Felt Poinsettias

By Kate Riley December 1, 2010

Greetings!   Last year, made several large poinsettia pillows, and this year I’ve recreated the same project on a smaller scale.  These smaller blooms are the perfect size for embellishing gifts or other favorite things like stockings or pillows!  


red felt poinsettias

white felt poinsettia


How to Make Felt Poinsettias:

Supplies: Felt rectangles (29¢ each at my local Michaels); button cover kits ($3 for 3 from Joann’s Fabrics); needle and thread!



Step One: Cut out 8 large petals, 4 to 8 small petals, square base, and 2 leaves. You can use this helpful template for sizing.

 cut petals

Step Two: Begin overlapping your large petals on the square base. Finish with eight petals overlapping each other.

 overlap petals

Add the smaller petals on top, and the leaves to the bottom then stitch together with needle and complementary thread.

stitch together 2

Step Three: Create the center with a button cover kit and leftover felt.

button cover kits

Attach button with needle and thread.

sew button

Trim edges of petals for a more natural look if you like.

trim petals

Step Four (optional) Hot glue plain barrette clip to back of poinsettia flower.

hot glue barrette clip


Attach to any gift! 

 cg poinsettia gift topper


You could also use them on a lapel, as a wine bottle decoration, on a stocking, or pinned to a pillow for festive flair. 

swirl snip

Tomorrow is another Holiday Home link party over at Rhoda’s . . .

~ see you there! 




  1. Loving the flowers. I think they add such a thoughtful touch to a gift. And having them on the stockings is adorable! You rock, Kate! (:

  2. I love the flowes, and thanks for the tutorial. I have plans for next year (I can’t believe I’m thinking about next Christmas) to make a wool felt tree skirt like the one at Garnet Hill for $198. I’m thinking about making a few of your poinsettia pillows to tie the decor in my living room together. They compliment that tree skirt nicely. Sigh.. so many projects, so little time!

  3. When I saw your pillow last year, I actually did make some of these smaller flowers to use as hair clips. They really are beautiful! Maybe this year I’ll get to the pillow. ;)

  4. So pretty, Kate. That little package is beautifully adorned and your poinsettia adds a nice festive pop of color on your wonderful cozy stocking. I think I’ll add felt onto my list when I go to Jo Anns and try to make some of these.

  5. I love these. Thank you for sharing the “how to”…I will definitely do these sometime soon.
    Have a wonderful holiday season.

  6. Those are awesome! I don’t know how I missed this “how-to” but I just recently came up with one of my own, different approach, similar result. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I made this as a gift topper for my mother in law. She was amazed. Your easy to understand tutorial is due all the credit. I am new to the blogging world but plan on linking this incredible tutorial tomorrow (giving full credit where credit is due). Thanks for sharing!

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