Turquoise Girl’s Room: Project Breakdown

By Kate Riley April 8, 2010

First of all, thanks so much to all of you for your very kind compliments from yesterday.  I am so delighted you love this grown up girl’s room as much as my girl does!

cg turquoise bedroom


Here is the project breakdown, plus source guide for inquiring minds !

Amanda at The Eck Life wrote: “That chandy looks like the one I just put in my laundry room – did you get it a Home Depot per chance?

cg bed and chandy

First let me just say, big thumbs up from me for putting a chandy in your laundry room!  To you, Amanda, I bow.  And yes, my friend, I did find it there last year !  In fact, when our local Home Depot EXPO closed its doors last summer, I picked this one up in the store for $50 bucks.  Sadly, it sat in her closet until last weekend. 


But you can still get it at Home Depot at this link for less than $100 buckaroos.  We installed it then swaged over the bed with a specialty ceiling hook (lower left).   

Wall gallery frames are from the Aaron Brothers Buy 1, Get 1 for a Penny after Christmas sale.  I picked up all six for under $100 at that sale and enlarged favorite black and white photos of her to 11 x 14. 

wall gallery


Jen from Made by Girl writes:  “Where’s the headboard from ?  I didn’t see where you mentioned that.” 

cg headboard and silver lamp

That’s my DIY simple tufted headboard from back in January.  Fabric is ‘Bedouin’ in Blue Smoke by Calico Corners.  Full tutorial here.

Bedding sources:  White Matelasse ‘Coventry’ Bedding; blue floral Style & Co. Sea Flower Duvet from Overstock.com (sold out, but available on Ebay); ‘Canopy’ Poppies Toss Pillow.


Decoralora wrote: “Can you tell us about the pretty window treatments?”  Oonafey at Little Pink Houses wrote:  “I NEED those curtains for my living room. Hurry up with your sources post, chickie!”

These are simple 95” Blue/Brown chenille window panels from Tar-jay, we picked these out last year.   I love how stripes always seem to balance floral patterns !

cg frame tulips curtain

The mirror above used to be a strange gold color, but I hand painted it with metallic taupe craft paint last year, just like I did with this mirror in my foyer.

Simple sheers on the French doors hide what every teenager truly wants: black out shades for sleeping in.  These are the vinyl versions available at any home improvement store but totally disguised by the sheers that filter light by day in front of them. 

I racked my brain how to pretty up these vinyl roll up blinds up then finally thought “Why? No one can see them !”  So I let them be. 

vinyl roll up blinds

They’re invisible unless you peek under the sheers !

cg window panels




Laura B. asked “Where is her clothing storage? I see the hutch and closet, but am wondering where she stores her clothes.” 

This is her closet next to the bed where she stores her clothing.  Ahem, or should I say, often delicately places her clothing in a heap on the floor.  This is a teenager’s closet.  It’s messy, but hey, that’s allowed. 

teenager closet

Pssst.  The entrance to her room is over by the hutch.



Recognize this shelving unit ? 

cg shelves and boxes


Surprise !  It’s from last year’s outdoor étagère project, remember ?

b and a from side

I primed and painted yellow this thrift store find last summer.  For the full story of the original paint transformation look here.  I used it outdoors all season, but then I got tired of storing it indoors during the rainy season, so I decided to give it to my girl.  I simply painted it the same color as the walls in this room to keep it light and airy, then added some storage boxes and other coastal themed decor.

 cg starfish


The color on the shelving unit and the walls is ‘Blue Green Gem’ by Kelly Moore (#KM-3226-1).  

Those boxes on the shelves are the simplest craft project ever !  They are memory boxes I found at Michaels in white, chocolate brown, and turquoise.  I chose contrasting colors of ribbon and hot glued the ribbon to the boxes in about five minutes.  They remind me of those expensive lacquer boxes but without the hefty price tag.  I swear you cannot tell it’s ribbon until you are inches away !

  ribbon glued to memory box

They also add storage of all her trinkets and mementoes plus they look fab in those bold colors, united by the repeated stripe pattern formed with ribbon. 

Hot glue + ribbon + memory box = fabulous inexpensive bookshelf storage. 

 boxes duo


boxes on shelf


Laura from Journey Chic wrote: “The colors are great, and I love that the hutch almost looks like it doesn’t have a back since it’s wallpapered the same as the wall.”

Yes, I absolutely love that too !  If you don’t want to commit to wallpapering an entire room, an accent wall or panel is a great way to add pattern in just one small area, like above a bed, or behind a sofa, or behind a hutch like this. 

cg wallpaper and chair

The hutch I refinished last year – you can read all about it here

This is my second attempt at wallpaper after the gray blue grasscloth wallpaper I hung in my home office last year.  This time was much easier ! 

This is Midsummer’ by Graham & Brown, with a leaf pattern and subtle shimmer.  It’s absolutely lovely in person.  The directions that come with it are pretty easy to follow.  Measure, apply paste, apply to wall, then use a level to make sure your paper lines up straight.  Smooth out the bubbles with a plastic tool – this is the hardest and most time consuming part, those darn bubbles!  Take your time – the paste doesn’t dry very fast so it allows you time to work with the paper and get it right. 

Once your paper is on the wall, you simply trim it out with some molding available at any home improvement store.  Paint your trim, then cut the corners with a miter box or compound miter saw.  Tack it up on the wall with a brad nail gun, or the old fashioned way, with brad nails, a tap, and a hammer. 

wallpaper supplies

Fill your holes with spackling then touch up your paint, easy peasy ! 

cg graham and brown wallpaper


The end table is an inexpensive wood table that I primed and painted for her. 

table after

The mother-of-pearl charger from Pier One matches the paint perfectly and adds subtle shimmer, plus it protects the wood too.   The shell we found at a specialty shop in San Diego years ago. 

cg ranunculas shell lamp

And this is completely off topic, but ranunculus are in season and I am smitten with them.  I love their masses of delicate petals – truly, only the peony can compete!   Of course, you’ve heard the story of the DIY silver leaf lamp from last week. 


Finally, the little chair revamp. 


As you can see from the before, this is a rush seat chair. 

chair before and after

So how to recover it with fabric but still preserve the lovely rush seat underneath ? 

Free paints stir sticks, fo real  friends. 

Rush seat chairs are a charming European country style, in fact Ballard sells some very pretty Avignon chairs that I love.  I was not about to ruin the seat, but I did want to give it a more comfortable feel and add some pretty fabric.  Plus you should know, I’m on time out for buying too many thrift store chairs lately, so I was forced to revamp this one. 

So like I said.  Free paint stir sticks.  Yep.  Hot glue them to the underbelly of your chair and it gives your trusty staple gun something to grab onto to.  1) Hot glue trimmed paint stir sticks, then trim foam for seat; 2) Staple batting 3) Tuck and staple fabric of choice, then 4) Reattach your seat to the chair frame. 

rush seat collage

No need to purchase cushions for your rush seats if you really want an upholstered fabric cushion.

cg upholstered chair Ruffles pillow from Pier One, but I don’t believe the blue is available online, only in stores. 

And that is The End. 

cg turquoise bedroom


Have a lovely Friday !  

Now I think I’ll take a nap in here while she’s at batting practice.  :-)


  1. What an absolutely beautiful room. I love the colourscheme and the whole room looks just beautiful. My daughter would love a blue room and I’ve told her that she can when she’s a bit older – I’m going to remember this room for inspiration.

  2. I love how you took an inexpensive decorator’s table, painted, as a side table. The bare legs are the perfect porportion; delicate and not too heavy. What an inspiration you are. You have me rethinking my own bedroom decor.

  3. This is a great breakdown – thanks so much. It makes it so much easier when spaces are described so intently. I love how the side table is placed on the ‘wall’ side of the bed…clever idea.

  4. I love the room. I really appreciate the time and effort you take explaining all the details and how to’s. I keep trying to decide which part is my favorite. It all is. I am not usually a blue person, but it is growing on me and I really like all the blues in this room. I have a boy so I don’t think he would go for this, but if I had a girl…….

  5. I’d say you’ve earned a nap in there. Thank you for always being willing to share your “sources” instead of hoarding all the pretty stuff to yourself. ;) I was wondering if her cute little side table was one of the inexpensive kind that you can get at Target/Wal-Mart (or a yard sale). I love how it has an updated look. :) Happy Friday!

  6. Thank you for sharing!!
    I hope my daughter loves this room as much as I do.
    She’s talking about yellow and black – but I think this would be much better.

  7. I just wanted to tell you how gorgeous this is! It really looks like a grownup person’s room! And it’s so beautiful! :)

  8. The room is just gorgeous and you were so creative in all the elements you used to pull it together. So pretty. Hugs, Marty

  9. I am so jealous. My brain always says “do it “, my body…not so much!
    Your daughter has got to be pleased with such a wonderful result.

  10. Gorgeous!!! Wish I could get my teen to keep her room looking this nice!! Granted…she doesn’t have any closet at all, so there’s no hiding that delicately placed laundry pile…

  11. Thanks for the curtain source! I actually looked at a coordinating curtain at Target the other day and thought “What a pretty color”, but alas, all they had was 84″. I’m actually not sure 95″ will be long enough either, I will have to go home and measure, but they are waiting in my cart!

  12. Incredible project. Wow, you’re the pro!
    Amazing, I rank my favourite flowers in exact same order – first peonies, then ranunculus, then comes lavender, violets… and on and on.
    Love to come back to your home. So inspiring.

  13. I didn’t notice in your first post the section of wallpaper outlined with trim. I adore this treatment, really special and frames the piece of furniture wonderfully…Janell

  14. Hi CG!
    Her room looks GREAT!!
    The only thing I didn’t see a source for, was my favorite thing of all… The blue medaillion euro pillows on the bed. Did I overlook this? Thanks!


  15. Coming to you via Erin at House of Turquoise. You are too cute and this room makeover is AMAZING!! You are one talented lady.
    Happy weekend to you.

  16. Thank you for all the DYI information. It shows that you read your comments and care about your readers. Good for you!

  17. Thanks so much for the breakdown. I was looking for the headboard so I’m so glad you already had a tut on that. :) I just have to say, you are such an inspiration. I mean really. To see that no project is too big for you to handle or too overwhelming. I am truly amazed. You are awesome girl!

  18. This room looks fabulous! I especially love how you backed the hutch with wallpaper- it looks great. I love your blog. You give me so much inspiration :)

  19. Oh it is wonderful! What a great place for a girl to grow up! I love the headboard and the chandelier is perfect. Great job! Lisa~

  20. We are in AWE of your DIY prowess!! What an incredible project – so well done and the colors are just beautiful and calming. Makes us want to spend a day by the ocean :)

  21. Wonderful make over. You have some very clever ideas which makes the room scream ‘Unique’. Great Job! Have A Lovely Weekend..Susie

  22. Gorgeous room! And in reference to your reader who has a chandy in their laundry room, I do too! I’ve had one for years in there and I LOVE it. I had never heard of anyone else doing that before. It makes me feel happy even when I’m on my loading the dirty cloth diapers in the washer! :)

  23. Wait, wait, wait a minute. You forgot one thing that I only see glimpses of in these pictures. Is that a bench I spied by her window? I’m in a crazed bench hunting mode right now, so I zoom in on benches like nobody’s business. Would you mind posting a better shot of that and maybe telling us where you got it?
    Everything looks fantastic too. I just love it all. WANT IT ALL!

  24. one word for the paint stirrer fix.. brilliant!! I love this room.. it’s like being in the sky!

  25. You’re the best!! This room is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the project breakdown!

  26. Hi CG,

    The bedroom looks fantastic! Did you mention where the little bench was from in the window? Thanks!

  27. “I’m on time out for buying too many thrift store chairs lately…” – That had me rolling because I AM TOO! All of your chair redos have been so fabulous that now I can’t resist transforming them myself. I painted and recovered my office chair (it is so chic now!), redid a seriously dated cane chair, and have several (ok, a bunch) more in the works. I think I have an addiction lurking…

    I just bought my oldest daughter an identical one to your rush seat here at Goodwill a couple weeks ago for $3 (except that it was hunter green. Icky)! I immediatly painted it white, but she is still unhappy with the original seat. I didn’t want to destroy the seat and was at a loss – PROBLEM SOLVED! THANKS!

  28. I love the chair idea! I have four of the Pottery Barn rush seat chairs and want to add some comfort for when we host game night. I am so stealing this idea (and begging some paint stir sticks from Lowe’s/Home Depot). I have four chairs to cover so will need a handful of the sticks. First I’m going to remove the seat and spray the chairs themselves black. Looks like I have a task for the next few days! Thanks again on such a beautiful room!

  29. How serenely GORGEOUS is this?!?!?! Thanks for sharing your sources! Beautiful color palette!

    Big TX Hugs,
    Angelic Accents

  30. Thanks for sharing all the details. The room turned out great. Love the soft colors. Love & blessings from NC!

  31. This is gorgeous…so grown up and yet still girly. I’m not surprised that something you did turned out so well, but it is always a joy how you share the details. Love it!


  32. The room is absolutely gorgeous. It looks so posh, yet young and fun. I would’ve loved that room as a teenager…actually, I would love it now. Well done!

  33. All I can say is AHHHHH! What a “centsational” room, girl!

    When I was 16 [saved money from my 1st p.t. job] I bought my first, very own, ivory coloured comforter. Quite a new idea then, as anything like a comforter used to be called a sleeping bag.
    I also bought a very lovely set of burnt-orange sheets [ it was the 70s’], for my twin bed and even embroidered on the edges of the two pillow-cases.
    I was considered cool by some of my friends and weird by others’; who couldn’t figure out, what then my parents were for!

  34. I really love this makeover. I’m hoping to eventually make my own headboard like the one you made. Could you possibly share how much it cost to make it? Assuming I wouldn’t have to purchase any tools I’m wondering what the ballpark figure might be. You can email me if you don’t want to post it on your blog.


  35. This is so pretty and serene. My favorite things are the wall color, the chandelier, and the gorgeous silver and grey lamp on the night table. It is the perfect piece for this room. The silver just gleams against the light turquoise. Well done.

  36. Love the room and the color palette chosen. Can you please tell me a little about the desk/table that you used? I need something similar but can’t seem to find anything that works anywhere (within a reasonable budget).

    Thank you and thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures!

  37. Thanks for sharing the details and tutorials with us. I especially love the hutch for the faux backless look and the chair redo, remarkable.

  38. OH.MY.WORD. Is your daughter a lucky gal or what?!! This room is worthy of a page in House Beautiful, Kate! Everything you DIY turns into magic. My absolute favorite thing is probably the simplest DIY you did: those brilliant ribbon-trimmed boxes. Off to copy this project!

  39. As a very new and shy blogger, I am inspired by what you are doing. Your photos are superb. Please share how you make everything work and flow on your page. I need inspiration and to get more traffic on my “baby site”. Thanks for sharing this room.

  40. A.MA.ZING!!! I absolutely love it!! What wonderful colors and design! Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful talents with us.

  41. I am trying to achieve a similar spa-relaxing-oasis feel in my master bedroom. I am using lighter, darker, and bolder shades of that kind of blue-grey-green color. Now I want you to come finish it for me! Beautiful room!

  42. This is just lovely. I would want to live in this room! It’s beautiful and glam and serene and comfortable all at once. All of the custom touches make it magazine worthy. I’m sure your girl is LOVING her glam grown-up space!

  43. That is all so fabulous. Makes me wish I had a daughter. Or even any of the boys still at home so I could go like a loony at a bedroom.
    HOLD ON – I have spare bedrooms now. I can do whatever I want…
    Thank you so much for all your inspiration!
    Hugs, Jas

  44. I love this room and hope to do something similar in my new home next fall. I snatched up the duvet cover as soon as I saw it listed on ebay! It is more toward the green(teal) side of turquoise than I expected. Can you tell me if the paint and wallpaper is the same way or is it more on the blue side? Thanks a bunch! I am enjoying your blog very much and I feel very inspired. Thanks again!

  45. FABULOUS!!! i do really love this room,the bed is great,so cool,so inviting and calming,the color scheme is two thumbs up!very inspiring work.thanks for sharing.

  46. Thanks for sharing the tip on how to upholster the tops of rush-seated chairs without ruining them. I have six beautiful rush-seated chairs that are not kind to the behind. I will be making them more comfortable with your technique shown here. Thanks again.

  47. your room turned out great! wow!
    i´m working on our bedroom. yours really inspired me. your whole page is great!
    thanks for the ideas!

  48. beautiful room. looks like something out of a luxury hotel suite or home decor magazine. *so* envious! and i love all the links to your diys (gonna go check out the tufted headboard tutorial b/c i’m thinking of making one myself instead of shelling out $400+ for one! eeps!).

  49. I’m with Christa- dying to know the name of the fabric you used on the chair! It’s just what I’ve been looking for!
    Kate, you are such a natural at this, and a great source of inspiration. Thanks!

  50. Sorry if I overlooked it, but what is the name of the wall color? I love it and want to put it in my kitchen!
    Beautiful beautiful room!!!

  51. I have the same white quilt!! I’ve been looking for ways to make my bed look more plush and pretty! Thanks for the inspiration :)

  52. What color are the walls? This room may be a little grown up for my little girl but she would love that color as a base. You did a fantastic job and I am sure your kids are thrilled to have you as their mom! Good job!

  53. I love this! I’ve just started decorating my 12 room 3 bath home and have decided not to rush it but DIY it instead. I’ve just completed my livingroom, diningroom and a closet. I am totally inspired by your blog. I’ve also been to the local thrift store on a weekly basis and finding lots of treasures:)

  54. I am sorry I am late commenting on this post! I just read it :) I was wondering if you could share where you got your 95″ sheers for the windows? I have been looking around but am not sure of quality vs. price. Any input is appreciated!

    Jamie McDermott

    • Hi Jamie, I think I found those at Target, you can order longer lengths online

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