DIY Wine Glass Charms

By Kate Riley October 11, 2011

That time of year is here again – we’ve got guests visiting from all over just about every weekend until the end of the year. With all the festivities planned over the next few months, I wanted to make some wine glass charms to help keep everyone’s glass identified during all the celebrating.

I first found out about an embossing powder called Amazing Glaze that hardens to a resin from my friend Cathe, she had used it to to make a memory pet tag and decal penny pendant in the past and I really wanted to try it out!  I ordered the powder, some pendant bases and earwires, then came up with several versions of DIY wine glass charms. The first are these blingy sparklers which will work for just about any occasion.

diy wine glass charms


With the right supplies, these are so easy to make!  Find some earwires, pendant bases, and some Amazing Glaze, and you’re in business (my sources below).

amazing glaze and charms


The sparkling gem versions were made with simple colorful glitter from my stash that was layered along the bottom of the pendant base, then topped with a small amount of the powder glaze (seen below).

glitter and glaze

Using aluminum foil beneath, I simply baked the first layer of powder inside the pendants in a 350 degree oven for two minutes and allowed it to cool for 5 minutes. Then I applied two more thin layers following the same technique, 2 minutes in a 350 degree oven until the powder melts and turns clear.

It hardens into a resin to make these little gems for your wineglass!

diy sparkle wine glass charms


Next, I experimented with some round numbered stickers from the scrapbook section of my local craft store to create these numbered versions. I noticed anything using paper tends to get a little muddied, and I suspect if you used a home printer to create a design on paper, the ink may bleed.  But these raised numbered stickers turned out to look pretty good with two layers of the Amazing Glaze powder turned resin on top.


numbered stickers


diy numbered wine glass charms


I had some fun making a set of holiday charms too since we always throw a big Christmas party every year.  Fine white glitter mixed with the Amazing Glaze powder forms the base. They’re topped with more vellum ornament and gift stickers and given another thick coat of the Glaze, kinda cute.

christmas wine glass charms


You can even skip the charms and use beads or vintage buttons or whatever you want.  For the monogram charms below, I used some leftover metal button cover kits and paired them with some clear letter stickers. I made a small hole in the top with a nail, then melted a few thin coats of the Amazing Glaze powder over them in the oven.

monogram stickers

Hey, a tag for all my favorite drinkers!


diy monogram wine glass charms


No need to use this method for just wine glass tags, it works just as well for making charms for necklaces or bracelets too.

christmas charms on necklace bracelet

glitter charms on bracelet

Yes it’s true, the blingy glitter versions are my most fave, and I think they’d be really fab in vivid colors.  I found the pendant bases at Rubber Nation and the wine glass earwires at FeatherBoutique on Etsy.  Amazing Glaze is available on Amazon, $10 for 2 ounces but I have well over an ounce left over after making all these wine glass charms. I imagine you could make several dozen with one 2 ounce jar.

diy wine glass charms cg

They’re a fun and useful holiday gift idea for your friends and family so get together with your pals and make a whole bunch of them, just make sure you invite me to your craft party cause I’ll bring the wine.



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  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE these!! I think I’ll personalize mine and my guests can take them home. Thanks for sharing this PRICELESS idea!!

  2. These are SO cute and I can’t wait to try them out. They are perfect for all the entertaining that will be done this year :)

  3. Hi Kate,

    I know this is what makes your blog so amazing, these creative beautiful projects you do. Not to mention unique! What a perfect hostess or little gift to give at the holidays, and easy too.

    I’ll set the date for the party, and you can bring the wine. How about something bubbly for the holidays! :-)

  4. Wow, that is amazing! I was contemplating on making wine glass charms for an auction item I am donating; this technique would work great. Thanks for sharing!

    P.S. The sparkly ones are my fav too :)

  5. These look great, Kate! What a wonderful idea for a little hostess gift, too. Love the glitzy ones!

  6. LOVE THESE! You have such a way with turning simple design into beautiful art.

    Oh, and how far do you travel with your wine?! ;)

  7. LOVE this idea Kate- so fabulous…and I really love allof the choices you provided- totally brilliant! This is on my must-do project list!!

  8. Thanks for the tutorial!! I have had an idea for crafts like this but I was unsure about what to use to enamel them…now I know!! Yay, now the wheels are really turning.

  9. Ooooooowww, BABY! These turned out STUNNING! Thanks for making an “E” for ME! I’ll be right over! Big KISS!

  10. I loved this idea so much that I immediately ordered all the supplies. I can’t wait to do this craft! Our plan is to make the blingy ones, and then put them in a gauzy small bag, and slip it over the neck of some El Dorado County wine for Christmas presents. Thanks for sharing this idea!

  11. Love, love this idea!!! So charming and great as Christmas gifts. Just wonder if I can use mod podge instead since I don’t have the Amazing Glaze.

    • Hey Craft Passion, I’m not sure the Mod Podge is a comparative product, it’s more like glue. The Amazing Glaze is like (so I understand) a lot of embossing powders, with heat it hardens to a solid resin, it’s very cool!

  12. this gives me a great idea for replacing some missing “stones” in a costume jewelry bracelet I have…


  13. I was just wondering where you found the pendant bases to buy. I’m having trouble finding one that cost less then $5 each.

    This is such a cool idea BTW. Thank you.

  14. I love this! I haven’t tried the powder turned resin but I have used regular resin. I noticed if you want to use papers like scrap booking paper you can cut it to the shape then put on 3 layers of mod pog front and back. This stops the paper from changing at all!

  15. Where did you find the ear wires? I would like to make about 50 of them. Such a cute project!!! :)

  16. This may be a really dumb question, butttt…did you put the glitter in first THEN do the Amazing Glaze on top? Am I understanding that correctly? Thanks!

  17. Hi. I love this. Did I understand you to say you first put aluminum foil on the pendant base, then put the glitter on, then the glaze on top of the glitter? I just want to make sure I make these correctly. Thanks.

    • The foil goes on the cookie sheet to protect it, but underneath the pendants, make sense?

  18. Yes, I get it now. Thank you. Oh, one last question: where would one get the pendant bases? Maybe I missed the link.

    • It should be in the post…. at the bottom. Let me know if you can’t find it.

  19. Sorry if I’m being dense but I can’t find the source for the pendant bases. Can you post the link or tell me where I can find the link?


    • Hi Julie, there’s a link to Rubber Nation underneath the bracelet picture.

  20. Hey!

    Ok, I’m NOT a crafty person. I tried these today and basically did not evenly spread out the glaze powder (plus hard to do on top of glitter :) So after baking it was just a blob of resin. I guess I thought it would spread out over the pendant? So what trick did you use to spread the powder out so it goes over the glitter evenly?

    • Hi Jen, it should melt and spread a little, but you do need to make sure the powder is evenly applied to the surface. So sorry you had difficulty!

  21. Hi!
    Thanks for the response! So if I reheat them again and add a little powder to the edges of the pendants do you think it will be ok? If that doesn’t work is the hardened glaze easy to scrape off with a knife then I can start from scratch? Thanks so much! Its my fault! :) Im sure once I try again they will come out looking great. :)

  22. Love this. Does the melted resin need time to harden or are they pretty much set once they come out and cool off? Thinking of doing this as bridal shower activity but want to be sure guests can easily take them home when the party is over!

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