Just Doing My Part

By Kate Riley February 24, 2010

There comes a day in February that I look forward to with much anticipation.  You’ll often find me breathing on the glass of my front window panes.  I wait.  And I wait.  And then the doorbell rings. 

It’s my neighbor Girl Scouts bringing me my cookies !

girl scouts

Let’s just say I made a small investment. 

Selfless am I.  It was for the sake of the Scouts. 

 girl scout cookies stacked


And on a totally unrelated note, have you seen this commercial ?  It grabs me right at the heart.  The message is for all you hardworking selfless moms out there. 


Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to disappear into a pile of chocolate and sugar, support Team USA, and watch more Olympics. 

girl scout cookies on plate 

You’re welcome to come over and have some cookies.  I’ve got plenty.  :-) 

Which Girl Scout cookie is your favorite ?  


  1. I’m still waiting for my Girl Scout cookies. :( They said they would bring them on Saturday, but there is no sign of them!

  2. MMMMMmmm the Samoa’s!! I am still waiting not so patiently for mine, I am hoping they don’t forget. The boy scout never brought my popcorn that I ordered and I am hoping it doesn’t happen with my cookies :(

  3. I was a Girl Scout leader for 11 years and we just loved customers like you. Thanks for your support.

  4. Mmm, my favorites are the Caramel Delights (aka Samoas). I never understood why they gave stuff different names in diff. regions.

  5. We bought 8 boxes to start, one box per person. And then I realized that wasn’t enough so I put in another order!! They must have crack in them to be so addicting and to make me willing to pay 4 dollars a box!!

  6. We just had some boxes of Girl Scout cookies in our house, sad to say…they are all gone! I think most of my munchkins ate them…o.k. I had a few…a little stack. Not going to stand on the scale for a couple of days. lol :) My husband loves the shortbread, I love the thin mints and the kids love the peanut butter. MMmmm just thinking about those…I need chocolate. On a search!


  7. Who could watch that commercial and NOT tear up?!?!

    And och, I spent $40 on Girl Scout cookies. I have a never ending date with my treadmill. ;)

  8. Stocking up on girl scout cookies is like a requirement! I mean, they only come once a year!! I buy some and freeze them (especially thin mints or carmel delites). If they are in the freezer then I forget about them for a little bit. :)

  9. Oh your making me hungry. My girl scout cookies are LONG gone!! I love Samoas or i think they are calling them carmel delights now days.

  10. COOKIES!!! Yum Yum Yum. C is for cookie! Opps, ok-um I like the chocolate striped cookie when I do buy girl scout cookies-which has been a while.

  11. My waistline thanks you tonight. I love the Samoas. And the Thin Mints. If someone came to my door selling them, there’s no way I could resist. My mom made me be a Girl Scout for a few years when I was a kid, and I HATED it b/c I was so shy. I made my little sister come with me and do the talking. :s

  12. THIN (ha) MINTS!!!!!!!!! My freezer is PACKED with them cause the hubby and I cannot get enough. Honestly, I would have a freezer FULL of Thin Mints, if it weren’t for all the damn veggies. LOL Sounds like a perfect evening to me. Enjoy.

  13. Too funny! I had my one box of tagalongs. I shared 4 with the kids. Nice of me huh? They were yummy…and they are ALL gone! Well, not really…I think I see them on my hips.

  14. I just got mine as well! My man ordered the somoas and I ordered thin mint. I thought I would hate the somoa ones because I hate coconut but they are amazing!!!

  15. Okay, my favorite box of Girl Scout cookies is the last one delivered! lol. I am Jr. Girl Scout mom and am so happy when we have finally delivered all the cookies. =)

    My FAV. is for sure the Somoas. MMMM…


    And thank you for supporting Girl Scouts. It really is a wonderful program.

  16. Thank you (from a Girl Scout leader and Girl Scout Mom)!! We had way too many cookies in our house recently!!! Seriously, you can’t go wrong with GS cookies.

    Samoas are my favorite! Thin Mints are a close second. Unfortunately, when a box is opened it doesn’t take long for it to firmly place itself on my hips!! LOL.

  17. Samoa’s definitely! I think I’d eat liver, if you put caramel and coconut on it! If you have a Dollar General store nearby, you might check out their generic version–they’re really good and half the price.

  18. My favorites are the Samoas… although here (Ohio) they call them Caramel Delites. Delish. My daughter is a Girl Scout, so we did our part, too. ;) They’re already gone! *Oink!* ;)

  19. I love the thing mints. I haven’t seen anybody selling them where I live. Maybe it is all the snow that we have:( No one wants to go door to door when you can’t make it up the driveway!

  20. It’s hard to go wrong with a thin mint! Great, now I’m craving them. Luckily, my local Starbucks lets the CUTEST Girl Scouts sell cookies under their patio. I love buying from them!

  21. I have looked near and far and have yet to find as cookie as wonderful as the Samoa. And there is nothing like the bright look on every girl scout’s face when you purchase a box. Priceless.

  22. Oh boy, already ate my first stash of cookies – with the help of my strapping 17 year old son, of course. Thank goodness the scouts are out in force after school and on weekends selling cookies in front of the market. Time to reload, after all, it’s only once a year.

  23. I love samoas and thin mints. I just ordered one box of each this year (trying to be good). But other favorites include peanut butter ones AND the lemon ones that they have apparently discontinued this year (lemony cookie with lemon frosting on top. so good!). and, of course, the trefoils (shortbread ones) are delicious.

  24. Mmmm, I can’t wait for girl scout cookies. I don’t know when they start selling here in Canada, I’ll have to find out asap! I wonder if they taste different as well? Also, girl scouts are called Girl Guides here! crazy!

  25. I did my part by ordering $39 worth of Girl Scout Cookies, thank goodness they freeze and yes most of them are Thin Mint. After they were delivered hubby and daughter wanted to know where the Tagalongs were oops ordered 5 more boxes since I forgot their favorite.

  26. Aren’t they cute? You could have had a piece of furniture for the investment you made in those cookies! I buy a couple boxes, but the mom always calls and no cute girl scout shows up here.

  27. My daughter is a Girl Scout so we’ve been eating plenty of cookies the last couple of weeks! I love the Thin Mints the most, but all of the others are wonderful too. I noticed in your picture that you have one type that’s not available here (Eastern Mass.)- the ones in the yellow box. Are they lemon cremes?

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