Designer Spotlight: Tracy Hutson

By Kate Riley May 19, 2010

I am a huge fan of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and I’m always amazed how the team and the hardworking volunteers build a home for a deserving family from scratch in one week ! And the homes are always gorgeous from top to bottom, both inside and out.  Don’t you just love that show?

tracy hutson headshot


One of the interior designers on the show, as you may know, is the beautiful and talented Tracy Hutson !

Tracy has spent her design career helping others beautify their homes, both on and off the TV screen. 

She was selected to be a style consultant and designer for ABC’s Extreme Makeover in 2003. 

No doubt you’ve seen the show and witnessed all of her incredible designs, especially the amazing kid spaces.




Tracy took a few minutes to talk with me last week over the phone. 

Q:  How did you happen to partner with the team from Extreme Makeover ?

I started my own design business in L.A. 11 years ago.  It was a stroke of luck that I was chosen to be part of the team by ABC, I’ve loved every minute with the show.  There’s nothing like witnessing the positive impact the show has on deserving families.  I’m really very blessed. 

Q:  You’re a busy working mom, right ?  How do you balance career and motherhood , what’s your secret? 

Ha!  I have no secret.  Truth is, I don’t always balance it all.  I’m just like so many working moms, doing my best every day to juggle everyone’s needs and demands.   I grew up in Texas, and I definitely miss that lifestyle – it’s more challenging to raise children in L.A.   I have two sons, Oliver and Felix, and when they were babies they traveled with me.  Now that they’re in school, it’s definitely harder !   I never sit down, that is for sure.  They keep me busy, but motherhood is absolutely wonderful. 


Q:  What inspires you in your designs ? 

I’m a very practical designer with a bit of an eclectic style.  I look to create accessories that will be beautiful and really serve a purpose in a home.  I’ve always looked to nature for my inspiration, especially for color and texture, but I’m always on the hunt for new inspiration.  I find it in many places, from flea markets to high end boutiques.  I’m inspired by organic shapes.  I think it’s important to entertain beautifully, and without having to worry that your decor is too precious to use or display. 

tracy hutson 1 

Q:  You have a new line with QVC, congratulations !  Tell us about it.

I loved working with QVC, they were so fantastic allowing me to get across my designs and they really adopted my ideas.  The accessories I designed are very budget friendly, have timeless appeal, and will bring warmth and personality to any home! 


Tracy Hutson Feathering the Nest Tracy Hutson's Earth-Friendly Guide to Decorating Your Baby's RoomQ:  You wrote a book last year ‘Feathering The Nest’ about designing kids spaces.  Any other books in your future?  

‘Feathering The Nest’ made so much sense since I became a mother and was focused on baby spaces.  I wrote it from an ecofriendly perspective since I’m committed to the environment.  I think someday I may write about about ‘tween’ spaces, they can be challenging and fun !    


Q:  I sent you a photo of my living room, and some inspiration photos.  What’s your best design advice on sprucing up my space ?

First of all, I love the new color on the walls, and I agree that some wainscoting will add real elegance.  I see where you are going with this room.  Here are a few details I envision.  I’d like to see some Lucite somewhere in the space, even if it’s just legs on a bench or table.   Consider a new rug, I happen to like – they are a great resource, I’ve used them before on the show.  I wouldn’t slipcover your settee, I’d have it reupholstered, perhaps in a silvery blue velvet.  I definitely see a mirror above the mantel.  A new chandelier and some natural elements.  Have you thought about wallpapering the ceiling ? 


Wow, I hadn’t considered wallpapering my ceiling !  That’s bold and ambitious, and I may just paint it a subtle color, but I do love all of Tracy’s suggestions !

Tracy has a brand new line of home decor products now available on QVC.  Here are just a few of my favorites: 

Zig zag throw; Graphic embroidered pillows.  

throw and pillows 

Porcelain bird candle holder; Hobnail lamp. 

candle holder and hobnail lamp

Blue glass carafe; floral napkins & napkin rings.   

carafe and napkins

Tracy’s line is budget conscious too – all of these items are under $40 dollars !  

Pop on by QVC to view her full line of home decor !

swirl snip

Tracy will be joining up again with the design team on Extreme Makeover: Home Edition  this fall.  I’ll be shouting “Move that bus!” along with the crowd.  Will you be watching too? 



  1. Wow, killer interview!

    First, I never would have thought of a wallpapered ceiling…but I think I love the idea of it. Seems like a great surprise element. And you’d better believe that I’ll be checking out those pillows of hers on QVC! Super fun!

  2. Kate I love Tracy’s talent and her new design line, well I could pick several above!! Great interview!

    Art by Karena

  3. My dad, who likes people to think he’s a tough guy, always gets teary when the made-over house is revealed! I’ve had her book on my Amazon wish list for a while but didn’t realize that she was the Extreme Makeover girl. I’ll definitely check out her QVC line – that candle holder is adorable!

  4. Girl, Your post title got me all excited! Add a “cher” in the middle of her last name and you are interviewing ME!
    Oh well, a girl can dream of being interviewed by Censational Kate! :)

    Seriously now…great interview! I love Extreme Makeover! Cry like a baby at every episode. :)

    Have a great day!

  5. I *LOVE* her book Feathering the Nest. It was my first purchase once I found out I was pregnant- expecting #3, a nursery decor book made more sense than a pregnancy week by week book. The 1st nursery featured in the book is my inspiration and I can’t wait to get the finished project all put together.
    Thank you Tracy! And thank you for this post!

  6. I’ve worked on 3 Extreme Makeover Home Edition houses. Oddly enough, I rarely catch the show tho. The last one I did 3 years ago…. I’m guessing she is new since then????

    Someday I’ll blog about the EMHE experience….

  7. I really enjoyed this interview. I often wonder how other designer manage their busy lives, but after reading this interview I see the madness at my house is my “new normal.” I’ll have to check out her book, I’m a total sucker for anything baby-related…thanks for the post Kate!

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