Room Design GIVEAWAY

By Kate Riley March 25, 2011

Greetings and happy weekend, today I have a giveaway you’re going to love!  Two of my favorite designers Courtney and Lauren joined up a few years back to create kelly + olive, an online decorating service for those struggling to pull their spaces together and have those spaces reflect their personal style.  I’ve been reading their blog for almost a year, and always learn something new from the kelly + olive’s fun loving and fresh approach to interior design.

kelly and olive header

The kelly + olive manifesto?  Read on:

“We know your place should look and feel like you, not like us.  We’ll take a room you hate to be in and make it one you don’t want to leave.  We will ask you what your favorite movie is, your favorite food, your favorite song, and your favorite outfit.  We will ask you where you normally eat dinner and we won’t judge you if it’s actually in bed.  We will help you buy your first piece of art.  We will help you make your first piece of art.

We will ask you over and over if you love it, and if you don’t, we’ll change everything until you do.   We will help you fall back in love with your stuff!”

Are you struggling with a space in your home?

kelly + olive is offering one lucky reader a full room mood board ($350 value) which includes:

kelly and olive mood board

Take a peek at some tear sheets from recent kelly + olive clients:

linda-dining room

k and o bedroom

lauren l- basment


danielle-living room


kelly + olive have plenty of happy camper homeowners, so be sure to read these testimonials.

These designers have also written an eBook, Ideas You Should Steal, which was just released today, with all the proceeds going to Dwell with Dignity.  The eBook is filled with 17 inspiring projects for your home, gathered from design and lifestyle bloggers (I’m in the book too!).  This is one eBook you’ll want to add to your growing collection.

ebook cover

All of the proceeds from the eBook go to Dwell with Dignity, a non-profit group of interior designers and volunteers dedicated to creating soothing and inspiring homes for families struggling with homelessness and poverty.   You can download the Ideas You Should Steal eBook for as little as $1 dollar.  You’ll be inspired and also be giving back!

Eligibility to win the full room mood board from kelly + olive ($350 value):

1) Leave a comment telling which room in your home needs the most help!

2) Download the eBook Ideas You Should Steal for as little as $1 dollar with all proceeds going to Dwell with Dignity, then leave a second comment saying “I bought the eBook!”

3) For additional chances to win, link to this giveaway on Twitter, and/or on Facebook, then leave an additional comment telling where you linked to this giveaway (FB or Twitter).

Giveaway ends Monday March 28th at 8 p.m. PST, one winner only.  Winner chosen at random.

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Don’t forget, the first of the Fair Weather Forum Link Parties is on Monday!  The topic is ‘All Things Spring’, whether it’s decorating or spring cleaning, so get ready to link up your DIY projects, your tips on spring cleaning and organizing, or simple ways you’ve added seasonal touches to your home.

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Link party will post Sunday evening at 8 p.m. PST.

GOOD LUCK in the giveaway and happy spring weekend!



  1. Please, please, please make over my living room! It is so booooring and needs some love.



  2. Oh, I just spent a long time getting the living room in shape, but the bedroom is SO pathetic!

  3. Uhg, I live in an apartment and so it’s sooo hard to get things the way I want them when I can’t paint the walls! There is a large open space that we use as the living room/dining room/parlor. I don’t know how to make it seem less sporadic… Any ideas would be wonderful!

  4. There are two rooms in our home that are empty and I don’t know what to do with them. Either could use a little advice. Thanks.

  5. My master bedroom and bathroom are the ONLY rooms in the entire house that we have not done a thing to since we moved into this house 4 years ago. Everything else has been completely renovated and decorated. I deserve a good master suite!
    Scissors & Spatulas

  6. We are creating a mudroom/laundry room/walk in closet to my master that connects to the laundry room where our office was and our office will be moving to our laundry room in the basement! I am getting lost in the transition and trying to decide what it should look like.

  7. I would love this for a new master bedroom we are adding on. I have yet to have a bedroom I’m in love with and so want this one to be it!

  8. Please, help me with the living room. We’re in the process of moving everything out of our office so it can be a nursery (yay) but the only place for everything to go is the living room!

  9. I have the world’s most stupid set up for a greatroom. The front door is smack dab in the middle of the room and there are no natural lines to delineate space. So I would ask for help making over my greatroom. It really needs it!

  10. Oh, I would LOVE to win this contest! We are currently redoing our kitchen, which is making our horrid living room look even more horrid! It’s an awkward shape, we have ripped furniture (oy!), and I can’t wait to tackle this room!!

  11. I think I’m going to go with my tv room. It is narrow and I have no idea how to work with it.

  12. My dining room needs major help. I have dreams of wallpaper but cannot seem to commit. I need someone to help me pull everything together! Crossing my fingers!

  13. A room in my basement is really in need of help. We just don’t know what to do with it, its so awkward.

  14. I just bought a new house and really need some help designing our living room space. I’d be ecstatic to win!

  15. We are closing on our first home on Monday, so I think ALL of our rooms need help! But I’d say the office/craft room is going to need the most help first, since I work from home.

  16. I’m pretty desperate for ideas on what to do with my formal dining room, which I’d also like to use as an office. I’ve seen it done beautifully, but don’t know how to make it happen.

  17. Every room! New House needs lots of new ideas! But the living room in particular.

  18. My basement needs a lot of help. It is our guest room, exercise room, tv room, everything space. It also has all our old hand me down furniture. It is an awkward layout because you enter the tv room by going through the guest room. Help!

  19. Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pick me! We’ve been “installing” bamboo flooring in our house for the last five years. Once we finished the living/dining area, we were pooped. Maybe if the living room was completed – it will inspire us to finished the rest of the house.

  20. Ooooo hard to pick, but my family room needs help. There are ugly man couches and a painting leaning against the wall. It’s a sad room.

  21. My living room needs some style and help with making a large open space feel cozy!

  22. My “front room” needs help – too big to be an entryway, too small to be a dining room. I want it to make a great statement – it’s the first room you enter when you come into my apt.

  23. Just downloaded the ebook. Love it! So many great ideas, and all for a good cause.

  24. My dining room. Weird layout at one end of the room. Professional ideas would be wonderful!

  25. We’re building a new home and combining the contents of my house with my husband’s things (we’ve been married less than a year). We purchased new living room furniture, but now what? We need help in the living room!

  26. I would do my kitchen/living space, which is one big room. I have no idea even what wall color would work with our cabinets so I need some MAJOR help!

  27. Oh man, it’s a toss up between my bland living room and my daughters room which is a sad sad room with a white bed, white dresser, white linens, white bookshelf, and white walls. It’s begging for some design help.

  28. Our office could definitely use some help. It is currently our “we don’t use this stuff very often room.” What a great opportunity to learn some tricks from the pros!

  29. I am newly prego for the 2nd time and we have just bought a new couch for our living room and redone the floors in preparation of getting the house on the market. Now, with our new little bundle of joy we are not sure we will be able to move, so I need help with my guest bedroom, I need to convert it into an office/guest bedroom so that the grandparents can come and help with the new little one. And, I can continue to work while I am on maternity leave. Owning your own business does not bode well for maternity leaves!
    Help me keep sanity and productivity with a revamp of the guest bed and bath.

  30. My living room needs the most help, because it’s where my family and I spend almost all day and it is drab, drab, DRAB!

  31. My living could use a helping hand. I’ve had painter’s tape on the floor for the last 2 months trying to determine how to lay out a media/desk unit. Yep, I’d appreciate some professional help! Thanks!

  32. My living room has been driving me CRAZY lately – I’m so over it! I would love to give it a whole new look!

  33. My living room. I have these massive ceilings with odd cutouts in the walls…soooo hard to find a paint color that works!

  34. My dining room needs a makeover to reflect our changing lifestyle. After years of a formal dining room, I’m ready for a redo. Our life now is about grown children, grandchildren, and extended family gathered for family meals and game nights at the table. I still love my “formal” dishes, etc. but I love my family nights much more!

  35. Ah…so many spaces could use some help but I think I would go with my master bedroom. The other rooms are kind of coming along but the master bedroom isn’t even in the picture. It has really high ceilings and an odd shape and it certainly isn’t the haven I would hope it could be some day.

  36. My tv room needs the most help. With only one wall and mismatched furniture~it’s screaming for help.

  37. My living room needs SO much help! It’s been the same “vintage map” color for years and I need some style!

  38. Oh gosh. Hard to pick just one room. I guess right now I need the most help in our “office”. I have a lot of hand-me-down furniture in there that I just KNOW could be configured/painted/adapted into a much more storage friendly place. I just don’t know where to start!

  39. I have two rooms in my house that drive me crazy! I think I’d pick my living room for a makeover because it would give Courtney and Lauren a challenge.

  40. My office! I hate going in there- the worst part is that it’s actually our formal dining room, so I am constantly walking by it, and it’s in full view from the living room. I really need it to be an amazing functional space, because I work from home and have two small boys. I can’t even begin to describe how much stress this room causes me.

  41. my living room needs the most help, because it wasn’t really a living room at all–it was a teeny tiny dining room, with an adjoining office, –separated by a wall, which we are planning to remove–which the previous owners built, when they did a strange renovation. i have 4 small children, and little time to try to come up with my own design. I need help, so the family can have a place to be together!

  42. definitely my dining room, or my living room or my bedroom. I need all the help I can get !

  43. My living room needs lots of help! I have some interesting pieces, but it needs to be ‘tied together’ somehow. Fingers crossed!

  44. so many rooms to choose from…but if I have to pick, I will choose my basement.

  45. We just moved, so the whole house is a blank slate, but my den needs the most help. All it has is couches & a TV right now.

  46. Oh my family room needs some help – have tried plenty of things but it still doesn’t feel right to me.

  47. I need this sooooo badly in my living room. I sit in there all day with the baby and look around thinking about how much I hate it. I really hope I win! :)

  48. Oh my gosh, my master bedroom is a disaster!! I must have been on crack when I chose the paint colors and somehow it just snowballed into being “matchy-matchy,” which I typically HATE! Help!

  49. My living room/dining room area is sooo awkward – I would love help with the seating and traffic flow issues.

  50. Our incredibly cave-like family room. I cannot stand sitting in there because it is sooooo dark and dreary :(

  51. I have more than one room that needs help. If I had to pick one right now it would be my contractor white master bedroom. We’ve lived here 6 years and I’ve done nothing to it.

  52. It is a toss up between my family room and my bedroom. I spend more time in the family room though so I’d like it to look presentable.

  53. My living/dining room – I live in a condo so the two spaces merge. A lot of the furniture is old or second-hand and doesn’t really match. The walls are white with no art and we had a brick fireplace painted white that was then sponge painted with hunter green and brown. HELP!

  54. my bed room needs a make over because my husbund passed away all most 2years ago an i have not been in my bedroom since he passed awa i sleep on my chouch in my living room an it is time for me to get back in my bed so i can get some sleep an this would be so great an i would be so happy an greatful an i would probley jump up an down . i just need a change so i can get some sleep. thank you so much.

  55. My master bedroom is a total disaster right now – we have a great bed and I can’t think of anything to do with it. I could really use a jumping off point!

  56. Our master bedroom is decorated with Roy Rogers memorabilia and furnished with furniture from the ’70’s. Do I really need to say any more?
    I definitely need some help. :)

  57. I just can’t seem to pull my bedroom together… I would love to be able to walk in my room and LOVE it.

  58. My living room is a hodgepodge of pieces inherited or found at antique stores (some of which are lovely, some of which, not so much) that just don’t come together to form a cohesive room. I need some help figuring what to keep and and focus on, and what to toss and replace with the new (or new to me:) )

  59. I just downloaded “Ideas You Should Steal”. Best $1.00 I spent today! Great ideas to “appropriate”!!

  60. My master bedroom!!!! We’ve been in this house for almost 4 years and I haven’t done anything with it yet.

  61. My front room needs some major help! Our front door opens into the largest room in the house that has no one, main function. We have a sitting area, a desk, our dining table and small hutch all sectioned off in the space, and it also serves as a main walking path to connect the bedrooms/bathroom and the kitchen/TV room. It’s a hot mess!

  62. My living room! We spend 95% of our waking hours there and it’s awful! Drab, boring, blank, furniture placement is awful…it’s just not working.

  63. I’m buying my first home soon and can’t wait to make my living room into my dream room!

  64. My living room! We are building a new house and I need help!!! I have a little girl so I need things to be child friendly (aka leather) yet be light and airy! Please help me!

  65. my living room. is in need of help..and monday is my birthday so it would be a wounderful gift.

  66. My university aged daughter’s living room/dining room in her condo could use some youthful intervention! Thank you for the contest!

  67. I need help with my family room/kitchen. When we bought our house, we LOVED the open floor plan, but deocrating it has been a PITA! I have no idea how to decorate or arrange furniture, so we have a giant open floor with all of our couches pushed against the wall…it’s so boring!

  68. We are moving in two weeks and our living room will need lots and lots of help

  69. Master bedroom is a disaster. We have super high ceilings and I have no idea what color to put on the walls.

  70. Sunroom…slash mud/play/sitting room!
    Its a hodge podge mess – help would be GREAT!

  71. The most needed area in my house is my master bedroom. It is very large, with a lot of awkward spaces, high ceilings, and a few oddly placed small windows…needless to say I need some direction!

  72. The family room/toy room for sure! Even though it’s the room we spend the most time in, it’s my least favorite room…one side is for the adults and the other side is full of the kids’ toys, which always seem to creep over.

  73. The room that needs help the most is the Spare Bedroom!! we need a new color scheme and furniture! But the living room and master bedroom could use a little sprucing up too! I need some art and accessories help!

  74. I would love some help with our dining room. It’s a blank canvas right now and I just can’t figure out how to incorporate it with the rest of the rooms downstairs.

  75. Our guest room / home office is in dire need of help. We used to have two separate rooms for these, but just had to design a nursery space in one of them, so the result is a bed, desk and CLUTTER.

  76. I would LOVE some help with my living room. Everything in it is beige and blah! I could also use help in all the other rooms in the house, but this is the one that everyone sees when they walk in the door. I’d love to make a better first impression.

  77. Which one doesn’t need help! Would love help making my family/dining room space feel finished! Thanks for the opportunity

  78. My living room is in desperate need of help! We’re trying to make it warm and cozy but it is missing color!

  79. I desperately need help with my daughter’s room. She is getting moved to make room for my mother-in-law. I would love to make it a fun experience!

  80. That would have to be one of the best giveaways I have come across in a VERY long time!! I would absolutely LOVE for this dynamic duo to work their magic on my living room…it has been one room that I have struggled to get right…and it really bothers me to no end. Please count me in for this one…will have my fingers and toes and anything else I can cross…crossed for this one :) x

  81. OH my gosh my master bedroom needs some serious help!!!! It is the only room in my house I don’t love but with three little children my husband and I just haven’t had the time or energy to really decide what we want to do in there!

  82. just downloaded the book and am super excited to try some of the projects!

  83. I have a living room downstairs near my dining room – it’s more of a sitting room, really. I hate it right now – but I would love to love it. I would love to get a consultation!! Please pick me!

  84. Just one room to pick from?!? I need help with every single room in my house….. But I think our downstairs living room needs the most help :)

  85. I need help with our living room. I’ve bought so much new stuff for it but I’m now thinking they don’t really go together :(

  86. I definitely need help with my master bedroom/office area. Fingers crossed!

  87. My family room!! I just can’t pull the trigger on finishing it off, it’s about half done and the finishing touches are what intimidate me.

  88. Our master bedroom definitely needs help. I just can’t find the right inspiration!

  89. We just moved back from China and don’t own a single piece of furniture. Seriously, not even a cup. So really I’m at square one in every room, but I think the family room must come first so we can at least enjoy time together. I’m happy to eat at the counter for a while.

  90. My office/guest room needs so much help! I got as far as paint and curtains, then gave up!

  91. Do I have to choose just one room? :-) We’re in the midst of purchasing a new home that is COVERED in floral faux wood paneling so it’s hard to settle on one! If I had to, though, I would say the dining room. Right now it’s dark and dingy and depressing and will need an injection of brightness and energy!

  92. I really need help with our family room and adjoining kitchen, where we spend all our time. We recently took our home off the market after 10 months of living in a staged-to-sell home. When we were staging it, we emotionally distanced ourselves from the house. Now that we are staying, we want to fall back in love with it and make it our own!

  93. I would love help with our office/den. We are expecting our first baby in June and since the original guest bedroom is now the nursery we need our office to also function as a guest room…help!!!

  94. Woo hoo! What a great giveaway!! Our master bedroom is due for a big make over! We need new color scheme and upgrade our old furniture that is over 30 years old. I would be so excited to win this one. Thank you!

  95. My “Monica” basement . I have a lovely space and want to make it a combined adult/child playroom! I have no clue where to begin (well, ok, take out the recycling?).

  96. We just bought a new sectional for our living room, and I’ve spent a year and a half trying to decide what type of rug would work best, and now I also can’t figure out how to decorate the walls. HELP!!

  97. I would love to win this giveaway as I am in dire need of some professional help(of the design variety of course) ;)

  98. My kitchen needs SO much help now that I’ve moved into an outdated rental. H-E-L-P

  99. Our living room needs serious help! There’s so much potential with several unique windows and it’s proximity to our round foyer, but I can’t make the layout work. Would love to win this!

  100. The living room needs the most help, just plain and functional but no style. Thanks!

  101. My living room/family room is awkwardly shaped and kinda small. Definitely the room that needs the most help.

  102. Living room!!! It’s where we spend most of our time and I have no idea what direction to go in! I’d be soooo grateful for the help!!!

  103. By far it’s our gameroom/hang-out room. It has too many purposes, but doesn’t function properly for any of them. Keeping my fingers crossed!

  104. I bought the e-book! And can’t wait to find something to steal. I mean, copy.

  105. I lie awake at night trying to figure out how to make our now empty play/sewing/extra bedroom “work”!

  106. Let’s see……I guess it would be the family room where we spend most of our time. Any help is appreciated.

  107. Our living room. The fireplace takes up an entire wall…makes furniture placement hard!

  108. I live in a studio in Manhattan so…my one room needs to be made over! haha :)

    or I would love to use this for my mom and dad’s family room too

  109. My living room, hands down above any other room in my house, needs MAJOR HELP!

    —It is huge
    —It has very high ceilings
    —Everything in it is either tan or chocolate brown–neutral and BORING!
    —I don’t have enough furniture and it looks awkward and empty but I have no confidence to shop for new/more furniture because I am clueless as to what size/shape/color I should be looking for

    This room is the center of our household and used more than any other room. I would love for it to be a place that I enjoy being in but right now that is not the case.

    I would love the help of these wonderful designers!

  110. I would love some help re thinking my boring kitchen. I want to paint the cabinets, get a backsplash, add an island and reconfigure the seating area and help it blend in with my adjoining family room. I want to give it some “umpf”

  111. OMG…my living room, we live in an 80 year old remodeled house (that I grew up in) and in the living room is a cozy fireplace with floor to ceiling granite and a huge (8′ wide) granite hearth…..We love to melt into the couch and watch the fire and would love ideas on making it even more “melty”!

  112. I so need this right now, I have been in the middle of finishing my living room now for a few months and need some input!

  113. We are in the middle of an addition/renovation project and I have a pretty good idea of what I am doing in each of the bedrooms but when it comes to the family room I am completely lost! Would love some expert advice!

  114. Master bedroom-I’m ready to start with a clean slate and would love some help and direction.

  115. It would be our bed room…we are trying to do projects and stumped here i am constantly decluttering our sons toys

  116. My living room needs some help! I have no idea about the furniture placement and I also would like to know how to incorporate more color and curtains!

  117. Master bedroom! We’ve lived in this house over 8 years, are on our 3rd paint color, and I still haven’t made a good effort in this room. Please, rescue me from my old IKEA furniture and ugly curtains!

  118. My living room. Furniture is about 10 years old and still in great condition but I am so tired of brown and the room shape is very difficult to work with.

  119. Oh my…it’s definitely the master bedroom! Why is it we always do our room last? The ONLY thing I like is the beautiful hardwood floors and an antique arm chair that was my Grandfather’s (though desperately needs to be re-upholstered). Would LOVE help on figuring out where to take the design of what should my favorite room…after all who doesn’t deserve a retreat to retire to with all that life throws each day!

  120. Master bedroom. It’s an impractical design and I’m struggling to get it to flow.

  121. To be whole house can use help..but my bedroom or dining room probably needs the most.


  122. I would really love to win this giveaway to get help with my little girl’s bedroom; she’s 20 months old. In the beginning of February, we had a comode over flow that damaged her room. Long story short, we finally got the carpet back down, but the baseboards/doors/furnishings (with the exception of her crib) are still not in. I guess I’m putting it off because I just don’t have a direction for the room or any experience decorating. I’d love to make it pretty for her!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  123. My husband and I are having our first child in July and I’m stumped on a boy’s nursery. I don’t want it to be too “baby” themed and want it to look modern and cool but baby appropriate. HELP!!

  124. My great room definitely needs the most help. I’ve got a few good pieces in there, but I have so much difficulty accessorizing and tying everything together. I need help!

  125. Hi! First time reader. I’m moving into my first condo, and will need tons of help for the living room. I’m so bad at anything decorating so this would be amazing!

  126. It’s a tough call between the bedroom or the living room but I’m going with living room.

  127. My living room needs this badly. I kind of know what I want but need someone to help me put it all together, so to speak.

  128. It’s a toss up but I think our great room needs the most help. It’s the room we easily spend the most amount of time in but is awkwardly shaped. I would LOVE help figuring out what to do with this space.


  129. OH MY GOODNESS!! I’m soooo badly in need of this. My office would probably officially qualify me for an episode of Hoarders. I’ve shoved every DIY project purchase (many inspired by CG!!) in there and shut the (glass) door, pretending that it’s invisible. I’m seriously embarrassed, not only by the UGLY oak built in desk and hutch, but the horrible blue paint and lack of anything resembling organization. :)

  130. We really need help with our basement. We have very little storage on our home and would love some decorative help down there!

  131. The master bedroom needs major help! Our room is so boring. I would love it to be the favorite room in the house.

  132. This is so awesome!! I would love to have help with my oddly shaped living/sitting area! What a great give-away!

  133. My living room is the room that needs some major help. It needs some color and staging of furniture to make it welcoming for my family.

  134. The room in our home that needs a makeover is the kitchen! Boring and needs some love!

  135. This would be great!! I need help with my son’s bedroom… Hard to decorate a room for a boy who’s not a baby and not a teenager!


  136. We recently moved and I could use some help figuring out how to make the family room work, especially for the toddler and two dogs!

  137. Oh my office/craft room please! I’m starting from scratch so I could use the help.

  138. My dining is in the most need of some fabulousness. Hope you can help! :)

  139. It’s hard to choose but I’d probably go with my living room since it’s the first room you see when you walk in my house.

  140. My brand new great room that has a lot of elements that sort of created and awkward space to furnish and decorate. Need help!

  141. Wow. Which room… I should probably say our master bedroom… But think I want to tweak/pull together/finish our family room??? Look, fingers crossed!

  142. our family room needs help. it’s such a hodge podge of old stuff, hand-me-downs and really yummy things.

  143. i bought the ebook!! loving the ideas and seeing familiar faces from blogs i adore.

  144. My living room is sad! It unfortunately suffers from my complete inability to know where to begin . . .

  145. I need help with my master bedroom. The walls and trim are the same color for pete’s sake!

  146. Our bedroom needs serious help! With two dog crates and a queen size bed in a tiny room, we are at a loss. I’d love some design ideas.

  147. I e-mailed back and forth with kelly+olive before I moved into my new home…but I decided to wait until I lived here for a while to utilize a decorator. Now I’ve been here for 5 months and I would LOVE to win this giveaway. My living room/dining room needs the most help at this point, although I could use them for help with my master bedroom and guest bedroom, too!

  148. I just shared this giveaway on Facebook, even though that encourages more competition! ;)

  149. My dining room needs color and drapes and new seat covers and a new rug and new art and new lighting and new…

  150. While I fancy myself to be quite the designer of my own place, I’m struggling to help one of my best friends (since high school) create a place of her own. With a new PhD, she’s been struggling with her budget and I’ve been struggling with her not knowing what she wants. So this would be a much-welcomed gift for both of us!

  151. I have rearranged the furniture in my family room every which way I can think of over the past 13 years. I need help!

  152. I just came here because our living room needs serious HELP! Can’t wait to check out Kelly and Olive!

  153. Oh wow my living room could use some help!! It’s an odd shaped space and I can’t quite figure out how to pull it all together.

  154. This is just what my house needs! My family room is making me cRRrrrrAAaaAaZy!!! It is paneled with real wood – not the paper covered stuff from the 70’s. There is a chair rail and molding creates squares above the chair rail. My family thinks the wood is cozy and I think it is dark and gloomy! It would be perfect if it were in a library, but not the room we spend most of our time in! I need HELP!!!!!

  155. Definitely my kitchen/dining room – its brand new but I have no idea what to do with the green granite countertops!

  156. My family/kitchen/dining are all one big room and need some serious help!

  157. Would love some inspiration for my almost 12 year old’s room -something that will take her from tween to teen and maybe even beyond!

  158. My family room desparately needs some design help, we spend all of our time in this room but its bare and boring.

  159. Definitely my boys playroom/guestroom – I need more storage!!! The room doesn’t reflect their personalities ‘design wise’ (beige walls/neutral sofa bed/espresso desk and tv stand). So the ‘bones are good – but it lacks colour and that somethin somethin!! Your playroom design is so beautiful Kate!! It can be a challenge to design around lego, boardgames and kids electronics can’t it??

  160. Oooh, Well I definitely hate my kitchen. Definitely the worst room in my home. But my master bedroom also needs help. So, I guess I’ll go with master bedroom.

  161. My living room is also my entry room, and the place where we spend the most time as a family. It’s small and cramped, and needs help desperately! I would just LOVE some help with it!!

  162. How can I pick just one? My entire house needs help, but I’d love a functional yet comfortable Fily room to enjoy with our 3 little kiddos!

  163. My den / living room is in need of major overhauling…..I would love love love some design advice!

  164. My living room is a poor excuse for a living room! It connects to my dining area and is at the front of my house, so its the first room guest see. Its so uninviting and incomplete. This would be a HUGE help!!

  165. Our master bedroom is in a constant state of, “Help Me!”. Try as I might, this room always gets the least of my attention but desperately deserves it!

  166. My dining room needs the most help. It’s full of old (but not necessarily nice) pieces of furniture hand me downs. We call it ‘the pioneer room’ because it just isn’t our style. So far it just looks like an afterthought and no one likes to spend time in there. I’d love some help and inspiration!

  167. Our living room. We recently moved in…and it’s just such an awkwardly shaped room. We’re in a rental, so it’s hard for us to do anything drastic. I have good pieces (not great) and love my couch…but there is a heck of a lot of brown. I love design and my website is devoted to it, but wouldn’t mind a good mood board to get another perspective!

  168. I bought the ebook. Looking forward to reading it and ‘stealing some ideas!’ Thanks for the giveaway contest and thanks for promoting a great design service, new media and a worthy charity cause. Everybody wins. :)

  169. my bedroom is in some serious need of help. particle board and hideous colors abound.

  170. My living room. It’s small, and weirdly shaped, and I have no clue what to do with it to make it welcoming. Sigh. Send help, please!!

  171. Can I enter for my mom? She has lived in the same house for 15 years, and has done NOTHING to the master bedroom. It needs help!



  172. My biggest challenge is my family room. It’s very large with fireplace/built-ins on one wall, the other wall has a bay window of sorts, then it opens to the kitchen and two hallways. Help!!

  173. I read that used to help friends “turn their crappy studio apartments into fun and functional homes.” That’s what I need help with.

  174. Our bedroom. We’ve moved 3x in a year (sold a home, moved to a rental, found our new house…) and 4x in 5 years. We never seem to get around to doing our bedroom, and I think DH and I should be investing in *us* and getting our MBR up to speed now that we are settled.

  175. I have an anciently old house and the basement main room area has the potential to be really awesome if I had a creative mind look at it!!!!

  176. Our family room has been such a trouble area! It needs some serious H-E-L-P – this giveaway would be awesome!

  177. Our attic master bedroom/study area has serious issues! I would love some help!

  178. i have a weird shaped living room dining room combo with cathedral ceilings that confuses the bejezus out of me! a push in the right direction would be great!

  179. My living room is a place where I want people to be comfortable and at peace, right when they walk through the door.

  180. I am in major need of a dining room re-do. It currently has NO finished walls :(

  181. Perfect timing! The family room needs a complete redo. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  182. All my rooms need equal help and a lot of it. If the Family/living room came together that would probably make the greatest impact.

  183. My bedroom is not a retreat, but a gloomy mish mash! Thanks for doing this giveaway! Oh, and I purchased the e-book and love that the money goes to Dwell with Dignity. What a lovely cause.

  184. I would love some help designing my kitchen! ;) Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  185. What a fun giveaway- and a steal of a deal! I’d like to win this for our bonus room- it’s the one room I really can’t get a grasp on.

  186. We finished our basement about a year ago and I still haven’t decorated!! I would love to win so I can have some inspiration on what to do. Thanks!

  187. I need some serious help with my master bedroom. It’s a large room with lots of potential but I need inspiration. I want it glamorous, relaxing and romantic all at the same time!

  188. I’m not happy with my living room – it opens up to the kitchen and breakfast nook so furniture placement is a DISASTER!

  189. Bought the book, thanks! Linking to my FB nancyelizabeth photography! and hoping with every fiber of my being that I get lucky!! Married 13 years, two kids, 8 & 10 one SMALL house that has great wood floors and lots of love but NO decorating only hand me downs….best news, we finally have time and some spare change! Now we just need a clue! Would love help on our one room living/dining rectangle with samll black (nice) upright piano and not much else room!! Thanks!

  190. I bought it (and donated $3…money is a little tight but I’m sure every bit helps)

  191. My bedroom really needs some help, so does the office/craft room! Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway!

  192. I would love for them to get their hands on my living room! I love their manifesto!

  193. Wow! What a fantastic giveaway! We just moved into a “new to us” house and are starting decorating from scratch with NO idea where to start! The family room would probably be my first choice. With this open floor plan, you can see the whole first floor at one time – too intimidating for someone like me who didn’t get the Martha gene!! Thanks!

  194. My sunroom needs help! It currently houses two ancient couches, a rug that doesn’t match, the treadmill, and nothing on the walls- sad! But even with all that, we still spend a lot of time in there- I need help to make it a soothing and enjoyable room, rather than a mismatch!

  195. I would love, love, love help in my eat-in-kitchen!! It is small and a bit akward. I have yet to find a solution for the “dining” area! I have lived in this house for just over a year, and still do not have a place to eat, or sit down and write out the bills for that matter!

  196. Definitely would be the master bedroom! I need help and inspiration! This is perfect thanks so much for the chance.

  197. Hi Kate! Our family room is dull dull dull and just screaming for a designer’s eye. Thanks for the giveaway, love your blog –

  198. My dining/living room area is such a problem for me. I would be thrilled to have some fresh ideas!

  199. Awesome giveaway. My living room is driving me NUTS. It isn’t very big, you walk into it from the front door, have to walk through it to get anywhere else and we want two couches. I need help

  200. I have a LITTLE family/media room that needs some guidance. My furniture is in great shape, but I’m kind of tired of looking at it. Slipcovers? New accessories? Any help would be good.

  201. My eat-in kitchen definitely needs the most helps. It’s a rental and the cabinet color is my biggest challenge. I’d love help with wall color, floorplan, and ideas to make it a more functional space.

  202. We need help with our open living room/dining room! Would love some ideas from kelly+olive – love the story behind their name!

  203. My living room right now is a dumping ground for castaway furniture and toys. I’m ready to start over and give this room some character. Thanks for the wonderful offer–I hope I win!

  204. We have a living room/dining room (it’s a long, strange shaped room) and we can’t figure out how to separate and bring some color into the space(s)… I always get scared to buy color and everything ends up being light brown…. blah. Plus, i have a 1 year old and I feel like i’ll never find the time. Help or it’s going to stay like this forever!!

  205. I totally need help with our living room! We have ZERO decorating sense…it is so plain and boring with no style, at all!

  206. My living room has no entry way or closet, so trying to cope with the jumble of shoes/coats/bags and have a relaxing, cozy space is a real challenge! I have a vintage-y, eclectic style that needs some focus. Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  207. I could really use some help turning my bedroom in the “sanctuary” I dream it can be!

  208. i have a great room that has no one complete wall. really!!! furniture placement is a nightmare and we have had the same placement design since we moved in 11 years ago. i would love to see if someone could do what i have not been able to do in this challenging space….

    i bought the book….


  209. This is a great giveaway! I think my bedroom needs the most help. It’s hard to create a romantic bedroom with a huge 1970’s brick fireplace wall draining all the life out of the room.

  210. My living room is in desperate need of help!! It’s an array of mismatched furniture… it’s frustrating to look at, esp since it’s the very first room you see coming in the front door :(

  211. As a very informal family, we desperately need help figuring out how to effectively use our entry/sitting/dining room areas. I’m paralyzed! So they’re almost empty for going on 3 years :0

  212. I’d love some help with my tween’s room. The room is not huge but layout is hard because the walk-in attic access door is in the room.

  213. I would love help with my kitchen, living and dining room since they are one open space!

  214. I desperately need some help with my dining room, which is an extension of my front room. After several decades, it’s still not right!

  215. I have our bedroom has stood still since we bought our home and I don’t know what to do. I need help, please.

  216. Looks like a great service! I’d definitely hand over my living room for some great ideas!

  217. when you walk into our home you’re in the middle of our small living room with a huge fireplace. entry-way? Living Room? Dining Room? It’s so confusing how to place the furniture and what it should be used as! Help!

  218. Would *LOVE* to win this – our living room needs a complete overhaul and could really use a fresh perspective

  219. We’re moving soon and our soon-to-be guest room will finally not double as a man cave and office. It needs help!

  220. Well, I’d like a room we don’t even have yet to be made over….we’re moving to Italy in September (military), and I’m a little terrified of what our home will be like over there. No carpet, no closets, no storage space. I”m going to need A LOT of help!

  221. Either our family room or newly finished downstairs den need some help! Both have a very large corner fireplace and we can’t quite figure out the furniture arrangement!

  222. I desperately need help in my living room- it has 4 separate doorways into it, which makes it impossible to figure out furniture placement! Would love some help!!

  223. Our family room needs help! We’d love to have a stylish Kelly + Olive room to enjoy every day!

  224. My living room needs help! It has good bones, but I have no idea what to do!

  225. I would love some help with our playroom/craft/school area! I’ve been struggling on how to make it functional yet FUN! :)

  226. I could absolutely use some help with our living room. It’s a hodgepodge of hand-me-downs and I think we are “grown up” enough to put together a real living room! Thanks for the giveaway!

  227. My youngest daughter’s room has no personality and she has plenty to spare! I would love to see her room better fit her needs and reflect who she is.

  228. My master bedroom! We just painted it and now I feel “stuck” as to all the rest! Love the color on the wall, but would love some direction on the rest!

  229. I was so excited to see this giveaway! We have a sunroom that we would like to convert to a playroom and could definitely use some help!

  230. I am in some desperate need of help in many rooms, but my empty dining room would probably be a good place to start!

  231. My bedroom needs some real help. I made some very poor design choices there and it needs a redo. Live and learn!

  232. My living room needs a makeover! It’s just a dumping ground for all of our mismatched stuff right now.

  233. being in a new house & having just been approved by hubby to get new Living Room furniture – I could seriously use some direction from an expert!

  234. My poor bedroom needs some serious love. It has all the potential in the world – I just need to know what to buy and from where!

  235. Oh my poor aching family room. I think the throw pillows cry at having to be on that couch!!

  236. I would love to win this giveaway for our living room! Somehow we always have the hardest time decorating our living rooms… this one is definitely awkward!


  237. I would redo my “great room”. You know that awkward three rooms in one? Arranging furniture in there is a nightmare. I’d love some help!

  238. Our living room needs help!! I just had a painter here today giving me an estimate and I have a flooring guy coming Tuesday. I do not have the decorator gene!!

  239. I need help with my Family Room. It is long overdue and I haven’t been able to come up with any fresh ideas, especially with the layout.

  240. Awesome! I would use their ideas in my 2yo and 4yo’s bedroom. It’s a room shared by a boy and girl and I’m kinda stuck on how to give them their own space and storage in our Seattle townhome.

  241. I need help with a few rooms, but my family room probably most desperately needs some attention! Thanks for the opportunity!

  242. I would love my living room decorated! We have been in our house 2 years, and we still look like squatters because I can’t decide what to do with it :/

  243. As grateful as I am to have my home, I can’t seem to feel a connection to it. Specifically, my bedroom. It looks more like a combination of our two families’ hand-me-downs with the mishmash of furniture. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated!!!

  244. either the living room or the bedroom! the living room definitely needs to be arranged better. and our bedroom keeps getting neglected while i work on projects for the rest of the apartment – we still have our mattress & box spring on the floor!

  245. Our bedroom definitely needs some help but the family room is right up there in the needs help category so I’ll say the family room since more people see that room.

  246. Definitely our bedroom – we have a tiny place, and it’s been a challenge to get our bedroom feeling like a place of escape, and not just a place to shove extra boxes :)

  247. Man, my bedroom could use some serious help. After seven years of marriage, our mattress still sits on the floor. And lamps!! Oh, dear!

  248. I could use help in my living room. I am to the point where I don’t know which direction to go in… I hate making decisions so if someone could just make them for me :)

  249. I definitely need help with our living room! We moved into our first house just over a year ago and I’m so overwhelmed trying to decorate it all. I would LOVE some help!

  250. The room that I would love to get some direction and insight on is my bedroom. The space is great with large windows and great views. But my current decorating is lacking in everything. I would love the opportunity to get some professional help. Thank you for this great giveaway.

  251. No doubt – my guest bedroom. Right now, it serves as a huge clean clothes basket since it is right across from my laundry room. It would be be a totally blank slate!

  252. I need help with my bedroom. There’s always something else in my house that requires attention, and since it’s not actually horrible, I never seem to find time to make it special. It would be wonderful to have the eye of professionals to help me bring it together and make it the room it can be. Thanks for the chance to win!

  253. I would love some advice on the kitchen – we are ready to do this but it is such an important room the heart of the house and will take lots of thought and planning and I’m just not sure where to start. Please pick me!

  254. My sons’ room. My daughter designed her own and they love being in there, but their room not so much.

  255. Our bedroom needs some serious help. The rest of my house has been the focus of my decorating budget and time lately – but our room is very, very boring and plain.

  256. I would love some help with my living room. I have an awkwardly placed (though lovely!) fireplace, I have no idea how to design around!

  257. Which room to choose to enter? The living room with no style and hardly any furniture, or the bedroom with no color on the wall and bedding that is seven years old? Thanks for the chance!

  258. Our family room could use some serious help to make it adult & kid friendly. Thanks!

  259. Having a new baby in June! Room is pink and that is as far as we have gotten………. HELP!!!!!!!!!!

  260. We just bought a house that’s 3 times the size of our current townhome. I need help filling it up with stuff! But specifically, we want to work on the family room/breakfast area first.

  261. I would love to win this for my mom. She has a dining room/living room “L” and can’t figure out what to do with it. Thanks for the giveaway!

  262. I would have to say our Family room because that’s where we spend most of our time and I would love for it to be done.

  263. Me bedroom – I am influenced by East Indian designs since I was born there, but sometimes the colors seem overwelhming, so need a compromise between East and WEst adn create a gorgeous space

  264. I would love to win this! Desperately need help with our family room…the oak woodwork & outdated fireplace is making this room a nightmare to decorate! Could use some inspiration.

  265. Probably our bedroom – it is so boring and in need of much work. But it is a close tie to our family room which is crying out for some cohesiveness! Thanks for the chance!

  266. I have no idea what to do with my family room.. it’s too narrow and too full of furniture, but it’s the room we pretty much live in, so it needs help…


  267. I think that my bedroom needs the most work. It’s hard to make a retreat for us for some reason. Thank you CG!

  268. Our bedroom needs an outsider’s eye! When we moved in a couple years ago, we painted a dark gray, but now it’s more like a dungeon than a retreat. We don’t know where to start… we’re stuck & need help!!

  269. Our living room needs some major help, I can’t get what’s in my head out on “paper”.

  270. My living room/den – it’s the first space someone sees upon entering our home (no formal entry), and as hard as I’ve tried, I just can’t get it pulled together!

  271. Oh my gosh! I need to win. I need help SO bad! I need this, I NEED this! My husband and I have been married almost 9 years and have three small kids. We just bought our first home last summer and I LOVE IT and can’t wait to really start putting my taste and touch in each room! Our living room has LOTS of windows and a fireplace…! I have some ideas, but it is a large, long room and…… what to do? Oh, I need this!:)

  272. My “bonus” room. It’s supposed to be my office & craft room, and a extra tv/slumber party space, but it is just scary right now.

  273. my living room. it’s where we spend all of our time, especially after havnig a baby, but it’s in desperate need of an update and some personality.

  274. Oh, my living room needs some serious HELP! I still stuck on figuring out what the perfect couch set up should be…

  275. Our living room needs help! We live in a great space but have yet to determine how to maximize it. We love to entertain and want to be able to seat many people comfortably but not feel cramped. We also don’t have window treatments and don’t know how to choose treatments that won’t make the room feel cramped. Help!

  276. I need help in my living room/family room/room that we spend all our time in…I want to do something but don’t know what to do so I do nothing!!

  277. My living room is very long and very awkward – I would love some help figuring out how to make it work.

  278. We would love help with our master bedroom! My husband and I just purchased our first home – a small, but charming colonial. Although it needs a lot of structural work, basement waterproofing and replacement plumbing, we are hoping to have some money left to focus on making it reflect “us”. Would LOVE LOVE LOVE help from Kelly & Olive!

  279. I would love to win this for my mom! She has a kitchen-dining-living room that all connect together and the walls are a terrible curry yellow…we need help re-vamping it! This will be the first big change we’ve made to the house since my Dad passed away…I hope it helps her get a fresh start.

  280. Every room in my house needs some help, but our bedroom probably needs the most help!

  281. My bedroom needs some major help. I avoid it like the plague because it makes me feel too anxious.

  282. We are just about to move – so every room needs help, but most importantly the living room.

  283. My bedroom!! Everything is mismatched, i only love my headboard and my new george kovacs ceiling fan :(

  284. Our front room houses a piano and the computer along with various mismatched pieces of furniture – I’d love to bring it ll together somehow and make it restful and pretty!

  285. We need help with the master bedroom. It’s been 9 years in this house and it is still builder beige with a ceiling fan. Help! I can’t seem to commit to a color or theme in this room.

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