Simple Clutter Control: A Giveaway

By Kate Riley August 9, 2011

Greetings all, just popping in from my “week of relaxation” and mini blog break to bring you a great giveaway from my sponsor Simplify 101.  Are you feeling the need to get your clutter under control?  Be more organized and get more done?

clutter controlI’ve adopted some strategies from the tips over at Simplify 101 because effective decluttering helps me spend less time straightening and more time devoted to my family.  Having an organized home is one way to make more time to be creative too.

Aby Garvey is the voice behind Simplify 101 and she is an organizing and productivity expert!  I love her motto, “More Fun, More Done”.  

Three readers will have the opportunity to win a free Quick + Simple Clutter Control online workshop, beginning August 16th, just in time for back to school!  In this three week workshop, you’ll be equipped with essential decluttering tactics to keep you better organized and also learn new habits that effectively keep clutter at bay.

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Eligibility for three winners to win the Quick + Simple Clutter Control workshop:

1)  Tell your biggest organizational challenge or clutter problem in a comment.  Is it your closet or a particular living space?   Share where you need organizational help!

2) For extra chances to win, link to this giveaway on Facebook, and/or tweet about this giveaway on Twitter, then leave additional comments telling where you mentioned this giveaway (FB or Twitter).

Three winners chosen by  Giveaway ends Friday August 12th at 8 p.m.

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The three winners are:  #98 Liz Harrington; #108 Becky O; and #214 Rhonda S.  You’ve all received an email from me and Simplify 101, congratulations! 





  1. My guest bedroom closet where all of our paperwork is (supposed to be) filed and stored. Right now, things are in huge piles because I haven’t filed in a really long time.

  2. I need help with organization of our back door/laundry room. Need function and style together!

  3. For me, it’s the laundry room, catch all for dirty clothes, bag and coats and shoes from the back entry, tools and paint from projects that I haven’t taken into the garage. Total mess!

  4. My whole house is a clutter spot. And I’m totally overwhelmed by it all and have no idea where to start or what to do with it all…


  5. I HATE the PILES of mail that accumulate in the kitchen!!!! It drives me CRAZY!

  6. My entire house needs organizational help due to small space, but my biggest challenge is the spare bedroom – I had wanted as a guest room, but it has turned into a playroom, exercise room, & office.

  7. 5 kids, 1 husband and organization-challenged me. I’ll let you use your imagination.

  8. A corner of my kitchen that is over-run by incoming mail, bills, receipts, and shopping circulars.

  9. The kitchen counter, it’s always full with piles of papers, mail, and other junk.

  10. Kids clutter. I have 3 kids in one room. Planning on splitting them up into 2 rooms, but have no clue as to how to control the toys. I want them organized in a method that they can put them away easily themselves, but also want them as much out of site as possible.

  11. My biggest organizational challenge is that we are renting and don’t want to put to many permanent things up as well as too many holes in the wall. We also don’t know how smart it is to invest in very specific items just for this apartment when they might not work in a house later on.

  12. I am a homeschooling mom of three and I would have to say that keeping all of my records, curriculum, etc. is my biggest challenge. I continue to look for better, more efficient ways to file.

    THANK YOU!!!!

  13. The worst area in my house is the dining room table. It is the unofficial dumping ground for everything including mail, backpacks, purses, books, magazines, items I just bought, laundry piles…I could go on and on! It is because it is a large surface but it drives me crazy to look at the mess. I clean it up once a week but after a few hours, someone begins the dumping process all over again!

  14. My home office is my biggest challenge. I have lost control of all the paper: the incoming mail, the catalogs, the kids’ school papers, my work files, etc. It’s a disaster!

  15. Biggest area of concern…papers everywhere! Receipts, mail, magazines, junk mail, newspapers, clippings, coupons, ads, to do lists, school notes, tickets, calendars, sports schedules, etc. etc.
    Next bigggest concern…my computer! I need to declutter my computer files and organize!

  16. The unfinished basement is a dumping ground for tools and partially finished projects.

  17. Where do I start? My house was already cluttered and then I had to clean out my mother’s house after she died and I just piled it all in….the attic, the cellar, the halls….. It doesn’t help that I am an Oscar who desperately wants to be a Felix…..

  18. I have unread magazines, papers, to do items, etc everywhere. They currently reside in lower cabinet in my kitchen that also houses coloring books, cell phone charger cords and other randomness. Would love to win this giveaway!!!!

  19. My biggest organizational challenge is…my husband! No. Seriously. He’s a piler. And he leaves random things everywhere. I’m not perfect but when it gets to things like socks on the dining room table, I lose it. Help!!

  20. The study. It’s become the catch all place for papers and everything that doesn’t have a home.

  21. Kitchen counter . .it is a hot spot! Everything gets dumped there. . piles and piles of stuff. . .no where to cook. . .and I do try to clean it off once or twice a day. Thanks so much for the generous giveaway.

  22. Paperwork…it covers my kitchen counter and spills out of it’s cupboard. We are in the process of buying a house and I feel like I am drowning in paperwork!

  23. I need help in my garage…I haven’t been able to park in it since we moved in 8 years ago. It is a continuous cycle of cleaning out and dumping more stuff!

  24. My biggest issue right now is the guest room. Like so many others, our guest room becomes the place to stash pretty much everything else (craft supplies, paperwork, etc.) My husband and I are expecting in October and that room is going to be converted into a bedroom for our oldest child, meaning we have to find a home for ALL OF THAT STUFF!!! I am going to have to figure out how to use space most efficiently to keep even more stuff in the same amount of space.

  25. Really its my whole house, my husband and I moved and 2 weeks later gave birth to twins needless to say we have alot of boxes in our attic 3 years later that have never been touched!! What gets me the most is piles of paper that I find randoming around the house… may be mail, bills, magazines, notes from school, to do lists, hubby’s work documents! Whatever it is its a hot mess and makes me feel like I don’t have a handle on the situation.

  26. My bedroom needs a reorg. My bedroom operates as my bedroom, office, exercise room, storage room, and laundry room for drying clothes. I have a condo, so space is cramped. The clutter is driving me nuts!

  27. My problem is a lot of stuff packed into a one bedroom apartment…my husband works from home, and DJ’s in his spare time so we’re packed to the max. I’m a housewife, and we share a computer desk (3 computers on it) and it makes for a very interesting, cluttered life. :/ Not in a good way.

  28. Ugh, my office desk. It has no drawers and so everything gets piled on top in the open.

  29. Where do I begin… probably my master closet. What to do with all those shoes ;)

  30. The sheer amount of stuff that comes into our house…mail, school papers, and stuff in general.

  31. Where do I begin to tell my problems. I have a desk, the kitchen table, and a room where my things go to die because I can’t get a system together to manage myself. And I drive my husband UP THE WALL! Help me please!

  32. My biggest source of disorganization craziness is the toys everywhere in our home. I just think if I could come up with a strategy to store and organize all the toys, then it would be easier for the kids to put them away. It’s so overwhelming that I don’t know where to start. Help!

  33. My basement storage area. It’s huge, stuffed full…and just overwhelming. We’ve built a long wall of shelves. They’re overflowing. My husband’s idea of storing things there – keep pushing more onto the shelves. When they’re full, stack it on the floor. We have 5 generations of stuff in there. Where do I begin?

  34. My master bedroom closet. It looks like a bomb went off in there. Whenever I don’t have time to put something away, it goes in there. Shame, shame. I’d take a picture of it, but I can’t find my camera (probably hidden under a pile o’ stuff on my desk, but that’s another story LOL)

  35. We moved into a new house a year ago…it does not have much for storage and I just can;t figure out the flow of here things should go…it’s madning.

  36. my mom says if my house isn’t more “organized” by the time she visits again she is going to send over my “neat freak” Aunt J. Scary.

  37. arts/crafts for me and the kids. I’m either searching for each and every item or buying something I already have! Wish I could complete one project with everything I need..

  38. My biggest challange seems to be everywhere. I can’t pin one down. From unpacked boxes hiding needed possessions, to random crap scattered throughout our house. My car is a mess and my menu plans, if even created, fall flat on day 2 or 3. I’m a new wife and a young mother of an almost-toddler. I feel like I chase my tail nearly 24-7 and I am incredibly eager to find a solution in order to establish a sense of peace in my home.

  39. my bigget source of frustration is my paint room/area. I am a decorativ artist for a living and I have a studio area set up in my basement shared with my laundry room. I have a work area wi/easle and shelving units to hold products but just can’t ever seem to feel like it is organized.

  40. My husbands desk area…it’s right at the front door and seems to be a catch all for just about everything in the house.

  41. Our garage is in desperate need of organizing! Everything seems to get stashed out there and then it becomes uncontrollable! I could use some great tips in getting that area organized! Thanks for the opportunity. :)

  42. My kitchen is in total chaos. It is the main hub of our lives where everyone congregates and also where everyone leaves their junk.

  43. Ugh my computer desk is always covered with bills and other paperwork. It seems that no matter how many times I clean it up and organize the area it always ends up the same….

  44. Husband’s paper piles and college boys trail of clothes and shoes around the house! Also, an organized space for my stamping stuff.

  45. Thats tough! There are a lot of little spots throughout my house. I’d say the worst is our spare room, its a catch all for everything that doesn’t have it’s own space!

  46. My garage – it is my craft room, our storage area for couponing purchases, the place to work on cars, the ongoing home improvement projects…we have lots going on out there – there has to be a better way to organize it while we are working on it.

  47. The Study!!!! I have the space in our new house but I never have gotten on top of the paperwork… It totally overwhelms me… I have attempted files and they just have never consistently worked… probably because I avoid filing and doing paperwork until the last minute… But when it is organised – I am on top of the world… Please help me get to the mountain top that is an organised study….

  48. I am struggling right now with my boys’ room. I’m not sure how to organize it so that it looks great but is still functional. All the pictures of kids rooms I see are EMPTY. Where do they put all the toys??

  49. I have several problem areas….The kitchen ends up with paper piles. It ends up looking junky and cluttered. There’s just not a good way to deal with it as it comes into the house. The playroom and the laundry room are hard to control too. We recently moved and with two small children getting organized is difficult. No time to think things through!

  50. I have a clutter problem with my 6 year old daughter’s room. She “collects” everything! My home office also tends to accumulate a lot of paper clutter.

  51. my dining table is my ‘hot spot’. there are clothes on my dining chairs, towels, books and bags on the dining table, and everything that’s lost and found or miscellaneous are all placed on the dining table!

  52. it’s my studio! clutter everywhere, and there shoudn’t be because i have plenty of room and well thought out storage. but i’m a pack rat.

  53. I desperately need help organizing my desk. I have bills, kid projects and pictures everywhere. Somedays its overwhelming just to look at.

  54. My Closet! I have trouble throwing ANYTHING away… I MIGHT wear it someday you know! :)

  55. My husband and I have a closet that looks great right now, but that’s because we just moved and have about half a room left of boxes and clothes that need to somehow fit into that closet. We had been living in a staged home with the bare minimum in our closets and the rest packed away… but now I need help getting rid of the unnecessary things so that we can maintain that streamlined living!

  56. I’m surprised the clutter police don’t come after me. My two-car garage is so bad that my car hasn’t been inside for over a year.

  57. We try some way, every day to reduce, reuse and recycle. The most challenging task is our office. Paper, paper, paper. My husband was self-employed in the construction business for many years–plans, client files, insurance plans, product information, statements. He now works with a company–more paper, more clients, etc.

    Also adding to our office clutter, we have four kids, attending 3 different schools, and our eldest is a senior with a number of culminating projects, and college applications, to keep track of.

    So with six people using the office, and each feeling what they have brought to the party is key to keep, it’s making it very overwhelming.
    We want make our home calm and make best use of our earth’s resources. We need a purge sort and method to carry us forward. :) Thanks

  58. The footboard of our bed. My husband throws the clothes that he’s been only wearing for a few hours-still semi clean on the footboard of our bed. He has to wear uniforms to work. That’s a huge eye soar cuz if I mention it then he’ll throw it all in the laundry for me and that’s more washing for me. With a family of 3 boys I have enough laundry building up believe me.

  59. I constantly am struggling with mail and paper. What do I need to keep? How long do I have to keep it? We don’t file things right away and they pile up. Or the files get too full and overflow. To add to the problem, my husband and I don’t share the same methods, or thoughts of organizing, so our system isn’t maintain consistently. It makes me exhausted just thinking about it.

  60. Finances, I really need to think up a good system… And then schoolwork clutter – books, notes, files, scraps of paper everywhere…

  61. My infamous closet!! It’s tiny and cluttered. I am always torn as to what to keep and what to donate. However, since I keep everything it’s hard to see what I actually have! I shared this contest on facebook. :)

  62. I am in major need of some help with my craft room… it is soooo unorganized there is no way I can be creative. All the clutter is a distraction and I can not even stand to walk in the room let alone sit down and try to create. Please help!!! :)

  63. We homeschool and our former dining room, now class room could use a major decluttering just in time for the new school year! I hope, I hope, I hope…

  64. My office, my sewing studio and my closet. The three worst areas in my home! (and of course there are the closets in the extra bedrooms—we wont talk about those! :)

  65. I have a constant battle with paper and mail and the like landing on my kitchen counter, despite a landing pad near the door.

  66. My sewing area is the worst. The machine’s accessories are odd shaped and I always seem to need everything at my fingertips but can never find it.

  67. The basement, it’s kinda my hubby and kids domain. It’s not finish and kinda buggy so I avoid it down there like the plague!

  68. Oh poor, poor me! It is MY bedroom………. w/ 6 kids my room is always last. Then if a child doesn’t know where an item goes guess where they dump it??????????? Mom and dad’s room……. it is supposed to be our paradise but seldom does it look nice and clutter free. H…..E…….L…….P!!!!!!!!!

  69. I have the worst time in high-traffic areas – the coat closet beside our front door, the bureau that’s in the foyer and what should be a breakfast bar in our kitchen. They seem to be magnets for all manner of JUNK.

  70. Paperwork, mail, computer, etc. We have it all in the kitchen, but no desk so it is usually a mess!

  71. Help! I can’t find anything! I really need a total transformation! Would love help with organizing kids projects and piles of papers that junk up! Thanks for the opportunity!

  72. I desperately need help organizing my kitchen counter (the hub of our home). Everything lands there and I don’t always know what to do with it.

  73. My closet!! My husband and I share a closet and I just can’t figure out the most efficient way to organize all of our clothes, shoes and other goodies. I also have a problem determining what belongs in our closet and what can/should be stored elsewhere.

  74. Toys in the living room! I’ve managed to consolidate to the corner, but still….
    Also bills tend to get piled up at our house- usually on the kitchen counter!

  75. Kids stuff! Toys, clothes, crafts etc. We live in a three level home and I struggle with how to keep things in their spots and not having to bring them between levels non stop to straighten up!

  76. Our spare room/office….its getting smaller and smaller by the day. I actually feel anxiety attacks coming on when I stand in the room too long….I am OVERWHELMED!

  77. Hi, I’m a huge fan of your blog but this is my first time commenting.
    I’m probably not eligible for this GiveAway, as I live all the way in Finland, but I still have to comment and say that I’d really need some help with our walk-in closet. Long and narrow, badly organized, full of clothes and other stuff – I actually got stuck in there a few weeks back and my husband had to help me out. True story (although a little embarrasing).

  78. I need help with toys/games storage in the living room. I’m constantly having to put my 3yo daughter’s things on the counters & tables to keep it away from her younger brother too.

  79. My greatest challenge is one particular hotspot on my kitchen counter. My utilities room is also a mess.

  80. My sewing-guest- storage room witch looks like a war zone all the time !!! Please Help !
    It is embarrassing to have people sleep over .It is overwhelming .

  81. My husband is the problem! He has adopted habits learned from his parents – all mail goes on the dining table and sits until the end of time – unopened! Tried putting a basket out for his mail – it was just another thing for him to ignore. Help!

  82. I could so use Aby’s help! The two main clutter issues in my home are 1)papers that build up into piles, and 2)stuff that accumulates on all the horizontal surfaces…counters, table, dresser. Also, I live in a small condo and I would like to learn to maximize space for storage.

  83. My kitchen I can’t figure out a way to have everything I need in there and not look like a mess!

  84. Everything! (Can I say everything?) Nothing ever seems to get put away and, when it does, nothing lasts for long (especially my bedroom). Help!

  85. Oh how I need this! I just moved into my first home and since it’s bigger you’d think I could organize it more easily. But, I can’t seem to. My biggest challenge is setting up a schedule for keeping my house nice and neat. I seem to let it fall apart and then have a marathon clean. And I really hate that! I’m at the point where I would really love “more fun,more done” I need the extra time! Because when I can’t keep up with the laundry and there is a small mess in almost every room, I get so overwhelmed!

  86. I need help with all of our papers. I have stacks everywhere along with a box full of old “important” papers. I just dont know what to keep and for how long. Not to mention my hubby saves EVERY paper he has ever touched, well maybe not every but just about.

  87. Definitely my closet…. and laundry room. both? I think my closet mostly. We have very little storage space and most things end up there!!

  88. Ugh, what isn’t a clutter problem in my house?! Our closets aren’t very function so I’ve had to get creative with space- the problem is just keeping up with it! Right now my biggest challenge is combining the rooms in our house to make room for baby- I need to figure out how to make an office, guestroom, and nursery clutter free!

  89. The master closet! I want to make it look pretty like all of your closets! Right now, there’s brown cardboard boxes and folded linens squeezed into the top shelves…not a pretty sight.

  90. My biggest problem right now is our home school room. All the paperwork that just gets pushed around. It ends up being the catch all room and we end up doing school work at the kitchen table.

  91. Our entire house needs a clutter intervention! We just moved from a typical closet-laden suburban home to a nearly closetless 120 year old home! HELP!

  92. My biggest challenges are paper clutter & my night stand. I hate going through and filing papers and my nightstand is always covered with books and current things I’m working on.

  93. My nemesis is paper clutter. I am a “piler.” I create so many different categories of paper piles that I completely defeat the purpose of creating organization. For some people it is second nature, but I really struggle with keeping an organized file system. Even with my e-mail, I tend to subcategory things to such a point, that I can’t reference where I put them. HELP!

  94. I’m struggling right now with all of it. :) With four boys under the age of 11, their stuff is EVERYWHERE! But the worst spot, believe it or not, is my scraproom because it seems to be the catch all for everything! There will be toys in here, bills, DIY project supplies, you name it, it finds it’s way in to my room. My only girly space in this house of boys! I’m hoping when school starts things will become a little bit more organized!


  95. I have two problems in my home. Proper neat and tidy and pretty organization for our coats and shoes for a family of 5 and how to make a neat and pretty computer station for myself and three kids to use!
    Great giveaway!

  96. I’m at a loss for what to do in my playroom/office!! Its’ so hard to seperate the 2 spaces and keep my paperwork out of the hands of eager colorers!

  97. Oh my goodness. I could really use help with my bedroom. It’s the one room in the house that can’t stay organized!! It seems like I spend so much time putting things away and then it’s a disaster again a week later!

  98. Hi Kate, Just tweeted about the giveaway on FB and Twitter. Can’t wait to learn some more great organizing tips!

  99. My kitchen island has become the spot where everyone drops their stuff. Ok, mostly me. I keep all the important stuff that needs attending to there, but then it gets buried with other stuff. It seems as soon as I organize it, I turn around and it’s a clutter-fest again! Don’t even get me started on my “office”! Help!!

  100. My whole house needs a Professional Organizer to come save it!!! But choosing one space, I will say my garage!! My family seems to send everything out there. It is crammed from front to back, side to side! I keep going between the idea of having a yard sale verses giving everything to Goodwill. My husband and I are on Dave Ramsey and he says “Sell everything!!”, so the idea of having a yard sale and using the money to help pay some of our debt is intriguing. However, I wonder if it is really worth all the trouble when I could just bag/box everything up and haul to Goodwill or even have the Salvation Army come get it. Sorry I’m blabbling. This would be a great giveaway to win! Thanks for the opportunity!!

  101. I am in desperate need of help with closets. Also, I need a new system to deal with mail–the countertop clutter really gets to me!

  102. My kitchen! I’m using the kitchen table as storage for stuff I don’t know where to put!

  103. biggest clutter problem…easy…we moved into a new house and with 2 young kids i’m finding it so hard to get our life’s collection of stuff organized!

  104. The kitchen calendar area of my kitchen– notices from my kids’ school w/necessary info, coupons from local businesses, phone lists, etc. The worst thing is, this area is a straight visual shot from my front door!

  105. Main problem area is my kitchen counter/bar counter when we walk in from the garage. Everything ends up there and it just multiplies it self.

  106. I need help organizing everywhere….but #1 on my list of places to tackle is my closet!!

  107. I could always use more help organizing! We live in a small space and making the most out of the little space we have is a huge challenge. But the first thing I need to learn, which might be out of your reach, is how to get my husband to keep his closet organized!! I don’t remember vowing to pick up after him for the rest of my life! haha

  108. Like most newlyweds and yes I believe 2 years you are considered newlyweds, I have so much junk piled up in my house. I finally have a break from school and am so ready to be organized. I love to be organized but never had taken the time since school and you know when you dont have time stuff piles up more. So I now have a plan to tackle my guest room and guest closet, pantry, and master closet. Sounds like alot but I have time and am determined for my house to be clean and worry free.

  109. My kitchen island and dining room table are filled with crap that has no home. Ugh! Every once in a while I go on a major organizational binge, then have a hard time maintaining it!

  110. Oh gosh, where don’t I have a problem. I guess my main problems are my guest room closet (where all junk is stored) and the toy room closet (where random stuff is stored). Oh, and my kitchen…that is a lost cause.

  111. My kitchen cabinet is definitely the most cluttered. There is a spot right by the door where the mail goes, the grocery lists, the receipts from every store we’ve ever been too. You know the spot. Even when I try to organize it, within a day it looks exactly the same.

  112. My basement laundry / workshop / storage room is always dysfunctional. I need help getting it under control!

  113. The garage is so full that we can’t park the cars there! I would love to be able to get them in it before winter comes!

  114. This would be great! Our biggest clutter frustration tends to be the coffee table. It’s where everything ends up; mail, water glasses, magazines… it’s SO frustrating!

  115. Just posted on facebook! Hmm… our bathroom also seems to be an area where clutter piles up, and while it doesn’t bother me too much it drives my DH nuts!

  116. My garage! We don’t have that much stuff, but I can’t seem to get a hold on what’s important to keep and what’s ready to be given away. And with all the stuff you end up keeping, what’s the best way to organize it??

  117. Im not sure where to start…. our dining table that “collects” everything. But my husband would love if we could efficiently clean the garage out and keep it that way. It drives him crazy!

  118. I’m gonna have to say my kids closets and clothing. With 3 girls its hard to organize what to keep and what to purge. Heck..with 3 kids I could use organization everywhere!!

  119. I would have to say my kitchen is my biggest organizational problem. It isn’t all that big and I just don’t know what to do with all of my stuff to make it more “user friendly”.

  120. My biggest issue is that I live in a small apartment with very little storage space and I’m having a hard time being creative coming up with places to store things and how to get organized!

  121. I use my family room off the kitchen for my sewing business. It is so hard keeping this highly visible space from looking like a super mess!

  122. I think it’s a tie between the papers my daughter brings home from school and our mail/bills/bank statements, etc.

  123. My family’s hub is constantly in a state of disarray. And worse, in 6 months it will be relocated from it’s current space, which is hidden from public view, to right out front and center in the remodeled kitchen. EEEK!

  124. We have a converted garage that is supposed to be my craft room, but has just turned into a junk room instead. I’d love to see it organized and useable.

  125. Definitely our study. Not only does it have all of our personal paper, but DH’s work papers also. AND, it tends to be our catch-all room when needing to temporarily store something. Then temp turns to permanent. Sigh.

  126. My biggest organizational challenge is keeping the closets organized and cleaned out!! Love Aby’s classes!! =)

  127. The desk in the kitchen, it is right next to the door to the garage so its a landing place for everything when we come inside.

  128. Biggest challenge- papers. I have to figure out what to do with all of our papers. =P

  129. Believe it or not my biggest challenge is my pantry. It houses most of my canned goods and kitchen equipment and also a large garbage can of dog food AND the paper recycle. It’s always a mess

  130. My computer/command area…at least that is what it is intended to be, instead it is the area that all things get piled and it just ends up being the spot that gets piles built up. I’ve been trying to go paperless which is helping a bit but it is still a problem.

  131. My office/craft/guest room room! I clean it up every few years and then it is an EYE SORE and disaster area all over again! I think if it was organized properly in the first place, it would be easier to maintain.

    Please, oh, please help!

  132. My biggest issue is my office, I have a staffing agency that equates to much paper work, i.e., resumes, applications, marketing materials, books, reference items, newspapers, etc. I love the look of clean lines, but where do I start?

  133. I live in a studio apt that serves as both living space and artist workspace. So can I just say that I struggle keeping my entire apartment organized?

  134. I live in a 1600 sq foot house with 5 bodies! 2 adults 22 yr old (boy), 17 yr old (girl) and a 8 yr old (girl) This is a 911 cry! I have not space and have no idea on where to get started! Help! I guess I would start in my daughters room but could start anywhere! I am in desperate need of this.

  135. Paper Clutter!!! No matter how hard I try it seems whenever I look around our kitchen table and desks are covered in paper. I need a better system in my office to organize all those papers.

  136. We just moved into a smaller house and have too much stuff – need help figuring out where to put it all…

  137. Help! I have an older home with small closets and they are screaming to be organized, also paper, recipes, pictures and my crafts. please pick me.

  138. My entire house is disorganized, but the worst spots are definitely the closets. We have very little storage space so our closets are packed to the gills with stuff!! I need a pro to help me!

  139. Our kitchen desk seems to be the problem in our house. The paperwork takes over our entire kitchen.

  140. It always seems like my paper organization could use improvement. There has to be better way than what I am doing now.

  141. Our garage is a hot mess, oy! Stuff everywhere, I”m so overwhelmed with it and my 3 and 1 year old, I dont know what to do. ALso, my sons nursery doubles as a play room and my work space, that needs desperate attention, help!

  142. I’ve recently worked on controlling all the paper that comes into the house, but it could be more streamlined. Since switching over to digital/paperless though, I’m struggling with organizing the information for easy retrieval =(

  143. My clutter area is out master bedroom. I really need help better organizing our clothes closet and my scrapbooking closet which is completely out of control.

  144. My problem right now is the office area in our kitchen. For the past year or so, I’ve been trying to get rid of clutter, organize the essentials, find non-clutter-y ways to store the essentials, etc., but I’m still not happy with it. So I’d love to have some ideas for office storage, especially for offices that need to be in rooms like a kitchen where they all too often look out of place. Thank you for the giveaway, and for all of the wonderful ideas and inspiration on your blog.

  145. My whole house is disorganized. I feel like I go through my house “picking up” but really I’m just moving things from one place to another and not really putting anything where it belongs.

  146. My one year old daughter is a tornado of messiness. Coupled with my own predilection for chaos, we live in a near-constant state of messiness! I just don’t know how to best organize her toys 7 books and my random school supplies, sewing essentials, craft stuff, etc.

  147. gosh…my entire house is disorganized from the kitchen counter paper pile to mess of piles in the garage. we moved about a year ago and i still haven’t gotten it under control…ugh

  148. Oh dear… my living room aka “the dump” everything gets “dumped” there…mail, papers, shoes, backpacks, purses, books, toys…yesterdays breakfast…oh my!

  149. I am a teacher and I have the most difficulty keeping all of my textbooks and binders put away and looking neat. Can you think of a way to hide these things so that my house looks like an adult’s place of residence?!

  150. My biggest organizing challenge is my downstairs. The second biggest challenge is the upstairs. :-)

  151. mail and paper clutter…i HATE opening the mail because i don’t know exactly where to put things after i have opened them and before i need to deal with them.

  152. My family room is disorganized the most. Toys, legos, and games are all over the place.

  153. Where do do I not need organizing help? Right now my husband and I are living with my parents in transition between moves. We will be moving to TX in November with the military (for just one year) and our stuff is EVERYWHERE! I am personally not very good at organizing and my husband is the master. but right now we are both a mess. I am the type that when it has a home I am good with making it go back there ( most of the time) but I have the hardest time deciding where the home should be… I was very excited about the possibility to win this so I sent out a tweet about it too…
    I have dreams of being a domestic goddess and having everything in its place but so far, it seems that everything is in a our storage unit, under our bed or on the floor. :( Sigh, someday…

  154. A year ago we downsized from an 1100 sq ft townhouse with a 1 car garage to a 700 sq ft apartment with only 2 tiny closets, and an itty bitty storage space in the shared basement. We also found out we were expecting baby #1 the day we moved. I need help finding creative ways to organize everything and get a handle on the baby items that are taking over our living space. Currently, our 4 month old can’t even sleep or play in her room because it has become a room for storage, so we’re sharing a tiny 9’x10′ bedroom with her. I need help!!

  155. My bedroom closet and office desk need HELP. Why can I keep most everything else neat, but not those two areas??

  156. My biggest organizational disaster is my craft storage. I am fortunate to have lots of storage space but I always cram stuff into the cabinets and can’t find it later. Thanks for the giveaway!

  157. My biggest problem is with the garage. WE moved into this house and still havent gotten around to cleaning up the previous homeowner’s mess.

  158. My home office…..I work from home and I can never seem to get the clutter under control.

  159. My entry area, mud room area. I have 7 children and we do not have an ideal entry area. So trying to control the mounds of shoes, jackets, etc is a huge challenge!

  160. Our mud room & kitchen counter are covered in papers! I just don’t know what to do with kids projects, art, school papers/forms, mail, receipts, magazines, etc. I wish I could have a clutter free counter but I just don’t know how to function like that. I would love your help!

  161. My biggest challenge is the garage. It’s the 4th floor down and gets the least amount of attention. Poor lil garage.

  162. I’m actually moving into a new townhome this weekend, and would love the chance to make sure new clutter doesn’t emerge after all the purging I’ve done lately! I think my biggest problem area will be the bedroom closet, the previous owners took the doors off and installed a fabulous shelving system. Now I just have to keep it looking good!

  163. All of my closets and storage cabinets are stuffed to the gills and we have ALOT of them. We have stuff everywhere and it drives me bonkers. Help!

  164. My office needs the most organizing. It’s the catch-all for papers, books, and electronics.

  165. Let’s start with the kitchen as the first place to declutter. It would be nice to just be organized.

  166. My biggest problem is my sewing room which has evolved from a place I love to be to sew, design and create into a crowded, cluttered fabric storage only area. It has gotten so crowded that it seems too much of an effort to bother to try and locate the supplies necessary to wok on projects…..leaving me without the ambition to work on anything…….practically a hopeless situation!

  167. My biggest organizational challenge is my small bathroom. Organizing this small space is definitely an art and one that I haven’t figured out yet!

  168. I have so many organizational challenges, I do not know where to start! But, ok, I will start with my closet. Disaster!

  169. My biggest organizational challenge is my tiny closet! I just moved into a house with my friend, I used to have my own big apartment, and all my stuff has to fit in one teeny, tiny closet! It is a complete mess!

  170. My biggest problem is around the front door. Shoes, mail, bags…its always a disaster.

  171. I think the worst is my basement. It involves wading through off-season decor, clothing and shoes as well as extra bedding… and of course tools, paint, project supplies, and furniture not in use. It’s quite treacherous down there. If only I could afford containers to put things in!

  172. My closet is problem number one, but paper management (mail, flyers from school, etc) are a verrrrrry close second!! Thanks for the chance!

  173. I have several challenging areas, but my biggest daily one is the kitchen…the paper clutter piles up so quickly in there!

  174. My biggest organizational challenge is my kitchen table. It is always piled up with junk mail, newspapers, unopened mail, lists, coupons, keys…..

  175. My biggest organizational challenge is our school room. We will be homeschooling 12 of our 21 kids this year!!!! (wish I knew how to make a bug eye mom) I would love any and all help!!

  176. My biggest clutter challenge is my desk and office area in which is located in one corner of my living room. I’d love to actually be able to use the desk for something other than file and paper storage.

  177. My biggest organizational challenge is my kitchen, it isn’t very small but storage isn’t plentiful and I am challenged to make it function in the best way for my needs.

  178. my biggest challenge is keeping all my cardmaking supplies (stamps, paper, ink, etc) organized

  179. That spot near the front door (our only entry!) where EVERYTHING gets dumped–shoes, bags, mail, keys, toys, outgoing items. Not the most friendly welcome to our home (though it says ‘family’!). Help!

  180. my office is a nightmare. it seems to be a collect-all for stuff I don’t know what to do with it but can give it away. It’s depressing…I keep the door closed!

  181. The biggest problem in our house is the kitchen counter. There always seems to be piles of paper and stuff no matter how much I try and organize it! I need help!

  182. Oh my gosh, this would be FANTASTIC to win. My biggest organizational challenge is my HUSBAND! Before we met, I was super organized. But now we have mail piling up on the kitchen table and two rooms we don’t even use because they’re so full of “stuff” (one of them being “his” room, the office, where we could put the mail if we had a place for it!).
    I would definitely use this for help with the office – we don’t really know where to start.

  183. I would love to win this! I’d like to know how to organize my foyer closet. Too many multi-seasonal items in there!

  184. With a family of five living in a two bedroom townhouse, the whole thing is an organizational nightmare! I sort and put away and am nearly desperate enough to start drawing outlines of items on the places where they belong! Our “slash room” needs the most help. Called a slash room because it’s a living/family/rec/computer/office/craft/library/TV/ and spare bed ROOM!

  185. Our “office” is in need of super organization. Right now it’s a junk room but it has hopes and dreams of being a guest bedroom, office, play room if we can ever find the floor.

  186. Nearly my whole house needs more organization. My bedroom becomes a dumping ground for everything that doesn’t have a home or needs to get fixed. I know when the kids start school, my desk and countertops will become overrun with school papers to be viewed, signed or completed. (Sigh) I’m already dreading it……

  187. My dining room table – it’s in the path of the front door to the rest of the house. PAPERS constantly collect there. No more paper please!

  188. My husband and I are avid outdoor enthusiasts and we have a TON of outdoor gear. Right now all of it is packed into large storage bins in the garage which I hate because it takes up a lot of space and is terribly disorganized. Anytime we need to find something, we end up digging through the bins and make an even bigger mess. Plus, it’s not so great for all the expensive gear to be folded up and stagnant. Help!!

  189. PILES of papers!!! My dining room table is my catch all downstairs. Also my master bedroom is my catch all upstairs, it is like a bad waste land!

  190. Hubby says “Piles. We have no where to put anything and stuff just lands anywhere.” We have these oversized pony walls that get piled with stuff.

  191. The garage! I’m OCD, hubby is definitely NOT. The garage is absolute chaos! having said that, my bedroom closet could also use some assistance…

  192. PAPERS/Printed Materials….Sewing/craft room (patterns/inspirations/directions), Kitchen (Recipes), Living Room/Office (Bills, coupons, Important Papers) Bedroom (Overflow from office) Everywhere (magazines). Don’t have a place for everything and everything in it’s place….HELP

  193. My craft area is by far my biggest organizational challenge. I am constantly struggling to come up with a good way to organize paper and supplies, yet still have easy access to them!

  194. Papers! I have no idea how to organize or get rid of them. Everything is “important”.

  195. We redid our kitchen and things that were moved to facilitate that have yet to find a new home. Help!

  196. My biggest challenge is my small 100 year old house-two tiny closets and near-zero built in storage. So I have to find creative ways to store necessities for every room. Right now-looking for a place to put a vacuum, brooms and mops without remodeling the entire kitchen!

  197. My biggest challenge is my home office. I work from home but often when we have company, I end up transferring last minute items into it since it’s out of the public eye. The only two times it was somewhat organized was when I was nesting while pregnant. I feel so distracted with the clutter that it is difficult to focus on my task at hand – working for my paycheck…

  198. My biggest organizational challenge is my desk. If I ever needed to win a giveaway this is it!

  199. I need help with my closets. I know they need a different set-up, but I don’t know where to begin!

  200. Oh, help me!!! My biggest organizational problem (I have several) is my bedroom. It is a disaster, a huge one. There are clothes everywhere because there is just not a great system in place for them. I have the room I just need a better system. Well, and I just don’t take the time to develop one. I need help. It’s really bad.

  201. Our guest bedroom/office seems to be a “catch all” for everything else in the house that doesn’t have a home or that we don’t want to have to look at around the clock. It needs help.

  202. my entire house! There is no storage for anything and I start to turn in circles when I try to get it under control because I don’t have a clue where to start.

  203. My most disorganized space is the kitchen desk/counter… the stuff piles up so quickly and it is so ANNOYING since it is smack in the center of our kitchen/family room where we spend all of our time! It drives my husband crazy… periodically he will dump everything into the drawers and then I can never find things!! HELP!

  204. I have so many boxes of accumulated SH.. STUFF! In my guest bedroom.. I keep trying to sort through them, admittedly the pile gets smaller every time but I can’t seem to take care of everything in one day! It seems impossible and it also looks hideous! I need them gone so I am not embarassed every time we have guests over!

  205. My biggest challenge is our books – we have home school books, novels, classics, a large cookbook collection, children’s books and my husband’s extensive history and theology library – over 25 bookcases and still we have piles on the floor! I am constantly culling, sorting, re-organizing and giving them away, but they are still a mess! I’d love to have room on my shelves to ‘stage’ with a few pretties mixed in with the books, but there is never enough room! On top of that we go to the library every week and borrow more books – I think we need an intervention! Definitely better organization would help, but I just don’t know where to begin.

  206. My challenge is the kitchen counter. Everything ends up there, but I really need the space for cooking!

  207. Our biggest problem is paperwork. As much as I try to deal with it as it comes in, and have homes for everything, there’s some stuff I just don’t know what to do with.

  208. My biggest problem is “what to keep”???? I want to keep all my kiddos stuff! Also, my kitchen counter! Everyone drops EVERYTHING there! :)

  209. The basement dumping ground! Our basement is unfinished which means it seems like a great place to throw anything and everything that doesn’t have a real home.

  210. My problem is where to store and use art and beading equipment. I have a 4 room apt. and one old-sized bedroom closet only. It’s bulging at the seams.

  211. We live in 864 sq. feet,the tiny extra roon is a craft table,play area for the grandsons and a single bed for the boy whom moved out of this room after high school… many demands on such a tiny space.It needs help….

  212. My biggest problem is dealing with all of the paperwork, crafts, etc that my 3 kids bring home from school. I’m convinced a single paper multiples overnight… Thank you for the chance. Good luck to everyone.

  213. My biggest clutter problem is our junk room where I dump everything that doesn’t have a home or I don’t have time to sort out. It’s time something was done about it!

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