Sunday Reflection

By Kate Riley January 17, 2010

It’s been a melancholy week, with plenty of tragedy in the news.  In these times, I am reminded that it is the simplest things in my life that I value the most.  Despite all of the bad news, there were a few things that made me really smile this week.

count your blessings

Leftovers from Christmas

leftover christmas

White manzanita branches

manzanita branches

Inventive children

stop sign

Mischievous children


Whipped cream

hot chocolate

hot chocolate with my girl

Budding hyacinth

budding hyacinth

Citrus after the rain

citrus after rain

The only bloom in the garden

lone holdout flower

Siblings that love one another

oldest and youngest

“Enjoy the little things, for one day, you may look back and realize

that they were the big things.”

– Robert Brault


  1. What a beautiful post! Ungratefulness is something I struggle with daily, focusing on what I wish I had instead of marveling at all the amazing things I have right in front of me. Thank you for this reminder.

  2. All this news definitely makes you appreciate your blessings. As we reflect upon our many blessings, we will be able to open our hearts to those who are less fortunate. We can see that is happening by the enormous out pouring of love and concern for the people in Haiti.

  3. Morning Most Centsational One! What a sweet post! Yes, we do have so many blessings to count!!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. Beautiful post this morning, and very beautiful children too. That quote says it all in a nut shell. All the best, Lori

  5. The perfect quote to sum it all up. I definitely found myself pausing mid-thought this weekend and considering my blessings instead of complaining. You have such cute kids…love the “STOP” sign. Gorgeous photos, as always. :)

  6. Lovin’ the kids sleeping! My little guy loves to curl up on his big sisters lap. She laughs because she’ll just be sitting there and suddenly E is crawling up in her lap (and he’s 7! LOL)

  7. I love waking up every morning and telling myself all the things that I am grateful for. It can change the perspective on my entire day. This week has truly been one of sadness but the love and outpouring of help around the world is so heart warming.

  8. Home sick today, & what a sweet post to lift my spirits! Such beautiful photos, and loved the quote at the end. You’re so right, we should all count our blessings every day, both large blessings and small. :)

  9. Beautifully & eloquently put Kate. Thanks for the reminder…and blessings to you and your sweet family.

  10. Am new here, but you decorating is amazing, I spent one whole afternoon catching up on your blog and loving your design! Can I use the quote at the bottom of your blog today? I will tell them I stole it from here, it just simply said what I was feeling.

  11. Ok… let me tell you… I L-O-V-E your blog. You need a TV show or at least to featured in magazines (are you?).

    I will be “attacking” state sales and thrift shops and will put lots of your ideas in practice in my “brand new” 100 year old house.

    Thank You so much for showing how you do what you do.

  12. The photo of the snuggling siblings was absolutely adorable.

    Now I have a strange urge for a cup of hot chocolate. And snakes hanging from my lights. ;)

  13. I always enjoy your blog, it’s a treasure. This was a special post, and the photos of the kids are SOOO lovely. What a beautiful family. Thanks for sharing.

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