Fan-tastic! Upholstered Bed

By Kate Riley January 16, 2011

“Wow, just wow!” was all I could say when Kelly from The View Along the Way sent me pictures of her DIY upholstered bed.  Apparently Kelly “accidentally reads too many DIY blogs” (aren’t we all guilty of that?) which led her to coax her husband to help her build this. 

kelly 2


She was inspired by Jonathan Adler’s bed which retails for over $2,700.

jonathan adler upholstered bed

I love her amusing post how she describes the whole process and the title too: “We Made Our Bed Now We Lie In It.”  Don’t miss the significance of the date on the plywood, a major cool sign this was meant to be hers. 

kelly 1


Hop on over to The View Along the Way and give Kelly a virtual high five. 

She’s earned it!



  1. Kate, this is incredible. I went over to read through it. I have been doing upholstery for years, and this is truly something — they did an incredible job on those corners — would never know it was a first time!! Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Wow, did she ever earn it! That is an amazingly well-done reproduction of the Adler bed. I am duly impressed.

    Popping over to tell her so now.


  3. Yes, this is incredible! Kelly and her husband did a great job! I love the sparkly pillows on the bed too. They really add the right amount of bling to the room. Thanks for sharing this with us readers!

  4. Kate, thank you so much for featuring our bed! I’m having *a blast* checking out all these new blogs I’m finding through the comments too. So much fun!

    And thanks for all the sweet comments everyone! *Totally blushing* :)

  5. I want one! I have been trying to figure out how to do this! I am planning on doing it myself with no help from the hubby.. well other than the upholstering part. I am upholstering a wingback chair right now and boy oh boy is it hard! Hopefully I can tackle that bed soon! I am DYING to have a gorgeous bed like that in my room!!!!!!! woot woot! Go Kelly! Super awesome bed!!!

  6. Kelly’s bed is amazing. I popped over to her blog and what a job she did to complete this project. I can’t believe the date on her plywood! How special! This project was a true labor of love.

  7. Its funny that you post this today because I just finished an upholstered headboard for our master bedroom less than an hour ago… the verdict? it looks FANTASTIC!

  8. Umm….wow! Fantastic DIY from scratch! We do upholstered headboards as well… so I understand it’s not easy. Great job!

  9. Thanks for finding that one! What an amazing job and love her sense of humour that went with it!! I MAY need to keep this in the “To-Do” file!!

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