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By Kate Riley November 17, 2010

Greetings!  Oh what a week, are you caught up in the pre-Thanksgiving scramble?  Juggle juggle, balance, multitask, and a little more juggling, right?  Whew!  I’m looking forward to next week’s down time, just to sit around with family and friends, bake pies, peel potatoes, sample wines, and eat eat eat.  And maybe do some more eating.

Announcing the 3 winners of the Purple Lemon Designs giveaway!  Congratulations to:

#22: Kristin "Love the Medium Circles-n-Circles, which could be used all year round. I just moved to a new home so this would be great!"

#624: Shirley L.  "I shared on Twitter (I am @willowwhimsy)"

#748: Layla O.: "Oh I want one of these and was bummed not to have won last time, maybe this time. The wrought iron scroll would be great but any is fine by me."

swirl snip

A few hardworking DIY readers have sent me some fabulous makeovers, take a peek:

I’m loving this master bedroom makeover at The Painted Hive.  What a clever and beautiful headboard!

painted hive bedroom


Diane creatively reinvented this side table cart, I love her modern design!

diane cart before after


Nicole was tired of the honey tones on her table so she picked some favorite paint and fabric and simply reinvented the set!

nicole table before after


Christy teaches you how to make your own box pleat valance right here.

christy valance


Natalie from Jacksonville sent me a picture of this charming ottoman.  It was honey wood before with an awful 80s check pattern, but not any more, so pretty!

natalie 1


Noelle F. from St. Louis sent in this revamp.  With a cracked door, Noelle opted for paint instead of stain on her giant armoire.  She created her own stencil from a pattern she fell in love with on a Target gift bag!   noelle armoire


swirl snip


Here’s a few Favorite Finds, perhaps you’ll enjoy them too.

Camila’s review of the new online mags is spot on.

Kelly found the most perfect girl pillow ~ now I want one too!

Who would have thought a peel & stick wood floor could look this good?

New mom Katie’s letter to herself to stop freaking out and embrace motherhood.

Michelle gives us her best tool for narrowing down Craigslist favorites with Craigeasy!

   swirl snip

Finally, if ever there was a ‘cut and paste’ job that I wanted to do when I comes to holiday decorations in my home, well this Style At Home feature couldn’t be more me

Blues, greens, creams, mixed metallics, swoon.  Do you ever see a space and wonder how could one stylist possibly capture your entire vision for your holiday home in one singular image?

Exhibit A

style at home perfect holiday


Like I said, can I just ‘cut and paste’ ?  That would make my holiday decorating so much easier. 

See the entire series of inspiring pics over at Style at Home.

Have a lovely fall day!!


  1. LOL When I got my issue of Style at Home in the mail the other day – I totally thought “that Centsational girl would LOVE this!” I so love it too!! And hoping to get my buffet and hutch done soon so I can send some before/after pics!!

  2. Hi Kate-
    Thanks for featuring my table. It is right next to me as I am typing this comment :) I think the photo from Style at Home looks EXACTLY like your style! How cool would it be to be able to cut and paste it into your house. Perhaps 30 years from now there will be an iphone app that will do it!
    My best- Diane

  3. I love peel & stick wood plank vinyl. I used it for a budget update to replace some nasty old 80’s vinyl tiles. The planks have been in a year now. With dog & kids, I’ve only had 2 planks damaged and could just peel them up and put down replacements in their spot. It’s such and easy and inexpensive DIY.

  4. I’m curious what paint Nicole used on her honey coloured table? I have almost the identical table and have been wanting to undergo a similar transformation!

  5. Hi Kate! I don’t know how I missed this, but I just noticed that you linked to my peel and stick floor post! Thanks so much for the shout out!

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