You’re Fabulous, February Edition

By Kate Riley February 28, 2010

Over that past few weeks and months, some of you have sent me some really incredible makeovers.  I’m way overdue in featuring these, so today I’d like to showcase some of your absolutely fabulous creations and transformations. 

Jenny W. writes,

“I discovered your blog after watching a ‘Designed to Sell’ episode where they did a really neat upholstered/framed headboard that I wanted to replicate. Lo and behold, I couldn’t find instructions on the HGTV website, but instead found yours and all of your amazing projects !

I feel like I found buried treasure in all of these wonderful blogs, and now have an amazing tufted headboard hanging above our new king sized bed. I have always loved decorating my house, but in finding inspiring blogs such as yours, it’s being taken to a whole new level.

Did I mention that I painted a side table and a sofa table Heirloom White the same weekend I did the headboard?”

Check out this headboard Jenny made after following this tutorial



More magical ‘Heirloom White’ makeovers ! 

jenny  b and a

jenny b and a endtable

Erika writes,

“I wanted to send you a few pictures of my craft organizer inspired by  you !!
Thanks for the fabulous site.”

Check out Erika’s craft station, inspired by this gift wrap organizer.

wrap station after


Lucy used pearlescent paint to add a little shimmer to her daughter’s vintage dressers. 

She writes, “Here’s my finished product!  I’m really happy about how these dressers turned out. They’re in my little girls room so I wanted the bling of the shine. The smaller one has one coat and the taller one has two.  Thanks again for the inspiration!”

lucys before and after

Puuuuurty !

lucy dresser crop


Judy gave this drab chair a fab fresh modern look with more ‘Heirloom White’, some gorgeous ‘Daphne’ fabric from Ballard Designs, and some nailhead trim.  Love this !

judy b and a


Natalie sent me this stunning chair revamp – more white paint, more gorgeous fabric, more nailhead trim.   J’adore !

natalie chair

Show some leg, girl !

natalie chair 3 (2)

Liz took some nightstands with an old paint job and freshened them with some white paint to flank her bed.  Oooh la la. 

liz b and a 2

Finally, Victoria completely transformed the look of her staircase just like we did by priming and painting her spindles, and by staining her upper railing, all for under $100 dollars.  Talk about big bang for your buck !

Victoria writes,

“When I saw your before staircase photo I’m thinking – that is MY staircase (except my same beige carpeting surrounds the spindles – eeew!).   The same one I loved when I moved into my house 15 years ago that was so lovely.  But now it looks kinda . . . dated.  When I saw that you had transformed your honey oak staircase, I knew I had to do that also.  I summoned all my courage and took the plunge.”

Victoria cracked me up when she wrote “When I was painting the spindles (four and a half hours per coat) which were suspended from my garage ceiling all I could think was of the movie the Sixth Sense.   Instead of ‘I see dead people’ it was ‘I see spindles’.” 

Now that’s really funny.  Yes, tedious DIY can make you feel punchy !  Spoken from experience. 

Job well done Victoria !

victoria b and a


victoria b and a 2


Give it up for these talented gals and their creative efforts – well done ladies !  And while we’re at it, let’s just give it up for white paint and its transformative power. 


For all of you other super savvy DIYers who’ve got something to showcase, please feel free to send me your pictures of your before and afters !  I simply never tire of a great makeover !  Do you?  Nope, didn’t think so. 

And please note  (LOL) that there’s still time to get in on the Noteworthy Giveaway until 8 p.m. PST.   :-)  Enjoy your Sunday !


  1. wow! way to go ladies! You all did a great job on your projects! Even MORE inspiration for me!

  2. I remember showing you my cabana makeover done in Heirloom white–you have really started a country wide movement-haha! It’s a great color that makes everything look great! Love your DIYs and each one gets better and better…the stairs are so gorgeous and the kitchen–divine!

  3. Wow super great makeovers! I love the tufted headboard. I just sent this link to my sister because she has been talking about a tufted headboard. Thanks for the the link to the tutorial! She will love it!

  4. We have that exact tall dresser (like the little girl’s) in our master bedroom. It is in it’s original color still, like a cherry wood with varnish. It has the same hardware too! I wondered about what to do with the hardware but I’m loving the white with dark hardware. I might spraypaint ours an antique bronze.

    All of these projects turned out awesome. I love seeing pics like this-so motivating for me to get my little projects started, they make a big impact!

  5. It’s great to see that regular people like me were able to do these renovations successfully. It gives me hope that when the day comes for my turn, I’ll be able to do it myself. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Jenny W – I love the fabric you used. Your headboard looks fabulous.

    Cate – All three of your headboards look fabulous too. I have a question about them. You used different padding methods (2 inch foam plus batting, thinner foam plus batting, only batting) on your three headboards. Can you comment on the end results? Do you wish you’d done thicker foam? Thicker batting? Do the foam squares shift at all or are the buttons holding everything in place? Thanks!

  7. Hi there- I emailed you earlier about working with staircases & absolutely love what you & Victoria did with yours. I’m thinking of doing similar colors for mine, so this is perfect!

  8. These are fabulous! Tell me… what is “Heirloom White”? Is this a paint color? And love the pearlescent paint – gorgeous!

  9. What a testament to your style, creativity and DIY ingenuity :) You really inspire us to look around and see what we can come up with. In a few short years I’ll have more time and get cracking on some projects of my own, CG style!

  10. Your blog inspires me too!
    painted furniture-check
    giftwrap organizer-next!

  11. I love all the wonderful DIY projects. You know I’ve been around long enough to watch things go from wood, to painted colors, back to wood and now to painting everything white. I have visions of everyone having to strip the paint off of all the wood again in a few years…think how much work that is going to be!

  12. Okay…thanks for the motivation. It is time to get on with my project. Love the ideas!

  13. Such beautiful makeovers! Thanks Kate, for inspiring us all and giving us more pretties to look at.

  14. The hubby and I are (finally!!) acquiring a new bed and it is one of those metal frames with no headboard. I will be coming back here often for headboard ideas and how-tos. I am really digging the fabric of the one in this post, it’s beautiful. Also, we have a chance to move into a bigger rental space, which we may do. It needs a lot of… love and decorating. It’s a basement suite, so should I stay away from dark colours? I am really bad at decorating by myself in clever ways.

  15. I’m so confused, did Natalie and Judy both redo the same chairs – the frames look exactly alike! Do either of them have a blog with more pics of the process? I’m currently contemplating a similar Marimekko makeover of whatever scrappy pair of Louis XV or XVI fauteuils I can win at the auctions. I was quoted 150 EUR per chair (cost of fabric not included) and wondering if I might be able to just do it myself…

  16. House Hunting in Paris: Judy is my sister-in-law. We re-did a couple of chairs Judy found on Craigslist for a few bucks each. Neither of us have a blog.

    I’m pretty sure their is a Craigslist in Paris. I would monitor CL for good finds. I picked up an antique barrel chair that I will paint & then recover myself for $20 USD on CL. It was a steal.

    Instructions for re-doing these chairs are on this blog.

    Thank you Kate for featuring our chairs! We love you!

  17. Everything looks so good…what an inspiration you are Kate! The gift wrap organizer has been on my to do list for a very long time….I need to get around it!

  18. Kate thank you so much for posting the makeovers! It was great to see everyone else’s CG inspired makeovers as well!

  19. I have been procrastinating with updating our staircase – this project seems like soooo much work but these pics may have inspired me to give it a go.

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