Decorative Pillow GIVEAWAY

By Kate Riley December 3, 2010

Have you seen page 22 of the most recent issue of House Beautiful?  If so, then you saw this felt applique pillow by the one and only Alexandra Ferguson listed in HB’s ‘The Best’ section!  

ooh la la

Alexandra creates handmade pillows with 100% recycled felt stitched into sassy statements and decorative motifs.  She was also featured in ‘Real Simple’ magazine earlier this year. 

With shop categories ranging from ‘House Rules’ to ‘Good Advice’ to ‘Botanicals and Creatures’, this New York designer is sure to have one pillow in her shop that you will love! 

Here’s just a few I fancy (and I actually have the ampersand one, love it!):

alexandra ferguson 1

alexandra ferguson 3

alexandra ferguson 2


Alexandra is giving away one pillow from her shop (under $100) to one lucky winner! 

Eligibility to win a one-of-a-kind Alexandra Ferguson decorative pillow:

1)  Visit the Alexandra Ferguson shop and pick your favorite, then name it in a comment.

2)  For extra chances to win, tweet this giveaway with a link on Twitter, or link to this giveaway on Facebook, then leave a comment telling where you mentioned (FB or Twitter).

Giveaway ends Monday December 6, 2010 at 8 p.m. PST.  One winner chosen by 

For those who don’t win, if you simply must have a custom Alexandra Ferguson creation, use the code CENTSATIONAL10 to save 10% on your order!

Good luck and happy Ho Ho Ho weekend!!




  1. Oh my goodness I was just saying to my girlfriend today that I wanted to buy the “Let’s Make Out” pillow for my husband because he says that to me all the time!!! LOL So I would pick the LET’S MAKE OUT – oatmeal and red script pillow! :)

  2. well, i completely adore “oh la la”… but, i might pick “call your mother” ‘cos it’s an inside joke between my husband and me! =)

  3. These pillows are amazing! I love the “Calll your Mother” – Chocolate & Moss. That is my motto with my grown kids that always laugh about me whinning… Call your Mother once in a while. Too funny. Thanks for a chance to win one of these gems. AJ – [email protected]

  4. I love felt! It never goes out of style. I would choose the Privet pillow.

  5. I love the “NO WHINING” pillow in oatmeal and turquoise. Priceless! I probably tell that to my kids way too much. Now if they could just read….

  6. They are all so cute!!! I think my favorite is the monogram (I love all things monogram) or the grey Love pillow!

  7. So much fun! I’m torn between the “ooh la la” and the “merde.” Everyone’s home should have a bit of sense of humor, right?

    (PS Shirley L, your hubs sounds adorable. :))

  8. it’s a complete toss up between PRIVET in oatmeal and black and the NO WHINING in oatmeal and turquoise. Maybe with the no whining pillow I may save my voice around here. :)

  9. Too cool! It’d be between Ooh La La and Naughty Cat Fishing in oatmeal, black and red. Cannot decide!

  10. I looked through all of the wonderful pillows and I actually like the Ampersand the best as well!!

    They are all so fun!! xoxo
    Art by Karena

  11. be nice or leave is my fave, but i think no whining might be more appropriate for my daughter, or i mean, household. ;)

  12. Ohhh it’s hard to pick just one! I am loving the & pillows, but I might just pick a more instructional pillow like “no whining” or “be nice or leave” lol

  13. Okay these are just sooo dang cute…I love the “lets make out” pillow haha im sure my hubby would appreciate that :) though i think my body wants me to get the “go to the gym” pillow…hmmm too tough to choose! Crossing my fingers!

  14. I don’t know which I love more,”No Whining” or “be Nice or leave”. They are all adorable!

  15. Very hard to choose. Either the tree of life, or BE NICE OR LEAVE in charcoal and white. Also love the grass pillow, and the ooh la la. Count me in!

  16. Oh – my fave is the LOVE recycled felt applique pillow 14×18 charcoal base with white letters
    So cute!

  17. wow! these pillows are amazing!! WOW!!! its soo hard to pick one!! BUT the
    LOVE recycled felt applique pillow 14×18 charcoal base with white letters is just cute! so well done!

    nelly dot barney at yahoo dot com

  18. I loved the Dandelion Pillow or the Initial Monogramed Pillow in Oatmeal and Blue

  19. If I had older kids, I would say I wanted the “call your mom” pillow, but since they’re all at home, I think the monogrammed letter would be really cool with our last initial. I love the fancy script and the colors are gorgeous!

  20. I think the charcoal & black ampersand pillow is great too! It would be perfect in my black, white & turquoise guest bedroom!

  21. Love the No Whining pillow in black with white lettering. Would be perfect on my black gingham checked bench in my kitchen as a reminder to my 4 and 2 yr old!

  22. Oh they are all so cute! My favorite is “BELLA THE FEATHERED FRIEND.” She would look so sweet, adding a little panache to my sitting room! :

  23. I love that dandelion pillow. Always liked the ampersand script pillow and her initial pillows.

    BTW, I’m an Alexandra and an A.F. initial, too!

  24. I want to make out with all of these pillows, but the ooh la la one speaks to me most of all! Gorgeous!
    Thanks! foxsquirrelrabbit at gmail dot com

  25. I love this one: PRIVET 16 inch recycled felt applique pillow – cocoa and mossFrom alexandraferguson

  26. Love the “DANDELION FLOWER recycled felt applique pillow” It would look wonderful on my bed.

  27. LOVE the ‘love’ ones, especially in oatmeal and black and the ‘bud’ ones are adorable too!

  28. Boy, I’d have to flip a coin a few times to decide between the orchid, the dandelion and the monogram letter “K”…

  29. So much lusciousness!!! Can’t decide between the ooh-la-la and the ampersand! Or maybe the love! Oh my! These are just fabulous!

  30. Although it tickles me no end to think of owning a pillow with a foreign curse on it (“merde” is the French equivalent of exclaiming “sh*t,” is it not?), I think this single gal would appreciate the irony more of having a pillow on her bed that says “Let’s make out.”

  31. (Please don’t count this entry, I just had to add that the more I think about it, I guess the “merde” pillow is as ironic on a single gal’s bed as “Let’s make out,” huh? Well, it made ME giggle, anyway.)

  32. I absolutely love the “Welcome Home” pillow. My husband is in the military and leaves quite often — what a clever way to remind him he’s been missed!

  33. Do I have to pick just one for my favorite? Haha, I’m thinking the “Dude, NO! Bad Idea!” might be the one.

  34. I totally love love love the cursive “Let’s make out” in oatmeal and red. It would freak my grown stepchildren out to see it sitting on the couch! A great reason for me to win it! ; )

  35. i dunno… i’m kinda loving the “let’s make out pillow” (in oatmeal with red script)

    kristinmik at gmail dot com

  36. What fun pillows! I love the Fritillaries. Great colors! Thank you for the chance on this generous giveaway!

  37. Oh wow, how do I pick just one… I like the oatmeal and black xoxo and the ampersand … would love the monogram as well… they are all so great! Oh, and the LOVE in script. Sorry, can’t just pick one. I guess I would need at least three and group them!

  38. I can’t decide because they’re all so awesome!!

    If I have to choose, I’d go with the Charcoal Pink Bud Explosion. Or the Privet designs!!

  39. I think they are all great, but since I have to choose, I would pick the monogrammed or the LOVE. Thanks!

  40. The oatmeal with red script “Love” would be my pick! I like these pillows very much–thanks for sharing with us!

  41. I think that I’d go with the monogrammed 16 by 16 inch pillow. It would look lovely in a nice chocolate with a soft green applique!

  42. Okay, I never win these but the “Be nice or leave” pillow is calling my name! Hilarious! I have three kids and think some days all I am is a referee. I NEED that pillow on my couch! :-D

  43. I got a kick out of the “be nice or leave” pillow, but would more likely choose a monogram or the Tree of Life pillow. Oops, it seems I can decide. I just saw Bud Explosion which would coordinate nicely with my bed linens!

  44. They are so amazing…ALL of them! I love the oatmeal and turquoise “Be Nice or Leave”…totally got a kick out of ZUT! (French class memories coming back…hahaha)l, but i think if I had to get one, I’d have to get “No Whining” as that seems to be a problem in our household lately! LOL! Awesome giveaway!!

  45. I have to pick JUST 1 favorite??? But I have 3…. :-)

    From the second I saw the FOX pillow I started thinking of my younger sister who is into the FOX Surf Brand Clothing. Our Aunt just made her a quilt inspired by the FOX Surf Brand Clothing Co. and she’s got posters, clothes and all things FOX in her bedroom. This would complete the look on her bed because it’s simply stated and it would stand out SO much!

    My 2nd favorite is the one that states “YOU’RE RIGHT!” I would place it on our bed to remind my husband that YES, I AM always right! LOL

    My 3rd favorite is the one that says “NO WHINING!” More specifically, the Oatmeal & Turquoise one. I’m redecorating my youngest daughter’s room when we move into our new house and this one will go perfectly AND it will remind her not to whine (I will be enforcing that she sleeps in her own room everynight then).

  46. My favorite is the Tree of Life…so pretty! However, if she does custom work, my daughter loves the phrase “Love Always” which would be an awesome gift for her!

  47. (I don’t see my post)

    Do I have to pick JUST ONE??? I have 3 favorites! :-)

    1) From the second I saw the FOX pillow I thought of my younger sister. She has always been so into the FOX Surf Brand Company and just recently received a quilt from our Aunt (inspired by the FOX Surf Brand). Her whole bedroom is FOX (posters, clothes, etc.). The pillow will be a great way to label her room as it makes the perfect statement.

    2) I LOVE the pillow “YOU’RE RIGHT!” and would display it on my bed proudly as a reminder for my husband that YES, I AM ALWAYS right! LOL

    3) The one that states “NO WHINING!” Specifically the Oatmeal & Turquoise one. I am going to have my daughter start sleeping in her own room finally (after lots of recent practice and whiney nights) and I think this is simply stated. :-)

  48. My fav’s definitely the ampersand one in grey.
    Thank you for this beautiful giveaway.

  49. I think I would get the tree of life pillow or the monogrammed pillow. It’s a tough call. All of them are fun, and browsing through I learned some interesting French words. :)

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  50. OOH LALA ,cocoa and oatmeal ,just send it in the mail ,comfort that sounds so appealing

  51. snowflake for this time of yr but for all the time a pillow with A on it

  52. I like the ORCHID – oatmeal and white 16 inch felt applique pillow.It is just something that would go well anywhere in my home.

  53. LOVE the pillows. Simple, chic and can integrate into any decor. I think I would display that bad boy right in my family room for ultimate viewing pleasure.

    I just discovered your site. Wonderful. I even listed it on my own little blog. You are crafty, resourceful and clever, just my kind of gal.

    Thank you for offering this great giveaway. I know the winner will be tres happy with their new sassy little pillow.

    oh, the pillow.
    My personal favorite is:
    ANY LETTER – Monogrammed Recycled Felt Applique Pillow ANY LETTER AND COLOR AVAILABLE 16 by 16 inches cocoa base with oatmeal letter.

    Wish me luck…there are a lot of comments. You are going to make someone very happy indeed.

  54. I adore whimsy and these pillows have a bunch of it! One of my pet peeves is whining…and you can always hear me saying it at some point in a week. So, of course, the turqouise No Whining pillow would be a hoot to have. Don’t know why, but I love amersands…great for a pillow too!

  55. These pillows are the best!!! Very hard to choose a favourite but I love the “oh la la” pillow. I have the perfect spot for it.

  56. There are so many beautiful ones, but I really do love the ampersand or monogrammed one.

  57. I would LOVE to win one of her pillows and I know exactly what I would choose–a monogrammed pillow in script. Thank you for the chance to win!

  58. I love “Charlie the Duck” and the monogrammed one….so cute..thanks for giveaway!

  59. I really like the cocoa colored pillow with the oatmeal colored initial on it. Fun pillows!! (I also like the “Call Your Mother” one because I am constantly saying that to my husband!)

  60. Ooh La La is right! I remember seeing these in Real Simple and have bookmarked the “LOVE recycled felt applique pillow 14×18 oatmeal base with red letters” to purchase before Valentine’s day. Love it!

  61. Love the dandelion or the monogram, but the merde if funny and hubby would like lets make out!

  62. First, I wanted the XOXO pillow. Then the WELCOME HOME pillow. Then NAUGHTY CAT, then the GRASS… but ONE TRACK MIND is so cheeky…! I promise that if I win I can totally make a decision though! :) Thanks!

  63. I love the “You’re Right” pillow. That would be perfect at our house… I feel like we are constantly saying that to each other! :)

  64. I’m a new subscriber to your blog. I found you through another blog that I follow. I love the felt pillows. She is very creative. I think the message pillow are fabulous however I would really like to have one of the monogrammed pillows for my master bedroom. Got my fingers crossed!

  65. Fun! For a favorite…there are so many cute ones. But I’m kind of liking the “Let’s Make Out” one. ;-)

  66. OH. my. gosh!!!! I LOVE these pillows!! I want every single one of them! I would never be able to choose between the initial pillows, the & symbol one or all the pillows with funny little sayings. “Let’s make out”? Gotta have it!!!!

  67. I love the AMPERSAND script font 16×16 inch recycled felt applique pillow – charcoal and white…Already have an idea for it in my home! :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  68. I must admit, I need the go to the gym one!! LOL but I really love the” &” one and it would look perfect on my couch;)

  69. They are all so beautiful, hard to pick. But if I had to, I love the tree of life one. It would look so perfect on our bed!

  70. I like the oatmeal and red no whining sign. It will go well with my “no drama” sign!

  71. I love all things botanical, so I went straight to that section and found the FRITILLARIES pillow that would look perfect in our den. I also love Bella the Feathered and appreciate the witty Naughty Cat, Fishing.

  72. I love the Monogrammed Recycled Felt Applique Pillow for $79- initial would be “W”. I also LOVE the Bon appetit pillows and have the perfect chair in my kitchen for it:)

  73. I want to be fun and crazy and get the “Let’s make out one”, but would probably go with the Privet in cocoa and moss. =) They are all so fun!

  74. TREE OF LIFE charcoal and white would be perfect in my bedroom. Well my new, but not yet there, redecorated bedroom. This would get the ball rolling.

  75. I love the ooh lala or the xoxo in cocoa and oatmeal. All of her pillows are really fun!

  76. I adore her work! The “DANDELION FLOWER recycled felt applique pillow” is a favorite
    of mine…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  77. I just LOVE the Dandelion pillow. Many of her pillows are fun, but this one seems artistic to me. Thanks for pointing her out to me….I’m now one of her Etsy followers. Happy holidays!

  78. I would choose the dandelion pillow. It is beautiful and reminds me of my childhood days collecting dandelions out of the pasture to give with love to my mom.

  79. OOOh!… I’d have to choose only one? I love the beige “naughty cat” but would love to display the “be nice or leave” prominently the next time my in-laws visit -The tree of life would look soooo good on my sofa…..Dee

    Now how did i manage to post this comment under the comments about your mantle the first time around? ( your mantle is lovely BTW)-Dee

  80. I would love the “xoxo” pillow to put on my bed! What a great simple reminder of the love I share with my husband:o)

  81. The black pillow with the linen-colored letter is so stylish! I love monograms! I’d go with that one.

  82. I think I would get the “No Whining” pink on charcoal and give it to my sister! lol!

  83. I love the “Be Nice or Leave” pillow – that’s a house rule around here and we’ve had to enforce it… might help to put it in writing :-)

  84. This is a tough choice! For me it would be between Alexandra’ LOVE recycled felt applique pillow with the oatmeal base with red letters or the blue felt monogram pillow in “J” for my daughter.

  85. I should say “Go to the Gym” but it’s Bella Feathered that really captivated me!

  86. Posted to Facebook too! Love those pillows…if I don’t win I’ll have to make one!

  87. I dig the Snowflakes navy and white. I just finished decorating the house for the holidays and know of a spot that could really use a pillow! Thanks for the chance.

  88. Wow what beautiful stuff! She is amazing! I have to say my favorite is the Bud Explosion Oatmeal! To die for!

  89. Oh my, how am I going to pick just one. After looking through these and with some almost making me fall out of my chair laughing, I think I like the “Dude..No! Bad idea” one. It would be a definite conversation started.

  90. I love the Ampersand pillow in black and white! I’ve lately introduced more typography and black and white in my decor so I know I could use that.

  91. I love the Peacock Pillow. Last summer we had two peacocks living in our golf course. They use to come into our yard all the time. I kind of miss them.

  92. I love the “Let’s Make Out” pillow in oatmeal and red. How much fun would that be to have on the bed in the master bedroom?!

  93. I really like the Be Nice or Leave, but would probably get the 10×14 monogrammed pillow, it would look so nice on our couch!

  94. Bella the Feathered in green and blue…would go fabulous in my newly redecorated master bedroom.

  95. The LOVE recycled felt applique pillow with red letters or the Ampersand pillow would look amazing in my living room that I am redecorating!

  96. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, the LOVE pillow! Perfect for how I feel about my daughter Lily. A CHD baby with the biggest heart, there is no better word.

  97. I couldn’t stop looking at the Charcoal Pink Bud pillow . . . although I did look through the entire pillow gallery. She’s the one for me!

  98. OK…love, love the cocoa and oatmeal, ‘NO WHINING’. I have 3 boys. Could really use that. Close second though ‘LET’S MAKE OUT’ in same colors. We all need a reminder to do that more often. :)

  99. I just love the “Bella the Feathered Friend”. All the pillows are great! I have a bird theme in my kitchen and office and this would be perfect! I will e-mail friends the website. I guess I am in the dark ages….I don’t have a Facebook page or have ever twittered!

  100. I love the tree of life and the fritillaries, but I’m always a sucker for typography . . .

  101. I would go for “let’s make out,” the script version–nothin’ like a little encouragement to keep things fun!

  102. I think I need the “Let’s Make Out” pillow in cocoa and oatmeal. So funny!

  103. Love these! I like the Script Monogrammed ‘&’ or ‘W’ (being a newlywed couple last name Wight) in charcoal. The tree of life is also super nice.

  104. I love the AMPERSAND block font pillow. Great designs!
    – Danielle
    other-option AT Hotmail DOT com

  105. Oh, it would have to be the oatmeal with read “You’re Right” pillow for my Mr. (always) Right. It would go perfectly in his leather recliner. Great pillows!

  106. What fun pillows! I would have a hard time choosing between Bella the Feathered Friend and the Privet with cream and black.

  107. I love all of her pillows! I especially love all of the French sayings. I would probably pick the monogrammed F large pillow. The minute I saw it, I envisioned it on my sofa!!!

  108. I would love one of those monogrammed pillows in my family room, or one of the orchid pillows. They would be absolutlely perfect on my new sofa!

  109. Love these pillows! It would be hard to choose between Tree of Life, Tulip, or a classic monogrammed pillow!

  110. Love them ALL but if I had to choose I would go with the classic monogram. Great giveaway!

  111. Be nice or leave – love it! All of them are adorable! Would take anything – thank you! :)

  112. PRIVET 16 inch recycled felt applique pillow – cocoa and moss. That’s my pick. LOVE all the pillows.

  113. How much fun! I love anything with mongrams so a “B” pillow for my last name would be gorgeous on our living room couch. However, my husband and I really enjoyed or trip to Paris so C’est Si Bon would be lovely too. Such creative pillows!

  114. I can’t make up my mind! I like the oatmeal and turquoise snowflake pillow; and the monogram pillows; and the ampersand one!

  115. I’m loving the classic “Ooh La La” pillow. Very chic and girly. My boyfriend will love it ;) lol.

  116. It’s so hard to decide! I like the Monogram, “Be Nice or Leave, “No Whining”, Snowflakes, and all of the flowers! It’s going to be hard to decide if I win!

  117. They are all so cute! I would have a hard time choosing between the amperstamp, the XOXO, bon apetit, and the momogram with an S.

  118. Yummy! What fun! I’d have a tough choice between the Dandelion Flower or the Privet 16″ cocoa and moss.. both are delighful!

  119. These are amazing! I love them! I love the monogrammed one in cocoa with the oatmeal script font..with a letter “C”. There were so many that I liked. It was hard to pick just one. I hope I win!!!!

  120. My favorite is Monogrammed Recycled Felt Applique Pillow. WOuld be so cute in my master bedroom redo :) She has such an adorable selection. Thanks for the giveaway!

  121. I LOVE her pillows! I would probably pick the naughty cat fishing. My cat ate our last fish (RIP), and he was also a brown and white tabby like her cat in the photograph.

  122. Bella the feathered friend would have a place on the lonely chair in my living room. Gorgeous!

  123. i love the “bella the feathered friend” pillow! Turquoise is my new best friend, so this would go great on my red couch. love IT! (i thought the “be nice or leave” was awesome too!) i actually did laugh out loud…

  124. My favorite is the script monogram letter in oatmeal with a dark brown background. I love brown. The Let’s Make Out was also great. I thought that could be given as a bridal shower or wedding gift.

  125. Charlie the duck is my favorite. I also like fritillaries in the charcoal and pink. Very cute pillows!

  126. I would love to walk into a room and see the “Love” pillow with red letters. To die for!

  127. I would love the “any letter monogrammed” in brown and cream with “L”! Love it!

  128. I love the Bud Explosion pillow in oatmeal and black! It would look great on the red leather arm chair that is in desperate need of a funky pillow!

  129. Hello?! How do you just pick one favorite?! I love the monogram (pale blue with chocolate brown s, please) and be nice or leave. Good rule of thumb if you ask me!

  130. My husband works out of town so we play online scrabble during the week. We have whole strings of texts that say “Your turn.” I laughed out loud when I saw that pillow and I would love to have it!

  131. I really really want the lets make out with red letters for my master bedroom, the perfect touch!

  132. So many great ones, but I love the cocoa and moss privet, or the ampersand or a monogram, or….

  133. Ohhhhh…. too many gorgeous pillows to choose from. But if I must, I would say the Ampersand or the Cat fishing. Or, really, any one of those scrumptious pillows!

  134. There was a lot of cute pillows but my favorite was the Privet 16 inch pillow in the green and brown and the on in the white and teal. They would both look fantastic on my bed.

  135. BE NICE OR LEAVE – 22 inch – cocoa and baby blue recycled felt applique pillow, immediately caught my eye. But then the -NO WHINING – cocoa and oatmeal – 14x18inch recycled felt applique pillow, screamed MY CHILDREN… 7, 5,& 2!

  136. Wow! These are wonderful. I think if I had to chose it would be a tough choice between the XOXOXO in Chocolate and Oatmeal or one of the letter pillows.

  137. so hard to pick just one. i love FRITILLARIES – the pink accent just makes me feel loved.

  138. I have the perfect spot on a black bench for “Bud Explosion”! They’re all so fun, thanks for the great giveaway!

  139. My husband would love the “Tree of Life” pillow for his boys room. I really love the green and brown floral for myself!!!

  140. I like the “Be Nice Or Leave” and “Let’s Make Out” and “merde.” pillows. The “merde.” one totally cracks me up

  141. I love the cocoa and baby blue version of he “Be Nice or Leave” pillow. Although, the florals are scrumptious too! Great giveaway. Thanks for the chance to win.
    [email protected]

  142. Basically in love with the Orchid Pillow. The only kind of orchids I can keep alive…

  143. I love “I’ll Explain Later” pillow. I swear my husband says that to me all the time. Things are always going over my head!

  144. I have three in the running: “love,” “bud explosion,” and “dandelion” pillows. I’m leaning toward the “dandelion” pillow though…

  145. I like all of the snowflake pillows though I didn’t see the red one on the website.

  146. I like either the cursive “LOVE” or an “L” monogram pillow. Very cute!

    ~Jessica Lewis

  147. Love the “Be Nice or Leave” pillow…would be hilarious on our couch. Thanks! GG

  148. “let’s make out” for our bed… pending husband approval. otherwise, “oohh la la!” (can lead to similar actions as the prior pillow.) or to really make him bashful, “make love not war.” hehe.

  149. I would love to get a pillow with the monogram A to give to my future daughter-in-law to help her begin her new life with a new name.

  150. I love these! I really want the “Go To The Gym” pillow. It is a good reminder. :)

  151. I think I am torn between the No Whining and the Be Nice or Leave, but that may be in response to the behavior of my kids today. :)

  152. These are so cute! I think the Bon Appetit pillow would look great in my future kitchen banquette or Bella the Feathered Friend on my new Pottery Barn couch :)

  153. Love these! I’d probably choose the “Any Letter” in script, or the “Welcome Home” pillow.

  154. I love the “Be nice or leave” pillow! It would make a agreat Christmas gift for my sister!

  155. I love the snowflakes and Love…but currently in her store, it’s ORCHID (beautiful!).


  156. I’d really love a monogrammed one but the “Be Nice or Leave” would be great for certain guests….

  157. Too hard to decide. I think my favorite is the fritillaries (but I *love* fritillaries).

  158. I LOVE these! I think my fav is the ampersand too. The script one. I’ve been loving ampersands ever since I got married.

  159. *love*Love*LOVE* the script ampersand (charcoal & white). The Lady Slipper Orchid is lovely, too… and appropriate as I have a habit of adopting orchids. The Ampersand would more easily find a home, though.
    *fingers crossed*


  160. Are we really expected to pick ONE? These are FANTASTIC. Thank you so much for the introduction! I think I’d pick “Go to the Gym” if I won, but “Be Nice or Leave” definitely has its merits!

  161. Oh my! There are so many to choose from! So beautiful! Let’s see.. I liked the floral ones, the inital ones, Welcome Home, oh… just about all of them! Lovely! Amy

  162. My Favorites are the “Ampersand” in oatmeal and red, the “Grass” series and the “bud Explosions!” What a great shop! I think I’m going to purchase one even if I don’t win. These are fantastic.

  163. Oh wow, I love so many of them!! I think I’ve narrowed it down to the charcoal and white grass pillow or the naughty cat, fishing pillow!

  164. Monogram with a C or and S. Probably a C.. but then I also love the ampersand.

  165. I love the BE NICE OR LEAVE – cocoa and oatmeal pillow. It would look awesome in my craft room =)

  166. I love the IT WASN’T ME – recycled felt applique pillow 16×16 charcoal and white :)

  167. The “Do the laundry” pillow is my favorite. It’s a little nice reminder since I always feel like I’m behind on laundry.

  168. The any letter pillow would be perfect for my child’s room! We just did some redecorating and it would be the perfect accent!

  169. I love the Any Letter Monogrammed Felt Applique Pillow! I’d get a “W” (for our last name) to complement the Living Room!

  170. I love the BELLA THE FEATHERED FRIEND – 14×18 inch recycled felt applique pillow – turquoise and moss pillow! Amazing detail!

  171. What a great giveaway! I picked 3 favorites they were the ampersand, the one called frittilaries and Bella the feathered friend (which probable was my favorite).

  172. I know you said to pick one but I can’t decide between the Ampersand Script and the Tulip! These are gorgeous pillows and oh-so-fun!!

  173. I’d love one of the monogrammed pillows for our Master Bedroom— they’re just beautiful!

  174. I LOVE all of the monogrammed pillows, it would be very hard to pick just one. :)


  175. They’re all so fun, but I think my favorite is the ampersand (charcoal and white)!

  176. Who could pick a favorite…they are all fabulous!

    Perhaps the peacock or tree of life?

  177. My favorite is the Monogrammed Recycled Felt Applique Pillow….gorgeous! This would be great with my other Monogram items!

  178. I love the monogram pillows – the color would depend on where I decided to use it! My husband isn’t big on monograms, but I think the punchy colors and the wonderful design would win him over!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  179. I LOVE the “Go to the gym” pillow. I’m there 6 days a week, takes alot of determination, and it is an extremely motivating pillow, Please pick me!

  180. Kate, I’m a first time commenter on your blog but I have to tell you how much I absolutely LOVE it! You are so creative and have an honest and real approach in telling us about your projects and I am always inspired by your work. But this was one chance I couldnt pass up! I love the FRITILLARIES – charcoal, silver and fuchsia! And like most of the other commenters I too had trouble choosing one because the AMPERSAND – charcoal and white is also beautiful!

  181. I love Bella the Feathered Friend! The turquise and moss are the exact colors I’ve been looking for in a pillow :-)

  182. Oh my gosh, these are great! I have two favorites: “Be nice or leave” and the monogram pillow, a “V” in charcoal and white. Beautiful!

  183. I love them all! But if I had to pick it would be the Bud Explosion or the Apersand. Thank you for the great giveaway!

  184. These pillows are wonderful! Thanks so much for the chance to win. My favorite is the XOXO pillow with oatmeal base and fuchsia letters.

  185. Definitely love the ‘&’ followed very closely by the ‘be nice or leave’
    Is it cheating having 2 favourites??
    I hope not!!

  186. OMG – NO WHINING. I LOVE IT!!! That’s perfect for those guests that are…. little whiners because my house is only 62 degrees! ( I live in the north, that’s really cold!)

    Beautiful pillows!

  187. Ahhh!! The GO TO The GYM pillow is awesome!! Just what I’d need to get motivated ;-)

  188. Oh I want them all! If I had to pick just one I’d pick the charcoal grey pillow, with love stitched in white.

  189. I love BELLA THE FEATHERED FRIEND! They’re all great, but this one would be perfect on my couch! :)

  190. I love “merde” (red and white) and the tree of life (cocoa).
    These pillows are so fun!

  191. I love the natural looking PRIVET one in cocoa and moss. The Ampersand one is cute too as well as any of the monogram ones. Ooh la la, I think I love them all!

  192. I would definitely get a monogrammed pillow for my niece’s dorm room next year :)

  193. Too many to pick from! I think it’d be either the tulip or one of the ‘lets make out’ for our master bed ;)

  194. Oh, I like so many of them… how funny. I need “Go to the Gym.” lol I’d probably get the 10×14 script monogrammed pillow or the one that says “You’re Right” since my husband and I often have that competition. ;)

  195. Let’s make out in red and oatmeal is ideal for my house we are always saying that!

  196. I love the ladyslipper and the other botanicals. I also like the ampersand for my office- so fun!

  197. I love these!!!! ANY LETTER – MONOGRAMMED Recycled Felt Applique Pillow ANY LETTER AND COLOR AVAILABLE 10 by 14 inches

  198. I love the SNOWFLAKES navy and white 16x16inch recycled felt applique pillow. It’s so cute for the holidays!

  199. Be Nice or Leave is soo perfect for the holidays! Especially with family members who don’t always behave! So many cute pillows….

  200. I like the Tree of Life pillow. It would look fabulous in my living room. The Be Nice or Leave Pillows are fun as well! It would be great to have one of these beautiful pillows!

  201. It was so hard to choose- they’re all so fun! I think I would pick the red ampersand pillow though :)

  202. I love the -PRIVET 16 inch recycled felt applique pillow – oatmeal and black!

    So unique and it would look great on my recently DIY Jean re-Upholstered couch!

  203. Oooh, these are so cute! I definitely want the Oatmeal & Red Script “Let’s Make Out” one, or the Cocoa and Baby Blue “Be Nice Or Leave” one. These are so cheeky! Just love them!

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