To Market To Market and a Mini Spring Break

By Kate Riley April 5, 2010

Hey all, how are you this fine spring day ?  I hope you all had a lovely Easter weekend!   Me ?  I’ve been running around like mad and am in need of a little R&R for a few days.  My munchkins are out of school all week, so I’m taking a mini spring break too. 

I’ll be back in the middle of the week, but I thought I share some photos of one of my most favorite places to frequent when the weather gets warmer – the farmers market ! 

Here’s a glimpse from last week’s visit. 



cg carrots 


cg baguettes


cg mixed bouquet


cg purple sprouting broccoli


cg strawberries


cg standing asparagus


cg fresh flowers


cg more onions


cg flavored breads 

rainbow chard

 cg radishes


cg lilacs and heather


Don’t you love a farmers market ?  Mmmmm.  I do.  I always try something new – this week it was that purple sprouting broccoli and some almond infused honey, so scrumptious ! 

I’ll be back later in the week, with a project I’ve been working on for awhile – a lovely redesigned space !  See ya.  :-)



  1. All that beautiful fresh produce makes me want to grab a wicker basket and head to the market right this minute!

  2. Those photos are luscious! Farmers’ markets are fantastic places to find the freshest produce and new items.

  3. I LOVE farmers markets. Unforunately, there are no really good ones here (Port Saint Lucie, Florida). When I lived in Missouri, we had some really great ones. The best is when we would drive to the city. Soulard Market is FABULOUS!

  4. I’m jealous that you’re farmers market has already started! It looks lovely! I think ours starts sometime in May, but that’s what you get in Iowa. I love all of the flowers and fresh bread – looks delightful.

  5. You could see these photos to them. I can smell the freshness through the screen! Have a great break! I can’t wait to see what you’ve been up to!

  6. I totally get you! I am also the “crazy lady” snapping away at the merchandise, here in the French markets!

    The French already know that foreigners “sont tous des fous!” so they don’t mind! :)

  7. Gorgeous pics! You are so lucky to have a fantastic farmer’s market like that! Those flowers are beautiful and the bread, yum!

    Have a great week with the kiddos!

  8. I love your pics!! It’s pretty fab! I have honestly NEVER been to a farmer’s market, but have always wanted to go. I would love to go to a huge one that has tons of goodies just like this. YUM!

  9. Oooh, I love going to the farmer’s market! You took such beautiful photos, so inspirational!! Just amazing! Can’t wait to see what all you’ve been up to…

  10. Ours starts in May so this has me envious and sooooo excited! Ours is a farmers/craft market so you can imagine how much I love it :)

  11. oooohhh spring is in the air! love farmers markets and we have a great one within minutes from us. the purple sprouting broccoli caught my eye…how unusual and something i would def try. love the organic breads too…can’t get enough of that!
    great pics too!
    judi ;)

  12. Kate, which farmers’ market is this? We occasionally make it over to your neck of the woods from Sac on weekends. I’d love to know where this market is in case it works with our travels. Gorgeous produce, baked goods and blooms!

  13. Any chance there’s going to be an announcement for the MirrorMate before your hiatus?

    Love all those colors at the Farmers Market.

  14. those are some GORGEOUS images!!! put a little smile on face … just wish our farmers market was open already!

  15. Wow, I would positively flip to visit a market with such lovelies!! It’s been a while since I’ve been…live in a suburb and it’s a bit of a drive to one of decent size, but I don’t think it would qualify as a great one. Maybe I’ll have to check it out again. Thanks for the inspiration!

  16. This post makes me want to make a very veggie menu. Gorgeous pics too!

  17. Ohhh it all looks so yummy!!
    Our farmer’s market won’t have anything like that for a few months yet..too cold up here in the frozen north-nothing has even been planted yet :-( I can’t wait until I can start buying!!

  18. Wow ~ fabulous pics of the Farmer’s Market!! When we lived in Monterey,CA ~ one of my favorite things was the awesome Farmer’s Market on Thursday mornings!! One of the best I’ve been around still! Happy Spring to all!

  19. Wow! I wish I were near a Farmers’ Market like that! Not so much of that in Virginia where I live. Best Farmers’ Market I ever saw was in Wolfeville, Nova Scotia!

  20. The purple broccoli rapini is so vibrant, so delicious – one of my favourite… and photogenic too. Don’t start me on the lilac. I wouldn’t leave that market without it, that’s for sure. Thanks for the tip, it’s time to research the net and see when the local farmers’ markets open here. I’m very curious about your project. Does it comprise the chalkkboard paint you’ve tweeted about, and in turquoise??? I can’t wait.

  21. I can’t wait until our Farmer’s Market is in full swing here. I went last Friday, but ours just had plants/flowers. They were beautiful, but I love the fresh vegetables. Love & blessings from NC!

  22. Hi! I forgot to let you know I featured this post of yours on my blog, and I just linked to it again today on a new post I did. I hope you’re ok with that? Your photos are GORGEOUS!! I really enjoy your blog. I hope you’re having a lovely day!

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