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By Kate Riley December 4, 2011

Greetings everyone, happy Sunday!  I’ve got most of my gift shopping done, thanks to a whirlwind (and kid less!) trip yesterday, feeling great about that. We’re decorating the tree and mantel today, but I wanted to pop in with one more round of the ‘Best of the Blogosphere’ before calling it quits with the series for the year. Here’s a few ideas we spied (Amanda and I) from around the blogosphere over the past couple of weeks.

We’ve seen plenty of pallet decor this year, but we’re absolutely loving this more polished version of a recycled pallet coffee table by Refreshed Decor, Kacey’s handy husband built this one!  

pallet coffee table refreshed decor


Mrs. Devore created a divine sawhorse desk for $10, wow!  Visit Dwellings by Devore to read how she pulled it off.   

dwellings by devore sawhorse desk


Mrs. Limestone shows us all how to maximize space and utility with this handy behind the door wrapping paper organizer, love it!  

back of door gift wrap brooklyn limestone


Hey people, if you’ve got an empty lotion bottle, don’t toss it, transform it. Check out this cell phone charger holder made from a plastic lotion bottle by Make It and Love It. Genius!   

make it and love it lotion bottle cell phone charger


Who would have thought these cocktail napkins could transform into a pretty wreath?!  Amy at Living Locurto spills (hee hee) how she did it. 

napkin wreath living locurto


Candace at Crafty Sisters created this sweet wood Christmas tree of ordinary 2x4s, it makes a charming statement on her mantel. 

crafty sisters tree


We love these glitter cardstock Christmas trees by LandeeSeeLandeeDo, especially the bright colors she chose!

landee see glitter cardstock trees


Want to go coastal with your tree this year?   Kim shows us her easy glass float ornament how-to over at Sand and Sisal

glass float ornament sand and sisal


We love those zinc letters but retail, they can be pricey.  Janell from Isabella and Max shows us how to recreate the look for much less with her architectural letters.

architectural letters isabella and max


Want to stay organized throughout the holidays and into the New Year?  Acquire these 7 Habits of Highly Organized People from Operation Organization.  

 7 habits


Thanks Amanda for helping me round up some picks and being such a great scout this year!  Visit with Amanda over at her blog Serenity Now.

amanda bio

I’m taking a break from the series for the rest of the year to spend more weekend time with family, but I’d love your feedback.  What did you think of the ‘Best of the Blogosphere’ series this year?  Would you like to see it return in January?  I’m thinking more like twice a month instead of every week. Are there any other categories you’d like to see featured?  Speak your mind!


kate signature image


Psssst… the Holiday Home Link Parties start tomorrow, with Layla hosting Table Decor. I stitched up a simple hostess gift idea, see you then. 





  1. You scared me – I thought you meant permanently! Honestly, this is one of my favorite things that you do. I look forward to them every week! Hope you keep it around and if not weekly, then at least twice a month. Thanks Kate!

  2. I freaked out…. until I read “for the year”! I think this is one of your better round ups ever!!! Love them all and pinned many! Thanks:)

  3. Great ideas! That cell phone charger holder is especially genius, I will definitely be trying that one! Thanks for sharing everything!

  4. Love all the great ideas you feature. Definitely come back in January (twice a month is perfect), and enjoy your holiday time!

  5. This is the highlight of the week for me. I am sure it is a hard job and would certainly understand if you make it less often but…. Please don’t stop it entirely?

  6. Seriously? I am shocked and thrilled you added the tree! :) I was about to leave you a note of how sad I was to see this series end for the year! I check in every Sunday to see what everyone is up to! Thanks so much for adding us!

  7. Love this series, I make a point of visiting on Sundays just to read it. I’m sure it is a bit of work, but I vote for you guys to keep it up!

    Cathy @ Room Rx

  8. BOTB is the only reason I turn my computer on Sunday morning. Looking forward to it returning in January!

  9. Kate (and crew) I love BOTB- it is one thing that I routinely check and absolutely love- And the amount of times “did you see _____ on the BOTB this week???” that is swapped between me and my girlfriends is quite humorous. I would love to have it stay around (of course every week would be wonderful) but if it happens only every other week- I will absolutely be around for those weeks! It is the best reading on a lazy sunday afternoon:)

  10. seriously, I love this series. LOVE it. With a capital L. Please keep it around! I know it’s hard work but it’s really great stuff. I click on almost every link! :)

  11. Just a note in case you did not know: Michael Buble on Tuesday evening!!!!!! Set your DVR!!!!

  12. oh, kate, don’t ever quit this series. i love it. sunday night i sneak a quick peak between checking on my fantasy football team to see what’s up in blog land for the week. i’ve gotten many good ideas from this series. i would love to see it stay once a week if you have the time!!

  13. I love BOTB – however frequently you guys can manage it! And wow – how fun to see the coffee table my husband made featured this week. Thanks for including us with so many other fabulous projects!

  14. I reallllllllllyyyy love BOTB. I know it’s weird to say, but I look forward to it every week! And that’s saying a lot, I have like 1000+ unread posts in my reader (as usual). You and your scouts manage to truly find the best and most unique ideas out there. Every other week would be fine, I’ll take what I can get, but weekly is pretty awesome if you can pull it off!

  15. I LOVE BOTB! It’s so inspiring to see this great round up of projects and to learn about new blogs!! I hope you bring it back and I’m a fan of every week :).

  16. I LOVE!!!! the BOTB, It’s the only post I let myself stop working for on a Monday morning! Please don’t stop it! Twice a month would still be fantastic. I’m planning on using the same idea for my baking blog. You’ve inspired me! Thank you X

  17. Whew…..I had to re-read ‘Final BOTB’ I LOVE BOTB and look forward to it every week!

  18. I’m with everyone else, LOVE the BOTB series. I love it every week but your family comes first so if you do it less frequently I’ll totally understand. So pumped that you featured Make It and Love it, she has amazing sewing skills and I can’t wait until my next lotion bottle is empty! Thanks for all of your hard work to keep this blog going!

  19. BOTB is my favorite post, the one I look forward to most every week. Please don’t take it away!

  20. Thank you so much for featuring my glitter cardstock trees! I too love BOTB and look forward to it! Such an honor to be a part of it this week! Thanks again!

  21. Another reader who was scared this was the final BOTB! I love it, especially on the Sunday mornings I manage to get a few moments by myself, with a cup of tea. I look forward to it every week!

  22. Hey Kate! I LOVE LOVE LOVE BOTB…I read it every week!!! I’d be very sad if it was discontinued in January!!!! Fabulous job at finding all the fab stuff around the blogosphere…and thank you so much for all your hard work! You are amazing!!! Hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas season!!!

  23. This is my absolute favorite series!!! Please bring it back in January!! Thanks so much for this and all your great posts!

  24. I love your BOTB series! Please, please, please bring it back. You guys find the best out there.

  25. love the BOTB series – and I never write in to comment but had to so so to say keep up the good work – its really enjoyed!

  26. I, like the others, look forward to this series each and every week. The talent out there amazes me and you series has helped me discover some great blogs. I would be very sad to see it end.

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