Sweet Hearts in Nature

By Kate Riley February 14, 2010

In honor of Valentine’s Day, here’s a peek at some remarkable hearts found in nature.

Wishing you all a day filled with love in all its forms.

heart shaped world Heart Shaped World  © Christine Huff

heart in treeInside Your Heart

 beauty is in the heartBeauty is in the Heart of the Beholder  © Tracey Tilson

have a heart Have a Heart

heart of the matter Heart of the Matter  © Bart Ceuppens

hearts in leaves Green Hearts

well find the yearnings Yearnings of our Heart

fool plays the heart Fool Plays the Heart

swan hearts Mates


heart of the matter dragonflies Heart of the Matter – Dragonflies

giraffe Giraffe with Heart Shaped Neck  © Paul Willowby

leaf heart My Heart For You – Leaf

my heart for you My Heart for You – Flowers

healing love virgin honey Healing Love  © Sabine

 with a flutter of hearts With a Flutter of Hearts

heart of nature Heart of Nature © Veerendra Tikhe


believer9 hearts in the morning In the Heart of the Morning

All copyrighted images used with permission.

So which one is your favorite ?


  1. Oh I LOVE them all! But the heart shaped tendrils (have a heart) and the giraffe inched the others out for me. We once knew a horse with a heart patch on his side…his name was gallant heart!

  2. Wow…makes me want to go outside and look for hearts! I like the heart of nature and the heart of the matter best, but really they are all wonders!

  3. I’m not a fan of Valentine’s Day, never have been, to my husband & I this is when baseball season is just about to start. YAY!!
    But I have to say, I love the green hearts. I love the way the green just pops off that old barn red color.

  4. A very difficult decision ~ they’re all wonderful! I think the giraffe speaks to me ~ such an incredibly beautiful animal with a definite heart marking.

    Thanks so much for sharing!

  5. So clever and so pretty! I love the ones of the various leaves, but something about that little heart-to-heart the swans are having is so sweet.
    Happy V Day!

  6. I think your pictures really made my day:-) Thank You!

    And as for choosing a favourite… Have a heart! Lovely and subtle.

    Have a nice day,
    Hillevissan, Stockholm Sweden

  7. “In the heart of the Morning”….meeting God in that special place ,before the noise of the day imposes on us.Thank you for sharing and have a beautiful day Katie :-)

  8. Your hearts found in nature are all beautiful. I like the second photo “inside your heart” showing the hollowed out tree trunk. Happy Valentine’s Day. I did a similar post yesterday. ~ Rosemary

  9. Wow these are all amazing, but I would love to be sitting in the feild where “In the heart of the morning” was taken. I wish I was there right now!!! It seems so peaceful and there is NO SNOW!!! Happy Valentine’s Day.

  10. They are all lovely – I especially like the giraffe and the swans. Thanks for sharing these beautiful pictures, hope you had a Happy Valentine’s Day.


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