The GSC, Are You a Member?

By Kate Riley April 5, 2011

The other day a series of tweets went around on a very serious subject, one that is near and dear to my heart.  There is a dangerous illness sweeping the nation, and it is a grave problem.  I’m warning you, if you ever get bit by this bug, it is unlikely that you will recover. 

Here’s a real world example.  It seems my friend Lakeitha was shopping the Goodwill, and she was struck by a sudden case of what shall now be dubbed ‘Goodwill Stashing’.  Allow me to illustrate.  The conversation began like this. 

To which I replied,

Quickly more chimed in.

To which Lakeitha replied,

Then I joked,

But this really is no laughing matter. 

I’m sure there are many husbands or partners all across this land, scratching their heads, wondering what is going on with these thrifting addicts?  Yes, it is an addiction brought on by the lure of the hunt and the thrill of the score.  It is a severe illness, and it is spreading rapidly.  It is affecting homes, families, storage closets, and mostly garages.  It’s ‘Goodwill Stashing’, and it’s time we bring this issue out of the closet, for lack of a better pun.   

In the past, I had a far more serious case than I do today.  There was a time when my husband couldn’t even park in our garage, I had so many thrifted finds stashed in there.  He would say to me week after week, ‘Darling, dearest love, could you please explain to me over this perfect martini I’ve mixed for you what your amazing plans are for all of these dusty treasures?”   Actually, it was more like, “For God’s sake woman, what the bloody hell is all of this doing in my parking spot!”   Perhaps it takes a cold but direct comment to address the true problem. 

I had to admit, I did have issues.  To cajole my beloved, I bought some time by fixing up a few of those pieces, and then donated the rest.  Through time, intense therapy, and promises to never do it again, I have *kind of* curbed my problem.  As of today, there are only two thrift store finds in my garage awaiting a makeover.  Now I mostly thrift vicariously, tweeting all the amazing finds I see but (mostly) resisting with all my might the desire to bring them home. 

There is this gorgeous mirror which I scored for $15 bucks, and I completely love, but I am on the fence whether to paint it.  I want to hang in in my foyer above the tall highboy dresser, but if I don’t paint it, then it’s just wood, wood, and more wood in that particular spot.  I like the idea of a little contrast and a ‘distressed French gray and white’ treatment, kind of like this:

Then there is this uber tufted velvet chair, which I see in a modern geometric (like this Annie Selke fabric that I just ordered) and silver leaf on the legs.  Less tufting, better fabric, and it will be gorgeous, right?  Perfect for my master bathroom vanity. 

Do you see a little something at a thrift store and think, ‘Oooh, the potential, great deal!”  Then do you drag it home and let it sit in your storage space, staring at it, wondering what it could become?  Well my friend, you need to join The Club. 

The Goodwill Stash Club. 

My situation could be worse, but I have taken action lately.  I’m determined that if I actually convert the stashed item as quickly as possible, I am on my way to a cure. 

I found this little magazine stand at a local thrift store for $20 bucks, and had to have it.  How could I pass it up?  It was the perfect size for my reading chair in the family room.  A little spray paint (Rust-Oleum’s ‘Night Tide’ in Gloss) and voila!  A perfect glossy peacock blue stand to stash ’His’ newspapers and ‘Her’ magazines. 

Then there is this sweet little rustic folding table I found for $4 dollars and freshened by dry brushing on some sea green paint.  It’s perfect for a mini tabletop for those impromptu picnics at the nearby coast , or as an outdoor perch for seasonal blooms.  It sits indoors today, but I will eventually make its way outside. 

What about you, are you afflicted?  Should you be in The Goodwill Stash Club?  Raise your hands in the air if you think you should be a member!   Fantastic.  I knew there were a lot of you.

What thrift store finds are hiding in your dark corners, awaiting a little magic?  Go on, tell your story.  We’re all listening.




  1. Awesome, I’m in.

    I recently bought a front door…an 8-foot tall, rounded at the top, incredibly beautiful, incredibly heavy, from a house built in the 1800’s. The upside is that it even came with the door frame, so we won’t have to hire a contractor to build one. (Score!) The downside is that we currently rent, so we have no home in which to install the door. But, by God, I HAD. TO. HAVE. THAT. DOOR.

    Next to the door is a myriad of furniture that I’ll refinish “when I have time”. (read: when pigs fly)

    My husband is a patient, patient man. :)

  2. Don’t tell my husband… Um, well, actually he probably already knows.
    Add my name to the list. I have a huge 5 ft by 5 ft window out there to do something with. ;)

  3. Not only can we not get a car in our garage….but the only standing room is about 2ftx2ft right inside the door. The good news is that I will be cleaning up all my goodies and turning the garage into a “shop” soon!!

  4. I guess you could say I’m a recovering member of GSC. We had the best Goodwill when I lived in the Seattle area. But our Goodwill where I live now is tiny and not very good. :( Luckily I furnished a good part of my home with my finds and still have them today. Although I’m still kicking myself for passing up those chairs last time I was there two years ago.

  5. Well I guess I should be an honorary member. Well maybe no. I have done pretty great about NOT buying things that I don’t need.


    Nevermind. I just remember the only storage closet I have to my apartment is filled to the brim with lamps and pictures and canvasses and mirrors and this and that. OH man. I think I am in trouble right about now.

    Oh well I guess I have a few people to join me in the club.

    Always Always
    Rashon aka Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  6. I wish I could join the club! :o( but can you believe there are not furniture Goodwill or any other kind here in Guatemala! :o( And I have searched high and low. It depresses me, because I have seen the amazing transformations, and superb additions one could have at home for very low prices, and made with your own hands. It’s a pity. I have found on two occasions only, two pieces of furniture that I did manage to fix and are now part of my house, but that was it. So unfair!!!…If there were Goodwill furniture stores, though, I am thinking I would be part of your club. And international club it would have to be!! :o))
    Greetings from sunny Guatemala!
    Claudia @

  7. Does it count if my stash is kept in the basement instead of the garage and that I can only frequent (and I mean frequent…) the Salvation Army since we have no Goodwill here? If so, count me in too, please. :)

  8. I want to join the club… But I don’t stash things… I don’t have anywhere to stash them! We don’t have a garage or any extra rooms!!

  9. Unfortunately I feel that my local Goodwill never has any treasures and the prices actually seem kind of high (Southern California). Craigslist is a different story though! So many great dressers out there and I’ve probably bought half of them. Also, I recently found a beautiful cane/velvet tufted chair for free as well as 8 matching chippendale chairs (almost identical to the Jonathan Adler version) for $450. Did I need new dining chairs? No. Could I pass up this find? Also no. Both cars are now sitting in the driveway. :)

  10. I’m thinking we all need to band together and sue Charilie Brown…if it wasn’t for him fixing up that sad llittle Christmas tree I don’t think we would all feel responsible for every ugly thing out there to make it better…

  11. Um, let’s just say that I had to start taking a new route on my way home to avoid all the Goodwills! Oh, but there is no room for a car in our garage. At all. Not even a little Barbie Jeep would fit..

  12. I feel you on this one! I think I may have this problem more with Home Goods though. Sad part is though after seeing these beautiful finds you have I think I need to go out and find a magazine stand and mirror like what you posted… You’ll find me at my local thrift shop (and then stashing in my garage) soon.

  13. Ha! This is so funny. I just picked up an antique upholstered (stained) bench and it’s sitting on the porch. Hubby was definitely confused. I need to find better hiding places…

  14. Hey Vivienne, we joked about tee shirts, but jackets sound good too!

    And Vivian, the addiction does extend to Craigslist! It’s that thrill of the hunt that gets us all in trouble!

    Yes Lianne, the Salvation Army is equally to blame for our illness.


  15. Are you kidding me? I have this **so** bad. I have stuff stashed in the garage and the basement. I have a $12 chandelier getting spray painted in the basement right now, just about ready to get hung in my half bath.

    I’d have a hard time finding one “newly purchased” item in my daughter’s bedroom. OK–all that fabric. That was new.

    However, if there’s a cure, I don’t know I want it! :)

  16. *raises hand*

    I have a coffee table, an end table, and another coffee table that will become an entertainment console. And two brass lamps…. and a nightstand.

    Umm… a bookshelf too? Typing all this out makes me realize that I really do have a problem.

  17. Charter member here! I have my goods stashed all over the house and basement. Be careful when you open a closet door–everything just waiting for warmer weather so I can work outside. My daughters have inherited this illness also…

  18. I’m with you ladies. The Beast Chair I picked up for FREE from Craigslist a while back is still sitting half maimed in my living room…it has been there for at least 2 months!!! It is a constant reminder to me, and my husband, that I tend to bite off a bit more than I can chew.

    Ladies, while we’re at it…pop on over to LBR to enter my GIVEAWAY so you can buy more things on the cheap!! Hint…Homes, Food, and all things Frugal!! :)

  19. Oh thank goodness. I thought it was just me. My treasures end up in the basement, and have slowly started encroaching on valuable real estate down there…

    I will say I come by it honestly. My parents took be to auctions starting when I was 6 months old. And when I taught in North Carolina I had a booth at a local antique mall for some side income. Let’s just say it’s hard to pass up a good find, even though I now live in Philly with no side business in sight.

    “My name is Carrie, and I’m a thrift store addict…”

    When’s our first meeting???

  20. Hello, my name is Jessica and I’m a member of the GSC.


    Our attic is the sorry home for all these soon-to-be-treasurers, no need to show a pic, imagine a huge unfinished room half full of stuff, the waiting room of thrift items!

    And the funny part is I don’t even have to hide them from my husband, they are in plain sight and he doesn’t notice. Or maybe he’s just ignoring them :-)

  21. Count me in too! Although I have to say most of the time I am so excited to work on my next project, they usually do not stay in storage for very long!

  22. I am totally a member!

    I even get my husband to go pick stuff up for me when I’m out of town. Like what happened this past week:

    Email to husband: subject: I think this is totally cute. email: Craigslist URL

    Text from husband: “so you want me to go get that?”

    Text to husband: “Um, only if you want to… I just really like it” (it was a cute cane back upholstered chair for $10!!)

    Text a few days later, right before I came home: “I picked up that chair you wanted, FYI”

    I’ve currently got two such chairs waiting transformations in my dining room, and an adorable telephone bench to reupholster and paint sitting in the living room. They don’t even stay in the garage! And I craved two other pieces of furniture on Craigslist just this morning…

  23. Yup! I can join that club! But add Craigslist to that title! I have a kitchen table and a vintage lingerie chest. My husband says “NO MORE!”….but don’t tell him i’m making a pit stop at GW after i drop the kids of a their grandmas today! Eek! And LOVE that chair! My GW NEVER has anything that fabulous!

  24. Count me in too. We have no garage, so our cars are parked outside already. But the entire front porch is covered by furniture awaiting it’s makeover day. Not sure where I will put other furniture when I buy it to make-over, but that won’t sotp me!!!!

  25. Oh yeah, I’m totally in trouble if my hubs actually “looks” in the garage. You should do a party-link post where everyone shows what they bought from Goodwill and are hiding in the garages! ha ha!
    Lila Ferraro

  26. Oh, I definitely need to be a member of the GSC. I have so many pieces of furniture stashed right now, that it’s a little embarrassing. My husband is probably going to have a coniption soon. One good thing for me though is that this stash of mine has turned into a little business. I just started Gilly Grey {refurbished finds} and am turning my pile of furniture into profit. So good to know that I’m not the only one with this problem though. I say long live the GSC!


  27. Oh, I definitely need to be a member of the GSC. I have so many pieces of furniture stashed right now, that it’s a little embarrassing. My husband is probably going to have a coniption soon. One good thing for me though is that this stash of mine has turned into a little business. I just started Gilly Grey {refurbished finds} and am turning my pile of furniture into profit. So good to know that I’m not the only one with this problem though. I say long live the GSC!


  28. Garage Sales. Flea Markets. Thrift Stores. Where does it all go? Two 8×12 Sheds with a roofed porch – full, basement large room – mostly full (has a walking in path). Sounds like hoarding?

    Problem is I’m a reseller with 3 booths. Other problem DH buys old ‘needs to be fixed furniture and it sits and piles and sits and grows. Some of our consignee’s bring over large furniture (that will NOT resell but I was too ‘kind’ to refuse) and leave it in my garage. It goes on an on and some days I feel desperate. I have been putting furniture and ‘stuff’ out front for FREE. Sometimes I break up the furniture no one takes and is not good enough to donate (or is too heavy or big for me to move). I take unusable bits to the recycling dump. If I didn’t buy it and I am not going to put it my my booths I donate. I recycle. I give away. I panic sometimes.

    I have been talking to other booth dealers and a few of them are in the same place I am – too much stuff, looked great or we liked it, but no ones buys that type of ‘stuff’ now.

    I have not yet found a solution that solves the problems of DH bought it, and was once a popular (any huge number of things) and no one wants to buy it now.

  29. Parking in the garage? Ha!

    Try walking through the garage.

    Or, walking through the back porch. And you know those perfectly neat boxes stacked in the bedroom, and the ones in the hallway. Yep, those too.

  30. Ha Ha Sign me UP! but I think we need to take it a step further and add The Salvation Army, yard sales and local salvage centers as well. All of these places know me by name! Does Petaluma still have that great goodwill they used to have? I havent been there in a year or so.

  31. You know I am afflicted with this dreaded disease. It’s worse than some sort of zombie apocalypse, b/c blogging seems to only bring out the symptoms and spread it even more! ;) The worst thing is that I don’t have a garage or a basement, so my thrift store sideboard is still sitting, not made over, in my dining room b/c it’s been to cold/snowy/rainy to paint it.

    I am soooo guilty of snatching up great finds at yard sales or thrift shops with the best intentions of working some magic on them…but it doesn’t always happen right away. I am learning (trying!!) to just say no!

    I still think this club needs t-shirts. ;) ;)

  32. I’m confused. It is my understanding that Goodwill was for lower income buyers to purchase items they otherwise might not afford. The idea of things being scooped up “cheap” and then sitting in a garage while waiting for inspiration,it a bit disconcerting to me. Isn’t that what great yard sales and flea market finds are for?

  33. Hey Tammi, yes it does, but my two real favorites are the St. Vincent de Paul in Rohnert Park and the Sack’s Hospice on Liberty, they always have great furniture!

  34. Hey Alison, I understand your concern. It’s all fair game, flea markets, yard sales, Craigslist and thrift stores. The idea is that these items are not ending up in landfills so it benefits the environment, the money goes to the charity behind the thrift store, and people of all income levels, needy to modest, have access to affordable second hand goods.

  35. I just emailed this link to my husband, and titled it “See??? I’m not the only one!”

  36. I recently found a warehouse which resells hotel furniture after they remodel. It was amazing. My heart was racing. The vendor was surprised at the number of items that I bought. My husband, on the other hand, began singing the theme song from Sanford and Son. In the end my husband is supportive but shakes his head each time he must stepover one of my many projects. I was born to junk. It’s a curse (blessing) from my mother. She had great vision.

  37. I am standing up loud and proud to be part of the club. It really did make me smile to think that I am not alone out there. And that my dear husband isn’t the only one that thinks his wife is nuts about it. I just want to open a store where people can donate their used stuff – I can transform it and give it to another home – is that too much to ask :)

    Oh – just read the comment above me – totally agree with Kelly – I am sending this link to my husband to tell him that I am not alone!

  38. I may not buy a bunch of stuff at Goodwill, but my husband certainly makes fun of me for my obsession with painting things. I’m sure he thinks I’m nuts…

  39. Yikes! I am definitely guilty of this and it does not just stop at GW… I have the best intentions for all the goodies I store, but am just not that quick to put my ideas into action. I recently made a deal that I would not bring anything else home until I completed the thrifty finds projects that are currently awaiting makeovers. It was a deal, but not a promise!

  40. I can start the Fla chapter!!! Sometimes I just get the urge to thrift..and I must have my fix!!

  41. @Bri- my husband thinks that i would paint him and the kids given the chance..if only they would stand still long enough…

  42. Hey Kate,
    My Goodwill is not so great here in Virginia, however my Salvation Macy’s ROCKS!!!!
    My big problem now that since I have learned to sew slipcovers (thanks to Shelley, Miss Mustard Seed and Pink & Polka Dot) I feel the need to fill my home with thirsted sofas and chairs…HELP ME!!!!

    We are going to need a 12 step program for this addiction ;-<

    Janet xox

  43. I knew there were people like me out there…I feel like I’m coming home just reading this post! I am a hoarder…and I’m ok with it. There was actually a day that I drove to the same Goodwill TWICE in one day. That, my friends, is a problem! ;)

  44. I guess you can say I’m guilty as charged. I try to stay away because I can always find something to lug home!!


  45. Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. My name is Valerene Matthews and I’m a Trash Addict.

    Actually my husband is just as guilty for collecting trash for ME to prettify! seen in these posts:

    We do not have Craigslist or Goodwill around here but I have collected from the curbside a window frame, wooden posts, a makeshift wooden ladder, a large trellis of some sort, a broken oval-shaped wooden frame, a hubcab (!) and a rocking horse (!!).

    I’m leaving TA (Trash Anonymous) cos all they do is talk and joining GSC. At least we huff and puff and heave and ho!

  46. Ummmmm, yes, I can totally relate! My problem is that I don’t have a garage so all of my finds get stashed in my guest room awaiting their transformation. Its getting a bit crowded in there!


  47. Oh I’ve got it BAD!!! my sister and I found a stash of card catalogs this weekend while out thrifting. We both almost peed our pants!!!

  48. I was ashamed to admit this out loud until I tripped over this article. Now I can hold my head up high again. Thank you so much for bringing this to attention. YES!! YES..I have the GSC disease and I am not ashamed!!

  49. Haha, this post made me laugh. I’ve only brought home a handful of goodwill items…my rule is it has to have a ‘home’ before it gets to mine! I only have one small thing that I bought for my parents home to redo and then decided I didn’t know if it went with their decor or not. I do attempt to only stop by goodwill though when I’m driving by…it’s too tempting! Thanks for the smile :-).

  50. I have a similar problem. I love thrifting vintage china, knick knacks, girls dresses…my list goes on. I buy them with the intention of selling least that’s what I tell husband.

    My biggest problem is curb shopping! People throw away amazing furniture. I’m mostly obsesses with chairs. I have a few I need to paint and upholster before they end up in the garbage.

  51. I am completely guilty of this. I had a coffee table, chandelier, nighstand and six dining chairs that needed to be completed. My husband is constantly asking when I’ll get the time to finish them all and has “banned” me from making anymore purchases. So I still check out the stores and come home with cute little items instead that he won’t notice. hehe

  52. soooooo……where do I order my shirt? lol

    my husband needs a support network, anyway we can get the significant others together?

  53. I call it “Goodwill Hunting”…haha, get it? Ok seriously, I am not quite in the club, although I do stash some stuff in MY closet in the garage so my hubby doesnt see it. I don’t let things pile up too much. I do my best to have a plan for things and do do projects fairly quickly. I can see the temptation to get nuts though (:

  54. I wish I could be part of this club, but to date I have yet to find anything at our local GW. Compared to the finds I see people all over blogland finding…my GW has nothing. I do stop by at least once a week and leave each week saying, what am I missing? I’m still on the hunt because this would be a fun club to join. Lol

  55. I am a member of this club.

    I. Can’t. Help. Myself.

    I. Am. Powerless. When. I. Am. In. A. Goodwill Store.

    Do I need help? Yes. Don’t I want help? NO! I have too much fun finding, painting and then finding a new use for unwanted and unloved discards.

    I made your cakestands using the Goodwill plates and vases last night. They came out GORGEOUS!!! I used the same pink you used on one and I used purple on the other. I can’t get over how much I love them!

    Thanks for that great tutorial Kate!

  56. i’m a GSC wannabe. I live in a rural area, and the thrift stores are pretty small and meagre. But, whenever I get a chance, I go by GW when I’m in the “big” city.

    And anbout that mirror…..I’m gonna quote the Nester to you: “It doesn’t have to be perfect to be beautiful!”. If you never hang that baby up as-is, you’ll never know if you like it au naturale or not. So, hang it up, girl, and blog ot so we can all help you out. ;o). What else are bloggy peeps for?

  57. We recently moved into our new country home with not only a 2 car attached garage, but also an extra detached two car garage/workshop – HEAVEN! (Our old neighbors first response when they saw it was “You won’t have to paint in your driveway anymore!”) I’m only allowing myself to bring home things that have a designated space, as the actual house isn’t huge, and trying to knock out projects quickly. But my hubby did comment last week that everytime he goes in the workshop there is a new piece of furniture from GW.

    I could hold our club meetings in the shop…

  58. IT”S NOT MY FAULT!!!
    Can you believe they (GWI) had THE NERVE to open a new store 4 blocks from my house!!! It is on my way home from work, and conveniently…across the street from my Public Storage unit…I can stash in private and no one will know my dirty little secret…until June 1st when I move and have to explain why we will be renting a Uhaul TRUCK instead of a trailer!!!

    Can’t wait to go rediscover all the goodies in there that I can finally start “loving”, now that the weather is nice!

    Does anyone else watch the weather to see if spray painting is possible on a given day?

    Lord, help me!

  59. I never find the great deals others do at Goodwill or Habitat Restore so I don’t buy that often. I have found some great things waiting for trash pick up. My husband also finds treasures when he is out jogging. He gets frustrated with me that I never do anything with these finds but he’s contributes to the stash as well. He will not let them take over the garage though so they are precariously stacked along the sides. My problem is if I bring something I’ve refurbished into the house I have to take something out. Guess where it goes….in the garage!!! The kids will have their own places soon so we have to hang on to things. Sign me up!!

  60. LOVE GW! I always come out with something! Last week I found Lenox (still in the boxes) Christmas mugs with beautiful red birds and holly on them! I also found a small appetizer dish and a serving bowl! All with the red birds and holly design! Major score!

    I don’t want rehab. I don’t want a lecture. Let me shop and NO 1 gets hurt!

    Your blog is very, very cute!

    The Southern Newlywed

  61. Did I ever mention that my BF picks up recycling for a living? You would not BELIEVE the treasures he brings home!!! The rule is…if it can fit in the truck safely…it’s yours!

    See? NOT MY FAULT!!!!! I am being enabled, and I am very very weak…

    Happy Spring!!

  62. Oh Please! Are you kidding? I could be your president and CEO. I am so much better (for my man’s sake), but I can see some odd little thing, and suddenly I have built a room around it that doesn’t exist! But the potential, oh the potential of all of it. My worst addiction is fabric, by far. I will see upscale remnants, and then I am doomed. If I love it, I buy it, then tire of it before I ever get to it. Yes, I confess to it all. I need a program, not a club! LOL

  63. Just this past Saturday on my way to get my nails done I spotted a little “goodie sale” on the side of the road {we live in a rural area}. At the time I was running a tiny bit behind, but on the way back I stopped and I got two little side tables {one flat sided one I’ll use as a bedside table and one short legged one I’m gonna make a stool out of}, a very pretty wooden picture frame {I’m gonna make a chalk board out of}, an thick oak board with real brass hooks for my laundry room {for hanging up clothes} and a set of rooster/chicken salt and pepper shakers for my table…..all for $20!!!!!!!!!! I was excited I got all that GOOD stuff for so CHEAP! Of course it all needs to be re-done…..except for the shakers, they are new! Heehee! Like I need one more….err um 5 more things to do with moving into a new house that’s a really, really big fixer upper! So sign me up for your CLUB! LOL!

  64. Dee Dee, you scored!

    OK Carol, I nominate you to be President! We will meet in Ann’s shop (which I would love to raid!)

    Angela, that’s great! Er, I mean a real tragedy. :)

  65. I feel as though I am getting the bug, but have not totally fallen to the addition just yet. My good will stash consists of one little spice rack (or is it a china display?) yet to be transformed into a beauty for some little treasures. Hubs didn’t get it, he was confused when I purchased it. He said what are you going to do with that? Like an artist has a plan or something…come on here, it might be months before I know what its destiny is going to be. My only comeback at the time was, it’s a dollar! note has been made… go to good will alone. ;)

  66. I am totally a member, but the crazy part is that I don’t have a garage. I run in the house and hide things in cabinets and in our second room. It looks like a junkyard. I knew I wasn’t the only one, but I didn’t realize how many of us were out there. I’m glad to be part of the club.

  67. So a member! I might make a blog button for it–but you’re right, it IS sad. Need to control. I keep picking up frames–spent $12 in frames today. Really I need to find someone else’s house to decorate.

  68. I hope to become part of the club – a Goodwill is FINALLY opening sometime late Spring in my town (we are a little behind – just got a Starbucks a few years ago)! By the way, LOOOOOVE that Annie Selke fabric. I just made a couple of throw pillows a few weeks ago for my master bed using it and it is GORGEOUS! And the best part is that I ordered a yard of it at 40% off from JoAnn’s and they sent me almost 2 (since there was a flaw at the end of my cut). Now I can make more pillows! And your mirror? Would look so fabulous with the French white/gray finish. Just do it!

  69. I have the SAME problem!!! I have a vast collections of lamps and mirrors that I keep saying I’ll redo, “when it gets warmer.” But its so hard to turn down a bargin, when you know with a little love it will be a whole new piece! Just like J&J i dont’ have a garage either!!!! It just gets stashed all over!
    Erin from

  70. Oh, I am so a member of that club. I buy a lot of clothing for resale, stick half of it in my own closet then eventually realize I’ll never wear it and sell it. I don’t have any room to store furniture, so I’m pretty good at leaving that behind, but fall victim to the occasional chair or smaller piece. And of course dishes and table linens, and other home goods.

  71. I’ve been a long time member. But not only thrift stores but estate sales, auctions and even my mothers house have found there way into every nook and cranny around here. I get the ever loving rolling of the eyes when hubby sees me dragging something home. My last couple of finds? Two small frames and a roll of chicken wire. Oh yeah, the chicken wire went over big time!

  72. My husband has put his foot down…. more like both feet. I am not allowed to go into goodwill or the like because our house is too full as is. He does not understand that the items call my name….

  73. I have the ugliest gold wing back from the Salvation Army sitting in the front bedroom waiting for me to decide what to do with it. My husband helped me unload it and was afraid the neighbors might see it. He has offered to help load it up to send to get it upholstered (but will only do it at night so the neighbors won’t see it. My 17 year old daughter is afraid I am becoming a hoarder. I haul my goodies in when my husband is in the shower so he won’t see them. I need help!

  74. I will confess I do the same thing. I have four – FOUR – dresses in our garage! I am in the middle of working on two at least. Oh, there’s a desk in there too…and a shelf…and…

  75. I have many times fallen to the the siren call of a potential project – JUST bought a charming (did I say charming – I meant CHARMING) vintage desk… yes, I already have in my living room, but this one needed me to… sure, I thought, I’d be able to double my money on craiglist with this little baby, but in moving it out of the entry way it found it’s way into my bedroom… damn it. And it looks cute there. I think I need a new dresser to match.

  76. I have many times fallen to the the siren call of a potential project – JUST bought a charming (did I say charming – I meant CHARMING) vintage desk… yes, I already have in my living room, but this one needed me to… sure, I thought, I’d be able to double my money on craigslist with this little baby, but in moving it out of the entry way it found it’s way into my bedroom… damn it. And it looks cute there. I think I need a new dresser to match.

  77. Hahaha… My MIL actually works for Goodwill in their corporate office/distribution center for all of the greater Houston Area, I have eyes on the prize before it even hits the store shelves :). I currently have a 6 piece Better Homes and Garden outdoor sectional sofa with 2 ottomans,$40, and we don’t even have our patio paved in the new house yet! It will be sprayed Peacock blue and covered in a rainbow cheveron fabric, when I find the right one. I also have several other small pieces but most are already being put to use. I recently cleaned out my garage and got rid of a coffe table and 2 side tables, I just couldn’t find a home for them. Lesson learned only buy stuff I know I can use. Platters and China settings are my weakness.

  78. Ha! Love it. However, I will have to refrain from joining as I am on a mission. Clean out the clutter!! But, I am sure you guys can find something of mine you could stash!!

  79. Yep! Throw me in the club. I want to run for President or at least Vice President! If you could see my garage right now…ugh! My sister is having a yard sale next month, and I may have to dump some of my “stash” there because my hubby doesn’t want to take it with us when we move.

    The only way I can avoid the stash is to avoid Goodwill. And well…that would be tragic.


  80. I am SOOOOO a member…I just might be the president. I have more furniture from the Goodwill than I have from all the other stores combined. Every time I bring stuff home my husband says “what are we going to do with that?”
    The best purchase: $77 Arhaus couch, loveseat and chair….I had them slipcovered white! They look awesome.

  81. I actually blame you for my new-found Goodwill and Craigslist obsession! Just last week I scored my first FREE piece of furniture to refinish (thanks random neighbor for putting your dresser on the curb), and my husband about had a fit. It will sit in the garage until it warms up enough around here to get started on it, and I can’t wait! Sadly I have yet to have any luck at my local Goodwill…which I will chalk up to living in a smaller midwestern community. I stopped in again today and for the first time thought I had found something fabulous (an $8.50 old brass headboard and footboard I could refinish), til I realized it was the wrong size for my daughter’s bed. But I will just keep stalking the store…eventually there’s got to be something, right? And my 9-yr-old and I have a date to visit a large flea market at the beginning of May, where we are really hoping to find some good stuff!

  82. I need to be in the club too…or rather I need to be in the program to recover from said problem. I don’t have a husband to hide this problem from…just myself, which actually is much harder to do. I have started calling my friends in the thrift stores asking them if they need a new “insert cool item I’ve spotted here.” It’s horrible. I just blogged today though about a Lacoste dress I found in the thrift store…and I have to say I do NOT have a problem with stuffing my closet with too many clothes!

  83. I am guilty INDEED!! I always just explain to my husband that it could be worse.. I could have an addiction to shopping at Nordstroms ;) At least this way it doesn’t hurt the pocketbook! I do feel bad though, my “projects” have spilled over into our office..
    Sign me up for a T Shirt!!!

  84. I need to join! I bought a kitchen table yesterday and don’t even need it. I already have one! I couldn’t resist it though.

    My storing is so bad, we have taken over my parent’s bonus room with all of our extra furniture. I know I will need it one day!

  85. I just found some cute desert glasses at the Goodwill right before reading this post, so that is funny! I love the beach finish you came up with for that little, weathered, wooden patio table. It turned out very nice.

  86. I love Goodwill. I think I should be admitted to the club. My most recent find was an ugly dresser. I fixed it up and now it’s white with cute knobs and everything! Amazing what some paint can do, right?! There’s potential in everything!

  87. Oh thank GOD! I thought I was the only one! Can I join the club? Currently neither me or my husband can park in our garage! The urge to buy things on craigslist has gotten out of control lately – perhaps my brand of “spring fever”…..? Not sure but every time I buy a new piece I think “ok, I’m going to fix this up and maybe, if I decide I don’t want it in the dining room/hallway/entry, then I’ll just sell it, see? I only bought it for X and I could probably sell if to Y! An addict’s rationalization I’m afraid!

  88. I am not part of the club, but am the perfect candidate, if it weren’t for the fact we live in a garage-less apartment, and I’m home with no vehicle during the day. :) But I still voraciously scour the used furniture online and covet and re-imagine oodles of pieces! I wrote about it here:

    It’s just so invigorating when you find something:
    1. cheap
    2. ugly, and
    3. totally redeemable!

  89. LOL! I am soooo in the club too!!! I have a thing for chairs! Right now I have a set of 4 camel back fabric covered parsons chairs with nailhead trim that I just can’t decide what to do with…. attempt reupholstery, or make slipcovers… hmmm. My husband is always telling me that I am on thrift store “probation”. The Goodwills around my house seem to a little pricey and picked-over, however we have a place called “3-Way Thrift” that I go to at least 2 times a week… I can’t help it, I literally hear it call my name!!! I can be secretary of the club!

  90. P.S. I vote to paint the mirror! The wood is gorgeous, but it would look so lovely in a poppy colour or a fresh white, or the finish you’re looking into!

  91. Ha Ha! I too am becoming a member of this club. I admit….. I have a hutch… a chair… and an end table in there right now! Not to mention all the odds and ends I want to create into something fabulous. Too funny!

  92. I NEVER find that great of stuff at our goodwill (granted I ahve to drive about twenty miles to it so I don’t get there very often), but still!

  93. I could be a charter member of this club. There are 4 Goodwills (where I found a Tiger Maple desk in great shape for $50. the other day), 1 Salvation Army (extremely overpriced), and a Church Thrift shop (that has great bargains) within 20 minutes of my front door. Which I frequent, frequently. I came by this disease genetically from my Aunt who is a veteran garage sale shopper. The only thing that would keep me from this club is a number of years ago I thought through trying to hide stuff from my husband, who is a pilot and gone for weeks at a time. It would be easy to do, though he has an eagle eye and notices changes around the house. I realized what I was doing was lying to him. I didn’t like that idea, and felt it wasn’t a good idea for our marriage either. If I’m going to buy something I will boldly bring it into the house or tell him about it over the phone while he’s gone. It does curtail my spending some. It also helps that he doesn’t like projects started and never finished lying about. That helps me decide if I should buy some things, how long will it take me to “makeover” this item? I feel okay (most of the time, I’m not disease free, just in remission :)), about the items I do buy, I try to work on them in a timely fashion, and if I can’t get to them, or change my mind, I donate them back or pass them onto someone else. I think my husband would still think I spend too much time and money at these places, but I am trying to control my disease.

  94. I love posts like this because I know that I am not alone. My hubby has said very similar things about our garage. So, I really try to limit it to 2 projects at a time. Unless something absolutely perfect comes along.

  95. My 12 step program is the 12 steps to the cash register of any thrift store. Oh, count me in!

  96. I love posts like this because I know that I am not alone. My hubby has said very similar things about our garage. So, I really try to limit it to 2 projects at a time. Unless something absolutely perfect that I can’t do without comes along!!

  97. I totally would be, except one little fact keeps me from joining: our dear little car! If I did buy anything big at the Goodwill, I’d have to leave it and find a way to get it home. Inevitably, my hubby would find out before it came in the door, either because he’d be watching the kids or wondering why I was borrowing our neighbor’s van. So that is that.

  98. Ever find yourself in Healdsburg, California? There is a HUGE outdoor and indoor {like 5 buildings!} Salvation Army with a GIANT “yard-sale” area for furniture. The only thing that stops me from bringing it home is not having a big enough car. Seriously the best finds ever.

  99. Oh…the shame of it all!! I too am afflicted. Not to mention my poor poor hubby. He now just shakes his head and call me on the way home from the office to see if he can “help me out” by stopping by Home Depot to pick up that paint for one of my MANY projects…what a sweet

    Bring on the T-Shirt, I’ll wear it while thrifting for more treasures…lol See there’s no hope for me!

  100. I’m not a GW stasher. (I just never seem to find the items that I see you and other bloggers find.) But I am definitely an ENABLER! I love to see what you all do with these discarded items…turning them into treasures I would pay hundreds of $s for, if I could. Way to go, well done, and keep ’em coming!

  101. I just came down with bad case of GSC! Just getting started at thrifting and I LOVE it! Almost as much as my boyfriend loves seeing what I just brought home for him to hall in! lol! Bring on the shirts and the 12 step program! :)

  102. Girl you are just the coolest!!!! HAHAHAHA! Yes, we do have it bad! I posted today about how I was at my sister’s house and had the nerves to ask for a mirror off of her wall! THe good thing about it is she let me have it!

    These peices that you blogged about are so worth stashing:)

    THe Goodwill Stash Club, we really shoud get some shirts made;)

    Thank you, Kate for the shout out!!!

  103. Oy vey! I’ve got 5 antique windows, three antique saws, and one antique desk in my garage. And then in my basement I’ve got two matching brass lamps, one secretary desk, and a vintage end table. So many ideas! Not enough time! I would totally rock one of those T-Shirts!

  104. Sign me up!!! But mine isn’t necessarily the Goodwill – but the thought is the same. Thrift stores…Craigslist…yard sales…and now the weather is finally starting to warm up – you know there will be more of us crawling out of the woodwork as the spring gets into full swing. :Dh

  105. thank goodness we don’t have a garage! We have a single family home but we paid the builder extra to trick it out into a den, bedroom and addtl bath. Our driveway can hold 4 cars and we don’t like alotta junk so it works for us not to have that cluttered kinda space!

  106. Um. What did you mean by “there was a time when my husband almost couldn’t park in the garage”? Almost?
    When ever would it be justified to displace the bounty of a fruitful thrifting excursion with such a thing as a …car? One hopes one would soon come to her senses and realize that garages were never intended as car parks! Cars are nice, but a dresser refinished in a distressed cloud gray satin latex with oil-rubbed bronze (-like) hardware … ah, Garage Majal!

  107. Great post, Kate! I may be joining that club soon! Love that fabric you’ve ordered. That is going to look fabulous on your chair!

  108. I definitely am a goodwill stasher!! I worked there for a while, and bought stuff home everyday! Finally the garage is so overflowed, I have been demanded to stop! LOL
    Glad I found all these crafty blogs showing me how to remake everything.

    Love your blog by the way! just found it today :)

    Thanks for sharing!


  109. I think I am about to become a member of the club. After shopping all the furniture stores for bedroom furniture for my daughter, I decided to buy a dresser on craigslist and paint it. And I can’t tell you how excited I am, the disease has struck! My wonderful husband is going to pick up the dresser tomorrow and, yes, it will go in the garage. But at least I will not be hiding it from him!

  110. As I type this I’m looking at a $30 dresser that I’ve cleaned, but I’m still brainstorming on how to finish. Hopefully there is no membership fee, I need to save up for more in my stash.

  111. I’d probably be in the club if I ever found anything beyond laminate at my thrift stores!!! I never find these treasures you all speak of!!!! fly down and show me the ropes!

  112. “Not only am I president, I’m also a client.” I’m not so much of a stasher though. I just fantasize. I pretend to buy it and then I fix it up in my head. If I had the room, I could definitely graduate to stasher status. I DID, however, come home with a $12 treasure this weekend that I will be blogging about later in the week. Weather permitted. I need a dry day for my spray painting plan.

  113. I wish i have Goodwill here in India, seems like everybody here bought new furnitures and keep them whole life.

  114. it’s clothes for me.
    I always seem to come home with something, but since I already have so many clothes, it’s hard for my hubby to tell that I have new ones!

    I gaze longingly at other things, but know that I’d be disowned and divorced so fast I wouldn’t know what hit me, lol!

  115. I guess I am super lucky, after doing this in my garage for a year my husband quit his job and we started a seemingly successful store. Now he hunts more than me and I have to work to keep his habit going. I can’t complain we did an amazing hunt today in a 87,000 sq ft building check it out .

  116. I guess I am super lucky, after doing this in my garage for a year my husband quit his job and we started a seemingly successful store. Now he hunts more than me and I have to work to keep his habit going. I can’t complain we did an amazing hunt today in a 87,000 sq ft building check it out.

  117. I will not be eligible for membership. I do, however, enjoy reading and seeing all about the transformations- perhaps I am enabling?! :) I am not a spontaneous shopper- we’re military and with frequent moves and not knowing what the next housing situation will be like, I am extremely picky about what comes into the house- I have to unpack all those boxes each time! Also, we’re on our second tour in a post-Soviet country; there’s nothing like living up close and personal to those who have a whole lot less and realizing that there is a lot of stuff I simply don’t need. {And a bonus- when we get our stuff back that’s in storage for 2.5 years, we find a whole lot more we can live without- the purge is so wonderful!}

  118. Oh I love your magazine rack! I am looking for something just like that – and I am actually writing a post about my fav diy gems, am including your too great magazine rack!
    meagan, row house nest

  119. I have a crystal chandelier wrapped in a black refuse bag, behind the Christmas ornaments … Don’t tell my family, ( especially my daughter)… I know she is gonna want it in her room !! It’s mine ! And, for now, it’s hidden, disguised as trash :-)

  120. OMG if my husband could read this post he would sign me up for this club in seconds! Although my addiction doesn’t just pertain to Goodwill…there is Salvation Army…a local thrifting website…and of course the various other second hand stores around our town. We had THE TALK about a month ago and I banned myself from all of them (well from buying…not looking). Now I can only get something if I know exactly what I want to do with it, and where it’s going to go! Too funny – glad to know I’m not alone!

  121. I also have another issue that sometimes rears its ugly head – Trash Day Collecter. Don’t worry I don’t go digging in people’s trash but I sometimes find treasures – like an old large picture frame that is dying to be refinished – that just happens to be situated next to their trash can on garbage pick up day.

  122. Ha ha ha! My partner has heart palpitations every time he walks into our shed. Not that he uses it for anything anyway… he just hates clutter!

  123. I am about to enter the club! After a lot of shopping, I’ve opted to buy a dresser for my daughter on craiglist and paint it. I’m actually giddy – the disease has struck. My husband is going to pick it up today and, yes, put it in our garage. At least he is taking part in it (this time) rather than me having to hide it!

  124. Oh my gosh! I’m so bad! I think I have enough willpower to just drive on by, but somehow the steering wheel veers to the left and there I am, sitting in the parking lot of the thrift store. Well, I can’t just sit there, and I’ve already used the gas to pull myself into the parking spot. And I NEVER leave empty handed! My guy would be taken aback by the amount of stuff I have hiding all over the apartment. The problem is, besides my GW and thrift store addiction, is that we live in a small-ish duplex and already have a storage unit because we can’t fit everything as it is. I promise I will find a spot for everything once we get into a house, honest!

  125. Sign me up too!! Although I dont have a big stash of things in my garage, I do have alot of unfinished pieces in the house- 2 nightstands, an unfinished headboard to upholster, and painting the kitchen cabinets! I have so many good ideas, but it takes me forever to finish them.
    Just the other day I found a beautiful sideboard for $75.00 at my local Salvation Army. I could just see it finished, with a beautiful stained top and ivory base with beautiful pulls. Since I checked with him before purchasing it he said “No”. My dear husband wants me to finish all the other things before I bring something else home. And he said “you will find another one just like it when you are ready to finish it” I doubt I will, but I just might convince him otherwise.

  126. OMG! I laughed so hard at the sweet version vs. the reality of the hubby’s comment! I think that is what I hear on a near daily basis:) I’m so in the club, although I have to say, so far, I’ve done good with not hoarding. Everything I’ve bought is in the process of being redone right now (o.k. I’m’s lined up but I am working diligently on each one going down the line to sell in my booth. That helps. Sell the stuff and they’re more patient when they see money coming back in!

  127. Dear Kate, I am a member of the Goodwill Stash Club. I thought i was the only one who bought and hid these treasures from her husband. My children now ask, is that from goodwill? Our garage is packed full of mirrors, dressers, and cobalt blue ladder back chairs that I could not pass up.

    I know I need help but Goodwill makes my heart skip a beat.

    I love goodwill! There, I said it! ;)

    Thanks for the laugh this morning….I’ll blog about this club too. We are all in this together!!


  128. Blog Land needs a “like” button like Facebook because there are so many postings here I can relate to and “like”. A large portion of my house is from resale or thrift shops. LOVE them and yes, I do think it’s an addition! It’s the hunt and bargain as well as the final results/look. So sign me up! But don’t you love it when people come to your house and their comment is “I love that. Where did you get it?” Happy thrifting to all! :)

  129. Oh my gosh…laughing at all these great comments. Do I have a problem if I’ve already designed our T-shirts in my mind?? ;) Love this post, my friend. You KNOW, I am right there with you!! (and the 123 other people who commented.)

  130. MMmmmm – hiding things from husbands i see, I guess i need to call and let some husbands know all the ladies secrets -mmmmm. I love you ladies – all of you.

  131. My Goodwill finds don’t even make into the garage…I stash stuff in the back of my VW wagon until I can start working on it. Sometimes I’ll find another “treasure” before I’ve unloaded the last find, and then I’m frantically repacking my car in a parking lot to get the new stuff inside!

  132. Hi Kate, I just saw the previews for tomorrow’s Nate Berkus Show. I’m looking forward to seeing it. That’s where I first caught the name of your blog and I’ve been checking it out almost every day since. Congratulations on your involvement in the ALMA project-it makes a difference.

  133. Oh my goodness. I had no idea there were other women like me! Haha! I actually use the trunk of my car for a lot of my little GW purchases. In fact, I have a brass magazine rack in there right now… So glad I’m not the only one who has this illness. Now I feel like I can really get help!

  134. Oh yeah…I think I would fit it quite nicely to this club! I definitely have those items that have been very carefully sneaked into the house and hidden until I can fix them up. Luckily, as an artist and photographer, many of the items I purchase or find, end up being used in my photo shoots. However, I have plenty that aren’t and need to be dealt with when the weather is drier and warmer. Can’t wait! And….I know I am addicted to thrift shops because I am all too familiar with the stores’ music soundtracks!

  135. I love the magazine stand… It is lovely. I think I am going to get me that peacock blue color for something… I don’t know yet, but something in my apt. has to be that color! :)

  136. Dee you are hilarious!

    Saby, we had THE TALK too! I was twitching the entire time.

    MamaJo, we accept enablers too.

    Britta, you troublemaker. I haven’t been there in awhile, but now it’s on my weekend agenda.


  137. This is so funny because I always tell people how I find the best stuff at Goodwill. When my husband and I bought our first home (with 2 girls) we didn’t have any furniture for the home. I furnished my girls’ bedrooms and home with second hand and Goodwill furniture. I just finished a console table last week. It came with a hutch, both pieces for 75 bucks—get out!!!!

  138. My GW is iffy… the AmVets, however… WOOO! I also stalk CL on a regular basis.
    At least I’m finally making progress on a chair project. Took the loss of our kitty to get me motivated enough to paint them and get them out of the house. I’ll post the B&A… when I can get another dry day for the final paint touches.
    Maybe we need a blog button?

  139. I am a pround member! Although, my fav is finding stuff on the side of the road for free. Luckily, (for my BF) we live in an apartment so that limits storage space. I dream of a workroom once we buy a house where I can stash all my finds. My boyfriend used to give me grief over this(we currently have two chair frames that need refinishing, springs, upholstery, the whole works) until I found a mid century walnut chair on the side of the road. I oiled the wood and stripped the yucky original and rain stained upholstery and redid it in a modern cream and green pattern with hot pink trim. Then, a few weeks later while antiquing in Sepastapol, we found the exact match with original upholstery for $250!!! Now, I get free reign! In fact, I just found a mid century Thonet chair for free on the street (still has its original Park Ave, NY label). I am trying to find a price on this so I can fix up and resell.

  140. My name is Megan, and I’m a Goodwill Stasher. I’ve been clean for…OK nevermind! I’ll never be cured! I too love the thrill of the bargain hunt! Loved the post! SO funny! My husband appreciated it too! ;o)

  141. GASP!!!! I recognize myself! I recently bought yet another caned item- a darling French-legged side table. I quickly got it home and hid it in the Christmas decorations! NOW WHAT???? Same thing with a chair in the fall!!! HOW am I going to explain this????? And WHEN can I safely bring them out and use them?????? We need AA for furniture lovers!!!

  142. I realized my addiction this past week while the hubby was out of town . . . he came back to a garage full of fun finds . . . I had the unfortunate, yet wonderful accident of stopping at a garage sale where the home owner used the own an antiques store. A gorgeous mirror, mini barrel, antique tin lamp, vintage linens, and a gorgeous painting later, I knew I had issues.

    Can we also add a sub category to the group for “I can’t pass up a good deal” issues?

    Love the post! And please, don’t paint the mirror! How about adding some fun wall treatment with color behind the mirror or a painted piece sitting on top of the highboy dresser? What about distressed metal sconces on either side?

    Love ya,

  143. I am SO happy you posted this! I have a shed that is 900 sq. ft. and it is completely packed with furniture from yard sales to thrift stores. Luckily it is not needed by anyone so I don’t have the accountability of my husband, or other family members. When I see a great deal, even if I don’t need it, I have to get it! Recently I found a hutch for only 40.00!! It is on my web site now, and the before and after pictures are amazing! So to this I raise BOTH hands! ;-)

  144. i’m in an apartment, so i have to stash in plain view a lot of the time. I have a 100+ year old trunk i got for $50 on craigslist that’s halfway finished.. it’s been hibernating until the weather in south carolina gets predictable enough for me to haul it outside for a few days and finish the interior and polish the metal pieces. but last fall i did strip the nasty old canvas, remove the interior paper, sand and stain the outside wood parts. and it’s looking awesome. i even did my research to restore it in a more traditional way (painting it would have been a huge mistake, so i’m glad i read up on trunks!)
    and on my porch i have a weathered diamond pane window- i spray painted the glass panes and now i just have to touch up and poly the frame. but now i’m thinking about painting the painted glass over with a chalkboard paint and going in another direction. so it’s been sitting on my porch in an undecided phase for 3 months now.

    .. so long story short, i totally belong in the GSC!!

  145. oh! and just this morning i bought this amazing indonesian style bookshelf (angled rack for leaning books diagonally) for my bf’s law books. i saw it at my fav thrift store yesterday, and they said it would be priced the next day, so of course i got up early this morning (on my day off!), nabbed it first, and snuck it in the apt before my bf woke up and could protest. :X

  146. I am completely a member and told my Husband there was no possible way I could go fishing with him this Saturday at least until I made my Goodwill rounds Saturday because it is 50% 0ff day Saturday!
    Recently I found an amazing yet beat up Highboy dresser and when I saw it I screamed, and people looked at me like I was nuts over such a abused dresser, but to me it was a true treasure!

    I am very much apart of the club I buy things and try and find ways to get them in the house without my husband seeing them, or I try and make him believe I have had the items for awhile. LOL

  147. Unfortunately My Goodwill store doesn’t really have many furniture pieces for sale. It’s mostly clothing. However……I have bought many furniture items at my local Habitat for Humanity Re-Store. I have scored BIG there!I purchased my Dining room hutch, my son’s bedroom furniture, replacement pieces for my China set,collectibles, but my biggest score was a hand painted wooden screen which was an antique. The volunteer told me it just came off the truck the day I bought it. The screen was solid wood panels hand oil painted of a mural of the Island of Capri in Italy…the family that donated it stated it was brought here from Italy in the 1920’s and they “didn’t enjoy” antique furniture! Are you kidding me??? It’s absolutely beautiful, I didn’t even have to have it cleaned. Fully open its about 8 feet long and 6 feet high. I gave it to my mother for Christmas last year and she was ecstatic. I can’t believe the luck I had I did pay $185.00 for it but it’s tax deductible!!!!! I love shopping there and at Goodwill, I make a weekly shopping trip to both stores, I have a stock pile of items I am just itching to refinish! You gotta love it!

  148. May I have a t-shirt too? Until tonight I was feeling a bit isolated, consoled only by my overstuffed garage-o-goods. I secret away treasures and bring them into the house slowly over time…then when asked I say “oh, don’t you recognize that? It’s been in the garage for ages.” It worked for a while but he’s onto me now. It’s a nice feeling, being part of the GSC club.

  149. This is an update to a previous comment. Just today I finished one of my nightstands that Ive been needing to do. And now since I got one of my many projects done, I got the go ahead to buy the sideboard from Salvation Army!! Plus it helped that I reminded him that he is going on a golf trip soon and that I would be spending way less than he is!! HAHA- I guess after 12 years, Ive figured out how to really get what I want anyway. I might end up coming home with more than just a sideboard, because I think I remember seeing the hutch that goes on top of it too!!

  150. hahaha! Great post, Kate! I’m at the thrift store 1-2 x a week. It is an addiction. My favorite local store (St. Vincent de Paul) expects my weekly visits. Our Salvation Army and Goodwill are hit or miss but I can walk out of my favorite every time with something. I’m definitely hosting a yard sale once the weather warms up. I need more room! ;)

  151. Kate-

    I LOVE your blog. I’m a resident doc and my husband and I don’t have much money or time to decorate our house. Although we love Williams Sonoma and Ballard furnishings, not only are they expensive, I also hate the cookie cutter look that comes from buying everything at the same stores within the same few years. So far, I’ve bought three items from thrift stores and last week we picked up Rustoleum paint and supplies at Home Depot. I’m so excited to see the results.


  152. Me, me, me!! I’m a new member. We moved cross country a year ago and had 2 living rooms that needed to be furnished. When looking on craigslist for a coffee table, I found the same one I had just picked out at the local furniture store ($450 there) for $35! I was hooked. I just asked my friend the other day if she thought my house looked like a garage sale bc I have basically replaced every room with used furniture. She enthusiastically told me “No way!” (Gotta love good girlfriends!) I have always loved antiques but thought I couldn’t afford them. I just bought a 100 year old buffet to use as a media center for $150. I couldn’t have bought a particle board plastic veneered version at Target for that price. I am thinking of claiming that we are a “green” family instead of that I am addicted to old, beat up, cheap furniture. People who don’t get it just think you’re cheap. Being “green” seems to be much more chic!

  153. GREAT post! I am a member! I actually just forwarded a link to this post to my fiancée and the subject line was “Please read this so you may better understand me…”! haha

    I found two great lamps for $8 each a few months ago and Ive been waiting to spray paint them! I live in Philly and the weather is just starting to warm up. So Ive been waiting so the spray paint wont crack in the cold weather. Needless to say, he’s not very happy that we have two huge lamps sitting around our small apartment that I refuse to use and refuse to repaint just yet!

  154. I too have a Goodwill addiction. I buy great finds for the house and also items I can refurbish for our annual yard sale. I have found several antique items that were priced for a dollar or two that I was able to clean, polish and resell for ten or more at the sale. Alas, I do have some Goodwill stash items though. Those little gems, like the wooden table on my back porch that are just waiting for for some sanding and painting.

    I dropped by from the link on Hoot and Dollar. I am now following you via GFC and hope you will visit my blog KY Klips Blog. Thanks!!

  155. I didn’t realize there was a name for my problem. AND YOU GOT ME STARTED! I have a monstrous bookshelf in our garage. I plan to trick it out with trim and paint it off white.

  156. Yaaassss! I thought I was the only one! You name it, I’ve picked it up from GW. Just came home with a chair for 7 smackos that I plan to recushion and use as my desk chair.

  157. I know this an old post, but this is the cutest post I have ever read! The funny part is that I have been thrifting for years-I started when I was twenty something and I am over 50 now. The sad part is that I am just now learning about painting furniture. The scary part is that I enjoyed trying it out, despite a tight budget and scarier yet, everything I look at, not only in stores but Everywhere…even in my elderly parents home, I see the potential in pieces I see. Matter of fact, there is a piece in mom and dad’s house…heavy as can be, that they don’t like that I was eyeing today! My brother supports what I am doing and gave me permission to use the garage so I think I might have been bit…hard!

    Bev at

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