New Lamp Love

By Kate Riley July 19, 2010

I had every hope of finishing up all the final touches in my master bedroom over the weekend, but as fate would have it, nada was accomplished.  Instead, I took some leisure time, and I’m so glad we got out and enjoyed ourselves.   

Instead of finishing the space, we went out wine tasting in Sonoma and had the best time ever.  The weather was perfect, the kids were angels, the wine was cold, the cheese was stinky, and the evening ended so well, I crashed on the couch with the kids, all of us completely wiped.  It was heaven. 

But our bedroom remains a complete disaster zone, with laundry and ladders and paint cans and tarps everywhere.   I had a crazy idea to repaint the entire room last week in ‘Nantucket Gray’ by Benjamin Moore.  It’s the perfect shade of medium gray with a hint of olive.  My poor husband has been so patient with me while I try to give this room a facelift. 

One of the upgrades I was eyeballing were these lamps at Z Gallerie, they’re delicious. 

But then I found a pair of lamps for 1/3 the price at Marshalls ~ loved the shape, but of course I wanted them white ! 

I got this idea from Janell to spray paint some curvy lamps a glossy white, and I absolutely love the final result ! 


$40 lamp from Marshalls:

lamp before text



lamp after text

Love !

I spray painted with Rustoleum’s ‘Gloss White’ (heart!), and removed the brownish band from the shade.   Then I hand painted the champagne stripe at the base to make it pop off the dresser. 

lamp base on dresser

So modern !  So purty ! 

Did you happen catch the sneaky peek at the hand painted wall treatment ?  If you follow my tweets, you’d have seen my inspiration link for it last week !  The bedroom should come together very soon, fingers crossed.

Today I’m off to Restoration Hardware ~ ordinarily I don’t shop there because they’re a little pricey, but I’m holding in my paint covered hands a gift card and their linens are on sale !  Aw, yeah.  Gotta love how my hub redeemed some miles from his business Am Ex to bring me a RH gift card.

He must have been listening when I kept saying how much I love their Belgian Washed Linen Quilt and Shams, and how I kept repeating after ten years, how much we really deserve something nice for our bedroom. 

Or maybe it was the page from the catalog that I taped to his side of the mirror.

mirror hint 

I’m just subtle like that. 


I’m torn between Fog, White, and Orchid.  Decisions, decisions !   rh trio

What have you spray painted lately ? 




  1. I just painted 2 lamps a few months back, and I love them both. I also used Rust. Gloss White. Fabulous paint. Your lamps are stunning. I can’t wait to see your gorgeous new linens. Hugs, Marty

  2. I just bought a couch from Restoration Hardware. Yes, they are a bit pricey but they are worth every penny in my opinion! I really love the Fog Quilt and Shams but all of them are great! Have fun spending that gift card!

  3. love the lamps! I’m going to have to file away that high gloss white in my DIY portion of my brain! And fog gets my vote on the linens! I had white linens on my bed for so long, they were nice, but I got very tired of all that white…

  4. I love the orchid quilt and shams. We are currently in redo mode in our master bedroom as well. We have a leather bed and trying to balance the feminine/masculine element is difficult for me so it is a continual work in progress. But still, the painters tape still framing the crown moulding from 2 years ago finally came down as hired painters came in. Where is the catalog page that subtly says “YOU ARE NOT A PAINTER!” to tape to my husbands’ mirror?!!!
    Enjoy the shopping & I adore your blog.


  5. Love the new lamp! I did my first spray paint lamp makeover recently and it turned out pretty well. I wanted a bright yellow lamp for our living room, but couldn’t find the color I wanted. I came across a lamp at TJMaxx that was the shape I wanted and decided to try my hand at spray painting!

    I love Restoration Hardware and those linens are fabulous! My vote goes for Fog…but I must admit I love the Orchid too!

  6. Your hubby is on it! I leave “subtle”messages too, but apparently they must be too subtle?! Haha….
    have fun at Restoration. I too am in love with their Belgian linen line {swoon}

    Happy Monday!


  7. I’ve had some thrift store lamps sitting in my office since MARCH waiting on a coat of spray paint. Where does the time go? But I did do a little spray paint action this weekend on a cute little owl…luckily it was a cement owl, not a real one. :)

  8. Well, now I have that lamp in my LR in its original color, but it looks great in white too for your BR. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got up your sleeve in here, I know it’s gonna be good.

  9. Love the lamps! The bedding will be beautiful too. Spray paint…let’s see, a small round coffee table, a side chair, a side table, a mini-dressing table bench…all items my daugther took to her new apartment for school!

  10. Pfffffffffffffffftttttttt, what HAVEN’T I spray painted? Your lamps came out just perfect, by the way, and I vote orchid on the linens, it has a nice sultry subtlety. I can’t wait to see what you end up getting!

  11. Really pretty lamp makeover! It’s funny b/c I just posted today about how some makeovers (like your lamp!) are enough of a pop on their own without spending a beeellion dollars and completely revamping a room. Your room redo can wait until you’re ready and have recovered from your special family time. I can’t wait to see! :)

    I LOVE the white for the bed, but between my kids and husband, I wonder if it would get grimy quickly, even with regular bleaching…..

  12. Oh CG, you inspired me to spray-paint A LOT this weekend: file cabinet, two patio chairs, a random chair that had been sitting forgotten in the office and the back panel of our Danish Modern china cabinet. So I guess a better question is, “What didn’t I spray-paint?” (Answer: the dog!)

    Thanks for all your awesome tips–Rustoleum Enamel White is my new BFF.

  13. Love the lamp! I bought a really nice quilt set, (pic on my blog) that is an off white with tan accents. I have 4 dogs who sleep in bed with me and I was so nervous about it getting dirty. It really holds up well. Mind you, my dogs get baths every 10 days and don’t jump in my bed wet or dirty, but still it’s stayed white longer than I thought. I have had it about 8 months now & only taken it to laundry mat to get washed 2 times. I say go for the white!!!!

  14. More like what haven’t I spray painted lately! I did a curvy lamp just like you, I sprayed an old principal’s chair white, I sprayed 2 chunky candle sticks I got on a super discounted price, a big picture frame, a vase, 2 brass candle sticks…

    Ps. I like the Fog quilt and shams best!

  15. Wow, I saw that lamp at Marshalls and thought about painting it. But I need two. And I was unsure if it would look like I painted it. But that looks great! I was going to try using the spray lacquer paint but the gloss seemed to work well.

  16. Personally I like that orchid, although all three colors are lovely. Can’t wait to see the finished room update!

  17. First off, i’d take both: the Fog and Orchid. I’m just like that. When i find something to love, love, and love… i get more than one: 4 same dresses in diff colors, 3 pairs of heel pumps in different colors, you see the pattern.

    I really rec. getting both colors! They’re both gorgeous.

    I spraypainted our vintage 60s patio wrought iron set…sanding off some rust and spraying a new coat, and that spray can ‘gun’ thing is saving me from early arthritis.

  18. Your lamp looks fabulous, better than your inspiration lamp from Z Gallerie! Thanks for the shout out and glad my lamps also inspired you! Isn’t blogging great…

  19. Get one of each! One frog, one white, one orchid. At least, that’s what I’d do!

    My friend is near the end of her apartment makeover. I’ll forward her this post so she has some suggestions for finishing up those last minute touches to her lamps and accessories! : )

  20. I was just thinking of spray painting a couple curtain rods for my daughters nursery. This inspires, thanks!

  21. Love the lamp. Right now I’m in the middle of spray painting a vintage toy box I picked up a thrift store for free! I’ve had to re-sand a couple of times, so I’m hoping to finish up my last coat of spray paint tomorrow.

  22. Wow- those lamps turned out great! The ceiling of our long entry porch is painted Nantucket Gray – I almost had a heart attack when our contractor (who, as it turns out, is color blind) told me how much he liked the “avocado green” I’d chosen for the entry! We have houseguests here from South Carolina who spent the day winetasting today in Sonoma – I can’t wait till they get back to hear how it went! Glad you had such a good time!

    p.s. Fog!

  23. I personally won’t spray nothing in my my very pregnant state; my finger would never pardon me! But we found a coffee table which we’ll turn into a play table for my lady. It being grey (that not good looking grey) we’ll (and by we I mean my mom) will spray it the same color as her play kitchen, which is blue :) We had no luck finding litttle chairs or bench (like you did) but I have two bright green plastic patio chairs that will do the trick, found at the dollar store :D

    I’d go for white as for the linens. But the 3 are pretty. Maybe I’m just too safe?

    can’t wait to see your bedroom finished. Everything always looks so good in this blog!

  24. I love the shape of that lamp and the champagne band along the bottom. Great job. My Spray painting has been non existent. I have a few things waiting and waiting to be sprayed, maybe tomorrow. I think i’ve been saying that for a month now!

  25. Looks like a tie for the Fog and Orchid so far… at least neck and neck. Buy both! Solved!
    I have spray painted a large 3′ tall pine garbage box and the top, and lid, all in a Heritage White have been bead-boarding and repainting my cabinet doors in an aged manner of Off-whites and darkened the grooves in the bead -board with a metallic brown. The brown gets covered and wiped off, of the cream shades to give it the antiqued look. I wanted a large garbage asides from the recycling.

  26. LOVE that lamp and those linens make me swoon! Beautiful! In spray painting news – I did just do a little yard sale mirror yesterday! My love of Gloss Black is equal to your love of Gloss White!

  27. I spray painted a lawn chair pink. It belonged to my partner. Imagine his suprise when he went out for a beer…

  28. Ah, spray paint. ;-) I saw some mercury glass lamps in the PB catalog last year and loved them. I remembered some old lamps I had so I painted them to have the same look. A little creativity goes a long way.

  29. I tried spray painting a coffee table this past weekend. Not so successful! I used Rustoleum Winter Gray. Problem being it turned out streaked – what am I doing wrong? I used a spray paint handle thing – so the stream was consistent. I sanded and retried and still got some shiny/dull streaks? What to do? Advice anyone?

  30. Love the lamps! I’m getting ready to paint 2 wall sconces that I picked up on eBay (the pair $37, inc. shipping!) But I want them to have a crusty oil rubbed bronze finish—I’ve read on some sites how to do this and hope it works! You’re DIY projects are the inspiration I need to BELIEVE I can do this! :-)

  31. I am almost done painting an antique Mersman round 3-legged side table. I’ve wanted one for a while and scored it for $10 at a yard sale… It was in pretty bad shape, but some sanding, small fixes and a hand carved piece that I made from a piece of 1/2 molding (one side of the drawer trim was missing) and it is beginning to look like a curvy charmer! I love how spraypaint can easily prime something to paint with a paintbrush…sometimes I spraypaint the whole thing! The finish, if done right, is flawless…Oh, the power of paint…I’m a firm believer!!

  32. I love Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Homegoods…all are fantastic places to find lighting! Your spray paint job came out so well – looking forward to seeing how they look in the finished room!

  33. Great lamp! I would definitely go with the “Fog” or the “White (which looks more like a light grey)”.

    I’d go with the “Fog” if you’ve got little ones wallering on the bed or sneeky animals finding a cozy spot when your not looking…Those are major things to think about when picking out a bedspread!
    Real things happen.

  34. I vote Fog 1st and Orchid is almost a tie. White is beautiful but impossible to keep clean even with two clean people on the sheets! Fog and Orchid are more forgiving. I’d love an all-white bedroom with cool-coloured accents but seeing as my hubby usually sleeps on top of the duvet with his favourite blanket instead (for temperature control) I don’t dare do white. Can you imagine?

  35. Hey Kate … You are a repainting machine! People are digging your/our mirror over at our Facebook page:

  36. The lamp looks fabulous! A fresh coat of white paint can really restore an old treasure. Just came across your blog & love it! I am your newest follower :)

  37. This is the first time I have seen your blog and I am OBSESSED! I have been accumulating several treasures over the past few months so I can spray paint them all at once (because I live in an apartment). All of these items are ceramic, glass or metal. Do you recommend sanding these items down before I spray paint them? I just want to make sure the spray paint sticks. Is there any particular brand of spray paint you recommend?

  38. I am so glad you unwrapped the lampshade at the end. If you didn’t I’d have to accuse you of being my mom. Yeah, she does that. *sigh*

  39. nice! Interior grey paint is so hard to find. Anyone have success with a lighter grey with slight blue undertones? All the paint I find seems to purplish to me…

  40. Ahaha, the mirror trick – never gets old! Seriously nice work on the lamp! The expensive lighting world must cry into their overpriced martinis every time ‘rustoleum’ and ‘diy’ are mentioned in the vicinity of a lamp. Nicely done!

  41. The power of spray paint never ceases to amaze me….and that extra zing of the champagne stripe totally makes the lamp. Can’t wait to see it all come together!

  42. I love the lamps! Being an interior designer, I appreciate those DIY projects!! As for the linens, I love the white, but the fog may be more practical for you. I just found your site and love it – now following :)


  43. I spray-painted a terracotta Buddha that a dear friend gave me before moving out of town – he was pretty damaged from being left outside, and splashed in places with some strange kind of silver paint that resists repainting. I covered him with several layers of Rustoleum Gold (bearing in mind your Rustoleum “thing”, I thought I’d try it out for myself, and you’re right – it’s AWESOME stuff!). I was afraid it would be too cheapy-tacky and “thin”-looking, but he looks like solid gold. He’s sitting at the base of my garden, under a tree, watching over my veggies :)

  44. I’m spray painting an old 70s lamp with an eagle on it. And I don’t mean a picture of an eagle that will be covered up, I mean the part of the base that is right under the shade has a 3D eagle “statue” on it! I think it could turn out pretty sweet.

  45. I adore the Dandelion Weekly Planner; a wonderful and complete set-up. Gotta say, I could use the circle/dots calculator with the bright colours and large buttons.
    Wonderful site, with practical prices to boot!

  46. I love to go over your projects . They are so inspiring . I have made tufted headboard for my daughter’s bedroom , it turned out great . Now I will be doing same thing for lamps . I have a question for you. Do we need to prime ceremic before painting ? Which different kind of paint can we use on ceremic ? Please reply.

    • Hello Gagan, yes you really should prime ceramics, I find the Zinsser works well, or anything designed for glass.

  47. Who knew one could spray paint a lamp and have the end result look so fabulous! I am not a very good DIYer and so I truly admire those with talent. I can’t wait to see the bedroom when you sre done!

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