Model Crashing: Townhouse Tours

By Kate Riley July 21, 2011

Ever since the real estate market crashed a few years ago, there’s been no significant building where we live.  Good news though, a few months ago a major building project began in my town, and I’ve been watching it for some time.  The new townhouse models opened up so naturally, being the looky loo that I am, I had to go inspect.  I love me some well staged model homes, so I popped in to to see if there was anything inspiring, and yes indeedy, I spied some great ideas!

Wanna take a tour with me?  Come on along why doncha.  Warning: lots of pictures ahead, and my observations to go with ‘em.

The first of three townhomes was staged in mostly modern black and white furniture with clean lines and graphic prints.  There was a lotta lacquer and a lotta mirror.  Some of this style appeals to me, some of it does not, but there were elements I really loved. 

The first room you see off the entry is staged as a living room/den and I loved its cosmopolitan style.  The twin cream chaises, that glossy console, those tripod lamps, and the graphic striped gray curtains are all in perfect scale.  I’m also loving the lattice rug, the space feels very ‘Z Gallerie’ to me.

living room entry

It would have been nice to see a pop of color somewhere with the accessories, but I love the pillows and sophisticated feel of the space, also the contrast between the black and white.  I would substitute an eclectic gallery wall in lieu of the framed bridge poster art to the left, and substitute fresh flowers or an orchid instead of the fake plant.  

Next, the main living area, combining family room, kitchen and dining in an open floor plan. 

open concept living area


Let’s move in a little closer, shall we?  First, the kitchen, sleek and chic in black, white and stainless steel. 

sleek black white kitchen


I love the way the cabinets reach all the way to the ceiling with glass front display.  I wish those pendants were different, perhaps simple linen or patterned drum shades. 

Here’s my favorite takeaway, the brick pattern black subway tile on the backsplash run vertically instead of horizontally.  A brilliant twist, I love it!  Too bad local codes require those white outlets every few feet because they detract from the tile, but isn’t the backsplash fantastic? 

vertical tile

I noticed the microwave juts out beyond the cabinets – is that necessary for the hinges or for the exhaust fan?  Someone remind me.

Next, the living room space.  Those main TV viewing chairs don’t look very comfy, and that loveseat seems a little small, but I absolutely love anytime a dresser-like piece is used as a TV console below a flat screen. 

tv area


In the dining room, I really loved the chairs, especially the contrast between the warmth of the tweed fabric and the coolness of the chrome legs.  Notice the repetition of large mirrors on the wall for drama and to make the space feel larger. 

mirrors in multiples

This dining room is screaming for an amazing chandy, which one would you choose?  Confession: I wish they’d get rid of all those fake trees.

I thought the study/office was nice, those egg chairs are fantastic. I like the use of square white mirrors used in repetition on the dark wall for a simple, dramatic display. 

office and study


Dying over this lacquer desk with chrome sawhorse legs.  Dying.

lacquer desk chrome sawhorse legs


And you must see this white side chair with black piping.  It’s like, awesome.  

white chair black piping


Upstairs, a graphic bedroom in black and white.  Interesting use of chairs instead of a bench.  I really like the mismatched nightstands with a dresser on one side and desk on the other.    

black and white bedroom


My favorite detail?  The leather and burlap trim Union Jack accent pillow.  Oh my, someone DIY this today, right now. 

leather burlap union jack


I wasn’t crazy about the master bedroom only because of the scale of the bed.  I think it makes the bedroom feel much smaller than it is, but the frame is rather dramatic, and in a slightly larger space would be nice.  Also craving some color here. 

black master bed


A very cute zig zag shower curtain in the hall bath, and I especially love the fact that the shower curtain goes all the way from the ceiling to the floor, so why not the tile too?

zig zag curtain


Here’s a fabulous use of grasscloth wallpaper in a powder room.  I wouldn’t use it in a full bath due to moisture issues, but love it used here. 

grasscloth wallpapered bath


The next townhome had a similar open floor plan, and was staged in warmer tones of burnt orange and cream and plenty of wood.  The dining and family room areas were also connected with the kitchen in an open floor plan. 

The rug grounds the sitting area, and I’m inspired by the texture on the crocodile top nesting tables (to the left).  Notice the simple use of banding to jazz up the plain curtains, repeated in the trim on the sofa pillows. 

sectional orange trim


A very cool rustic dining room table, and a great mix of non matching armchairs and side chairs.  The oversized mirror helps expand the space. 

rustic table mismatched chairs


In the master bedroom, the fur blanket at the end of the bed and chenille rug are cozy.

chenile rug fur blanket


Here is my most favorite room of all, the nursery!  The linens in the crib and the ABC art are so adorable, and I love the crisp white paired with burnt orange.  Not sure what’s up with the two lamps and a fake tree next to the crib, but still a lovely space. 

zig zag rug


On the opposite wall, a fabric covered shelving unit with nailhead trim (mental note to DIY), a cozy black chair with white piping, and the West Elm martini side table.  I love the different width of the wall stripes and how they’re the same color as the roman shade. 

Loving the white trim on the shade too, but is the shade hung a little too high?  Is this some new trend, to hang roman shades at the ceiling and not directly above the window?   Otherwise, this is a totally fabulous space from zig zag rug to the robot art to the picture frame molding. 

black chair white piping orange stool



My favorite townhome was the third one, it was the most elegant, styled in shades of cream, gray and plum (yum).  Here is the very pretty light filled entry.  That same cream and gray fabric is used throughout the downstairs main living area.  (Can anyone source it, cause I love it.)

pretty entry


Here’s a closer look:

gray panels


Fabric source update: It’s Braemore Fioretto in Graphite (thanks Sandy, Clare and Ami!) available here and a few other online sources.

Here’s a peek at the main living space.  The furniture is upholstered in different neutral fabrics, but united by the repetition of nailhead trim. 

sitting area nailhead sofa


Two favorite details:  #1, the antique gold mirrored nesting coffee tables. 

gold nesting tables


Favorite detail #2:  the nailhead trim on the back of the sofa and the hardwood floors installed on the diagonal. 

naiilhead trim diagonal floor

Note to self:  next time I install hardwood floors, they will be on the diagonal. 

The dining area.  I think the table is too small, but hello fabulous curtains and cream linen dining room chairs and upholstered high back bench under the window.  Sooo practical right?  Aw, who cares, they’re so gorgeous.  And if you never have kids or dirt or company or breakfast, lunch, or dinner, they’ll stay that way!

seating area linen chairs


Downstairs, a nice seating area with sectional.  I like the fact that two small stools are used instead of a coffee table, although in my mind I see those stools in either rustic wood or a dark lacquer finish. 

white sectional


Opposite the sectional, an entertainment unit with some interesting detail.

plum and white sitting area


I’m sorry, what’s that?  Grasscloth wallpaper on the doors attached with mini chrome nailhead trim?  That’s fantastic!  Not sure I’d pick those pulls, but loving the texture the wallpaper adds.

grasscloth on doors


Here is the upstairs guest room, check out the dramatic use of stripes that keeps your eye moving around the room. 

striped walls


The master was not very exciting but off in the corner I saw something I loved.  Hello lovely demilune cabinet and the Devon mirror I just bought last month for my master bedroom. 



That pattern is no inlay, that’s silver paint my friends.  Or maybe silver leaf, but it’s totally hackable.  Who volunteers to replicate it? 

silver paint on demilune


That’s the big tour of the townhomes in my town, lots of great takeaways, right?  I hear there are single family homes that are staged too.  I’ll try to get back and take a peek at them too.  If post worthy, you know I’ll bring it! 

What was your favorite detail, and are you a model home crasher like me?   C’mon, tell the truth.  Do we need to form a support group? 




  1. Oh I’m TOTALLY a model home crasher. Building here in Phoenix has been non-existent so I haven’t gone in a while, but I used to love snooping for new ideas in new developments. And I’m with you, that third home is gorgeous! I love the plum, but they could pump it up a little more for my taste. Show me the COLOR! =)

  2. I would be a model home crasher if property developers in Australia dressed their properties like this. We just get ultra modern yuck or a token vase of flowers on the kitchen bench. We have a lot to lelarn.
    Thanks for showing us. Kylie

  3. Thanks for the tour! The fabric covered shelving unit is a fantastic idea! Might have to give that one a try…

  4. The fabric is called Fioretto – they sell it at Calico Corners. You can view it on their website, although not all of the colorways are listed online.

  5. My husband and I used to get dressed up on Saturdays and tour houses that we would never even be able to dream of living in…we acted like we had all the money in the world and had so much fun! Thanks for showing us around…what great design inspiration! My favorite was the second townhouse…those colors are amazing! Love what they did with the striping on the walls and curtains in the nursery. :)

  6. more, more, MORE PLEASE!!! The colors used in #3 are the colors in my home, but I have a wall separating my dated kitchen from the living/dining area. My dream is to open it up, but I’ve been unsure about how this open look could work. The #3 space could almost be a replica of my home… but I was only able to catch a tiny glimpse of the kitchen. If I were not clear across the country, I’d come check it out myself!

  7. Great pics! Thanks for bringing us along! I tend to spot model home open houses on route to appointments and tell myself that I will check it out at another date .. then I don’t :( Guess I feel like I am wasting people’s time thinking that they have a buyer (+ makes me feel guilty). But with ur picks, I may have to make ‘model home crashing’ fit into my schedule with no guilt and tons of fun!

  8. I love being nosy without feeling guilty, so keep the tours coming. ;) The second and third homes were my favorite. The grass cloth with the nailhead was pretty cool! Do you think the same person staged them all?

  9. I’ve been to many a show home and snapped away at every conceivable angle of every room, so no you are definitely not the only one. In fact not only do I go to the show homes, I go to houses for sale that I like the look of too. You know, just to see what I can’t afford and nick an idea or 2.

    I have to agree on the fake plants though – how dire! They could have at least got shiny glossy ones instead of the blah ones they did use.

  10. Thanks for the lovely tours! The dinning room light in the second home looks to be gold or brass – and is exactly what I’ve been searching for if it is. Could you enlighten (pun intended!) me as to the metal color, pretty please? If it’s not silver – then I’ll start searching again………

  11. What fun! Thanks for sharing…Im also in love with the curtain fabric of #3 please let me know if you find out what it is :)

  12. LOVE touring show homes. Went to some last weekend in Sarasota FL – and they looked very similar to the ones you’ve posted. Thanks so much for sharing, I love the inspiration! Do agree that there was a bit more colour needed in that first bedroom though! :-)

  13. I think the microwave u showed in the
    first townhome doubles as the exhaust
    fan…. Thus the need for it to extend
    beyond the upper cabinets.

  14. LOVED seeing these, PLEASE go look at more of them and share here! I can’t decide which I like better … the second or the third loft. They both had things I liked and some weird things … the thing that bugged me the most? The two lamps in that nursery…flat out weird! Other than that, I thought that room was gorgeous with those burnt orange stripes. Thanks for sharing such an awesome post!

  15. Loved every one the model homes! I am going to be looking throught these photos over and over again! Love them! Thank you, thank you for sharing. There are several DIY projects that I think I might just have to take on after viewing these photos.

  16. Oh my. I love all of them for different reasons. I love going into model homes and into homes that aren’t even finished yet (and still not locked up) to dream and get ideas. So fun! That Union Jack pillow is awesome! Let’s see who DIY’s it first!

  17. When we were looking for over-the-range microwaves (that double as exhaust), they all extended a couple of inches beyond the cabinets. At first I was upset about this, then realized that almost every kitchen (including those in decor magazines!) was this way and I had never noticed! I’m assuming it’s a safety/code thing.

  18. The horizontal striping? Dying here. Must pin these images to remind me of what I am going to do in my oldest son’s room!

  19. I love the 3rd townhouse. Love the curtains and all of the furniture. P.S. I have the black nesting side tables in the 2nd townhouse.

  20. I love this. During the crazy building boom there were a dozen new developments near my home and, heck yes, I toured them all. I LOVE, LOVE that window treatment fabric and know I’ve seen it elsewhere but couldn’t find it. If you find out what it is, please, PLEASE share. And keep those tours a’coming!

  21. Those pendant lights in the first townhouse? Totally made me think of goldfish crackers.

  22. I am most definitely a model home crasher…I love to see all of the fresh and new designs! Thanks so much for sharing!

  23. I’m back! Found that fabric, woohoo!. It’s Fabricut Gate Work Graphite. Can be purchased on Amazon among other places. :)

  24. Love the subway tiles in the first townhome. I agree with you.. the outlets in the kitchen are quite jarring.. perhaps black (or even stainless steel) outlet covers would blend in better. But the “oooooh” moment for me was the dark wood diagonal floors in that office space. love!

    Second townhome… the artwork over the crib is so doable.. love the font.

    Love the wavy silver mirror in the third townhome seating area and the nailhead trim on grasscloth.

  25. i haven’t crashed any models lately, because usually i get so disappointed with the staging. but now your neighborhood is a different story. loved every minute of the tour, and i’m bookmarking this page so that i can come back here when we start dreaming of our forever house.
    thanks, kate.

  26. Thanks for sharing, great inspiration. I love crashing model homes too, I go to our local Parade of Homes and specifically scope out the models :) Always great inspiration.

  27. Not sure about grasscloth in the powder room. I have 3 young boys and I am always wiping the walls because of wayward pees!!!

  28. That fabric is Fioretti in Graphite. There is also a light green version I covet.

  29. I’m not sure about the grasscloth in the powder room. With 3 small boys, I am always wiping the walls because of way ward pees!!!!

  30. That first home is a great example of a beautiful space being brought down by gratuitous use of obviously fake plants. There’s some great inspiration in these photos. Thanks for sharing them!

  31. That print is Braemore Fioretto. I’ve seen it here in the Sandstone color for $10 / yard:–Thread–Lining–Notions–Patterns/Print-Fabrics/Dwell-Studio-Contemporary-Print-Fabric/p/HD710-Contemporary-Retro-Style-Geometric-Knot-Print-Linen-Weave-Textured-Cotton-Fabric-sku-HD710.htm
    I’m a little wary of the site though, since not even Lewis & Sheron has it that cheap ($30 / yd there) and usually I find they have the best price online.

  32. Holy snap! All we have out here in southern Utah is beige boxes (like my house) or totally overdone Italian villa style. I cannot BELIEVE the style and quality of the furniture and staging!

  33. Oh I am with you. The last decorating scheme was the best.

    In terms of the white outlet covers on the fabulous black tile…. I would paint those babies black in a heartbeat and it wouldn’t detract so much from what the focus should be on. Of course seriously detail oriented people could also paint in faux white grout lines on the covers. Food for thought. Kitchen pun intended. :)

  34. I’ve been a kitchen designer for about 10 years and I hate hate hate micro-hoods. They are built deeper because of the fans….but even ones with a re-circulating vent (not vented to the outside) are deep. Blech. But, I will admit, they are convenient. If anybody ever has the chance to redo a kitchen, I highly suggest the built ins in a lower cabinet. They flush just like a built in oven…and I personally love them because I’m short so I don’t have to reach high!

  35. Growing up, my mom and I would always detour in to model homes. Guess that’s why I wanted to be a “model home lady” when I was little. My hubby was a custom home technology installer for a few years and he’d take me in to the huge “fancy” houses his clients were building, that was awesome! Loved this post since around my area there is no new construction going on anymore. It doesn always feel like you are sneaking in to someone’s house, which is what makes it even more fun to do!

  36. OOPS! I meant:
    It does always feel like you are sneaking in to someone’s house, which is what makes it even more fun to do!

  37. I like a lot of the drama in townhouse #1, but after awhile, it sort of became overwhelming. Also, they missed a real opportunity in the bathroom by not tiling the shower all the way to the ceiling. Sure it looks awesome with the shower curtain, but why not visually expand the shower/tub itself by using just a few more bucks of tile?!?!

  38. I confess I once drove 1 1/2 hours ONE WAY with my toddlers to check out a model home. The house was my same model, built by the same builder in another city in Nor Cal. I was desperate for ideas, particularly some I could apply to my own house and know they would “work”. It was 2004 and building was everywhere.

    They’re still building in my neck of the woods, North Texas. I haven’t been model snooping in a while, but I should.

    Thanks for the tour, so fun!

    BTW, do you have any close up pictures of model home 2’s kitchen? I’d love to see what they did there.

  39. Someone found the curtain fabric?? Fioretti in Graphite? I googled and cannot locate…must have!

  40. Thanks for the tour, Kate. Some wonderful ideas. Knowing how much you love to paint things, I can just see you pulling out the black paint and painting little rectangles on the outlet covers in the black subway tile backsplash. Wouldn’t take much and would be a great improvement.

    Have a great weekend.

  41. @jeni
    Just click on the word “here” where Kate says you can find the fabric “here.” It will redirect you to the site and page exactly to where it is sold! I love how she does that. No Googling needed.

  42. Thank you for the house tour. There are a lot of techniques to takeaway and use in the home. Never thought about using both curtains and Roman shades in the same room. Not sure I’d replicate but it’s so nice to seem something different in the interior design world.

  43. Thank you for the tours! I LOVE looking at model homes too :) Model #1 was really awesome at first, but really got overwhelming with the monochromatic. Really could use some accent color for me to be comfortable with it.

    Model #3 was my favorite but I couldn’t imagine it staying that pristine with people living there.

  44. Ohh, I must go to these ones! What town are they in? Have you been to the ones in Petaluma yet? I must admit that I take pictures in the model homes too.

  45. I don’t think it sticks out for any reason other than it’s hard (perhaps impossible? or ridiculously expensive? unsure as to the exact reason) to find a microwave that is cabinet depth. I wish they were more common though, i hate the jutting out.

  46. I could spend all day every day going through model homes and other people’s homes. I always say that realtor is my next career…

    And I love #1. It is a bit much in some places – it needs some pops of bright colour to really finish it, but all of these are so beautifully done.

  47. Thanks for the house tours. Great photography job. When I was a kid my mother would drag us to model homes. Hated it then, can’t get enough of them now. (Mothers are always right!)

  48. I must say all three are really well done–I think model homes have come a long way in the past few years! Maybe the difficult economy has forced home sellers to step things up a bit in furnishing models.

    I couldn’t help but tell you that my kitchen has one feature that #1 has, and I love it: the shadowbox cabinets at the top of the kitchen cupboards. My cabinetry is maple, so my shadowboxes are not nearly so sleek-looking–but that fits my style. You can see my kitchen here if you like:

    I do hope at least your weather is cooperating this summer. We’re about to perish of the heat; please tell me that at least California is still beautiful!

  49. This was great!! Thanks for the TONS of photos. Pretty sure I’m Pinteresting way too many of them, but ideas galore!

    I really enjoyed the fun nursery that didn’t scream “cute” and “baby” all over it. And the nailhead trim everywhere was great too! So many ideas, so little time :-)

  50. I work for a large home builder in the area… so yeah, I’m obsessed with checking out the models!! Plus I’m the one that does all the photography so I guess I have to tour each home at least once…or ten times if they’re stunning :) All three of these townhomes are absolutely beautiful and filled with so many ideas. Thanks for sharing!

  51. Wow!! I just pinned about every photo in this post! What fabulous ideas! No support group! Keep the addiction going, thanks!

  52. Thanks for this post. My dad and I used to check out model homes just for fun. We even brought back a few design ideas.

  53. I’m a little bored with all black and white homes (#1). Color, please? Just a little color to keep my eye interested? That’s all I want. Thanks for the fantastic tours and I love all the detailed photos of nailheads, lacquer and piping, oh my!

  54. Like to hear we all have something in common! I thought I was the only one dragging my three girls to model homes. I admit that I also go into new constructions homes too! Something about watching the home come to life one stud at a time really does something for me!

  55. It was great meeting you last night! You’ll have to fill me in on the places to wine and dine in Sonoma for our trip next month! :) Love all these images…just stunning interiors!

    Happy Friday!

  56. I too am a Model Home Tour Junkie!!! I live in SoCal, we are having tons of townhomes/condos/track homes popping up all over. I am LOVING house #3, I can’t tell what color they used on the walls, is it gray or a tan color?????
    Have a good weekend :)

  57. This was fun Kate. We have a Parade of Homes here every year in the Fall and we drive around for hours. Unfortunately we have to drive around for hours to find any inspiring decorating. The oversize white chair in the dining room made me think of the Mad Hatter’s tea party, but I loved the stripes on the walls in the guest bedroom. Is this easy to achieve?

  58. Thank you so much for doing this for me! I can’t go anywhere with a newborn and a 2 & 4 year old! I love going through models too and we were so glad that one of the models in our neighborhood was the floor plan we decided to build. We took a ton of pictures to have ideas for how to fill in certain spaces. Loved the gray and purple color scheme and could really see that fitting in well in my home. Ever the critic, I couldn’t help but feel like those four big mirrors in the dining room on the first one looked like four big washing/dryer machines! Maybe I’ve been doing too much laundry. Also, myabe my mind is in the gutter – but that checkered flag over the bed is hysterical. Agreed, the high mounted roman shade was odd and the table was not big enough for all those chairs and white high back bench. Also, as much as I loved the silver painted demilune all I could think about were footballs and how that would be the perfect piece in an NFL players house! I’m kidding, it would look great anywhere. :-) Thanks again for posting!!

  59. In the first town home, the mirrors stacked in the dining room made me think of HE washers on the wall! At first glance, I seriously thought that’s what they were! Probably not what they intended…

  60. I love the rug in the living area of home #2. Does anyone know what it’s called or where it’s from?

  61. Hello All, I have found the actual fabric and it is Geometric Steel 42029 360 by Duralee. I actually have a sample of it in 593 Blue Ice. Hope this helps everyone it is truly a gorgeous pattern!

  62. absolutely FULLY in love with all of these rooms! They all just scream Candice Olson- complete modern beauty!!! Would be seriously happy to call any of those spaces “home”!!!

  63. Inspiring post. I’m currently in the throws of decorating my new house and would really appreciate if you could help me source a few items… like that fabulous nested brass cocktail table, that lacquer and chrome worksaw desk and that rustic slab dining table.

    Thank you for sharing, love all the photos!!

  64. I love model crashing! Metro Atlanta where I live used to be a great place to do it, but not lately with the construction slowdown.
    There’s a solution to the outlets in the backsplash that I’ve used for the last 3 houses we’ve owned (built the first one in 1988). Mount “plug mold” under your cabinets against the wall. It’s similar to a power strip, but the plugs are spaced about 6″ apart. You have plenty of plugs, and they’re not visible.
    And I agree with you about the lamps in the nursery. When the little guy starts standing up in that crib, those lamps will be crashing down!
    Love posts like this – so scout out some more models – do it for your fans – ha!

  65. you are so fabulous! awesome designer and photographer – the builder could use these pics. in their marketing materials!

  66. Love “looking” at all these homes. They do seem more inspired than the model homes I remember (haven’t toured any in a while). Much better than the faux Tuscan and dreary homes I recall. I do understand having to use NICE “faux” botanicals in model homes (who’s going to water the plants???), but please take those fake trees to goodwill ASAP!!!

    Crazy about those floor lamps in home #1. The Z-Tripod Floor Lamp available from is similar but not exact. The console in home #1 might be the Studly Black Lacquer Studded Console Buffet Table by Worlds Away available here: The grey lattice rug in home #1 might be the West Elm Taksim rug from a few years ago. A cheap alternative for the dining chairs in home #1 are the Joe chairs from cb2. Another alternative would be the Studio side chairs from Crate and Barrel.

    I believe the nursery rug in home #2 is the Zigzag rug from West Elm (available in 3 different colors).

  67. Oh yes, I’d better join this support group! I LOVE touring homes and you can usually find me doing so on the weekends. So much fun to walk into someone’s space and see what they’ve done with it and get ideas. These townhomes are fabulous! A wonderful staging job.

  68. This was fun to read/see. I am almost completely sure that they put the roman shades above the windows to make the windows appear as BIG as possible. If it’s a new trend, I’m not doing it.

  69. We plan our winter vacation to Florida around their parade of homes – sooooooo fun and inspiring!

  70. I like these homes.

    On the 1st home, I agree with you 100% about the orchid. An orchid would look way better in that spot.

    I also agree about the family room furniture. That furniture would cut down my TV watching time by a lot. And I’d need to find a blogging chair somewhere else in the home!

    I also didn’t care for that oversize chair in the office/study. It seems way out of proportion for the desks.

    I love the orange baby’s room. I agree on those lamps. BTW-are those the Magnum floor lamps from C&B?

    I heart that lamp. I dream about that lamp at night when I sleep. But not for a baby’s room.

    I really like the 3rd home. It satisfies my craving for modern chic glamour and they used purple. My all-time fav. Does anyone know the source on the art above the white sofa? I need that art like the desert needs water.

    I am also a model home crasher. And an open home crasher. We could use a support group, that way we can show one another all the great places to crash. :-D

    Great tour, thanks for sharing.

  71. Thanks for sharing love the grass cloth wallpaper on the cabinet doors. Gives me an idea for our hall bath!

  72. Thank you so much Kate. I love touring model homes too! Since they aren’t buiilding as much around my neighborhood, there are no model homes to tour. Love all of the pictures and ideas. I think the first model home in black/white looks good in photos but I would not want a black/white home. I need pops of color. I think the home with the 2 chairs facing the t.v. is just not realistic. They should be placed where the love seat is and the love seat should be replaced by a full size sofa facing the t.v. It is great for the model homes to look good but they have to be functional also.

  73. That was fun Kate! Hopefully they will build more in your area so you can go take pictures and give us more inspiration! I could dissect the pros and cons of the rooms all day long, but overall I think they showcased the spaces for a buyer to envision themselves living there.

  74. Lovely post. I am going to a local tour of homes today. I can’t wait to see what the builders have in store. You reminded me to take my camera. Thanks for the eye candy.

  75. Thank you Kate. Loved the tour. I liked the lattice rug also but I would have used a rug with horizontal lattice or design to make the space look wider and a splash of color through-out. The townhouse dining room was not one of my favorites. I dislike non-matching furniture; however, I do realize that there are many who are comfortable with it. The 3rd one was my absolute favorite! Thanks again.

  76. Do you know where they sell floor to celieng shower curtains? Or do you just make them? THanks

  77. Me! Me! Me! “home crashers”, I love touring model homes for ideas.

  78. Hee hee . . . the four round mirrors in the dining room of the first model home would make me feel like I was eating at a laundromat! lol Still, though, a very cool take on a laundromat. ;o)

    I like the roman shade hung on the wall above the window–esp if it’s not operable. The one thing I really don’t like about roman shades is how much light & view they block, even when “open”.

    And that nailhead-trimmed fabric-covered bookcase…meow! Love it! That would be uber-easy to DIY with 2×12″ lumber, thin quilt batting, and upholstery tacks. Totally pinning that one.

    Thanks for the great inspiration!

  79. Does anyone know where I can find chaises like the ones in house #1?


  80. hey, my friend! Thanks so much for the well wishes, I am beside myself with excitement (and a little bit of terror!) :) Wish you were closer so we could see each other. Looking forward to the BLogHer conference too. And miss you much too! Would love to just hang out again & we will before too long. xoxo

  81. Any source info on the sectional pictured with the orange trim pillows? Its love at first sight!!!

  82. Found that fabric in the third townhouse for $20.98 a yard at Mary Jo’s fabric. Google it!

  83. Fabulous! You had me at the creamy white chaises! I have been looking for something similar!

  84. Love the look of these homes and the ones you also just put on your blog. I just have posted (for the last two weeks) a home that was staged by several different designers for a home tour.

  85. Wow so gorgeous! Any ideas where the white office chair with the black trim is from? thanks for posting beautiful photos as usual!

  86. What kind of hardwoods are the floors 8 pictures from the bottom with the diagonal hardwoods? I love them & want to replicate!!

  87. Hi I love your blog! I was wondering where the demilune cabinet is from??? I have to have it! Thank you =)

  88. I stumbled upon your blog via pinterest, I was looking for decor ideas for my new townhome, someone had pinned your photo which I recognized as the model of my place! Made me laugh. Looking forward to following your future posts – love your style, and love that your from my home town! Any chance youre looking for a new project and want to consult on one of those new townhomes?! :)

    • Hi Alisyn, that’s so funny! Email me and we can talk!

  89. Any idea where the bar stools are from I. The kitchen, or do you have the contact I for for the model home? Thanks!! Just beautiful!!

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