Wall Stencil GIVEAWAY

By Kate Riley November 22, 2010

G’day all, happy Monday!  ‘Tis the season of giving and the ‘Week of Giveaways’ continues with an opportunity to make a statement in your home with some of the most stylish wall stencils around, brought to you by Cutting Edge Stencils.

In the mood to add some pattern to your wall without the commitment or expense of wallpaper?  Stencils are your answer!

tree stencils


allover and chandy

lattice patterns

Cutting Edge Stencils has soooo many choices, and something for everyone!  Trellis patterns, birds, stripes, damasks, frescos, murals, and a few stunning ceiling medallions like this one!



They were kind enough to send me their chrysanthemum stencil, and I created a tablecloth topper for my living room with fabric paints.  So pretty for the holidays!

  stenciled tablecloth


Cutting Edge Stencils is giving away THREE $50 gift cards to their shop, which is enough to buy most of their stencils!  Free shipping too!

Eligibility to win one of THREE $50 shop credits to Cutting Edge Stencils:

1) Hop over to Cutting Edge Stencils and pick a favorite.  Leave your choice in a comment!

2) For a second chance to win, either link to this giveaway on Twitter, or link to it on Facebook, then leave a second comment telling where you mentioned it (FB or Twitter).

Three winners chosen by Random.org.  Giveaway ends Friday November 26th at 8 p.m. PST.





  1. I love the Trellis Allover Stencil. I have been looking on eBay at this stencil and it still pricey. I’m doing a wall in my apartment with this stencil but because it cost a bit much. I have only purchased the paint so fair.

  2. I’m thinking of stenciling a desk top, and the Iron Gate or Houndstooth would be great patterns!

  3. Ooh, really hard to choose — they have so many amazing choices! I have been thinking branches on our guest room wall might be a nice touch though. So maybe the Virginia Creeper? :)

  4. I love the Silence Wall Stencil Kit and the Allium Twins Flower Stencil. They are both so modern and would look great in our guest bathroom! What an awesome giveaway!

  5. I have been eyeing these stencils forever! I think I’d have to choose the Casablanca – love the geometrical patterns!

  6. I’m leaning toward the Iron Gate allover stencil. We’re (still) planning out redoing our master suite and I’m thinking one wall of this could be interesting.

  7. I love the romance wall pattern kit. I have been looking for new draps for a long time with no such luck. I never thought I could use a stencil on fabric the way you did for your table cloth. This is a perfect idea!

  8. I love the Spring Songbirds Wall Art Stencil. This will be nice on our bare wall in the master’s bedroom.

  9. I LOVE the trellis one! I’ve been to their website before and have looked at all the awesome stencils! Here’s hoping I win and I get to re-do one of my dull and boring walls!

    I’ve re-tweeted this as well on Twitter (https://twitter.com/alli55)

  10. I love the Hourglass Allover stencil. Its modern and simple and would look great on an accent wall!

  11. I love the Large Tree & Birds Stencils. We are getting ready to move and I’d love to do that in my girls bedroom!

  12. These are so beautiful! I love almost all of the damask all over patterns. I think the Diamond Damask is my absolute favorite!

  13. I would choose the Diamond Damask because our bedroom could use a little bit of French flair! And no true lady can have too many diamonds. ;-)

  14. I think I’d get the funky wheel for our playroom. I’m needing something on those walls!

  15. The Sycamore Reaching Branch Wall Stencil is almost exactly what I was planning for our sage-green and off-white guest room – white tree branch on the green wall, green birds on the white wall :)

  16. Oh my gosh these are beautiful! Picking one would be too hard!! If I had to pick, I would use the giveaway for either the Georgian ceiling medallion or the Versailles Grand Panel Stencil! So many lovelies – I have bookmarked their page and am going back to look at more right now! Happy Thanksgiving!

  17. What gorgeous stencils they have… One of my favorites is their “Wisteria 5 pc Stencil kit!”
    Many thanks!

  18. How in the heck am I supposed to pick one as my favorite?! I think Sakura with Butterflies is my favorite. I love how modern, yet subtle, it is.

  19. I’d love the Casablanca Allover Stencil as an accent in our guest room! It’d be beautiful stenciled on fabris for curtains or throw pillows too! Great Giveaway! :)

  20. I love the casablanca stencils! They would look fabulous stenciled in on a wall in one small niche in our guest bedroom, then i’d put a desk there :)

  21. Oooo…fun!! I love all of these, they are so pretty. Our house could definitely use something…the walls are all white! My absolute favorite is: Spring Songbirds Wall Art Stencil.

  22. I love the casablanca! It would be perfect in my powder bathroom. Its been begging for a makeover for at least a year!

  23. Weeping Cherry, I’ve been looking for something to fill up a blank wall in our bedroom, this would be perfect!

  24. I would love the Marie-Antoinette Ceiling Medallion for my dining room! It’s so hard to pick just one!

  25. Casablanca is my fave. Maybe I’ll have a little luck with this one since it’s my birthday ;)

  26. I have been eyeing the Casablanca stencil, hesitant to buy it, wondering if I could do it correctly. I LOVE that design and would use it in my hall closet (back wall) and my master bedroom (headboard wall).

  27. I love the Birch Forest Allover! I would do it down my hallway and it would look fabulous!
    Thank you!

  28. I absolutely LOVE the Spring Songbirds Wall Art stencil – it would look gorgeous over my brand new bed!

  29. love the casablanca allover stencil. would be such a fun accent wall in a room. fun giveaway!

  30. how am I meant to choose only one!!?! I narrowed it down to three… Japanese Maple Branch Stencil and Sakura and Birds Wall Stencil and Large Tree & Birds Stencils

  31. I would lovet he casablance allover stencil! My guest room has a big, bare wall waiting for some DIY action…

  32. So glad to have found this store- love them all!!! One of my favorites- is the Large Tree with Birds!

  33. I love all of their stencils, but I would love the hourglass or the casablanca for my bedroom or the damask oceana for a wall in my daugther’s big girl room! Thanks for hosting this giveaway!

  34. I love the Damask verde pattern, this reminds of the wallpaper I just hung in my bathroom.

  35. Hard choice…but I have loved the trellis stencil since I saw it a long time ago! I would love a $50 gift card to use in their store!

  36. wow, i love the damask stencil anna and the aspen all over stencil! i love the subtle sheen on the painted walls!

  37. Too many great ones to pick from. If I was forced to pick, though, I really love Casablanca.

  38. I would choose the Spring Songbirds Wall Art Stencil I think. I love how peaceful it makes the room look. What a hard choice though, they are all so beautiful.

  39. loooooooooove these! i would get the damask stencil anna or the arabesque stripe wall stencil. beautiful!

  40. I really love: Casablanca Allover Stencil!

    Such a pretty stencil. I want to do this to my living room.

  41. My favorite is the Casablanca Allover Stencil. I love how it looks like wallpaper, yet so much more chic!

  42. They’re all amazing! I love the acacia stencil, but I don’t think my house is modern enough to pull it off. The Lilly Swirl, however, droooool!

  43. It was hard to pick just one but I think I like this one the very, very best! Oh my, would it ever look good in my new kitchen!

    Virginia Creeper Wall Art Stencil

  44. I would really love to have the peony 6 pce stencil set. My 1/2 bath NEEDS to be redone and I’ve had my eye on this for awhile… PLEASE!

  45. Wow, love these! It’s hard to pick just one, but I really like the Casablanca Allover stencil.

  46. Love the “Birds on a Branch”. My granddaughters room has a bird theme and this would be a great addition.

  47. I love all of the wall stencil trees. I’ve been wanting to paint a tree on my youngest child’s wall and this would give me extra incentive. Thanks for the giveaway!

  48. This seriously couldn’t have come at a better time since I have been eying up the Birch Forest Allover Stencil for a couple of weeks now!

    Thanks for the chance to win!


  49. I would have a hard time choosing between the Damask Anna and the Peony Dream wall kit. I also like the Romance wall kit and the Glorious Morning wall kit. I really just love most of their designs. I’d clearly have a hard time choosing!

  50. I would have to take some time choosing, but it would definitely be one of tree and bird wall stencils!!!

  51. It would be so hard to choose! Right at this moment I like the hourglass and aspen all-over stencils. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  52. I love the damask all over. Or maybe the Casablanca. Wait no, the hourglass. Ooo… the houndstooth! Love so many of them.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  53. I like the Casablanca Allover Stencil…loving the subtle Moroccan feel lately…but a ton of them are pretty!

  54. I can’t choose one right now, but my heart is set on a Wall Art – branchy stencil… along the lines of the Virginia Creeper or Sakura & BUtterflies! totally tweeting, too!

  55. I adore the Casablanca stencil. I have been looking all over for one just like that! Maybe I’ll win this giveaway and get to try it out sooner than later! thanks.

  56. I totally love the birch wall allover stencil! I was going to hand paint birch trees with some tape, but a stencil might be easier…

  57. I think I would choose the Casablance Allover Stencil. I have been looking at their site for some time. I have three decorative molding accents above my couch in my living room that I have been thinking about stenciling, b/c art alone isn’t going to be enough. This stencil would give it the extra oomph needed. I’d stencil all three molding sections, and hang a mirror in the middle. Hmmm…I think I’m going to be buying some stencils soon, even if I don’t win!

  58. I heart the Large Junipers Stencil! Also, I looked in the bird stencil’s, and I wish they had an Owl Stencil!

  59. Definitely loving the Falling Leaves Stencil…unfortunately I’m not sure it would hold up past fall and the Christmas Black Hole opens on Friday. By the time it got to me the hubby would be raising his eyes at that particular design choice.

  60. I like the Aspen pattern in your blog, but I think my favorite is the birch pattern. I’m considering it for my second bathroom.

  61. I would love the Large Fruit Tree stencil- it would be perfect on this little wall in my bedroom that has no personality!

  62. Wow – I’ve always thought of stencils as being too 80’s & dated, but these are beautiful! I love the Gladiator Allium stencils – perfect for my guest room.

  63. Love them all. I especially want the chandelier stencil or the Georgian ceiling medallion. Gorgeous!

  64. I love the Cherry Blossom wall art stencil. I have been looking for something to go above my bed that would work with a poorly placed round window. I think this would work great!

  65. I love Aspen…I think it would be so cool with a shimmery soft paint against my boring taupe wall!

  66. I’m thinking the Japanese Maple or Sakura with Birds on canvas to use as wall decor. Lovely!

  67. my favorite is the the georgian ceiling medalion stencil….or maybe the japanese maple…..or maybe…each page I flipped to gave me a new favorite! But the ceiling medalion is my most fav.

  68. I really like the Parsley Blooms wall kit. And I love that the pattern can be random – I can never seem to get things lined up evenly.

  69. I love the casablanca all over stencil…would love to use it in my powder room to dress up the space!!

  70. Thank you for this giveaway! I can’t decide if I want more elaborate with the diamond damask or more simple with casablanca.

  71. Must.Have.Stencil! LOVE this shop! I’ve been stalking it for ideas for my living room. I love the tree stencils.

  72. Love the casablanca stencil, would love it on my living room wall…also love the georgian ceiling medallion one…so hard to chose!

  73. I love the ones with tree branches and birds! Great for our new nursery! Also, alliums are some of my favorite flowers, so I like that one too!

  74. Love the Casablanca wall stencil! But I know that my daughter would love any of the butterfly designs!

  75. The Iron Gate Allover stencil would be my choice — it’s geometric, detailed, and bold. Just my style.

  76. Ohhh we’re in the process of trying to re-decorate our house…on a budget. This would be awesome! Sooo many to choose from! I think I like the Spring Songbirds or the Large Tree & Birds best.

  77. Ooooh I love the medallion yet wouldn’t be so inclined to tackle such a large project! However I would pick “Vine” by Diane Paparo to make a few different table runners!!! Love it! Thanks for the opportunity!

  78. I just love the Large Tree and Birds and the Spring Songbirds stencils. So many are so nice it is hard to choose…

  79. OWww… can’t decide – the ceiling madallion or the allover Damask Verde…. maybe you could use them together? I’m such a traditionalist…. have to have a lovely Damask like this beauty!

  80. I LOVE the casablanca allover stencil. I would love to use it in our bedroom. Beautiful!

  81. I’ve been thinking about doing something just like the casablanca allover stencil – it would be so fun to win! Thanks :)

  82. How can I just pick one?! I LOVE the medallions or the overall hourglass pattern or the spring songbirds.

  83. I love these! So hard to decide but I would definitely get the Beautiful Pine because I have a Painting that needs something to ground it–this would be perfect.

    When I win I will send you a photo :)

  84. I love the acacia all over wall stencil, and the Aspen designer stencil. I’ve been thinking about doing a stencil on an entire wall since your bedroom post…winning would give me the motivation I need:)

  85. LOVE cutting edge stencils.. A favorite is the Aspen. :) Awesome what you did to your table fabric!!

  86. I’ve been salivating over these stencils for some time. I’m currently working on my daughter’s big girl room and would love to add the fancy damask stencil to her walls. Hope I win. I’ve shared it with my friends on Facebook.

  87. Oooh, can’t decide!!! Maybe the lilly scroll stencil… or the peony dream wall pattern kit… or the casablanca allover stencil. Do I hafta’ decide?!! :) Would definitely get the clip on stencil level- what a great idea!

  88. This is a great giveaway. Thank you. My favorite is the Georgian ceiling. I love your table topper. Wow, great idea.

  89. OMG, Casablanca all the way! I have been wanting to do a stencil just like that in one wall of our bedroom – inspired by your bedroom wall and Emily’s office over at Jones Design Company. Would LOVE to win this stencil and give it a try. I was also thinking about doing something like that in white or pearlescent white on the top of my daughter’s white bureau (which I bought for cheap on craigslist and painted – thanks to your many tutorials!).

  90. I love the poppy all over one. I was trying to figure out how to use wallpaper in the powder room and yet I have little kids. A stencil is a perfect solution!

  91. I have been dying to stencil the wall behind my bed in my master bedroom…this would be so perfect…I would have a hard time choosing between Casablanca, Iron Gate and Trellis…They’re all so gorgeous!

  92. Two of my favorites are Spring Songbirds Wall Art and Virginia Creeper Wall Art. So pretty!

  93. Ever since I saw YOUR room with the gorgeous stenciled accent wall, I have wanted to do that in my guest bedroom/office. I would love either Iron Gate or the other trellis!!!

    I am going right now to leave a link on Facebook. Thank you!

  94. My favorite design from Cutting Edge stencils is the missing link.
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  95. I really like the tree and I think it would look great in our play room. I’ve been struggling with what to do with the wall decor in there for some time now!

  96. I love so many. The large tree with birds is fantastic and the other one that I really love is the spring branches with birds that are featured with that pretty bed in the picture. Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  97. My favorite is the Birds on a Branch Wall Art Stencil. It would be perfect for my baby girl’s nursery.

  98. My ult fav? The large tree and birds stencil #OR025.. but I think.. as much as I love it, I adore the Allium Gladiator flower Stencil OR009 even more!

  99. I was just checking out that site the other day and decided to do my office ceiling with Iron Gate Allover. It’s been one of those projects simmering in my brain for a couple of years now. Winning this would definitely get me motivated.

  100. Really hard to pick just one but I can’t go past the Chandelier Stencil, I especially love how they paint it on twice in black and white like a shadow affect. Your stenciled fabric looks stunning by the way :)

  101. Sycamore Branches would be amazing in my bathroom over the bathtub… I do love their damasks too :)

  102. That Damask – Birds Of Paradise stencil is absolutely beautiful…I could have a lot of fun with that one!

  103. I love either the wispy leaves or the peony allover. They are exactly what I’m looking for to finish the back of my open cupboard.

  104. I LOVE the Parsley Blooms Wall Pattern Kit! My bathroom needs a makeover and this could be it :)

  105. Oh my gosh, these are beautiful! I LOVE the ceiling medallians, and those fossil stencils are fabulous. What an awesome giveaway, and thanks for the intro to this site!

  106. How wild! I was just on their site last night drooling over four different stencils for which I feel I’d have an immediate use. (Eventually, I bet I could find a use for ALL of ’em!) Really like your table topper too, I mean, REALLY! Were I to be chosen, I’d be hard-pressed to choose between either the Spring Songbirds, the Splash Wall, the Floral Filigree or the Aspen Allover. I’ve decided not to blow a gasket in my brain trying to decide on a single stencil if or until I actually win, though. :)

  107. I love the Spring Songbirds Wall Art Stencil! I have been looking for something for the wall behind my bed – this would be perfect!

  108. Damask Stencil Birds Of Paradise with 2 overlays would be perfect for a little powder room we might add to our utility room – how elegant!

  109. I love the English Ivy! I want it for in my bedroom, the walls could use a little something….

  110. I love love Love the “Iron Gate Allover” and “Aspen” Allover!!! So beautiful!!!
    mentioned and linked on my FB!! :)

  111. Love the Anemone Grande Flower Stencil or the Aspen Allover one! These are so cool! Such a great idea!

  112. I love that Casablanca stencil. It would look awesome done in the same color, but with a different finish (like eggshell on semi, maybe?).

  113. I love the branch ones, like the Japanese Maple, as you can use them in different ways in different rooms.

  114. Oh my goodness! Those are so fabulous! I love the Marie-Antoinette Ceiling Medallion Stencil!

  115. How can I pick?….they are all so nice. I like the chrysanthemum, and I also like the medallions and then there are the birds in the branches that I like too!!

  116. I would purchase the Casablanca Allover Stencil. I love all the option they have for stencils!

  117. You want me to pick just ONE??? Oh gosh, I know I’d pick one from the Damask/Allover category!

  118. I’d like the Hourglass Allover stencil for my stairs. Once we take down the wallpaper, the plaster may not be in great shape; a stencil might be the perfect way to conceal the imperfections. Otherwise, the tree w/birds would be soooo cute in my kids’ attic bedroom.

  119. Casablanca all over stencil is exactly what I need for my office! I tried making my own stencil but haven’t perfected it quite yet, this would save me so much time!

  120. It’s so hard to choose! I’m really drawn to the stencils that include trees, branches, leaves. For now, my favorite is the Sycamore Reaching Branch wall stencil but I reserve the right to change my mind:)

  121. I like the casablanca and aspen allover stencils. Although, I do like the tree with bird stencils too. :)

  122. Oh man, I have plans to stencil the wall above our mantle just like you did the wall in your bedroom! Its been on the backburner for months but if I were to win, I’d love to use the Hourglass Allover stencil or the Casablanca Allover Stencil.

  123. Okay. I’ve entered so many of your drawings.. I REALLY want to win this one! I love so many of the stencils, not sure which I’d choose.. I love the all over damask, Virginia Creeper, Casablanca Allover, & Anemone stripe!

  124. I really love the large Chandelier Stencil in black. I have the perfect place for it over our guestroom bed. Lovely.

  125. I have wanted the Birch All Over stencil from there for so long now. I even have the artwork already to finish off the room!

  126. We were looking for a wallpaper pattern that would go with our decor. The ‘Japanese Maple Branch’ stencil would be perfect & we could get the right colors to match our decor.
    Thank you for the chance to win this stencil.

  127. I shared this on twitter and facebook. My favorite stencils are the four little chicks and the chicken Stencil I have a passion for all things rooster and chicken….. I think all the stencils were amazing, I also really liked the ceiling, and stair tread stencils.

  128. It would be a hard choice for me between large scale houndstooth and casablanca allover stencils- I’d LOVE to give my foyer a wallpapered look!!

  129. The Georgian Ceiling Medallion would give my my dining room some serious style! Thanks for the fun week of giveaways!

  130. I have been to this web site before and just drooled over their stencils. Hard to choose just one, but I think my favorite is the “Spring Songbirds Wall Art”. They are all sooo beautiful. This may well be the giveaway I want to win more than any other. Thanks for reminding me about this site!

  131. I love the chandelier for my older daughters new room. She wants to do the peel and stick but they get expensive quick!

  132. Amazing timing! We just moved to a new (post-divorce) apartment with very generic walls, but we can paint! I am loving the Spring Song Birds and Ferns stencils. Thanks for the giveaway. I have really enjoyed your blog:)

  133. My husband and I are prepping for baby, and our white walls need some pop! We were able to paint a small section in the apartment, but we need something unique that we’ll be able to recreate when we move. The Japanese Maple stencil reminds me of the beloved Japanese Maple I grew up with so I think it would be perfect to pass along our appreciation and bring a little of the outside in.

  134. I just painted my kitchen and wanted to use a stencil in the archway that leads to the sun room. I think the Budding Clematis 3pc Stencil kit would be perfect! Got my fingers crossed!

  135. I would love to have a stencil in my living room. I have really high ceilings and it would look really cool to have something up high.

  136. I’ve been eying their site for a while now. I’ll have to go with the Casablanca Allover Stencil.

  137. I love the Japanese Maple Branch stencil. That would look great in so many rooms in my house, it would be hard to choose!

  138. The Birch Forest Allover Stencil would be sooo perfect for my laundry room, make laundry that much more enjoyable!
    If I ever have another child and have a boy, I’m definitely painting his room with those fossil stencils!

  139. I love the border/stripes series… so many possibilities that could be used in multiple rooms!

  140. These are so pretty. If I had to pick one, it’d be the large tree and birds for my little girl’s room.

  141. I have high ceilings in my apartment, and the Georgian Medallion stencil would look fantastic on the ceiling above my bed!! these are all so inspiring!! definitely will be redecorating after the holidays.

  142. The Casablanca print is amazing– actually very reminiscent of the Hassan II mosque facade in Casa. Ah memories from studying abroad.. Morocco has such amazing design inspirations!!

  143. I have a Moroccan themed room in my house and the “Casablanca Allover Stencil” would just be the icing on the cake! Gorgeous!

  144. There are so many beautiful stencils! I like the Birds on the Branch and the Wispy Leaves. I have been wanting to try stenciling. What a generous giveaway! Thanks, Kate.

  145. I think I’m in love with the Casablanca Stencil! The minute I saw it in your post it was love at first sight! I’d use it in my bedroom!

  146. I love the Hourglass Allover stencil – it would be perfect to put on the wall behind our headboard in my master bedroom!!

  147. I love the Sycamore branches…. they would be perfect for my son’s room.. oh.. and the living room.. or the bathoom… :o) Thanks for sharing this company’s website, I’ve added it to my favorities !

  148. LOVE their stencils!! Great giveaway! I really love the birch forest allover stencil and I’ve had my eye on the trellis allover stencil for a while now!

  149. Love these stencils! I think my favorite is the Birch Forest, but the one that would work best for me is the Casablanca. I love the idea of the damask/allover stencils!

  150. Wow! I have 10 favorites. If I have to pick one I guess it’s the Birch Forest. I love birch trees. The versitility of stencils is great. You can make such a big differece by changing colors. Black & white is bold & graphic, beige & cream subtle & soothing, ooh what about some crazy Warhol colors?

  151. I would choose to work with one of the lattice patterns for my entryway or the wall that divides my kitchen from the rest of the great room.

  152. I love the Brocade #1 Stencil. I can think of a couple different rooms I would use it in! LOVE IT!

  153. I have favourites: The Marie Antoinette-series, Aspen, BirchForest (must be the Finnish in me liking that), weeping cherries. So hard to decide but I think I’m going for the Birch Forest.

  154. There are some beauties to chose from, and likely if I got the $50 dollars I’d end up getting one for free and having a discount on a second (almost free, too!). For starters I’d go for the Gladiator Allium. It’s just so sweet and I could see it having a few applications, once on the inside of the pocket door of our guest bathroom and creating a bit of whimsy in a child’s room, or maybe on a bit of furniture.

    For the second one… I’d have to go for one of the tree/birds… I can’t decide between the Spring Songbirds or the Magnolia with the little landing birds. The flowers of the magnolia pattern could bring a nice zest of color to my gray/white bathroom, which just goes on to inspire similarly colored hand towels.

    Thanks for the inspiration, I really hope to win!

  155. So many great stencils. I’m torn between Aspen and Weeping Cherry, but the Weeping Cherry look would be perfect for my bathroom so… Weeping Cherry! It would look so pretty in a subtle monochrome behind my claw foot tub.

  156. I also posted a facebook comment with a link to their site to get my friends in on the stenciling craze!

  157. It would take a bit more thought, but at first glance, the Casablanca all over stencil would be great for a furniture makeover I’m thinking about as well as an accent wall makeover!!

  158. I’ve been wanting the Casablanca stencil for awhile now! It would save me from having to make my own stencil :)

  159. I love cutting edge stencils, was hoping to order something after the holidays. My favorite is the Japanese maple. I also tweeted at TerriFeustel.

  160. I Love the Spring Songbirds Wall Art Stencil! It would look dreamy in my bedroom – i would feel like Cinderella waking up in the mornings!

  161. Birch Forest Allover design. I could see my half bath done in cool blue/gray, the double entry doors-looking like prison doors-they could be totaly transformed!

  162. Oh my goodness, I have looked at these forever this am and still am having trouble picking a favorite, so I am going with my favorite of the moment! Love the aspen.

  163. I love the Damask Verde and the Aspen “allover” stencils. They are absolutely beautiful.

  164. I LOVE the “beautiful birches” tree stencil. It’s perfect for a reading corner that I’m planning to build. Bring a little nature indoor!

  165. I really like the ones with birds and branches. I think my favorite is the large tree and birds stencil, but all of them are lovely.

  166. The casablanca allover stencil is beautiful. Now if I could find someone to do it for me, that would be icing on the cake :) Thanks!

  167. I love all of them but if i had to pick it would be either the damask or trellis , i always wanted to do a stencil pattern on my wall , ahhh this would be great !!!!!

  168. I LOVE the Damask Stencil. I have a black and white Damask bedspread from Target and I just bought two nightstands that need some paint & a Damask pattern stenciled on them :) Happy Thanksgiving!!

  169. I am loving the allover stencils, especially the Casablanca, Lily and Aspen. Oh, the possibilities!

  170. I love the trellis allover stencil. It’s just what the wall behind my monstrous TV needs!

  171. I’ve been debating for months what to do for an accent wall in my house. I’ve love the idea of wallpaper but it’s a huge commitment. These stencils are a perfect alternative for me!

    I love the Aspen Allover Stencil. There are so many great ones to choose from!

  172. I love the Casablanca…I’ve been dying to stencil a wall in my bathroom. This would be perfect!

  173. I love the Casablanca Allover Stencil. May have to order if I don’t win! love love.

  174. I need need need the Birch Tree Allover Stencil. My brother-In-Law recently redid the bathroom in our very rustic cabin in a waaay too modern style. Perhaps birch trees on the wall will help marry the two.

  175. I really like the Casablanca Allover Stencil…would love to put it in one of my bathrooms!

  176. Oooohhh, so fun! I love the Casablanca all over, the Trellis all over and the birch forest. This might be exactly what I need to spruce up my family room!

  177. Iam torn up over the all over Casablanca!!!! Ooooohhhhhh love it!! That would look wonderful and glam on my ceilings!! Gotta have it.

  178. I am crazy about the Damask stencil “Ana”–I’ve always loved damask, and this is just beautiful. But I don’t know. . . the Acanthus coffer stencil is awfully beautiful. Thank you so much for the chance to win one!

  179. I love them all!!!! It was hard to choose my FAVE- the Sakura & Butterflies I think wins my choice though. They are so amazing- thanks for sharing!!!!

  180. I need this!!! I have been dying to be a copy cat and put an all over stencil on the wall behind my bed. I love the Casablanca All Over Stencil. Simple and beautiful!

  181. I would love to use the sycamore branches stencil on two walls in my front foyer. It’s a small square room opening to the living room and I would love to have this bit of nature climbing across the wall. Thanks for the giveaway!

  182. I would use the georgian ceiling stencil in my dining room it would accent my brown and gold room perfectly.

  183. Oh, the Sari Paisley is beautiful! I’d love to finish my entry way in this!!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  184. I’m eyeing the casablanca stencil. I want to use it on one wall with a pearl paint in my bedroom!

  185. I HEART the trellis stencils! I can’t wait to start re-painting my walls which I think is way cheaper than wallpaper!! I wanna win!!

  186. I love the Ultimate Faux Fresco Stencil Kit. There’s so much in there, and so many things to do with them, love it.

  187. Wow! These are beautiful, but I think I would have to find a place for the Weeping Cherry Wall Stencil.

  188. i love the Sakura a butterflies wall stencil. I would use it in my new house for my “mom cave” crafting and sewing room!!

  189. LOVE the Aspen all over stencil! I would use it on the focal wall behind my headboard in the master bedroom!

  190. I love the Japanese maple stencil. I live in Minnesota where it gets too cold to have these gorgeous little trees. I would love to see them inside on my walls!

  191. I am looking for a couple of stencils now. It would be great to win!

    I’m really digging the Birch trees and the Casablanca stencil.

  192. I would sooo pick the daisy crazy mega 9pc set for my mom cave/craft room I am doing. I am planning on painting the walls a chocolate brown and with these stencils it will be great plus I will be adding lime green accents as well.

  193. Can’t believe how many comments you have. I’ve been into stencilling for years. Thought it had gone out of fashion (story of my life) but if Centsational Girl is promoting it , I must be fashion-forward rather than old-fashioned!!!! Yay!

  194. I would totally get the diamond damask, but I also love the verde, weeping cherry, and the parsley blossoms!

  195. They are ALL so beautiful with so many possibilities! But the fresco stencils are just gorgeous! Any of the fresco’s, the branches, the birds the detail is amazing. Thank you for sharing this website!

  196. I love the birch forest. I need it for my powder room, so I won’t have to wallpaper it. Thanks Ann

  197. I love the Weeping Cherry Wall Stencil. I will be starting on my baby girls nursery soon and I think that would be perfect for a pop of pink on her Tiffany’s blue walls.

  198. I love the lightness of the Lilly Scroll. I’d also love a stencil of the pattern in the beautiful blue title box on your blog!

  199. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Georgian Ceiling Medallion you posted! It would be PERFECT on my bedroom’s ceiling!

  200. The Iron Gate and Missing Link stencils are gorgeous. Love them! Hats off to awesome people like Cutting Edge who make amazing walls possible for normal people like me! :)

  201. Two Broadleaf Trees Stencil — looking at it gives me a sense of peace. I can see my husband and me in it. Would love to have it in our bedroom!

  202. I love the Damask Anna! If I were still in (or if I move back to) the house I own, I have this little window niche that is just begging for a wall treatment. But since I am living in base housing right now and would have to paint anything back to neutral before I move I would try my hand at stenciling some plain curtains I already own.

  203. It’s hard to choose just one, but I think my fav is Parsley Blooms Wall Pattern Kit, it would look gorgeous on a set of tablecloth.

  204. The Casablanca Allover Stencil is exactly what I’ve been looking for to put into the visible back of the cabinets and also my butlers pantry in my old old old (did i mention old) new house! I love it! i was thinking of drawing it by hand, but seeing this just ruined my whole (life) plan. You always have the most amazing ideas!

  205. I don’t have facebook or twitter (or walk upright, apparently…) but i will forward this on to a few friends, does that count for my second entry??? fingers crossed!

  206. I know it’s a little trendy, but I keep coming back to the trellis design. Since I cannot justify spending money on Imperial Trellis wallpaper, this would be a great alternative in my master bedroom and bath!

  207. The all-over birch forest pattern! My plan is to clear-coat the trees (so that they’re shiny) onto my dining room walls which are a gorgeous red. Think low-light/candles glistening off the tree trunks for the holidays. Thank you for introducing me to this website. I’ve been on the quest for interesting stencils.

  208. I’d love to cut my bedroom wall paint (a deep cornflower blue) with white and use the birch forest stencil… then overlay that with the Garden Birds stencils in silver! Just what I’d need to make give that room the texture & glam it deserves, and the pattern would be reflected in the morrored closets on the opposite wall.
    And the Iron Gate would look awesome in my sewing room that is begging for a serious re-do.

  209. I would have a hard time choosing between the Aspen All Over stencil and the Japanese Maple Leaves set. I LOVE stencils!

  210. I linked to the giveaway on my FB page. Now all my friends will know my secrets and how my furniture turns out so great!

  211. I have been wanting to do a stenciled accent wall in my master bedroom after I saw yours Kate. I really like
    Casablanca or maybe Diamond Damask. Decisions decisions!

  212. These are all so beautiful! Darn my no-paint apartment walls! I’m absolutely in love with that ceiling medallion, and would stencil it to a tablecloth as you did! Stunning!!!

  213. I really like the Bon Apetit! Large Stencil. It would look great on a blank wall in my kitchen.

  214. I sat forever looking at all the different stencils, these are a few of my favorites: virginia creeper, bittersweet curl and garden anemone.

  215. Maybe if I did the floral filigree in a reeeeaaalllly light color, the landlord wouldn’t notice?

  216. We are building a new home and the Designer Stencil “Aspen” Allover Stencil would be perfect for my home office.

    Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving,

  217. I’m dying to use the trellis stencil in my powder room! I think it’ll give it just that something extra that I’m looking for.

  218. I love the Casablanca stencil. It looks like so many of the patterns I’ve seen people painting on their walls and I would love to try it our somewhere in my home!

  219. Cherry Blossoms, Houndstooth Large Scale, Butterfly and Dragonfly Kit… obviously, I am having trouble deciding

  220. I absolutely love the poppy allover stencil as well as the Casablanca stencil. Love the look of wallpaper but can’t put them up in my rental. This would be the perfect, beautiful solution for my plain white walls.

  221. I will choose the Trellis patterns and the ceiling medallions! they all are so great… hope I win!

  222. LOVE these stencils…i’ve wanted to get some for a while now…
    i think i’d choose the virginia creeper wall art stencil…
    or maybe the zinnia grande flower stencil…
    i could go on and on….it would be a hard choice…but i think i could handle it!!

  223. How exciting!

    I think I would pick the Sakura and Birds Wall Stencil. There are too many I like!

  224. I like the funky circle ones, I’d use them in my kids’ playroom that we are doing right now!

  225. I love the Virginia Creeper wall art stencil! I’d love to add some details to my bedroom walls!

  226. The Virginia Creeper is one I woud run up my staircase!. The tree is amazing as well with the birds.


    Art by Karena

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