Happiness is an Indoor Herb Garden

By Kate Riley January 22, 2010

It’s been raining for days and days and days around here.   I really needed something fresh and green to contrast against these wet days and drab skies.  So I planted a little garden in my kitchen window.    

indoor herb garden



oregano in pot



sage in pot



thyme in pot


and Peppermint.



I had to steal some dirt since I had no potting soil in January. 

rob soil


But now I have something green to nurture as I wash the dishes, wait for the sun, and plot my next culinary delight. 

while doing dishes


Happiness is a baby indoor herb garden. 

And the hint of spring.   Even if it’s still January.

Isn’t it amazing how just a little greenery can lift your spirits and brighten your day ?


  1. I’ve tried growing herbs in the past and haven’t had much luck. Maybe I’ll try my hand at it again this year…I’d love to have some fresh basil to use whenever I want.

  2. That looks so pretty in your window. I don’t have a nice ledge like that to set anything but I’ve thought about trying my hand at herbs. Maybe, still not sure my thumb is green enough.

  3. I had some thyme bordering my garden (of 3 tomato plants) last Spring, but I didn’t do much with them. I think if I bring some herbs up onto the deck this Spring, I might have better luck. Thanks for the inspiration! :)

  4. I’ve been wanting to try and grow herbs for awhile now. The main reason is because I hate buying them at the market, using a bit and then it goes bad before getting to the rest.

    But this is inspiration to get going on my own!

  5. love it! It drives me nuts that my apt kitchen has no windows – and those we do have do not lend themselves to plants AT ALL!

  6. Oh I love this idea!! I’m always looking for something new for my kitchen window – I have a corner sink with windows in the corner…….I have such a hard time decorating that spot!


  7. I was so tempted to buy some herbs the other day…but decided to wait a bit longer…I am loving how pretty that looks…maybe I need to rethink my decision?!

  8. There’s nothing like fresh herbs to brighten up a recipe. This post makes me want to run out and buy a some herbs for a little garden of my own. I might have to add that to my “to do” list today! I love the fact that outside your window you have GREEN plants. There’s not much green in Colorado these days!

  9. I have an “apartment garden,” as I like to call it, in my solarium. I have maid of orleans Jasmine, basil, mint, cilantro, lavender and even garlic! It was my first year apartment gardening. Needless to say, I will probably make different choices next year.

  10. Beautiful and so pretty in a window or kitchen counter top! PS Kate can anyone tell me how to put the “You might also like” at the bottom of a post? Help!? I know lame isn’t it?!

  11. oh you california people are soooooo lucky! i remember what it was like to have year round herb gardens and cherry blossoms in late January. Enjoy your window herb garden, i am vicariously.

  12. Beautiful idea. I’m ready for spring. What is the 5th plant? herb? pretty…love your blog.

  13. It’s been raining incessantly down here in San Diego too. I love this indoor herb garden. I think I’m going to make one soon. Just have to get some potting soil, inexpensive pots and good herbs. It’ll be a fun little project, I think.

  14. Your articles are always the first I go to when checking my emails. You are a delight !

  15. Your herb garden looks so beautiful. With your California sun they will grow abundantly, I’m sure. I, too, live in a mild climate and my herbs survive winter, though will not get really energetic until the rainy clouds disperse and we get sun consistently. It was such a treat to see your vibrantly-green herbs on that window sill. Thanks for sharing.

  16. I love having basil around; Beloved Husband has been valiantly trying to grow it from seed, with mixed results. I think I might have to sneak a baby plant in when he’s not looking! And I miss the rosemary bush we used to have, too.

  17. Those are such cute little planters! I love fresh herbs, but sadly my kitchen window is too close to our neighbors to get any direct sunlight, which most herbs love as you know. Hope the rain clears up soon!

  18. Love those pots too. I love gardening, and have lots of indoor plants. I had to sadly cut my collection to half because of the new baby, but I kept all my orchids and jasmines, and some other favorite plants. And lots of them have been blooming this entire winter. With all the snow outside, it’s nice to have some beautiful flowers to look at.

  19. Exactly why I keep picking up tulips at the grocery store. I actually bought a cute little basil pot and when I got it home I realized it was the perfect cloche…well, needless to say, it didn’t get the basil in it and will be getting dolled up for the cloche party instead.

  20. What a pretty herb garden! I just love herbs, the smell (taste, too!) is WONDERFUL!!! Such a great treat as we wait for spring! :) I just posted today about the Winter Garden….can’t wait to get out there and get planting!

  21. Love the sweet herb garden.

    I’m with you! I’m soooooo sick of the rain. And that’s shocking for me bc usually I love it.

    Will be nice to get some sun/non-rain tomorrow.

  22. I love your sweet little pots holding the Herbs.. I too have a window garden.. Basil, Oregano and Parsley are my favorites when cooking. I live in Florida and have many growing outside as well!

  23. I recently planted some herbs outside in planter boxes. I wish I had a nice windowsill for culinary herbs in my kitchen. A heck of a lot easier than trekking outside for herbs.

  24. Hi Kate,
    You inspire me…..I love this. I have been wanting to plant some little herbs for some time now!!

  25. Too funny to pop on here today and see your new herb garden. After spending a ridiculous amount of $ on fresh rosemary yesterday I decided I needed one! Yours is inspiring…beautiful window! Just hope I have enough light in mine for them to grow….wilted and dying herbs will not brighten my day or lift my spirits ;)

  26. They are Centsational!!! I bet you get that a lot…. :D

    I am currently doing up my kitchen, and a little herb garden/2 pots is on my To Do list!!!

    Have a great weekend, and can’t wait to see what you concoct with those lovely herbs…. :)

  27. Oh Kate, I had herbs this summer and did nothing with them so they kinda died without ever being utilized in a dish. I wish I could be all ‘Julia Child’ but I’m more ‘Lean Cuisine’ and ‘Boca’. They are lovely too smell and look at, though! Thank you so much for your comment about my bedroom chandelier. Bling+dimmer= GORGEOUS LADY, right? haha

  28. It scares me how you write either what i just put on my list to do! I too felt the need for green and hung a sweet little boston fern in my kitchen window and planted some spring bulbs in a pot on the sill. Spring may not be in the air but it’s under my skin :)

  29. I want to plant herbs in the house every year but I don’t have a window sill. My sink faces a NE corner and my counter is lower than my windows. Any ideas??? No other window has a ledge either.

  30. I love it. I think this spring I will end up doing an herb garden too. Love your blog, thanks for the inspiration. -Sarah

  31. What kind of herb is the one on the left – looks like something is growing in the middle between the tall leaves. Very interesting

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