

  305. Fabulous giveaway! I recently found your site and love the inspiration! My favorite gifts to give are hand-made ones that I’ve sewn, built, made or baked. I prefer crafting over shopping and tailoring each gift to the receiver’s likes. Thanks for a great giveaway opportunity!

  306. Those look very tasty! This year my fav gift is from this new boutique jam shop that opened up relatively near where i live, in the Willamette Valley in Oregon. It’s called The Republic of Jam and they do jam tastings and partner up with wineries and it’s just a totally cute shop. They do micro processing of unusual flavors like plum cinnamon walnut and spiced anise raspberry, and simpe syrups for drinks too, so i think it will make perfect dog-sitter gifts and stocking stuffers. Plus, shop local and all that! :)

  307. My favorite gift to give away (and make) is Red Sox beanies for our boys. They LOVE the Red Sox and they are going to be so excited when they open them. I can’t wait to see the smiles in their faces!
    Thanks for a chance to win and Merry Chistmas to you!

  308. My favorite gift to give this season is homemade bake goods to share with family and friends.

  309. Oh what a wonderful gift! My favorite gifts to give are ones that I have made with my own hands. This year it’s a hat for a co-worker, a cowl for another co-worker and scarves for my teenagers. My nieces get new sweaters and two brand new babies will get sweaters to warm their little bodies through the cold winter.

  310. My favorite gifts are a mied basket of lovely smelling soap, mini-stamped calendars and a little mini-picture holder, topped off with my homemade pretzel candies. I made these for my girlfriends for a recent Christmas lunch and they were well received.

  311. I love to find the perfect gifts for my loved ones each year! This year we bought my Mom a Pandora bracelet, I can’t wait to give it to her and for my children to pick out new beads for her!

  312. This year my favorite gift to give is a scarf I made for my niece. She is obsessed with pink and it’s so fluffy and fun. I can’t wait to give it to her on Christmas! :)

  313. My favorite gift to bring to an open house is a bottle of wine. Thank you for your zmazing giveaway!
    Merry Christmas

  314. I love to make different mixes in mugs… I buy the christmas mugs at the thrift store and store for the year…. then do a cake or cocoa, whatever matches the person best

  315. Our annual family favorite gift is our ‘Year in the Life’ photo album we print for our parents. It is especially wonderful this year as our little family will grow from 4 to 5 next month. The grandparents adore the books and we don’t feel guilty about ordering an extra copy for ourselves to enjoy.

  316. I’m excited to give our daughter a Hermione costume for her American Girl Doll. I found it on Etsy! Merry Christmas!

  317. I love to give gifts that the person mentioned in passing such as particular cookbook etc. although I do like making photo books too.

  318. Anything home/hand made. I’ve been having a blast the last few years figuring out what each person would like, then figuring out how to make it. It’s really forced me to step outside my comfort zone and try new things. Happy Holidays!

  319. This year ive been into the homemade gifts! Handpainted sign ornaments and diy coasters…cheap, simple and cute!

  320. I love to give gifts!! Big, little and homemade. My fav this year were some new tools for my husband. He’s going to start remodeling our kitchen!!!!

  321. I am excited to deliver little bags of homemade almond roca that my daughters and I made today. They are sweet little gifts for our neighbors and friends. Love your ideas. As a Sonoma native – long gone but homesick often – it’s very fun to see slivers of home.

  322. Great giveaway! This year I’ve pulled out the sewing machine to make many of my gifts, particularly aprons, pot holders, and little sewn owl ornaments. I’ve had a blast!

  323. I love giving handmade gifts. I made Superhero costumes for my niece and nephew this year! I had fun making them and I hope they have as much fun as I did!

  324. OMYGOSH…I can’t even believe that I am the winner of this awesome and generous giveaway.
    It all looks and sounds so good and the little wooden cutting board is adorable.
    Thanks so much for offering this giveaway and for giving me a chance to win.
    I just sent my mailing address….
    Thanks again.
    xo bj

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