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By Kate Riley March 25, 2010

I’m one of those people who likes to surround myself with inspiration, and often it is in the form of favorite quotes or words.  I especially like to see words or quotes as original art framed in a gallery on the wall, together with other family pictures and artwork.  They are an inexpensive way to add personality to a home, and a great conversation starter !

I’ve come across some favorites on Etsy, and I thought I’d share them with you today.  Click on the titles below for the link.  


paris city of love theloveshop on etsyCity of Love by The Love Shop

  when life hands you lemons dear colleen on etsy When Life Hands You Lemons by Dear Colleen

talent may start it daisyjanieTalent May Start it by Daisy Janie


i believe in pink 2lambsgraphics I Believe In Pink



I paint therefore lillybimble on etsy I Paint Therefore I Am by LillyBimble

 alice in wonderland pink Alice in Wonderland quote by Chattanooga Paperie


book lovers kirstypaterson on etsy Book Lovers by Kirsty Paterson


she believed She Believed by Valentina Design


best day ever gold erinjaneshop Best Day Ever by Erin Jane Shop


 today i will be happier So Very Happy by DazeyChic


I love this for a child’s room !

today a reader parada creations on etsy Today a Reader from Parada Creations


How about these clever takes on the ‘Keep Calm’ print ?  Too funny.

keep calm funny Keep Calm prints by 2LambsGraphics


And here are my two favorites:

darcy quotes  Darcy Quotes from The Love Shop


You see, I’ve always had a huge crush on Mr. Darcy.  :-)


Aren’t these prints original and fun ?  What about you, do you use quotes or words as art in your home? 



  1. I love the quotes you picked to show! I especially love the ‘reader today’ one….it’s made me want to dream up a reading quote to make for my daughter’s room as she’s a huge bookworm (like her mother :D )

    I already have one book quote on my stair wall, I made it myself from scratch and I’m uber proud of it/myself. If you find yourself with a spare moment, I’d love you to take a look at my handiwork :D


  2. I don’t use word art to decorate but i do like to make typography sometimes.This is one of the images i made some time ago http://mihaelacostache.wordpress.com/2009/07/17/text-woman/ .
    By the way, i love your site. I stayed one day and browse through all post from the first one to the last one. I like what you do with old furniture and you inspired me to do so when i will have my own house and i could decorate it as i wish.

  3. Great finds. The reader today print is fantastic – I might have to get that for my daughter. I do have words around the house and just got our family rules sign turned into a print. I posted about it here.

  4. I don’t think they’ll give you an English degree unless you like quotes, so yes, I do have some quotes around the house. ;) I’d love to do some word art though…the problem is deciding what to use. ;) Those really are lovely examples! I do love a good Darcy quote, and the “Keep Calm and Fake a British Accent” one made me smile. I’m going to have to try that one and let you know how it works for me. ;)

  5. Those are all really great!

    Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to start working on my mustache ;^)

  6. I have a framed je t’aime poster from the love shop. It’s the words over and over in the shape of a heart…love it to bits. Then of course there’s the fridge magnets and the postcards on the notice board above my desk but I won’t list all of those! Except maybe this one…love actually is all around…from the movie of course…with, naturally…who else, Mr Darcy in a starring role!

  7. Oh, I have a weakness for quotes and those from Mr. Darcy are wonderful! I have a plan to use some quotes in my sunroom…first up is a lamp shade cover with “There’s no place like Home” from Wizard of Oz. I would also like to make slipcovers for the chairs and have a different quote on the back of each. Thanks for the inspiration!

  8. Oy…We have so many words and letters and quotes…one time a new friend came in, who hadn’t been here. She looked around and said “you have instructions for everything…eat, read,keep calm, restauraunt here…” It was funny!

  9. I love quotes! I especially like the one about the bird and the french fry! That is SO me. It’s the little things….

  10. The french fry one is hanging in my kitchen… I’d own more if not for a lack of walls. (:
    Great selection.

  11. Just found your blog in the last week or so & I LOVE it! As one who owns a 57 year old house & it’s full of antiques of all types & in all sort of shape ( some good, some needing restained, repainted, etc. ), I have found a ton of inspiration here.

    I have things like this hanging all over the place; my favorite – ” No whining, crying, outright blubbering or any of the likeness thereof WHATSOEVER – this is a respectable jail! ”

    It hangs in the kitchen where everybody can see it, including myself. I am such a word-hound, I have a few songs & such tattooed on me…

    thanks for all of the inspiration & I look forward to more…goodness knows, with spring just around the corner, there’s tons to do!

  12. Oh, Darcy-swoon! I love using words and prints in our decor. In the kitchen, we have prints from John Golden http://www.etsy.com/shop/johnwgolden?section_id=5021091(By Order of the Management), along with a print from Persimmon and Pink (http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=42907404) and my Subway Art Family Rules http://elzabelz.blogspot.com/2010/03/crafty-piece-of-art.html. I also have other word art on our stairway and in the girls’ bedroom, and am working on word art for my master bedroom reno now.

  13. Funny, I’ve been thinking of creating some word art with my favorite bible verses. Hard part is choosing where to put them.

  14. I love these! I hadn’t seen those Mr. Darcy quotes before and they make me quite giddy. I’ve always had a crush on him too, and am currently reading Pride and Prejudice . . . again :)

  15. What ETSY site did you find these on? I want to order the G&T one!!! I love it. It’ll look adorable in my new kitchen!!!

    Great find!
    Erin from YAYDIY.com

  16. Just yesterday I was searching Etsy for cute prints for our bathroom re-do and I totally flagged that yellow gin & tonic one. So cute!!

  17. Kate, I love the “She Believed She Could” print. I needed some extra motivation and positivity at work today and you helped me with that! Thank you! :)

  18. Once again, great timing! I have the “Be Calm” (for real not the jokes, though those are great) in my etsy shopping cart. You read my mind sometimes!

  19. Ooooh I love words. These are so fun!!! Time to paint over the tired Live-Love-Laugh signs everyone!

  20. LOVE THIS – thank you so much for posting. i was able to grab some birthday presents for friends and a mother’s day gift for my MIL.
    ~Katie B.

  21. Yes! I love decorating with words! I paint canvases for children, so I’ve really gotten into painting quotes also. Thanks for the inspiration…I may have to go whip a few up today :)

  22. I’m a fan of your blog, but I dont think I have ever left a comment :-) Thanks so much for featuring my Best Day Ever print!! I LOVE all of these… so inspiring!

  23. For years I have wanted to have, around my kitchen,”Dost thou think, because thou art virtuous, there shall be no more cakes and ale?” from Twelfth Night. Another one of those austere British aphorisms! Now the moment is past because my present house is an old boathouse, all rough boarding – but I’d be delighted if someone else took it up… any takers?

  24. ooohhh…big mr. darcy fan…doesn’t your heart just melt when he says to Elizabeth, “i love, i love, i love you”. i’ve lost count how many times we’ve watched Pride & Prejudice (both long & short versions)! i found an etsy shop featured on junk garden blog that prints the quotes on tea towels, mugs and tee shirts….gotta have one!
    ~judi ;)

  25. I happen to be in LOVE with Darcy… those are some of my favorite lines and so want them in my home!

  26. I have replayed many scenes where Colin Firth(A&E version of P&P) is with Elizabeth. To watch the whole series takes 6 hours, when I replay parts it is more like 10 hours. Having one of his quotes mounted on my wall will be a nice reminder of the wonderful character and movie.

  27. Aww…I had the “Best Day Ever” print customized with my wedding date. We set it out on the table where guests signed in at our wedding reception. Erin (of Erin Jane Shop) was wonderful to work with. She has tons of great prints. Go check out her work!!!

  28. I too am a sucker for Mr. Darcy, particularly when played by the fabulous Colin Firth! Oh well………..

    I got so excited by this post that I quickly visited 3LambsGraphics at Etsy to purchase the “I Believe in Pink.

  29. Wordle (www.wordle.com) is fun for this kind of thing. You can choose the colors and fonts and put in anything – a quote, song lyrics, the text of the Declaration of Independence, and it will produce an artsy rendering of it. You can then save it as a PDF and have it printed. The best part is, it’s free!

    I did one of a lullaby I frequently sing to my son and had it framed for his room. I did another of the song my husband and I danced to at our wedding and it’s in our bedroom.

  30. I have been having “One of those days” for oh about a month now. :)

    The “When life gives you lemons…” poster made me laugh outloud.

    Thanks, I needed that.

  31. Those quotes are so cute. In university, we used to have a quote wall-mostly sayings that happened around the dorm or in class, but it never failed to crack us up.

  32. I like the unexpected ones, especially the lemons. And as a Brit I can vouch for the amazing powers of the accent to land a job or convince a difficult audience that I am knowledgeable and reliable!
    Since you drink a lot of coffee, you really should treat yourself to a Mr Darcy Mug. :)

  33. I don’t have word art in my home just yet because it’s not MY home I don’t feel like decorating. I love word art though and I plan on using it somewhere in my home. Thanks for the links to the etsy shops :)

  34. Love this post! Word art is a fabulous way of surrounding ourselves with inspiration. You’ve collected a fantastic assortment for us. Thanks!

  35. These are terrific! As a designer, I always like to see prints with words in them…I’m even drawn to clothing w/ words in the fabric!

  36. I’m new to your website/blog.. And I love it soooo much, you are very inspiring :) I’m gonna start revamping my home soon, haha.. wish me luck!! I might redesign and use one of your your word art here.. thanks!!

  37. Colin Firth is the only Mr. Darcy I ever imagine whenever I read the book. (Which I do at least once a year!) LOVE that quote. I think I’ll write it on a coffee mug.

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