BOTB 5.22.11

By Kate Riley May 22, 2011

Happy weekend all, Abi and I rounded up some fun links for you in our continuing ‘Best of the Blogosphere’ series.  Here are a few great posts from this past week, we hope you enjoy them all!

Mom of three Jenny of Little Green Notebook shares her favorite product for cleaning upholstery and removing stains from furniture.

flolex remove stains lgnHolly at Decor8 and her friend Tinna created this porch space in a day, how cozy is this spot for weekend lounging?

decor8 porch

Is your little girl growing up too fast?  There’s no stopping that, but you can repurpose her dress into a shirt to reuse it another season, Ashley of Make It and Love It shows us how.

dress into shirt



Cristin of Simplified Bee created this Martha inspired ribbon chandelier for her daughter’s celebration, so sweet!

ribbon chandy simpilified bee

For all those vases or containers, Landeelu at Landee See, Landee Do shows you how to make some unique fillers with (who would have thought?) thumbtacks, Styrofoam balls and a little paint.

thumbtack bowl fillers

Mrs. Devore created her own $5 dollar iPhone cover at Dwellings by Devore in several styles, and she tells you just how she did it!

iphone cover

Brook at All Things Thrifty designed this mirror and her hub cut it with a jigsaw, loving the octagonal pattern and color !

mirror all things thrifty

Jennifer of Balancing Beauty and Bedlam shares her insight on how to save money on food on vacation including a tip about bringing it with you.

botb bringing food on vacay  blancing beauty and bedlam

Stacy at Not Just a Housewife spray painted her kitchen cabinets with RustOleum’s Heirloom White!  Fantastic results too, see how she did it.

spray painted cabinets notjustahousewife

Well well well, fancy this.  You can paint your own Ikat fabric then reupholster your dining room chairs, just like Elizabeth at The Mustard Ceiling.

ikat painted fabric

Ana never ceases to amaze, this time she’s drawn us plans for a folding sling chair, simple enough for anyone to build in an afternoon.

sling chair beach ana white

After this week’s Blogger mishap, are you thinking about making the move to WordPress?  The SITS girls tackled this topic this week.  Is it time for a change?  Here are the common mistakes to avoid.

move to wordpress sits girls

Aren’t these ladies all so very talented?

Which project or post is your favorite?

If you’d like your latest project considered for this series, be sure to send it our way to [email protected]

Thanks so very much Abi for helping me round up some amazing inspiration from this week, be sure to hop over to say hello to Abi at her blog Gadding Gal!

Have a fantastic Sunday y’all !!



  1. Love this roundup! I just moved from Blogger to WordPress this week myself… and was interested in the articles you mentioned. However, the common mistakes link leads to Ana White’s site… would you mind updating the link to lead to this article? Thanks!

  2. Ok…let’s try this again…did not mean to post the above….;-<

    My fingers got the best of me……

    Love your featured projects, especially the cozy porch and the cool cleaning tips. I have been bringing home so many great upholstered pieces from my Salvation Macy's and this will come in handy.

    I do however need to play the role of negative Nellie for just a moment.
    I was really taken a back by the photo of the gal spray painting her cabinet doors.

    That picture is a poster for how to use spray paint with no regard for her own health or safety.
    No shoes…no gloves…no mask…spraying on a windy day…REALLY!!!!

    For her own health, she needs to read the back of that can. I only pray she did not toss it in the trash when empty.
    I know I am supposed to abide by some unwritten blogging code that says "Thou shalt not cast a negative comment" but lately I have been noticing a disturbing trend among us DIY'ers.
    I am seeing more and more using very toxic and unsafe products for little craft projects. With no regard for the environmental side effects (Muratic acid to etch mirrors!!).

    I am all in favor for innovative crafting, but we need to be very aware of where all the residual products end up…ground water, air or worse, our skin and lungs.

    Pardon my ranting and I apologize in advance if I have offended anyone. I just want us all to be responsible and leave behind a clean world for our children to create in.

    Janet xox

    PS…thanks Kate and Abi for sharing these blogs with us

  3. Wow, would have never thought a little paint and thumbtacks could make such a cute vase filler!

  4. I actually think Janets rant holds a lot of merit, I am glad she brought that to our attention. I am guilty of it myself, and I can always feel it in my lungs and eyes when I don’t take the proper precautions. Makes you wonder what the long term effects are… But on a lighter note, I love this series, keep up the good work.

  5. Ah, thanks for including the ribbon chandelier. It was easy and inexpensive to make and really added fun color to the table.


    … off to check out the iphone cover!

  6. Totally in LOVE with that iphone cover! Perfect timing since my college age dd & I are getting iphones in this next week or 2 and I’ve wanted one of those expensive covers since the moment I saw it. Now, I could make my own & change it whenever I want! ♥♥♥
    If anyone knows how to make the monogram part or a place on the web with monograms, I would love to hear it!
    Thanks for the gorgeous round up of ideas!

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