Cabinet Transformations Giveaway

By Kate Riley July 8, 2011

Thanks so much everyone for your comments on yesterday’s mini kitchen makeover!  I hope I answered all of your questions, if not be sure to post them there and I’ll address your inquiries.

Here’s some great news, the kind folks over at Rust-Oleum have now agreed to giveaway three of the Cabinet Transformations kits to you! 

Yep, if you’ve been eyeballing it for a cabinet makeover of your own, now’s your chance to win one, a $149 retail value. 

Don’t forget, you’re not just restricted to kitchens, you can use the product in bathrooms or on furniture as well.  And I’ve just learned this week that Rust-Oleum is hosting a kitchen makeover contest.  The America’s Next Top Kitchen Contest is going on now through the end of September and there is $5,000 up for grabs.  That gives you time to get going on your own makeover and upload your before and after photos.  

Anrustoleum makeover buttond

Be sure to check out the rules, you can see the gallery of examples here.

Now for the giveaway!

.Eligibility to win one of three Rust-Oleum Cabinet Transformations kits up for grabs:

1) Leave a comment telling where you’d use it.  Do your kitchen or bathroom cabinets need refreshing?  Perhaps a piece of furniture needs a fresh coat of color?  Simply leave a comment where you could use this kit.

2) For additional chances to win, link to this giveaway on Twitter and/or Facebook, then leave an additional comment telling where you mentioned this giveaway (FB and/or Twitter).

Giveaway ends Monday July 11, 2011 at 8 p.m. PST.  Three winners chosen by  USA only due to shipping restrictions. 


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Have a great weekend!





  1. oohhhhh!! Please pick meeee!! I would LOVE to redo the cabinets in my bathrooms a light color.

  2. I could definately use it on my kitchen cabinets, they are shouting for a makeover!!

  3. My 1980’s kitchen needs some help. I showed my husband your re do yesterday. We have decided this fall we are redoing our kitchen cabinets. This would be awesome to win. Thank you.

  4. Winning this would motivate me to complete a project that I’ve been wanting to do for a while! I have white cabinets in my kitchen, but I’ve been dying to paint the bottom cabinets a darker color. Would love to win!

  5. I would use it on our IKEA birch colored entertainment unit to make it white.

  6. I would love to refinish my kitchen cabinets! They are a new builder great maple — UGLY!

  7. I would love to win this and paint my old and ugly kitchen cabinets :) thanks for the chance to win!!!

  8. We are planning a re-vamp of our kitchen cabinets, this looks like a great product to use. I was so impressed by your cabinet makeover, beautiful!

  9. I would use it on a bookcase I picked up this week — because I want to freshen it up and make it fun!

  10. Oh!!! I’m so in need of this kit!!! I need to use it in the kitchen and bathroom for sure! Need all the help I can get! Thanks for the chance to win!

  11. I would love this for my yucky kitchen cabinets and both of my bathrooms too!

  12. I just bought a new home and the kitchen needs some MAJOR help! Until the budget allows for new cabinets, I think this may be just the ticket!!

  13. I have hideous kitchen cabinets AND 2 chairs that are begging to be redone :)

  14. I’m so excited to paint my kitchen cabinets…winning this would help out!

  15. OHHH! This would be the win of the century for us! our kitchen cabinets would be re-vamped and could look oh so lovely! :)

  16. I would use this kit on the cabinets in our pop-up camper–they desperately need a makeover!

  17. Love love love your REDO :) I have cabinets the same color as yours were and would love to refresh and update them to something new. This looks like a good project with great results. Thank you for sharing!

  18. I’ve got a kitchen in serious need of an update before renting the house to a young family. This product would be the perfect solution!

  19. I would definately be using this on my kitchen cabinets. They are UGLY, but have great potential.


  21. Well I could choose from many different projects like the kitchen of course, then there is the bathroom cabinet oh and lets not forget the giant China hutch or entertainment center. The possibilities are endless, just give me a chance : )

  22. I would use it in my parents’ kitchen! The cabinets haven’t been redone since they moved in in…1981!

  23. My son’s bedroom furniture has been handed down from both my mom and brother. It hasn’t been touched in about 40 years and definately needs an upgrade!

  24. I’d use it in one of my bathrooms and then on a dresser that needs some help.

  25. My Kitchen Island and in the kids bathroom. This stuff looks awesome.

  26. I would use this on my kitchen cabinets…this would totally transform the kitchen!

  27. I would love to win this. With my fiance moving in, I have to get rid of my small dining room table and adopt his huge, very old one in order to fit all our kids around the table for a meal. I would love to have this kit to give his set a nice update!!

  28. Yes please – we like to call our kitchen the MULLET of the house…perhaps a little of this would help!

  29. Although every bathroom in the house needs it as well, I would love to do my kitchen. It is white white, which I actually still like, but in very rough shape. Three kids and two dogs have left the white paint begging to be redone.

  30. If I could convince hubby, I would use it to paint my kitchen cabinets. They are a super dark brown and seem to suck the light out of the room. But hubby loves them, of course. If I couldn’t convince him, I’d use it on the bathroom vanity.

  31. I want to redo my kitchen cabinets and the banister on my stairway!!
    Love your project!

  32. Oh, my kitchen cabinets for sure! I was totally drooling when I saw the before and after of your studio kitchen yesterday. Mine are very, very old (like 1940’s) and the sad paint job I did on them 5 years ago has not held us. They’re terrible!!

  33. My kitchen cabinets are in desperate need of a makeover. I gotta get rid of the outdated, gingery-orange oak.

  34. Oh man! I was just telling my husband we needed to get ourselves some of this stuff. Our kitchen and bathroom cabinets are desperate for facelifts.

  35. I would start small…with my bathroom cabinet. Then if the results were as good as yours were…I will dive into doing my kitchen cabinets! I’ve been staring at them for years!!

  36. Oh my I have been eyeing the light kit for a few months now. We just bought a house and ‘THOUGHT’ the kitchen cabinets were good to go. Upon closer inspection the finish is shot, I’ve tried cleaning them with TSP and other stuff but they just have to be painted. But then again what could we really have expected buying a home from a family of 6 that home schooled all 4 children and the dad worked from a home office.

  37. I just learned that we may need to put our house on the market and really need to fix a horrible stain job I started on my bathroom cabinets last year. This product sounds like it would be awesome. Thanks!

  38. My kitchen got stuck in the last decade with the yellow oak cabinets. It could really use some update!

  39. Just bought my first hour (yay!!) and the cabinets are almost red and the countertops are green- reminds me of Christmas every day! Would really love to paint them a soothing linen or gray…

  40. My aunt has talked about wanting to updating her kitchen. This would be the perfect start for her diy project. I’d even help.

  41. I would DEFINITELY use it on my kitchen cabinets!! My kitchen is so 90’s and dated….bleh. Would love to brighten it up in there but can’t afford new cabinets.

  42. OMG! We just bought a new house and desperately need to paint the ugly 80s cabinetry. This would be perfect!

  43. The kids bathrooms upstairs are screaming for help! We need to hide all glitter, makeup and sticker residue. :) I’ve eyed this and know just what I want…now just need to be a lucky winner. :) Thanks!

  44. I would do all my kitchen and bathroom cabinets and the all handrails on and around the stairway.

  45. Just bought my first house (yay!!) and the cabinets are almost red and the countertops are green- reminds me of Christmas every day! Would really love to paint them a soothing linen or gray…

  46. Please pick me!!! We are dorm parents, and therefore, have to live in a dorm apartment. With green cabinets (think 1980s church kitchen decor). That I tried to paint brown. Disaster. Help!!!

  47. I would love to redo the cabinets in my laundry room, along with my eating nook table. THis would be perfect!

  48. I’ve been dying to redo my kitchen cabinets! They’re the same color as the wood floor and everything just blends together – yuck!

  49. The kitchen in my parents’ home really needs a cabinet makeover! I’m renting while I’m in school, so that’s where I’d use it!

  50. I’ve been staring at my kitchen cabinets wondering what to do with them and this fits the bill (before I tear them out and use cardboard boxes).

    Thanks for a chance. :D

  51. I’ve got a couple pieces of furniture in my guest bedroom that could use a makeover. I’d love to try to this product!

  52. I have been hearing so much about this and I really want to try. I have a coffee table and some bookshelves that could really use some help.

  53. I’ve been trying to convince my husband to buy this! Oh how my kitchen needs it!! Crossing my fingers.

  54. I would do all my kitchen and bathroom cabinets and all the handrails on and around the stairway.

  55. Hello! I read your post yesterday and got so excited about this product as we have some dingy wood cabinets that need freshening up. We would definitely use the kit in our kitchen! Thank you!

  56. My kitchen cabinets need to be redone BADLY! They are circa 1962 and I think they’ve been painted one time.

  57. I’d give this kit to my mom! Her kitchen cabinets could really use some paint!

  58. My husband and I have been talking about updating our kitchen cabinets for months! This would for sure help us in starting the process!

  59. I’ve been wanting to paint (ok have my HUSBAND paint) our kitchen cabinets-this sounds like a great option for us! Thank you so much for offering this giveaway. :)

  60. I neeeeed this so bad! My kitchen needs a makeover and this is what I need to do it, pick me!

  61. Kitchen and bathroom cabinets are in desperate need of being done! Funny thing, they are all the same cabinets. :) Maybe the previous homeowners had too many kitchen cabinets and decided to use them in the bathroom as well. :)

  62. I am moving back into my parents house to go to graduate school. The bathroom I’ll be using is really outdated so I would love this to give the cabinets a make over!

  63. We just moved into our first owned home this past week and I have lots on my to do list! One of the biggest projects on the list is a kitchen update. Because new cabinets aren’t in the budget I’m planning to paint our current ones. I’d love to win a kit to give this a try and make things a bit easier! Thanks for the chance to win!

  64. My husband and I just had a bid accepted on a foreclosure. I will use it on that horrible 1970s style kitchen with the dark wood, then if I have any left over or heck even if I need to buy more, I will use it on both horrible 1970s style bathrooms with their nasty dark wood! What have I gotten myself into???

  65. I would use this in my kitchen. I tried to paint my cabinets a couple of years ago and they are already looking bad. I would love to be able to redue them without listening to my husband complain about why we are spending more money on what we have already done :).

  66. I would love to win this kit. My kitchen cabinets are honey oak, definitely crying out for a linen makeover!

  67. If I won this, I’d actually give it to my sister. She and her husband live in a very old house and their kitchen is a 1970’s disaster, which sucks because she LOVES to cook!

  68. I’d put it in my kitchen where the cabinets are a light oak. The cabinets themselves are in great shape I just hate the color! I’d choose the linen color. Hubby and I are trying to save our pennies so we haven’t do anything to the kitchen yet so I’d LOVE this!

  69. My kitchen is in serious need of a cabinet makeover! We have similar outdated oak finish cabinets and our house is on the market. It’s definitely time to step up our game with some beautiful fresh white cabinets!

  70. I would love to try this product in my laundry room. We have some of the original kitchen cabinets from our home that we moved down into our laundry room when we had custom cabinets made for our kitchen 7 years ago, and I never did anything to them. Redoing these cabinets has been on my mind for 2 years, but I keep getting distracted with other projects (teeny tiny attention span!). Maybe this is what I have been waiting for, mmm……..

  71. I’d re-read your post earlier today and some reviews of this product on some other sites. I would like to use it in both the kitchen and bathrooms. I want to go light an airy in the kitchen, like your example, and I’m thinking a dark stain for the bathroom. Thanks for the giveaway!

  72. I’d use it in the bathroom of our shore house. It has a 20 yo vanity that could use a face lift!

  73. OH MY GOSH! I just moved into my first house and the first room I am focussing on is my kitchen. I’ve been painting and primping for ages, and I’m not even moved in yet. It has gone from an ugly beige to bright yellow, and the color scheme is yellow, red, and pink. The cabinets in the kitchen are an ugly wood color, and I’d love them to be white so they stop sucking the light out of my lovely bright kitchen.

    I’m going to go link this on facebook right now!

  74. I’m so excited for this! I have been looking at this kit to redo my kitchen—I definitely want to go with the white look now!

  75. My Kitchen needs help! Been looking at this for a Long time….could use the help!

  76. I would help my niece renovate her cabinets. They need it!
    Fingers crossed…

  77. Love this! I’ve been wanting to redo my kitchen and this looks like the perfect solution!

  78. this would be a wonderful giveaway to win! My husband and I just closed on our first home only two days ago! The counter top and appliances have all been replaced but the cabinets in the kitchen leave something to be desired, after reading your post yesterday I was seriously considering going out and buying the kit straight away, but winning one would be even better.

  79. I have been dreaming of refacing my bathroom cabinets! This will do the trick nicely.

  80. We just bought our FIRST house and I’m just itching to re-do the bathroom cabinets, would love to win this to save that money for more house goodies!! Thanks for the chance :)

  81. Next month we hope to start on cabinets! We will be doing the laundry room, three bathrooms and the kitchen!!!

  82. My kitchen needs this really badly! It’s dark cabinets, dark floors, dark walls in a poorly lit room.

  83. we just moved in to a new house and are going to redo our kitchen soon, so we would use this on our kitchen cabinets

  84. I’ve been wanting to redo my guest bath (my two daughters’ bathroom too) completely. It’s on the list for next year. I’d love to redo the cabinets in the bathroom along with bead boarding the walls and getting a new countertop. I’m really looking forward to the new bathroom, just hating the wait!

  85. We just bought our FIRST house and I’m just itching to makeover the bathroom cabinets! Fingers Crossed :)

  86. I wish I had known about this earlier. We are re-doing our kitchen and it has taken us a month and the cabinets look horrible. I am going to have to start all over to try and get them done correctly. I could really use it now.

  87. I’d use it on my cookie-cutter house’s kitchen, it’s a orange board color with white tiled counter. Though I don’t have a budget to redo the counter, I love to update cabinets to the rich chocolate color that you did to your bathroom a while back!!!

  88. I’ve been dying to use this kit for my kitchen cabinets- our house was built in the 60s and the kitchen is dying for a fresh coat of paint :)

  89. Ah! I would LOVE to use this in the kitchen of our new house – the entire thing needs a huge overhaul, but it’d be great to be able to start with some crisp, white cabinets!

  90. I would use it to redo my in-law’s kitchen cabinets. My mother-in-law has been talking for years about how those cabinets need updating. It would be the perfect 30th anniversary gift to them!

  91. OMG!!!! I would use it in my bathrooms and kitchen! I have been dreaming about getting this stuff since I saw your last post. Crossing my fingers and toes!!

  92. Oh my goodness! I would LOVE to win!! We’ve been in our house for 6 years and the cabinets have always been on our list to redo (they’re knotty alder right now and I’d love to paint them linen!) but I’ve never gotten up the guts to take the plunge! I would use the kit in our laundry room to practice before we move onto our bathrooms and kitchen… I have a fresh airy blue picked out for the paint color and I think it would totally transform the space. Maybe then I’d actually feel like doing laundry! :-)

  93. I live in a rental and can’t paint the cabinets (though I would love to!), but I have 2 dressers that could use a new coat of paint!

  94. OMG! PLEASE pick me!!!! Our kitchen cabinets are literally crying out for a makeover!

  95. We’ve been talking about painting our kitchen cabinets for over a year now, so this would be perfect!!

  96. Would love to try this out in my kitchen. Only problem is my cabinets are already painted black and the paint is peeling. Think it would still work? Would certainly love to try it.

  97. I was just thinking I need to redo my kitchen cabinets, but I’m also planning a rehaul in my bathroom! Either way, I need some help! :)

  98. My kitchen cabinets need a makeover! I’ve been eyeing those kits for awhile, but getting it for free would be awesome!

  99. Your post has inspired me to call around and see where this is available. I really want to redo the kitchen! One question: how do you add color? I have been to the website, watched the entire instructional video, read the how-to and the FAQ but cannot find any mention of it.

    Thanks and have a wonderful weekend!

  100. I have been wanting to do my kitchen and my bathrooms. This would help me out a TON! Crossing my fingers…and my toes too :)!!!

  101. I’d use it in my kitchen. The previous owner left the cabinets unfinished. :(

  102. I’ve been meaning to redo my kitchen and bathroom cabinets forever…They’re both small rooms, so one package would be plenty to take care of both!

  103. I would use it in my kitchen. We have a small kitchen so lightening up the oak would go a long way toward making the kitchen look larger and more open.

  104. Holy Jeepers! What an awesome giveaway. I have been looking at this product since you first mentioned it a while back. And to economical heart it seams like the best solution to our quandary. We bought a foreclosed house that was in great shape, and piratically new. But it has this orangy Formica modern builder special cabinets in the kitchen. I would love to rip it all out and get new cabinets from Ikea. But this is such a great idea to tone it down and make it look great. I would love a chance to try it! :)

  105. Would love to transform all the garage sale furniture we bought for the kids’ college apartments this summer. Some of it is so ratty, I can barely stand looking at it. Yes, I know…it’s college kids. But I think they would take better care of it if it looked nicer. A small step on the road to maturity and independence. Oooo…pick me!

  106. I have not stopped thinking about your transformation! I would use this kit on my parents’ kitchen. They really an update and just talking about it is *surprise, surprise*, not fixing the issue. It would be amazing!!

  107. I am planning on buying one of these kits for my kitchen this summer anyway, so it’d be awesome if it was free!

  108. I would help my in laws get out of the 60s with painted kitchen cabinets!!

  109. I actually just refinished my kitchen cabinets and wish I’d had this kit! But now I REALLY want to refinish my dining room set, and the durable finish from this kit would be awesome for that!

  110. We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen and will be painting our cabinets–this would be perfect! Keeping my fingers crossed!

  111. I’ve been dragging my feet on my kitchen re-do and I think this would be PERFECT! Thanks!

  112. Kitchen for sure. Loved your tutorial on how you did your painting. Took a lot of the ‘fear’ out of the job.
    – Joy

  113. All of our cabinets could use help, but bathrooms are my next goal. We have 3 of them..

  114. I would for sure use it on our kitchen cabinets and our banister (that needs a complete redo!).
    I mentioned this link on facebook.

  115. I would use it in our kitchen and on our bathroom vanities – all builder-grade blah!

  116. Wow! What an awesome giveaway. After your post yesterday I had been thinking about checking this product out. My kitchen cabs could really use an update!

  117. I’ve been dying to use this on my kitchen cabinets…but now you’ve got me thinking about redoing my bathroom vanity cabinets as well….hmmmmm…….Love, love LOVE it!!!

  118. I would makeover my kitchen cabinets to bring it in line with my style!

  119. Recently found your blog and LOVE it! I’ve become a total follower. I’d love to use this for my bathrooms.

  120. oooh! i’d use this in my kitchen. the cabinets are screaming for a makeover!

  121. Oh my black bathroom cabinets can really use an upgrade!!!!! This will make it that much easier!

  122. I would use it in our kitchen! We have been redoing our condo and the only place left is our kitchen!

  123. Your post yesterday had already convinced me to give the kit a try and redo the cabinets in my vacation home. Winning would be a huge bonus.

  124. I would love to redo ALL my cabinets! In the bathrooms, halls and kitchen!!!

  125. The cabinet in my bathroom is the last thing I need to redo. I would love to try this product!!

  126. I’d redo my bathroom cabinets. They’re in dire need of a makeover!

  127. I would redo my kitchen cabinets. We are doing new floor, sink and counter tops, but left with same old cabinets.

  128. I would definitely use this product for my kitchen cabinets. Although the kitchen cabinets were installed in the 1980’s, I am not a fan of their current color/stain. Many times I have passed this product while ordering paint at the paint counter. You did a great job with your update! Winning this would give my husband no excuse to say no.

  129. I need to desperately re-do my kitchen cabinets. All oak and very ’80’s. Ready for a change that’s for sure.

  130. I could win an ugliest kitchen cabinet contest! This would be a very cool win!

  131. I was thinking about buying this product and using it on some cabinets from Habitat Restore to add storage to our laundry room.

  132. I would love to win a kit. I’ve been eyeballing this kit for 6 months or so waiting on the weather to be good to work on our cabinets. I’d do my kitchen first, but have plans to do my bathroom too.

  133. I’ve been wanting to paint my kitchen cabinets white. I just painted my kitchen walls gray and love it. White cabinets would look so great with the walls.

  134. I would love to paint our kitchen cabinets! Our house was built in the 90’s and has builder grade not-so-great looking oak/maple cabinets… they would look so much better if painted!

  135. A friend of mine wants to redo her kitchen and bath cabinets and I’d love to surprise her with this kit.She doesn’t have much extra cash to be paying for this kind of stuff, so I’d totally give it to her and help her make over her cabinets!

  136. My kitchen cabinets could really use some work. I would love to win this and finally have beautiful cabinets!

  137. Gah I would die to win this!! Our oak kitchen cabinets are begging for a makeover.

  138. Great giveaway! I would definitely update the kitchen. We moved in a few months ago and updating the cabinets would go a long way in helping the (tiny) kitchen look bigger and brighter.

  139. My friend was just trying to describe this to me the other day! We just moved into a new (to us) house and while I love the knots in our cabinets, I’m not crazy about the fact that it blends in too much with the hardwood floors. I would love to try this, and since I think I’m too chicken to pull the trigger myself, winning it would be just the kick to the rear that I need!

  140. Oh boy! What a great giveaway. My kitchen could definately use this. It would really transform our house!

  141. Oh-the kitchen! Although we could use it almost anywhere in our house… ;)

  142. I have been dying to try this kit in my master bathroom. My kitchen needs it too, but I think my husband would be more open to that AFTER I try it in a room that people don’t see every day (baby steps).

  143. The KITCHEN!!

    My husband and I have been doing many DIY projects throughout our home and the next project on our list is our kitchen. I really want to use this product due to all the positive feedback I have received!! We have already taken old yucky tile out of our kitchen and replaced it with wood floor, repainted the walls with a more fresh color, my husband is currently making our kitchen island and kitchen trim more chunky and next we will need to paint them. After several months of reviewing the Rust-oleum Cabinet Transformation brochure I have finally decided on linen on the cabinets and cocoa on island.

  144. I actually used this for our bathrooms and really liked it! you have to let it cure really well, or the color comes off, but otherwise, I have really enjoyed them! I would love to take on my very oak kitchen- what a great give away! thank you!!!

  145. I would love to do my kitchen cabinets!! It would brighten the room so much!!

    P.S. I love your blog!!

  146. I would love to use this in my kitchen. I have looked at this and the countertops one many times at the store. Nice to know that it would be a easy change!!

  147. I would use this in my kitchen….I’ve been researching and have this kit on my wishlist…..countertop transformations too!!

  148. also, also, just published this giveaway to Twitter. Username BodyBirthBliss

  149. We are in process of redoing our kitchen and can’t afford new cabinets so I’m trying to redo them myself. I could so use that! My cabinets are very very old. our house was built 1916 so old old old!

  150. I would use the kit on my circa 1984 kitchen cabinets. They make me want to cry…it’s quite horrible!

  151. I’m also linking this giveaway to facebook! I really want this cabinet transformation kit!! :)

  152. I have been dying to pain my brown laminate Ikea kitchen cabinets white FOREVER.

  153. My kitchen cabinets are light wood and not matching well with the rest of the house … and of course they’re in the middle of the house. I’d love to refinish them!

  154. I have been trying to work up the courage to paint my dated 1980-oak cabinets. I think the buzz of winning this contest might just give me the confidence I need to just get started! :)

  155. I need this badly for my kitchen and bathrooms. I moved into a house with those awful awful standard cabinets. The sight of them makes me cringe. This would definitely help me breaK free! Love your blog!

  156. Yes please! I have similar kitchen cabinet colors and love the way the white looks in your apt. I am thinking I want to do the same!

  157. I would LOVE to make over my kitchen cabinets! They are standard builder’s cabinets, and they could really use a spruce!

  158. So excited about this giveaway because my kitchen is in insane need of a redo so that’s where I’d use it…my kitchen.
    Thanks for having this giveaway! :)

  159. Oooooh, I’d love this. I would use it EVERYWHERE in my house–kitchen, two baths, hall cabinets, etc. You get the idea. I’m already saving my pennies to buy one for us, but a win would be awesome!

  160. I “redid” my mom’s kitchen last summer, but was on a tight budget. I would love to give this to her for a nice finishing touch!

  161. We just bought a new house and the kitchen cabinets are in desperate need of a makeover. The problem is we’re pinching pennies and cannot afford much. I squealed in delight after reading your mini kitchen makeover yesterday!

  162. My kitchen is a little to overwhelmingly cherry. I have been wanting to paint the island cabinets to give it a fresher look. I hope I win!

  163. My kitchen cabinets need refinishing so badly, but unfortunately it isn’t at the top of the budget priority list right. To win this would be awesome!

  164. I just emailed my husband your last post of the redone kitchen telling him i wanted to do this with ours!! This kit would be awesome to use!!! :))

  165. We REALLY need to do our kitchen cabinets as well as all our bathroom cabinets! :). So this giveaway would help! :)

  166. I just read about this product when I took a huge stack of design magazines to read on vacation. Would love to try it in my girls’ bathroom!

  167. I’d use it for my moms kitchen thatis in dire need of a makeover!

  168. my bathroom cabinets, it will lighten the bathroom up :), shared on twitter & FB thanks!

  169. We’re buying a new house, and they kitchen cabinets are great… except the color. Would definitely use there!

  170. Definitely my kitchen… it needs a lighter facelift since right now it’s pretty much a dungeon! Thank you Centsational Girl and Rustoleum for the chance at a giveaway!

  171. This is total serendipity – I’ve been looking for a solution for the new house I’m moving into that has a craaazy kitchen color scheme (think butter yellow, dark maroon, black appliances, and sage green cabinets). I just learned about Rust-oleum Cabinet Transformations, but was a little skeptical at first, not knowing anyone who’d used it. Lo and behold, what pops up in my Google Reader the very next day but your post about how amazing it is! And now a giveaway? It’s soooo meant to be.

    So – long story short – this will totally get used in my new kitchen!

  172. I would so use it on the Craigslist finds that I purchased yesterday…the paint is in much worse shape that I bargained for!

  173. I would love to win this to give my bathrooms a face lift! I used it in my kitchen I fell in love with the product, telling everyone I know how great it is!

  174. I would use this in my kitchen, it is in need of some attention!! I have been dreaming of painting the cabinets ivory/linen and doing an glaze on them.

  175. We really want to tackle our kitchen cabinets— thanks for the great giveaway!

  176. Ok- as unimaginative as it is- I need to redo our kitchen… its been on the plan since we bought our 1980’s house almost 4 years ago… but we had to gut the bathrooms first.. the previous owners put laminate down…. then when they lost the house to foreclosure… they flooded the bathrooms… and took all the door knobs and light fixtures with them… SO- my kitchen budget was eaten by other projects… :(….
    I like the layout- just wanted to paint the cabinets and update the TILE & GROUT to Granite. THIS would make it a REALITY!!if i got this i would only need the $$ for the countertops!! let me win!!!!
    Oh- and if its not enough, TODAY’S my birthday!!!! seriously!!! :-D
    HOPE I WIN… (I promise pictures before & after!!!)

  177. Definitely need this in my kitchen. The hubby hates the way they look now and I’ve been trying for years to find a way to afford a resurface to surprise him.

  178. I would use this in the bathroom AND in the kitchen!!! The only question is – which do I do first?! :)

  179. ps – just shared the contest on both facebook ( and Twitter (!

  180. Ooh yes please! I’d use it in my kitchen to get rid of those horrible builders grade oak! I’d like to do a linen color or quilters, depending on what they look like!

  181. I would most definitely do my kitchen cabinets…..seeing your weekend project is really inspiring!

  182. I have those wonderful 80’s laminate & oak cabinets that desperately need a re-do. Cabinet Transformations to the rescue!

  183. My kitchen cabinets and bathroom cabinet could both use a make over and to win this kit would be super lucky. Got my fingers crossed, thank you and Rustoleum!

  184. I would use them on my bathroom cabinets. We’d like them darker. I’m planning to paint my kitchen table too. Would this be useful for that, I wonder?

  185. My kitchen is crying for this! Our cabinets aren’t that old, but the uppers are not a functional layout. We’re hoping to get salvaged uppers and refinish the uppers and base cabinets with the Rustoleum so it all matches.
    I also tweeted the giveaway!

  186. MY KTICHEN! my husband and i actually are planning on using the rustoleum kit anyway (thanks to your review a couple months back), but a free kit would be all the more reason to get our rears in gear! thanks to rustoleum for hosting the giveaway!

  187. I would love to try this in two of my bathrooms… would be awesome!~!! and maybe get me kick-started into doing more improvemens!!! Thanks for the opportunity!!!


  188. Oh, please pick me. My bathroom cabinets need this so much. I have been looking at the kits at Lowes but can’t quite fit it in the budget yet.

  189. Where WOULDN’T I use it? Ha!

    I would love to use this on my kitchen cabinets, but until I work up the courage for that, I would for sure be giving my old builder-grade bathrooms a makeover!
    ::fingers crossed:: :)


  190. I would love to use this! I am wanting to change all of our trim to white. (It’s currently natural wood) Hubby says no because he thinks that means we would have to totally refinish kitchen cabinets. If I got this, this would give him the push to the white side.

  191. I’m getting psyched up to redo my kitchen cabinets, so that’s where I’d use it!

  192. I’d definitely use it to update our 1976 bathrooms. We have two, but they’re both so small I could easily do both and bump them up to the 21st century!

  193. Our kitchen needs serious transformation! I would love to be able to use this kit. Thanks for the opportunity!

  194. I have kitchen cabinets I would love to transform and am VERY INTERESTED in this product since you last posted about it. Count me in with fingers crossed!!

  195. My country kitchen could use a serious makeover! I would love to redo my cabinets and countertops!

  196. We are currently trying to combine our guest room and office into one room to make space for a nursery! That means I have a lot of furniture that will need refinishing to mix and match with new stuff.

  197. I would love to win a cabinet transformation kit! I’m dying to redo our hideous kitchen cabinets, but I’m thinking of trying the kit in a bathroom first as a test run.

  198. I loved your post about your cabinet makeover. They look awesome and you have totally inspired me to redo my cabinets. I would use it in my kitchen, if I won!

  199. I’ve been planning to paint our kitchen cabinets this summer so I would love to win!

  200. I would love to try this in my kitchen! We have builder’s grade icky blonde wood and I really want them all white!

  201. what a great giveaway! i would def use it in either my bathroom or my utility room. they are just plain white and needs some updating.

  202. Man oh man do my kitchen cabinets need this!! I have been dreading having to sand all of them this would be a lifesaver!!

  203. I certainly could use this in my kitchen and my 1960’s bathroom cabinets. I hope I have good luck on this one!

  204. My bathroms!!! One has shiny navy blue cabinets and one has dark shiny brown cabinets! Yuck!

  205. I’ve been dying to change my kitchen cabinets, but have been to scared to try and paint them myself. Your latest review of this product made it seem a lot less intimidating to me!

  206. Oh boy, am I excited to try this! My current kitchen cabinets look EXACTLY like the ones you just did, so I am super pumped that it will turn out fabulously. I also would like to re-do both bathroom vanities. So much to do…

  207. I would use it in my kitchen. My cabinets are so so dark so I would love to use this to go lighter.

  208. Wow I would love to do my cabinets, but if I win I would redo my mom’s kitchen cabinets they need it bad!!!

  209. I’d love to help a family member freshen up their kitchen cabinets! It’s be such a fun project!

  210. Oh my gosh! My husband & I were just talking about using this on our bathroom cabinets!!! I’d love to freshen up the look in our bathrooms, they are so dated.

  211. This is a give away we really need. Our kitchen cabinets are crying for paint to brighten them up!! As does our vanilty in the bath, as does some of our furniture. I would just love to win this one…..

  212. I just commented on Facebook about this give away, under the name “Sally Daffodil”.

  213. I would love to try this product out in my guest bathroom! I have in mind a very clean and crisp space with white marble floors and light gray walls, but the builder’s cinnamon wood cabinets do not play into that vision at all!

  214. I would totally use this on our kitchen! We just painted the countertops with rustoleum countertop paint and now the beige cabinets need a lift too. We are just renting so we can’t rip everything out like I want to do!

  215. WOW! This is something I would seriously put to good use as soon as I could on my kitchen cabinets. Pick me, pick me!

  216. I’ve been trying to get the guts to paint my kitchen cabinets….this would be just the boost I need!!

  217. I would love to try this product in my kitchen. Our cabinets are in desperate need of updating, but my hubby does not like the idea of all the work it would take to paint them. Sounds like this would eliminate some steps for us.

  218. I would use it to help my friends remodel their kitchen. They love to cook but their kitchen doesn’t love them back!

  219. My hubby and I would LOVE to update our builder grade cabinets in our kitchen with one of these kits!

  220. I would love to redo my kitchen cabinets! They are in need of a good paint job!

  221. My circa 1980 bathroom cabinet could use a total demolition, but this kit could save it’s life in the interim! :-)

  222. I’ve been wanting to redo our kitchen cabinets for ages! They are a yucky mix of shiny wood and old paint. This stuff sounds like the perfect solution.

  223. I would use this in my kitchen! I already painted my bathroom vanity and cabinet and it was the biggest PAIN. This seems so much easier. I have a lot of cabinets in my kitchen though, 36, some of them being very tall. I’m assuming I would need multiple kits to get it accomplished. Part of the reason I’ve put it off so long is because it seems to be such an overwhelming job. I hate my 20 yr old oak cabinets. ICK!

  224. My kitchen is in desperate need of some loving!! I would so use it on my kitchen cabinets!

  225. Our master bedroom furniture and bathroom need a face lift, it would be great!

  226. I would totally use this on my mom’s straight out of the ’70’s kitchen cabinets!

  227. We have a house rental that was left in horrid condition that I have to piece back together. I’d use this on the kitchen cabinets that I found on Craigslist.

  228. We have been thinking of trying a bathroom update, this would be amazing!

  229. I was just telling my dd about the post you did about using the Rustoleum kit on your cabinets. We removed our old kitchen cabinets last year and plan to re-use them in our basement and would love to repaint them. We also have two bathrooms that need to be redone and this would be wonderful!

  230. My husband and I are just buying our first house and it is NASTY! Every surface needs to be carpeted, painted, or stripped. This includes the nasty kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities. I have a great vision, and this kit would certainly help move it along! Good luck to me!

  231. What a great giveaway! I would love to use this product to re-do all three of our bathroom cabinets. You did a great job re-doing your kitchen so I am really impressed. :-)

  232. I am in the middle of doing the kitchen, baths and laundry cabinets. I just purchased a home that’s full of pickled pink cabinetry that coordinates perfectly with the pink wall paint and pink tiling……I can’t wait to refinish and get rid of all the pink

  233. My, oh, my, you read my mind! Seeing your kitchen transformation was karma! We had to get a new range [white, of course] and that left the cabinets looking quite TIRED. This kit would be heaven-sent!

  234. I was just thinking about your kitchen refresh today, when looking at the three unmatched pieces of cabinetry in our downstairs bath. Lo and behold, a contest to win the kit! I’d love to try this in there, since the vanity is probably original from the 40s, the mirror most likely from the 80s, and the linen cabinet just a few years old.

  235. Definitely in my kitchen – this product is actually on my list of things to use once we can work a little makeover into our budget. It will be fantastic to add some personality to my otherwise boring, run-o-the-mill kitchen :)

  236. OHHHHH I would love to do this ANYWHERE in my house!
    I have yellowish stained oak cabinets everywhere, so it would be pretty anywhere!

  237. I would LOVE this for our kitchen cabinets! I would love to see that honey oak be gone :)

  238. Hmmmm…let’s say bathroom for now, but the Hubs and I are on the look out for a new house so it may be better used there!

  239. I’d start with the half-bath in the foyer of our new home (it’s dark green), but who knows from there!

  240. I’m new to DIY and my overexcitement led me to promise my mother in law that I would makeover her kitchen. The style is remnant of the ’80s and since she spends 75 percent of her time in the kitchen, she deserves an upgrade! Help me make that happen!

  241. I would use this in my bathroom. The vanity is faux wood with a basket weave front. Enough said!

  242. I’m in the process of updating my kitchen. I’ve already gotten new granite countertops and am thinking about redoing the cabinet color as well!

  243. This stuff would have been sooo nice to have in my last house, where I refinished all the old 70s cabinets! We sold that one, and have just built a beautiful new home, which I love for the most part, but I have never been happy with how the fireplace mantel turned out. It has beautiful detail and moldings, but the stain is just too light. I’ve been a little scared of refinishing it because I didn’t want to sand all the moldings, but these products make it look a lot easier! I also have some old end table and a coffee table that would be great to stain to match!

  244. I’m in the process of buying my first house, so I’m sure I won’t have a hard time putting one of these kits to use!

  245. I would totally use this on my kitchen cabinets! They’re two different shades of builder-basic wood and I’ve been itching to change that ever since I moved in almost a year ago.

  246. I would use them in my kitchen to cover up my cheap white laminate cabinets!

  247. Hello, I would love to use this on my kitchen cabinets, or on two second hand dressers or a second hand china cupboard! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  248. My kitchen cabinets are in such sorry shape. I’ve been trying to figure out how to revamp them. I have never heard of this kit, but will check it out now to see if I can make it work. I’d love to win this!

  249. HI, I left a comment on my facebook, sharing the info about your giveaway! Thanks again.

  250. I would freshen up the tables, chairs and shelves in my son’s playroom before we move into our new house!

  251. I’m about to redo my very boring very builder grade master bath, and this would be perfect!

  252. What a great giveaway! I’d love to use this in our bathrooms and laundry room.

  253. My kitchen cabinets need a little bit of love… ok… ALOT of love!! They are currently the same color as the walls. You wouldn’t even know there were cabinets in our kitchen because they blend right in:/ needless to say I really dislike them. A nice bright white (I really like the linen color you choose) will really brighten up the space and add the contrast my poor kitchen so desperately deserves. Thanks for the chance:)

  254. I will totally use this on my kitchen! I’m planning on a kitchen redo this fall! Thank you!

  255. Definitely the KITCHEN….We installed black granite when we moved in but never got around to the cabinets. I would love beautiful white cabinets…Thanks

  256. I’m helping my little brother renovate his first home. The kitchen is a disaster and his budget is small. Please help us make it cute!

  257. I would LOVE to redo my kitchen and its so small, I am pretty sure I could do the bathroom and laundry room. We live in a house straight out of the 1970’s! I would love to refresh all the wood with a clean layer of white!

  258. My husband and I just purchased our first home on the OBX and I would LOVE to re-do our kitchen cabinets white. Going for the cottage look, one room at a time.

  259. I would use this kit in my OUT DATED KITCHEN!! Say goodbye to old 70’s cabinets and pink countertops!

  260. Definitely the bathroom cabinets. I’ve never been a fan of their color, but they’re in great condition.

  261. I would love to win this for my friend Kristine! She wants to change up her kitchen (from the 70s) but can’t afford a redo. It would be so cool to help her with this! :)
    pinups dot sew at gmail dot com

  262. I would love to try out this product on kitchen cabinets and a craigslist dining table.

  263. Would love to win the kit. I can use it for kitchen cabinets, bathroom and several pieces of small furniture. Enjoy your blog and have learned a lot!

  264. Painting my kitchen cabinets was the first project I was going to tackle when we moved into our new home. 5 years later and I’m still debating the best way to actually get them done. This product might just be just that! Woo!

  265. I rent… so I’d have to say this would be perfect for my mom’s worn out kitchen! she would be sooo excited and we could spend quality time together working on it!

  266. Kitchen for sure! I finally convinced my hubby that painting our cabinets was not a bad thing and that we could do it ourselves, but I’m so afraid to actually pull the trigger and do them cause we will have to live with them a long time if they don’t come out looking good. But I see you do this and I think “Hey, I can do it too!” But I’m terrified of screwing it up!!

  267. Oh, I would so love to update our bathroom cabinets (basic builder cheapo-s at the moment)!

  268. Also, posted this link on facebook. Thanks to Twice Lovely for the link info. Love to all the sharing, caring DIY bloggers.

  269. I have been looking at this product for a while now! I would love to use it on my kitchen cabinets. We did a kitchen remodel (kept the old cabinets) last year, no those need to be updated as well.

  270. We’re in the process of getting new house, and the kitchen is beautiful except for the horrible-looking orange oak cabinetry. I’d LOVE to paint them all white!

  271. Oh! Please, please pick me! I am planning on painting my kitchen cabinets white. I have dreamed of a white kitchen for years! Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway. It’s my favorite yet.

  272. Our kitchen cabinets are in dire need of paint… I was actually looking around today for reviews of cabinet transformations and going to talk to my DH tonight about starting the kitchen remodel. This is perfect time!

  273. I saw your blog post yesterday and am really wanting to try this out. We have old off white cabinets and I would love to spruce them up with a crisp bright white. I also have a hand-me-down dresser in our bedroom that I have been dying to paint aqua. Oh, the possibilities!!

  274. My kitchen is next on the list of upgrades. Whomever redid the kitchen last was of the measure none cut twice group and our crown molding doesn’t join up evenly. It kills me every time I am in the kitchen. I’m hoping paint will cover up most of the boo-boos.

  275. Great giveaway! I saw this at my local big box and was excited! I would make over my builder grade kitchen cabinets, which although are whitewashed, have always appeared pink! Yuck!!!

  276. I would LOVE to have one of these kits! I would use it in my Master Bathroom which has needed a makeover since we moved into our house….that was 5 years ago! It’s way overdue!

  277. The timing on this couldn’t be more perfect. We’re getting ready to redo our kitchen cabinets and I’ve been researching the best way to approach this task. Now I know! It would be AMAZING it it were free!!

  278. I just left my beautiful white kitchen cabinets when we moved and now have ugly builder honey oak cabinets. Not sure how much longer I can live here without painting them along with the ones in all 4 bathrooms and we have only been in our new house for two weeks! Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win!

  279. We need help – in our kitchen (and i’m not talking about my wife’s cooking :) )!

  280. We are getting ready to sell our house soon. I have bathroom cabinets and laundry cabinets in need of a makeover. This looks like a great product!

  281. Just bought new dishes to inspire a kitchen remodel. First stop….the cabinets.

  282. My kitchen could totally use this kind of help! My neighbor used it in her kitchen and was kind enough to let me see it when she finished and I couldn’t believe how amazing it looks! I’ve been dreaming of redoing my kitchen ever since. Rust-Oleum has a winner with this product.

  283. I would love to re-do my kitchen cabinets! Tired of the old orangy oak!

  284. I have a few small pieces of furniture that are ready for a new look. My partner wants to try to do the deed and this would make it so much easier.

  285. We just purchased out first home and I would love to use this on my master bathroom!

  286. I would use them for my kitchen. I have the exact same cabinets, so outdated! I want white cabinets like crazy.

  287. I would definitely use it on my 80s oak kitchen cabinets. Thanks for the giveaway!

  288. Talk about perfect timing! We just moved into a great rental with a pretty hideous kitchen. I’m itching to improve the small space!

  289. Oh Lordy! My kitchen cabinets are in need of some sprucing up and the linen color you chose from your mini-make over would work fabulously!

  290. Hi–I would love to re-do my laundry room cabinets!! I haven’t stopped thinking about your post yesterday. The Rust-Oleum kit sounds like it would work great to cover my dingy, yellowed, over-painted messpot of a laundry room. Maybe I could do a great stencil treatment on the walls afterwards–similar to your master makeover…hmmm. Thanks for all of the great advice!

  291. Our master bathroom cabinets are in dire need of a makeover! I would love to transform our cabinets!

  292. I’d use it in my kitchen. We have the original cabinets from 1980!

  293. I would use it in my Kitchen. The previous owners used outdoor hunter green paint on the cabnits and they are just awful.

  294. Being a newby at this i’d try it on several small pieces; 2 shelves and a bathroom cabinet.

  295. I would love to use this on some hand me down dressers for our master bedroom!!

  296. I would give it a go on my second bathroom cabinets. It’s been six years since we moved into this house and I think they need a refresher. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  297. I’d use it in our spare kitchen. Yes, spare kitchen. We have not one, buy two shabby outdated (think 60s) kitchens. The “spare kitchen” could use some major help!

  298. Im working on a budget kitchen renovation and Cabinet Transformations would be perfect to update my Oak laminate cabinets!!

  299. Our kitchen cabinets are beyond horrible. They definitely need a transformation! Seriously, I have nightmares about them.

  300. First I would start off with my kitchen & then continue on & do my bathrooms. What an awesome giveaway! Thank you!

  301. Kitchen cabinets in our house that was built in 1982. Original wood and finish sure could use an update!

    Thank you!
    Teresa T.

  302. Hello again!

    You were kind enough to respond to my question about our 90’s fab cabinets and a mini kitchen makeover for a ‘Nw beach house look’ a couple if months ago. We started our project a few weeks ago and wish I’d known about this product! We’re essentially doing exactly what you did to your little kitchen, only we’re painting our large kitten and have had to paint 4 coats ( two primer, two paint). It has been a chore!! I was telling my hubby that when we’re done with the kitchen we should paint the bathroom cabinets too, and got a big eye roll as a response! Maybe winning a product like this would convince him we can do it since the cost would be amazing (free) and there’s less painting involved!

  303. I would use it on my kitchen cabinets in my tiny apartment that I am renting during medical school…it’s a major work in progress :)

  304. Where do I start? I’d want to use it on every oak cabinet in my house! kitchen and master bathroom for sure!

  305. Our kitchen and bathroom cabinets need to be done! We have done the whole shebang before and this seems like it would be a whole lot easier than taking the power sander to everything!

  306. I would love to try this on my mom’s kitchen cabinets. She has lived in the same house for more than 20 years with the SAME dark kitchen. It would be so fun to do a make-over for her – and it would make a HUGE difference!!! Crossing my fingers!!

  307. My kitchen is in desperate need of a makeover. White cabinets and off white laminate counter tops really don’t go well together.

  308. I would love to use it to update my parents kitchen cabinets. I think after 24 years its time for a new look! :)

  309. I would use it on the kitchen cabinets-they are soooo dark and it would be a great change! Thanks!

  310. I’m moving into my first house at the end of the month and would love to update the kitchen cabinets to the glossy white. It’ll open up the space and make it feel like the ceilings are higher.

  311. My parents rent out a house and when the current tenants move out we’d like to paint the cabinets. I’d love to update the counters too! This giveaway would be great!

  312. Kitchen cabinets! We are working on picking out a new color palette for the kitchen & living room right now.

  313. I’ve been eyeballing this for a few months, and once I saw your kitchen makeover, it’s a total must-do! My kitchen needs some serious help!!

  314. My yet to be owned by me kitchen – I am trying to sell my house in NorCal and then hopefully buying one soon in San Diego – and I already know I won’t like the kitchen cabinets :-) but I’m not afraid of a makeover!

  315. Just tweeted your giveaway! Hope I can put this to good use in my kitchen!!

  316. I linked to you on facebook, but I’ll have to figure out how to go back and tag you as well :)

  317. I’d definitely use it in my bathroom and maybe the kitchen… if I work up the nerve. LOL

  318. I would use it on my kitchen cabinets! Perhaps this would convince my husband that they need painted! thanks for the giveaway!

  319. I would love to win and use this to transform my builder-grade oak kitchen cabinets!! Thank you Kate!

  320. Oh, I have a yellowy Oak table in desperate need of refinishing :) And my kitchen cabinets, and a couple of doors, and the list goes on and on!

  321. I would definitely use it in my kitchen. We just bought a house that was built in the 60’s and the cabinets have never been updated. We’re talking pink formica countertops & hideous cabinets. We don’t have the funds for a whole kitchen remodel right now so it would be wonderful to win this kit. Thanks for the chance to win.

  322. When gasping over your mini kitchen transformation (yes, it really DID make it look like a bigger kitchen) I was wondering if this kit would work on furniture! I have a HUGEmongous dresser from the 70’s. It’s not too wide but almost as long as the bed it came with. Like I said, hugemongous. Despite that fault it has some nice structure, but seems to be super thickly coated in ugly 70’s stain that was then speckled with whatever. How I would love to paint it! I think this kit might be my saving grace.

  323. Yay! I was checking this out at Lowe’s the other day! I could totally use this in my bathroom where someone crappily painted the cabinets white and they need some serious sprucing up. Pick me pick me!!

  324. I would redo My 1969 kitchen cabinets. The design of them works, if they could just be something besides brown. Also, I’m hoping ot would hide the years of wear, At least to some extent!

  325. I would not know where to start in my older home with oak cabinets thoughout. I think I would start small in the bathrooms.

  326. I would love to win one of these kits. I would use them on my 1960’s outdated bathroom cabints. They really need it bad!

  327. I’d use it to refresh all the cabinets in my house! When we bought our house, all of our countertops/sinks were different. It was basically “upgraded” in the cheapest way possible. Can’t wait to completely redo everything!

  328. My kitchen cabinets are the pits. Would love a transformation. Your mini kitchen makeover is “beast” as my granddaughter says. (means very good)

  329. I have wanted to try this ever since I saw this on her blog. I have my kitchen and laundry room cabinets that would be so happy to have a new face!

  330. I would use it to redo my bathroom cabinets. My cabinets have been really “well loved” in the past. It would be great to give them new life.

  331. I am so excited about this giveaway! I was going to look into having my very 80’s kitchen cabinets repainted, but with this kit I could save so much money and do it myself!

  332. We’ve been wanting to redo our kitchen for years and are just about to make the leap. Thanks for hosting the giveaway!

  333. I would use it on my kitchen cabinets. We painted them, but they don’t have that glossy-brand-new look I’m going for. Does that even make sense? I thought of using the kit to begin with, but didn’t want to spend the money.

  334. This is a great giveaway! I have been wanting to do my flesh (!!) colored kitchen cabinets for so long, but was not sure the best way to proceed and make it a quality job – this looks like a winner! Would love to try this!

  335. I think I’d give it a try on my bathroom vanity’s. They are a bit dated and this sounds like a fun project!

  336. I would use the kit for our kitchen. When we moved in to this house the previous owners made everything white – the floors, walls, carpet, trim work, kitchen cabinets – everything. We’ve gotten lots of color where we could and where it didn’t cost too much, but I would love darker cabinets in the kitchen. Thanks for hosting the give away.

  337. I’m getting ready to redo my kitchen but can’t afford new cabinets.

  338. Oh wow! I just learned about this product from your post yesterday. I’m so interested and would use it on my kitchen cabinets…I’ve been wanting to make them over for a while but have not been looking forward to the long process. This product makes it look far simpler than I was anticipating. I’m totally crossing my fingers!!!!

  339. My kitchen NEEDS a makeover. I slapped a quick layer of paint over the dark cabinets and ’60’s era wallpaper when I moved in and now the paint is peeling off of the cabinets. I’m ready to do it right this time!

  340. Nice giveaway. Both bathrooms and the kitchen could use some updating. I would probably start in the master bath, to gain some experience with this product.

  341. My kitchen! I’m in the middle of finishing up many undone projects to get my house ready to put on the market. Your blog has inspired me to keep at it!

  342. I would love to redo my 50 year old kitchen cabinets. They are in desperate need of a makeover. I’d also like to try this product on some hand-me-down bedroom furniture.

  343. I would love to try this in the kitchen of the new home we just bought!

  344. I would love to work on my kitchen cabinets. I have wanted to do a make over for about 10 years so if I win my dear hubby can not object. Dianntha

  345. I would use it on my kitchen cabinets that I am desperately wanting to makeover!

  346. Oh my goodness do I need this! We recently moved into a new house and the kitchen cabinets are painted pink, like pepto pink! Who does that?!

  347. My daughter would LOVE if I redid her vanity – it’s about 60 years old and she’s not fond of the current color. I have a couple of side tables that I’d like to transform as well. Thanks for the opportunity to enter…. now back to making a wedding cake!

  348. How fun! I would definitely redo my honey oak kitchen cabinets. We just took our house off the market after 15 months and have decided to live in it for a while longer, so my dreams of a new white kitchen were crushed for a while, but I could revive them using this product on our current house! :)

  349. We’re planning a Master Bath reno and we’ve decided to try and paint the vanity instead of replacing it. This kit would be perfect!!

  350. It would have to be in our kitchen. I keep thinking about re-doing it, but new cabinetry is not in our budget for the forseeable future.

  351. My Kitchen is in dire need of a re-do and I have totally been eye-ing these kits! They look fab!

  352. We have a horrible oak bathroom vanity that is begging to be made over!

  353. I would use it in my kitchen. I have been longing for white cabinets.

  354. We need a kitchen cabinet face lift so bad! I would definitely use it there.

  355. Our kitchen cabinets were (badly) painted years ago and chipping terribly. They are begging for this….

  356. I would use this product on my horrible 70’s kitchen cabinets that have been refaced once and are now an ugly 80’s fake oak finish…

  357. My parents have a very small bathroom and a kitchen with very few cabinets. They have been saying for years how much they would love to update both. I would probably be able to stretch the one kit to makeover both for them!

  358. I would love to re-do my kitchen. I have dated oak cabinets from the early ’90s with mauve (yes, I said mauve) counter tops. My kitchen is truly awful!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this!

  359. I would love to re-do my kitchen cabinets. I did them (very poorly) about two years ago and am dying to do them right this time!

  360. Oh man, I’d be using this on my horrid kitchen cabinets AND bathroom vanity. They need updating badly. Dark 70’s. Depressing.

  361. Bathroom in need of a mini makeover:check.
    Little to no money because I’m saving up for the school clothes that my 4 school age children need will be needing in 8 short weeks:check.
    Awesome giveaway here to save the day: check!!!

  362. My grainy oak kitchen cabinets are begging for a beautiful white transformation!

  363. I have a really ugly kitchen. It needs a face lift!! I absolutely loved your mini-make-over!

  364. Would love to redo our kitchen cabinets- we tried painting them a soft grey but they turned out more of a purple – this is just what we need!