Paper Winter Tree

By Kate Riley December 11, 2011

It was a crafty weekend around here, and here’s one of the sweet projects I finished up yesterday: a paper winter tree created with cardstock and cupcake liners. It reminds me of a combination between those bottle brush trees and all the coffee filter crafts we’ve seen this past year. 

paper winter tree centsational girl

These are so inexpensive to create, and you can make them any height you want, tall ones from poster board and smaller ones with cardstock.

Supply list : white paper cupcake liners (I used 50 jumbo liners from Safeway for $1.50), white 12 x 12” cardstock or poster board, clear packaging tape (not shown), hot glue gun, and mini ornaments (I used a $1 gold grape flourish and pulled it apart).

paper tree supplies


Here’s the easy step-by-step: 

paper tree how to

1.  Roll your cardstock or poster board into a cone shape and secure with packaging tape (if you’d like to insert an ornament on the top leave a big enough hole).  2) Fold the cupcake liners into quarters, then snip the edges to separate the layers into frills.  3)  Begin at the base to hot glue to your cone.  $) Once you’re finished gluing the layers, embellish with mini ornaments secured with hot glue.


winter paper tree centsational girl


These do take some time (my 14” version took 30 minutes to hot glue) so a forest would take awhile, but it goes by fast if you’re watching TV or a movie.  They’re mighty cute in a wintery vignette! 

I have two more ornament projects to share, one rustic, one glam, and I simply cannot wait to see what you all have crafted this season too!  Here’s a handy button to add to your post for tomorrow’s par-tay! 

holiday home button centsational girl


Holiday Craft Party posts at 8 a.m. EST on Monday, see you there! 




  1. my friend did something like this, but she just used a foam brush and spread tacky glue in sections on the cone and then just put all the pieces on… went pretty fast.

  2. Lovely! I really like that this project didn’t require a lot of projects. Looks simple and inexpensive to do! Thanks for sharing with us. :) My project goes live in a few minutes and I’ll be linking up with you this morning. Your link parties are so great–I love that people really get into them and participate/comment!

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