Decorative Pillow Giveaway

By Kate Riley September 16, 2011

Greetings all and happy Friday!  With such amazing weather, I am determined to explore someplace really cool outdoors this weekend, perhaps Napa, perhaps San Francisco. Anyone have any places you’d like me to check out and write about?  Send me an email, I’d love to hear your suggestions!

This weekend’s giveaway is sponsored by Pillows by Dezign, a home décor company specializing in designer pillows all sewn in the USA.  To quote founder Marian Silverman, “Decorative pillows are the jewelry that completes the outfit!”  Indeed they are, so how about an opportunity to win some decorative throw pillows for your home? 

decorative pillow giveaway sofa

All decorative pillows include the down or polyester insert (your choice) and hidden zippers. Fabrics come from well known designers such as Kravet, Robert Allen, and Duralee to name a few. You could even design your own with their custom service. 

Gorgeousness guaranteed! 

Here’s a peek at just a few of the pillows in the shop:

pillows by dezign collage

Pillows by Dezign is offering two lucky winners a $75 shop credit, plus free shipping.

Eligibility to win one of two $75 shop credits to Pillows by Dezign:

1)  Pay a visit to Pillows by Dezign and pick your favorite throw pillow, then name your choice in a comment.

2) For an additional chance to win, link to this giveaway either on Facebook or on Twitter, then leave a second comment telling where you linked (FB or Twitter).

3) For a third chance to win, Like Pillows by Dezign on Facebook, then leave an additional comment stating “I like PBD!”

That’s all folks.  Two winners chosen at Random.  US and Canada only.  Giveaway ends Monday September 19, 2011 at 8 p.m. PST. 


Winners:  #418 Jaime and #797 Anna Driver-Bishop.  Both winners notified by email. 




  1. Great pillows! I love the teal/gold stripe pillow, and those houndstooth pillows would be a perfect winter addition to my living room.

  2. Favourite pillow is the “Charcoal, Blue and Green Floral bed pillow”. Would look so good on my bed with my moss green comforter!

  3. I really like the cream, blue, and orange zigzag pillow. I’m thinking of redecorating my living room and could really use some new pillows! :)

  4. My favorites are the Grey, Gold, and White Tribal Inspired and the Cream, Blue, Orange, and Gold Throw. So many cute designs!

  5. my favorite pillow is the “Charcoal, Blue and Green Floral bed pillow” too .. My current pillow cases from Ikea in 2006 (college) are defin worn and could use an updated sophiscated style.

  6. LOVE the Flower throw pillow with my favorite blue on it! Matching bed pillow would look fabulous on my bed!

  7. Oh my goodness! I just LOVE the citrus geometric pattern pillow! Beautiful and would love to win!

  8. I just returned from my first trip to San Francisco! I would love to read about any trip you take in the area – maybe Napa since I didn’t get to go there :)

    Love that dark brown and gold brocade pillow!

  9. I love the Light Blue and Cream Animal Style Throw Pillow and the Blue, Tan, and Cream Throw Pillow!!

  10. I LOVE the flower Throw Pillow! The colours are stunning! So I ‘liked’ the page on FB, I recommended the link and I don’t just like PBD, I LOVE PBD!!!

  11. Wow! So many beautiful choices but I love the orange/teal/black/cream bed pillow. It doesn’t match the grey, yellow & teal palette that I’m working toward in our room BUT I would change it for that pillow.

  12. The gold raised geometric pattern throw pillow and the charcoal, blue and green floral bed pillows were my favorite. I

  13. I like the blue tan and cream throw pillow! Style 30779. Looks like ikat print sort of. I love that you can change the couch color on their web site!! Awesome.

  14. I *love* the orange/blue one that you posted, but my favorite that would actually go PERFECT in my house is the brown/gold throw. Gorgeous pillows and super-reasonable price!!

  15. My favorite is the Blue, Tan, and Cream Throw Pillow. They are all awesome, it was so hard to pick a favorite. :)


  17. Beautiful work! My favorite are the black and gold houndstooth pillows. I can’t resist houndstooth!

  18. Wow what great pillows! I would love to win the Elegant Turquoise raised Pattern on Tan Bed Pillow. Thanks!

  19. I love the bright multi colored bed pillows and sofa pillows. I have a solid dark green sofa and several of those wold look great.

  20. I love the raised gold on gray pillow, it’d be perfect in my master bedroom! But I could be seduced away by the tan and cream pillow too. Love the pattern!

  21. I love the Orange, Teal, Black and Cream Bed Pillow!!!!!! I LOVE that fabric – would love pillows for my couch in that and a coordinating fabric!

  22. I love the black, brown and beige spiral lumbar pillow! I know the perfect place for it!! There are so many beautiful ones!!

  23. I shared on fb -
    hisprincess886 at yahoo dot com

  24. This is the one that really caught my eye. I love the fabric. It reminds me of the ocean.

    – Shades of Green Outdoor Throw Pillow

  25. I’d say Muir Woods! It’s absolutely gorgeous there and not too far from SF, but enough to make you feel like you’re out in the “country”! :) I’m having a hard time choosing, I really love the Citrus Geometric design!

  26. I love the Green and White Tree Print Bed Pillow. It’s so elegant and goes wonderfully with my color scheme!

  27. My favorite pillow is the Multi-Color Spiral Pattern Bed Pillow. It would be perfect for my guest room bed! Thanks!

  28. Ooh, that’s tough to choose, but two favorites are the Gray Throw Pillow With Gold Polka Dots and the Red and Tan Ikat Inspired Throw Pillow. Both would look equally good on my couch!

  29. Love love LOVE the Gold Raised Geometric Pattern Throw Pillow. Thanks for the chance!

  30. The Red and Brown Patterned Throw Pillow would look great on my green sofa. Love that you can see how the pillows look against a sofa color on PBD site. Thanks for such great opportunities to win beautiful prizes!

  31. Loving the Cream, Blue, Orange, and Gold Throw Pillow and the Orange, Teal, Black and Cream Bed Pillow!!

  32. I can’t decide between the Flower throw pillow and the Light blue and cream animal. I might just need both :)

  33. I love the Orange, Teal, Black and Cream Bed Pillow! Actually, all of them are gorgeous! Thanks for introducing me to this site!

  34. The Gold Raised Geometric Pattern throw pillow would look great on the bench I just reupholstered in my dining room!

  35. I especially love the houndstooth, grey gold and white tribal, and grey gold stripe… SO MANY FABULOUS CHOICES!

  36. I love the Orange, Teal, Black and Cream Bed Pillow it would go perfectly in my newly finished rec room.

  37. The Raised Gold on Grey Throw Pillow on my sofa, would coordinate with my walls fabulously!

  38. The pillows are so beautiful. Love the Blue, Tan and Creme Throw pillow. Would look
    great in my bedroom. Not sure how to link but I will like on facebook and leave a comment.
    Thanks for a great giveaway.

  39. Holy hannah. Pick ONE? The flower throw pillow, black & cream bird in tree throw, tan & cream throw… They’re all fabulous.

  40. I had a really hard time choosing. Narrowed it down to 3: blue, tan and cream tan and cream and tan and cream animal style. Great selections though!

  41. Dark Brown and Gold Throw Pillow would coordinate perfectly with the Master Bedroom re-do I’m working on! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  42. Who can choose? However, I do love the tan and cream animal style throw pillow. I like PBD on FB too!

  43. love love love love loveeeeee Tan and Cream Contemporary Geometric Bed Pillow!!! thank you! you’re awesome!!

  44. Best pillows!! The blue and tan throw pillow, with the ikat print would be the perfect addition to my newly update dining room chairs! Fingers crossed!

  45. I love the “Black, Brown, and Beige Spiral Pattern Throw Pillow” it would match the living room perfectly.

  46. So many choices!! I love the purple pillow, green pillow, or the grey, gold and white tribal pillow!

  47. Love! The bed pillows with the golds are heavenly!
    It would take me a year to pick just ONE! ha! Thanks for the chance!

  48. The brown, red, orange and cream throw pillow would add just the right amount of “Fall” to my living room.

  49. Any one of the 3 gray and gold pillows would look awesome on our new charcoal leather couch!
    Love, love, love your blog!!!

  50. I love the Cream, Blue, Orange, and Gold Zig Zag Lumbar or Throw Pillow. love the design.
    thanks for the chance!! <3

  51. Luv luv luv the ‘orange teal black and cream (even love saying the colors) bed pillow’. This is so Topanga Canyon. Could see me in a hammock with my new pillow reading and drfting my day away…

  52. I’m loving the Citrus Geometric Design on Cream Throw Pillow. I need these soooo bad… we have absolutely no throw pillows in our house!

  53. My favorite is the Grey, Gold, and White Tribal Print pillow. It would go perfectly with my existing (but plain) throw pillows!

  54. I’d go with the Red and Tan Ikat Inspired Bed Pillow. It would go really well with the red ethnic bedroom i’m trying to design!

  55. I love the Dark Brown and Blue/Grey…AND the Light Blue and Cream Animal Style. Oooh there are some nice pillows on there!

  56. I shared the post link on Facebook!! I’m trying to expand my pillow collection…YHL says it’s the thing to do! :o)

  57. I have a thing for geometric patterns lately (which is new for me), so I’m going to go with the Light Blue and Beige Throw Pillow.

  58. it’s a tough call between the Chocolate Brown and Tan Throw Pillow or the Raspberry and Green Paisley Throw Pillow!

  59. I love the Grey with Gold Polka Dot Lumbar Pillow and the Green and White Tree Print Throw Pillow… they’re so pretty!

  60. I am so in love with the orange / blue / green / white print! Why is it only on one size pillow?
    It is divine!

  61. I love the Charcoal, Blue, and Green Floral Bed Pillow. Just moved and these would help spiffy up my blank landscape!

  62. If I had to choose just one (so hard to do!), I’d say the orange, tan black and cream bed pillow – such a beautiful and unique pattern, and definitely makes a statement!

  63. Oh.Wow. What gorgeous pillows! And in all my favorite fabrics!! How’s a gal to choose?!?! Okay, so my favorite right off the bat, is probably the brown and gold throw pillow. Lots of velvety goodness right there! :-)

  64. Turquoise and Yellow Paisley Design Throw Pillow. Works reeee-heally well with my living room accents.

  65. I went all the well through and came back to the black and cream scenic toile. That would be so nice on my bed. :)

  66. There are so many wonderful pillows, it’s hard to decide. The Brown and White Palm Outdoor Throw Pillow is really catching my eye, though.

  67. I love the dark brown and gold decorative throw pillow—this would go perfectly in my living room.

  68. I love the Red and Brown Patterned Throw Pillow, it would be the perfect addition to my family room for the Holidays!

  69. So many gorgeous pillows! I might choose 2 of the Shades of Green Outdoor Lumbar Pillow .. they look so beautiful..would be great in the sunroom! They have amazing pillows!

  70. I love all the pillows, colors and shapes. Hard to choose!
    What goes with my colors is Brown, red, orange, and cream throw pillow.

  71. I love the Black and Cream Bird in Tree Pattern Throw Pillow….it would look perfect in our master bedroom!

  72. I like them all. I would have to say I love the Ikat pillows, the bright paisley prints and the Orange, Red, Brown and Cream pillows with the slight wavy pattern the best.

  73. If I were to pick a pillow today it would be the Red and Tan Ikat Inspired Throw Pillow. All of the pillows are beautiful.

  74. I love the chocolate brown and tan throw pillow, just put up new curtains last night and it would go great!

  75. All the pillows are drool worthy but I love the flower throw pillow, the green and turquoise combo is heavenly! Fingers crossed!

  76. I LOVE the gray throw pillow with polka-dots! I’m trying to cover and disguise a comfy yet not so pretty couch. And this pillows would match the pink and grey retro table that’s in the same room!

  77. Sorry, couldn’t pick just one (as usual…)! I like the Blue, Tan, and Cream (Ikat) Throw Pillow and the Black and Cream Bird in Tree Pattern Bed Pillow. Actually, I liked most of the b&w choices. Thanks for the giveaway!

  78. Love the Gold Raised Geometric, but if I win I might go for the Black and Grey Houndstooth and give it to my friend…she just got a new sectional and needs some pattern to go with her solid throw pillows:)

  79. My favorite is the Orange, Teal, Black and Cream Bed Pillow. Those colors and that print would make a excellent base for my dining room remodel.

  80. Loving the look! The Cream, Blue, Orange and Gold throw pillows would look very good as a new addition to my bed :)

  81. Tan and Cream Contemporary Geometric Bed Pillow is fabulous!

    Also, I liked on FB and Monday is my birthday which would be an awesome BDay gift!

  82. I think I would have to choose the gold raised geometric pattern bed pillow–love its versatility!

  83. I like the light blue and cream animal print and the citrus geometric pillows! Lots of great choices!!

  84. Oooooh, I can’t make up my mind. Can I choose 2 favorites? I’m torn between the Blue, Tan and Cream Throw and the Tan and Cream Animal Style Throw.

  85. Beautiful pillows! I am getting a new couch today and the green and white tree print pillow would be perfect! Thanks!…

  86. I am lusting after the Charcoal, Blue, and Green Floral Bed Pillow. I think I want it for my couch though – the fabric is darling. :)

  87. I love the material on the Elegant turquoise and tan bed pillow. I just can’t get enough of turquoise!

  88. Wow! All of these are truly beautiful. I especially am fond of all the damask patterns. But my favorite probably is the Dark Brown and Gold Bed Pillow…or the turquoise! Can’t decide!

  89. so hard to choose, I have been looking for the perfect pillows forever and I really want a pop of color against my neutral couches; I would go with the purple throw pillow or the flower throw pillow I think

  90. Oh there is just too much to choose from, but I will step out on a limb and go with the Orange, Teal, Black and Cream Bed Pillow. Love the combo…..WOw they have a great selection!

  91. Since I don’t pay my own bedroom much attention, I would love to add the Dark Brown and Gold Bed Pillow to start putting it all together! Beautiful & so hard to choose just ONE!

  92. I am loving the orange throw pillow with the punch of blue in the center. Thanks for the chance to win!

  93. I’m in love with the blue & brown bed pillow- I think my hubby would not be happy ;)if I spent over $150 on a pillow that we wouldn’t even actually sleep on so I’d love to win this draw!

  94. I love all of the tan and cream throw pillows. It would be fun to design a room around those pillows.

  95. I liked on facebook, and changed my mind to the Teal and Brown Animal Print Throw Pillow. I don’t know how I missed it before.

  96. I loved the Red and Tan IKAT design. Very nice. Thanks for the opportunity.
    Carol L
    Lucky4750 (at) aol (dot) com

  97. I love the blue/green/tan outdoor throw pillow!! the colors just pop. Love to spend outdoors on the patio in the fall. They were all gorgeous. You can never have too many pillows.

  98. The Chocolate Brown and Tan Throw Pillow!!! I love it, and really love it in the bed pillow size (I’ve always wanted one of those). :)

  99. I LOVE all the geometric prints and the raised stripes. ANY of them would work in my house. What a great bunch of pillows. :)

  100. Purple lime and white bed pillow, with down insert of course. That’s my fav……but I wouldn’t throw any of them off of my bed.

  101. I love so many of them – they are gorgeous! If I had to pick, I would say the Dark Brown and Blue/Grey Throw Pillow because it’s exactly what I have been looking for to add to my living room sofa!

  102. So beautiful. My favorite is the Black, Grey, and White Striped Bed Pillow, but there isn’t a dud in the bunch!

  103. I am in love with the Gold Raised Geometric Pattern Throw Pillow! It would be perfect for my fall pillows.

  104. Love them all! But if I had to choose just one, I would say the Black and Cream Bird print throw pillow.

  105. I like the Gold Raised Geometric Patter Pillow. I would use it on my bed. I’ve been looking for a throw like that. Thanks for the opportunity.

  106. I love the Black and Cream Bird in Tree Pattern Throw Pillow. I think it would look pretty in my living room. Thank you!

  107. The “Cream, Tan, and Brown Zig Zag Throw Pillow” would look great
    in our family room…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  108. Wow, it was hard to pick just one favorite, so here’s my list of favorites: Flower Throw Pillow, Gray Gold and White Tribal Inspired Throw Pillow, and the Zebra Print Throw Pillow

  109. The “Orange, Teal, Black and Cream Bed Pillow” which you also pictured in the samples in the upper right, is my favorite! Love the colors!

  110. Let’s go for two favorites … the Green and White Tree Print Throw Pillow and the Black and Cream Striped Lumbar Pillow. This is a very cool company, pillows only! Love it.

  111. I really like the Grey, Gold, and White Tribal Inspired Throw Pillow. super cute! and would look great on our bed!

  112. I’m loving the orange throw pillow with the pop of blue in the middle. It would be the perfect accent pillow on our comfy couch this fall!

  113. Love, love, love these pillows. They are all truly luxurious… but if I could pick only one it would be the Elegant Turquiose Raised Pattern on Tan Bed Pillow. I am thinking of revamping my master suite and that sure would look stunning sitting on my kind bed!



  114. The Multi-Color Spiral Pattern Lumbar Pillow for my daughter’s room, and I could find a home for the Black and White Tree Pattern Bed Pillow. Love it!

  115. So hard to pick one favorite! Gray with Gold Polka Dots would be pretty with my bedding. I love it!

  116. The light blue and beige throw pillow would look great in my living room! Can’t wait to hear how you spent your weekend. I live in Southern California and often take road trips up north.

  117. I like the Dark Brown and Blue/Grey Throw Pillow or the Elegant Turquoise raised Pattern on Tan Bed Pillow is beautiful too!

  118. Super hard to pick just one – they are all gorgeous! I am really loving the black and gold houndstooth lumbar pillow.

  119. Lots to love, but I especially like the Orange, Teal, Black and Cream Bed Pillow pictured in the collage of designs in this post.

  120. I have been in need of some inspiration for colors in my new living room! I adore the zig zag pillows and the floral pillow- they could just be the start of a beautiful room!

  121. I like the blue and tan and the red and tan Ikat pillows. Either one would look great in my bedroom.

  122. I’m loving the green, red, and white throw pillow. I think it might even be a print used on Sarah 101!

  123. Turquoise and Metallic Gold Bed Pillow is so delicious – I want to eat it! It would look and feel great everywhere in our house. Thanks for the giveaway!

  124. There are so many cool pillows to choose from! I like the “raised gold on gray throw pillow”.

  125. I can’t even tell you how perfect for my home the colors of the Orange, Teal, Black and Cream Bed Pillow” are!

  126. I visited the site and I love this one: Citrus Geometric Design on Cream Throw Pillow. Thanks!

  127. I’ve worked on creating a beautiful bedroom retreat. The perfect topping on the cake would be the awesome raised white pattern on the tan background. So elegant!

  128. So difficult to choose just one but I like the Tan and Cream Throw Pillow! Thank you for the giveaway!

  129. Well, it was a difficult choice, but I love the orange, teal, black and cream bed pillow. It’s gorgeous! Thanks for offering the giveaway!

  130. These pillows are gorgeous! It’s hard to pick just one, but if I had to choose, the blue and tan throw pillow would be it! =0)

  131. I could use some red in my living room — really like the red throw pillow or the red and tan ikat, or the red, lime and white throw.

  132. My favorite is the Elegant White raised Pattern on Tan Bed Pillow. It’s gorgeous and would look so beautiful on my bed! thanks!

  133. My orange couches need the Brown, Red, Orange and Cream Throw Pillow, but I think my back bedroom would benefit more from the Purple Throw Pillow, so I’d have to go with that!

  134. I would love to get my hands on the Tan and Cream animal style throw pillow. It would make a great accent pillow :)

  135. So any beautiful choices, but I’d have to pick the blue and navy (ikat) throw pillow. It would be PERFECT on my tan leather couch with my navy accent wall across the room!

  136. I love the black and gold houndstooth, not sure it would go with my house though. Might have to style a room around them lol.

  137. i’m liking the White Throw Pillow Scenic Toile but would lLuV it in a bed pillow! oh yah!!
    gorgeous fabrics, great styles… what’s NOT to like ?!?

  138. i like the flower throw pillow as well as the turquoise and yellow paisley design throw pillow!!!

  139. either the grey and gold striped or grey gold and white tribal. we need a pop of color on our new grey bed

  140. We just got a new couch and I think the gray and gold raised stripe lumbar pillow might look cute on it!

  141. I am loving the charcoal, blue, and green bed pillow! What a great site, especially the fact that you can design your own!

  142. Love flowers and birds theme always , pillows are so great when you just want a little change with a big effect ! Thanks for the giveaway .

  143. I love the light blue and cream animal style throw pillow. Great pattern and colours! Thanks for the giveaway!

  144. Love the charcoal, blue and green floral bed pillow! Now to convince my husband to help me repaint the master bedroom . . .

  145. Oooooowwww…… I’ve been looking for new pillows for my couch. I really liked the green and white tree print. How fun!

  146. Wow…Gold Raised Geometric Throw Pillow. This isn’t usually my style, but it looks like glass and is beyond lovely.

  147. I love the Tan and Cream Contemporary Geometric Bed Pillow – would be perfect with my new bedding!

  148. I love the blue and tan I kat – also the raised gold and grey. So many cute ones and the green throw!

  149. While I love just about everything they have, Raised Gold on Grey Throw Pillow is my favorite. It would go great for the new decorating scheme for my living room!

  150. I love the gray with gold polka dot lumbar pillow. It would look great in my newly remodeled guest/craft room!

  151. I love the Gold Raised Geometric Pattern Throw Pillow! I’m not even a huge fan of gold, but the way that Ms. LaFrance-Silverman used gold in the pillow is so pretty and interesting.

  152. Oh I love the black/grey large houndstooth and the zig zag pillows. My husband would be so off the hook if I won this on our 19th anniversary (9/19).

  153. so hard to choose! the gold geometric pillow is really catching my eye, along with the purple & gold one pictured on the couch

  154. they are all beautiful! but my favorite is the charcoal and light grey small stripe. thanks for giveaway!

  155. WOW! Too many choices! But I love the floral throw pillow and the bed pillows! So hard to pick! LOL

  156. I like Orange, Teal, Black and Cream Bed Pillow! It has the perfect colors for the vision I have for the future guest room!

  157. Wow, pillow gorgeousness. I would choose the teal and orange floral. Who am I kidding?, I would love any of the fabulous pillows!!!

  158. The Flower Throw Pillow is exactly what I’m looking for to put with an asparagus green throw in my den!

  159. The Orange, Teal, Black and Cream Bed Pillow is my favorite design although I do wish it came as a throw or lumbar pillow too.

  160. My favorite throw pillow is “Flower Throw Pillow”, so chic!
    Thanks so much, Anna Driver-Bishop
    mattandanna at live dot com

  161. I love the Orange, Teal, Black and Cream Bed Pillow, but I would totally throw it against the back of my couch and be a rebel.

  162. Loving the Gold Raised Geometric Pattern Throw Pillow. I’ve been looking for something just like this for a while for my sofa!

  163. I love the Turquoise, Light Blue, Navy, and White Stripe Bed Pillow – it’s begging to be on my guest bed :)

  164. i love the blue & tan throw pillows (subtle ikat love it), orange throw pillow and the tan & cream animal style pillows.