Fresh Wreath & Garland Giveaway

By Kate Riley November 25, 2011

Hi all, one last giveaway before signing off for the weekend. This one couldn’t be timed any better!  You’ll recall I’m a huge fan of Lynch Creek Farm having shipped their greenery to my home twice this past year. 

lynch creek banner

Their wreaths are HUGE compared to other store bought versions, measuring 26” across and weighing seven pounds, and they smell absolutely amazing!   

All the greens come from local farmers in Washington State who trim boughs from their forests, they do not cut down trees. Lynch Creek Farm is dedicated to preserving the forests and habitats of the Pacific Northwest.  

  Can you smell the Christmas cheer?  

lynch creek farm wreaths

Great news!  This weekend Lynch Creek Farm is offering three winners a fresh 26” wreath or 18 feet of fresh garland (winners choice) shipped to your door ($40 – $50 value) plus free shipping. 

Eligibility to win one of three free wreaths (or 18’ of garland) from Lynch Creek Farms:

1) Hop over to Lynch Creek Farm and pick your favorite wreath or garland, then name it in a comment.  

2) For a second chance to win, link to this giveaway on either Facebook or Twitter, then leave a second comment telling where you linked (FB or Twitter).

Three winners, US only, giveaway ends Sunday November 27th at 8 p.m. PST.  By entering this giveaway you agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry. 

That’s all folks, have a great weekend!

Ho ho ho,

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  1. …Oh! and I linked it on my FB page so my friends and family can have a chance to win too!. (snowbound winter wreath)

  2. …Oh! and I linked it on my FB page so my friends and family can have a chance to win too!. (snowbound winter)

  3. Oh, what a great way to start off the holiday season! I like the Burgundy Deluxe Door Wreath!

  4. I love the Blended Bay Leaf. Thank you for the opportunity, Kate and Lynch Creek Farms!

  5. I’m having a difficult time deciding between the Blended Bay Leaf and the Country Christmas Wreath. Hmmmm, think it’s the Blended Bay Leaf, so unusual and very simple. Thank you for hosting this lovely giveaway.

    Have a God Filled Day

  6. I was hoping to find 2 smallish wreaths to hang on the inside of the 2 double windows in my dining room and the 18″ window wreaths would be prefect! I think their prices are reasonable and free shipping is always nice! I live in South Florida, so we decorate with artificial everything, but would love to have a bit of real Christmas in the house for the wonderful scent! I bet these are fantastic and would last longer than the precut onest Home Depot offers for the same price! Thanks for this opportunity to win!

  7. I love the Snowbound Winter Wreath – – likely to be the only snow that my door will see down here in Texas!!

  8. So beautiful.. i love the simple Cedar but Burgandy deluxe is also beautiful. What great wreaths!

  9. Hmmm…. it’s really tough to pick! I think my faves are the Country Christmas Wreath and the Ring of Holly wreath.

  10. I love the Country Christmas Wreath but the Douglas Fir garland would also be so great in my house, so I am torn!

  11. Absolutely love the variegated English Holly Wreath, it would be so fabulous on my front door!

  12. If I won I’d choose Three Cedars or Blended Bay. They are both so beautiful and simple yet interesting. I think I’m going to order my mom the Three Cedars for her early December birthday right now!

  13. my boyfriend’s 3 year old daughter and myself both chose the mixed garland. This is a fabulous give-a-way!!!

  14. Oh….love this!

    They are all so beautiful but if I had to pick one wreath it would be the Silver Deluxe Door Wreath.

  15. Love the Blended Bay Wreath and the Three Cedars Wreath… I’d have to flip a coin to choose!

  16. The Washington Winter Wreath is the ultimate! But, the Christmas Cedar Garland is divine!

  17. It was difficult to decide, but I finally picked the Ring of Holly Wreath. However, the description says it comes in a 24 and 32 inch size, but the pull down box shows 26 and 32 inches. Now I’m not 100% sure if it comes in the 26 inch size because of the description, so I decided I’d better pick another one to be on the safe side. So, IF I win and IF the Ring of Holly doesn’t come in a 26 inch size then the Country Christmas Wreath is just as nice and it definitely comes in the 26 inch size. Actually, they’re all nice and I’d be happy with any of them. Like I said, it was difficult to decide anyway and IF I win they could decide and surprise me. I’d just love to have a real Christmas smell in the house.

    Sorry…I don’t do Facebook or Twitter.

  18. All the products are beautiful, It’s really hard to decide. I think that if l’m fortunate enough to win, l’d like the Christmas Cedar Garland. It would look so festive draped across the top of my dining room hutch.

  19. What a great giveaway, Kate! Many thanks to you and Lynch Creek Farm for the opportunity. It would be a real treat to enjoy fresh and fragrant Washington greenery for the holidays down here in sunny Florida so I’m keeping my fingers crossed! :)

    All the wreaths are so beautiful I could be happy with any of them but I think the Country Christmas wreath is probably my favorite.

  20. I’m torn between the Three Cedars wreath and the Golden Pine wreath but, truthfully, they are all so beautiful.

  21. I love the Blended Bay Leaf wreath. It would be beautiful in the kitchen this year! Thanks for the opportunity!

  22. I’m kinda lovin’ that Burgundy Deluxe Door Wreath! Love fresh greenery, but it’s been a few years since we’ve had any here!

  23. The Blended Bay Leaf is GORGEOUS. It’s simple but really beautiful. I always want fresh garland for my house at Christmas, but it’s really hard to come by where I am. Thanks for the link to this company!

  24. I think this would be a wonderful way to start my Christmas decorating of my 100+ year old farmhouse! I love every wreath, but the Country Christmas might be my favorite by a smidge!! Thank you, and blessings for the season!

  25. I LOVE the Blended Bay Leaf wreath and the fresh garland. I have eyeing fresh wreaths and garland on Pinterest and have been dreaming of a “Natural looking Christmas” this year! Oh I would love to win! Thank you for the opportunity! :)

  26. I love the blended bay leaf wreath! Nothing beats a live wreath for the holidays!

  27. I love the Mixed Holly wreath or the Ring of Holly wreath. So excited to start decorating for Christmas!

  28. It’s hard to decide. I love the Silver Deluxe Door Wreath and the Blended Bay Leaf.


  29. The Douglas Fir garland would look fabulous winding down my bannister! We just moved in and have yet to really get the place together, so this would spruce the place up and add some instant holiday cheer!

  30. The mixed garland is just what I need for this Christmas ! I use garland all over my house but I really need it this year for my newly remodeled mantle. Can’t wait to see it all decked out with beautiful greenery. The smell of fresh greens is the best part of decorating. Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. What beautiful wreaths and it’s so great that they do not cut down the trees. I really appreciate that. I would choose the Silver Deluxe.

  32. Oh my – how to decide? They are all so lovely, but if I had to choose it would be the Three Cedars Wreath.

  33. The Burgundy Deluxe Door wreath, without a doubt! I’ve had it in my shopping cart for over a week now, but am trying so hard to cut back on spending this year. I may have to find another way to cut back, though, because I can’t stop thinking about how much I’d love to come home to this wreath on my door every day for the holidays!

  34. The blended Bay Leaf Wreath is gorgeous! Hope you have a wonderful holiday. I find all that you post so inspiring!

  35. Wow–all so gorgeous–hard to decide! But I think the Blended Bay Leaf is my favorite.

  36. I posted about the giveaway on Facebook!! (Here is to hoping too many people are out of town to beat me at this one… :))

  37. Love the Three Cedars wreath! What a lovely giveaway. I’m excited to begin my Christmas decorating!

  38. I love 3 Cedars and Blended Bay. I can imagine how wonderful they smell just from the pictures! So pretty. Thank you for the giveaway opportunity. :)

  39. I love them all. I was just about to order, but I’ll wait – hoping I win! thanks.

  40. yum! can’t decide between the blended bay leaf and the 3 cedar…probably would choose the blended bay leaf since i am from WA myself and make my own cedar swags – i try wreaths, but they never seem to turn out the way i want!

  41. Great Giveaway . . . I love the Three Cedars Wreath. The fragrance is reaching me already! I am hoping I am the lucky winner.

  42. Hello! That Douglas fir garland would look so beautiful on my front railing. It’s our first Christmas in a new home and I would love to decorate with something special! Have a great week, everyone! MaryC

  43. thinking about opening the front door and getting a whiff of the golden pine wreath makes me :)

  44. Such a great give away! And a great site. I like the Mixed Holly Wreath. Good luck to all those that enter! :)

  45. Oh my goodness, these wreaths are so charming its difficult to pick just one. But the Country Christmas Wreath is so delightful! I love this as a perfect gift idea for the in-laws who have everything! Who couldn’t use a little more Christmas cheer??

  46. Blended Bay Leaf is my favorite! This is a fantastic giveaway – thank you for the opportunity. . .

  47. I love the 3 cedars and the Washington Winter wreath! I have a love for evergreen being from Washington!

  48. The Silver Deluxe is tre chic and would be perfect to add a touch of class this Christmas!

  49. The Blended Bay Wreath is the perfect one! What a glorious shading of greens and the smell has to be incredible!

  50. Wow, I love the Blended Bay Leaf, it looks so viberant, I feel like I can smell it over the screen.

  51. Have to say the Blended Bay Leaf wreath is my favorite. Can just imagine it smells Devine.

  52. If I were lucky enough to win this I’d choose the “Burgandy Deluxe Door Wreath”. It’s gorgeous and would not only remind me of Christmas but also of Washington, which I miss a ton after moving away last year.
    Thank you for this great giveaway and Have a Very Happy Holiday Season!

  53. OOps I didn’t give my Facebook name for verification – it’s Sandy Mayo. Sorry about that.

  54. I just LOVE the Country Christmas wreath but everything was gorgeous!!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  55. Oh, I looove Christmas wreaths but don’t always spend the money since this time of year is tight budget-wise! I would be elated to win one, so thanks for the chance! I love all four you showed here, and my favorite is the Country Christmas.

  56. I like the Country Christmas Wreath.

    I also really like the rustic cedar basket centerpiece… I should not have gone onto that site they have a lot of really nice things.

  57. Oh wow what a great site to find before Christmas! I love the Country Christmas Wreath!

  58. I love the blended bay leaf wreath, but I also think the garland is beautiful. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  59. The Country Christmas Wreath for sure , I leave in an old farm house !!! Great giveaway .

  60. Blended bay wreath is my favorite! Just gorgeous – thanks for the link! Happy holidays!

  61. I reallllly love the blended bay leaf wreath~ it would look amazing against my black door. Thanks for the introduction to Lynch Creek Farms!!

  62. The Douglas Fir garland is spectacular! I have decided that I will never again “fluff” artifical greenery. I much prefer the smell of fresh greenery than the smell of dust!!

  63. Washington Winter Wreath! Its so beautiful! I really miss Washington; I used to live in Auburn.

  64. Hi there
    Oh this is hard, they are all so beautiful. I think I like the Blended Bay Leaf one the best. They are amazing. I hope I win
    happy weekend

  65. I really love the country Christmas wreath, it would look striking against my front door! Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway!

  66. The Blended Bay wreath looks awesome and I am sure it smells amazing. What a unique combination!

  67. Hi Kate; thanks for the giveaway – love your blog! My favorite is the Country Christmas wreath. It would look beautiful above the Dining Room Fireplace (we have 2 fireplaces in our house). Decorating the mantels are so much fun at Christmastime!

  68. i LOVE Christmas greenery! From wreaths to garlands to centerpieces to bring in a little bit of nature in the house. What fun gorgeous greenery to choose from. I especially love the Home for the Holidays centerpiece and the Country Christmas wreath! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  69. I love the blended bay leaf! What beautiful wreaths…I love them all! Thanks for giveaway.

  70. I LOVE the Country Christmas Wreath! Thanks so much for the link to Lynch Creek Farm, their products are Amazing!

  71. traditional all the way! actually, I’d love one of each, centerpieces, too, please. Beautiful!


  72. They are gorgeous!! My favorite one would be the Country Christmas wreath, but I would take any of them for sure!!! Thanks for the chance to win an awesome prize!

  73. All of the wreaths are lovely, but I really like the simplicity of the Three Cedars wreath. This is a great giveaway!

  74. Love the Three Cedars Wreath, but there are loads of beautiful ones. Hard to decide now that I’ll have a railing for garland this year! :)

  75. Gosh, they are all so lovely, rather hard to choose! But since I rather feel like hugging the Three Cedars Wreath, I feel like she’s the one (yes, it’s a girl wreath).

  76. I love fresh greens for Christmas decorating. Lynch Creek Farm has some beautiful things…but I love the Country Christmas Wreath.

  77. I love the bay wreath or the pine!There is nothing like a fresh wreath on your front door!It just says Christmas!

  78. My favorite if I just had to choose is the Three Cedars Wreath. Living in the Northwest I am very familiar with Lynch Creek Farm and their products. I have sent wreaths from Lynch Creek to my family over the years and they love them. High quality products.

  79. That Ring of Holly wreath would be so welcome in the high desert of New Mexico! The farm’s site reminds me of Christmas at home in New England.

  80. I wish my screen was scratch and sniff! I love the Blended Bay Leaf (judging from everyone’s responses, it’s pretty popular!). I also love the cedar garland. It would be beautiful on my front porch.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  81. I would choose the Country Christmas Wreath.
    Thanks for giving us a chance to win one of these beauties.

  82. I know just where I’d hang the mixed garland… And I can only imagine how it would make my home smell!

  83. I don’t think I could choose only one favorite. Love the Three Cedars wreath and the Blended Bay wreath.

  84. I love the Country Christmas Wreath. Just beautiful. Thank you for this opportunity.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  85. I like the simplicity of the blended bay leaf or the three cedars wreath. Thanks for the opportunity.

  86. Can I choose the CASCADE CENTERPIECE?
    If not then I would pick the COUNTRY CHRISTMAS WREATH!

  87. Country Christmas Wreath is my favorite! Just beautiful! If I don’t win I might have to order my own. Thanks for sharing this site!

  88. I love the Blended Bay Leaf. I ordered a wreath from a store near my home last week and it died in two days. I was so disapointed.

  89. The Country Christmas Wreath is my favorite with all the beautiful red apples and cherries. Thanks for sharing!

  90. I love the Burgandy Deluxe Door Wreath. I can practically smell them through the screen. They look amazing! What a fantastic giveaway!

  91. I’m especially attached to the Golden Pine Wreath. It will blend so well with my home decor and the fragrance will be delightful to share will all.

  92. I love the Country Christmas wreath. Thanks for the chance to “deck the halls”.

  93. I love the mixed bay leaf with the two pinecones. Would look awesome in my foyer!! Beautiful! Melissa

  94. Mmm, mmmm, mmmmm. That’s just me breathing deeply and imagining how good the three cedars or the silver deluxe wreath would smell.

  95. I love the Blended Bay Leaf wreath! It’s gorgeous…simple yet elegant! :)
    Thanks for a chance to win one of these beauties! xoxo

  96. Wow–they really do have a beautiful selection. I love the Country Christmas wreath, and also the simplicity of the Three Cedars wreath. Thanks for the tip on Lynch Creek Farm!

  97. I like the texture of the Three Cedars Wreath! It would look great on my door and I bet it smells fantastic :)
    barbi 17 west at gmail dot com

  98. Our front door is under a porch. Many times, our Christmas Wreath is lost in the shadows. The Silver Deluxe Door Wreath, with it’s silver bow and lighter highlights would be beautiful!

  99. I LOVE the Douglas Fir garland–it would be so nice around my door frame, over my mantle or swagged over my porch railing.

  100. I love the Blended Bay Leaf wreath for the beauty of it’s simplicity and it’s fragrance I know is heavenly!! *Linking to facebook now!

  101. I love the blended bay leaf…you could leave it the same or add your own touch of Christmas to it with a bow, etc.

  102. Oh my! How do you choose? All the wreaths are gorgeous!!! Your blog came at the perfect time. Us music therapists were just thinking about where to find a wreath for the hospice staff we work with! These are perfect! Thank you! If I had to choose, I’d choose the garland or the Country Wreath! Thanks again! And I will link to FB right now too! <3

  103. The Douglas fir garland would look amazing on our staircase! Thanks for the Christmas cheer!

  104. Would love to win the Country Christmas Wreath. It looks so fresh I can almost smell it!

  105. Love the blended bay leaf wreath!! Needing some green in my red dining room!

  106. I loved the simple wreaths, bay leaf or douglas fir. I am making a handmade pic frame to hang the wreath from in the middle, for my mantle. It would be a perfect match fro trying out such craftiness!

  107. I love the Snowbound Winter Wreath & Home For The Holidays. They look so beautifully done. That’s the only thing I’m missing to make my new apartment complete for the Holidays. May you all have a Happy Holidays!! <3

  108. Everything on the Lynch Creek website is so beautiful! But, if I had to choose just one, it would be the Snowbound Winter Wreath with its little snowman and pretty plaid bow. Thank you for the opportunity to possibly win one of these gems for my home!

  109. the holly wreath is so creative, I love the tight look. Thank you for doing this giveaway!

  110. Just closed on my (and my dog, Watson’s) first home and the SILVER DELUXE DOOR WREATH would make our first Xmas even more special.

    Pics of the dog (a super cute rescued Golden-Corgi mix) & the house are available for sharing :-)

    Happy holidays to one and all!!

  111. It was super hard to choose, but I really love the Red Deluxe Door Wreath. Happy Holidays everyone!

  112. I absolutely love the holly wreath. It is so beautiful and makes me pine [pun intended] for my former home in Minnesota. margie

  113. I like so many of them but I think I would go with the Three Cedars Wreath for something a bit different.

  114. I love them all. We were just saying yesterday we really need a wreath for the front door. If I have to pick one (I only have one door, so I guess I have to) I would say the Snowbound Winter Wreath is my favorite.

  115. Such beautiful greenery for Christmas! Didn’t know they existed and they are so close to my home. I would love to win the Country Christmas wreath. Thanks for the giveaway!

  116. My favorite wreath is the Wildlife Adventure Wreath. I would squeal with delight if I won this!

  117. I love the 3 cedars wreath. Simple and elagant at the same time Perfect for my front door!

  118. Honest to God, I smelled them. Mind over matter! Love, love, love the Bay Leaf Wreath!!!

  119. Love the Silver Deluxe Door Wreath! It reminds me of fresh clean snow sitting on top of the trees!
    I shared this on facebook.

  120. The Silver Deluxe door wreath would be beautiful on my front door!! All of my decorations are silver and blue :)

  121. I love the smell of a beautiful wreath in my home for the month of December. These Lynch Creek Farm wreaths look great! I’d choose the Country Christmas wreath. Thanks for the chance to win!

  122. I like the Three Cedars wreath. The simpler, the better! That’s my philosophy on wreaths. Hope your Thanksgiving was very peaceful and fulfilling, Kate!

  123. I love the Three Cedars wreath or the Blended Bay wreath, but they’re all beautiful.

  124. I love the Blended Bay Leaf. Thanks for the giveaway!! How exciting. Now that thanksgiving is over, bring on the Christmas love!!


  125. BLENDED BAY LEAF!! IT IS GORGEOUS! Now, I actually read the entry rules you have. I have to laugh…just to think you were a lawyer…:O)

    abby dunford (abigail dot dunford at gmail dot com)

  126. I am in love with the Blended Cedar Wreath. I bet it smells amazing. I would hang it on the wall in my kitchen as a huge statement piece. LOVE this!

  127. The “Wildlife Adventure” Wreath would be perfect
    for our front door. What a wonderful welcome…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  128. I’ve been to this site so many times because I don’t like anything in the stores. I love the 3 Cedars Wreath for it’s simplicity but the Country Christmas Wreath is also a beauty! I hope I win!

  129. Kate how generous! I love the Golden Pine wreath and do I need a new one for the front door this year! It is gorgeous.


    Art by Karena

  130. Based on your previous recommendation, Kate, last night we ordered wreaths from Lynch Creek Farm for both sets of our parents as a holiday surprise! We’d love to use the Blended Bay Leaf wreath.

  131. I love fresh greenery in the house this time of year. It makes everything seem so incredibly special. I love the Christmas Cedar Garland. Thanks for the opportunity!

  132. Love the Three Cedars Wreath–lovely simplicity and I am imagining the cedar scent….
    Thank you for introducing this wonderful company!

  133. The golden pine wreath is perfect with my Christmas decor I’m setting up today at home!

  134. I love the new Douglas Fir garland, but I love their wreaths as well…so hard to choose. I remember you introducing us to this company before. I’ll have to buy a wreath and garland if I don’t win. :-)

  135. I love the snowbound winter wreath but the three cedars is a close second…love this idea. since we are in the process of packing I won’t be putting up a tree but a fresh wreath would be perfect. thx for the inspo