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By Kate Riley June 6, 2010

Greetings all, here are the lucky winners of The Pleated Poppy giveaway:

#9: Jane L.  from Out of the Crayon Box who wrote: “I love the Pleated Poppy! I would probably choose a zippered pouch. I love the scissors print. Or, maybe some hair clips. Thanks for offering a giveaway!”

#154:  Megan who wrote, “I love the tea towels and the posy pins!  So excited for the red, white, and blue party.” 

Congrats to the winners, please contact me via email to collect your goodies !


wish i was here

Have you kick started your summer vacation yet ? 

Traveling anywhere this season ? 

Someplace beachy ? Exotic ?  Across town ? 

Are you planning a staycation this year ?

We’re still debating where we’d like to go . . .  I’m dreaming of the beach. 


Where are you dreaming of traveling to ? 




  1. Hi Kate-

    I took this week off from work and just kind of hung out at home, trying to catch up on everything. I still have more vacation time that I would like to take at a beach or by any body of water. The Champlain Islands in Vermont would be nice. I want to be able to wake up in the moring and drink my coffee while gazing out at the water. Some sun, kayaking, a few good books, along with a few good resturants and shops to browse in. Here is to hoping it all comes true.

    I hope where ever you decide to go that you have a wonderful time and great weather.


  2. I’m heading to your neck of the woods — Wine Country — with three of my girlfriends later this month. All of our husband’s are in the Army and deployed oversees. We have used many of your posts about Wine Country to help plan our trip. Thank you! Cheers!

  3. Well…..we were planning a trip to the Texas Gulf coast, but that may not happen now due to the oil and tar. ): I would LOVE to rent an RV and go to the Grand Canyone, tho…

  4. This summer we kick off by going to the Great Salt Lake next week, then to Florida, North and South Carolina, New York, New Mexico and Denver, then round off in September with Sacramento and Portland, Oregon. I am thrilled to be so busy for they are all for work! No summer vacation for us!

  5. Congrats to your winners!! To the Lake of the Ozarks at some point. Brother has condo with breathtaking views and right on the water! Heaven!

    Art by Karena

  6. We live in Beaumont, TX and were planning to go to Destin, FL, however, the Lord had different plans for us! We will be going to South Padre Island on the eastern coast of Texas. Should be a great trip!

  7. Oh…loaded question…where i DREAM to go (Bali,istanbul,patagonia…) and where I WILL go (backyard,maybe key west) are some very very different things!

    Hey~Congrats to your winners!

  8. We’ve been going to the beach here on Maui {join us!}. We will be going to California-doing San Diego and Disneyland {my mom lives there}. I dream of going on a road trip from Texas thru Zion and Bryce National Park to Yosemite. Or from Yosemite up the AlCan to Anchorage. But my heart longs to be in Alaska again.

  9. This coming weekend I’m loading up our five kids and traveling three hours away to a historic town that has a theme and water park. The kids are extremely excited. For the end of the summer we are going to try to spend a weekend at Gulf Shores, AL, but don’t know if we’ll have the time.

  10. I’m happy Jane won! she’s so lovely!

    Like I said before on another post of yours (the to-do list I think) We’re most likely not to go very far since I’m due for august 10th and according to the midwifes it won’t take long this time!

    I wish to go see my nephew who’s just 3 month old and that we haven’t see yet, he lives 8h of cars away! So we might do that after the bf’s summer class :)

  11. Our house is on the market-and our summer “vacation” was going to be moving back to CA after 15 years away! However, since our house hasn’t sold yet (sniff, sniff) I am trying to come up with something fun for the end of August. Beachy is always great for our crew, but not sure about flying too far with all 4 kids (especially the squirmy 20 month old!)

  12. We are counting the sleeps- 14! until we head to Viva Las Vegas (as my 3 & 4 year call it) for some retail therapy. Baby girl #3 arrives very early September and thankfully my husband understands that girls need ALOT of clothes! So shopping, lazing in the pool and some in-room movies and yummy american food! Then it will be back to our community lake and hanging around closer to home for this ever-increasing large momma!

  13. On my side of the world we are having a rainy, stormy, horrible winter so I am having major vacation envy. Enjoy the sunshine!

  14. There’s no better place then to be here in the Hamptons where I live! We didn’t win best beach (Cooper’s Beach, Southampton) for nothing! :0)

  15. I came from Sweden, now we are living in Southern California, but for our honeymoon we went to South Carolina, where we stayed both in Charleston, Greenville, and Spartanburg. I fell in love with Charleston, and want to go back there really badly. If I was a millionaire I would by a house there!

  16. I am headed to wine country in a week! Unfortunately not your lovely California wine country but I am headed to the beautiful Finger Lakes wine region in upstate NY with my husband to celebrate our ten year wedding anniversary. After a few days in wine country we are traveling a bit further east to celebrate my grandparents’ 60th wedding anniversary with family before heading back home in the south.

  17. My most annoying organizational problem is dealing with all the stacks of articles and newspaper clippings that I think I’m going to use/read someday. After a while I’m just moving stacks around.

  18. HI,

    I would love to be entered in the constest that would help me banish paper clutter. My biggest challenge is to manage the paper the boys bring home form school as well as my receipts from misc purchases for each family member. Paper is everywhere!

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