Yet Another Spring Project

By Kate Riley March 5, 2010

One big item on my ‘To Do’ list this spring is to dedicate some space in my garage or yard to all things garden related.  I confess my garden supplies are in a jumbled state right now with no organization or centralized plan.  It’s sad really. 

Lately, I’ve become fixated on the idea of a wall or bench to store seeds, watering cans, pots and garden tools.  One of the ideas I am actually considering is building a potting bench.  I’ve just got one teensy hurdle – talking the Mister into yet another spring project.   He protests, but in truth, resistance is futile.  :-)  

Meanwhile, these images inspire me to really get going before the upcoming planting season. 

better homes and gardens march 09 Better Homes and Gardens, March 2009


potting shed source unknown Source Unknown


its complicated potting table From ‘It’s Complicated’

remodel magazine Remodel


potting sink country living Country Living


istockphoto potting benchistockphoto



potting bench sunset  Sunset


cottage nest bhg competition Cottage Nest via Better Homes and Gardens


potting bench flickr ethelgloves' Flickr


zinc top potting bench 4groundwork4groundwork 


potting corner country living  Country Living


potting bench inspiration for outdoor spaces blog 2 via Inspiration for Outdoor Spaces


potting bench house to home House and Home


potting sink this old house This Old House

I just love the look of salvaged wood, painted or rustic, mixed in with vintage crates, galvanized florist buckets, and classic terra cotta pots.  These stations are all so charming, and practical too!  All of these storage ideas have me plotting and planning to do some building and organizing.   Sigh.  A girl can dream !

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Wishing you all a wonderful weekend – spring is just around the corner !



  1. AAAARGH! These pictures make me want to jump outside and stick my hands in the dirt! Gorgeous!!!

  2. Me too! Love them all. Can’ t even think about the yard yet, still has snow and is becoming a swamp land, need SUN!

  3. Great pictures! I can’t wait for all of this snow to melt and spring to be here and yes, I’d love to have a potting station! I have an entire empty barn so I’m sure we could come up with a spot. First, it needs to warm up. :)

    TGIF! Have a great weekend!

  4. These images make me want to go outside and garden so badly. Too bad it is still FREEZING here! Can’t wait for spring.

  5. i love the sunset one! it’s so cute and simple and looks like it would be a good one to try and replicate.

  6. Oh how beautiful those all are! This makes me yearn for spring!

  7. My husband is the gardener in our house and these pictures still make me want a potting bench!

  8. oh, these images remind me of my grandmother’s potting shed…so sweet!! The idea of this somehow embraces the idea of a sweet and beautiful life. Janell

  9. ok i totally want dirt underneath my fingernails now!
    i can’t ever wear those garden gloves…they get in my way. ;)

    i am a new fan/member & am blown away by all the “pretties” you make. these images are lovely. can’t see what you are making with these as inspiration!

    p.s. about to paint my first project with the glossy white pearl paint you recommend back in jan. can’t wait.

    happy weekend.

  10. I want a potting bench so badly to store my (meager) gardening supplies. We don’t have a garage (boohoo!) or even a basement (bigger boohoo), so I’m not sure one would hold up outdoors unless it was metal and probably sprayed with something protective??

    My mom has something similar to the photo from “It’s Complicated” in her basement storage room. It was one of my dad’s tool benches. I think that they built the room around it though, so it pretty much stays. ;)

    Great photos!!!

  11. We don’t have a garage, so we are getting me a she for all of my gardening tools. I can’t wait to organize it. *Is it silly that I am excited about organizing gardening supplies?* LOL!

  12. What beautiful inspiration photos! I can’t wait for warmer weather so I can get outside and garden! Gotta get our new garden shed in tip-top shape, these pics have me daydreaming….

  13. WOW~these are great photos! We still have lots of snow on the ground, so I won’t be gardening anytime soon. Please share pics with us of what you end up doing!

  14. Love the photos…inspiring to say the least! We pulled a huge double sink cast iron sink out of our kitchen that would make a great addition to an outdoor potting area. Now, I have to convince my hubs that its a great idea and for this year!

  15. SWOON!!!! I was honestly just thinking about building my own potting bench….but after seeing these I am off to buy the plans! Can’t wait for spring! Thanks for the inspiration, as always :)

  16. Such inspiring pictures! I was at Anthro a few months ago and it inspired me to paint a old work bench a gorgeous blue and I use it as a potting station. Can’t wait to bring it “alive” again in the spring :)
    Take care-

  17. Oh man, I WISH I didn’t live in a rental!! We have NO STORAGE so this is incredibly impossible for us! I’ve got a bag of dirt and some plastic pots stuffed in a corner where there is shared laundry with our landlords. Total bummer!

    I bet my mom would die for something like this as well. Only, I’m sure she’d like to have the kitchen done first. It has been ‘under construction’ for um at least… 10 years (not even kidding).

  18. That’s it. I’m taking up gardening. I need a reason to have a fantastic area like one of these someday (the organization makes me giddy with joy). I have no room for it now in my tiny apartment, but I’ll start now so in a few years I’ll have a full-fledged green thumb.

  19. I have only the narrowest strip of garden and one entry door to the house. I wanted (I neeeeded) a potting sort of area, so I changed the entrance hall from a ‘front hall’ sort of formal to a ‘back hall’, with hooks for tools, a French pot rack copycatted from wonderful stylist and blogger Elizabeth ( – hope she doesn’t mind) – and every galvanised thingey I could lay my hands on. And a table, rescued from the garen, where I can iron, wrap parcels, arrange flowers and pot!

  20. I wonder if there is a way to hide or make a compost pile this attractive?
    These pictures are so pretty!

  21. oh great!! now I want a stinking potting shed complete with galvanzied buckets and moss covered clay pots *sigh*
    I am sooo ready to get my hands in the dirt!!

  22. I love the thoughts of gardening, I really do. The lovely flowers, the fresh vegetables, the wonderfully fragrant aroma of herbs. I even dragged home a table from the side of the road and use it for my potting table (inside plants and flower pots for outside).

    While I dived head in into the container gardening trend and had mounds of tomatoes last year, that is where it ends for me. The &#^$%* TOMATO WORM about stopped my heart when I literally came face to face with the first one when I taking a macro picture of a cluster of grape tomatoes. When his friends joined the party a few days later, that was it….. I chopped down every last plant, cut the green tomatoes that they didn’t manage to kill and made a wonderful green relish (picalilly) from the large tomatoes and “tomalives” (pickled green tomatoes) from the green grape tomatoes. VERY yummy but I still can’t get the image of those nasty creatures out of my head – blech!

    My husband is dying to plant a huge garden this year. And he can go right ahead and do so but this girl isn’t stepping foot in it. I hate bugs and am scared to death of spiders. And now tomato worms….. :)

  23. I love garden benches too. I have a picture on my desktop of a very simple garden bench hung on the side of a shed. We are thinking of building something similar to hang on our fence. So simple, but so pretty.

  24. I think I’m seeing a pattern: turquoise!

    They’re all beautiful pictures and I can’t wait to see how you adapt them!

  25. I just found your blog! How fun, I love your projects! Thanks for sharing how you do things. So talented!!

  26. OMGoodness… those images are just beautiful. i don’t garden (i have a black thumb), but those pictures sure make me want to start gardening! :o)

  27. Great pictures! Wouldn’t it be great to have an area like that for potting/gardening work? Or better yet, a potting shed. Love & blessings from NC!

  28. I know the yearning for a potting bench first hand. I wanted one so badly last year. Having no garden, but just two balconies in our apt, I settled for a small table with a shelf unit afixed above. Now I have to paint it the color that will invoke spring and summer. Good luck with the project. All pictures are so inspiring. Have you chosen your design yet?

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