By Kate Riley August 31, 2010

I don’t think I’ve ever been this tired in my life.  My brother and sister-in-law deposited their three children on my doorstep last Friday.  Grinning ear to ear, they promptly departed, and didn’t return to pick up their darlings until this past Tuesday afternoon.

I’m totally wiped.  I’m completely beat.  And I bow to any Mom with more than two children in their custody, especially if they are rambunctious adolescent boys.


sugar snakeThat said, I do declare I love being an Auntie.  To me, being an Auntie must be like being a grandparent.

I get to spoil them with treats and delight in their mischief, then happily hand them over to their parents at day’s end.  Now that I enjoy.

There’s a local novelty sweet shop they beg me to visit.  Call me irresponsible, but I indulge them.

There they buy very boyish treats like monster gummy snakes.  I marvel how they possibly digest them, even if snacked on over the course of a weekend.


My nephews live for harmless pranks to play on obliging older cousins.


I know, it’s shocking, shameful, and disgusting.

And hysterical.

I’d pay anything for just an ounce of their energy.

 boys jumping

We picnicked with my Mom at a favorite local cheese factory today, where I finally got them to sit still for a few moments.

Systèmes de remplacement des

See how my nephews look adoringly into my eyes, idolizing me for my coolness.


I make them repeat over and over how I’m their most favorite Aunt.

They totally love me.

And the feeling is mutual.



  1. Very cute! We have no children of our own yet, but we have 2 nieces and 1 nephew who are as cute and as crazy as can be. My husband has volunteered us to take 1 or 2 of them next summer for a few weeks…from the other side of the country! He said that because he works 80 hours a week and I am off all summer. We’ll see how that works out! I’m sure the day we send them back home we’ll sugar them up too.

  2. what a sweet post! i, too, am and auntie and adore it. all the perks of parenting and yet you can hand them back! :)

  3. OMG, such handsome, cheeky-looking boys!
    I’d GLADLY look after them for 4 days. Even now, I have to ‘borrow’ kids from the pre-school I work at, to have at home for an additional couple of hours. sigh.

  4. I missed this post! I was in awe of you for taking on two more kids…I’m always impressed with anyone who can handle more than two. I can barely keep up with my girls, and I would love to have some of their energy!

  5. I do see a bit of the devil lurking in those cute adoring eyes. I bet you had a fun weekend, but were glad for the peace and quiet when they were gone ;-)

  6. I have nieces that come over and I LOVE to spoil them and break all the rules, even though as a mother I wouldn’t do that with my own! Tee-hee! What I loved was the Cricketts! I bought some for my son while in Hawaii and he loved playing trick on people, putting them onto someone’s dinner plate, freaking the girls in his class out as he ate a few! His favourite flavour was sour cream and onion!

  7. 4 nights? Bless your heart! I had my 6yr old niece & 9yr old nephew for a sleepover a couple weekends ago & it was exhausting. Tons of fun (because who doesn’t like playing nerf gun battle with glow in the dark darts with the lights out) but exhausting. I can’t wait till the next time though. I always tell people that being an aunt is my favorite job!

  8. I’m the youngest of my sister, and still do not have children of my own. My eldest sister’s children are the sweetest nieces I could have ever wished for. Maybe it helps that since they were born I have been my sister’s main babysitter, especially since I lived with them for 4 years. Being an aunt is the best thing, and closest thing to motherhood I can experience. Come on, I have taken my older nieces (12, and 10 years old), and 5 friends to watch Twilight: Eclipse.

  9. I related to this post on a personal level! I have 3 boys of my own. Ages 3,8 and 11. I’m pretty sure I’d be less exhausted if I had 3 girls to every one of those boys. Although I have heard that boys are harder when they’re little and girls are harder as teens. So I’m crossing my fingers. On an unrelated note, I loved your ‘where do you blog’ post. I work from home as a Medical Transcriptionist and am in the process of moving my workspace from my husbands office to the sitting area of our master. His space is not doing if for me. (Dark walls, HUGE fish tank, vintage Star Wars, seriously) Can’t wait. Maybe i’ll send a pick over when it’s complete. I actually got most of my inspiration from your office. And thank you btw for introducing me to Heirloom white. I’ve nearly wiped out HD’s supply and have about 6 things drying in my garage as we speak. You’re an inspiration! Thanks!

  10. Good for you for surviving! Sometimes I think it’s easier if it’s somebody’s else’s kids cause they actually listen. I’ve offered my little sis to take her 9 month old baby while her and her husband get away for a belated honeymoon. I’m scared already!

  11. Hilarious post…I’m all smiles! I have an 18-month old son who is also full of energy. Sometimes I can’t keep up with him. LOL

  12. “I do declare I love being an Auntie. To me, being an Auntie must be like being a grandparent. ”

    That is how I felt and still feel. But, oh my, to watch them grow up and develop a life of their own is heart wrenching because then they no longer have time for their Auntie. I am so happy that a niece of mine is about to have a child of her own and I hope that she will come visit (or I visit them) lots!

  13. As a parent of 4 kids I’m fairly happy that two of them are now in college. Makes the home life (laundry!!) so much easier. Not that there’s not a trade off what with tuition and missing them.

    That cheese factory is one of my all time favorite places! I grew up right by there and we had Father’s Day there this year.

  14. What great photos of your nephews and yes, you are a great Auntie!! I love the prank candy…err…it is prank crickets, right?? lol I do know what it is like to live with rambunctious boys…I have 4! Yes, they wipe you out! :)


  15. When we have our grandsons, who are 3 and almost 2…I’m so tired when they leave I can barely stumble to the couch. I question how I ever raised 2 of my own. I get tired just watching all that boy energy! Your guys are so cute and that looks like my kind of picnic!

  16. We have 5 boys — no girls… I am so glad someone admits to how much more tiring boys are than girls! At the end of the day I am so ready for bed. It is not yet 9:30 in the morning and we have already had a train riding race that was not for the tender at heart. Their energy level will never cease to amaze me. Our boys have some spectacular Aunties that they adore. I am so very grateful for all they do! So here’s to all the Aunties that do their darndest for those nephews.

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