Boy’s Room Tour

By Kate Riley March 8, 2011

I’ve been falling asleep in this space for a few nights, I just can’t help it!  I find snuggling up with my little guy in this room late at night completely irresistible.  It’s here where I learn all his secrets, his battle plans, and if I listen carefully, the location of buried treasure.  It seems everyone in our house has been spending more hours in this room lately, especially the resident to whom it belongs, our five year old son.

Last year we said goodbye to the soft blue nursery walls, and upgraded to a more mature, more intense teal blue, and the completion of the board and batten treatment last week enhances the color even more.  I wanted it to be a bright clean happy place, one where he could adventure and explore.  A room where he could not only display everything he loves right this very moment, but one that would also adapt to his changing interests over time.

Want the grand tour of our boy’s room?   Come on in!

cg boys room entrance


This room measures 10 feet by 12 feet, but we managed to pack a lot of style plus storage into its square footage.  On the back of his door is a place to hold shirts or hats, or the less practical but also necessary capes and costumes.

cg back of door


You’ll spy that Hemnes dresser that I painted last year.



Up above are some $5 pine shelves I found on clearance in a craft store, then I primed and painted them white.

cg display shelves

This little sailboat I found in a thrift store last year, who would ever part with it?

cg porthole mirror


On the other side of the room is a storage cabinet I painted for the lad last year.

cg painted storage tower

There are many bins, baskets and cubbies to hold friends, books, keepsakes, and toys.

cg boys storage tower


I painted his humdrum white closet doors with his wall paint to make them pop.  I love the repetition of the rectangles and the contrast between teal blue and white.

cg painted closet doors


On his bed are some simple pillows that he always tosses on the floor at night.



My little guy loves to line up his favorite cast of characters on his new shelf when he’s not engaged in fierce role play.

band of rebels on shelf


Yes, he is going through his ‘Star Wars phase’.  I hear it lasts for years and many boys never grow out of it.  I don’t mind at all, I grew up with it too, so hearing him tell me the same stories about Luke and Leia are a trip down memory lane.

I couldn’t resist framing a few of his favorite cast of characters above his bed, but it doesn’t end with the band of Star Wars rebels.  Boats, motorcycles, sea adventures, and treasure maps all collide in his imaginative universe, so why not display them all?



cg art wall 1




Last year his bed looked like this:

bed wall before


Today it’s a little fresher:

boys room bed on wall

Beware, many battles and rescues take place beneath!

battle under bed

Again, another pic of his room from last year:

boys room before


And today:

cg dresser on wall


Do you think maybe it just might be possible that this boy likes this room ?

cg boy jumping

I reckon he does.

Oh to bottle and sip from that source of energy . . .

cg boys room after

So there’s the big tour!

Now I’m off to adventure with this imaginative boy for as long as he will let me.

Full room source guide here.



  1. PERFECT for a boy his age and older. This is an aAMAZING look and use of space!

  2. love it! the colors are awesome! my son is also obsessed with star wars and i have been thinking of doing a gallery wall above his bed- this post just confirmed that it owuld be awesome! i can see why you are sleeping in that room!

  3. I absolutely ADORE this room. Kate, you did a phenomenal job, and really packed so much function and style into this room – It’s hard to believe it’s only 10×12. The teal and the board and batten are so fresh and charming. Thanks for sharing! Great work!

  4. I love it…so perfect for that little cutie! What fun!
    And, I do owe you a big thank you for inspiring me to fix the hole in my bathroom wall…it’s all dry now, and I just have to paint it!

  5. What a wonderful room for your little boy. And how precious is that to see him enjoy it so much! Kudos to you, mom! And you’re right… some never outgrow Star Wars, like my husband! When we visit Potterybarn Kids, he teases me (only half-kidding, I think) that we should get those Star Wars sheets for OUR bed, lol!

  6. Another great project! So many clever and creative ideas packed into one space. I love everything but was especially drawn to the painted closet doors.

  7. Love this Kate. My boys’ room is due for an upgrade, so I appreciate the inspiration!

  8. Looks so great, well done. Simple, clean, stylish and functional. Isn’t that what all rooms should be. We are in the purging stages of red-do’s for my girl’s rooms. My 8 year old is just getting a spruce up and a couple of changes, but my 10 year is geared up for a full “tween” re-do. We have the plan, now we just have to find the time! Enjoy that boy! Laura

  9. It’s beautiful — in a cool, boyish kind of way! You did an amazing job creating a room your son can enjoy now ans as he grows. Love, love, love!

  10. JUST LOVELY! It looks wonderful- really! So fresh- and the board and batton brightens the room up so much! I love the action figures on the molding- so precious! Happy Birthday to your little guy!

  11. Don’t fall superhero!!

    What a great room for a special little guy. I know he will many friends over to mess it up and then you may walk in a smile, because the room is well used…

    Mr. Goodwill Hunting

  12. What a great room. I just love the colors. I can’t wait for you to do the source guide. I am loving that area rug and the drapes. Super job as usual. BTW – the Star Wars phase lasts a really long time…my son is still in it.

  13. What a great room. I love the board and batten and that he lines up his figures above his bed. I don’t think they ever grow up. A co-worker of mine just purchased a $300 Death Star Lego set for her fiance for their anniversary. (He’s 30) The other “boys” in the office wanted to break it out and play yesterday. haha

  14. The paint on the wall is *the* color I’ve been searching for! Beautiful room.

  15. I LOVE THIS ROOM!!!! I wanna sleep in it! ;-) That color is amazing can you share? I’m thinking of doing the board and batten treament so inspired after this post!!


  16. Great Job! Beautiful colors and a happy little guy! What could be better. Your board and batten is just lovely. I may have to ‘borrow’ some of your ideas for my little guy’s room! Thanks for posting.

  17. This is BEAUTIFUL! I’ve added it as a bookmark so I can refer back to it when my son is ready for a big-boy room! Great job!

  18. Outstanding job! *clapping and standing ovation* The color palette is great and the 2 hits of the fresh green on the bookshelf and bed are perfect.


  19. You did such a great job in here…it looks fantastic! I love the update, and I love that you all love spending time in here too…what a great reward for hard work. I absolutely love the outcome!

  20. Kate, it’s beautiful! I have three boys and a baby on the way, so I’m WELL-VERSED in Star Wars, my friend. You’ve found a wonderful balance of kid-friendly and mom-friendly. Love it!

  21. I’m dying over the closet doors. I love that you painted it both colors. I might have to steal that idea! Love all the SW’s figures lined up. Such a boy. Mine is 11 and still has all his legos and characters lined up! Great room, just in love with all the cool, calming colors!


  22. WOW! You’ve packed so much storage and creativity for your boy into such a small space, yet it feels open and airy. Brilliant work! What’s the light fixture in the center of the room? I love it and am in need of a new fixture for one of my bedrooms. Thanks for sharing!

  23. Ok Kate, that post and those images pulled on my heart strings! Are boys are about the same age and it seem to be flying by! You did a beautiful job in his room and although you can’t bottle his energy you just may have bottled a moment in time- thanks for sharing

  24. You did a phenomenal job on that room! I love to see examples of what paint can do (that bed! wow!) … I love everything about the room – you must be over the moon to walk in there!

  25. Can I just say that I am so so so impressed with the transformation!! I can’t believe you did the painting and had these ideas yourself. The closet doors, the new “wall” bottom, the dresser…SO creative! I love the color combination! Will you please come to my house and help me redecorate??

  26. Wow, there are so many things I love about this room! Painting the closet doors were an awesome idea-I love how much they stand out!

  27. What a wonderful room! Blue and white is always so fresh! I love how you painted the dresser and closet doors. That really made a huge difference. Many of us would not have thought of that detail!!!!

  28. OH…you have inspired me…but again!! My two boys share a small bedroom and I really would like to brighten it up! I’ve wanted their room to correlate with the rest of our house, and this is a perfect example how white can work for boys! Thank you!

    Jen xo

  29. My favorite part is the collection of art above the bed… So great that you chose pieces that mean something to your little guy!

  30. Amazing! The space looks fabulous. Where did you get the light? I have been in the process of updating my daughters room, as well as my sons room. I hope to reveal my daughters this week. All the best. :-)

  31. Who wouldn’t love spending time in that room?!?! I adore the light fixture! The previous owner of our house installed recessed/dimmable lighting in all of the bedrooms (which I really do like), BUT it means that we can’t hang amazing light fixtures in our girls’ rooms. We’re putting finishing touches on the nursery (only 2 weeks left), and I would have loved to have found a soft and girly light for it!

  32. Such a cute room! You did a great job, Kate, as always! This is definitely a very sophisticated room, fits a little boy or a big boy! I also love the rooms you created for your girls. Lots of great ideas I could use. Thanks for the inspirations.
    I am planning to redo my baby girl’s room. She is about 18 month old now, just moved to a big girl bed. I am thinking a cute toddler dressing table, and table and chairs set for tea parties. Her room is even smaller than your son’s, maybe just 8 by 12 feet? I plan to keep all her clothes and most toys in her 5″ closet, so I don’t have to put a big old dresser in there.
    So, do you mind to show us how you organize your kids’ closets? I am thinking about a lower rod, so she can hang her own clothes up. And lots of bins to store her stuffed friends. Yeah, secretly hoping she will become such a neat person, so mommy won’t need to clean up after her. =)

  33. This is a great boys room! I love how bright and cheerful it is! Great job!

  34. Every angle of that room is a delight! It looks so fresh and classic – it will be able to accommodate any future hero shifts!

  35. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE this!!!!! This is so amazing, so wonderful, so little boy but totally classic and beautiful and can grow with him. I can’t wait til we transform our little guy’s room from baby to toddler and I know I’ll be looking back at this post for inspiration. Thank you for sharing!!!!!

  36. What a great room for that little boy of yours! They grow up so fast and before you know it all they want in their rooms is black! haha! I am in the middle of putting my two teenage boys together to make room for baby. The request…black. It’s coming along and not as drab as I thought it was going to be. You can check out the progress out on my blog!

    Treasure this time with your little man!

  37. LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! I’ve been checking the past few days anticipating your post. Again, you did not disappoint. SO many fabulous ideas. I have 3 boys and am always looking for great ways to allow their own expression to come out in a stylish fashion and you have inspired me…especially the art collection above the bed. Where’s the rug from?

  38. love the teal walls AND the closet doors. the closet doors now look like they’re part of the “plan” rather than the usual drab slab of white that has no purpose. perfect choice, especially for the size of the room.

  39. Love what you did with the room! Darling, darling, darling. I’m wondering about the picture of your son on the beach. Did you do the wrap around? Can we get a tutorial?

    Thanks, Manja

  40. What a wonderful room for an adorably happy little guy! The painted dresser and doors play off each other beautifully. xoxo

  41. I love it sooooo much. We’re redoing rooms right now and I want both to look like this…one girls’, one boys’!

  42. You are such a gifted mom! If I could bottle up some of the kids’ energy and your talent, I’d be set. ;) The room turned out spectacularly, just as I knew it would. I love that you painted the closet doors–they really pop. They almost look like artwork to me instead of closet doors. Job well done, my friend!

  43. Kate,
    It is just adorable!
    I love his Star War guys all lined up! Precious!
    Aren’t boys the best?!

  44. his room turned out great!! I love that the little ledge provides the perfect spot for his star wars figures! :) lol — My son is 10 and still in love with star wars and of course all things Legos! I love it :)

    Everything goes so well together looking forward to the source list, because I MUST know where you bought the bed frame at (maybe Ikea???) I would love that simple style bed for my sons room!

  45. OMGEEEEE! That is fantastic! You have planted some wonderful ideas in my head for all 3 of my sons rooms. I love what you did with the closet, it really does pop. Oooooo, how I love moulding of any kind….the board and batten turned out fan-tab-u-lous! Thanks for sharing!

  46. It’s adorable! No wonder your son is jumping for joy! The wall paint color is fantastic, and I love what you did to the dresser. I’ll have to go back and read about it. We have the same one in my son’s nursery.

    The framed Star Wars pics are priceless! I’m sure there are many adult women who now want to tackle the posters in their husband’s man cave to make them a little more presentable. :)

  47. I love it Kate! It’s fantastic, thank you for alllllll the inspiration although white walls and such light colors aren’t suitable for my 21 month old yet. =) It’s beautiful!

  48. What a fabulous room Kate! I see why you have been falling asleep with him at night! Love all the men linned up, that is whay my boys do, so cute!
    I don’t see lego’s??? I’m wondering if I’m the only one going bonkers with lego’s in my house :)
    Hope you have a great day!

  49. Kate! It looks so fabulous and fresh! You did an amazing job! Your taste is impeccable and this room is just so beautiful and age appropriate for your little guy! Thank you so much for sharing! Angie xo

  50. Beautiful! The more I see board and batten treatments the more i need to get off my toosh and just DO IT already!

    Love the classic look of the room :) As always-well done!

  51. Kristen, Legos have taken over my house!!! He keeps many of them in those bins, but lately it’s a favorite shoe box, go figure!


  52. Wow! His room looks amazing! I love the colors and especially the board and batten. By the way, my son is 12 and STILL in his Star Wars “phase”!

  53. Absolutely wonderful! I love it all, but I especially love what you did with the closet doors. Great job!

  54. Love the color. It’s so much fun to decorate a child’s room. I’m looking at my youngest boy’s room and thinking back to all the renos we did over the past 18 years – from plain white walls with colorful accents and lots of toys when he was a wee sprout, to the jungle mural (my fave) and monkey bedding during his monkey phase, to the red, black, and white teenager’s room. Even though he is away at college he refuses to allow me to change the room in any way, and while I am dying to redo everything I will just have to wait, the last holdout from 18 wonderful years of memories.

  55. I love this room! It’s definitely masculine without being all dinosaurs or robots or aliens! Great style!

  56. Love the room, where did you get that rug? Looks like it is from pottery barn or Dash and Albert?? Please let me know if you can.

  57. That is positively…sensational! I LOVE to see what you come up with!! Your little man is lucky to have you as a mom!

  58. Absolutely gorgeous! What a lucky kid. I love how you displayed all his current fascinations and made it attractive.

  59. The room is lovely (I wouldn’t expect anything else from you!). My own little prince turns 5 this month. Aren’t we lucky to have them?!

  60. I love his new big boy room! You have done a great job at creating a space that works now and will grow with him in the future. Love the blue and white!

  61. love it! especially the star wars figures on his little shelf :) well done. can you tell us where you got the drum shade ceiling light?

  62. This looks fabulous! I have the same dresser in my son’s room, and we looooove the Hemnes! Although I have to say, I love the splash of creativity you managed to add to it… it looks fab! The collection of Star Wars figurines is genius too… we have no lack of chewys and lightsabers around here either :)

  63. Looks great! Can you give the source for the center ceiling light? Love it!

  64. Now what does one say about that, which isn’t already obvious (stunning, handsome, crisp, etc…) Okay you rock, Kate. I bet you’re a great mom, too, if you put that much energy and thought into his space. I love that it is creative and inventive, both on your part and for him!

  65. I love it! It seems like such a fun space for him to play. I especially love the paint colors you picked!

  66. You have done such a wonderful job on your son’s room. It looks wonderful and the blue is just lovely. You have just inspired me to re-decorate my daughters room.

  67. Great work, I want to learn how to do the board and batten!
    Did you make the curtains?

  68. Great job! The green on the bed frame adds a great little punch to the room!

  69. Love it! Oh, yes, the Star Wars phase– I don’t think it lasted more than a few years with my boys. Enjoy it while it lasts… I think you’re the only one I ever seen that does Star Wars with style!

  70. Amazing. That is by far my favorite little boy’s room I’ve seen to date. I love the sailboat. I want my son’s room to have one in the worst way. So, of course, when I saw you’re little guy had one I knew I had to get one! Love it all!
    Lila Ferraro

  71. This is lovely! I’m jealous that he’s only five and has a bedroom like this — I’m 20 and it’s all I can do to keep my bed made! You’re fantastic, Kate. :)

  72. Again, another incredible room make-over! I bet you can’t get him out of there either. He’s a very lucky boy.

  73. Love this room! Great job with the colors and the way it all comes together so crisply. Can you tell us more about the tiny chair and table? Where did you get them — and did you do your magic on them, too?

  74. It looks great Kate! You did a great job! I love that color especially with the contrast against the Board and Battan treatment!

  75. I adore that little sailboat! My son’s room is done in a blue nautical theme as well, and I’ve been looking for a sailboat like that since he was born – I guess I wasn’t looking in the right places! I

    It looks like he really does love it, and you’ve done a wonderful job!

  76. Can I ditto Courtney? Cutest boy’s room EVER! Just perfect! If I had boys I would copy everything about it! Great work!

  77. What a gorgeous room, and one that your little boy will definitely be able to grow into. Well done! I love the closet doors…what a great idea!

  78. This is absolutely gorgeous! I just bought the almost identical ceiling light fixture for my kitchen! Love it!

  79. Perfection on a stick! the star was guys lined up on the ledge got me too….. I have boxes of them stored from all my boys… and the star wars posters too! Thecurtains are pretty awesome too- did you sew them too?
    Exactly right with the cool rug!
    A+ Kate!

  80. I think I would be spending a lot of time in that room, too! Great colors, modern, fresh and simple and just plain gorgeous. A perfect room for your little man! It is perfect!

  81. WOW!!! AMAZING!! I would love that room for my little boy, or heck, even for me! The colors are perfection together!! Truely inspired!

  82. I love this room! Where did you get that lovely lovely Light Fixture? I have been looking for this exact type for my room.

  83. SO much love for this! Can you tell us the names of the paint colors; specifically the blue and also the green in the bookcase? And more importantly, where you got the Star Wars and Lego pictures? :)

  84. I love EVERYTHING abut this room I’m picturing my future son in it right now. LOVE your blog. I added it to my blogroll!

  85. Kate! Great work as usual. I also have a 5 hy old obsessed with Star Wars…sucha great time in their lives. My little guy has bunk beds, so where do i put the wainscotting?Does that look to busy with bunk beds?

  86. Delightful room, a reveal worth waiting for! Love your attention to detail and the quality in everything you do, not the least, this outstanding blog. Could you include the bed in your source guide? Thanks!

  87. Love the room, especially the white and teal. I’m also loving the text that is framed but can’t quite make it out. Could you let me know what it says (something about you’re braver than you…) Would love to make one for my boy’s room.


  88. Absolutely beautiful! I have my eye on that same rug for my son! Love the board and batten!
    And that ceiling light fixture-wonderful! I will be looking forward to the resource guide.

  89. You are amazing………. Just awesome….. Wish you could come and do my house!
    Where did you get the little table and chairs?

  90. Hi Kate! I love you son’s room. You did a great job. I am going to put board & batten in my guest bath & master bedroom (soon I hope). I will be thrilled if it turns out as nice as yours. Thank for all of the great inspiration.

  91. “It’s here where I learn all his secrets, his battle plans, and if I listen carefully, the location of buried treasure.” Kate, I love and adore the way you talk on your blog, what a stunning transformation this room is, you are so talented!

  92. Great job! I love, love the new room! I just finished my daughter’s room and now my seven year old son is dying for me to redo his. You’ve given me some GREAT ideas! He is also into Star Wars so there may be a little of that incorporated as well! Thanks for the tour!

  93. Love the room…Please can you cite the sources of the RUG, Curtain fabric and the ceiling drum light fixture please. Pulls a tad at the heart strings seeing that little fella joy. Mine boy is now at 14 ensconced in a Calypso orange and fresh white room, replete with purple carpet, drum set and the ubiquitous drum set! Cherish that sweet little boy time….

  94. So fresh and crisp and Big Boyish, I would say your little guy loves his new room and he is a doll!!! I am still working on my playroom and our colors are similar, but I used navy and white with the green and I have a little girl in there sometimes so we add a pop of pink. Kids rooms are the best rooms to decorate especially little boys rooms, they are my favorite to do and YOU Miss Kate did an amazing job!! I am impressed, KS

  95. Girl, that is perfection! Enjoy this time-both of my boys are now in their teens and I miss the imaginative play! Stop by and visit me sometime! I am originally from NorCal too. :)

  96. You did a fantastic job. It looks great! I love how you took pieces you had and gave them an update. I am in the process of doing all three of my girls rooms they are 10-12 and 14. So I let them pick everything out with some guidance but the colors two of them picked… I am going to have to be really creative in picking accessories to tone down the neon greens that are going up
    ( hey your only young once. right)Wish me luck.

  97. I love the room, especially all the Star Wars. I don’t have a little one yet, but the Hubs still loves Star Wars. So this gives me some awesome ideas on how to eventually incorporate Star Wars in my kids room without it looking cheesy. Thanks.

  98. Love your son’s room! what size is his bed and where did you get his bed frame from? it is so simple and versatile I love it!

  99. It’s absolutely LOVELY! I love all the attention to detail! The closet doors and dresser are incredible. As is the wall treatment! Our son’s have similar passions, I adore your display of art!


  100. my husband is 35 and he STILL loves Star Wars! Just the other day he was watching the Clone Wars cartoon that he DVR’d!

  101. Love this room and what a fun blog to read!!! I adore the little red boots! :) I really like how the closet doors turned out…I’ve had this idea in mind for my daughter’s room which has one wall filled with 2 double door closets so now that I’ve seen how great it looks and the impact it makes on the room, will definitely put the idea to work!

  102. Love it! I was wondering if you could give dtls on the hanging lamp. I’d like to make something similar for over my son’s bed and there’s no wiring in the ceiling. Thanks!


  104. Can’t wait to hear which teal colour you used! Stunning – and such a sweet little boy!

  105. I love what you did with your son’s room. Soooo smart to paint it a color he can grow with. Did you create the nautical mirror (next to the sail boat)? I laughed when I saw his toys under the bed, all ready to play again. It was a great contrast to the very organized room and looked like where he loves to hang out. How old is he? Your son is adorable!

  106. Kate, so fabulous! Great job and huge transformation. Well done and I love the way you did the art work and shelves. Incredible!

  107. Everything about this is precious! I have a soon to be 5 year old boy that needs a room revamp and this makes me what to get started pronto!

  108. I absolutely love this room. I have a 3-year-old son that would love it too. We are going to turn his room into a big boy room in the next month so this gives me a lot of inspiration. Thank you so much!

  109. It’s wonderful! Wish I could sleep there! I’m in the processing of doing the same thing for my 3 year-old little girl. Yesterday I posted a design board for her room and I’d love it if you’d pop over to my blog and tell me what you think…especially where the drapes are concerned. I bought a paint sample today and put some up. Tomorrow I’ll post pics of it after I get a daylight shot. Wish I could use a twin bed as the room is quite small but we already had a full and it doubles as extra guest room space since all of our family lives in other states. I’d love your advice!!!

  110. Oh, Kate, where to start? Love, love: the closet doors, the dresser, the color, the board and batten..I seriously need to put on my “good mommy” hat and do something w/my boys room. It is beautiful!!!

  111. As always, you did an amazing job. Love the contrast between the teal and white and the pictures on the wall, especially the little orange handprint. Love that they all mean something. Great job, can’t wait to put it on my site!

  112. I would just like to add that I checked out the website recommended for fabrics and I am in love! thanks for posting, i will be turning to that site for our new baby nursery for pillows and/or curtain fabric. Thanks for posting and thanks for the discount code.

  113. Hi !! I think you have done such a great job on your son’s room. We have been doing some remodeling around our house. The walls are all white, except for my sewing room, which was recently redone and our bed room which has horrid stripes on the wall and will be made over soon. My son has the master bedroom with walk-in closet. I made the closet into a TV room for him. I need to paint and do SOMETHING with the hand-me-down furniture. It is all wood and I have no idea what to do with the space. I hung up awards from school, pictures of family. I have not gotten much more creative than that. I love the ideas you have, as well as I have some of my own, but do not have any to pull it all together. If you have any could you let me know ? I can send some pics. for an idea of what I have to work with. Thanks so much !! I love your blog !!

  114. An adorable room! I love how fresh it looks and how you’ve incorporated Star Wars in a way that isn’t cheesy. I bought Star Wars pillow cases to satisfy my son’s request for Star Wars room. Luckily, it worked.

  115. Having seen how talented you are and being able to tell by your words and actions how much you love this little guy I was not surprised to find this room turned out as fabulous as it has. Part of the joy on that adorable happy face comes from how lucky he feels to have such a loving, caring, talented Mom. You are ever so versatile and imaginative, thanks for allowing us to share in the results of your love and talent.

  116. Wow, thank you so much everyone, I am overwhelmed with your kindness. YOU inspire ME.

  117. Oh Kate it is absolutely breathtaking. Every last details is UH-MAZING. Thanks for letting us in your home. I love every bit of it.

  118. Beautiful – love it! Please tell his secrets? Where is the bruied treasure? And, what color is the teal color/brand?????? Was it hard to pick out? I seem to torment myself over it at times. But, it is a big decision! Looks stunning! Thanks for sharing. I love the ship!

  119. Hi, I just love your little boy´s room! Such a great transformation. You got some talent!

    I hope you don´t mind, I linked back to you from my blog,


  120. Hi Kate,Just popping over from The Inspired Room. It is great to see your gallery wall. Mine is #10.


    Gg – Notes on the Journey

    ps. love love your passion for being a mom.

  121. Love this room. It is very soothing, which is important when you have a boy! lol

    • Duly noted Jedi master and friend of Captain Solo, making the correction. :)

  122. What are the dimensions of the room. My son has a room that is not real large and I am wondering this would make the room look smaller. It is a wonderful look.

  123. Hi! Cute room! Just wondering what the brand and color is for the wall color? Thanks!

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