Personalized Stamp GIVEAWAY!

By Kate Riley November 12, 2010

Hello!  I’m so excited for this weekend, aren’t you?  Sunny skies, fall leaves, and visiting in-laws.  We’re whisking them to both Sonoma and San Francisco all weekend long, should be lots of fun.

The winners of the Vintage Pearl giveaway from last weekend are . . . .

#211:  Kelly:  “I’d choose the bitty blossoms and add a charm.  We just had our first child (a boy named Bradley) and so I’d do 3, my initials, my husbands and Brad’s.”

#844: Melissa Martin  “Pregnant with Twins and would love the dainty name necklace! Would be perfect!!”

Congrats ladies!

Now for this weekend’s giveaway, and I must say magnificent timing for this one!  We’ve all got holiday cards to send, so wouldn’t a personalized address stamp be just perfect for you?  

Kelly of Purple Lemon Designs has the most wonderful Etsy shop filled with personalized stamps, Christmas and holiday cards, printable stationery and journals.  She just sent me the most perfect stamp for us for our Christmas card and party invitation! 

purple lemon 1

OK, so we’re not the Hamlins and we don’t live in Tennessee.  But if I showed you my actual stamp with my home address, you’d show up on my doorstep and force me to take you to my favorite thrift store.  I know you. 


There are so many pretty stamps to choose from at Purple Lemon Designs, and THREE of you get to win one for yourself! 

Winners can pick an everyday return address stamp, here’s a few examples.

purple lemon home address  

  . . . or winners can customize one just for the holidays. 

purple lemon holiday

Winner’s choice!  Three winners!  Any stamp under $30! 

Eligibility to win one of three custom stamps from Purple Lemon Designs:

1) Hop on over to Purple Lemon Designs and pick a favorite stamp!  Leave a comment telling which style you’d choose if you won.

2) For a second chance to win, either link to this giveaway on Facebook, or tweet this giveaway with a link on Twitter, then leave a second comment telling where you mentioned this giveaway (FB or Twitter).

Three winners chosen by  Giveaway ends Monday November 15th at 8 p.m. PST. 

Good luck!

Happy fall weekend!!!!


  1. I love the Medium Triple Monogram Address Stamp. Especially since my husband and I have different last names and three last initials!

  2. I’m definitely digging the Medium Round Dottie stamp. The perfect gift for my mom’s birthday next week!

  3. I like lots of them. It I had to pick one I think it would be the Small Round Customized Rubber Address Stamp. My second choice is the Rectangle Pods Customized Address Stamp.

    They are pretty.

  4. i’ve been wishing for one of these forever but i’m sure that as soon as i got one i’d end up moving so i never buy myself one. i’d get the small circle self inking stamp

  5. I would love one with my families name in a Christmas ornament for sending out Christmas cards! Thanks for the chance! :)

  6. Fingers Crossed! I’m having a hard time deciding, but probably one of the stamps with your initial in the middle of the circle :) Super specific…I know…but there are too many cute ones to narrow it down so fast!

  7. There are so many great designs, it’s hard to decide! I love either the Celebration Wreath for Christmastime, or the Wrought Iron Scroll for everyday. Definitely adding this Etsy seller to my favorites!

  8. Adore the Medium Peaks and Valleys Custom. How great!!!

    Come enter my new giveaway from Empress of the Eye!

    Art by Karena

  9. I love the Medium Peaks and Valleys Customized Address Stamp it’s super cute but not too girly that my husband will hate it

  10. These are darling! As much as I admire the holiday stamps, I think I would hope to win the Medium Square Dottie Stamp. Thanks for offering this giveaway! :)

  11. I like the Flourishes stamp for our Christmas cards. It would be a lovely touch! What a fun giveaway! Have a great weekend, Kate.

  12. I think that I would select the custom stamp. I’m just getting started on setting up an etsy business and this would be great!

  13. Oh I want one of these and was bummed not to of won last itme maybe this time.
    The wrought iron scroll would be great but any is fine by me.
    Thanks for a second chance

  14. What a wonderful giveaway! I’d think we’d have to take a family vote if I won! I’m liking the rectangle scroll right now!

  15. I love these stamps. We just moved so this would be perfect with our new address on it. I love the simplicity of the medium round address label.

  16. I love love LOVE the whale stamps! But for the sake of practicality, I’d choose the small triple circles custon address stamp hands down – so simple and pretty!

  17. I love them all, and would have a hard time choosing. I’m leaning with the small circles n circles one for my mom for Christmas. Might have to get one for me too…

  18. Such cute stamps! I love the Flourishes Christmas Tree stamp. Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. I’d get the Medium Custom Teacher Stamp to give to my daughter or son’s teacher as a Christmas gift! What a great idea!

  20. The Southern Girl in me is all about the monogram — So I would choose the Medium Glam Customized Stamp! :)

  21. I’d love the Medium Wedding Monogram… I’m getting married next year and this would be perfect!

  22. oooh! i’ve been wanting one of these! i would pick the medium frills around stamp – so cute! :)

  23. oh what a perfect giveaway. i need a new stamp since i have moved i haven’t gotten a replacement. well i use to have an embosser with my old addy. thanks for this chance to win!

  24. Great give away—-and I would choose the Totally Marthat Stationery Set. At least I think that one—there are sooooo many to love.

  25. I love the Fleur de Lis address stamp! We are a two name household so it would work better than one of the initial stamps. Although I did love those too.

  26. I am gettin’ me one of these if I do not win!

    I am diggin the Square Dottie and the Circles In Circles!

  27. I’ve been hunting for the perfect address labels or stamp. I realliy like the celebration wreath design!

  28. I would pick Handdrawn Christmas Ornament Address Stamp – Medium. It was a hard decision though! They’re all so cute!!

  29. If I won, I would definitely pick the Ornamental Address Stamp. I would love to avoid having to hand write all of the return addresses on my holiday cards and these are so stylish!

  30. My favorites are the circle stamps, but our address is loooong so I think I would need to go with a rectangular one. Fortunately they are all great!

  31. I LOVE the Medium Square Dottie Stamp.
    I also LOVE the Christmas one too, but I want one that I can use all year round!!

    EEE!!! so cute!! I hope I win!!

  32. I really love the Circular Monogrammed stamp, what a cool giveaway! It would be perfect for us since we just moved into our new home :)

  33. I really love the round customizable stamps – simple, yet unique. These would be so perfect for our first Christmas cards as a married couple! Thanks for the great giveaway!

  34. I love the Medium Round Dottie Customized Stamp!! This would look so cute to go with my new address for my FIRST home!!

  35. I’d probably go with the small circles n circles stamp, but there are so many great ones to choose from!

  36. I would love to win the Medium Square Polka Dot Address Stamp!

  37. I’d love either the small or medium round customized stamp. This would make sending our Christmas cards SO much easier!

  38. I would choose the peaks and valley’s address stamps! We’re in a new city and I would love to send out our Christmas cards with this cute addition.

  39. Wow! I love this giveaway! Thank you CG & Purple Lemon!! I would for sure get the Medium Triple Circles Customized Address Stamp. love all these stamps, though!

  40. I’m closing on my first house in 2.5 weeks and this would be perfect!!!!! I would get the Rectangle Pods Customized Address Stamp. They are ADORABLE!!! LOVE IT!

  41. Love. Them. All. Maybe the rectangle scroll? I think? Or medium glam? I don’t know! I’ll just buy whichever one I don’t win :)

  42. The Dottie stamp would be perfect!! My husband decided that we’d move right after I ordered my last stamp :-/

  43. I’d pick out “Medium Round Customized stamp” in the font ECCENTRIC STD. How pretty!
    I may have to buy one of these for my sis-in-law for Christmas. She’d love these!

  44. I’m boring. I like the Medium Triple Circles one!

  45. What a cute shop! I’ve been wanting a personalized stamp for a while…I’d pick the Medium Round Customized Address Stamp – love it!

  46. I would love the Medium Customized stamp! It would be perfect for Christmas cards and thank you cards!

  47. How wonderful and what a great gift idea!!! I love the Medium Fleur de Lis Customized Address Stamp!

  48. I’m loving the Small Round Customized Rubber Address Stamp with the monogram in the middle and the address around it in a circle! So cute!

  49. I love the

    Medium Ornamental Address Stamp… If I don’t win I’m going to buy it anyway :)

  50. Ok so I can’t pick just one, sorry I am a failure. I would want one for my little business and one for my little family too. If I dot win I may just have to give myself a little early Christmas gift. Come on random computer machine, pick me!!!!!

  51. It’d be a tough choice for me – between the Medium Ornamental and the Rectangle Pods. Thanks for the giveaway and have a great weekend!

  52. I’d pick the Medium Dottie Scroll Customized Address Stamp. We’re moving into our first house in January, and it would be a fun thing to have to celebrate our new home.

  53. I’d love the Medium Dottie Scroll Customized Address Stamp. We’re moving into our first house in January and it would be a fun for our future correspondance.

  54. Medium peaks and valleys. This would be sooo great for Christmas cards and letters. I’m just about out of labels!

  55. Not surprisingly, I can’t pick a fave! I’ve got it narrowed down to three: Medium Circles and Circles, Triple Circles, and Medium Dottie Square.

    These are very cool – thanks for the giveaway!

  56. Good gracious is that hard to choose or what?! Medium round customized? Medium round dottie? Probably go the round route whatever I chose! What a great site!

  57. Ooooh. The small triple circles is very cute. Thanks for sharing this shop! I’ll be buying something whether I win or not!

  58. Too many to choose from! I love the Small Fab ornament address stamp, perfect for Christmas cards.

  59. I’ve been wanting one of these forever! I love the medium size triple monogram!!!

  60. These are too cute for words! I love the Small Round Customized Rubber Address Stamp but would really love almost any of them!

  61. Thanks for the opportunity. I like the Flourishes Christmas Tree address stamp. It looks classy.

  62. It’s a tough choice between the classic monogram and the square with frills around. Maybe a new return address stamper will inspire me to write more cards!

  63. I love the Medium Round Customized Address Stamp! Such great designs. Thanks for the giveaway!

  64. I would love the rectangle polka dot address stamp. It is classic and fun at the same time.

  65. I love the medium square dottie stamp font 2. it’s such a great combo of fun and traditional w/the dots and the block letter font!

  66. How cute are these return address stamps?! I’d love one of the circle stamps with our initial in the middle. But if I won I’d also buy one of the Christmas stamps as well. :-)

  67. J’adore the Fleur de Lis! Now that I’m divorced, I really, really want an address stamp that has just my name, and mine alone, on it (and so I can stop using those tacky free address labels that I get in the mail).

  68. I’m having trouble picking just one! I would choose the Round flourishes Christmas tree or celebration wreath. Fabulous! Thanks!

  69. Wow, they are so cute! Would love the medium round customized, simply because I would want to use it all year long!!

  70. I love the Small Fab Ornaments Address Stamp. Simple, cute and classy! What a great giveaway to anyone who sends out Christmas cards or letters. As I make my own Christmas cards each year, this would definitely help me out!


  71. I am in love with the Medium Square Dottie Stamp! If I had one I would stamp all my letters with a raised pinky for extra class.

  72. Thank you so much for the chance to win one of these! They are so fun! I am having a hard time choosing between the “medium round” and “medium peaks and valleys” styles.

  73. I love the Dottie Scroll or the Family circle stamps! I would love to have this for this years Christmas cards!

  74. These are BEAUTIFUL! I would love the Christmas “Flourishes Christmas Tree” but really, I’d love to have one of each.

  75. I would definitely pick the Rectangle Paisleys stamp because I am a freak and love everything paisley. I think I might actually need a 12-step program for it…
    Thanks for the chance of winning!

  76. So cute! I was going to pick the triple circle, but then it might be fun to have a holiday stamp since I send out sooo many holiday cards…so maybe the small snowflake! How fun!

  77. I really like the medium round customized address stamp it’s just perfect for year round use.

  78. OMG, you crack me up. If you had posted your address, I totally WOULD have shown up on your doorstep (on my next trip home from Boston to Santa Rosa) and demanded that you take me thrifting with you. I wish we had a St. Vincent DePaul like yours around here!

    Anyway, I like the Medium Glam Customized or the Small Round Customized. Love them all – the Christmas ones are SO cute, but I already have Christmas address labels. Thanks for this fun giveaway.

  79. I like the dottie round one. However, I have a pile of photo Christmas cards here that would look great with a Christmas-themed stamp.

    Bookmarking the Etsy site. We’re moving to our new home in another month or so, and I have an address stamp or embosser on my list of things to buy!

  80. i love the ornamental address stamp! it could totally seem christmasy, or even kind of morrocan! :)

  81. Love the Medium Circles N Circles Stamps – actually I love them all, it’s a hard decision!

  82. So many options! Its hard to choose. I actually think I would like a custom “with love from” stamp that I could use on gifts, homemade goodies, or handwritten notes!

  83. I love the medium peaks and valleys! How cute!! It could be very versatile for any season, or event.

  84. i like the medium Round Flourishes, but they are all so beautiful it’s hard to choose.

  85. I’m loving the “small round” stamp with our initial in the middle. I’ve been eyeing custom address stamps for awhile now, keeping my fingers crossed that chooses to pick my number :)

  86. Aww! These are ALL so sweet and cute! I’d love to be a winner! ;) My favorite (one of my favorites!) is the Medium Polka Dots Around. Love it!

  87. Medium Circles N Circles, too cute, so unique and everyone would be sure to write back.

  88. LOVE the Medium Dottie Scroll and the Flourishes Chrismas Tree. Thanks for the great contest.

  89. I love the Christmas is Coming Stamp. I really like how the address is circular. Darling!!

  90. Oh, I love these! Being from New Orleans, I should probably pick the Fleur de Lis, but something about the Small Triple Circles in the Mortimer font is calling to me! I also love the Medium Round Initial, though, with those gorgeous ornate letters. It would be a tough choice!

    I’m also loving the name Purple Lemon since it’s my favorite color paired with my favorite flavor. =D

    Thanks for the chance! Have a great weekend!

  91. I really like all the designs using one initial with the address incorporated into the design. Would love to win this one!

  92. I”d love to have the Round Flourishes Christmas Tree stamp. I’d use it all year round!!!

  93. My choice would be the Medium Spiral Customized Address Stamp. A perfectly lovely stamp!

  94. I would totally pick the Medium Spiral customized address stamp because it is very unique and yet cool. Just like my big family of 8!

  95. I would pick Round Flourishes Christmas Tree Address Stamp – Medium… but I love them all!

  96. Ohh, such a hard choice. But I think I would go with the small square one. This giveaway is perfect for me right now. I just moved into my first home two weeks ago!

  97. I love the “Pretty Flowers Customized Address Stamp – Rectangle” stamp. Thank you for this giveaway!

  98. I’ve been thinking about a personalized stamp for my mother for a Christmas gift – she would love the pretty flowers stamp. Buuuttt… I really like the medium square for me. It would really help with the motivation to get those cards out!

  99. Medium peaks and Valleys or Medium Dottie Scroll – I didn’t change my last name so I need something big to put either both our first names or both our last names.

    [email protected]

  100. I agree with Molly…Medium Peaks and Valleys or Medium Dottie Scroll are my faves.

    She even has my maiden name!


  101. I totally want to win this one! I would love the Christmas Wreath stamp. Too cute! It would look great on my Christmas card envelopes.

  102. Most definitely the Medium Family Circle Customized Address Stamp. Simple and sweet!

  103. This was not easy! So many cute options but I think my fave is the small n small circles custom stamp!

  104. Medium wrought iron is my favorite because it’s classy looking and I could use it yearround!!! Love it! :-)

  105. Oh pick me pick me! I’m getting married and would LOVE the medium wedding monogram stamp! Would be perfect for stampng our invites and thank you notes!

    Love your blog!!!

  106. Oh, the medium square dottie all the way! Love it! (c: And you are right…I would make you take me to your fav thrift store…you are good! (c:

  107. I love these stamps! They are fantastic. My favorite (so hard to choose!) is the Medium Circles N Circles!

  108. I love them all!!! It was so hard to choose but I think I would go classic and choose the medium round customized. I think I might need to buy them all! It’s impossible to choose!

  109. I’m in love with the Medium Spiral Customized Address Stamp. It’s unique and super cute!

  110. I adore the “Celebration Wreath” address stamp ! So festive and cheery… just fantastic for cards and adorable on packages that must be shipped !!!! :o)

  111. I would love to have the Medium Whale Customized Rubber Stamp! It reminds me of Cape Cod!

  112. Oh what to choose… I am more inclined to pick a few! So many to love…but maybe just maybe I love the medium triple monogram. Then again there is also the fabulous…

    I hope I win!

  113. I really like the Medium Zebra Address Stamp bc it matches the theme I’m going with for my new etsy store (Cr8ive Edge Design). Would LOVE to win one! It would be a great christmas present from me, to me ;)

  114. Thanks for hosting this giveaway, Kate. Oh my, these are wonderful!!! I’d have a very hard time picking one… I’m torn between any of the monogrammed ones, or the Let Them Eat Cake Wedding stamp. So cute!!


  115. I love the Round Flourishes Christmas Tree Address Stamp! Have lots of cards to srnd, since this is our baby’s 1st Christmas!!

  116. I love the iron scrollwork stamp but want one for every celebration. I’m thinking these make my address lables seem kind of dinky. Time for an upgrade!

  117. Love the Christmas Tree Flourishes stamps. But if I won, I think I’d also have to buy an every day stamp as well. Love the playful spiral design.

  118. I love them all but if I had to pick one, it would be the “Hamlin’s stamp”.

  119. Wow – fabulous collection of unique stamps! I really liked the “Medium Family Circle Customized Address Stamp” and would pick it if I won. Thank you for the chance to win!

  120. Kelly’s stamps are all kinds of wonderful! I’d love to have the Small Bookplate Stamp. Of course, this would only be the beginning of my Purple Lemon rubber stamp collection ….

  121. These stamps are awesome. I really love the one with the Christmas Tree flourishes. Thanks for this great opportunity to win a wonderful stamp!

  122. I just found my teacher’s gifts! Love the teacher stamps, the thank you cards, and the celebration wreath stamp. Her prices are so affordable. Thank you for sharing this business!

  123. Hope my daughter’s teacher doesn’t see my post on Facebook that I just posted. It will ruin her Christmas surprise!

  124. I like the Grinchy Christmas Tree Stamp! There are all so adorable. Thanks for the giveaway from such a great etsy seller!
    inspirame at lycos dot com.

  125. I love the Medium round dottie stamp. We’re about to move into our new house, so a new address stamp would come in handy!!

  126. I would love to win the Small Square Address Stamp or the Polka Dot Address Stamp or…
    I love them all!

  127. I love the Customized Handmade stamp. My daughter is a wee crafter and she would love to have her own stamp to put on her creations.

  128. I love the Medium round Dottie Custom Stamp…but I could change my mind! I want one of each!! Love the holiday ones as well!

  129. I really like the Rectangle Pods address stamp! It’s modern and stylish and I love the clean font! Would be such an upgrade to my usual handwritten return address. :)

  130. I would love a everyday stamp. My favorite is the Medium Round Initial! Sure beats writing your address out by hand! Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!

  131. My husband and I live on a farm so I would choose the Medium Dottie Scroll Custom as it looks a bit like our farm sign. Thanks for the giveaway and the great blog!

  132. I love the Medium Square Dottie Stamp. It would looks so good on our envelopes. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  133. I love them all but would have to choose the Medium Dottie Scroll. I can use it year round and it would encourage me to keep in touch with my friends and family with handwritten notes!

  134. I love too many to choose just one….I like the triple circles stamp, the modern stamp, the squares and dots stamp. I’d love to win any of them.

    Shelley H

  135. I love the medium circle in circle! What a perfect pre-holiday give away, thanks so much for the chance to read!

  136. Ohhhhh! I want a Christmas one…a regular for my books…I love to get & send letters…Nobody does this anymore..I really think its a lost art…But since I have to choose just one I guess I have to pick the medium celebration wreath…I think it would be look beautiful for our Christmas cards ( and the letters I’m gonna send..hehehe)! What a great giveaway!

  137. love these stamps! i have one for everyday mail and LOVE it! I would choose the Christmas ornament stamp for the 100+ Christmas cards we send out. This would make life so much easier and my cards so pretty and festive!! Great Giveaway!

  138. I just love the Christmas stamps… I’m torn between the Celebration Wreath Address Stamp and the Christmas Is Coming address stamp. What a great way to add a festive touch on all those Christmas cards that will be going out soon!!

  139. I like the monogrammed stamp, or the small round one. Would be SUPER useful on wedding invitations! Thanks!

  140. The Rectangular Pod would be perfect for our Christmas cards this year! It might even cheer up the bills from all of the holiday festivities … LOL!

  141. LOVE ~ LOVE ~ LOVE the Medium Round Grinchy Christmas Tree stamp……I saw the pic first and immediately thought of the Grinch and then laughed to myself when I saw the name and read the description…Kelly couldn’t have nailed it better!!! Spot on!!!!

  142. Those are wonderful! I would choose the Flourishes Christmas Tree address stamp – it is so great!!

  143. With a new baby to come during these christmas holidays and the task of sending out birth announcement cards just ahead… I would have to choose a customized address stamp :) I love the small triple circles!

  144. I just moved in to my first apartment to call my own, and the Pretty Flowers Rectangle stamp would be perfect for me!

  145. I like the Rectangle Pods stamp – and with be newly maried (6 weeks today!), we could use a return address stamp, esp if it’s a pretty as these are!

  146. oh how I would love a Christmas stamp! My favorite is the Hand drawn Christmas (ornament) and my 4 yr old son (sitting here with me) likes the Christmas is Coming (stocking) stamp!

    Lindsey75 at gmail dot com

  147. Hi Kate! Wow doesn’t she have some beautiful things. I think that if I had the Celebration Wreath Stamp I might send more Christmas card this year.

  148. Whoops! Forgot to put which stamps I liked…either Rectangle Pods or Medium Dottie Scroll. So cute!

    And I tweeted…@anniemariewebb.

  149. One of my favorite things during the holiday season is CHRISTMAS CARDS! I love picking them out, hand writing a nice little note in each one, sending them to friends a family near and far, and I LOVE getting Christmas cards from others. I think the Medium Celebration Wreath Address Stamp would be a GREAT addition and fun touch for this year’s cards!

  150. I love the Medium Spiral Customized Address Stamp and also the Medium Scrolling Bookplate Rubber Stamp.

  151. Oh my! How to choose?? SO pretty and fresh! I was first drawn to the Medium Wrought Iron Scroll address stamp. Thank you!!

  152. How fabulous?! I adore the “Pretty Flowers Customized Address Stamp – Rectangle!”
    Many thanks…

  153. So hard to choose as they are all fantastic! I would choose the Flourishes Christmas Tree – would be so fun to have a holiday address stamp.

  154. I recently got married and moved across the globe from Australia to be with my husband, we just moved to our new house and since I love to send handwritten mail home, this stamp is so simple but classy I know it will look fabulous on my mail when my family and friends receive it, I know especially my niece will always know when the mail is from me when she collects it! I would choose Small Round Customized Rubber Address Stamp in font #1

  155. I am a bit of a traditionalist, so although all the round and square ones are SO pretty, I’d have to go with the classic rectangle. I like “Pretty Flowers”!

  156. This is an awesome giveaway!! I do love all of them, but for my fav Christmas one – I would choose “Med. Crafty Christmas one. And for everyday… I love the Med. Fleur de Lis. :)
    Just sayin’ I am totally wishin’ and hoping and prayin’…

  157. OMG so hard to choose! I have several young friends who recently purchased new homes and these would be PERFECT housewarming gifts! I would choose Pretty Flowers or Small Cutie Cupcake! I hope I hope I hope!!!

  158. oooooooooooh!!! I love these! I feel like such a nerd for being so in love with address stamps =\

    I’d pick the Medium Triple Circles Custom Address Stamp

  159. The Medium Dottie Scroll Customized Address Stamp will be ideal as we will soon be moving!

    Personally, I would prefer something more frilly, however my DH will be using the stamp too.;)

    Thank you CG for always offering such great giveaways! (Have you ever thought of offering up some of your own creations? They are just as lovely!)

  160. I love your site. Can’t wait to read it everyday.

    I would love the Medium Family Circle Stamp…so I can stamp away on my christmas cards!

  161. I would totally do the medium crafty address stamp! I love this website, i bought something similar on Etsy for my wedding. It had my new address on it….just stamped a card I sent to my mother in law and she LOVED my stamp! Just marked down a potential Christmas gift!

  162. Oooooh, medium circles initial stamps, for sure! Love them. She’s incredible!!!! Love her stuff. What did we ever do before Etsy?? Hoping to win one!

  163. I would choose the Medium Ornamental Scrolling Address Stamp in the first font. Its elegant and pretty without being too overly feminine. With an 11 letter married last name a stamp would realllllllyyyyy come in handy. Especially while sending out 75 Christmas Cards. Thanks!

  164. So excited about the giveaway! I’ve been a fan of yours since I found your site this summer and now I plan to order some Christmas gifts from Purple Lemon!!!! Thanks so much for sharing!!!

    Our (yes, I included the husband on this decision! lol) is the Medium Scroll with font option 1. :) (…but I will be ordering one for myself hopefully!!!!) shhhhh lol Thanks!

  165. Sunny skies? We’re having snow over here! I love these stamps. I can’t decide between an initial address stamp or the round florishes Christmas address stamp. Hmmm, decisions, decisions…

  166. I have always wanted one of these! I love the monnogrammed look! There ares so many fabulous ones I would have a hard time choosing!

  167. I love the Celebration Wreath design for Christmas cards and invites but for everyday I would choose the Groovy Giraffe. They are so fun – great giveaway!

  168. Ohh, the rectangle pods stamp has my name written all over it….well not yet technically!

  169. These are too cute to use only around the holidays!

    I love the monograms in circles or the fleur de lis.

    So cute!

  170. Wow! What a great idea! I would loooooooooove the Medium Wrought Iron Scrollwork :-) Classic yet versatile :-)

  171. I would pick the Medium Crafty Christmas Address Stamp…that would be so fun to stamp onto all our Christmas cards!! :o)

  172. I love the small fab ornaments samp, so cute, I can already picture how cute it would be on my Christmas letters =o)

  173. I’d choose the customized rectangle pods address label! So cute! Thanks for the chance!

  174. I love the Medium Peaks & Valleys. It would be great for everyday and also for Christmas cards!

  175. These are too cute! I would choose the Grinchy Round Christmas Tree, or the Handdrawn Christmas, or the Medium Celebration Wreath . . . there are too many great ones, I don’t know!

  176. I love the medium dottie scroll stamp, these would make addressing Christmas letters so much faster (and cuter!)

  177. I would definitely choose “Christmas Round Flourishes” Stamp! I can’t wait to send out Christmas Cards from our 1st house this year!!

  178. All are wonderful! I would choose the Mediium Peaks & Valleys.
    Many thanks for a great giveaway!

  179. I need a new one of these so bad since we’ve moved so my old one is now obsolete. I’d love any of them, but my fave is the Medium Glam Customized Address Stamp!! Cute cute cute!!

  180. I teach middle school reading to struggling students who are currently reading below grade level by more than two years. Motivating these students is key to opening the door to their future because many of them have been met with significant setbacks in their past. Therefore I am constantly messaging that my students are “college-bound” and I would love to use the “Medium Graduation Customized Address Stamp” for class documents as a way to continue to emphasize to my students and the larger community that my students can and WILL reach the height of their academic potential!

    Thank you so much for your always amazing posts! :)

  181. I really like the Medium Peaks and Valleys stamp! It’s so cute. I’d give this to my sister so she can stamp the inside of her little girl’s books – that way they will hopefully always come back home!

  182. Thank you for this giveaway. and for introducing me to Purple Lemon Design! I would like medium circles in circles in font 2 if I win!!!

  183. The Medium Round Grinchy Christmas Tree Address Stamp brought a big smile to my face.. what a fun way to decorate and address my holiday cards!

  184. I’m loving the Small Cutie Cupcake stamp. Long story short, I’ve recently taken on the nickname Katiekakes so it would be perfect!

  185. I like the square one….I fell in love with them all. I have always wanted one so I picked the square one so I can use it all year.

  186. i like the medium family circle stamp! it will work out perfect since my significant other and I aren’t married and thus do not have a common last name or initial to put in the middle!!

  187. I love the medium square dottie stamp! I just got married and this would help get our new mailing address out there to our friends and family

  188. Love the Tree Flourishes stamp but think I would go with one I could use year round. Thanks for giving me a great place to shop for the holidays!

  189. Awesome giveaway! I love the Medium Frills Around Address Stamp! I can’t believe I’m the 620th person to enter!! Thanks for hosting, Kate!

  190. I love the Medium Fleur de Lis. We are military and just moved (again!). I think that fab little stamp would be a great way to let everyone know where we are now and help make this move (or at least our mail!) start to feel more settled and official. Not to mention my fam are bigtime Saints fans:) Fun for them..classy for me=perfect!

  191. I am torn betweeen the Medium Round Dottie Address stamp or the Triple Circles. They are all so cute and would be great for addressing Christmas cards!

  192. I follow Centsational Girl on Facebook and just posted about this terrific giveaway! Thanks for another fun giveaway.

  193. I like the mdeium peaks and valleys stamp.

    We had a nice return address stamp for our previous place, but I haven’t ordered a replacement since we moved (9 months ago). My husband has decreed that we are sending Christmas letters this year, so time to pull it together!

  194. Oh wow. I love those, so much that I think I may need my Christmas cards from there this year! Ok, so if I were lucky enough to win, I’d probably choose the Medium Dottie Scroll Address stamp.

  195. soooo cute! I would choose one of the customized stamp to say “Handmade by Jenny” to accompany the items I make for my new etsy store!

  196. I would choose the medium dottie scroll. If I was lucky enough to win I could address all my Christmas cards with it!!

  197. My six year old has been practicing her writing skills by writing letters to our family members so we looked at the stamps together. Her favorite was the “Medium Frills Around Address Stamp.” She likes the squiggly writing. We posted the address on facebook too so Nana could have a chance to look!

  198. So many beautiful designs! A favorite is the medium round initial customized address stamp.

  199. I would pick the medium circles in circles stamp, I love it! I’ve always wanted a stamp like this!

  200. I would choose the Rectangle Pods stamp with the first font option. Choosing just one is the hardest part! Very cool shop :)