Home Decor Giveaway

By Kate Riley August 12, 2011

Hello friends and TGIF!  What’s on your agenda for the weekend?  We’re hoping to finish up the laundry room over at the Alma House, but the highlight for me will certainly be those tickets to see Michael Bublé on Saturday night, can’t wait! 

This weekend’s giveaway is brought to you by one of my lovely sponsors, The Inglenook Décor, an online shop filled with so many goodies, it makes it hard to choose.  You’ll find several furniture items, including chairs, ottomans and end tables, and also home accessories from tableware to kitchen décor, candleholders, and rugs.  Whatever your style, whether it’s cottage or French or modern, there is something at Inglenook for everyone. 

This weekend, two lucky winners will get a $75 gift card to shop The Inglenook Décor.

inglenook decor

The throw pillows alone are one of the best collections of modern prints out there.

throw pillows inglenook


Eligibility to win one of two $75 gift cards to The Inglenook Décor:

1) Hop on over to visit The Inglenook Décor and pick your favorite item, then name it in a comment!

2) For a second chance to win, link to this giveaway on either Facebook or Twitter, then leave a comment telling where you mentioned it (either FB or Twitter)

3) For a third chance to win, “Like” Inglenook on Facebook and leave an additional comment.

**For those who have never commented before, click where it reads “125 Comments”  (or whatever number of entries you see), then you’ll be prompted to enter your name and email address. 

Giveaway ends Monday August 15th at 8 p.m. PST.  Two winners chosen at random.  US and Canada only. 



The lucky two winners are:

#117 Steph who wrote:

“I love so many things in the garden decor section but I fell in love with the Rococo Noir Square Footed Cake Stand”

#686  Carole at The Blue Chateau who wrote:

“LOVE that site! So many great things to choose from – it’s hard to narrow it down. The Neo Classique Dessert Plates are wonderful (be still my heart – there are matching mugs!). The Bay Leaf Glass Dome is fabulous!”




  1. LOVE this site! There are so many things I want. I really love the black cake stands though….I have had my eye on buying some new black ones for cupcakes!

  2. I loved window shopping on the inglenook decor website. I’ll take one of everything, but two of the galvanized pots!

  3. Love the cake stands! I’d love to use them in decorating my kitchen (my dream kitchen with areas of open shelving and lots of drawers and counterspace, not my current kitchen–a rental–which has a grand total of 2 small drawers).

  4. I am a SUCKER for any white cake/cupcake stands. So I immediately fell in love with the Decor Bon Bon Compotes. Thanks for hosting another fabulous giveaway! I hope I win :)

  5. Yay, a giveaway I can enter! I’m in Canada and a lot of giveaways are only for the US. I LOVE the egg basket, french sock organizer and the boho dessert plates. They would look great on my living room wall. That’s for the chance to win!! Have a great weekend Kate. : )

  6. Love the pillows, but I kept going back to stare at the beautiful French Garden cages.

  7. I like the finials: the pineapple, the acorn and the antique white. Also I adore the filigree birds!

  8. I posted the link on my Catie’s Corner facebook page.

    Oh I forgot to say, you’ll love Buble! I saw him last August and he was in my top 3 shows ever! He was 3rd to Elton John and Cher. He knows how to put on a fantastic show. And not only is he easy on the eyes, but hilarious. Have a great time. I can’t wait until he comes to Calgary again. : )

  9. Oh wow! I love this store! I would definitely get the Blue Map in Yellow Cornhusk by Dolan Geiman. It would be perfect for my son’s room! :)

  10. I love it all! The pillows are my favorite, I could pretty much take any of them home but if I had to pick just one it would be the Moroccan Tile Embroidered pillows.

  11. Love the white scalloped pedestals. Perfect to display homemade goodies. ;) The turquoise zigzag throw pillows are a must too.

  12. I love the giveaways but it’s never easy just to pick one item! Architecture is an interest of mine and I love the Framed Architectural Print!

  13. Love the site! The boho dessert plates are beautiful…great for having the girls over

  14. I loved all their stuff and it was very reasonable. I also loved the section of design tips. I think my favorite so far is the Pierre Zinc Terrariums.

  15. I love the wire card wheel…and the birdcages…and the pillows…and the garden furniture…somebody stop me!

  16. I am loving the french feedsack footstool and the green patina cottage chair. They’d be a great addition to my home! :)

  17. I really like the turquoise distressed clock, it would work great in my guest room

  18. “Like” Inglenook on Facebook and I’m still looking at their site. So much cute stuff!

  19. I’m loving the 3-Tier Wired Basket Tray! I have seen these things used everywhere in the blogosphere!

  20. Wow – they have lots of beautiful things! I am currently looking for an outdoor patio chandelier, and the Trocadero chandelier really caught my eye!

  21. Ohmygoodness! My favorite is for sure is the Cake Stand with Etched Cloche. C’est magnifique!

  22. I love all of their throw pillows but I think my favorite is the Orange Cream Mod Link Embroidered Pillow

  23. I love everything, but my fave is the Provence French Birdcage. I reposted on fb. THANKS!!

  24. Gotta love the Rococo Noir teapot and creamer and sugar set. The matching cake stands are also adorable!

  25. I like the starfish and nautilus pillows! This would be great to win, as I’ll be moving in a month and looking for new inspirations to fill my new place! :)

  26. I love so much. The Vintage Sack Ottoman is my fav. But I also love the Robin’s Egg Link Embroidered throw pillow and the Zig Zag Linen Pillow. My huge chocolate brown sectional need ssome sprucing up!

  27. So many beautiful things! I love the french wire boulce frames, the giant black jack, the zinc terrariums…should I go on? I would dearly love to win this. Fingers crossed!

  28. Love the turquoise Moroccan tile linen pillow! Thank you for the opportunity on your great giveaway!

  29. Too many beautiful things to choose from, but……I choose the white cake stands. Great giveaway!

  30. Loving all the pillows. . . redoing my master bedroom and need some cute pillows to finish the look!

  31. I am coveting the green patina cottage chair… I have just the right spot for it on my front porch!

  32. You want me to pick a favorite? How impossible! ;-) If *must*…I am partial to those sepia bird linen pillows. Beautiful!

  33. 3rd entry – I have “Liked” Inglenook Decor on Facebook (but it’s more like “Love”!).

  34. I “liked” Inglenook Decor on facebook and also shared the link to the giveaway. Keeping my fingers crossed.. would love a $75 shopping spree! :>)

  35. Love, love, love the turquoise distressed clock (and have the perfect spot for it!)

  36. The Blue Avenida Maze Rug by Trina Turk would look amazing in the kitchen of the house that we’re building and the Pierre Hanging Terrarium Lanterns would fill the empty corner in the breakfast area!

  37. Love all their throw pillows, especially the geometric turquoise rustic medallion pillow. :)

  38. Looove the Bungalow 5 Bridgette table!! Everything is so cute but I have been looking for something just like this for our nursery!

  39. I am sooo in love with the telescoping stand with tray!!! It would be perfect in my living room between our chair and couch — and I could get rid of the ugly old stool I am using right now… lol

  40. I love all the candelabra and the neo classique mugs and the moroccan tile pillows . . . and I’ll stop there because this could go on for a while.

  41. Link posted on FB! I need all the help I can get furnishing/decorating the new house we’re building!

  42. My favorite Inglenook Decor item is the Rusty Tray Bird Feeder. It would go perfectly on the railing on our patio! Also, all the dessert plates are great!

  43. I also Like Inglenook on Facebook and mentioned that you sent me!!

    Have a great weekend!


    Art by Karena

  44. Liked The Inglenook Decor on FB. Looked around some more and I’m thinking that I might need the Travel Trug too!

  45. I adore the starfish and sea horse throw pillows!!! I hope to win :) great contest!

    jillianortiz at rocketmail.com

  46. I would get the wire three tier basket tray for my kitchen. They have a lot of lovely things I would put on my wish list though. Thanks for a chance to win.

  47. I will be in your area on Sept. 17th-24th. Can’t wait to go to all of the wonderful shops. I really liked your last post on Sonoma for the day. We are planning on spending 2 days in Sonoma and two days in Napa. Would love your ideas.

  48. I love everything on their site – even the word “inglenook.” I’d probably pick the framed architectural prints, cuz I’m kinda nerdy like that.

  49. I love the many different cake stands & would have to get at least one of them.

  50. I would pick out a Galvanized Hurricane candle holder – they are gorgeous and I am always seeing them in the home and garden channel shows! Naturally I could pick out more though ;)

  51. Holy cow, this stuff is gorgeous! I am especially a fan of the geometric print throw pillows. I’m in the process of redoing my living room, and if I could only win the lottery, I think I would buy about 3/4 of these!

  52. I have to have the Boho plates!!! They’re the perfect funky touch for my dining room wall. Love! <3

  53. Hard to choose, but I love the large terracotta pineapple finial. Also the jardin wire memo board.

  54. It’s difficult to decide between so many great things! I like the Sepia Bird Pillows.

  55. The turquoise Moroccan tile Embroidered linen pillow would be fantastic in our living room. Thanks for the giveaway!

  56. I think I’d start with the Classique Mugs…and then the zinc menu board…and then….and then…NEAT SHOP!

  57. So many, many awesome things…but I am totally in love with the Turquoise Distressed Clock! Oh, to have a spare $400….. ;)

  58. Sooo many things to chose from but I think I would pick the “Rococo Noir Teapot”
    Crossing my fingers!

  59. Shared the give away on Facebook. Thanks for sharing the link to The Inglenook Décor . It’s fabulous!

  60. Ooh so much to love, thank you for the chance to enter! I need the telescoping necklace stand, love it! Adore the Marie Antoinette bookends. The Bonnie Kitchen Server, could do so many cool things with that on my island! I could go on and on…

  61. Every thing on the site is so nice but I do like the Terracota Owl I, and the glass wall pockets.

  62. I would absolutely LOVE a Marrakesh chandelier!!!!! They have gorgeous stuff, it’s hard to pick just one!!!!!

  63. I love the new look to your blog. Great job in your dining room. I need those tiles now too. I also really like this give-away. I would love the terracotta pineapple finial and bird pillow. Thanks.

  64. Oh the pillows! How can I choose just one? It’s a tie between the Buck Island and the St. John pillows.

  65. Oh the pillows! How can I choose just one? It’s a tie between the Buck Island and the St. John pillows.

  66. I LOVE the wall antlers. I’d use them in my bathroom! And thank you kindly for the giveaway!

  67. Thanks for the introduction! Love the site!
    I really liked the burlap votives and the boulce wire frames.

  68. I love the scalloped white cake stands and the boho dessert plates (although, they’d end up on my wall, not in the cuboard!)

  69. Love the Boho Dessert Plates and the Terra Cotta Owl! But you’re right about the pillows, beautiful!

  70. Market French birdcage…. I am having a love affair with birdcages lately. I don’t know why, but it’s driving my husband darling crazy. =)

  71. i love those zig zag pillows but the wicker “egg” basket is cute too. I love their stuff =)

  72. I totally want that square cake plate that you featured– the square compote … ooh and maybe a couple sets of bubble place card holders and a Photoframe Rams Head! Cute stuff!!

  73. The Pair of Le Jardin Botanique Pillows are absolutely darling!! My innate obsession with all things butterfly-related, mixed with my fascination with all things vintage/antique leaves me adoring these pillows! I am not a very frilly or colorful person, but it is things like this that let my feminine chic come out. Very neat site!

  74. ok one piece is just NOT possible, lol! the black floral on beige pillow, scalloped bird feeder are my ties for my favorite piece.

  75. The pillows!! Great selection…I love all the linen sea life ones! I am ordering the burlap candle covers 8 2 7 for my anniversary! So glad you introduced me to a great new online shopping place!

  76. I linked it on facebook. But I don’t see my earlier comment about the items on the website. ??

  77. I would get the Boho dessert plates but no food would touch them… These babes will go on the wall in my blue spare bedroom (swoon!)

  78. Such beautiful products, but one of my faves is the Cake Stand with Etched Cloche!

  79. I love the alphabet sphere set! Wouldn’t they be great in a beautiful bowl! Thanks for the chance to win!

  80. I love the antique zinc clock and the antique silver trophy vase. Thanks for the giveaway!

  81. So hard to choose! I love the Antique Nickel Trophy Vase and the Decor Bon Bon Compotes. I love this store, thank you for introducing us.

  82. There are so many beautiful things that it is hard to choose. The King Crown Hook Pillow and the Queen Crown Hook Pillow are fabulous!

  83. I think the alabaster frames are a bargain at $12.95 . They are simple and elegant .

  84. I love the antique mercury hobnail dishes, the black noir scalloped candleholders, the vintage pewter candle holders, and the terra-cotta acorn and owl–so many cute items, how to choose just one?! :)

  85. I love the Crown Cake plate in antique white. It makes me want to bake a cake that would go with the stand.

  86. Maybe one of the candle chandeliers for my back porch—-also LOVED the galvanized hurricanes, I may order those today! Loved the site! :)

  87. There are so many beautiful things at Inglenook. My favourite would have to be the craft bench, although the Odeon Chandelier would look fantastic in our dining room!

  88. The first thing I saw was still my favorite after looking through the site: the square scalloped dot serving plates–I could use a full set.

  89. I just adore the garden stuff , but the birds trow pillows are juts so beautiful .
    Thank you !!!!

  90. I love the Four Calling Birds Dessert Plates and French Planter Cages and could see using them in some beautiful garden tablescapes. They have such amazing stuff! Thanks for hosting this terrific giveaway.

  91. Loving the green patina ovalized containers! Fabulous! Yet I love it all! And I “liked” Inglenook on facebook :)

  92. Amazing! I love their stuff! The throw pillows are true winners, here in Israel it’s really hard finding cool modern pillows (or cool fabric to sew them…). I guess my most favorites were the Orange Zigzag Linen Embroidered Pillow, and the Trina Turk Orange Ogee Embroidered Pillow. Lovely!

  93. Cake Plates…cake plates…cake plates. I have an unnatural addiction to cake plates.

  94. I love the square vintage sack ottoman and the French feed sack pillows. I also LOVE the shop by trend option! I get so overwhelmed trying to find things to achieve a certain look and that makes it so much easier!

  95. The square foot cake stand! So unique and yet practical! Love it and thanks for the chance to win!!

  96. There are so many wonderful things. I really like the Greenhouse Conservatory Mirror. How lovely!!! Honestly, I’d like anything to put in my home. So very cute! I also like them via Facebook.

  97. LOVE that site! So many great things to choose from – it’s hard to narrow it down. The Neo Classique Dessert Plates are wonderful (be still my heart – there are matching mugs!). The Bay Leaf Glass Dome is fabulous!

  98. How gorgeous is the French Quarter Chandelier? I love how it has a romantic and elegant feel. Something i wish my garden had! :))

  99. So much to chose from but my favorite is the set of wire birdcages. Great site…thanks for helping me discover it!

  100. I love the Vintage Heineken Wooden shoes! They remind me of my travels through Europe and the December 5th holiday in the Netherlands where Sintercklaas comes and leaves goodies and candy in children’s shoes on the front door if they have been good. I’ve been wanting to get some of these shoes to start the tradition with our son :)!!! Neat store…!

  101. Thanks for introducing this lovely site! I would buy a pair of the French Wire Chairs.

  102. I love the geometric print pillows, especially the Robin’s Egg Mod Link Embroidered Pillow. It would look great on my couch!

  103. ooh there is a lot to love. How about those antler candlesticks?!! LOVE for sure.

  104. I like the phronology heads and the circle pillows, also the sack ottomans although I don’t know where I would put one :-)

  105. Wow! I am so glad you shared this site with us! LOVE everything! You were right about the pillows, I love the king and queen crown pillows as well as the Robins egg mod link and black Shanghai Links pillows. I could order them all!

  106. Love the French feedstack foot stole….also love the sepia butterflies throw pillow…wow.

  107. I love this website! I fell in love with the embroidered linen seagrass throw pillow. Its gorgeous and would work in 3 different rooms in my home. :)

  108. How fun is the “Giant Jack”! I’ve seen those before on shows but not in a store. :) Crossing my fingers! :)

  109. Love, love the vintage stock ottoman – i’ll need t of those for my living room! And also the sepia bird linen pillows and orange zigzag pillows, and all the noir stands!!!

  110. Love, love the vintage stock ottoman – i’ll need t of those for my living room! And also the sepia bird linen pillows and orange zigzag pillows, and all the noir stands!!!

  111. Love the bubble place card holders – perfect for my daughter’s wedding I am planning.

  112. I am obsessed with those silver antlers and the embroidered circle link linen pillows!

  113. I love Greenhouse Conservatory Mirror!!! That is my kind of mirror!!

    Beautiful shop! Thanks for the giveaway!

  114. I found you from seeing your new patio on the CSI Project. Gorgeous!
    I like the wire egg sim sim basket and the jardin wire memo board.

  115. I love the La Patisserie Large Bowl – but as for an ABSOLUTE favourite… it`s impossible to choose!

  116. I love SO many of the pillows! My favorites are probably the zig zag pillows or the circle link throw pillows. Love them!

  117. Too many wonderful choices!! Is my favorite the Antique Mercury Hobnail jars, the Boho Dessert plates, the White Scalloped Pedestals….I can’t decide!!!! Thanks!!!!

  118. I love the White “Light as a Feather” tray. And I love that the site assesses my personality based on the items I like. :)

  119. Oh wow, so many beautiful things! I am loving the Mirror, mirror in a Birdcage Hook (reminds me of our wedding – vintage birdcages and bird nest centerpieces!) and the Trina Turk Blue and Gray Jungle Bloom Embroidered Pillow (or just about any Trina Turk pillow)!

  120. Loving the Mod Link Embroidered throw pillow. The orange and teal are both fun colors!

  121. I love this shop! You can pick your goodies to shop for by style…
    The “French Country Bowls” are a favorite of mine!
    Many thanks, Cindi

  122. I love the Turquoise Zigzag Embroidered Linen Pillow. This would look so great with my new duvet cover. Love the shop!

  123. I saw quite a few things I loved at The Inglenook Decor. My favorite though was the ring ring table. Just the right size for beside the treadmill to hold the iPod & speakers.

  124. I love all the throw pillows and the beautiful fabric. It is hard to pick just one soooo I guess I would say the Blue Waikiki Linen Embroidered Pillow .

  125. I am (still) loving anything “royal”…the king and queen hook pillows are among my favorites!

  126. I mentioned the site on Facebook. My wife digs this stuff. Good chance to win for her.

  127. Love the pillows! Especially the Moroccan tile and circle links. I also really like the terrariums and wire egg basket. The royal crown pillows were cool too since I’ve been into all things royal!

  128. I love the pillows, but being of Dutch descent…. I am partial to the awesome wooden shoes they carry!

  129. What’s not to love? But definitely loving the Trina Turk palm springs block pillows…in orange.

  130. The Titanic Mirror would be my first pick! There is a wall in my bedroom that would suit it just perfectly….

  131. I love the green round patina planters. They’re a pretty good price too! Thanks for your great giveaways.

  132. WOW….I’m thrilled with The Inglenook Decor, what a great find! I’m redoing my bathroom and one of the things I make fun of is our old clawfoot bathtub which I dubbed “The Titanic” and what better to go with my Titanic theme than the Titanic Mirror from Inglenook. I already have a rusty sign to hang on our wall that says “To the lifeboats” on an arrow. That mirror would be the pinnacle!

  133. I really like that Wire Plate Rack. I have high cabinets in my kitchen, this would look great on the wall underneath them.

  134. I like the Back Bay Blue/Green embroidered pillow – it would look great in our den!

  135. I’m in love with the burlap wrapped votive holders. It would be so cute to do the numbers which make up our address or our anniversary!

  136. I added the link to my facebook page and liked inglenook decor as well :o)

  137. Cute store! I love the Wire 3-tier Basket Tray. I also think the Wire Card Wheel would make an awesome jewelry stand. Apparently, my selections mean that I “adore things that are inviting, quaint & weathered.” So true!

  138. I like the Turquoise Postal Resin Jewelry Holder. I always need more wys to store and display my jewelry.

  139. Love the burlap bucket candle holders. Love that burlap and wire are new trends in decorating.

  140. On my list: Black Sand Hour Glass, Travel Trug, and Sock Organizer (to hang on the wall to display a few little trinkets ;-))

  141. What a wondeful giveaway……I would love some new pillows in my newly painted living room….thanks!!

  142. I could spend all day looking at the pillows and have a heck of a time picking just a few. I have a bit of a pillow obsession :( Hope to win!!

  143. So glad I found your blog! I’m renovating a house and love some of the things I found at Inglenook. I especially like the Gloucester Wire Plate Rack. It would work perfectly with my baker’s rack to hold some decorative fused glass plates I’ve collected over the years.

  144. Wow…great site…it’s bookmarked! Sooooo many fabulous items, but one of my early favorites is the Le Jardin Botanique Pillow. As important, I like their customer service philosophy. Thank you for the opportunity!

  145. Oh I love the burlap scripture (and also, the numbered) votives. Or maybe the tall square galvanized containers. Their numbered tumblers just gave me a great idea to help decrease the number of cups that end up in the dishwasher.

  146. Hey! I love your new website layout (ok, it may not be new, because I always read through google reader!). But it’s gorgeous, nonetheless!

    So many awesome pieces, it’s hard to choose! I really like the angel wings trays and the feather trays!

  147. Hard to decide a favorite, but the zinc memo board caught my eye for our kitchen!

  148. I like the orange cream mod link embroidered throw pillow. It is perfect for my bed! I have been looking to add some color. Thank you for this opportunity!

  149. I’d go for the Marie Antoinette Bookends… I love to read, and I love to eat cake!

  150. The set of four Chair Display Petit Trays would look fantastic in about 5 different places in my house.

  151. I love the greenhouse conservatory mirror! It is gorgeous. Thanks for the give-away.

  152. Oh… to be able to pick ONE item. I found it impossible. However, my top THREE are:

    Catalonia Cotton Throw Pillow

    Trina Turk Spectacles Coasters

    Coral Disc {Green}: Only 1 Left!

  153. What a great giveaway! The items on this website are great. Wow, if I had to narrow it down to one item, I would go with the Taverna glasses.

  154. Trina Turk’s Palm Springs Block Pillow in Orange,
    I think that the Inglenook Decor website has many wonderful items.

  155. I love both the curly candleholders and the queen crown pillow. This site has great items!

  156. Love,love the Rococo Noir sq. Cakestand. Great new site for me , I’ve added it to my shopping list, thanks.