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By Kate Riley August 19, 2011

Happy Friday friends, I’m so excited for the weekend!  I have plans to go see ‘The Help’, have you seen it yet?  I hear good things!  Meanwhile it’s time for another weekend giveaway. 

I think you’ll be delighted with this online shop, it’s Felix Doolittle, a site filled with some of the most charming personalized stationery I’ve come across in a while.  Felix Fu is an artist who paints simple yet beautiful watercolor images and is known for his signature style.  Lovely!   

f d notecards

Felix Doolittle is home to many original designs and a fantastic source for everyday writing papers and tablets, birth announcements, return address labels, magnets, bookplates, moving announcements, and note cards.

felix doolittle stationery

They have personalized chef medallions and canning labels too!

Oval Kitchen labels 4

There’s something so charming about these nostalgic stationery products that reminds me of those simpler times long ago when instead of a text message, friends would drop their calling card when paying a visit.  Despite the conveniences of the digital age, nothing will ever take the place of a personalized handwritten note. 

Felix Doolittle is offering two lucky winners a $75 shop credit to select something very special.  So many items in the shop would make wonderful gifts, you must visit

Eligibility to win one of two $75 shop credits to Felix Doolittle:

1)  Hop over to Felix Doolittle and pick your favorite thing.  Name it in a comment.

2) For additional chances to win, link to this giveaway on Facebook and/or Twitter, then leave additional comments telling where you linked.

3)  Another chance to win if you “Like” Felix Doolittle on Facebook, simply leave an additional comment. 

Two winners chosen by  Giveaway ends Monday August 22 at 8 p.m PST. 


Winners are Maggie Eickhoff and Erin Young, emails sent to you both! 





  1. Whoa – what a great site Felix Doolittle has! I love the Worm Castle Canning Label! Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  2. Oh my word, how fabulous would it be to give a jar of jam with one of those labels! Thanks for sharing the site! *love*

  3. i love the magnets..almost all of them
    eat well

    and dont get me started on the paper weights!

  4. I love the “tranquil sea” collection note cards. I still enjoy writing thank you notes and these would be wonderful cards to use. Thank you for the opportunity to enter this giveaway.

  5. I am such a fan of panoramic address labels. I also think the personalized stickers are so great!

    Thank you for the giveaway.

  6. Love the magnetizers and baking labels and any of the images with equestrian (for my dd’s) or bees ( for me)! Fabulous stuff!

  7. Everything is beautiful … my favorites are the mini ex libris labels and personalized oval kitchen labels. I can see plenty more which would make amazing gifts!

  8. I love the Themed Collection of Note Cards, specifically Black Cat I, because I have a black cat that behaves just like the one pictured!

  9. I love the Winterberry Baker’s Labels. I enjoy doing a lot of holiday baking and giving as gifts to our neighbors and friends and these would add a lovely touch. What a great selection!

  10. I have been a fan of Felix Dolittle for years! I love the watercolor images, especially the little dog chasing the squirrel! I would love to win and I would have a hard time choosing something! Thanks.

  11. I’m really loving the correspondence seals, especially the holiday options – my favorite is the Joyous Holidays seal as I already have Christmas cards on my mind!

  12. I see myself writing many notes on the bouquet garni stationery. Thank you for the chance!

  13. I have wanted some bookplates for a while now. I really like the SP Veritas ones.

  14. Wow! I am so impressed. Love the old classic look and the moving basket announcements and so much more!

  15. Bakin is my therapy, so I adore the personalized baker’s tags. I like to bake for others and these are a charming way to dress up the goods :-)

  16. Oh…take like a WHOLE box of kleenex when you go see The Help. I bawled through the whole thing. Awesome movie though as always the book is better. :-)

    And my favorite thing over at Felix Doolittle – the panoramic return labels.

    Have a great weekend and enjoy the movie.

  17. I like the personalized recipe cards, its something I might not splurge on normally but would really like to have. Beautiful!

  18. I have been looking at calling cards recently, so I live the ivy “B” calling cards!

  19. Oh so pretty! I like the return address labels either Keep Warm or Shadow Box for the holidays. I also like the Heart Candy Sweethearts set.

  20. I love lots of things on his site…but I really like the “reading companion” bookplates and also the panoramic return address labels.

  21. I like the return address labels with the branch of flowering quince – so lovely!

  22. I love the tiny magnets, but they’re all so cute I can’t pick just one!

  23. I love the personalized chef medallions…They’d make a perfect gift for my foodie boyfriend.

  24. The moving announcements would be great to send out when we move into our new single family home. What a cute way to announce our new humble abode.

  25. What a great site with so many beautiful products. LOVE the chef’s seals and the bookplates.

  26. If I had to pick a favorite it would be the panoramic address labels…too gorgeous for words!

  27. Beautiful paper products! I’d choose the everyday personalized papers with the orchard blossoms. Thanks, CG!

  28. I love the sea glass not cards. Thanks for the chance!
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  29. Wow – the loveliest selection of stationary I have ever seen! Simply gorgeous. Too difficult to choose only one product, but I would love to have a box of the Personalized Everyday Writing Papers in the Meadow Bouquet design.

  30. I am in love with Felix’s small notecards….too many to pick one favorite but if I MUST, it would be the one titled seaglass. I am an avid collector of the little gems, write my own blog about seaglass (and other things) and want to take a watercolor class so that I can paint just like Felix! Love the style, simplicity and playfulness.

  31. Oooh, my favorite is the return address stickers – so many cute ones to choose from!

  32. that would have to be the bookplates. I also like the wordplay stickers with the ski slopes. Ann

  33. I am SMITTEN! I love the Everyday Writing Sets, especially those with “dessert” themes, like the cheesecakes or the chocolate treats. I have to admit, it is tempting to get the Fenway design to give as a very special gift….

  34. So hard to pick just one; they are all beautiful! The “garden guests” note cards are really pretty. I like how the envelopes also have an illustration that complements the note cards — lovely detail!

  35. Simply beautiful. I just ordered a set of new address note cards from another site. Wish I had discovered the collection sooner. While I was there I ordered new return address labels. My favorite are the panoramic labels. Just beautiful

  36. I love, love, love Felix Doolittle’s art and would be so happy to have some of his personalized stickers!! Thanks for pointing out this website!

  37. I would choose the calling cards. I have been wanting to get some, and they have a wonderful selection. Thanks…..

  38. So hard to pick just one thing as my favourite at Felix Doolittle but my top favourite would be the Love Bug Collection Heart Candy.

  39. Oh, what a beautiful site! I love the junior camp postcards, the return address labels, and the word play labels. Hope I win!

  40. I am in desparate need of return address labels and I think the “sparrows” motif is quite possibly the loveliest design I have ever seen! Thanks!

  41. These are absolutely beautiful labels and stationary and although I would LOVE to pick something for myself I couldn’t resist the canning label with the bee skeep design. My oldest son has kept bees since he was 11 and he is now 23. He sells his honey, it’s wonderful, and I would love to be able to give him some of these labels for his honey jars. Fabulous!

  42. I’d love to try the Peacock Everyday writing papers. I’ve been on a total peacock kick lately!

  43. I wish my flower boxes looked as beautiful as those on the Pansy Box note cards!

  44. I love the Flower Garden note cards and the selection of Christmas cards. What a great site — thanks for sharing!!

  45. OOO these are so dear – love the french macaroon stationary papers! Someone will be so lucky when whomever receives anything from Felix Dolittle. Thank you for letting us know about this company

  46. I would use the canning labels for all the canned goods I have yet to make this year.

  47. With all of my garden harvest coming in and making gifts for my friends and family I would love to put on those labels for my specialty items, they are fantastic! I am so glad that there is a place like this to order from :)

  48. I am so in love with everything they have! The art is fantastic. I would definitely choose personalized small note cards, but choosing the art is too difficult. I love the French Macaroons, Flower Pen, Cherries Jubilee, and how cute is Ribbit? I also love the Butterfly Tiny Magnatizers. Thanks for introducing me to this company!

  49. OMG, there is fabulousness everywhere. I’m not REALLY expected to pick a favorite, am I?

  50. This is my first Summer canning and I would love to get some of those Chef Medallions for my creations–the Tulip Bowl one is darling.

  51. I love this website! Since the holidays are just around the corner, I would order the panaramic return address labels — they are just beautiful!

  52. I love the canning labels, would be perfect for our homemade strawberry jam and pickles!

  53. The oval kitchen labels are just darling. I make my own jam and vanilla extract for gifts, and those would make them look so much better~

  54. I love Baker’s Labels! Those will make simple homemade baked gifts so much more stylish and desirable! I would love to have those!!

  55. I am seriously having the toughest time picking a favorite. I love the jam labels for my aunt but I also love the running hare return address labels for myself!!

  56. I would take any of the canning labels to label my Christmas gift goodies! Gorgeous stuff!

  57. I really like the baker’s labels…but it’s so hard to narrow down my favorite…I love most all of the offerings.

  58. Oh, the little WILD CARDS get my creative juices flowing! Adorable…and could be used in numerous ways! Much to love here!

  59. I adore the long horned cow personalized stationery, that cow just speaks to me:-)

  60. Woah. How could you do this to me???? I LOVE ALL of it!!!! If I had to choose, though, the personalized calling cards are pretty sweet, as are the panoramic return address labels.

    Honestly, though? I want big prints for my walls!!!! lol

  61. Adorable illustrations! I especially would love the bookplates. Somehow my books have a way of running off, never to return. These would be so helpful!

  62. Oh I would love some of the magnets! What great gifts! And of course for me too!

  63. Hard to choose! I’d either get Baker’s Labels or Chef’s Medallions. I can’t decide! I love the look of their products.

  64. I would get the canning labels for gifts for my mom and sister who can and some note cards for myself. Beautiful!

  65. I love the crab return labels- such a must – as Maryland is for Crabs! Beautiful items …

  66. I love the baker labels! Bakers morning is my favorite label! I would for sure get that one! Thank you for the opportunity.

  67. The sun kissed yellow roses on personal stationary! So very beautiful to send or receive! Thanks for the giveaway!

  68. I’d pick the Panoramic Return Address labels with the Raspberry Visitor illustration on them!

  69. wow – these labels are gorgeous!!!! We’ve finally moving to our retirement home in Key West and I love the starfish return labels! I’ve pinned so much there!

  70. Notecards are always used in this house – I love the quince, peacock and godspeed designs.

  71. My favorite: Love bug collection!

    Beautiful! What timeless gifts anything at this site would make. Great find!

  72. Wow…too many things to love! I have been looking for some Christmas theme address labels for my Christmas cards this year!

  73. I can’t believe you are making us pick just one favorite thing. These illustrations are wonderful. If I must I choose a sea themed set of cards. (Sigh.) Or sea glass. Or mushrooms. Or equestrian. Or…

  74. I would love to give my daughter in law the “Lilly” notecards. Such sweet designs, all! Thank you for the opportunity, and introduction!

  75. I am in love with the Baker’s Labels. The only difficult thing would be choosing which one I like best! Thanks for the great contest.

  76. I am loving the Personalized Everyday Writing Papers. Would definitely could for the “Scented Lilac” design—so pretty and Spring-like!

  77. I like the chef medallions. I’ve been looking for a fancy label like that for home baked gifts. so cute!

  78. So hard to choose, but the baker’s labels are so sweet! They’d be perfect for fresh baked bread for friends.

  79. Where, o where do you find these great sponsors, Kate? Felix Doolittle and I have never crossed paths before and I am so happy to know about these beautiful products. I love the magnets (mushroom and gardener) and the peach tree notecards.

  80. Oh my gosh….I’m in Felix Doolittle love!
    I could go crazy!
    Love the sweet magnets……bakers labels too.

  81. I love their personalized recipe cards! I have a huge collection of family recipes just waiting to be copied out onto stationery this gorgeous!

  82. I love the bookplates, pocket mirrors and the magnets! So hard to pick a favorite, but I love the goldfish mirror :)

  83. I love the oval labels! My hubby makes bbq sauces for all our friends at x-mas and this would look great on the jars!

  84. Everything is amazing! The writing tablets are divine, but ultimate favorite pick is the personalized recipe cards. Beautiful!

  85. My daughter and I love the bookplates. So many beautiful designs to choose from. Thank you for the giveaway!

  86. Love, love, LOVE the Chef’s Medallions, especially the Mussels. I couldn’t even bear to look at the stationery, knew I would be besotted. Thanks for the offer. Jo @ Let’s Face the Music

  87. i luv it all! My favorites are the cards with the hydrangea’s and peony’s. just gorgeous!

  88. It’s really hard for me to pick a favorite because I love all the stuff so much. Thanks for introducing me to it. I think my current favorite is the chick tiny magnetizers.

  89. Oh my word…it is all so lovely! I really love the small, personalized note cards in circus girl or gold rim!

  90. I need some new return address labels after getting married a couple of months ago (new name!). I really like the one with the old fan & the cage w/ bird the best :)

  91. I love any of the glass dome paperweights….such as the water lily! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  92. I love the “Aloha” memo pads with the pineapple!

    I have also liked Felix Doolittle on FB.

    Thanks for the chance to win.

  93. I love the crystal dome paperweights, oh and the scented lilac, very sweet!

  94. My mother-in-law has a a ginormous garden and makes some killer salsa and marinara sauce. I would LOVE to give her those canning labels for Christmas!

  95. I adore the chef medallions and will be getting some for my mom for christmas….. would love to be using the prize to do so!

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