Home May’d + Mint Bunny Morsels

By Kate Riley April 22, 2011

Greetings on this Good Friday friends, we’re gearing up for the Easter weekend festivities, and off to my sister’s house for dinner on Sunday.  My sis lives over an hour away so we don’t get a chance to see each other as often as we should or could. 

There are many things my younger sister and I have in common, but the one thing we share is a love of vintage finds and chocolate mint.   In fact, a perfect afternoon for me would be sitting in her backyard, eating chocolate mints, and pouring over shelter magazines together.  That or going thrifting arm in arm.  

I was wandering the aisles of one of my favorite antique stores a few weeks ago and came across these sweet vintage bunny aluminum tins, so I thought I’d give them to my sis, but I couldn’t help making some chocolate mint Easter bunnies to go along with them !!

chocolate mint bunnies


These were easy peasy.  I bought some dark chocolate and chocolate mint chips to melt.    

bunny tins and chocolates


I melted the mint chips on low in the micro for 90 seconds, then spooned it into the tins. 

melted chocolate mints

Once they were cool, I nudged the little sweeties out with a small pick, then trimmed any excess mint chocolate very carefully. 

carve bunny


I melted the dark chocolate and poured it over the top, then allowed that to cool too.  They’re not absolutely perfect but I’m sure these homemade yummies will be quickly nibbled up with cake and coffee on Easter Sunday.

cg chocolate bunnies


And I finally got around to growing that wheatgrass centerpiece too!  I’m thinking that will be a new spring tradition.  

cg grass and bunnies


Speaking of Home May’d, I’m in cahoots again with my blog buddies Rhoda, Sarah, and Layla to host some spring/summer link parties next month, we hope you’ll join us!


Categories and dates listed above! 

Wishing you all a lovely Easter weekend!  I’ll be back late tomorrow with another BOTB and Monday is another round of the Fair Weather Forum Link Parties, this time we’re talking about all things paint!  paint fwf label

I’m working on a little makeover of my own this weekend that I hope to have finished for you by then.  And I knoooooow you’ve got a fabulous paint project you could link up too, so I’ll see you all there on Monday!!

Peace be with you.  Over and out!




  1. Too cute!! I will be bookmarking this baby for later!!

    In honor of Earth Day, the good guys at Joey Totes are allowing me to giveaway a set of 3 totes!! I know you are probably to busy to join in but perhaps some of your followers are interested…my motto is – If it’s FREE it’s for me!! :)

    Happy Earth Day!!

  2. Oh my goodness, they’re adorable and look delicious!! i love mint and chocolate too :)

  3. CUTE! And when it comes to chocolate and mint that is my kind of (BIG) morsel!

  4. MMMMM….those look yummy.

    Can’t wait to see everyone’s ideas…all you gals are so talented. One of the days it might just rub off on me.

    Have a VERY happy Easter.

  5. That tin is adorable! I am interested in the wheat grass also. I have a couple tins at home that I think would be perfect and I love the idea of adding live plants to a tablescape. Is planting the wheat grass difficult? And how long before it sprouts? Have a blessed Easter.

  6. I didn’t even KNOW they made mint chips – that could be a dangerous piece of information. Mint + Chocolate = Happy Me. :-) Looking forward to the All Things Paint linky party, and have something to link up which makes me even giddier. :-)

  7. I love choco mint !!!! yum…… I’ve looked a few places for the wheat grass but have been unsuccussful : ( Where did you find yours? I dont think I’ll make it this Easter.

  8. They look so pretty and yummy! :) What is it that you pour the chocolate over top of?

  9. Perfect Easter treat! Even better that they are homemade :) Im pretty new to the blogging world but these link parties I keep seeing are so great! So many great ideas all in one place

    Delighted Momma

  10. Those look great, and in one of my favorite flavor combos. I am not picturing that last step either, what is it the chocolate is poured into?

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