Updates + Brad/Finish Nailer GIVEAWAY

By Kate Riley February 25, 2011

I’ve finally come up for air after yesterday’s photo shoot, what a great day!  It was a fantastic experience and I snapped a lot of ‘behind the scenes’ pics.  Don’t hate me but I’m actually going to save the story until the ‘Christmas Ideas’ issue hits the stands ~ it will just make more sense when you see it in print.  Besides, who wants to see Christmas pictures right now?  Not me!!!

A big thank you to all of you who left such encouraging comments, and to the amazing BH&G team: Gayle (the stylist), King (the photographer) and Anne (the editor) who helped create some real magic around here.  I just can’t wait to see it all in print for the 2011 holiday season, you’re going to love it! 

The winners of the Kahili Creations giveaway are  #203 Megan Clark and #909 Karen Jerread ~ congratulations! 

Last weekend, we made some great progress on my boy’s room, installing some board and batten along his walls, it’s looking really fantastic.  I really love the tall white wall treatment contrasting with the intense teal blue walls, can’t wait to reveal his room when it’s finally done. 

brad nailer on battens

Two power tools that we used to get the job done were the Campbell Hausfeld 18 gauge 2-in-1 Brad Nailer & Stapler and the Campbell Hausfeld Angle Finish Nailer. 


The 2-in-1 Brad Nailer uses nails measuring 3/8” to 2” but also works with staples from ½ to 1 ½” and it only weighs 3 pounds.  I really love this nail gun and stapler!  I used it on January’s loft wall transformation and board and batten project.  I’m going to use it next week to build a shelving unit in my boy’s room and also reupholster a chair.

This is a small brad nailer that for its size packs a lot of power.  This nailer is perfect for doing small DIY projects around the house like recovering a chair seat, adding new trim or wainscoting, or smaller wood or craft projects.  This nailer/stapler is (dare I say) ‘chick friendly’ meaning there’s no need for any gal, even if you’re new to DIY, to consult a dude on how to use this nail gun.  Don’t be intimidated !!  Once you get the hang of it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it.

ch brad nailer compressor

Best part?  This nail gun comes with a 1 gallon compressor that plugs in and is ready to go in about two minutes.  My only criticism is that it’s loud when that tank is reloading  every five minutes or so, but the portability of this compressor makes up for the sound.  No heavy lifting required, it’s very lightweight and simple to use, you just plug it in, easy enough for even a DIY novice.  The oilless compressor also inflates bicycle and car tires, so it’s very handy around the house.  You can increase or decrease air pressure with the regulator knob. 

campbell hausfeld finish nailer


We also used the big gun (seen above), the 2 ½” Finish Nailer (Model #CHN70600) for the baseboards and top rail, and we plugged it right in to the 1 gallon portable compressor.  This Finish Nailer has a built in stud finder and nail placement laser pointer which are handy extras.  This one weighs over 5 pounds, so it’s beefier but it packs more power and shoots bigger nails.  This finish nailer says it will work at 70 psi (pounds per square inch), but to fully drive in the nail, your psi must be set at at least 90.  No biggie, just crank up your regulator knob.  This finish nailer is better for projects like crown molding, baseboard, or building larger pieces of furniture, and another great power tool to have in your collection. 

What about you?  Could you use a new brad or finish nailer around your house to help you complete a few projects?  Know someone who’d love a cool new power tool? 

The kind folks over at Campbell Hausfeld are offering one winner their choice of the brad nailer/compressor combo OR the Finish Nailer (no compressor included). 

Winner’s choice! 

Need to do some trim work around your house or install some wainscoting?  Want to recover some chair seats or make an upholstered headboard?  Choose the brad nailer!   If you want to install some crown molding, add some built in bookshelves, or even build some larger furniture, then pick the the 2 ½” Finish Nailer!  

Eligibility to win either the brad nailer/compressor combo or the 2 ½” Finish Nailer:

1) Answer this question:  What DIY project around your house would you complete with a brad or finish nailer?  Simply leave a comment.

2) For additional chances to win, link to this giveaway on Facebook, or tweet about this giveaway on Twitter, then leave another comment telling where you mentioned it (FB and/or Twitter).

Giveaway ends Monday February 28th at 8 p.m. PST.  One winner only.  Winner chosen by Random.org. 

Good luck my friends, wishing you a fabulous weekend!




  1. Yes, please! I’m dying to put up crown moulding in my great room. It’s so boxy without it. Of course my husband insists I try it out in the powder room first, so crown moulding and chair rail (maybe wainscoting?) in the powder room! The thought of doing it *without* a nailer is terrifying.

  2. Wainsotting my stairwell and second story landing and gameroom! The walls are high and BORING!!! This would make it look BEAUTIFUL!

  3. Seriously? It would get a TON of work around this place! Crown molding, Ana White projects, etc. It would have come in very handy for the new headboard we made this week – I think even you’d be proud! You should pop over and check out the pictures if you have a free minute! :)

  4. OMG I need this in my life. My fingers are cut, my ego is bruised and I’m only halfway done my nail head trim on my headboard. (Which is just how my husband felt when he tried to do trim work without a power saw or nail gun) Thanks for the great giveaway

  5. I’d love that brad/nailer! And to be honest, ever since I saw your idea of board and batten, that’s the project I want it for. Also, I want to put in some wainscoting in my small bathroom, and and and – there’s no telling. I’ve always got a project going and this is on my wish list already. Thanks for the giveaway. Robin

  6. WOW I wanna put up crown molding maybe do board and batten, I am sure I could find something to use this for! AWESOME giveaway!!

  7. My husband and I have been wanting one of these! We would be able to finally get the trim put up in our bathroom and refinish the cute bench my mom bought me at a yard sale last summer!!! Oh yes, we would be productive!!

  8. We’re looking at a new addition onto our house so that would be very helpful for the many miles of trim to put up. Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. I’d love to try a board and batten project myself – thanks for your helpful tutorial!

  10. So I just found out about a really cool upholstery class in my area, and I would love to learn how to re-do some chairs, but I don’t have the necessary equipment. This would be great!

  11. Crown moulding for sure in my living room. Then on to a bed for my bedroom. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  12. We are having hardwood floors installed and then we will be replacing all the baseboards and trim in the house, a nail gun would be very handy.

  13. Crown molding! Would love to have this to try some simple builds- well, not simple to me, but you know what I mean!

  14. My husband and I are planning on putting up crown molding this summer throughout our house! I’ve always felt that a room isn’t complete without it. :)

  15. my first project would be to finish the 9 chairs I have. yep 9, six dining room chairs, two office chairs and one bedroom chair. i’m crazy. lol

  16. We’re installing horizontal planks in our hallway this year, and a brad nailer would be so handy!
    Great giveaway~thanks for the chance to win!

  17. A tool like this would be a dream! My husband and I are DIYer’s who have done many of our projects the “old-fashioned” way when it comes to nailing. We pre-drill the holes and then nail – way too time consuming. We have been putting off creating a coffered ceiling in our dining room until we have the right tools. Of course there is also the matter of the garden shed we would like to build – another project which would be a whole lot easier with a nail gun! I am keeping my fingers and toes crossed on this one.

  18. Oh WOW – I’m in the process of building an entertainment center. This would make the building go so so so much faster! :)

  19. The first thing my husband and I would do with it is to complete a handrail and staircase we are rebuilding. :)

  20. Would LOVE to win this. I would like to install crown moulding in my dining room, as well as wainscoting. We have lived in this home for 4 years now and I’m wanting to give it some personality. Lots of possibilities with a tool like this!!

  21. We’re gutting and renovating our 1970’s bathroom in our circa 1800 house starting next week. Lots of wide beadboard on the walls (horizontally), cabinets made from old floor boards, wide crown molding, and antique faucet handles used as hooks. Could use a new nailer to put up ALL THAT WOOD!

  22. I would choose the brad nailer and I’d attempt to make an upholstered headboard!! I’ve wanted to tackle it for a long time, and this’ll give me just the push I need :)

  23. awesome giveaway – I’d try out a board/baten project or wainscoating around my kitchen island that could use some TLC. Or extra shelving in my laundry room….endless possibilites!

  24. I will be placing crown molding in a few areas before hosting my brother’s wedding in my backyard this summer.
    Sharing on FB


    First, all the baseboards need to be nailed in. That’s right, I bought the house with unnailed baseboards. Then, they need shoe molding. Then I have stuff I want to build – and I need to repair a fence. This would be a GODSEND!!!

  26. totally hitting up the guest room if we win this bad boy! the walls are super blank and need some texture. thinking of doing we watched antonio do with multi colors wood.

  27. Crown molding! I would start in the living room, head to the dining room and who knows from there! :)

  28. we move into our new home in April and would love to do some paneling in our dining room and hallway!! what an amazing giveaway!

  29. I would love to redo the cushions on my dining room chairs and this tool would be my dream to own! I need more power tools in my life!

  30. I would love to build built in cabinets in my spare bedroom. I want to put a bed in front of the windows then cabinets on each side, we live in a condo with very limited storage! And we have two bikes, so it would be great to have a place to store them!

  31. Dying to replace all the cheap ugly PLASTIC faux wood look trim in this ENTIRE townhouse! Thank goodness It’s a single level!!!

  32. I am in desperate need of some chair rail and crown molding! This would come in so handy for that!

  33. I would use this to do my molding and for crafting with molding. And to build my own cabinets to hide my crafting supplies….and I wouldnt have to purchase one for my DH…lol Thanks!!

  34. We just moved into a house that has a fireplace in the middle of a big open wall and I would love to build some built ins for around the fireplace (that we can take with us because we are moving so semi built ins i guess!)

    So this would help in that quest!

  35. i built an oak wall all around my room and around the mantle with a borrowed nail gun . i ripped the carpet off the stairs and put
    brown packing paper over each step with blue tape . my husband haf back surgery so he is unableto lift on the heavy compressors. i could also put the trim up that has been on my dining room floor. i am just no able to lift on the heavy compressors since i injured my back from reaching for a tortilla maker and have arthritis there. i love love doing trimwork and will find a way to still be able to
    continue the projects my husband and i started before his surgery. i would also use the gun to build closets and a pantry back . i am currently using underneath the table as a pantry and the hsll floor for closets. i would also love to have a linen closet . the bathroom floor and bed are our linen closets .

  36. I need a nail gun so badly! It’s on my Christmas list this year, but sadly that’s so far away! I would love to add wainscoting to our eat in kitchen, staircase, and bathrooms. Thanks for the chance to win!

  37. I’d really love to put board and batten in my laundry room!
    I can’t wait to see the Christmas feature with your house.

  38. I would use the nailer to do board and batten in my bathroom! Ohhh, this would be a great giveaway to win!
    thanks for the chance!

  39. Oooh!!! I am dying to make an upholstered headboard for my baby girl’s big girl bed… tear! I hate that she’s almost old enough for a big girl bed but really excited about a fun DIY project!!

  40. I have taken down all of the upside down crown molding that the previous owners pieced together in the bedroom of my new house. So I would like to put some new up using only 4 pieces and right side up.

  41. I would love, love, LOVE to recover some old seat cushions on my dining room chairs. This giveaway is great!

  42. Oh! Oh! We JUST bought a house and need to rip out all the lead painted trim….everywhere! We TOTALLY need the Big Gun! 2.5 Finish Nailer….we’ve actually been trying to find a good one so I’ll have to check this out. Replacing all the window molding, sills, baseboard and DOORS is going to take a lot of nails! :) pinups dot sew at gmail dot com

  43. I would use it to put decorative moulding on the washer/dryer pedestal for my laundry room and crown moulding in my bedroom.

  44. This would help my Hubby with the door I want to put in where there is not door! He would love it and I would too! Happy!! Thanks, Amy

  45. I have so many projects, but the first to get done is adding new wood shelves to my linen closet.

  46. Wow, I would love the brad nailer/compresser combo and use it to recover chairs and do some reupholstering. Looks great. Thank you for hosting such a great giveaway.

    Have a God Filled Day

  47. Ive been dying to do some board and batten since you posted about helping your friend and now i see you are at it again in your boys room…..ahh i so want some. I would definitely use it for board and batten!


  48. I’ve been itching to put up some board and batten! The finish nailer would be perfect!! Thanks for the chance!

  49. I would use this on my “new” thrifted dining room chairs we just bought. They’re covered in icky old fabric so need a new life, and I don’t own a stapler yet! Plus owning a nail gun would mean my husband would let me tackle more difficult DIY projects hehe.

  50. Awesome give-away! That little nail gun/stapler is awesome. If I don’t win, I may have to buy it for myself….can we call it a late Christmas present maybe? :)

  51. Hi, I am starting my own store and I really could use one (have from from I think 1882). I would most likely use it every other day on all sorts of projects.

  52. I would totally need a nail gun to recover ALL of our textured walls AND ceilings with board & batten and wainscotting. Maybe a little beadboard too! We have AWFUL textured walls in a 1950’s ranch and can’t wait to get rid of them!

  53. I would use it to put new base boards in! Our puppy used our original base boards as a stationary bone…

  54. Oooo… LOVE IT!! We would use the Nail Gun to finish our basement. We have the wood sitting in the basement but no tools to do the job. I think this awesome Nail Gun would help us out a whole lot. “Fingers Crossed”

  55. What an absolutely fantastic giveaway! I would love to have a brad nailer/compressor to help me with some trim I want to put up in my dining room and living room. I also have a couple of chairs that could use new fabric on the seats. Thanks for the chance to win!

  56. I helped build our logcabin 12 yeas ago. We ran out of money and have yet to have someone with powertools complete all of our trim work. I d be able to complete my dream home!!!! (if only I could win) thank you

  57. WOW! I could’ve used this a few weeks ago when we did our board and batten in our master. We borrowed my father-in-law’s. But I now want to add wainscoting to the kitchen, and molding to the half-bath. I could really use this!!!! Yay!

  58. i would put board and batten in my mudroom and build some shelves for our winter boots and my husband’s big shoes! These don’t fit in our shoe cubbies and just pile up. Drives me crazy!!

  59. I would love to use this to finish a board and batten project as well as install new trim in our bedrooms.

  60. We live in a house built in 1850 and almost all molding/frames aroudn windows are OLD – we would love to replace with new modern ones!

  61. I’d take down my current metal coat rack in the entry and replace it with board and batten and chic coat hooks. =)

  62. I would use it to do some furniture projects I have been dying to try (bookcases anyone??) I have so many things I would use it for, I hope I win!

  63. To be honest, I don’t have a project in mind since we just sold our house and will be renting for a few months until we buy another. But I would love to add some crown molding and wainscotting to our future house!

  64. I would love to win this! I’d use it make some framed subway art (cheap) and create a mantle/molding wall around my pellet stove.

  65. We’re building a guest house so you name it and we could use it for that. Cabinets, base molding, casing, etc, etc, etc.

  66. I have never been so excited about a giveaway on a blog! I think a better question is what would I not do around the house with this brad nailer? But I think that the first thing I would do is reupholster my dining room chairs.

  67. I would love either tool so I could make a tufted headboard and I would love to also work on reupholstering a chair or two.

  68. Ooooh! I have so many projects I’m dreaming of starting! I would definitely use this to build some planter boxes this spring, along with a wooden fence for our berry garden- to keep our dogs out!

  69. I would love this to help install the crown molding! We have been lugging our big compressor into the house but I know I am not going to be able to get it up the stairs. This would be great!

  70. oh man! i have so many things that come to mind! i would LOVE to do the board and batten! also chair recovering and some shelves that i have been working on….oh please just choose me! ;)

  71. crown molding for my house…also looking to update my kitchen island with bead boarding…have dreams of putting in some old school 6″ base boards in my living room…have numerous chairs i’d like to recover…the list can continue!!

  72. We need to replace our moulding stat! Plus, I ripped out all the baseboards in the bathroom in a demoing fit a couple months back and I think my husband really wants me to put it back up :)

  73. Only one project???? Putting upmy new baseboards would be my first one. This would make it go so much faster.

  74. OMG!!!! There is so much I want to do. I just bought my first house and I am ready to make it my own. I think the first project on my list is making a fabric covered padded headboard. I have my eyes on this gorgeous black and white damask fabric!!!!!! This tool would be soooooooooooo helpful!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for sharing.

  75. The brad nailer/compressor combo would be perfect – i have three chairs to reupholster! Also coming up with other ideas too. Thanks for the opportunity!

  76. OH my where to start! Board and Batten for the kids room, new crown moulding for the LR, I really could go on and on! Thank you for sponsoring this giveaway!

  77. I have been waiting to do some beadboard in my powder room and wainscoting in my dining room. We also are replacing the moulding in our master bath and putting cove quarter round in our basement. I would be thrilled to win one of these puppies!! Please pick me!

  78. I would love that brad nailer! My husband and I are expecting our first child at the end of March, AND we are moving into a new house at the same time. Probably not the best idea, huh? I am obsessed with putting wainscoting in the nursery after reading your DIY and that tool would just be great to get our son’s nursery up in record time.

  79. Ooo! I have some chairs that are begging to be recovered and I’ve been dreaming of creating an upholstered headboard for ages!! I’m also expecting my first child and have lots of diy ideas for the nursery… What a great giveaway!

  80. I would use it to add trip to my upper kitchen cabinets, which are currently Trimless and super ugly! It would be a dream cone true to actually have my own!

  81. I’d get the brad nailer/compressor combo to tackle my sofa reupholstery projects! I have two that are partially done and this would help me finish them fast!

  82. I’d love to finish laying floor in the attic. We’ve been nailing by hand so it’s slow going. Second project would be reupholstering some stools I got recently. :)

  83. i know exactly what i would do with either of these tools: board & batten in my dining room! i can just picture the simple iron chandelier, the robins egg blue paint above the bright white trim!

  84. We need to finish the trim around our new front door and also around several interior doors. Id love to not do them by hand/hammer.

  85. I would love to use this to build some book cases and recover the ottoman stool in our family room we affectionately call Frankenstein.

  86. The possibilities are endless! I would use it to reupholster a chair, make some big frames, add trim to some shelving, and fix a wooden chair to start. Thanks for the chance.

  87. Due to many paint mishaps, the brad nailer would be awesome to help replace a lot of our baseboards.

  88. I would finally get the trim back up after installing my hardwood floor and add crown molding.

  89. I really really REALLY want to put up molding in our boring builder-grade house. Especially the dining room…then I just need a table and chairs :)

  90. Oh…..how about everything!! Seriously! We just moved in and I’m dying to get going on fixing it all up! Although I am soooo anxious about it! Somehow the “Martha gene” just passed me by but you make it look almost easy! Thanks!

  91. How exciting! We are looking to put some crown moulding up in our bedroom and this would be incredible to have! Thanks for the chance!

  92. I have wanted one of these for a while!! I would add wainscoting to my dining and living rooms.

  93. the finish nailer would be perfect because I could replace the ugly baseboards in my living room!

  94. I’d do board and batton all over my house, plus a whole slew of other projects. Thanks for the giveaway.

  95. We’d use it for a few projects we already have started, like upholstering wing back chairs and building a cabinet.

  96. I live in a log home as designed by my husband and 2 boys. It has a basement that we have rented out to college girls for 15 years. Now we are re-claiming it as ours and I am going to convert it to my little “cottage” place. I would use the handy nail gun to install board and batten to the walls in the living area, kitchen, bath and bedroom and to recover our living room furniture. So I want to be able to do this project without my husband having to give of his time to this, another project!

    I shared to Facebook http://www.facebook.com/#!/profile.php?id=662497593 & Twitter http://twitter.com/?status=Updates%20%2B%20Brad%2FFinish%20Nailer%20GIVEAWAY%20http%3A%2F%2Fj.mp%2FdRUdii%20via%20%40AddToAny.

  97. My mantel is in desperate need of a face lift. I would love to make it larger with some great molding and that handy dandy tool would get the job done for sure! I would love to add a finish nailer to my tool closet! Thanks for the giveaway opportunity! :)

  98. Oh how I have been wanting a nailer! So many projects…where to start. My first island….beadboard in half bath….door headboard….and so much more! Thanks for the giveaway!!!

  99. Oh, I want to build a media unit for my livingroom. This would SO get the job done!! (PS. LOVE your blog!)

  100. Oh, so many things I would love to use it for. I want to make a new reupholstered headboard and some board and batten in my master. Pretty, pretty please random number choose me!

  101. I’m planning to add some extra trim and crown molding to my recently painted white kitchen cabinets. I’ve been looking at different nail guns but really haven’t wanted to buy a huge compressor. Good to know there are other options!

  102. Wow! talk about perfect timing! I was supposed to get a finish nailer for Christmas. Instead I got a new grandson! ( I spent all my Christmas money on my new baby boy) The finish nailer is what I need to finish putting up the crown molding in my just redone bathroom. Thanks so much for the chance to win this great tool!

  103. Oh, man, there are so many projects I would tackle with that brad nailer.

    New trim in our living room, an upholstered headboard, and maybe I’d actually finish recovering the two chairs I have in the garage!

  104. I would finish the trim in my kitchen and probably start a board and batten project!! :)

    Thank you for the AWESOME giveaway!

  105. WOW! How lovely! I would use it to finish some crown and baseboards. Also some upholstery projects! Thanks so much!

  106. I would love this to start building new bookshelves, and my daughters have been after me to build them a play house.
    Love your ideas!

  107. Oh my goodness! I would tackle the baseboards in our game room! Somehow when we got the floor put in they forgot our game room!

  108. I am closing on my first house March 16th….I can’t even begin to tell you all the things I would use either one of these tools for. With everything going towards buying the house there is an unlimited amount of DIY projects that will need to be done!

  109. OH MY GOODNESS!! This is exactly what I need!! I am dying to put wainscotting in my dining room, but the thought of hammer and nails is a little intimitdating. I would love the brad nailer and compressor!! Thanks so much for the opportunity!!

  110. My fiance and I are going to add 2 bedrooms and a bathroom to the attic of my house so we have room for him to move in. I would guess there are 1,000 projects that we could use the Finish Nailer to complete!

  111. If we won this, the first thing we’d do is add crown moulding to our naked-looking living room.

  112. What a wonderful giveaway — I’ve been begging my husband for one for awhile! Board and Batten, Trim — what doesn’t need a update? :)

  113. I would love to install some crown molding but since that is unlikely I would use this tool for some reupholstering projects

  114. My oldest daughter wants an upholstered headboard and I want to reupholster a rocking chair and my stained dining room chair seats! I need the brad nailer! My husband will deploy to Afghanistan soon and I will need DIY projects to keep me sane!:D

  115. I just started doing lots of DIY around my house and have lots of projects I’d like to tackle….first up though, would be a new storage bed for my oldest son. : )

  116. Oh my goodness-I would put up crown molding all over my house. It may be excessive but every room you entered would be completely done. :) Also I think I would use it as well to build an entryway system, like a Potter Barn look alike.

  117. I have a half bath that would look great with bead board! The finish nailer would make that so much easier! Thanks for the chance to win one!

  118. I have so much I would like to do with this! My monthly project in April is to refinish and upholster a bench that I have been meaning to get to for months. This would help greatly!

  119. I would use it to make large frames to make a feature wall in my dining room. Hoping to get that room underway this spring :)

  120. Right now, I’m putting trim and molding around our windows, and the finish nailer sure would make the job easier! I’m also eyeing our boring ceilings… thinking some crown molding would look nice. :)

  121. I have so many projects, which one would I do? Crown moulding in the master bedroom, trim out the windows and a wall treatment.

  122. I would love to have this nailer because I think it would give my son and husband some incentive to help with my DIY projects. Also because I am envious of everyone on HGTV that has one. It has been on my wish list for a very long time. Two projects that I have in mind are building a pedestal for the washer and dryer. The plans are at ana-white.com and I absolutely love the look. The washer has finally died so I get to buy the new front loader and put it on this beautiful pedestal.

  123. I could definitely use it for a million things around the house but probably first would recover the dining room chairs. Thanks so much for such a generous giveaway!

  124. We in the process of putting up trim around all of our bare windows. One down, a million to go and no finish nailer! We NEED this!

  125. Wow. That little nailer is perfect! I know the odds are HEAVILY stacked against me, but somebody’s gotta win, so it might as well be me, right? lol

    As for a project . . . we’re about to start finish work on our carriage house (which we’ll be living in!), and I’d use it to do nearly everything we don’t need the big nailer for. (We already have a finish nailer and BIG compressor–neither of which I like to use.) So, the board & batten treatments in nearly all the rooms, upholstery projects for the window seats, building the cabinet doors for the storage cabs in the eaves . . . you get the idea. And since we’re doing this on a shoestring, free is the perfect price. ;)

    Thanks so much for such a great giveaway!

  126. What WOULDN’T I do??? We just bought our dream house – and I’m itching to dress it up! I really want to add crown and board & batten in a few rooms, make an upholstered headboard for our room and build a 2nd built-in bookcase in the living room. OH and make a window seat for our kitchen nook. Shall I go on??? ;) Love the blog!

  127. I would use it to reupholster my office chair and my living room furniture, and then I would put some decorative molding up in my apartment.

  128. Um, should I just copy and paste the to-do list? Crown molding, window framing and sills are first on the list…I’ll spare you the rest ;)

    This is fantastic! Thanks!

  129. I would love that nail gun stapler to do a board and batten project in my living room!

  130. Oh wow! I’m pulling all our baseboards off and would love to use this to make replacing them easier. What an awesome nailer!

  131. We have a lot of furniture (beds, media center, kitcken table, bed side tables) we want to build and it would make it so much easier. I think every room in our house needs something. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  132. Would LOVE to have this! Getting ready to do some beadboard in the bathrooms and am always reupholstering something…my hands would love a break from the staple gun!

  133. I have several rooms around the house that I would like to put up some board & batten, especially the wall of our staircase. Having a nail gun would really make my life so much easier (& my projects get done quicker). Thanks for the giveaway!

  134. We just bought a home that was in foreclosure and sat empty for 2 years so the projects are endless. Definitely some crown molding!

  135. I’d finish my bathroom remodel which will celebrate it’s 5th year this June. I only need to cut and install the molding so this would be great!

  136. this would be awesome to have around – I can see a couple of projects finished quickly using this – shoe molding & fixing the hottub step

  137. Shelving units for the kids, a bench, and board and batten would be a real possible DIY project if I had a great nailer

  138. We’re redoing an 1880s farmhouse and would use a new nailer in so many places! The trim. The bead board. The picture frame mouldings we’re going to install in the dining room. Our old nailer is on its way out so this would be PERFECT!

  139. We have an old home which I would love to use the brad nailer to install gorgeous molding in the dining room. Also want to install some beadboard in a bathroom plus a million other projects in this old house so it would get put to lots of use!

    bee blessed

  140. Oh wow! where do I start with my list of to do’s with a finish nailer, baseboards throughout my entire house, crown molding, Molding on bookcases, etc. My friend let me use hers a few months ago and I have been wishing for one ever since.

  141. I pretty much love beadboard…everywhere! I can’t get enough of it! What a great tool! Thanks for the chance to win!

  142. I would be so happy to win either! The smaller one with the compresser would be ideal though. I am in the middle of several projects and keep wishing I had one! I really plan to make over my closet/office (yes, office in a closet).

  143. I would really love to build a farmhouse bed with my dad to give to my seven year old daughter. My dad had built a loft for me when I was younger and it meant the world to me growing up. The finish nailed sure would make the job easier!

  144. I would use it to put up the wainscoting in my son’s room and in my powder room that I’m getting ready to do. And I would love to crown mold my entire house.

  145. that brad nailer/compressor combo would be a dream come true! i could make my own frames…and we have some shelving to build…and i might even share it with my hubby! :)

  146. Hello. I’ve been enjoying your blog through my RSS feeder for a long time now and am always inspired by your projects. The most frustrating thing about being inspired, though, is that living on a very small fixed income means I never have the funds for purchasing tools and materials necessary for trying some projects myself, (it took three months of saving before I could buy a glue gun, for instance), plus I’m physically limited as well. Then I read about this giveaway and started trembling with, well, possibility. Has that ever happened to you? I took one look at the brad nailer/compressor combo then read you describing its weight (doable, even for me!) and the ease of use and oh girl, oh girl, OH GIRL was I excited at the opportunity to enter my name into this drawing. I have two lovely, but somewhat decrepit vintage rocking chairs that I would LOVE to refinish and reupholster, but have always been discouraged by thinking about the amount of energy it would take to do so. Were I to win your drawing, I know for certain that I would find a way to tackle these two chairs and get a boost of encouragement and esteem at the same time. Sorry to be so long-winded here, I just didn’t know how to share my excitement in fewer words. Good luck to everyone who has entered, and thank you again for this opportunity.

  147. I have started chair rail in my dining and living area, and need to finish it up. It sure would take a lot less time if I had a brad nailer. Then, I have plans to put up board and batten in my bedroom.
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  148. I have some fabulous furniture I would love to reupholster and this would be perfect for the job!

  149. Kate,
    I cant believe im now looking forward to christmas!!! That will be a fun surprise!
    Ok…. I would totally love one of these cool guns!! We are living through a remodle right now and im working on the kids rooms! I could use this tool in finishing the built ins that im designing :)
    Keep up the wonderful work you are doing!!!

  150. Whoa. Would I like, love that brad nailer or WHAT?!? I’m a new DIY-er with lots of unfinished projects around the apartment and the brad nailer seems perfect for: replacing that cheap cardboard back of a cheap-o Target bookcase with a piece of plywood, recovering my Grandma’s old rocker that is currently in sad shape in my son’s nursery, and putting some trim up around a Craiglist find (a plain-Jane dresser). I’m a single mom and my money tends to go towards things like diapers and formula, so a giveaway like this would be my Christmas!

  151. I am wanting to add crown moulding and also a new fireplace inclosure…The nailer would make that job alot easier!!! Great giveaway and thanks to them for offering….us DIY’ers are drooling!!!

  152. Love you blog! So much inspiration, I can’t keep up with all your wonderful ideas/creations. I would use the tool to add crown molding to our living/dining room!

  153. We want to do some bead board in one of our bedrooms…right now it’s old paneling (painted) but I imagine the job would be MUCH easier with the Campbell Hausfeld. (who is that anyway??) In any case, we’d love to have that!

  154. We are refinishing the trim in our house, and soon will begin installing crown molding. We’d choose that awesome Finish Nailer to get the job done faster!

  155. Oh I would SOOO love to win this! I am wanting to do bead board in a few places in my home but there are dozens of projects I have lined up that I could use this on also!

  156. Oh boy, I have a laundry list of DIY that I would love to work on with the help of a brad nailer!! Thanks to the revamp of the entire basement, baseboards are to be replaced. Wainscoting in the dining room would look darling. Of course, my ultimate to-do: create a homemade upholstered headboard for my daughter’s twin bed we are planning to get her for Christmas (she will be three). I also have a rocking chair that I desperately needs some type of cushioning created for it, which I think a brad nailer would help just wonderfully :)

  157. I have a little bench seat that I want to cover with some thick fabric and my staple gun doesn’t seem to be doing the trick. I would LOVE a brad nailer/compressor for this & future projects. Ooooh, and I just remembered another one: I have some decorative molding that I want to add to my kitchen hutch, so that would be another good project for it! (Fingers crossed!)

  158. There are so many projects to do: reupholster chair, reassemble a table, shelving, trim, and so much more…

  159. I desperately need to redo my retro fabric rocking chair that I love but is worn through to the foam. I would also like to reupholster two round wicker backed chairs that were my grandparents from the 60s. Eventually, I would also like to make a simple sleek fabric headboard. Right now I am making do with one of those cheap framed closet mirrors spray painted and turned on its side.

  160. Ohhhh…I’d love to win this! I’ve got an IKEA bed that I’m going to upholster and I’m wanting to create a new upholstered headboard. Once that’s done, the possibilities are endless! :) Thanks so much!

  161. I would use the finish nailer to complete installing new baseboard. After replacing the floor 2 summers ago, the baseboard is banged up and need re-freshening!

  162. I would use the brad nailer. I have been wanting to make us an upholstered headboard forever! Winning one would be just the motivation I need to finally get it done.

  163. I have several items in my garage that need to be reupholstered. I would also find some other projects just so I could play with my new toy :)

  164. I would love a brad nailer. I have already purchased some beautiful fabric to reupholster my grandmother’s chair that has been passed down to me. I have never reupholstered anything in my life but I am eager to give it a try! Thank you for the opportunity on your giveaway. I’m so glad you had a wonderful day with your photo shoot! I’m looking forward to seeing you in print when the magazine comes out.

  165. I would use it to put up the molding in my laundry room that was remodeled 2 years ago for starters…but oh soooo much more!

  166. I have so many projects to tackle its hard to pick what would be first….most likely some molding over our fireplace. It would be beyond awesome to win it!

    Oh thanks for the teaser on the BH&G Christmas issue…NEXT YEAR!! Ha Ha…things to look forward to.

  167. Would be perfect for replacing crown molding and baseboards. Desperately needed project at our house.

  168. I have been wanting one of these for so long! I would love to make an upholstered headboard and I have an ottoman that I want to re-upholster, the brad nailer would be perfect!!

  169. This would be awesome! I’d like to build some outdoor benches and furniture for my daughter’s room!

  170. i would love to put up shelves all by myself! thanks!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  171. First project I would do is finish my second bathroom that needs headboard on the ceiling. It has the trim done and then our compressor died leaving me with a 75% complete job and we just haven’t popped for a new compressor! This one would be perfect for me to use and do the entryway hooks and batten look next. Pick me. :)

  172. Just the thing I need to get me started on the headboard project I have been dreaming about! What a great giveaway!

  173. I’d put up some wainscoting and trim in my laundry room and then use it to finish some bookcases and the bed frames for my little boys! I was just telling my hubby last night that a nailer is at the top of my wish list.

  174. I want to install beadboard to the ceiling in my kitchen and make a murphy bed/built in bookcase for the spare bedroom. This tool would be perfect for sooooo many projects!

  175. Right now I’m in a rental home, so no big projects in the near future. However, I’m sure such a tool would be handy for some decor ideas!

  176. My hubby and I are going to move into our first home.. On a tiiiiight budget and researching everything we can do on our own.. I would love to put board and batten in the 2nd bathroom and in the laundry room

  177. Oh, the projects I would do. I would LOVE a brad nailer… and I would love the finish Nailer! The decision would be very painful! I would love to reupholster my couch, build some book shelves, Hang Board and Batten in my hallway and I am currently debating on redoing our kitchen cabinet doors. This would help us make the decision ;-) . We just purchased a miter saw and I would love to play with molding more, Molding is a very rewarding project!

  178. Oh my gosh where do I even start? Thanks to your blog I have about 47 thousand things I want to do, number one being to make an upholstered headboard for the new king bed that hubby and I desperately need because when that 5:30 wake up comes (from our two toddlers!) there is not enough room for all of us in our current queen bed to snuggle.

  179. I would love to use this for a bunch of different home improvement projects…. I think I have a couple of reupholstery projects that this would be perfect for.


  180. I plan to put wainscoting (most likely board and batten) in the dining room. We’re also going to put up crown molding in several rooms.

    Love your blog!

  181. I would love to try board and batten. We just moved and our house definitely needs some personality. I think B&B would do the trick!!!

  182. I would install much needed crown mouldings in my dining room and guest bedroom/office. THEN, I would reupholster my vintage thomasville faux bamboo ottoman! Oh the joy!

  183. I’m up to my ears in a bathroom redo. I would be over-the-moon-giddy if I had the little brad nailer to put the moulding up.

  184. Crown molding in my living room and then my mom’s dining room, followed quickly by fancy wood cornices and casings for our windows, then…

  185. brad/nailer please! i’m getting into reupholsterey this year, and it sounds like i need one of these. :) thanks for the great give away

  186. Because of you I have a million projects I need a nail gun for! Not want, NEED. And I could tell James Bond he couldn’t touch it without my permission because it would be MINE!!!!!! Insert maniacal laugh here.

  187. Oh yay! I really want to start (attempting) upholstery! I actually bought a small bench today from goodwill for 8 bucks and plan on making it into an upholstered seat for next to my front door :) So instead of my sketchy staple gun, id love to get the brad nailer/compressor! pick me, pick me!

  188. I could so use this at my house! My husband and I bought an old house when we got married in 2008 and are remodeling it. This would be a giant help for us!

  189. I would use the nailer on my fireplace. It is a corner fireplace and above the mantle is so plain. I would put up molding to snazzy it up. Love your blog.

  190. I have a fabulous chair, a $0.99 Goodwill find, sitting in my basement, waiting for some love. A finish nailer would be awesome! Thanks for the opportunity and have a great weekend.

  191. I would LOVE to have a brad nailer to do a few projects around my new house. I’m really wanting to put wainscoting up on the living room walls, and I can’t imagine how long it would take with a regular old hammer and nails!

  192. I would love that brad nailer! I have several projects that would come in handy for . . . a wing chair to reupholster, dining room chairs to recover, trim to put up in the dining room, drying rack for the laundry room and I’m sure I could “nail down’ ;) a few more ideas.

  193. I have several DIY projects in the works right now, but the one that jumps to the forefront is the makeover of our guest bathroom. The brad nailer would be perfect for the board and batten installation in that room!

  194. We are buying a new house and these tools will make all of our reupholstery projects so much easier. Plus, we are planning on putting picture frame molding up in our new dining room and these would be such a help!

  195. I have so many projects to tackle, and this would make attempting to reupholster a chair and doing wainscoting the the dining room, crown molding in the bath, on and on and on, a lot easier. Great giveaway, hope to win…

  196. I need to build shelves in my sewing/quilting room. I have the basic set up organized but need more shelf space. Thanks at a chance to win.

  197. I desparately need to finish out our trim work, but hate trying to put finishing nails in baseboards because it kills my knees..having this would make my job so much quicker!

  198. My hubby and I have just bought what I have fondly named The Pink Monster. It’s a 1957 rancher and it needs lots and lots of love. I have plans to use your board and batten in a few rooms among other ideas I have found on your site and I am sure that this brad nailer would come in very handy. If you want to take a peek at The Pink Monster here is a link

  199. I would love to install some wainscotting in my bedroom – it has ugly uneven walls that don’t look great painted.

  200. Hey Kate! I’m in the middle of upholstering chairs right now, so I”m thinking the brad nailer would come in mightly handy! ALTHOUGH….I’m about to build a window seat and put up a wainscotting in my dining room, so the other nailer might be better in there! Oh my..guess I’ll have to make my mind up if I win! :) LOL

  201. The molding in our family room has been leaning up against the far wall for over a year now. My first project would definitely be the molding, it’s long over due.

  202. ooh my dining room chairs need to be recovered and I’m in the middle of doing a nursery for our newest little one, which would look fabulous with some board and batten. I could think of a million projects to use this for!

  203. I have SO many projects I could use a nailer for! Framing 2 bathroom mirrors, hanging wainscotting in the kitchen and hallway, reupholstering a sofa in my living room, but first – I’ve got an old cedar chest my mother gave me years ago that despertely needs a new lid with an upholstered cover! I’m also putting this on my FB page (Ginny Underwood). Keeping my fingers crossed!

  204. I’ve been extremely interested in your batten board project and it inspired me to add this detail to my lower level recreation room. I have a bungalow home and it would fit perfectly in both style and in keeping with the architecture of the home.

    THis nailer would sure make the project easier and I would be very happy to share the before and after pictures. Thank you for the opportunity!

  205. Where to start? The first thing I would do is a couple of chairs that have shredded backs and
    corners from the cat clawing them after I covered them the last time. After that, get in line
    because I could stay busy fixing/creating things for many, many months and years.
    Thanks for the inspirations

  206. I would use the braid nailer to build an upholstered headboard. I’m currently living on an air mattress on the floor because I can’t find the perfect bed! I have so many ideas that I can’t even begin to list them, but the headboard would definitely be first.

  207. I would either do a board and batten project in my dining room or just finish out the chair rail and molding on the other side of the room. Why do builders just place that on one side?? I also want to replace all the baseboards in my home with a bulkier size – just saying.

  208. I would love to install some board and batten along the walls in my bathroom downstairs. Love the look in the room you are doing. I have yet to paint the orange that is in there now. I am thinking of doing a blue similar to your picture. I also have a woodwork project that would go so much quicker with a nailer!

  209. I linked to this on Facebook (and need to learn how to spell….braid nailer/brad nailer….same difference LOL).

  210. I am redoing the boys bedrooms and would love to add some molding to their rooms–maybe a “shelf” that extends around two walls for trophys and pictures…or board and batten to add interest.

  211. I have several molding projects that I want to start, but I lack a nail gun and am overwhelmed by the thought of picking one out.

  212. i would FINALLY get some screen (with molding) in my empty door. huge frame-nothing inside.

  213. I am redoing my daughters room now that she is getting married and moving out. I would use it to finish the trim in that room, and also to build a new shelving unit in her closet. Oh, and I’m sure I would find LOTS more uses for it as well. lol

  214. Oh, boy. A number of projects to choose from. The daylight basement family room needs built-in storage/bookcases. A long wished for project is tall built-in bookcases surrounding the fireplace upstairs. Or, a mantel for the mantel-less fireplace!

    The cat keeps peeing on the couch. Oops, said that out loud.

  215. I have a sofa reupholstery project just crying out for the smaller nailer–both with brads and staples.

  216. I would like to transform our new construction home with crown molding and other trim detailing. Right now, we are in the middle of a shelving project so this tool would be helpful. In addition, I would like to construct an upholstered headboard and cabinet for all our kids books, add’l storage.

  217. We’d use it to replace the trim in our upstairs hallway, and then my hubby wants to build a train table for our son!

  218. I would do board and batten in my foyer and then go to my mom’s house and do her foyer too!! Awesome giveaway – thanks!

  219. We are planning to retire within the next 2 years and have to fix our house up to sell. I want to do board and batten in the upstairs bathroom and this would help us tremendously.

  220. First thing’s first … I would fix a spot on my coffee table that’s been driving me crazy. I keep fantasizing about how a nail gun would just be the perfect way to fix it! Thanks for the giveaway! :)

  221. I really would love to install board and batten in the nursery for our next child. I’ve always loved that look!

  222. I would have so many uses for a nailer. Add moulding to an existing plain bookcase, board and batten to my son’s room and make framed wood wall art to cover an electrical box. Thanks for the giveaway!

  223. I would love to install bead board in our mudroom and crown molding in our living room. Great giveaway!

  224. I would love to have the trim back up in our house! We put in laminate flooring almost two years ago and have yet to replace the trim because we don’t have a nail gun!

  225. I have been putting off doing the crown molding in my children’s bathroom. This might be just the motivation I need!

  226. I would love to switch out all the builder grade molding throughout house! It looks like the perfect size and easy to use!

  227. I have linked this message to my FB page. I hope that all of my friends see it and check out your blog! I have said it before and I will say it again; you are inspiring me to do make great changes to my home.

  228. Oh LOVE that brad nailer!!!! We could FINALLY do the finish work on our kitchen counter bar area that has been sitting unfinished for 3+ years!!!

  229. We want to cover over the 80s brick fireplace in our family room. I’ll use the brad nailer to build the frame over it before covering with cement board.

  230. I would put up some crown molding in our soon to build new house! Oh, I’d also to do some board and batten in the new mud room!

  231. Well we have something like 800 feet of baseboard and door trim to install (okay, so I never measured but you get the idea), not to mention all of the windows in the house! And the fact that my board and batten hasn’t been cut but i’ve been living with 1/2 painted walls is driving me nuts! So yes, I could use this. Thanks for the giveaway!

    BTW i’d love to see your basemolding, the hubs and I can’t decide what we should do for ours!! Thanks for all you post!

  232. Well I will say that my husband has yet me use his nailer a couple times, but a girl needs her own! I am dying to fix the beadboard in our hall bath and do it the right way!

  233. AWESOME giveaway! We just bought our first home, and would put this to SUCH great use installing molding and board & batten treatments. OHHH! Excited at the thought :)

    Thank you! Analise

  234. Ooh, we’re planning to build a new fireplace mantel and built in bookcases in our living room. The nailer would come in really handy!

  235. I just picked up some chairs yesterday that I am going to paint and re-upholster! This will be just the tool to make my project go so much smoother!

  236. I would love the brad nailer so we can do some board and batten in the nursery for our first child due in July

  237. Oh my do I have to pick just ONE project?? I have so many! Defintely would use it for the laundry room board and batten project as well as several b and b project at my grandfathers house that we are remodeling! Would also use it to make some shawdow box shelves for a tween’s room!

  238. I need to reupholster two chairs and a headboard and I am plannning on putting up wainscoting in our master bedroom. This would be a lifesaver!!

  239. I have been wanting to add board and batten or wainscoting to my dining room AND build a gardening table. Winning this tool would get me going! Thanks for the chance!

  240. Where would I begin, so many projects come to mind……I think I would start with crown molding in a couple rooms in my house and then move onto some board and batten in daughters room.

  241. I’d love to put a chair rail in our dining room. I’ve been thinking about it for years. Either that or I might stencil one.

  242. We are in the process of finishing our basement and the 2 1/2 nailer would be very useful installing trim and crown molding not forgeting the endless possibilities around the rest of the house. Thank you CG & Campbell Hausfeld for a brillant give away!!

  243. buying a new house soon so the possiblities are endless. Most likely first project would be wainscoting in the dining room or crown molding if there isn’t any.

  244. I would use the finish nailer to make built in bookcases around our fireplace that we have been wanting to do for months!

  245. Hi Kate-

    I am looking forward to the holidays to read all about your experience and see your lovely home all decked out.

    I would love the brad nailer – cool tool – wish I had it right now to complete an ottoman I am working on.

    My best- Diane

  246. I would love to do crown molding and board and batten in my daughter’s new big girl room! We were unable to do a nursery for her because we lived in an apartment when she was born. So it would be nice to finish her room off properly! Plus the rest of the house needs crown molding and I would love some wainscoting in the dining room =)
    Thanks for doing these awesome giveaways!

  247. I am planning some board and batten projects and this would be perfect. Also might come in handy to nail my husband to the wall if he refuses to help me.

  248. What wouldn’t I do?!? I would replace the cheap backing on some store-bought bookshelves, I would finally put up the wall treatment in the basement I have been thinking about (does either nailer work for cinderblock/cement?), I would make some storage cubes for all of my junk, er I mean treasures, etc.

  249. i have a bunch of decorative millwork that I need to finish around the house. its taking forever using a regular hammer. the brad nailer would help move the process along.

  250. RIGHT NOW, I am in the middle of tearing off the trim in our whole house and replacing it with simple craftsman style casings. I am borrowing a friend’s nail gun AGAIN, and have thought so many times that I really do just need to get my own!

  251. This would free me from using my husband’s HUGE air compressor with my power stapler – I’d LOVE to have a brad nailer for upholstery projects (sitting and collecting dust in he garage at present because I’ve been overwhelmed at the prospect of choosing one of these “bad girls”).

  252. Sweet giveaway! I would use it to make an upholstered coffee table and add board and batten to my room. :)

  253. I’d love the finish nailer! My hubby is covering our brick fireplace with molding and it sure would make the job easier! Thanks!

  254. I would definitely finish off my Dining Room with it. I’d like to paint in there, add in a chair rail or do a picture molding along the bottom half of the room!

  255. I have been yearning to do a board and batten treatment in my darker than dark brown office! The brad nailer would be the perfect motivation!

  256. I would use it to recover a bench I am not happy with and then some other projects around the house. We remodeled our bathroom and need to attach new baseboards.

  257. I inherited an antique wingback chair that was my Great Grandmothers and thenbelonged to my Grandfather. I have always wanted to reupholster it but haven’t tackled the job due to lack of know how and the appropriate tools. Now after following your blog for a few months i feel confident to try it and the brad nailer would be the last piece of the puzzle to get me started!

  258. I am doing my very first reupholster project with a chair I inherited! I really would love to have the staple gun…I think it would make the project much easier…love all your designs!! Thanks for this awesome giveaway :)

  259. I would do a headboard for the master bedroom. This is a project I’ve been wanting to do! I take an upholstery class once a week. This nailer would be well used!

  260. I need to finish putting up my baseboards, i was switching them up for a bulier one but got distracted

  261. I am seriously excited about this give away!! I would have to say that my first project would be to put crown in my kids bedroom. Then I would move onto my living room and beef up the crown in there! My list is growing by the minute!! Thank you so much!

  262. We’ve been borrowing our neighbors brad nailer & finish gun as we’ve been finishing our basement. I don’t know how we would have finished everything without them! It would be great to have our own tools!

  263. oh how fun this would be, I’m pretty sure my first project would be some sort of reupholstering followed by molding in my hallway.

  264. I’ve been dying to tackle some thrift store chairs and recover them for my dining room, but things always seem to get put on the backburner b/c I do not have the proper tools – so no more excuses if I win!

  265. Oh, what I would do!

    I am currently living with the world’s ugliest kitchen. (No, really….it might be the world’s ugliest kitchen). I’ve been dying to start taking down the 5′ yellow tile with maroon tile trim (see, I told you!) and put up a board and batten wainscoting. From there, who knows!

  266. I’d like to give some new life to furniture with new fabrics and I’ve never done it-just delighted in your “before and afters.” This would certainly help!

  267. We’re gonna add some space and a bathtub to our bathroom this spring. I’m envisioning wainscoting, so a brad nailer would come in super handy.

  268. I am knee deep, no make that thigh deep in a first time chair reupholstery. I would use the brad/staple gun for finishing my project. I would also use it to finish the baseboards and quarter round in my house. Thanks for all the awesome info and tips. I visit the blog everyday.

  269. Oh my hubby would love it! We (he) can finish up the moldings in our house around all the windows. Then the board/batten for an entry/mud room area. Many other things I’m sure!!!
    Thanks for the giveaway. The little picture you shared of your boy’s room is looking great!

  270. OH please please please please please please please please please randomly pick mine! I’ve been wanting a nailer for 2 YEARS now. But it hasn’t been high enough on the priority list (dang diapers beat it out every time!), and my hubby is seriously scared of having one in the house. He’s sure he’s going to have to take someone to the ER to get a nail removed from a head. (funny man. He has no problem with any kind of regular gun being in the house, but serious issues with a nailer!)

    Anyway, I want to install beadboard in my kitchen. And crown molding in almost every single room in the house. And build a table. And recover my wingback chair. Um, yeah. I have a LONG list of things I’d use it for!

  271. I would add some board and batten to the office. Our house needs some architectural detail!

  272. Oh, boy, could I use either one of those! We are just in the finishing stages of building our new home, and I have too many projects that I could use these tools on… I’m sure once we move in, I’ll be able to come up with plenty of uses! Thanks for the chance to win!

  273. we built a house about a year ago and I have so many projects in my head. Definetly board and batten and so much more.

  274. I’m in the process of designing a long desk/work area for our homeschool room, and this tool is on my list of things to purchase! I need one to attach molding. Next I plan to make my own bed for a bedroom re-do.

  275. I would LOVE to win the brad nailer! I have so many projects around the house that I would like to do that require that tool. First up – upholstering our kitchen barstools!

  276. We are wanting to put some crown molding up around our house – our bedroom, the dining room and such! My husband would LOVE to win one of these tools! Thanks for the opportunity! Can’t wait to see your son’s room!

  277. I need this so badly! I am moving into my boyfriends new house, which has about a bajillion projects that need to be done – it’s basically a blank slate! One of the first ones would be to add some beadboard, and I have four chairs that need to be recovered. Oh, my head is spinning and all my fingers are crossed!

  278. I’d love the brad nailer! My’ husband and I have been doing a lot of projects lately, building benches, redoing our closet and going to be working on building a playhouse for our 2 boys soon. That would come in so handy with a multitude of projects we have planned.

  279. I would LOVE, LOVE to win the brad nailer! That way I could finally put all of the shoe molding back up from when I tiled my bathroom.

  280. I love the look of wainscoting! I want to redo our dinning/breakfast area with it about 4 ft. down. So classic looking!

  281. Bathroom! I love the Board and Batten look. I also hope to install some additional trim in the bedrooms upstairs. Love this!

  282. Oh, goodness. If I won this? Hello, storage! This month, I started a whole-house makeover. A few rooms are going to need some built-in shelving and this would make it so much easier. Plus, my husband would be SO jealous.

  283. I’ve been contemplating trying a board and batten project! The Brad Nailer would be perfect!

  284. The brad nailer sounds like just what I need to tackle recovering some chair seats. It would be my first time to DIY, too!

  285. This summer I want to 1)install wainscotting in the powder room, 2)add trim work to daughter’s room, 3)add crown molding to living room, 4)add trim to kitchen cabinets, and 5)recover kitchen chairs. The brad nailer would get a workout here. lol

  286. We would use it to put up crown molding in our bathrooms, and to put up board and batten in my daughter’s room.

  287. I was inspired by your photo ledge/ coat hook wall and have already bought all of the materials to install one in my hallway that leads out to the garage. Now, all I need is the brad nailer to help me complete the project. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  288. I’ve been wanting desperately to do an add-on room to our house, enclosing our covered porch. Our 1800 sq ft house is getting way too cramped now with 2 kids under the age of 2.5! I envision a sunroom style play room with beadboard under the windows. And crown molding in our master bedroom while we’re at it!

  289. I have SO many projects this would be great for. Then I don’t have to rent one. I want to do crown molding and picture boxes in my house. A long with a few Christmas presents I need to get started

  290. We recently bought our first house, so we have several projects we would like to tackle, including board and batten in the future nursery!

  291. “I” would not attempt any DIY project…I would probably end up nailing my own self to the wall. If “I” won the nailer, I would suprise my hubby with it and sweet talk him into installing board and batten in our guest bedroom. Something like “but honey, we WON the nailer so we HAVE TO DO THIS PROJECT.” HA!

  292. We’ll be putting new trim in the master bath and sunroom once we’re installed the tile floor. Also have 3 chair seats to recover for the girls college apartment! Fun! i.NEED.this!

  293. Like many here, I have dreams of beadboard in my kitchen. I have an old house – built in 1921 – so I have many, many projects on the to-do list. Thanks for this great opportunity!

  294. I would put built-in bookshelves in the den, make a real library in there. Would clear up SO much book clutter in the rest of the house! I love to read, so does my husband, but the books are EVERYWHERE!

  295. There are so many projects around my house. But the first one would be to add a bead board backsplash in my kitchen. I so love the look of a “Barefoot Contessa/Hamptons” style kitchen!

  296. We are buying our first house this year so the possibilities are endless for this bad boy! I have always dreamed of having beautiful waiscotting in my dining room!

  297. I’ve been trying to convince my boyfriend that we should make our own padded headboard and I think if I win this, it may just do the trick! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  298. Pick me! We have so many projects we could use this for, crown molding, upholstering an ottoman, and so many more.

  299. What a great giveaway – I’ve been wanting to add chair rail and wainscoting to a few more rooms, so a brad nailer would come in quite handy!

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter.

  300. I (along with my husband!) would put crown molding up along with replacing a lot of the old trim around our house!

  301. Would love the brad nailer/compressor. That thing looks awesome! I’d use it to make some custom benches/toy storage in our living room to hide away all the toy clutter and I have been tinkering with the idea of somehow upholstering our headboard among a few other things :)

  302. Oh, this would be such incentive for my handy hubby to get busy installing crown in my living room and board and batten in my dining room. Oh, and crown in my master bedroom. And a built-in window seat/toy box in the playroom. A new upholstered headboard would be nice, too…

  303. I want to build cupboards in my garage and laundry room so the finish nailed would rock!

  304. I have been wanting to make upholstered headboards for my boys and the brad nailer would be a great help! Thanks for the chance to win!

  305. I’ve always dreamed of putting up crown molding – if I randomly win, Id be able to make it happen.

    Happy weekend and thanks so much for the give-away!

  306. crown molding and board and batten in numerous rooms in my house and my family/friends homes.

  307. We could use this for fininshing up the molding in my son’s room – and doing the crown molding we hope to add to our LR.

  308. We’ve built a cabin and have some unfinished projects…kitchen cabinet moulding, wood floor baseboard trim…just waiting for this!!! I could also pad the kitchen chairs….hmmm

  309. I would love to do a board and batten treatment in my dining room. Thanks for all your great ideas

  310. yes please! We’re starting on a basement refinishing project this summer with tons of trim, board and batten, and molding. This would be so helpful!

  311. I am in the middle of a major DIY home remodel (currently doing three bathrooms-one with wainscotting. I can think of hundreds of projects either of the great tools would help complete. What a wonderful giveaway from my favorite tool company.

  312. I would finally put up the last pieces of moulding in our house! It is 12 years in the making and I am more than ready to finish this job. :) Thanks!

  313. We have this awkward space in our living room that is where a fireplace option could have been installed. Instead it is just a hole in the wall. I would love to build some custom open shelving and give purpose to the area. I’d also like to hang some moulding, and upholster my dining room chairs, and the list goes on for a long time.

  314. I need the Big Gun to build some shelving in my closet and to add crown moulding to my bathroom and living room!

  315. I would put new molding in my living area and some of that beautiful board and batten for my hallway! Thanks for the opportunity! :)

  316. Reupholster a slipper chair that I love and desperately needs redoing, paneling on the interior of our cottage–and a whole list of projects that I’ve been waiting on for my husband to do. You help me realize that I don’t have to wait on him!!! I’ll do them myself!

  317. I would love to win so I could install crown molding. We are slowly but surely remodeling our 1980’s home and we could really use either of these great tools!

  318. Where to start mmmm, so many projects I want to do with that. Well I would have to say my first project would be to reupholster a fabulous chair I found at an antique store years ago. It has been waiting around for me to give it some new fabric love. Winning this would make that possible. :)

  319. We recently had all new flooring installed throughout our house. I have over 600 LF of baseboard that I need to install…this tool will be a blessing!

  320. This would be a DREAM COME TRUE!! I am a crafter and have wanted one FOREVER. I also need to upholster two chairs and a numnber of trim work to do around the house. Oh MY, Oh My !! Pick me.

  321. My husband and I purchased our very first home this past fall…a cute foursquare in an old historic area of Pittsburgh. We fell in love with the charm of the neighborhood and the house! Unfortunately, the interior of the house was stripped of most of the original wood workings (baseboards, fireplace mantles, window frames, plate rails, and crown moldings). We are planning to put these features back into the house and return it to it’s old glory, and this nailer would be so helpful in making these restoration dreams come true! Thanks for the opportunity to win this!

  322. I would LOOOOVE to win this giveaway. I’m about to graduate school and have dreams of transforming my entryway with board and batten as soon as I get my first job. I know exactly what I want to do I just need to round up the tools (and money) to get me going. SO please please pick me!

  323. I’d love to use it to put board and batten up in our finished basement! It might even be useful for putting up the tin ceiling I want.

  324. So many projects…where to start…but I think my next project will be redoing my staircase with paint on the spindles and risers and adding molding/trim to the walls to look like wood panels. Thanks!

  325. I have recently found many pieces of furniture in the alleys around where I live and work. These are nice, sturdy pieces of furniture that just need some TLC. I could definitely use the brad nailer to help me out with the upholstering projects I have in mind!

  326. This is probably the most generous giveaway I’ve ever seen! I’ve been planning on putting up board and batten in my bathroom but haven’t had the tools to do it. The brad nailer would be perfect!

  327. Oh, the projects I could complete . . . I need to install quarter round in my living room (that’s been missing since I put in the floors a few years back) and would love some beadboard in one of the bedrooms!

  328. Are you kidding? What wouldn’t we use it on? We have installed crown and chair in nearly all the bedrooms and now we plan to add wainscoting and crown and board and batten in all the main rooms. We’d be best friends with this thing in about 10 minutes.

  329. I’d love to do some crown molding and maybe a board and batten treatment for our new baby’s room!

  330. I really want to make my own upholstered headboard. I just finished re-covering two chairs and I had a crappy staple gun and I almost threw it through a window. I would love to win!

  331. I would love this to recovering an ottoman in my nursery. (and I am sure I would find many more projects to do!)

  332. Such a cool giveaway… Well… we have so many projects!! I would love to put up beadboard in my daughters room, crown molding in the kitchen, dining room, and living room. Um… make a headboard for the master bedroom… there are so many possibilities!! :)
    Thanks for a chance to win!!

  333. I have a chair that I’ve been meaning to recover for about 2 years! And would love to install crown in my bedroom! This would be fabulous!

  334. What wouldn’t I do? Not even sure which one I would pick because I want to refinish furniture, build bookcases, finish the chair rail someone else started! With the new house the list is unlimited. I hope I get picked!

  335. The picture you posted of the board & batten is exactly what I want to do with the brad nailer in my upstairs hallway! It’s meant to be! :)

    Thanks for the opportunity.

  336. I would love the brad gun to try wainscoting in the hallway and up the stairs. Your projects are amazing.

  337. I put up wainscotting in one room without a nail gun… hammer only…this would certainly make the next room much easier.

  338. This would be so sweet & could be here in time to FINISH my project!!! While I would find uses for both of these, I would choose the Finish Nailer–because my biggest project is a Kitchen Remodel–tearing out cabinets and replacing with some beautiful open air wood shelving, new floors and an island on wheels! Majority of this to be done by myself! Thanks for the opportunity to enter!!!

  339. You are SO inspiring! My husband’s head is spinning at the number of projects that I have recently completed and have in the works! I am dying to do the board and batten in my son’s room too! I found the cutest “tuffet” stool at a consignment store that I want to recover as well as some upholstered dining chairs that need recovered. The list goes on and on…

  340. I have an idea for some small shelving units that I want to work on as soon as I recover from my upcoming back surgery. That surgery, and my carpal tunnel syndrome, make it imperative to have power tools to work with.

  341. I would definitely go for the bigger gun, because we recently bought an old house greatly in need of some TLC, so who knows what projects I’ll get into in the future. My very first project, however, would be to tear the *bright blue carpet* off the walls in the upstairs bath and replace it with some pretty board and batten.

  342. I actually have some chairs that need recovering – and I would love to put some crown moulding up in my living room – so I would have a hard time deciding which one I would want.

  343. I just moved into my new to me house last week and have a million projects I could use this for! Starting with the wains cotting in the wash room. I’m building and hanging a hideaway ironing board and laundry drying rack… oh it will be fabulous! Thanks for this chance to win!

  344. What would I NOT do? I can’t even decide which one I would choose. Board and batten, bookshelves, moulding, it’s ALL on my to do list.

  345. I’d love to try to make an upholstered headboard for my guest bedroom. I would also like to try to put up bead boarding in my daughters room.

  346. I would LOVE to start putting up more modern trim in our new (to us) home.
    Maybe some board and batten in our Romp Room? and some crown molding in our master bedroom? and maybe pretty up the breakfast bar with bead board?
    Oh my – the list infinite!

  347. Our staircase is a carpeted mess! It’s the first thing you see when you walk in the door and no amount of cleaning makes it look good. We’re feeling inspired by your staircase reno so ripping up the carpet and replacing risers is definitely on our to-do list!

  348. This would be just terrific. For a long time, I have wanted to beef up the original crown moldings in my living and dining rooms. I want to add some picture molding about 2″ below the crown that is there now. Once I paint the old and new molding, as well as the space in between, the same color, it will be a more impressive crown compared to the skimpy one that is there now.

  349. We have this weird little nook in our basement and I am building a “built-in” bookshelf for it.

  350. I would totally use that bad boy to put some board & batten at the landing of our staircase (it is currently carpeted…yes, the WALL is carpeted! Yuk!)

  351. What wouldn’t I do around the house! This place is in serious need of some TLC. If I could make the whole board and batten thing work in this small space, I’d definitely do that!

  352. I really want to add board and batten to my long hallway entry from the garage. Fingers crossed!

  353. I want to build a basket storage bench for my grandson’s room for storage to start with.

  354. We could use new baseboards, but I need to recover my chairs. Tough decision. But either would be awesome!

  355. I NEED the finish nailer!!!!! We have an Ana White project planned for our bedroom and I have a board and batten project incubating for our bedroom! May the Random.org gods smile upon me!!!!

  356. I have so many projects I would love to use this for…specifically for building things and adding the decorative trim to projects especially on small furniture projects. I have some chairs that I am working on that need some extra stabilization! The first time I used a nail gun I was scared, but once I got going I was hooked. I was very sad when we had to return it to it’s owner! :-)

  357. oooohh…I could use that bad boy! I’ve been building trumeau mirrors with the help of a friend and his tools. I could do it all by myself if I win!

  358. I wan to do board and batten in my boys bathroom, build a small bookcase for an alcove, add windowpane molding in the living room . . .

  359. I would put board and batten in all three of my bathrooms, for a start. Or maybe in my dining room. So many possibilities!

  360. I would love to try to make my own upholstered headboad and some maybe try to install some board and batten. So many projects are going through my mind!

  361. I just started looking at this model and hoping my family would be super-generous for Mother’s Day (a girl can hope!). I’ve got crown molding and wainscotting near the top of my list. Glad to hear your photo shoot went so well — it will be worth the wait!

  362. The real question is what wouldn’t I do with a brad nailer? I have been jonesing for one since we purchased our first house last October. First on the list, these walls need some wainscoting.

  363. I would be using it to install wainscoting in my upstairs attic to master bedroom conversion. :) What a great tool!

  364. Wow, where to start. I, Lord willing, will be having a house built for me in Uganda and there will be countless updates I need to do to it – a headboard, board & batten, crown molding (maybe I’m pushing it there a little) but so many possibilities!

  365. So many projects to choose from. My first project would be the island/bar for our kitchen. It would make it so much faster.

  366. I have a list of projects to use the brad nailer/stapler. I would start with crown molding in my powder room then move on to reupholstering a sofa and two chairs!

  367. I have so many projects on my list that I would use the nailer for. I would board and batten a wall in my kitchen first.

  368. I have oodles of projects at home to complete but the most important one is probably re-upholstering the kitchen chairs as they have seen their better days. I would love to win this!!!

  369. I would tackle the kitchen cabinet makeover by adding some trim to the doors and then re-painting. I’d also like to add crown molding to the guest room.

  370. My first project would be to finish upholstering my chair than I would use it for wall treatments like crown molding. thanks for the chance!

  371. Oohhhhhhhhhhh just a ton of stuff I could do with that nailer! I need to trim out my new bamboo tred staircase and trim the doorways in the lower level of our house.