Thankful For a Silhouette GIVEAWAY!

By Kate Riley November 25, 2010

Happy happy Thanksgiving! 

I’ve been saving this giveaway all week just for today!

Oh yes oh yes, I get to giveaway ANOTHER Silhouette Craft Cutter!

silhouette machine


There are a ton of things you can create with this fancy cutter all with the help of your computer ~ the possibilities are endless!  What can it do?  Paper crafts, vinyl transfer, iron on transfer for you own custom apparel, temporary tattoos, glass etching, etc!  Read all the details on the Silhouette site about what you can do!


silhouette examples


It doesn’t just cut, it sketches too!!!!  I love this! 



I’ve reviewed the Silhouette before and I’m becoming much more proficient each time I use it.  Just this past week I started my Christmas mantel.  I purchased the ‘Merry Christmas’ font from the Silhouette site with my gift card, and the snowflake template comes in the standard library.  So fun!  I’m making snowflakes all over our windows with white vinyl, they look so fantastic at night! silhouette vinyl snowflakes

Did you know the Silhouette is now compatible with MAC computers?  Yipppeeee!

Here’s what you get with a Silhouette :

~ Software for Windows XP/Vista AND Mac; Power cable and USB cable; two cutting mats; one set of blades; a $10 gift card to the online store.

More good news!  Cyber Monday (November 29th) is the super screaming discount deal being offered by Silhouette.

From 4 a.m. to midnight EST you can buy a Silhouette for $199  (regularly priced at $299).  Make sure your sweetie knows of this deal on Cyber Monday!   

You’ll also get one roll of cream vinyl, one roll of transfer paper, and a home decor CD for an additional $70+ worth of goodies!

You’ll need my discount code, so stay tuned for that announcement first thing Monday morning, along with the winner of the Silhouette from this giveaway.

Eligibility to win The Silhouette:


1) Leave a comment telling why you want a Silhouette!

2) Visit the Silhouette site and pick something you want to try to create, then leave a second comment.

3) Become a new follower of this blog (if you’re not already), then leave a comment

4) Tweet about this giveaway with a link on Twitter, leave a comment

5) Link to this giveaway on Facebook, leave a comment.

Giveaway ends at midnight PST on Sunday November 28th.  One winner chosen by and announced in the wee small hours of Monday morning with the promotional code to get your Silhouette for $199!!!

swirl snip






  1. I would like a Silhouette because of all the awesome vinyls that I have seen. I would love to make my own. :)

  2. Oooh!! I SO want the Silhouette!! I’ve been drooling over these cutters for so long, and would simply adore having one of my very own! I make some vinyls on my own, but honestly, because I’m such a perfectionist each one I make takes days and is never as great as what I envision. Please please please!

  3. okok… I read the second instruction for entering the give away and realized I already knew what it was I wanted to make. Christmas presents! I had made pretty button and coin covered frames and couldn’t figure out what to put in them. But if I could make some pretty prints with the Silhouette, that would be perfect! Help a Christmas present weenie turn over a new leaf!

  4. One way or another, a silhouette is mine! $100 off? That is stupendous! I’ve been watching, waiting, can’t beleive this deal. I already have a list of iron-on transfers, vinyl projects, stenciling and who know’s what else? Love it! Thank you, thank you, thank you….

  5. Wow absolutely awesome give away. I need the silhouette to make things for my children and granddaughter. I also need to use it to decorate my house as we have recently moved.


  6. I would like to try the etched glass to make a candle holder like the one on the website.

  7. I want to make some of the etched glass projects from the silhouette site. I adore the fish bowl with name.


  8. Hi – I want one so I can make cute tags and embellishments for wrapping/presentation of my homemade gifts this Christmas. I think it would make them look all the nicer!

  9. I’d like a Silhouette because you can do so many things. Vinyl being at the top of my list!

  10. It would sure be nice to win this because otherwise I may just be tempted to dip into my Christmas “gift” fund and buy one for myself! I would hate to deprive someone of their gift to get one of these, but it just may happen, lol!

  11. I am so impressed by all the things I see you girls creating with the Silhouette.

  12. My daughter was oohing over all of the custom apparel pictures of the Silhouette website. She’s ready to make her own custom shoes, shirt and hat!!!

  13. I especially want to try the vinyl. I love to label everything and make signs.

  14. I would love a Silhouette, if I won I would wrap it up and put it under my, home made paper, tree. Its been a bad year and need some cheering up and nothing cheers us crafters up more than a little crafting. (ok so i might test it out before a wrap it)

  15. I would love to win this, because I want to do all the amazing vinyl and heat transfer projects I’m seeing all over the web!

  16. My first project would be the Drop your Drawers sign in my laundry. I love that and I think my kids would get a kick out of it.

  17. Would love to play with the vinyl options…would love to make some of those snazzy labels…just L O V E “Ernie”! :)

  18. I would love to win this because we just rennovated our home and this would help me do so many projects to make our house a home!!!

  19. Oh my goodness, grey and yellow are my favorite color combo right now and the first thing I would do would be to try to copy that bag!!

  20. I am into paper crafts so that I would try doing paper things w/ the Silhouette first. However I would expand into vinyl and more for home decor!

  21. I would love own a silhouette because I have seen all the adorable things people have made with it and I am jealous! I love how you can use any font you want.

  22. I would love to try to create something with the iron on transfer paper. I want to make a shirt that says ‘Keep Calm and Craft On’

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  23. i love your blog! and your giveaways this week! i can think of a million projects i would love to create with this!

  24. I started last year not even knowing what a Silhouette was (in fact it was at a Thanksgiving get together that I first heard of one) to really wanting one after seeing all the beautiful things people create with them! Would love to be one of the ones inspiring others with my projects :).

  25. I love the etched glass…I have projects in mind already. Also I am giddy over the vinyl wall sayings. So FUN…

  26. I would love to try to make an etched glass vase like the one Silhouette shows on its site!

  27. These are all over the web and everyone is making such creative things. I would love to put my kids names on their doors and use cute sayings to suprise them on their bathroom mirror in the morning. Thanks for the giveaway.

  28. oh, how I want to recreate the glass hurricane with the etching creme… so many jars to label too!

  29. I want a Silhouette because I would love to craft but feel so daunted by all the expensive supplies in the crafts aisle!

  30. I want a Silhouette to help make some cards. I already make all my cards I give people but having the Silhouette I can make different styles!

  31. I’m a labeler at heart and have gone crazy with my hand-held labeler. I would use the Silhouette to make take my labeling to a new level! I also would love to design some fun shirts for my kids. I could make them coordiante without shopping all over the mall for matching outfits for family pictures!

  32. I would love to take a few small vintage framed mirrors and make them pretty and put inspirational words on them such as “You are loved” and “Good Morning Beautiful” and give them to my girlfriends!

  33. I love the vinyl decor – I have all kinds of places throughout the house that I’d love to use this.

  34. As a graphic designer and mom, this product would come in handy for so many things. With my daughter’s birthday coming up, it would be great to make cupcake wrappers.

  35. Wow, great giveaway. I’d definitely be interested in recreating some of that wonderful vinyl wall art. Maybe I can make templates for cake decorating too. Awesome.

  36. I would love to have one to make the fabulous craft ideas I’ve been collecting in my “one day when I get a Silhouette ” file!
    It’s a BIG file! :)

  37. I would love a silhouette because I love doing all kinds of crafts and this would really help out with that.

  38. i would love to try to create some apparel for my daughter. she loves shirts with fancy designs and it would become possible to make it for her with a new silhouette. thanks again for such a great giveaway.

  39. I love this! I could create great wall clings for my classroom windows and doors, label their cubbies. I also love putthing them on the glass in photo frames to add a nice touch to photos. :)

  40. i love how it attaches to the computer like a printer! i’d use the vinyl to cover my house in words!

  41. I’d love to use silhouette for decorating my child’s bedroom walls, and maybe some gorgeous graphic leaders to adorn the foyer walls. J’adore!

  42. After looking at the site, I want to try the etching! I have the perfect glass dish that needs a monogram!

  43. Okay, I want to create those adorable tiny baby sneakers with the cute hearts and flourishes for my little one!

  44. Ooohh…what a fantastic giveaway! I’ve wanted one for so long but can’t seem to justify it as a “need”. Fingers crossed!

  45. I’d love to make custom clothing. There are so many great tutorials out there, but I’ve never tried it. The Silhouette has so many design options!

  46. First off- I’ve been subscribing to your feed for about a month and I love it!!! Thanks for all of the great info.
    I can think of so many ways to use the silhouette- I would start with glass etching then move to card making and t-shirt designing.

  47. I would love this machine. The possibilities are endless! Endless crafting/decorating fabulousness!

  48. I would love a silhouette to create customized decor and gifts for my family- things made with LOVE! :)

  49. I visited the Silhouette site and the first things I would make are vinyl decor and etched glass!! :)

  50. I would want to make some custom apparel, preferably the bag they show on the webpage with the yellow flower, it’s so cute! or some onesies for the baby on the way.

  51. Just checked out the website. My first project would be to revamp my pantry and label all of my jars would help keep all the gluten free food labeled so clearly!!

  52. And I would like to make just about everything the Silhouette can do! (Lately I’ve been dying to etch glass… )

  53. Entry #2 – I’d love to try some of the heat transfer options for blinging up clothes, etc.

  54. would love to make vinyle cut outs for subway art and some transfers for pillows

  55. Yippee!!! I have been waiting for the silhouette to be Mac compatible….Fingers crossed that I win…good luck to all!

  56. I want to win because I see so many wonderful things being made in Blogland using this incredible machine. La

  57. As for what I’d like to make from the website, I’d love trying new things like making the cupcake wrappers. So fun!

  58. I really like the vinyl and the etching ideas from the website!!! How fun would those frames be as wedding presents?!?!?

  59. I have been dying for a Silhouette machine! I would love to do the vinyl cut outs, the amazing cutouts of projects for home decor, so excited!

  60. I’d love to win a Silhouette machine…there are SO many projects I could use this for, the possibilities would be endless

  61. I’d love to have a Silhouette to create some new holiday crafts, labels for my son’s playroom and our kitchen pantry. And I am SO glad that they are now Mac compatible!

  62. I real want to try my hand at tshirt transfers! I have tons of ideas in my heads! My kids would never have a plain tshirt again!

  63. I’ve always wanted to make a welcome sign for my front door and I like the signs for my laundry room. I like it all, its so hard to choose. Thanks for the chance to win this neat product.

  64. I would love the silhouette to help scrapbook all the memories from my sons first year of life!

  65. I loved all the paper crafting ideas on the Silhouette site especially the Christmas ball ornaments.

  66. I would like to try one of the etched glass projects, I have a few plain cylinders that could use some extra design.

  67. I would love this so that I could personalize everything!!!!! (baby onesies, my cake stand, picture frames, etc) The list of things I want to do is endless!

  68. I’m starting work on a “generations” scrapbook about our family tree, using my parents’ old photos. Silhouette would be great for that project.

  69. I want to create “etched” glass ormaments as my very first project … and then on to vinyl, cards and on and on.

  70. I would love one because I’d really like to be able to cut my own vinyl. And stuff for the holidays, gift tags, cards. Tons of ideas!

  71. I am redoing my front door … the first thing I would do it make the vinyl “Welcome” sign for the door. Next, I would start making onsies for all of my sweet friends that are expecting!
    [email protected]

  72. At the Silhouette site, I’d love to make etched glass hurricanes. I bought a ton of them last year and it would be fun to change them up with etched glass designs.

  73. I thought about doing some glass etching, and making my own stencils to use in a half bath that needs done!

  74. Ohhh, I would love to win this! I am a craft junkie and have no way to purchase this… and I’d use the daylights out of it, I’m sure!! Thank you and Happy Thanksgiving!

  75. I can think of a thousand reasons why I’d like to win one but right now I’m thinking I need one to help me spruce my house up for Christmas. Please pick me!

  76. I have a list a mile long for this…literally, a mile! Reorganize my pantry, make a detergent jar and label it, numbering hooks and baskets and anything else that will stand still long enough. And holiday decorating – oh how I long to win this giveaway!

  77. I want a silhoutte to put vinyl lettering all over the house. I want to personalize the kids rooms too…

    leahforlove at aol dot com

  78. I would love to try the heat transfer paper to make adorable onesies for my baby girl. The possibilites are endless.

  79. I would love to win one of these! I would love to make cut outs for etching, for my classroom; the possibilities are endless!

  80. ahhh the crafts i could do with this baby! i would love to do so many diff things with it!!

  81. I have been to their website many times before and would love to use the silhouette to create labels for my canister jars

  82. I went to their site and I am very impressed at the sketch designs. It would be perfect for inexpensive wall art.

  83. If I had one of these I would finally sit down to scrapbook our family photos. I don’t want boxes of stickers and punches waiting to be used, or not. This looks like it would totally eliminate a lot of the clutter of scrapbooking supplies.

  84. Everything on the Silhouette website looks so cool! I like the idea of doing etches for jars. I used to have a label maker that I used to label all of my doodad and food jars, but this would be a waaaaay prettier solution!

  85. I just bought one for myself, so I would like to give this one as a gift to a dear friend. I KNOW she’d love it.

  86. I would love a Silhouette to help with my crafting/decor! I cannot imagine how easy it would make everything. : )

  87. I want a silhouette because I love to create new things, and I have so many ideas that I could could use it for to decorate my house! Thanks for the giveaway!

  88. I visited their website and would first use it for vinyl decor – I’ve hand painted sayings on my wall, but how much better would vinyl be!

  89. The first thing I would to is refinish an old-fashioned spice cabinet that I have. I painted over the original county-style rooster decor when I had my first apartment. Now I would love to do a scroll design in the colors of my kitchen (tuscan-shade reds, yellows, greens). I need to post my picture of how your blog was the inspiration for my stenciled bedroom wall!

  90. I’d love to win one of those – Just thinking of the Christmas gifts I could create.-Dee

  91. I love your blog already! I would create etched glass vases, printed tote bags, and wall art!

  92. Just checked out the site…I didn’t realize it could do temporary tattoos!! The man and I have lots of real tats…when we get hitched we want to have temp tattoos made with a heart and our names…just as a fun favor for the guests! With this we could make them ourselves! WAY cool!

  93. I would love to make some signs for the house and use them to make vinyl designs for our girls’ bathroom mirrors. Looks like so much fun!

  94. I LOVE this blog, I check it every day and would be super excited to win a Silhouette!

  95. I always see projects ob blogs that I’d love to try out – but without a Silhouette machine I can’t do them.
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  96. I just invested in glass storage jars for my kitchen and I’d love to win so I could make labels for them.
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  97. I have about a million thoughts about what to do with this! First of Id like to cut some vinal for over my bed and try the iorn ons for some pillows. My bedroom needs a face lift. I would also like to do some paper crafting for my Boys birthday party in Jan.

  98. I would love to create Subway Art using the vinyl but I am also curious about the temporary tattoo

  99. What don’t I want to make with that little slice of heaven??? (c: I’m pretty obsessed with it’s letter making capabilities, though… Happy thanksgiving!

  100. I really want to try making those amazing christmas ornaments! I didn’t even know this thing could do that! I’m learning already…

  101. I would love to do some etched glass projects and wall stencil projects!! Maybe make some awesome stencils to fabric paint onto pillows too!

  102. I would love to be able to finish my scrapbooks without having to spend money and go to the store everytime I want to do a page. The silhouette would make it easier to make everything at home!

  103. I would like a Silhouette so that I can be more “crafty” without have to swing by Michael’s with two antsy toddlers in tow–how nice to be able to get creative from the ease of my home :)

  104. I have about 932 projects that require vinyl waiting to happen! If I had a Silhouette I wouldn’t have to buy them and I could make so many other things for our new home!

  105. Okay…I know I’m always saying “I really really really want to win this one” but it doesn’t compare to how badly I want to win THIS giveaway! I really want to make some vinyl patterns for pillows, my walls, my kid’s craft projects.. the list could go on and on!

  106. This would be an amazing present for Christmas! You’ve been full of wonderful giving this week!

  107. There are so many uses but I would probably use it to make Holiday decorations! Thanks for the chance!

  108. I’m most eager to try some of the paper crafts with the templates the Silhouette provides and the glass etching designs! Still haven’t tried etching glass but it’s one my list of things–love how you can customize so many things now!

  109. I want one primarily for birthday parties… but I am pretty sure I’d find a million ways to use it.

  110. I want a silhouette because it doesn’t require catridges and I’m a teacher so the possibilities for me are endless.

  111. I would love to win because I’m just not good with scissors and maybe, just maybe my projects would finally look good!

  112. I would create a family monogram and put it on all my baking dishes. I’m always forgetting my dishes after potlucks!

  113. The paper christmas ornaments hanging from the twig on the Silhouette website it SO cute. I’d love to do something like that to hang in my windows.

  114. I would use it for card-making and embellishments for apparel. OOOOh! I really would love to win this. Thanks for a great giveaway. Happy Thanksgiving.

  115. For crafting. of course!! I am suffering craft envy from all the cute things you can make with the Silhouette :)

  116. I would love to make stencils for various projects around the house…for throw pillows, my own t-shirt graphics, laundry room and entryway signs, and the list goes on!

  117. I want to win one because I would love to make everything!! This is the only thing on my list for Santa this year

  118. There are so many things to do with a Silhouette! I’d love to be able to make holiday crafts with my Cuties and low-budget gifts for the many wonderful people in our lives.

  119. I want to make etched glasses to compliment my dishes…but it wouldn’t stop there. I’d make stencils for fabric designs, iron on transfers for t-shirts and who knows what else.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  120. From the Silhouette website, which I just came from, I would love to make everything. But especially I would like to make cards and bday party favors.

  121. i’m salivating! i’ve always wanted one and now that it works with a mac, even more! i NEED this to work on pages of course, but my 3 fashion designers would have a blast using it to personalize their clothing!

  122. I would love the Silhouette to make beautiful gifts for my loved ones, fun goodies for my kiddos and homey touches for my family. Thanks for hosting the giveaway Kate, and wishing you and your family a blessed Thanksgiving.

  123. Why would I want a Silhouette? Oh my goodness…why wouldn’t I want one? I could use it to make cards, subway art, cool t-shirts, pillows…all the wonderful projects I see online that I drool over, but haven’t dared attempt because I don’t have my own Silhouette! I WANT ONE!!

  124. Oh, this is making me drool! I don’t have one specific plan for what I’d make with the Silhoutte but I promise I’d do good with it!!!!

  125. I looked at their website and I can’t wait to make some heat transfer t-shirts for my daughter!

  126. Oooohh I love this! The possibilities are endless. First thing I’d do is start making Christmas presents!

  127. There are SO many things I’d like to make with the Silhouette…but one I hadn’t yet heard of is the temporary tattoos, my kiddos would have a blast with that!

  128. I would love one to make custom gifts for my family and friends, bags and t-shirts and art… the options are endless!!!

  129. I would love this to make fun decorations for my house and to make my own greeting cards with ease. Thanks

  130. I would LOOOOOVE this machine to make my projects look more professional and less “kiddy” arts and crafts. I can think of a zillion ways I could put this baby to use!!!!!!! <3

  131. How exciting that you get to give away a Silhouette. I just can’t believe how exciting this is. I have wanted a Silhouette for so very long. And now – it is MAC compatible. Yippie! I will keep my fingers crossed hoping I can win such an awesome goody!

  132. I have been coveting a Silhouette for quite some time. But, I didn’t really realize how much it did until I went to the site to drool over the projects. Of course, I’d love to make some wall words for my Sister’s nursery or etch some stemware for Christmas presents. But, what I am most excited about is the ability to use the pens to sketch designs. What an awesome feature for making backgrounds on Christmas cards. Oh, I’ve got to sit down – my head is swirling with all the possibilities!

  133. Of course I am one of your most avid followers Kate!!

    I love the Etched glass and drawing capabilities. Would Looooove this prize!!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Art by Karena

  134. love how endless the possibilities are-perfect of course for christmas, but you’re really only limited by your imagination:)

  135. I am so happy they are now Mac compatible! My girls and I would have so much fun with this!

  136. I would love to win this great giveaway! Would love to have this for scrapbooking and crafts, the options are endless!

  137. While I’ve read your blog daily for forever, I’ve never officially “followed” you…until today that is. You offered an incentive I simply couldn’t pass up!

  138. Hi Kate!
    What can’t you do with this awesome machine!?! I have so many projects in my head after reading your post. Mirrors with cool vinyl branches, etched items for my upcoming wedding, Christmas window decorations, labeling items in my linen closet…etc etc!!!

  139. I would love to win a Silhouette because I do all kinds of crafts including scrapbooking and card making. I think it would allow me more time to craft because it would speed up my crafting and let me be more creative just because it can do so much! Thank you and Silhouette for a chance to win this great giveaway!

  140. There are so many wonderful ideas that my head is spinning! I dream of having labeled and organized closets and pantry with the vinyl letters. I also love the vintage bumble bee with the adorable frame around it!

  141. I’m already a follower who enjoys your blog! I’d love to have a Silhouette. Thank you and Silhouette for a chance to win this great giveaway!

  142. I would love the silhouette cutter so I can avoid the cramps in my hand that I get when I try to cut out letters and shapes for crafts. Each time I take on a craft I realize how helpful this machine would be!

  143. I have been wanting a silhouette for sooo long! It’s just not in my budget :( I’d love to win one here, though. I’m constantly crafting and I LOVE that you can cut and sketch your own designs!

    [email protected]

  144. This amazing chance is such a great opportunity, that I would sign up to follow Centsational Girl if I wasn’t ALREADY A FAITHFUL follower. Can I follow twice? :)

  145. I would love to win a Silhouette to use the heat transer vinyl to make onsies and tee shirts for my new granddaughter. I’d also like to make vinyl home decor, cards and use it for scrapbooking. Thank you and Silhouette for a chance to win this great giveaway!

  146. I visited the Silhouette store and love the laundry room vinyl wall art “Drop your drawers here” LOL my kids will get a kick out of this!!!

  147. I love the etched glass ideas on their website. How cute would it be to do some etched glass inside some hurricanes for Christmas decor? The vinyl, the iron-on… honestly I think I would use it every day! Thanks for the chance to win!

    [email protected]

  148. Oh the possibilities are endless with this fantastic crafting tool! I would absolutely love to receive the Silhouette. Thanks for another fantastic giveaway and thanks to the people at Silhouette for this gift. It will make one lucky person very happy, hopefully it is me. :)

  149. I’m in the process of putting lettering on my mantle, the old-fashioned way with scissors, and it’s taking me FOREVER. With the Silhouette the stuff I make anyway would be a breeze and save me so much time!

  150. I soooo need this!!! I am a preschool teacher and I would use this over and over again creating special projects for my kiddos! Not only that but I am a first grandmom in December! I need this machine!!!!!! :-)…well, I really, really want it!

  151. I think I would try to create everything but what I am most excited to try (when I win ;) ) is glass etching. I love lables and etching on my glass containers would look awesome and it would fullfill my labling addiction as well.

  152. I SO want one of these!!! I want to make heat transfer shirts for my nieces/nephews for Christmas.

  153. I would like a silhoutte because I am a teacher and could find a tons of uses for it around the classroom.

  154. I have been LUSTING over the Silhouette for so long now, but can’t seem to get my hands (or wallet) on one!! Oh I would love love love to have one!!!

  155. I would LOVE to have this for my scrapbooking and card making!!! The possibilities are so vast, how exciting!!

  156. I would like to try the glass etching they have on their website too!

  157. My first project would definitely be making a vinyl project, most likely snowflakes for our windows for Christmas decorating.

  158. I already have a silhouette, but I know my best friend would enjoy one. So I’m trying to win one for her as a Christmas present!

  159. ooh! I would love a silhoutte! I have seen so many very cool ideas around blogland that I would love to try out- from cards to vinyl decals… I am not sure I could choose what would be first:)

  160. Since we have a new baby on the way, I would love to do some wall lettering with the Silhouette in the baby’s room and maybe some other art. I also love the idea of doing a monthly onesie picture and the Silhouette would be great to print out the months for ironing on to the onesie!

  161. If I had to choose a project off the website- it would probably be one of the etched glass items- I love the idea of personaling picture frames!

  162. I love all the cut outs that wouldn’t involve scissors. Shapes, flowers, letters? Yes please!

  163. What a wonderful giveaway to be thankful for. A silhouette would open up more crafting opportunities for me!

  164. There are so many things to do with The Silhouette…the possibilities are endless! I would be able to easily complete some of the fabulous projects I see all over the place! :)

  165. I would absolutely love to win one of these, especially for the diverse ways it can be used, and it’s not limited to expensive cartridges. I love it!

  166. Oh the things I could make with one of these! Thanks for the chance to win in this awesome giveaway!

  167. Thanks for the chance to win. I hope I win so that I can make home decor with the “vinyl decor.”

  168. I have linked to it on Facebook AND Twitter. Hopefully that will get me two more entries! Thanks for the giveaway!

  169. I would love one!!!….I would make lots of beautiful words for my office, decorations…Oh my…the possibilities are endless!!!

  170. I need this machine!!!! My life won’t be complete until I get one. It’s my new obsession. So I hope that I win.

  171. I’d love to have this baby! I would like to copy your idea of decorating for the holidays :-)

  172. Can I say that I want one because they seem totally awesome? And it would make crafting so easy? And the possibilities are endless? :)

    Thanks for hosting this great giveaway! Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  173. Second entry:

    I would make beautiful cupcake wrappers for my daughter’s first birthday party. Too cute!

  174. I saw the Happy Thanksgiving Turkey card. Lovely and sparkly. I’d love to make new fantastic cards.

    Bring it on.

  175. I jut love this item and what you have shown us that it will do! I so need one!

  176. I would love this machine! It would allow me to do so much decorating to my home and allow some great scrapbooking!

  177. I want a sillhouette SO BAD! As a homeschool mom, there are thousands of things the kids & I could use it for. Of course, I’d start with an awesome verse on the wall.

  178. On the site, I saw the most amazing etching. This is exactly what I have been looking for to transform the glass in the door from my kitchen to the laundry room.

  179. I work with children and this would save me a ton of time! My colleague and I need to create “kits” for the children to use. Plus it looks like fun.

  180. Perfect for creating my Christmas photo cards! My kids would go crazy over this crafty little machine :) Happy Thanksgiving!

  181. Ok, originally I thought I would make vinyl wall decor first but my 11 yo daughter wants to try temporary tattoos first. I had no idea the Silhoutte could do that. The website doesn’t have nearly enough cool ideas – you need to help them out. Your ideas are way more interesting! Thanks for the giveaway!

  182. I totally need to make some cool wall art for my new house, a silhouette would make that soo easy and fun at the same time!!

  183. I would love to try etching glass – sooo cool :) (I accidentally posted about Willow House on this post – what I meant to say was I would love to get a Silhouette for scrapbooking!!)

  184. I would LOVE to try out the etching stuff. I’ve always wanted customized pyrex stuff… and I love the etched candle holder. Beautiful!

  185. I could make outstanding cards and decorations for all my friends and family! But I would deck out my place first ha.

  186. I would use the Silhouette for pretty much everything (heat transfer, etched glass, scrapbooking, cutting vinyl, etc), but would first try out the temporary tattoos. Those look so cool! :)

  187. Oh my gosh I want this! I would use this for almost anything and everything. I love to make prints of anything and everything. I want to learn to do vinyls and things for etched glass. Please oh please pick me!

  188. I want to win a Silhouette so I can try my hand at all these nifty crafts you do :)

  189. I don’t just WANT the Silhouette, I NEED it!! I have been eyeing this machine for months and have so many projects I want to do!!! PICK ME PLEASE!!!

  190. If I won I would definitely try my hand at some vinyl so I can label some glass jars that I hold all my baking stuff in!

  191. I would love one of these – with a little one now, I relish the thought of getting to decorate with the seasons & holidays – this would help so much!

  192. 1. Why WOULDN’T I want a Silhouette!? The possibilities for creating are endless!
    2. I want to create cards, posters, do-hickies for the house – a little of everything!
    3. Already following – I love this blog!!
    4. I’m not a twiddler – don’t hate me!
    5. Done :)

  193. I want a silhouette because it is my birthday today =). LOL, I really like the versatility the Silhouette offers over the Cricut.