Summer Weekend, Simple Pleasures

By Kate Riley June 14, 2010

Hey all, how was your weekend ?  We did a little bit of something and a whole lotta nothin’ around here.  Saturday began with a little retail therapy since I had a few hours to myself.  I leisurely browsed Restoration Hardware, Anthropologie, Pottery Barn, and West Elm.   Alone.  With a Frappuccino !  To me, that’s just better than a spa day. 

I couldn’t resist the 50% off outdoor pillows sale at RH, so I picked up some of these Valencia medallion pillows for the outdoor sofa in the courtyard, $16 dollars each.

Hello, my lovelies.  Welcome home.

rh pillows

Then I caught up on some reading . . .

I’m loving the pattern and colors in this fabric.

Don’t you love how a new set of pillows changes your whole space, and mood ?

backyard pillow

RH is having their sale right now, all the outdoor pillows are half off – take a peek at some of these other pretties.  

   rh pillows set

Check out the entire collection here.


I’ve got big dreams we might someday install a stunning water feature out in the backyard.  

Perhaps a large fountain, or even a pool.

But for today, we’re just chillin’ in our inflatable, yo. 

dad and kids in pool

  Splashing 101 – Summer Session – Condensed Course

Enroll today !   


My two dozen lavender plants were ready to harvest – that kept me busy. 

 harvest lavender 

So then I started to make pretty little bundles . . .

tied in bundles


. . . but some little monkeys were engaged in some antics . .


. .  and I didn’t get far.

These two have mastered the art of monkey business. 

They’re quite good at it.

It’s definitely a paternal gene. 

Or couldn’t you tell. 



So I only finished making a few bundles.

bundles of lavender


I’ve got big plans this week for all the rest of this lavender loveliness. 

basket of lavender


lavender close up

Can’t wait to share. 

Yep, it was a weekend of simple pleasures around here. 

Hope your weekend was just as lovely.  




  1. Sounds like you had the perfect family weekend! And thanks for the heads up on the pillow sale! I really need new pillows for my outside chairs.
    I am so looking forward to your lavender post. Your house must smell wonderful!

  2. I really like how the pillows repeat the design elements of the ironwork in the top two photos. really pulls things together w/o being too “matchy-matchy”

    And what a lovely lavender harvest! I can almost smell them. . . . what a great way to start the morning!


  3. Your lavender looks so nice, I can almost smell it! I only have two small plants that I planted this year but they have a few blooms. Waiting patiently.

    We have a RH outlet store nearby. Sometime they have some great stuff! I need to go see what they have, it’s been awhile. Love the pillows you got!

  4. Perfect mix in my mind…family time with a little me time! I laughed, a little shopping on your own better than a day at the spa? I think I agree! Janell

  5. Great find on the pillows and such great prints! I’d love to sit there an catch up on some reading also! I can just smell your lavender and your bundles are so sweet!

  6. I add lavender oil to my mop water and it makes the whole house smell awesome. A few drops will do it. In case you were wondering.

  7. That’s a dream weekend on all counts -shopping, sunshine, lavender. I’m glad you had some down time. Now, what about that lavender – I want to know, as mine is getting ready for harvest too.

  8. Ooo…thanks for the heads-up about the RH pillows. We recently replaced our porch cushions and I am in need of some pillows to go with! The lavender is beautiful. I have just a couple plants but would love to plant more next year…this year is the indoor redo year!! LOL We had a koi pond with waterfall built two years ago just before our oldest daughter’s graduation and we love it!! I initially wanted a pool, but hubs said no (girls would be gone before we knew it). So we settled on a hot tub and the pond, no regrets!

  9. Will you post what you do with your lavender. I’ve had lavender the last few years, but I never do anything with it because I don’t know what to do with it.

  10. Oh. The lavendar. Makes me long for a scratch-and-sniff feature on my computer. Ummmm.

    This weekend in North Carolina certainly had me longing for a backyard water feature–mid-90’s in the shade. When folks count their blessings ’round here, air conditioning tops the list.

  11. I love your lavendar. My friend’s mom has a cottage in Northern Canada and she has a lavender farm there. Whenever I’ve stayed in their log cabin there has been dried lavender hanging upside down everywhere. I LOVE it!

    Your bundles are SO pretty. Now I’m craving some lavender pretties over here. :)


  12. May I ask what kind of lavender you plant? I planted some last year, but never got the pretty purple flowers!!

  13. Oooo–a whole morning of shopping with a Frappucino? Sounds like heaven on earth. Love your new pillows. New pillows are conducive to good reading. Did you know that? ;)

    Love the expressions on everyone’s faces during the water fight. Too funny. Looks like you all had a great weekend. :)

  14. I cant wait til my youngest isnt nursing so I can have a morning just like that. It sounds like heaven. Shopping these days is a sprint event. Its amazing how fun an inflatable can be. Better than just the sprinklers like when I was a kid. I love your website. The MOST inspiring! Have a great week.

  15. We had a low-key weekend, too. Bought some new couches for the family room (on sale, of course) and went out to dinner afterward, but otherwise it was a lot of lounging around and watching HGTV.

  16. Your lavender bundles are beautiful! Thanks for sharing your fabulous pictures.

  17. I’m loving that you guys were hanging in your inflatable… That just made me feel good. :) We had an improptue “pool party” for 4 little boys on my deck this weekend. I was feeling like we did good for the kids, but wishing we were a bit more sophisticated until I saw this. Ha! Thanks for keeping it REAL!

  18. Hi Katy ! That is Grosso lavender, very similar to Provence lavender, both French varieties. There are English and Spanish varieties too, but the French lavender is mostly used for essential oils, sachets, and culinary uses. I love it !


  19. Yes, do share what your plans are for the lovely lavendar bunches. Might convince me to plant some in the near future =)

  20. I was at Restoration Hardware by myself too! LOVE that place. I was on a paint hunt. We are painting hubs office and my guest bedroom. I’m in love with their grays!! I’m going and gray and white room with a pop of yellow!

    LOVE the lavender bundles. I can only imagine how yummy they smell.

  21. Those lavender bunches are gorgeous! I’ve got one lavender bush that I’ve been harvesting, but I’d love to plant more for next year. I’ve been using mine in sachets. Can’t wait to see what you’ve got planned for those beauties! Also, I’ve got similar big plans for our backyard, but we too, are enjoying a giant inflatable pool (though it DOES have a waterfall, which is neat).

  22. I’m in Provence right now (shhh!) so i’m really feeling the lavender vibe. :) (Touring lavender farms is on the agenda tomorrow!). so jealous that you have some in your own backyard!

    P.S. Not sure if this posted before…

  23. I adore Lavender. I planted one this weekend (it was all they had left!) I plan on adding more for a lovely lavender garden. I L-O-V-E that stuff!

  24. I can’t wait to see what you do with the lavender! I have lots of it in my new backyard, but don’t know what to do with it!!

  25. Looks and sounds like my kinda weekend! … lovin the pillows, pool fun with the kiddos & the lavender : )

  26. I posted a picture of my water element today…it isn’t big, but I love it! We planted our first two lavendar plants this spring. They are still small and I’m not sure they are going to make it. I love the scent of lavender. I have fantasies of having just one bundle like yours…maybe in a few years:(

  27. Just started following you. I love your blog…and this post was not only gorgeous, but funny. Love that in content…really do. Can not wait to see what loveliness you procure from the lavender.

  28. Never mind those pillows. Those two kids are ADORABLE! Soooo cute! I cant believe you have all of those gorgeous stores near your house. We have NONE in Australia and I can only dream online. Hugs

  29. Ah!! I just got back from buying those exact same Restoration pillows on my lunch break! (The ones in front…except mine were in “mocha”). Seriously…$15.99?! How could we resist? :)

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