Lavender Giveaway

By Kate Riley July 5, 2011

I’m still recovering from the Fourth of July dessert course.  And I still don’t have a working refrigerator (more on that later this week).  

I also have a serious bee problem because I have a ton of lavender on my property, which means my kids resist playing outside, and because I need my kids to play outside for their welfare and my sanity, I have decided that today is the day that I will definitely harvest all that remains of my French lavender.

bee in garden


This is just the beginning. 

Ilavender in garden

And because there is just no way that I can keep all, here’s my proposal.  I’ll harvest it and giveaway fresh bundles this week.  Would you like some? 

I’ll fill a USPO medium flat rate box with several bunches of French lavender and ship it to five people later this week (randomly selected by  Giveaway ends tonight at midnight PST.

Simply leave a comment to be eligible to win some.

Bee back soon  (couldn’t resist).





  1. We can’t get lavender to grow here in West Texas. I would love some of your lavender!!! BTW I love your blog! I think I am addicted :)

  2. I am not sure that it grows here, and I am not sure that I could get it to grow if it did. I love your site, everything you do inspires me. And your lavender items are no exception! I would absolutely LOVE some!

  3. Mine seems to get drowned every winter though others grow it here. I have tried pots, raised beds you name it . I would love to win some.

  4. What an amazing “give away.” So personal and thoughtful! Thank you for taking the time and energy to maintain this website and to share your passions with others!

  5. I would love some of your lavender! We moved in mid-June and I had to leave all of mine.

  6. Ohhh, I would love some lavender! I’ve been planning on planting some around my blueberry bushes but haven’t yet.

  7. Lavender is my absolute favorite scent. Thank you for the giveaway!

  8. Ohhh, I would love some lavender! I’ve been planning on planting some around my blueberry bushes but haven’t yet.

  9. How fun! I would love some – lavendar is one of my favorite scents.

  10. I would love to win some lavender!! Thanks for having this giveaway :)

  11. I would love to BEE a winner of this giveaway. Lavender is my favorite scent and I have so many great ideas on how to use it!

  12. Wow-it would be great to win! I love the scent –but have never had any luck growing it.

  13. I would love to have some of your lavender! I wish I could grow it here.

  14. YES! I would love some! We use it for ceremony, so it would be put to good use. :)

  15. Ohhh I would so so so love some lavender! I am super jealous, I attempted to grow some this year…. lets just say it didn’t go very well! Next year….I hope I can harvest just like you are!

  16. Oh, yes! I’ve never had any luck getting it to grow. I love lavender, and would love to receive some from you!

  17. What a lovely giveaway! I wish you could send some bees, too – we don’t have enough pollinators!

  18. Ohh Lavender! Could I be so lucky!!!! Thank you for letting me dream at least.

  19. I would love some of your lavender. Thanks for the giveaway!
    sunniejohns at gmail dot com

  20. Wonderful idea for a giveaway! I would love some lavender to make my new house smell wonderful!

  21. Oh my, I’d LOVE some French lavender! Still waiting for blooms on my tiny plant on my balcony.

  22. What a brilliant way to up-cycle your beautiful bounty! I would love some! I need a new front door wreathe!

  23. I have really wanted some lavender to hang on my kitchen hearth for quite awhile now. I would be so grateful to receive one of your bundles.

  24. I Love lavender and planted some for the first time
    This year, it hasn’t produced very much though so getting some more would be awesome!

  25. I would love to have some lavender…or a child…which ever you would need to ship that day!! (my children are almost grown and my lavender doesn’t grow….)

  26. Oh man, I hope you choose me! I tried to plant my own lavender and it did poorly. Boo. I’d like to make some sachets. Hope your kiddos enjoy their new found freedom. :)

  27. I’d love to have some of your lavender!!! I had just yesterday told DH that I needed some new…

    thanks for the chance ~

  28. Would love some to make my peach lavender jam – sadly I’m in Canada and can’t get in on the flat rate box goodness!

  29. Oh PLEASE . . . not only do I adore lavender but just yesterday I had to research “natural moth repellants” because I just found holes in LOTS of my sweaters (and I can’t afford to replace them boo) and learned that lavender would be a God-send!!! thanks!!!

  30. Hi – I would love some lavendar…i would really love to know from you (if possible) when I should harvest my lavendar (on the east coast)…its in full bloom now, or at least it appears to be…thanks

  31. Oh, how nice of you to offer and I would be happy to help you and take some of your lovely lavender. Hope I win!

  32. This is a great giveaway! I would love to make sachets for my drawers and closets!

  33. I would love some!!! if you’ll mail to canada?!! :) i want to make your beautiful wreath!!!

  34. I would absolutely LOVE some! Lavender is gorgeous and smells amazing!

  35. Sometimes the simplest things are the sweetest. This lavender offering is exactly that!

  36. Would love this to throw in some homemade ice cream… and just because it smells divine

  37. I’d love to win some of your lavendar! I’ve tried to grow it twice now and it never comes back the second year. I don’t think I have the right kind of soil.

  38. I’d love to make a wreath for my mom, she loves lavender, everything in her house is all lavender. :)

  39. Would love some lavender. Thank you for being so generous and sharing with us.

  40. I would love some lavender. I am a former Petaluma gal myself, now residing in Atlanta, GA. Lavender does not grow as well were I am living now!

  41. I would love some lavender! I planted some for the first time this year, but mine have not bloomed like yours!!!

  42. Would love some lavender. Summer is just starting here in the Pacific Northwest and I have a few projects that need lavender.

  43. So Pretty! I would love a bundle! I could really use it to make my room smell nice and peaceful!

  44. I would love some lavender…it’s my sweetie’s favorite…he actually sprays lavender on his pillow at night. ;)

    And, I have a sweet, embroidered hankie that needs a little lavender as filler…to “freshen” our closet.

  45. I’d love to add some to a lemonade I’m wanting to make… and decorate with it… and smell it and dream of France:) This is such a sweet idea!!

  46. I would love some lavender….I’d be thrilled to make a wreath like you did for my front door.

  47. I would love to make sachets and haven’t gotten around to finding my own lavendar.

  48. i would love some. i love lavender. it reminds me of the way my great grandmothers house smelled. anytime i smell it i’m transported to being right by her side!

  49. How sweet to share! I can’t grow lavender in our 100+ temps in Texas.

  50. I’m crossing my fingers and toes…. I want to make the lavendar wreath!

  51. I would love some! I have about 2 blossoms on my lavendar plant this year.

  52. Your lavender is gorgeous! We just planted our first three lavender plants this spring and are hoping to someday have enough to share with friends, too!

    Thanks for sharing!

  53. Ooo I would love a box of lavender! My husband and I are hoping to start growing our own crop next year. Thanks for sharing!

  54. We need some summer here in the Pacific Northwest. Thanks for the offer.

  55. I’d love some lavender, I’m from Michigan, now living in Las Vegas and I miss it soo much. I’d love to have a scent from home in our house :)

  56. What a treat it would be to get a box full of lavender delivered to my doorstep!

  57. I have been wanting to plant some French Lavendar for a few projects but it’s too dang hot to plant ANYTHING right now! I’d love to take some off your hands!

  58. Oh, I’d love some lavender. I’ve got a killer recipe for peach lavender jam that is calling my name…

  59. So thoughtful – a fun summer treat! We’d love some lavender around here as we have no yard to grow our own!

  60. My lavender plants are sad…They never grew and failed to produce any flowers. Maybe I can win some of yours!

  61. I would love some! I’ve been wanting to try my hand at some lavender and honey ice cream. :)

  62. I would LOVE some!! If I was close, I’d come help you harvest it. But since I’m not, I hope I win some!

  63. Oh – I would love some of your beautiful lavender! By the way – IF (and I hope they don’t) anyone gets stung – try immediately putting lots of vinegar on the sting – does wonders for me and makes the owie go away. Thanks for a chance!

  64. This is the first year I wish I would have planted Lavendar and I didn’t and now I have to wait for next year…unless of course Random picks me….Here’s to hoping!

  65. how beautiful. i’ve tried to grow lavender but our heat and humidity are not kind to it! i would love to take some off your hands! :)

  66. Know what Kate? I’ve never smelled fresh lavender! And I’ve always said, if I come across some I would make your recipe from last summer- lavender lemon bundt cake :)

  67. Oh lord, i dream in lavender. Can’t grow it here and wish so badly that I could!

  68. I would LOVE some lavender! This makes me want to plant some for next year too. I love how you have so much of it; it looks beautiful.

  69. How lovely to share with your blog friends. I have never tried to grow lavender but absolutely love the smell of it. Thanks for the giveaway.

  70. Oh Em Gee! I would LOVE some! french Lavender has been on my list of things to plant but I’ve not gotten to it yet!

  71. Heck yeah!!! Has it been sprayed with anything? I’d love to try a few new recipes I have that use the flowers.

  72. Oh, I would love some lavender! I’d love to try the wreath you made last week.

  73. I used to have some in my garden, but haven’t had any since moving to Arizona. I would love some as a reminder of home! Thanks :)

  74. Hi! I’d love some lavender! Please include me in your giveaway :) Thank you!!

  75. oh gosh i would love some! i absolutely love lavender…but i’m a terrible gardener :)

  76. PICK ME****PICK ME***PICK ME…please!!
    I promise I will do wonderful things with it!

  77. I’ve always wanted to have some real lavender! So many possiblities…

  78. Lavendar is by far my favorite smell. Im addicted to the Meyers cleaning products (lavendar scent) and pluggins. It brings just a wonderful feel to my home.

  79. *If this is a duplicate, please feel free to delete. I couldn’t tell if the first one went through!*

    I Would love to have some! Maybe creating some of the lavender projects in my to do files will kick my rear in gear to get some planted along the back fence like I’ve been meaning to!

  80. I would love some lavender. I’m not sure what i’ll do with it yet.. there are so many possible projects.

  81. My own (single) lavender plant is still only 4″ high. I would love a preview of coming attractions!

  82. ohhhhh it is so beautiful! i just planted some at my house but it’s not blooming yet. what a gorgeous picture.

  83. I’d love some lavender to scent up my home & try that lavender lemonade & maybe scent some homemade laundry soap!! Haven’t been able to purchase a few lavender plants yet so this would be great!

  84. Would love some! Lavendar is one of my favorite scents and so relaxing!!!

  85. This is too fun to not try. I can only imagine the fragrance as you take the parcels to the post office! AND what it would smell like as I open the box… if I am lucky enough.

  86. As I was looking at the pictures, I felt as though I could smell the lavender. Now I’m hoping I can actually smell it when I receive some in the mail :)

  87. I’d love some lavender, please! It’s one of the summertime things I miss most while living in NYC!

  88. I LOVE french lavender. I’ve been wanting to plant some in my yard for a long time now. My neighbors keep bees…maybe I’ll rethink this idea – but at least if I win the giveaway I can put some in my home :)

  89. I would love to have some fresh lavender. I’ve tried to grow it, but it just won’t grow where I live. Crossing my fingers!!!

  90. Would love to win some lavender. I’ve always wanted some dried around my house, but never see any to buy at stores.

  91. I have one small lavender plant that’s been growing strong for two years and has exactly three (THREE) flowers. Would love some real, big-kid lavender!

  92. OOOh I would love receiving lavender mail! Lavender cookies, lemonade, sachets, the possibilities are endless :) Awesome giveaway, thank you.

  93. Thanks for the great giveaway – crossing my fingers on this one!!!

  94. How exciting! I’ve been meaning to make a lavender neck pillow for my pregnant friend as a present for her baby shower– this would give me a jump start!

  95. I love lavender! It looks beautiful and smells divine! I recently made a salt scrub with lavender essential oils. I’d love to toss in some real lavender into the mix!

  96. Lavender is my absolute favourite. My friend had lots in her garden, but she passed away last year….I miss her and always think of her from lavenders…I would love some fresh ones if I get lucky :-)

  97. If I had to pick one thing to sniff for the rest of my life it would indeed be lavender. Love the stuff. Wish we had a yard to grow some… hope Random picks me!

  98. Would love some of that gorgeous scent in my home! Can never get enough of it! Thanks :)

  99. Would LOVE some lavendar. I’ve been thinking about my own garden since I saw your piece about making a wreath of it! Thanks for the opportunity!-Cindy

  100. Made some Lavender cupcakes over the weekend. Would love more lavender to perfect the recipe!

  101. Count me in! We have lavender hanging as decoration in our bathroom, and it is looking a little tired! I can’t get it to grow worth a hoot here in Kentucky…

  102. I am on such a lavender kick right now and just moved to a house with nary a plant! I would ♥ some.

  103. Fresh-cut lavender….what a dream. Hope I’m one of the lucky five.

  104. I would LOVE to have some! its beautiful and really it would be for my mom who is in love with it :D

  105. I would enjoy some lavendar as well! I’m already envisioning and smelling it…

  106. Oh! This is one I REALLY hope to win! I’ve been looking everywhere for lavender and just can’t find it!
    I make an amazing lavender vanilla tea bread and I really want to to try making a lavender lemonade too.

  107. Love Lavender! Mmm, love the aroma. I like keeping a bowl of by the side of my bed! Thanks for the great giveaway……………

  108. How very generous of you! It’s so nice to see someone who geniunely cares and connects with her followers.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  109. I would love some lavender! I have a few plants myself but they aren’t really flowering this year…not sure why! I miss that lovely smell in my backyard! Maybe they’ll do better next year. :)

  110. I started growing a lavender bush last year without any real clue about it. It got big and gorgeous, but now it’s all splayed out and woody and apparently not terribly salvageable :-/ I’ve since read up and will try to propagate some cuttings before removing it. And if those cuttings thrive, I will give them the proper pruning I failed to give this one (still smells nice, though :-))!

  111. Wow, I’m thinking of a lot of ways I could use the lavender… It would be lovely to have a box of it.

  112. I would love some lavender :) What a great way to relax with some fresh lavender. :)

    Maybe some lavender simple syrup. :) Yuuuummmmmmmm!!!

  113. I would love some!!! I planted some for the first time this year, but in Ohio it’s not quite the time for it yet, plus it’s only the first year so I want to wait til next year for a strong harvest when it’s ready…

  114. Ohh kate :) i would love some!! Im with u bout the bees!! My girls run in every time something flys by them in the yard:(

  115. That’s great that you’re so willing to share! Lavender brings me back to Provence when I close my eyes and take a deep breath. I have just marked off a row along my foundation for more plants – my one lonely plant blooms, but doesn’t make much more than a sachet’s worth. Thanks for thinking of your fans!!!

  116. I would love to own a bundle of your gorgeous lavender.

    Thanks for the Op.

  117. I absolutely LOVE lavender! Lavender candles are all over my home and office. Would be thrilled to have some. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  118. I would “BEE” so grateful. I just love Lavender!
    Thank you for your kindness
    Peace and Joy to you!

  119. I love lavender! I wish I had a green thumb and could grow it myself. But I can’t. Besides nothing grows in Florida except palm trees lol. So, I resort to buying it or winning it. :)

  120. I sure would love some! There’s a lady down the street with a ton and it’s beautiful! I just haven’t got up the nerve to ask for a little – this would take care of that problem! :)

  121. I would love lavendar. It is one of those plants on my list to add to my yard but my husband made me promise to wait a full year after we moved in to see what we currently have.

  122. I would loooove some lavender :) i just recently bought my first home and haven’t had the time to plant any, booo. But its on my to-do list for the spring!

    Great giveaway!

  123. I would love some lavender! You can cook with it as well as make things smell nice! I am dying to try some lavender recipes, and scatter lavender in my drawers, and dry some to put in my bathroom, and make sachets and eye pillows. I hope I win!

  124. Hi Kate, Hoping you’ll ship to Canada. Lavender is my favorite color and I just love the flower. A bunch would be soo nice! Thanks for the chance to win. : ) ~ Catie

  125. I’d love some! Someone mistakenly told me mine needed cut back & now I have no beautiful big bouquets! Why’d I listen???

  126. I’ve been trying to find a place to buy some lavender so I can make a wreath!! Much harder to find than it sounds. I would LOVE some of yours :)

  127. We spent our fifth anniversary in Provence, and because of this I love, love, love French lavender! I can come up with many uses for it. Thanks so much for offering this giveaway!

  128. Send lavender, please! I live in the Front Range of Colorado and the deer eat just about anything I try to grow. Sorry to hear you having bee problems because of it.

  129. How lovely. It would bring me to Provence vicariously. The smell would be so lovely.

  130. I love lavender. I have a few plants but not enough flowers. I would really like having some of yours. Thank you for what you are offering.

  131. Oh I so want to make that awesome wreath you posted about! Pul-lease!! :)

  132. Nothing lovelier than a box full of lavender arriving by mail. I’ll take it! (if I win the drawing, that is.)

  133. Your lavendar is so beautiful! I would love to win some! Hope you had a good 4th and are surviving this heat, Kate! It’s been toasty.

  134. Oh you are so sweet to share I have been trying for five years to grow lavender and to no avail. So I end up buying it at local shops but fresh would be so great. I hope I win but if I don’t good for those who do.

  135. I love lavender and can never find it in stores around here. I would love to win!

  136. I would LOVE some! Last summer I had a friend who infused vodka with lavender that she grew – I’d love to try it myself with yours :)

  137. Thanks for sharing your crop with us! Happy belated 4th of July!

  138. I’ve been eyeing a batch of cupcakes that calls for lavender. This would be an awesome chance to win and make a batch, or 6.

    Thanks for the chance!

  139. I would love some of this! My lavender was pulled up by my garden “helpers” (along with a bunch of lady’s mantle and lillies – le sigh.)

  140. I would love some! It looks just beautiful, but I understand what you mean about the kiddos needing to be outside.

  141. PLEASE! Just yesterday I had to search (natural moth repellants” because I found holes in MOST of my sweaters. I don’t know when I’ll ever be able to replace them Boo! But in the interest of saving the rest I learned that lavender sould be a God-send! So thanks for the opportunity!!!
    p.s. Kate, I commented earlier but don’t see it so I’ve written again. I certainly don’t mean to break any rules by commenting twice.

  142. I would love some! I’ve been thinking about planting some in our front yard :)

  143. I love the scent of lavender! I find it so soothing! Nice of you to share:)

  144. I would love some! Would love to make a wreath for my front door :)

  145. I ran across your website 3 days ago and have gotten nothing done in the house since!!!
    Oh I shouldn’t say that… I have searched my corners, found some mirrors, decided how to re-vamp my 1970’s spare room furniture, found the perfect gift to make for my friend’s 40th BD… and I have shared your link with friends , and, and, and, and… well you get the picture.

    Did you know lavander helps keep mosquitoes at bay… ( a real problen here).
    What a generous idea… sharing your harvest… If I get chosen, that would make me happy!
    Love your blog!

  146. Good luck with the bees! I’m glad you posted this. My children are also deathly afraid of bees. I’ve been wanting to plant some lavender, but maybe I’ll pick a more remote spot in my yard away from the kids’ play area. :)

  147. I adore lavender. We had guests throw lavendar from paper cones when we left our wedding reception. The smells always reminds me of my wedding day.

  148. What a great idea! Because of you, I now want lavender in my garden — thanks for all of the ideas!

  149. Sooo lovely….could never find it around here…love your blog also…I’m 65 & spend hrs looking at all the are all so talented…

  150. I have a little bit of lavendar, but not enough to harvest for any craft projects. I just love love love lavendar so much, and I would love to win!!

  151. I would LOVE some!! Thanks for sharing! : ) I am actually working on some heating pads that I plan on filling with dried lavender. YUM!

  152. Lovely idea and offer Kate, thank you!

    I am new to your blog after “discovering” you via The Nate Show. Thanks for doing such a spectacular and inspiring job on your blog. I’ve just had my first baby and am about to return to work…however, am starting to re-think whether the world of finance is the best option for me or whether there are some other options out there that will feed my creative side and allow me more mommy time. Suffice it to say that your blog has given this debate quite a bit food for thought!!

  153. Ahhhh!! The smell of lavender makes me happy!!! And I’d love to make some lavender shortbread cookies! Oh how I’d love to find some in my mailbox, since I live in a climate that I can’t grow it in abundance myself!!!! :)

  154. I’d love the lavender! Can’t grow it where I live so this would be great!

  155. I would love a bundle of lavender — I’d make sachets for my girlie’s clothing drawers.

  156. I love lavender. I also love reading your blog… the way you write, your creativity… Thanks Kate

  157. Hi Kate, I just emailed you. Would love to grow my own, but our town does’nt have the right soil. Would love some lavendar to relax me. What a great way to start off the summer!

  158. Please pick me!! I’ve tried growing for years and have failed every year!! Thanks for the giveaway!!

  159. I would be so happy to win some fresh lavender!!! I am getting married in October, and I would use it to make neck rolls for my mother and mother-in-law to be for wedding thank you gifts! :)

  160. would love to have the lavender to decorate for an upcoming bridal shower

  161. I agree with your kids…I’m afraid of bees too! Would love some lavender in my house though!

  162. Would love some! Can it come across the border though into Canada? Hope so!

  163. If I win this I promise to my children & husband that I will make the lavendar panna cotta you all love!!! (and how about harvesting the honey???(-:)

  164. I LOVE lavender! I’ve tried many times to grow it but cannot keep a plant alive to save my life! Would adore winning a few bundles :-)

  165. I would BEE thrilled to try my hand at a lavender wreath for my front door!

  166. I would love to win! I can not for the life of me keep lavender alive! I’ve killed more lavender plants than anyone! (and I can keep other plants alive!)

  167. I love lavender! I would use any lavender that I received to make that fabulous wreath you featured a few weeks ago. I loved it!

  168. I love lavender. I had 3 plants at our house we sold two years ago and I was tempted to dig them up and take them with me when we moved. I resisted but I do have plans to plant a whole bunch at our new house when we move in. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  169. Oh! I’d love to win some lavender! I could make my own lavender wreath. :)

  170. After having lavender on the brain for the last two weeks, I would love to win some of these gorgeous flowers! :)

  171. I am addicted to lavendar, addicted I tell ya! My nannie used to make a little sachet for me to tuck under my pillow at night and it’s time to rekindle that romance. Thanks!

  172. Would love to win! The scent always reminds me of my late Mom.

  173. I would squeal with delight if I opened my mail and found a box of lavender! What a gift! Hope I win!

  174. I would LOVE to have some! Already thinking of all the things I could do with it. :)

  175. The lavender is gorgeous! How long have you been growing it? Would love some of that beautiful flower!

  176. Oh I’d love some, I just love the smell of lavender! Thanks for the giveaway!

  177. Thank you for such a generous giveaway. I would love some of your lovely lavender.

  178. I would love some lavender-thinking ahead to christmas-this would be perfect!

  179. What I lovely, thoughtful idea- sharing your lavendar so as to rid your yard of too many buzzing bees!
    Your children are certainly blessed to have such a generous and clever Mom!

  180. I would love some fresh lavender! Lavender is mine & hubby’s favorite fragrance.

  181. I would love to have some lavender to display in my home! I can just see it now in a vase on my kitchen counter…

  182. I would LOVE to win some – that is my favorite scent. Thanks for the giveaway!

  183. 452 comments? Um yeah I think this proposal of yours went over well! Thank you for offering your heavenly lavender up again!! I’d loooove some to freshen up my house!

  184. I would love some! I’ve been thinking about planting lavender and I’m looking for some good tips, but my growing conditions (in SW Pa) are a bit different than yours!

  185. I would love some! I’ve been meaning to try making your lavender lemonade :)

  186. I love lavender, I just can’t get it to grow here in the swamp.
    Please send me some! Thanks for the giveaway.

  187. Been meaning to plant some lavender myself, but of course haven’t gotten around to it. Would love your extra in the interim!!

  188. I adore lavender, and sadly, we just moved to a province where it will not grow. I would provide a loving home for your lovely french Lavender =)

  189. Love your site and would love some lavender. Live in Phoenix. Hard to grow anything from June to September!!

  190. Love your site and would love some lavender. Live in Phoenix. Hard to grow anything from June to September!!

  191. My mom has been searching high and low for some lavender to purchase! In fact we were just talking about lavender last night! She would be over the moon if we won the giveaway!

  192. You’re so thoughtful to give it away like this! I’d love some lavender.

  193. Oh, how lovely! I love lavender, like seriously addicted to its scent. I may have a lavender problem, I may need therapy, lots of therapy. Thank you for this giveaway!

  194. Mom shared your site with me… great ideas! Would love some lavendar!! :)

  195. I remember when you did a little giveaway like this last year. I would love some freshly harvested lavender of my own!

  196. I would LOVE some fresh lavender. Just re-did my bedroom and it would go great in there! And I wouldn’t need my glade plug-in. Thanks for offering!

  197. I’d love some lavender, minus the bee’s, please. :-) I have lavender growing in my flower garden but it sure doesn’t produce the way yours does. I wonder what I’m doing wrong.

  198. Your lavender is beautiful. It’s too bad it doesn’t grow well here in florida.

  199. Oh lavender…..sounds wonderful to have in the house and will smell even better!! Thanks!

  200. I would love some!!!! Sorry about your fridge! Hope your week gets better! :)

  201. I would love some California Lavender! My husband and I visited the Lavender fields at Matanza Creek and they were simply stunning, I’m sure your yard is the same.

  202. I would love to win some since I can’t grow anything worth beans. (My husband calls it the Black Thumb curse…) I don’t hold a lot of hope with over 400 comments though, haha! But as long as you get your sanity back, that’s all that matters! ^-^

  203. I’d love some! Picked some up at the farmer’s market a week ago and it put such a smile on my face each time I saw or smelled it in my kitchen!

  204. I love lavender. My favorite scent. My mom used to grow it in her garden and make me lavender bundles. I miss my mom so much… She died suddenly 6 years ago from a brain aneurysm. She had a beautiful garden.

  205. I would LOVE some of your beautiful lavender! How very generous of you! Thanks!

  206. I can never pass up an opportunity for lavender! My French lavender plant died this winter and I’m SO missing it!

  207. Oh, I’d love some! I’d love to stitch up some little sachets for all the girls in my office.

  208. I would love some! I thought about growing some myself, but now I’m reconsidering after the “bee” comment!

  209. Oh wow! I adore lavender. Can’t wait to plant some of my own! Oath things I could do with it! Aaahhhhhhh!

  210. I’d love to try to make a lavender wreath! I’d love some! Also, I have a request – I have an extremely long wall in my bedroom that leads to a small alcove area – what would you do to decorate that wall. It’d make a good post.

  211. Ooo.. I’ll comment for sure. I would actually love to grow french lavender in our yard someday – when it’s not a rented yard. This would be awesome!

  212. Oh, it looks lovely! I’m sure it smells great as well. I would love some. I was considering growing some, but the hubbin is allergic to bees. Eek!

  213. I love that fragrance ! hope I win this time !! fingers crossed.

  214. I’ve never had the priviledge of seeing or smelling fresh lavender in bundles and I feel deprived. It doesn’t grow here in Florida where I am…or at least not that I know of…so please enter me. Thanks for the opportunity to win. :)

  215. That would be awesome! Heck, I could pick it up myself since I’m not far from you!

  216. Me, me, me! I started growing lavendar after one of your posts last year, but it hasn’t taken off quite so well . . . maybe next year. But would love some of yours!
    Amanda @ The Ivy Cottage Blog

  217. oh I would love some. I’ve never done anything with lavender, so it would be the perfect motivation for a new project!

  218. Would love to win. I had lavendar at my house in CA I can’t seem to grow it here in UT

  219. I would love some of your lavendar. I have also tried growing lavendar & for whatever reason it does not do well in my beds. Thanks for sharing you abundance of goodness.

  220. Hi ! Hope you are well! I usually don’t enter contests because I never win, but in the spirit of being positive… Here it goes…. I have also never left a message for you before, but please know that I’m truly inspired by you just like so many others…thank you for sharing a bit of your creativity with us…have a great day! Xo

  221. Lavender … Beautiful! It’s great that you are helping protect the bee population, but too bad about it disrupting the kids’ play. I’m definitely considering planting some next year. It’s so pretty!

  222. I absolutely LOVE lavendar! But, try as I might, it will not grow here for me. I would be so tickled to win some! Thanks for the opportunity!

  223. oh my gosh!!! i just love lavendar!!! and i just loved that wreath you made! I hope to plant lavender on the far side of our yard that some year i can make a wreath like yours!!! but if i could make one sooner……

  224. Oooo . . . ., pick me! :o)

    I’m guessing that your children not wanting to play outside has something to do with bees in the lavender? Hmmmm . . . maybe a quick summerschool unit on honey bees and mason bees (and other beneficial bees) might help. Honeybees only sting if stepped on with bare feet, get caught in clothing or hair, or otherwise feel directly threatened away from the hive. I’ve walked through places buzzing with honeybees, and so long as someone’s not freaking out (which would put the bees on edge), it’s just fine.

    Matter of fact, a friend of mine pets bees of all kinds. He’s a bee whisperer, if you will. (But he stays away from the hive! ;o)

    Whatever happens, enjoy your lavender! I absolutely <3 it . . .

  225. What a creative giveaway! I just planted mint and basil in my backyard and, being in the herb-y mood that I am, would LOVE some lavender!!

  226. How awesome! You’re quite lucky, it was too hot this year and all our lavender here in Texas died out :(

  227. Love lavender!! We bought 5 plants this year. I wonder how long it takes to look as gorgeous as yours.

  228. I would LOVE some lavender! It’s too hot here in Texas to get any to live! Just think what wonderful mail that would make!

  229. Je l’adore! Je le veux!! (had to break out the French because I’m cheesy like that)

  230. I’d love to try my hand at making a lavendar wreath following your instructions. I have just one french lavendar in my yard. And, while it’s pretty, it won’t provide nearly enough lavendar for a bountiful wreath!

  231. What a great idea! I would love to reap the benefits of your labor!

  232. I love lavender…and not a whole lot available in AZ. Would love some!

  233. Lovely lavender – I would love to win! It won’t grow here in Florida – too humid I suppose…..

  234. oooh, how i miss lavender since moving from no. cal. earlier this year!!!

  235. I love lavender – but it doesn’t grow too well where I live in the north.

  236. oh i would love some….i just bought a lavender candle hr or so ago

  237. I grow lavender but don’t have much. How great it would be to win some.

  238. I would love to have some!!! I love lavander.. I live in a region with several lavender farms and I go always by this time of the year…

  239. I heart lavender! Never tire of the lovely scent. Thanks for sharing some of yours!

  240. I would love some lavender! We had a single plant at our old house and I miss it so much…I’ve been thinking of planting some on our new property but you may have scared me off with the bees. ;)

  241. I love lavender. So cool found your blog yesterday and now I’m inspired to do great things with my twelve year old. Thanks for the blog.

  242. I want some! I wish I could grow some good lavender in Minnesota! I might try a hardy variety in my full sun planters next year…but I’d love to have some of yours to make my house smell good this winter!

  243. Since I never got to plant any lavendar in my own garden, I’d LOVE to have some from yours!

  244. Your lavendar is beautiful! I would love some…sorry you have bees :-)

  245. I just found your blog today. I’m looking forward to
    lounging around here for the next few days, looking for inspiration!
    And the lavender sounds yummy…

  246. I would love to have some lavender. It would make my summer so fragrant.

  247. Hey Kate,

    Count me in please…I will even happily buy some from you!!!!!

    I have been looking for a good source for sachets.

    Janet xox

  248. I adore lavender but it doesn’t grow very well here in VT. Can I just tell you how many times I’ve daydreamed of living out in CA with rows and rows of lavender plants?? You inspire me…

  249. I adore lavender and left my gorgeous french lavender plant at our old house, oh how I miss it!

  250. Oh my! I love, love, love lavendar. I have a wee bit in my garden but not of this magnitude. I don’t think it will grow that plentifully here in northern Ontario. I’d love to win a bit of yours! It looks beautiful.

  251. What a wonderful giveaway! Maybe even the mail delivery person will enjoy the wonderful smelling box!

  252. Oooooh ! That would be lovely. Lavender reminds me of summers in provence.

  253. I have a black thumb so I would LOVE to have some of your lavender!

  254. When I saw your lavender my heart jumped!!! Moved to Az a year ago and how I miss it!!!

  255. This is gorgeous!!! I would love some. I have never attempted to grow this in my yard.