A Summer List

By Kate Riley June 1, 2011

It’s June, at last!  I love this month so much.  June is when we celebrate graduates and Dads, and when the kids gleefully bust out of the doors of their school with such vigor and excitement for the weeks of fun ahead.  I love how all of a sudden the days of summer seem to run into one another.  When you can’t remember what you did yesterday or the day before unless you really think hard about it.

Other than a few home improvement projects here and there, I plan to spend my summer days at home investing myself in the following activities at a very leisurely pace (images courtesy of my latest source of inspiration, Pinterest).   


summer list


This summer I will  . . .

bake with summer fruit font

blackberry tart



ride the carousel



linger by a fire



make up stories

children in tent


go barefoot font

barefoot in park


grill a lot

grilled chicken


dine alfresco

alfresco globe lights


drink iced tea

lemonade iced tea





fresh flowers font



enjoy them font

enjoy them


adopt ideas

abcs of happiness


tweet less font

tweet less

mostly just

be happy

Yes, that about sums it up. 

What about you? What’s on your summer list?

Are you on Pinterest?


*all images via Pinterest, click image for source.




  1. Lovely pictures and very true words.

    I think pinterest sounds like a really good service, but their “request an invite”-policy really annoys me. It’s been around for a while so it is not a brand new, beta service and I think the invitation-policy just gives a feeling that not everybody is welcome rather than a feeling of exclusivity.

  2. Hi Kate,

    I recently signed onto Pinterest. I love all of the visual inspirations. The pictures and idea’s…It amazes me all the talent that is out there. I find it very motivating. I also find it comforting that there are so many who enjoy being creative too!

    Have a great day!
    Happy June!!
    P.S. New Patio = Knock out!
    All the best, Christine

  3. I’m already into that lazy, hazy summer….and your list sounds right on, so I’ll just “borrow” yours!
    Have fun!

  4. What a great post. I love summer vacation. I will be starting my 2 1/2 months off next Friday. My sister and I are already coming up with our list of things to do. Ahhh!

  5. Just started with Pinterest last week. It is just what I needed to keep all of my ideas in one place.

  6. Kate,
    I just love your blog! It’s one of the first things I check in the morning and the last thing at night! Thanks for all you do!

  7. O yes, I am on Pinterest! I love it! Soooo much inspiration! I’ve also recently found CraftGawker. It’s an app for ipods and somewhat similar to pinterest, only it just has pics of crafts. It’s so inspirational!!

  8. Love your summer list! I am a teacher, so I am counting down the days till I am free to do some of those things! :)

    I just came across your blog the other day and I am in love with it!!! You do so many amazing things that I can only hope I might try one day.

    Also, I heart Pinterest – so much creativity on there! I kind of agree with Ever above though … it seems kind of exclusive and I had to find someone I knew who already had it, because when I requested an invite from the site itself, it was taking weeks!

  9. Great list! I love the ABCs…those are great. Especially “accept your reality.” I am on Pinterest, but I haven’t used it yet. :s I’m really not sure how it works. I guess I need to re-read the couple of tutorials I’ve seen online. I keep getting emails saying people are following my pins, so I guess I need to find some pins for them to look at. ;)

  10. Oh Pinterest…..as if I needed a new way to spend too much time online. I’m totally addicted!

  11. LOVELY LOVELY SUMMER MOMENTS! I can’t get enough pinterest either (I actually have to stop myself from staying there for too long!) I’m heading over to check out your pins & would love to have you swing by for a visit if you have a moment (or two!) wink – http://pinterest.com/northernc/

  12. I love the photos and love Pinterest. You can find me there for hours. There is so much inspiration there. I am so loving that summer is here in Southern California. I like your list and might do few of the things myself.

  13. I’ll be here in Virginia drinking sweet tea while you drink yours in California. Cheers!

    I’m on Pinterest but for the life of me can’t figure out how to connect anything to it. I. am. technologically. challenged.

    But the rest of life is fun!

  14. Oh yeah, Pinterest! I love that site but now I never get anything done (except feed my creative soul :-).

  15. Ah.. Pinterest. I even have the app on my phone so I can waste time away from the computer as well as on!!! I love your summer list though most of them would require much better weather than we’ve yet to have.

  16. Just got my invitation to join pinterest this morning!! Can’t wait to get to it some night this week!!!

  17. Ahhhck – did I miss the link where I can follow your boards? I’d love to see what gems you find. Heather

  18. I love a list … too bad I’m such a procrastinator that things don’t get crossed off as quickly as I’d like. But I do have to share that you were an inspiration as I completed my first big furniture refinishing project. (Whew — finally checked it off the list!) Your tutorials are great! I gave you a shout-out on my reveal post:


    Oh, and yes, I’m on Pinterest too. And it doesn’t help with my procrastination inclinations. http://pinterest.com/procrastinating/

  19. I’m a big fan of Pinterest… spent too much time on there last night! Love your list… cheers to a great summer!

  20. This post changed my whole mood this afternoon – thank you! I’m a big fan of Pinterest too though go weeks without pinning anything!

  21. Food (well, pictures) for the soul. Thanks for the reminder to remember to enjoy life instead of living by a to do list of chores…

  22. Such a lovely summery list . . . I am off to make my own.

    I have joined pininterest . . . but havn’t figured out how to use it yet. Best put that on my summer list.


  23. Sounds so funny hearing about summer and kids running free in June. We do that in January here in Oz (which obviously sounds foreign to you!) Have just began our winter, so open fires and kids not running free! Enjoy the beginning of your summer – hope you get to tick lots off your summer list.

  24. Sweet post…really made me smile even though we’re expecting a tornado now in MASSACHUSETTS!!! Just got on Pinterest — addicted for sure

  25. Fabulous list! Really hits home, especially “appreciating them while they’re little.” It’s hard to slow down and appreciate them when you work full time, have dishes in the sink, laundry is piling up, etc…!

    Lovely photos, too. I am on Pinterest, and I’m hooked.

  26. Yes – enjoy them while they’re still little – I plan to do the same! Tennis is also on my list – as in learn to play :)

  27. This is a bit after-the-fact BUT I had been waiting for weeks for Pinterest and then I happened upon theor Facebook page. I noticed people requesting to be added there and random people were inviting newbies like me to help speed up the process! I am finally on Pinterest after waiting about 15 minutes for a kind Pinterest member to add me. Try that!

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