My Design Guide GIVEAWAY

By Kate Riley January 12, 2011

Greetings! Announcing the winner of last week’s MirrorMate giveaway: #779 Martha of The Simple Things blog, congratulations Martha !! 

Now on to the giveaway for this week!   Are you struggling with decorating a particular room in your home?  Need a little help deciding where to place your furniture, what size area rug you should buy, or just having trouble picking a paint color on your walls?  My Design Guide is an online interior decorating service that will help you solve your decorating dilemma!

My Design Guide, Inc.

When you purchase a standard design package from My Design Guide, you have professional interior designers available to you at affordable prices.  You take their Stylefinder quiz, then email several pictures of your troubled space.  Next, their professional interior designers consult with you about the style you’re looking for, and what you like and don’t like about your existing furniture and décor.  Your designer then creates a plan based on your needs, including a list of resources tailored for you (just like this), within a week!

Focal Point

For a quick video on how the process works, take a peek here

Good news!  My Design Guide is giving away three Design Consultations to three lucky readers (a $49 value)!  

With a design consultation, a professional interior designer will answer your questions about one of your furnished rooms.  Perhaps it’s paint colors you are struggling with, window treatments, flooring or carpet selections, art, accessories or bedding, or simply your furniture arrangement.  Your questions answered for free if you win !

my design guide samples

Eligibility to win one of three Design Consultations with My Design Guide:

1) State a problem spot or space in your home where you need help and name it in a comment! 

2) For a second chance to win, take the My Design Guide Stylefinder Quiz, then tell me your ‘Style’ in a comment!

3) For a third chance to win either link to this giveaway on Twitter, or link to this giveaway on Facebook, then leave an additional comment telling where you mentioned this giveaway (FB or Twitter).

Three winners chosen by  Giveaway ends Monday January 17th at 8 p.m PST. 





  1. My style was…
    50% coastal, modern, and romantic
    I would guess about 95% traditional

    I’m a nice mix of a few different things :-)

    Linked on Facebook.

    And my problem area is my very skinny and long living room that is also our family room and our everything room. Three young children, baby toys that run wild and just not enough space or proper furniture to make it functional.

    Figured I would leave one big comment instead of three small ones. Hope that is okay.

  2. I am working on my living room and I am currently trying to choose the correct wall color. Right now my living room walls have at least 6 different color patches on them that I have been considering. I am going for a warm gray but none have worked yet. They all look too green once I get them in the room.

    Your style guide says that I am country modern traditional.

  3. I was just talking to my sister about hiring someone for HELP decorating my house the other day. This would be perfect! I think my living room needs the most help. We have been in our house for 1 1/2 years and it looks like we are squatters :/

  4. My hideous master bedroom needs some serious help! I don’t even know where to begin with its odd walls. Im not even sure where to place my bed.

  5. What perfect timing! I have a problematic living room. It’s long and sunken with an entire wall of French doors and only one other (short) wall.

    I took the quiz and I’m a Rustic/Traditional/Tuscan – perfect!

  6. I need help with my living room. I don’t know what to do with the furniture, what to put on the walls and I’ve had paint swatches on the wall for months.

  7. The largest room in our house is the most underutilized because we can’t get the furniture placement to “work” for our family. We are currently moving things from 2 different floors and 3 different rooms to try and make it work. Grrr.

  8. I am currently working on several spots in my house. On my list for 2011 are to complete my Master Bedroom, sand & paint all our trim and doors white, and finally add some style to my entryway which opens up to my living room, dining room, and upstairs. It’s a lot but your blog helps SO much. Thank you for the inspiration.

  9. took the style quiz and I was shocked to find I was mostly country, with traditional just slightly lower.

  10. My bedroom is in dire need of some help. It is the one room we haven’t done anything with. It still has white walls!

  11. I need help in my living room!!! PLEASE! It has 2 doorways, and I never know what to do with the furniture :-(

    thank you!

  12. I have a long but narrow living room that is complicated by a large fp, bay window, and french doors to the next room. The layout makes it extremely hard to design! I’d love help with a functional layout.

  13. My basement hang out room needs help. I would love BIG Girl furniture in there! Right now it is all cast off furniture from other rooms in our home.

  14. Everything in my living room is competing for attention…a large TV/entertainment center, a fireplace with French doors on either side, and a large tapestry behind the couch. I’d like it to look more cohesive.

  15. Help! When you walk in the front door you are greeted with a wonderful spacious open plan for the living/dining room with vaulted ceilings. The furniture looks great but behind hour main couch is a very, very bare wall. It is one of the vaulted ceiling walls but to make it harder the couch is not centered on this wall – I have no idea what to do with it!

  16. Hmmm, according to the style guide, my style is equal parts Coastal, Country, Romantic, Traditional, and Tuscan. Maybe that’s way decorating is so hard. I like to many styles!

  17. My Style is Modern – I could use some help figuring out our living space! It’s such a long and narrow room broken up by a fireplace and French doors going outside but the furniture arrangement is difficult!

  18. Well – I purchased a home back in November. My living room is an empty room that I have no clue what to do to with…paint color, window treatment, and furniture.

  19. An area I’m struggling with is a blank space between our kitchen and dining room.

  20. I am working on my 2 story living room, but the windows arent 2 stories! I would love to have some help with window (mis)treatments :)

  21. Oh Happy Day! I’m really struggling with our playroom/tv room as well as our living room. This would be so fun to win!

  22. According to the quiz, my style is mostly traditional (who would’ve thought???) with asian, modern, and rustic all mixed in. I think one of my main problems is that I love so many different styles, and I’ll think I’m happy with a room then suddenly I’ll see someone else’s room decorated TOTALLY different, and I’ll promptly fall in love with it. I finally painted my walls a neutral color so I could switch up accessories to my hearts content the next time I get a wild hair :)

  23. Oh My!! where to start..?? I have just in the last 4 months opened a business,and balancing work and home is somewhat,well, not happening.. I want to paint my master,maybe a warm grey,cant decide.bought two different comforters,took them back!Right now the room is light brown, brown, and brown.AUGHHH!!!!! I;d like to incorporate blue,grey,gold,and fushia??? what do you think?? I dont want drab,or the grey to be cold or stark. HELP!!!!

  24. I would love to win this for my mom. She just got rid of the sectional in her very large living room and has no clue what to do with the space. She says she will probably just get another sectional because she “knows that works.” I’d love to see her experiment and try something new, but I know she won’t be brave enough to purchase furniture unless she had a tool like this!

  25. I’d love for help with so many areas…but mainly my living room and family room.
    Thank you!

  26. Just took the quiz and I’m a mix between Traditional, Coastal, and Rustic. Definitely not Rustic–ha!

  27. Our bedroom! I’m happy with the paint and major furnishings (content, anyway), but I need some help finishing it off.

  28. I’ve hit a BRICK wall! I have a fireplace, the entire wall is BRICK – the hearth runs the entire length and is also BRICK – and it sits about 18 inches off the floor…..WHY would someone build something like this? And, I have a small living room. I’ve painted that brick a few times – white, yellow……I can’t find what to do with it. I hate the entire wall being brick. I need a nice inexpensive make over. HELP!

  29. My living dining room area, with their 20 foot ceilings, need some major help! I have no clue how to best utilize that space!

  30. I want to begin working on my home office. There are lots of windows and a door so furniture placement is difficult and I hate the contemporary looking furniture I have in there. It doesn’t match the rest of my home.

  31. Perfect giveaway! I have been slowly working on my living room but would love some help on the finishing touches.

  32. I need help in my living room. I have a fireplace and a through-way and I’m not really sure how to arrange the furniture. The room is very bare right now and I need some more seating and storage.

  33. My style is a mix of Romantic, Rustic and Traditional which is exactly what I would have picked. I love this site and would love to try it out with a free consultation!

  34. Oh my, the dreaded Master bedroom needs a change….I am trying , but could surely use some ideas to assist…….

  35. I am window treatment challenged. I walk into a drapery store and literally want to panic. As a result no window treatments on any room in my house at all. I would have help with my family room. There are odd angles, a staircase and several windows that make placing furniture and accessories seem odd

  36. What a neat Giveaway, Kate!! I have sooo many spaces I’d like to get help with, but I guess for today I’d say my oldest daughter’s now empty bedroom. (When I say “empty,” I mean there are a bunch of boxes in there and an old dresser/changing table.) I’d like to find a way to incoporate my childhood daybed for guests and a really big desk/workspace for crafty stuff. And lots of storage!

  37. My problem area would definitely be our front living room. We moved from a much smaller apartment into our house and there is so much space in that room. We haven’t bought a single thing or even painted because I cannot figure out where to start.

  38. I have a guest bathroom and bedroom that I can’t quite figure out how to decorate. According to the quiz, I am Modern!

  39. I have a problem with our bonus room above our garage. It is one big room and there is part rec room part craft room and to arrange the furniture to have separate spaces and what furniture works is difficult. cjpeters(at)zoho(dot)com

  40. Wow could I use this!! Which room? Which room couldn’t use it?!! I would probably choose the bedroom though – it feels like it has so much potential and my honey just custom framed out the windows. So the windows look really nice and the rest of the room is not done at all. So that’s probably where I would start.

    Thank you!


  41. I have been really stumped with our living room these days. I rearrange the furniture every week because no way seems perfect. It is quite perplexing and I would love some help!

  42. oh this would be great for my living room!!! i could really use help in my living room.

    thanks so much!

  43. Which space to choose, I have so many! I think I’m struggling the most with my living room, the funky bookshelf and fireplace are throwing me for a loop. :)

  44. That would be my living room. I need new paint, chairs, and something for an empty corner. Window treatments would be wonderful. I need help!!!!

  45. I would have to say my living room. My husband and I are having so much trouble deciding what to do with it!

  46. Living in military housing, all the rooms could use some help! We just moved from stairwell living into a house last month and I would probably choose to have some help with the livingroom since that will be the room seen by most!

  47. I so need this for my master bedroom! Right now it is they place where everything beige went to die.

  48. There are so many rooms I could use some help with! I guess I’d have to pick our guest bedroom/home office – it needs serious help!

  49. My living room needs major help! It’s the first room in the house, and it’s awkwardly shaped.

  50. My living room is pretty small with a limited amount of seating at the moment. I would like to be able to make room for more seating but have no idea how to do it with the odd set up of the room. HELP! Would so LOVE to win this!!

  51. I need serious help in my kitchen. We have the builder grade cabinets, but design on a budget. I have been considering painting them white after reading Budget Bathroom Makeover.

  52. I am completely stumped when it comes to wall decor. My living room needs help with too many blank walls. I want something that looks somewhat original and not like stock art that’s in everyone’s house. Help!

  53. I need help in my new empty living room. I can’t figure out where to put the tv, the couches, anything! It’s a blank canvas.

  54. I really need help with my foyer/entry way. It’s huge and awkward and I never know what to do there that looks great and is also functional.

  55. Is there a style called “Schizophrenic”? According to the quiz, I’m equal parts Asian, Coastal, Modern, Traditional AND Tuscan. No wonder I’m having problems…

  56. According the quiz, my style is mostly modern with a little asian, rustic, and traditional thrown in for good measure. I guess I’m all over the place.

  57. My living room needs help! It’s oblong and not rectangular at all… I need help in furniture placement.

  58. I need all the help I can get to deal with my TV/Play room. My husband went furniture shopping without me and got this HUGE!!!! couch. It sits in our TV/Playroom with no room for anything else.

  59. Hm…my style is Coastal, Country, Rustic, and Traditional…quite a mix! No wonder I’m confused when I try to decorate.

  60. Kitchen! I’m trying to figure out what colour to have the cabinets painted and new countertop….while working with the existing floor, wall and backsplash! Way harder than it sounds!

  61. I struggle with my living room, informal dining area- it is a long room and I struggle with the division betweeen the two spaces and dealing with all the windows for the function I want the room to have.

  62. Our “front” room, which in the ’50’s I suppose would have been a formal living room. We put bamboo down, painted, added crown molding, but now I’m stuck. My son plays video games there, there’s a great old fireplace mantel that my husband gave me years ago – but I want the room to be multifunctional! Maybe even a dining room. Ack!

  63. I have several rooms that need help, we have been living in our new house for six months and I still have two bedrooms that are completely empty, no curtains at all and the entryway is a mess. I need help.

  64. Oh I know my problem area we call it “The Corner of Nothingness” we will in military housing and sometimes their layouts are well umm interesting. In my livingroom/dinningroom there is this corner a well lite area where I think I would like to be a chair only it can’t be a huge chair and well a small chair would just look silly so it have to be the right chair…..or maybe a bookcase….or a…..

  65. My living room needs help! She in a long room with large windows on one end, a fireplace on the other. I feel like we don’t use all of the space as much as we could.

  66. Our living room/playroom. It’s a small room and the first room you walk into our house.

  67. I just moved into a new home last week and I’m completely overwhelmed with the entire house! I wish I had money to go out and buy all new but for now I will have to make use with what I have. We are turning the living room into an office and I need help! It is the first room that you see when you walk into the front door and it is connected to the dining room so turning this space into an office will be tricky. I need help!

  68. After 8 years in our house, I’m ready to freshen up my family room decor. I want to switch out the framed artwork add new elements and focus on black accents around the room. Any help would be most appreciated!

  69. The nursery! It still looks unfinished and our baby is almost 1. I need help with paint, furniture placement, colors, etc. There is no theme or consistent color scheme.

  70. my living room!! the ceilings are so high so we have these empty walls (except for the TV of course!) it feels so bare and cold and that’s not who i am!!!! HELP!

  71. Oh, I could finally get help with my master bedroom – no wait, my kitchen – no wait, my living room…..

  72. Our problem area would be what accessories to put on the shelves and tables, it always stumps me.

  73. I would use it in my bedroom! I have an idea of the style I’m going for, but I’m having trouble making it come to fruition.

  74. Definitely an awesome giveaway! Now that we’ve cleared most of the kids’ toys from our living room, we have a big open corner that’s in line with our front door (and extremely small entryway/entrybox). Maybe it could be lined with built-ins or maybe we need to completely turn the focus of the room away from the opposite corner (tv) to this one? I don’t know. Right now, the room is divided on a diagonal == one side empty, the other focused on the tv. Help!!

  75. Very interesting quiz! The results say I am mostly rustic with a touch of country and traditional.

  76. My style is equal parts Asian and Traditional with a splash of Modern. Sounds like I have no idea what my style really is.

  77. okay I’m not sure I would agree with my “style” selection at as they seem to think my style is Asian and coastal, but I’d have to say that my style is more country and romantic with a few rustic touches thrown in, but then who knows.

  78. I need help with my living room which really should be called our Narrow-and-Dark-So-We-Dump-All-The-Kids-Toys-And-Forget-Them-Room

  79. I would say my living room. I feel like it’s about ready for a change, the problem is that I have coordinated the colors with the dining room that is open to my living room. I’m trying to figure out how I can switch it up and not have to buy all of my accesories over again.

  80. My living room needs help. I own a condo (built in the 1970s) that has odd proportions and today’s furniture is too big and wide preventing the room from being useful for anything other than watching television, which I don’t watch.

  81. According to the quiz, I scored 95% on romantic, 95% on traditional, and 50% on modern. (Which would sort of be what I expected…I do like to mix modern with traditional.)

  82. I need help in my kitchen!!! It is a long space that has room for a table and “other things.” Right now I have a table, children’s table and kitchen set and my desk area! My poor husband…I rearrange the furniture in it every month because I can not figure out what works best. Our house is a 3 bedroom ranch and the only “living” spaces are this room and the adjoining family room. We have two little ones and it has to serve as a multi-functional space. Please HELP!!! :)

  83. I would fix up my dining room or living room. Both have the basics but need some spice!

  84. Our living room is a big problem. The room is long and narrow with very little width and there are windows on both ends and a fireplace on the short end. There’s no good way to break the room up. I want to repaint, but don’t even know where to start!

  85. thank you for the chance to win! here’s the info for my 2 votes:

    (1) my living room is my problem area — a big open space with high vaulted ceilings… i don’t know how to make it cozy!

    (2) my style is overwhelmingly asian with a little bit of traditional and a little less country.

  86. I also linked this giveaway to my company page on FB Three Birds Jewelry. Thanks for all the opportunities!

  87. My problem room(s) are my Florida Room and Great Room. The Florida Room has these really high ceilings, it is really long and there are huge windows on 3 sides. The Great Room is about the same.

  88. I have a (temporary) Living room that needs help. One wall that stumps me has two windows, and a door that faces a road – and a doorway at either end – I don’t love the blinds I’ve chosen for the two windows, & this is the first thing you see when coming into the living room – how can I make it temporarily beautiful?

  89. My problem room is my great room with an open fireplace to two rooms, 3 doorways and a wall of windows. It’s where we do everything and needs help with placement of furniture and dressing up the boring mantel, paint, a rug, etc.

  90. I can’t seem to “finish off” my living room. I like the paint and we just got a pellet insert for the fire place. But it’s not done. Please help.

  91. Wow – I would love help with a couple rooms – our master bedroom has been neglected since we moved in 5 years ago and our family room is in constant change trying to get it right. It would be tough to choose between these rooms :) Help on either one of them would be wonderful!

  92. We enter our house through the side door, which is really the stairwell to the basement. There is a small landing and then steps going down and steps going up to the kitchen. So no place for a bench of any sort and walls that go up nearly 15 feet above the entrance, but no real way to reach the top. Help! I need it to be a place where we can hang out coats and backpacks and such, store our shoes, and store things like mops and brooms.

  93. Our living room needs help ASAP! 8 foot windows, a weird angled fire place and these weird built ins make it impossible for me to make a pleasing layout that is functional for our family.

  94. I don’t really think I’m Asian (but that is what it said)…the others were COASTAL, MODERN, RUSTIC, and TRADITIONAL…no wonder I have such trouble…geez!

  95. I have a big rec room type space that I’m trouble figuring out what to do with! I could definitely use some help and creative ideas!

  96. I am having problems with my living room. I am ready to change the paint to a cool blueish-gray color but I can’t find the perfect one. I also have a weird living room space, 14×24 long and narrow which makes for akward furniture placement. Please Help!!

  97. I love the hollywood regency type look and a modern take on a traditional type item.

  98. My family room! We just moved in an plopped our furniture in, which makes it a really great blank slate. It’s full of potential (and kids toys), with two walls lined with windows. It really needs help to sing!

  99. My living room needs help! I have hard wood floors, tan-ish walls, and brown leather furniture. It needs a pop of color somehow!

  100. I took the quiz and I am traditional. My neighbors and friends sa they love my style. I just wish I more in the budget to decorate how I really want. LOL

  101. My problem spot is my great room! It doesn’t get much light, has a red brick fireplace, vaulted ceilings, built in & outdated oak bookcases and no style!!!

  102. I need help with the furniture in my living room. The current furniture seems to big and I can’t seem to find a comfortable seating arrangement.

  103. I am in desperate need of some organization in my office/craft room/school room. It’s a teeny room and just a mess! Could sure use some guidance on how to better fit stuff so there’s room and organization!

  104. I have one of those houses with high ceilings that mean the downstairs and upstairs need to be the same paint color, and I can’t choose colors. What’s there now is too yellow. There is a huge armoire in the corner holding the TV, but taking up a lot of space in this room with little wall space available. I could use a consultation!

  105. I have a family room off of my kitchen which now seems like a walk thru room after we put an addition onto the family room. We had a sun porch which collapsed in the snow, and we added onto our family room, but it seems awkard. Would love some ideas!!

  106. I need some help in my bedroom. There are lots of odd corners, and there’s a serious lack of visual appeal!

  107. According to this site, I’m equal parts Asian, Coastal, Country, Modern, and Romantic. How ADD of me!

  108. my living room is a work in progress, and i need help tying in all my “visions” for it

  109. My problem is my living room! It worked and flowed well, and then we recently got a big screen TV – now my room needs some serious help to make it look balanced.

  110. Wow – stylefinder says I’m modern asian. You’d never guess that by looking at my rooms so I think that means I’m in need of a change stat.

  111. I would probably use this service to work on our living room. We have only painted it since we moved in last year and I would love to update it!

  112. I need help with my family room. I need to get new furniture and figure out arrangement, but have four children and the two littlest are very active, messy, can I say destructive, children? I need help figuring out what looks good, but is indestructable.

  113. My style is Asian/Coastal/Country/Modern/Traditional. Hmmmm…maybe that makes me eclectic?!?

  114. I am having a lot of trouble with my bedroom. I feel like my furniture doesn’t fit, and I’m not sure what to put where – but there are also certain things that have to go where they are. Or at least that’s how it seems to me!

    Thanks for highlighting this company, I’ll probably go for a consult even if I don’t win…or a second one for my bizarre guest room/study!

    Thanks, TDC and My Design Guide!

  115. My style came up as Asian / Modern, almost equally. It’s pretty accurate – mid-century modern design is my weakness, but I like to warm things up with Asian and Latin American/global accents.

  116. Our living room needs help. We’re newlyweds and a lot of our furniture is “hand me downs” with mismatched woods, lamps, etc. We’re renting right now and our living room has white walls and cream wall to wall carpet. We need some personal style and some cohesiveness to bring it all together on a budget.

  117. My BEDROOM! They say it should be called a master “retreat,” but with our furniture (or lack thereof) and the window placement, I just cannot figure it out! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve thought of hiring someone to just tell me what to do!

  118. I’m with Becca, white walls, brown leather furniture, wood floors. Ugh! And my kitchen has wood cabinets. Too much brown!

  119. I appear to be very modern, very coastal, and moderately Tuscan. I wish the site made suggestions based on those results, pictures, palette, even places to shop.

  120. I am in desperate need of family room help. My house was built in 1906, but the family room was built as an addition in the 1980s, and it’s feeling dated and difficult to decorate.

    My style is romantic traditional! :)

  121. Great giveaway! I need help with updates for my kitchen. Replace counters, backsplash… paint cabinets?

  122. Our office/den is a barren waste of space–no clue how to make this space function as a cozy retreat/home office!

  123. My boys room is a challenge! We are wanting to switch their room with out office, and its is a funky shaped room, large, and poorly designed with nooks, odd closets, etc. Would love input before we decide on what type of beds, etc
    Thanks for offering this!

  124. I want to convert my bedroom closet into an office so I can move all the office stuff out of the existing room to turn into my daughter’s room. I have no idea where to begin for the bedroom closet office except cleaning everything out. My style is a little mixed between modern/simple yet retro.

  125. Omg, this giveaway is for me. I have to name two problems. The first relates to your recent posts about a mudroom area. I have a laundry room that needs a makeover and I have been thinking about putting some mudroom cabinets along the wall in there BUT I don’t know if the coats, backpacks, etc will ever make it in there. So I have always wondered if I could use a blank wall that I have in my dining room. It happens to be right across from the door that we always use and ends up being the dumping ground for everything anyway so can’t I do something unconventional and just put something like this in there? lol The other place that could use some help and jazzing up is my studio area where I work on my jewelry. Enter me!

  126. My problem area is my family room. The problem is that my house has some southwestern architectural elements & my taste is leaning more towards modern now. I can’t figure out a way to decorate with some modern elemnts without making them look out of place!

  127. My Family Room! One of the most lived in areas in my home and it needs paint, furniture & style. It connects directly to the kitchen so it’s a challange to keep the two spaces cohesive. I took the poll and my style was defined as “Aisian Modern Romantic”.

  128. Our bedroom (*wailing*)!! It’s a hodge-podge and I am stuck, stuck, stuck.

    Please help!

    Lisa :-)

    P.S. Thanks for the giveaway!

  129. My front living room needs furniture arrangment help!! It’s a large rm with lots of doorways and a big window, but nothing lines up right.

  130. My family room, we spend all of our time here but I hate the set up. Its a pretty large room but the way we have our furniture set up makes it seem small.

  131. I am desperate for help with my bonus/man’s room. It has knee walls (i think that’s what it is called) and slanted roof lines as it is over my garage. Help!!

  132. My master bedroom is my problem area. My husband is in law enforcement and enjoys hunting. Therefore, we have a large gun safe in our bedroom. There is not another area in our home to put it, so we have to have it in our master bedroom. Besides the eyesore of the safe, the equipment for his hobby is also located here. We have archery equipment galore!

  133. The Living Room? The huge corner fireplace is driving me crazy in this small, too much tan for one room with an open floor plan. And those are just the being of the problems.

  134. According to MyDesignGuide, my style is Coastal, Country, Romantic, Rustic. Seems like I have style ADD! But to be fair, none of the houses on the exterior shots look like mine. We live in the southwest, so our house has a stucco exterior.

  135. My problem area is just called “the long room.” It was originially designed as a living room/dining room combo. We have a breakfast nook where we eat, so now we have a…long room.

  136. I think the quiz says I’m a little bit of a lot of things – asian/coastal/country/rustic/traditional

  137. Our living room is my problem spot. The room itself is very large (meant to be two separate spaces, I think, judging by the ceiling fan on one side of the room and a flush mount on the other side) and I’m having a hard time figuring out a furniture arrangement.

  138. I am a mix between coastal,modern,romantic, rustic and traditional. that sounds HARD!! no wonder I have too many issues!

  139. My style is modern with a mix of traditional and my problem spot is the bonus room. It has to serve as both a movie watching area but also a spare bedroom for my mom who often stays with us during her Oncology visits and treatments and I want her to feel like she has her own space. We have all the fundamentals, including a comfy L-shaped couch, large t.v. and a separate nook with a queen bed tucked in. I just need help with the wall color and simple tricks in dividing the two areas. I’d sure appreciate your eye!

  140. My Style, accorind to the website, is “Romantic Coastal.” Pretty accurate, except I don’t like a lot of clutter and “romantic” makes me think of lots of little doo-dads everywhere.

  141. My basement family room is my challenge – a multipurpose + multimedia room + library and we need some kind of theme to pull it all together. Inspiration hasn’t happened yet.

    My style is Country with Asian, traditional and tuscan all thrown in.

  142. My problem area is my living room. It has a craftsman feel with all the built in’s and I love it, but I just don’t know what to do with it. I would love to restore it on a budget but I have no clue where I should start. HELP!

  143. I would love to figure out what to do in our living room. The whole area needs to be furnished, but we have this irregular area on one side that is surrounded by stair rails that protrudes out towards the entry way which is a half flight of steps down. The layout is open to the dining room too. Sorry… I’m even having difficulty describing it!

  144. Sister, you would DIE if you saw the room I need to decorate. Picture this: 10×10 with a gorgeous window and PERFECT original 1950’s refinished hardwood floors and ………. FOUR KNOTTY PINE WALLS. I DIE! My husband LOVES the knotty pine but I almost vomit every time I walk in the room. As such, it has been a craft/music/hobnob room for 2 years. With a toddler we need to fix it up as a play room and future big boy room and I have FINALLY gotten my husband to agree to paint the knotty pine. I need all the help I can get!

  145. I don’t have FB or Twitter but I need this so badly (see KNOTTY PINE reference above) that I have spread the word through email about this great giveaway!

  146. gee, hard to choose just one room..i guess the most difficult would be the family room. my style is asian and modern.

  147. Style quiz says I’m Rustic with a little bit of modern and country…a little bit of everything I guess!

  148. My trouble spot is my teeny-tiny yellow polka dot bikini living room with tooo much furniture crammed in it! :)

  149. I really really need help with my dining room. It is an odd shaped and multi purpose and I am at a loss! Please help.

  150. Oh, I was poking on that website the other day, actually. I desperately need help! We just moved, and we have 6 kids. For the life of me I cannot figure out how to arrange my family room and get enough seating….

  151. I really need help with my living room……its long and the furniture arrangement blocks all the natural light….would love help with this!!

  152. I’m stumped on what to do with the blank wall beside my fireplace. I have a nice big leather chair in that corner, but I don’t know what to put on the huge expanse of wall above it. I need help!

  153. I desperately need help with my family room which has the ugliest crooked-brick faux wall behind the wood-burning stove, poorly painted paneling, and is overstuffed with hand-me down furniture that doesn’t match.

    My style is a rather even mix between Modern, Traditional, Romantic. Pretty much as much of a contradiction as I am. :)

  154. We have an awkward dining room that needs help!! And we’re loooking for homes as we speak and would love to be able to plan out our spaces!!!

  155. I’m rustic with some romantic and traditional thrown in. Interesting… But I do like rustic pieces with pretty things to soften. I really want a rustic farm table for my dining room but with pretty chairs and linens.

  156. Picking one room is especially difficult. We moved into a brand new home in March, and it still has bare, builder beige walls. I’d love to do my MBR or our living room or our playroom, but ultimately, I’d love help in our kitchen. Once i had that beautiful, the rest of the house could more easily fall together.

  157. I have been struggling with window treatments ever since I moved into our house. Its the only thing that’s lacking and it has me in a funk!

  158. I have been trying to renovate our new home and our problem is the dinning room I so want to paint the table and china cabinet and I know it needs a rug and paint…Awww back to square one I guess. i like modern lines with some eclectic to it as well.

  159. We are renting and our bedroom is so blah and white. I would love some window treatment suggestions and art ideas for the big, blank white walls!

  160. HELP!! We have been living in our new home for almost six months and are still unsure about what to do with our living room. The room has furniture, and a television, and of course plenty of toys for the baby, but we rarely use it because it just doesn’t feel right. It is a very unique room, with high ceilings and oddly shaped windows. The service offered at My Design Guide is just what I need to get some ideas and inspiration for this unused space in our home!

  161. I am having a hard time arranging the furniture in my living room. I have two large couches that are constantly being moved because I don’t have any flow from the entry way to the dining room. I have started putting up chair rail, but I haven’t choosen a color scheme for the room yet. Help!

  162. We could use help with our front (formal?) living room and dining room. They are the first thing you see when you walk in the room, but we hardly ever use them. They need some serious design help!

  163. In stylefinder I am Modern WithA Lil Country I was surprised but actually Now I see it in certain things I am gravitaded towards…

  164. Oh, help me! Help me, please!
    My living room is small and narrow, and has doorways everywhere. I have NO idea in the world how to lay it out so that it’s functional and welcoming. It’s been driving me crazy for 3 years now.

  165. I took the Style Finder Quiz to find out that I am a little bit of country, but mostly romantic and traditional. Sounds like me!

  166. It says I am traditional and rustic. That’s exactly right!
    And I need, need, need help with our masterbedroom. Long and narrow meets lots of windows equals I do not know how to arrange things. Help!

  167. my living/dining room! furniture arrangement is tough as we have few walls, lots of openings, windows and a fireplace. plus i need help sourcing some pieces, and finding art for our huge walls (we have vaulted ceilings)

  168. My stylefinder indicates an equal blend of asian/coastal/modern/romantic. No wonder I have trouble with decorating!!!

  169. My living room needs help. With a window and a fireplace and a half wall, I don’t know how to arrange the furniture.

  170. My problem: I have a 1930’s bungalow with a difficult Living room. It is somewhat narrow and our TV is hung over the fireplace which creates some odd angles in our room. I would love some help with furniture suggestions and a floor plan!

  171. My problem- I have a huge living room with a lovely fireplace. I struggle with how to arrange this room- where to put the TV, and whether I should have built-in shelves done. I’d love someone to help me figure it out!

  172. The problem in our home is the hallway/stairs area. We cannot figure out a color that adds some edge but still works with both floors.

  173. My problem is my family room. It is too dark with paneling, wood floor, and brown leather furniture. I need to know how to lighten it up without changing the above features.

  174. My problem: Open floor plan with a living room full of hand me downs. I don’t know what to buy or where to put things. I know the color scheme and some things I would like to see, but how do I bring it all together?

  175. Do not know what to do with my family room. Need to completely overhaul it! What a help this would be!

  176. My problem space is my dining room – if it even deserves the name! It’s really just a tiny space between the kitchen and hallway, just big enough for a table and chairs. It’s a blank beige box bordered by a weird soffit, so the ceiling feels really low. It’s such a depressing space right now!

  177. My problem is my living room. It is open to the dining room, has a fireplace with built-in bookcases, and a bay window. I just can’t find a furniture arrangement that I like!

  178. I have a problem corner in my living room- it was the first room I worked on after moving in over a year ago, and even though the rest of the room is “finished” there is one LARGE corner that is totally open still- I just don’t know what to do with it! This would DEFINITELY help! Thanks for doing the giveaway!

  179. My problem area is my kitchen dining area. It has lots of windows of different sizes and I haven’t been able to come up with a cohesive window treatment. Also it needs a new paint color.

  180. My problem area is my living room in my new house – the room connects the front door to the dining room and kitchen, which means there isn’t a solid wall (well except the one that has the fireplace on it :) so furniture placement has been really hard. I need help!

  181. I took the quiz and I am Modern Rustic Romantic – mostly Rustic/Romantic though – I would agree!

  182. I have no idea what to do with my downstairs family room. It is such an odd shaped room I don’t know how to decorate it!

  183. After taking the quiz I find that my style is a lot of different things. Coastal, Romantic, Rustic, lots of neutrals.

  184. My living room is a furniture/seating disaster. The tv’s on a short wall above the fireplace, I have a couch with an attached chaise and 3 big chairs. No matter how many times I rearrange, I cannot get it to work!!!

  185. I need help with my dining room!! It’s so bare atm and un-decorated and I could use some ideas to help make it feel more homey!

  186. We just moved into a new-to-us home. I am trying to configure the furniture in the master bedroom in a relaxing manner, along with putting in a desk for a computer and a craft area for myself (the room is large).

  187. I need help with my bedroom ~ it’s been neglected and i want to make it more special, as opposed to a “blue box” as I just called it last weekend!

  188. just did the quiz, my results were mostly modern along with equal parts coastal, country, and romantic. Sounds pretty accurate actually!

  189. I’m working on the Master, Nursery, Guest and Living Rooms right now. = ) We just moved in a couple months ago and I still trying to get the details taken care of.

  190. I just moved into a bigger, new house and I’m stumped on how to decorate! I don’t have many accessories, and I need help with furniture placement! I want my home to feel cozy, but not cluttered. I need to be pointed in the right direction :)

  191. I have a sunken living room with a corner fireplace and very little floor space. The room has a vaulted ceiling with skylights and a very large wall on one side that is also part of the stairway to the lower level. The room also flows into a small sunroom with another set of sliding glass doors. I would love help with all of it (!) but the main problem I’d like to address is the large stairway wall.

  192. My style is coastal – country – romantic – rustic…with the main emphasis on coastal. I’d love to have that “beachy” feel in my house!

  193. My style is Traditional/Rustic. My living room gives me fits. The furniture is huge and matchy-matchy….SO hating that decision (but it was before I knew any better). The ceilings are 23 ft and the builder, in his infinite wisdom, put 2 lightswitches, 2 vents, and the thermostat in the most random places on the largest wall in the room. And they look like they’ve all had ZOOM whitening. Love him for that.

  194. My problem is my bedroom. It is too big!!! I don’t know how to decorate it so it doesn’t look so bare!

  195. My questions: Why are the windows not centered? Whyis the fireplace in the corner? Is it a living room AND a dining room? This space just doesn’t make sense! (and did I mention I’m in Europe and can’t find any thrifty decor ??)

  196. I have a VERY open floor plan that incorporates an office “nook”, a living room, and a dining room. The kitchen also bleeds into the space. It’s hard for me to keep the spaces defined yet cohesive. It’s driving me insane actually.

  197. My bedroom is just . . . sick. It is a small room with a big bed and I haven’t painted in more than 12 years because I don’t know what to do. My Ikea dresser is falling apart. Help!

  198. Need help with a paint color for our lake home living room. The whole house has white walls and small rooms on the main level. I need major help seclecting a color that can be used through out the lower level. The living room is small and often times we have 3+ families there at once.
    My style is ” romantic rustic”
    Shared link on FB.

  199. Problem: None of the rooms in our house feel “done” most are close, but none feel finished.

  200. What room in my house doesn’t need help? The front room/family room and the kids’ bedroom are my two biggest headaches. We live in a duplex so it feels like the entire main floor is just a hallway. Could really use some help making the house feel more cozy and put-together on a teeny-tiny budget.

  201. My living room is obnoxiously long and narrow, making it impossible to arrange the furniture!

  202. I must really, really need help because the StyleFinder Profile for me says I’m a mix of Asian, Country, Romantic, Rustic, and Traditional.

  203. I need MAJOR help with my basement. I know the color scheme, but I can’t figure out furniture placement and how to make it work as a play area/craft area/and adult t.v. lounging area. It’s such a good space I hate to waste it with bad design.

  204. My style is rustic, but I don’t want everything to be brown and tan. I need help with color! Thanks.

  205. The results of my style finder quiz said that I am mostly asian and traditional with a also a coastal vibe.

  206. I need help in my living room (I’m afraid we have too much furniture in a small space). Would also be fun to have help in my craft room area – not really sure what exactly is going on down there. :)

  207. For chance #! — my problem: my living room is so beige. My walls are a taupe beige color, my couches are beige, and I’m not liking the style of my Armoire and table (Mission style). I would love some ideas on how to freshen things up!!

  208. I really need some help with a wall in my kitchen. its a really long wall and I have no idea what to do with it. it’s just a blank canvas.
    mychancetowin at gmail dot com

  209. I am having a hard time with my living room/ dinning room. It is one room and quite small at that! I need a color on the wall that will bring the room together. And help placing the furniture around a very awkward fireplace.

  210. For chance #2 — the stylefinder said I am mostly Traditional, with a little bit of Romantic and Tuscan.

  211. My style is modern with romantic/coastal/rustic tying for second! I am not quite sure how that all fits together!

  212. What a great service! We need help with our living room — it’s a combination family room, TV space and play space — yikes!

  213. My problem area is our living room. It is a narrow room with an angled wall for the random tiny fireplace. Furniture placement is a nightmare and I still have not come up with exactly what I like.

  214. I would love advice when decorating with dark wood trim (base boards & window) – I love trying to pick up things from your blog, but everything is with white trim! I also need to decorate my entryway. I have a bench that needs recovering and a mirror that needs help if I’m going to hang it on the wall. Thanks!

  215. My master bathroom flooded a week before Christmas, which made a nice little waterfall in our family room. Now the family room is torn apart and we are planning to totally make it over, but I’m stuck as to what to do! This would be perfect for my family room! :)

  216. Every space in my house needs help! I could especially use advice on my family room. It is a looong room and I know I am not using the space as wisely as I could.

  217. My lower level family room needs some serious help. It has had an outdated, north woods/cabin look since we moved in to our house five years ago. It doesn’t match the feel of the rest of the house. I’m thinking updating paint and refacing the fire place would make a huge difference, but I would love some advise before moving forward.

  218. I’m definitely having problems with my master Bedroom. I really just don’t know where to start :(

  219. My style is finding things at thrift store that look expensive. Am having trouble with my living room furniture

  220. I have a little powder room that all our guests use (and is the only bathroom on our main floor). It has a cute pedestal sink and a toilet and a round mirror – that’s it. It’s a clean slate, and I don’t have a clue what to do with it. Thank you!

  221. My problem is an 11’8″ X 18’10” living room. Onw 18′ wall is brick painted white with a totally off center fireplace. The other 18″ wall has 10’10” of windows on it. UUUGGGHHH. I am redecorating and at a total loss for furniture placement, something to act like a cocktail table and need another chair option. HELP!

  222. Oh so many problems. I’ll go with the basement. It’s one long carpeted room that is currenltly serving as a den, bar, workout space, and play area. All mashed together. I don’t know how to separate the space. Also, the exterior walls are concrete making it very very difficult to hang anything up.

  223. I’d love to redo my family room. We built our house almost 7 years ago and I know this room has a lot more potenetial. I know what I like but can’t seem to make it all come together. Help!

  224. I don’t have a problem spot yet, but in August when I get married and my future husband and I move into a new apartment, we are going to need help. Lots of help!

  225. I would love help with my family room. It has a bit of an awkward layout and I’m not sure what to do for window treatments.

  226. my style is coastal/modern/traditional/asian. disagree with the asian but I do like to mix furniture types.

  227. My office needs some help! We just painted it, got new furniture and now it needs to be accessorized, pictures and diplomas hung, curtains, etc. But I don’t want it to get crowded and would love some professional advice on how to make it happen!

  228. I took the quiz. I am mostly coastal and romantic with some rustic thrown in! Hope I win! I would love to have some professional help decorating my crazy new family room. Awkward space with great potential!

  229. I want to fix up the guest room this year and right now it’s a blank canvas and I just can’t come up with a plan.

  230. My little front room that is really just an oversized entry! Help me! I would love this. Thanks so much for the opportunity!

  231. My problem room doesn’t even have a name – that’s how bad it is. It was designed to be a small dining room, but that didn’t make sense for me, so I’m trying to use it as a library or continuation-of-the-small-living-room room. I need help.

  232. My Finance and I purchased our first home in November. We have remodeled, painted, fixed, etc…most of the small home. The main room is our living area. There are too many open ways that I can’t seem to get evrything to fit right and look right. Having help with this area would be an awesome feat. Thanks!

  233. My style appears to be two parts Romantic and one part each of Coastal, Modern, and Traditional. Huh.

  234. It says that I’m Romantic mostly, modern, traditional, and rustic. Funny I would have considered my self more coastal than rustic. Great fun!

  235. My problem area is my LIVING ROOM! It’s so tiny, but it’s my very first home and I love it oh so much =) I have problems finding the correct size/style of furniture!

  236. My style is a huge mix of asian, coastal, modern, rustic and traditional! I guess I’m not really sure! =)

  237. How fun! I’m mostly Traditional with a little Coastal and Rustic thrown in. so interesting– Thanks so much for the giveaway! Hope I win… my home office is waiting for a re-do. :)

  238. I have trouble with furniture placement and wall dec in my living room. It is a long room with the front door and entry at one end and the fire place at the other. There are 2 long walls on both sides and I feel I have to put my furniture close to the wall to allow for traffic flow. Help!

  239. I need help with my living room. Boring brown carpet, fireplace in need of a face lift, long and skinny with 2 high windows, 2 windows with radiators underneath and everything is perfectly symmetrical! I cant figure out what to buy or where to put pieces to optimize practical seating without making my room cramped. Its a blank, boring slate.

    My style design is shows equally modern & tradition all the way (go figure) and then I also have a half bar for rustic. Makes sense, I love a chippy painted chair/desk with industrial lighting or espresso/black furniture under an old sparkling crystal chandelier or “faux” candle lighting.

  240. My style is primarily Coastal with equal bits of modern and traditional thrown in. Completely accurate!

  241. I really need help with my combined living room/dining room. The awkwardly placed fireplace makes for a huge dining room and really minimal place for anything comfy!

  242. My problem area (ok, one of them) is our master bedroom. We are lucky enough to have a very large room with vaulted ceilings, but I just don’t know what do to with it.

  243. For my second chance to win. I am Modern. I am very surprised. I am moving in that direction but didn’t think i was already there. Also Rustic, and Coastal with Asian. Im a southern girl that likes a lot of different things. Wouldn’t that just be eclectic??

  244. My living room would be the problem room. Furniture placement is my biggest issue. Right now I’ve got it all on one wall…lots of blank space, no idea on how to fill in the blanks!

  245. My challenge is furniture placement in my open concept living room and dining room. Large windows, and a fireplace really limit my options.

  246. My problem area is our family room. With a fireplace and french doors leading to the deck, furniture placement is tricky so we haven’t made many purchases and it is not very family roomish. I also can’t pick out a paint color :(

  247. I need help with my family room. It’s open the the kitchen & the big space intimidates me from doing anything with it!

  248. We have been in our house for a year and still can’t figure out what to do with our family room. It’s a big but awkwardly laid out space. I would be so thankful for some direction.

  249. my problem is my open concept living room in my narrow house. it feels a little like a straight shot from one side of my small house to the other and i’d like to find a way to break it up.

  250. country, modern, romantic, rustic… and asian? i didn’t see that one coming, lol! i like asian aesthetics but i wouldn’t guess it would fit in with my design style. interesting!

  251. AWESOME giveaway. My “problem” spot is our living room/dining room in our ranch style house. It is huge and has a lot of blank wall space.

  252. I am mostly traditional with a hint of modern, rustic and asian. I can see that!

  253. My problem spot is two fold. since my main living room of my apt is all open, i have a section on the other side of the kitchen island and in front of my french doors that I don’t know what to do with. Right now i have a bookcase and a chair, but the chair never gets used (other than by the cats). I would love to move it into the area w/my couches and TV, but im having trouble with furniture layout there too!!!!

  254. My problem spot is my kids. No, that’s not what you wanted to hear. I don’t know. Everywhere?

  255. My living room needs help ASAP. I’m a renter & I’m not really looking to paint because I really don’t want to paint it back when I move. (I know, I know…) But my furniture looks so disjointed & I can’t quite figure out how to accessorize my space & add some pop. HELP!!!!

  256. I’m having a hard time with my living room. Our house is small, 1100 square feet. I bought a sofa but now am afraid to take the next step! I want to maximize seating without looking crowded…sos!

  257. My living room needs help. I’m not sure what to do for artwork. All the walls are bare except for the flat screen TV hung on one wall. It’s a large two story living room so it’s especially tricky to find the right scale and the right height to hang anything.

  258. My livingroom — New floor, new built-ins, new fireplace tile, new couch, new chairs — check! Now, how on earth do I pick a rug, drapes, coffee table, side tables, art, accessories? I’m finding I don’t have the detail skills it takes to pull it all together. That’s what I need help with. And, did I mention, this empty room is the room everyone sees when they first enter my house? Help.

    Loved your board and batten treatment the other day, by the way.

  259. My main bathroom needs love. Although the tile may be nice for someone else, it is not our style. It is a peach/orange colored bathroom with a funky floral design going around the mid point. I have tried to cover up all this peach/orange with a beautiful cream but it just does not help. Please help! My style on the design was rated a mostly modern with some Asian influence.

  260. Took the stylefinder quiz — seems my style is modern/traditional (stronger on the traditional). Maybe that’s why I can’t pull everything together in my livingroom — I pull in two opposing directions!

  261. This is a great giveaway! I would love help designing my living room and dining room as they are one big space. Or even my bedroom…my boyfriend really does not like the color I painted on the walls.

    Thanks for a chance to win.

  262. I would love to win this for my mom – her kitchen/great room area is awkward at best, and she really could use the help. You know how advice is always better coming from someone unrelated….:)

  263. My entire master bedroom is a problem “spot”. It’s long and narrow and has old paneling that has been painted, and two strange closets! I could really use help figuring out what the heck to do with it!

  264. I guess that my Master suite needs the most help, but I could use help in the Great room as well with pulling everything together like art and accessories and window treatments.

  265. My family room is our problem area (or at least the one at the top of my list!). We are having a hard time creating order and beauty in an area overrun with kids toys and topped off with old blue couches. It is time for a change, but I don’t know where to start. Thanks for the chance to win some helpful direction!

  266. My problem area is our family room… is long and narrow and I am having a hard time figuring out how to place the furniture.

  267. My biggest decorating challenge is in my guest bath. It’s a small room, but the ceilings are very high. No windows. Light fixture and towel racks were hung too high by the builder. There isn’t enough light. The toilet is too far from the sink and too close to the tub. The tank lid is rounded and everything you place on it falls off. The only place to put a toilet paper dispenser in on the wall behind the toilet. Despite being fairly new, I’d like to blow the entire room up and start over.

  268. I need help with our master bedroom. I have the basics with furniture, but need help with a color scheme and accessories.

  269. The style quiz said my style was Traditional with a splash of Modern and Asian. Sounds about right!

  270. We are moving into our new house in 2 weeks. The family room has a tongue in groove vaulted wooden ceiling, which is great, but I also feel it makes the room dark. I normally am a-ok with painting wood, but I simply can’t make up my mind on this one! And a tall brick fireplace (goes to the top of the vaulted ceiling) but the bricks are from the 80s. Some red, some whitewashed looking, etc. To paint or not to paint? I like painted brick but feel I might be risking destroying the character of that room. There is also a bay window that looks out on the backyard and I could use some non fuddy duddy ways of treating that window :) See, I need help!!! Lots of help!

  271. I could definitely use some help with the master bedroom. Or the living room. It’s a toss-up…

  272. I’m a mix of Asian, country, modern and romantic… Apparently I could use some help refining my style.

  273. My problem is the living room. It serves way to many functions and I’m out of ideas for furniture placement. Would LOVE some help!!

  274. My family room is my current dilema. There’s so many windows, doors and openings, it’s hard to arrange furniture. And I need to keep the fireplace as the focal point, but still work in the TV. It would also be neat to see what paint color they would pick with the existing furniture, rug, and window treatments. I think the paint needs to get brightened up.
    My style is Traditional

  275. OMG I would LOVE to win this. My hated room is the living room, the room that you walk directly into from my front door. It’s weird, long and narrow and I hate it! :)

  276. My major problem is a common one throughout my home. My lower level is very open concept (one room for kitchen, dining, living and entrance) and all of the trim is painted a terrible shade of gray. I just don’t know what to do with it!

  277. My design problem is our family room. We have a large “L” – it’s the “L Problem”! I can not figure out where to put a couch to watch the TV with out it being too far away. The short end of the L has the walk out door and laundry door. The long part of the L has a halway and window. Its enough space to have an nice family room area but, I don’t know how to arrange the furniture. I have 4 kids and really want to make use of the space!

  278. My biggest problem right now is my living room. Mainly with furniture arrangement as well as whether or not I should paint my fireplace white.

  279. I took the test and I’m “traditional” – which is what I would have guessed :)

  280. What an awesome giveaway! Thanks Kate. I need major help in my living room. It isn’t a huge room, it doubles as my foyer but my husband and I want two couches in there. We are about ready to buy a new one to match the one we’re keeping. I’m struggling and could definitely use some major help.

  281. I need help with my master bedroom. Its a disaster and desperately in need of a makeover.

  282. I took the quiz and tied on 5 of them which might explain my problem. I was Asian, country, modern, romantic and traditional. Maybe I will retake it.

  283. That service sounds fabulous! I deperately need help with furniture placement in my den where there is absolutely no wall space. I’d love to win a consult!

  284. Stylefinder quiz was fun! I’m nearly completely traditional with a dash of modern.

  285. My problem area is my living room. All this space, and I don’t know what to do with it!

  286. Oh, my living room. It’s narrow and long, with a ’50s-era bookshelf dividing the main part of the room from the front entry…and a fireplace at the other end…and PANELING. Nice, solid wood paneling…which I am scared to paint.

  287. I’d love help with a sitting area in my master bedroom. Vaulted ceiling and 3 pretty windows. Currently we have an ironing board and a chair that has becoming a dumping ground for clothes that need to be put away. sigh. so not the romantic-retreat feeling I’m going for in that room!

  288. My master bedroom is big and empty! I have a bedframe night stands and a big tv, buts thats about it. Its the neglected room of the house.

  289. My design problem is a huge blank wall in my great room. We painted it brown and now…I have no idea what do to with it to fill the space. I had a large mirror hanging when I decided to paint it. Now since the resin mirror has a dark wood finish…it needs a facelift. I have been struggling with this space for several months now! HELP!! :)

  290. I took the quiz…I’m Modern with some rustic, romantic and traditional in a tie for second. ;)

  291. My style was romantic and traditional. I like creamy colors and light colors, such as soft grays and blues, mixed with creams and taupes, so that sounds about right!

  292. The room I would like done is our Master. We have the downstairs decorated but haven’t bought any furniture, window treatments or paint for out Master! Plus it’s rather big, so we are at a loss for what to fill it with.

  293. I live in a rental and can’t paint the walls, and I’m having trouble addressing a “cutout” that separates the kitchen from the dining/living room area. It looks very bare, but I don’t know what to do with it either!

  294. The room I am working with right now is my living room. I painted a few years ago when we first moved in but now I’m thinking its time for a change. One of the questions I have is about painting a the brick fireplace… not sure about painting it a shade of the wall color or the trim color The other concern I have is window treatment in this room.

  295. I would LOVE a designer to help me with my formal living room. Not even sure if I want to use it as a formal living room (aren’t those from the 1960’s anyways?) but use it more as an office/library. It has potential I just need major advice!

  296. Our family room/kitchen/living room (multi-purpose room?) needs a lot of help. One area runs into the next and I’m not sure how to use paint and/or furniture to help define spaces. Also, it’s a double-high ceiling in half of the area due to the house being a 1.5 story Cape Cod.

  297. My style is mainly traditional with a little Asian, Modern, and Rustic. I hope I win this – I need help!!

  298. The kids’ play room. I have no idea how to corral the junk (and get he girls to help) and make it look comfortable rather than a heap.

  299. My style is 80% modern, 20% rustic. I’d agree with that, but I’d also toss in a bit of coastal. That was fun! :-)

  300. my design dilemma is my living room – its boxy and blah and i don’t know what to do with it.

  301. Well – I would say my open living room, dining room, kitchen needs serious help! The living room portion of the equation is a very tiny living room…9×10…with 2 walls, one is a full window wall – the rest of the “walls” are open to the dining room area and the split foyer area…no real walls.

    Needless to say – it’s a mess…

  302. my design style is mostly rustic with a little traditional, romantic & costal thrown in. obviously i can’t make up my mind :)

  303. CG, I would love to see a blog post about what seems to be a problem for alot of people, long and narrow living rooms (my problem!) and brick fireplaces (to paint or not to paint).

  304. my problem area where I would need help is ALL over. We just moved into our home this last year and have not done what we had planned on doing. I guess it just takes time. lol

    Some one area i would pick would be the living/dining room.

    My style is traditional, with a little tuscan, rustic and ASIAN ?? hum. Well, I would say i am more of a shabby chic, traditional, tuscan, rustic modern, country romantic. I love mixing styles and colors.

  305. My design dilemma is my dining room- I pulled off old wallpaper and the walls are plaster so need texture / wall color advise plus the bay window area has pretty wood trim and want to show it off but am not sure about the way to do that. Rug and lighting -and maybe a unique way to arrange the furniture!

  306. My problem space is my “formal” living room that is practically empty. It’s an oddly shaped room and I need help with furniture placement.

  307. My design dilemma is my living room. We live in a small, narrow row home and only have our living room for play, work and TV watching. I need help making the space as functional, comfortable and aesthetically pleasing as possible. I have 2 boys and another baby due any day so the space also has to be durable!

  308. I could really use some help with this open floor plan for our Great Room. I need help on furniture arrangement, choice of sectional and chairs, counter stools, dining room console — to make it all flow and yet add some life and spark! Cohesive with a little edge!

  309. My problem area in my home is a set of windows and a door on either side of the fireplace in my family room. If I could name a second it would be the large room over our garage.

  310. i’m currently working (slowly) on my living room and would love love love help! so many problem spots! high ceilings, multiple possible focal walls (fireplace, big bank of windows with window bench, huge back wall screaming for some attention), no lighting, open to kitchen and other areas of house, multiple functions, etc. aack! :)

  311. Our living room needs HELP! It’s a long room and I can’t figure out a good furniture placement.

  312. I need serious help with our Master Bedroom. We have crazy HIGH ceilings which are very intimidating and a strange layout. Thanks!

  313. I need help with my living room… it’s very open with lots of windows – don’t know what kind of window treatment to do and if I should paint over my oak/glass tables to match our new black dining room table and hutch. My design style is tuscan, traditional and modern.

  314. I would love help with furniture arrangement in my living room. I can’t figure out the best furniture arrangement, where to put the TV , etc. I’d love color suggestions too…thank you!

  315. I need some help with our bedroom. We bought our home a little over a year ago and so far our bedroom is the most neglected room in the house. It’s been a makeshift nursery to our first daughter before she transitioned to her own room and will be again for our second daughter due in Feb. We need to find some romance in there! :)

  316. Enjoyed the survey….my style is strongly traditional, and to a lesser degree equal amounts of rustic and tuscan. So…what does that mean??

  317. I’m equal parts modern and romantic with a little bit of asian thrown in. That’s about right!

  318. My problem area is my front living room. I’m planning on redoing it (adding board and batten), but I still need lots of help in that room!

  319. I did the quiz. I’m mostly Asian with an equal amount of modern, rustic, and traditional.

  320. My design challenge is my living room, which has original wood paneling and too many entry ways! I could use help placing my furniture!

  321. How I would love some help with my bedroom. I’ve had it the same way for almost 10 years and am more than ready for a change!

  322. Our bedroom is the pits. Its messy and somewhat bare with aweful Ikea furniture thats been beat up one two many times. I havent done anything yet b/c Im at a loss of what to do. Help we need a relaxing retreat.

  323. Problem: chaotic living room with furniture placed to provide kid safety (i.e. sofa in front of fireplace)

  324. My living room/sun room is a problem area. It’s smaller than our old house… and it also has to be versatile since our sunroom is closed off about 4 months of the year, meaning we need TWO arrangements that work with most of the same materials (my sewing table moves in during the winter).

  325. My design dilemma is the number of windows I have in my home (seriously folks…there are a lot) and how to cover them without making each of the small rooms feel bulked up with fabric and other window covering materials.

  326. My style scored 60% “Traditional”, 20% Rustic, and 20% Romantic. Sounds about right! I have a love of “shabby elegant” pieces, lots of tarnished metal pieces in my home, etc. I think it scored me just right!

  327. My style is traditional and rustic.

    I have major living room issues. Please send reinforcements!

  328. Oh my gosh, do I need this!! My dilemna…we just moved into our very first house. And we have no window treatments WHATSOEVER!! Days after moving in, I was diagnosed with severe allergies. They told me I shouldn’t have curtains anywhere in our home. So that leaves blinds or shutters, neither which I am a fan of. Next thought was some type of eco-friendly, shade that can be wiped down/cleaned regularly due to my allergies. I really need the advice of MyDesign Guide & hope to win!

  329. My master bedroom is the strangest shaped room I’ve ever seen….I’m just not quite sure what to do with it!

  330. I need help on furniture placement in my family room. I’ve been pondering and rearranging the furniture placement for a while. One of the walls has a fireplace and a door to the garage, and Two of the other walls have a door to the utility room, a hallway, and a sliding door to the patio. I feel like I’m stuck!

  331. we just moved into our new home! my whole house is my problem lol! i have no idea where to start! but if i had to choose a room where i need the most help, it would be our master bedroom, we have a slider that i can not choose the right curtains to go with the room!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  332. My living room and dining room are my design dilemma right now. We have lived here for 4 years now and it still has no real design to it. The room is open with 2 walls and one large window “wall” and a corner fireplace. The ceilings are vaulted and include plant shelves all along one side. I would love and appreciate some design help for this area.

  333. The Stylefinder quiz was great. Loved the website. My style is mostly traditional with some romantic and a bit of rustic. It think that is pretty accurate. Would love to be a part of this giveaway.

  334. Our bedroom. When decorating or remodeling it’s never a priority (I want to change that) and it’s a big square that I want to create a separate sitting area without the room feeling crowded.

  335. My trouble space is my family room. It’s big and I have some furniture pieces I may not pick again in the future but they are there now and I have trouble creating a nice flowing room. I’d love to know how to make it a WOW! Color ideas would be great too!
    Thanks for this giveaway!

  336. My trouble space is my living room/library. Right now it has become a bit of a storage room until we can figure out what to do with this space. My style per the stylefinder quiz is equally Country, Romantic, Rustic, Traditional.

  337. Our problem space is our kitchen/dining space. It’s one room. It’s kind of small and crowded. It’s got cabinets on both sides of the room, a window, 2 doors and a walkway to the living room.

  338. I’m in need of help with my family room / office / play room. Yeah — all three in one space! :)

  339. It is my loft. It is doubling as my son’s bedroon and family hang out area/play area. Help!

  340. I need help decorating our home office. We’ve not done anything with it since we built the house 2 1/2 years ago. Built-in book shelves line the back wall, which I love. My husband and I each have a desk in the room, which we need, but we need help deciding how to arrange furniture, whether we should purchase some new items, rug choice and window treatment choice. We need a lot of help! Please choose me!

  341. My style guide says I’m a mix of coatal, country, modern and rustic! I’d go with more coastal and rustic though, I love a cozy but modern home!

  342. We moved into a new home the day after my 2nd daughter was born and still have many blank walls and bare rooms! Needless to say, I’ve been a little busy! I’d love to figure out what to do with our living room and our master bedroom…both are very sparse right now because I just don’t know what I want there and what would look good!

  343. My design is issue is my living room. It’s an open floor plan that opens to the kitchen, has a wall of windows, and the wall with a fireplace. Therefore, I only have one place to out the couch and the tv is stuck in the corner. It needs more seating. the tv is out of place and the rug I bought is too small (I think) but it can’t be returned/replaced. eek!!

  344. Without a doubt my design dilemma is my living room/dining room combination. I have been wanting to repaint and rearrange for years, but I’ve been afraid of making the wrong decision and hating the outcome.

  345. My problem area is our long rectangular family room. Would love to have some help to create a room that we love!

  346. my design dilemma is my basement. I need help trying to figure out how to put sofa, tv and chairs in a small area. Would love some help.

  347. Help! My living room is sad! We recently installed hardwood floors and puchased a new sofa and armchairs. Beyond that, we are stuck. We just don’t know where to go as far as art, window treatments, a rug or accessories. Everything we choose has to be dog and baby friendly!

  348. Problem area… just one??! I would say my entryway/small sitting area/large dinning room. It is all squished and nothing looks just right.

  349. We are renovating so it feels like every room is a problem area! But I’m most stumped by my living/dining room – it’s one big large room and I want it to flow together and be comfortable for my two small children as well as for entertaining.

    My style is modern/tuscan/rustic! I would say that translates to “eclectic”!

  350. SO MANY AREAS! But most importantly, we have a great sunroom that we never use! We want to make it into a concealable home office/sitting area but are struggling. HELP!

  351. My style finder says predominately modern with some romantic and traditional. I consider myself eclectic but that wasn’t an option!

  352. I need help figuring out furniture placement in my open living room and family room. It’s one long room.

  353. We have a new hearth room that is sitting very empty right now. It is a 9 x 12 room with 2 focal points and a deck door to contend with. At this moment my husband is WISHING I would do something here because it is bare and empty but I am nervous! I NEED help for sure.


  354. I just found your blog and I love it. I desperately need help in my family room. My husband convinced me to buy a leather sofa/loveseat in our family room that is massive. It’s the only thing he asked for in our entire house. My challenge has been to add accessories and furnishings to make the couchese blend more with my taste and the rest of the house. I would love your help.

  355. I am reupholstering my grandfather’s chair form the 1930s for my family room. I have been trying to decide on a fabric for 10 YEARS!! My husband wants colour, I want monotone. Please, please help.

  356. I would have said my style was modern traditional but your style finder says Traditional, Tuscan.

  357. I need help with our very small, oddly shaped family room adjoining the kitchen…badly! Ten years here and I still haven’t got what I envision. HELP!

  358. Trouble space would be our living room- it is a central room with three open doorways into other rooms and a glass door going outside and also has two windows flanking the glass door. The room is also somewhat small. Have painted it- but need help with furniture placement and decor ideas that can be switched out .

  359. Oh, I have just the spot that needs help! Our master bedroom is a converted attic space and while it is fine, the acoustical ceiling tiles are something I never dreamed I’d live with for 10 years. I’m ready to move on but don’t know what to do/where to go with it. Thanks for the chance to dream!

  360. My design style is Traditional with equal parts of Tuscan, Rustic and Modern. What a combo!

  361. My problem space is the master bedroom and finding a reading area within. I think I need to try a new arrangement or furniture along with new bedding and window treatments.

  362. My style finder said I was mostly traditional, with a little asian and country. Which I don’t think I am at all. Hmm….
    I need help with my family room, we’ve painted a couple times and I just can’t quite get it right, plus we have a huge red brick fireplace that I don’t love but don’t know what to do with it.
    Paint it… don’t paint it….???

  363. I have a living space in my basement that is long and some what narrow. I’d love to use it for a toy room and for my scrapbook room, but don’t really even know where to begin!

  364. Crazy. My profile has five different styles that are all equal: asian, coastal, modern, rustic and traditional. Wish I knew what that meant!

  365. My family room could use a new fresh layout and look….. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  366. Need Help with my living room. You walk right into it from the front door and I really want to make a great first impression plus it has a beautiful view that I want to highlight… I don’t know what to do, HELP!

  367. I did the quiz and it says I am “Romantic, Traditional, and Rustic” Sounds about right except for maybe the romantic part. ;)

  368. We’re trying to fix our bathroom. It’s too small, too outdated and we’re not even sure what kind of style would fit best, or how to make it most aesthetically pleasing!

  369. My style finder says I’m mostly traditional, but I have an equal amount of country, rustic and tuscan in the mix. I’ll have to check out those terms for new inspiration on the bathroom!

  370. My style is definitely Traditional.
    My livingroom is so hard. The only things symmetrical are the windows on the N and S walls. The entire W wall is unusable with a fireplace in the middle flanked on each side with doors; one to a 3 season room and on the other side to a small den. On the E wall the entry doorway into the livingroom itself is offset. I cannot arrange our furniture in a way that allows a comfortable conversation without either clustering the furniture into the NE corner of the room. In the 7 years we’ve lived here I’ve tried every way I can think of, clearly I am in desperate need of new eyes on my problem.
    I hope I win!

  371. I need help with the master bedroom, great room, office, guest room,…pretty much everywhere but the master bathroom (small miracles, huh?).

  372. I fear there is no help for my “problem” room….We call it the dead animal room. That’s what happens when the boy you love loves hunting. But it is one small room….with a wall mounted big screen, bookcases, a black leather recliner and dead, stuff animals. Deer and antelope. Yeah me huh…I bet you’re jealous! So I’m counting on My Design Guide!

  373. The room that needs the most help is my master bedroom. We have nice furniture but no style at all :(