Silver & Gold Sideboard

By Kate Riley December 4, 2009

I’m making my way around the casa, decorating here and there.  Just recently, I picked up a sideboard from the local thrift for $50 dollars and decided to jazz it up for the holidays. 

I brought out some of my silver, gave it a good polish, then embellished with some gold accents.  I also shopped my home, and raided my party supplies stash to add some unexpected elements. 

 sideboard side view

I’m so into mixed metal sheens this year, and I adore a combo of silver and gold together.  I had this old wreath from a few years ago that inspired the color scheme, as well as the pink and bronze mantlescape from a few days ago. 


gold wreath pink box

It’s a December ritual to get out the polish and give the silver a brightening. 

silver polish wrights silver cream

Here’s a peek at a flea market silver plated bowl before the polish. 

silver bowl before polish

But oh so pretty after !

bowl after


I had some Mardi Gras beads from our party stash.

mardi gras beads 2

So I draped a couple over the golden beaded fruit display on the freshly polished silver tiered server.  Those fruits are just recycled from the Thanksgiving cornucopia

golden fruit on silver


We had a silver tinsel tree but it was a little shaggy.  I enlisted some help to trim it up. 

trim tinsel tree

Then we added some of those hot pink accents and more Mardi Gras beads.

tinsel tree 2

pink ornaments and mardi gras

This pink vase is filled with more golden berries and embellished with a vintage snowflake.  A broken mirror’s gilded frame forms the backdrop. 

pink vase and golden berries


What did we do with all that extra tinsel from our tree ?  Why we used it for filler of course. 

 tinsel filler

And as bedding for this thrift store margarita glass display.  I bought that glass this past summer for $3 dollars !  A few funky disco balls and more golden ornaments mix it up. 

margarita glass with ornaments

Next door is a bronze beaded pear displayed under glass in a cloche.  That’s for my friend Marty over at A Stroll Thru Life who is having another cloche party today ! 

bronze pear under cloche

I find simple martini glasses filled with ornaments make a simple, elegant, and inexpensive display all the way through till New Year’s Eve.

champagne glass with ornaments

A little silver polished bowl repeats the theme, and check out my party disco ball in the back !  “Well you can tell by the way I use my walk, I’m a woman’s man, no time to talk…”

silver bowl with disco ball

Prancer heralds his arrival wearing a wreath of golden bells.

reindeer crop

Completely merry and bright, and created with things I already had at home.  The pink trimmings are all I’ve invested in this year. 

silver and gold sideboard

sideboard side view

This weekend, we’ll be hanging more lights and mistletoe.  What are you up to this weekend ?

Don’t forget the Ornament Party is Tuesday, December 8th so bring out your decorations and link up on Tuesday. 

Have a great weekend !


  1. Your buffet vignette is just stunning. I love it all. I am with you in that I love silver, gold and brass mixed in with a little bronze. I think all the medals look wonderful together. YOur silver pieces are beautiful and I especially love the base that your cloche is sitting on. The bronze pear is gorgeous and so pretty in your display. Thanks so much for joining the party and for such wonderful inspiration. Hugs, Marty

  2. Stunning, wow I just love your blog. Love the colors and the white tree with the dashes of pink!

  3. You are so good at this…could I just say for a moment…you make me sick!! Not really, you inspire me. I would never think to hang a wreath on a picture, but I like it. I love silver and gold together…have a tablescape set up now with those colors. I love the hot pink touch, I’ve done it with royal blue…never the pink. Everything is simply stunning!


  4. Hi Sweetie…
    Oh my gosh what a find this buffet was. I absolutely love what you have done with it. It is so beautiful. I love the mixed metals. I am using copper, gold and brown in my living room this year. I have little hints of green also. Love it. Just love it.

    Your cloche is so pretty. Thank you for sharing. I have signed up to follow your blog. I can’t wait to see what you share next. I know it will be outstanding. Please pop over and say hi. I would be so honored to have you follow my blog as well.

    Country hugs…Sherry

  5. LOVE your christmas colors! What fun combos. You do such a nice job grouping items together. Thanks for sharing!

    I’ll try to remember to link up my paper lollipop ornaments I made this week. So many christmas parties, it’s hard to remember all of them!! :)


  6. Hi Kate, me again. I just spent some time looking over your blog. I’m hooked! It is fantastic, and I just became your latest follower. I will be back to visit soon. BTW- I love the faux fur tree skirt. Just put that on my “to do after Christmas” list!

  7. Very Merry and Bright! : ) Those Mardi Gras beads worked out great with this color scheme. What a nice size sideboard, too, to hold this display!

  8. I was doing some decorating tonight and got to my buffet and was stumped. I got online specifically to get some ideas and this post was the first one on my follow list! Just the inspiration I need! What I already have is so different and so is my color scheme, but I can gleen so many ideas from this! Thank you!

    I love what you did with your sideboard! The hot pink is just the perfect accent color with the metalics! I have a silver bowl like yours and hadn’t thought to use it!

  9. This is SO fun and so beautiful! So much visual interest. I love the color scheme, and the thrift store glasses filled with ornaments.

  10. That is so amazing, you are so gifted. May I ask what kind of camera you use, your photos are always wonderful.

  11. Oh my goodness! This is wonderful. Darlin’, you’re just too good! Now maybe I could do things like this if I had a cute little helper like you! :) Really, everything is just lovely!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. Oh my word, I love love LOVE this – and all of your projects!!

    I had a disaster today. I opened up your staircase transformation for the 10th time at LEAST and finally got started on my own. Well, years ago when my wonderful dh built our staircase, he used quite a bit of wood putty. We were planning to paint the baluster. Well – staining and wood putty? NOT a good mix. No amount of sanding will help me. What to do, what to do?? Trying to decide what sort of paint treatment I can use to get a sort of wood effect. Gah!

  13. Gorgeous! When I looked at the first picture (before reading the text), I thought it was a picture from a magazine! I was scrolling through to see which magazine, then read the text, and thought “holy cow! That’s from her house!!”. Great work!


  14. Kate, your sideboard is dazzling! Thank you for inspiring me to get out my pretty silver goodies and polish them up. I LOVE that you actually use your silver. All you decorations are beautiful, but the prettiest of all is the little pixie in pink helping to trim the tree!!!

  15. beautiful! and i too need to get some of that silver polish…after i find some great deals on silver platters/bowls/dishes ;-)

  16. Your decor is absolutely gorg! The before and after pic of the trimmed tree with mini CG had me ROFL. I also gleened some new ideas from the architectural prints with the wreath (I have them too, but mine are jusst holding some leftover easter dust bunnies). Lurve your blog, I’m so hooked!

  17. SO pretty Kate! I love the hot pink – I mix that in on our tree every year but haven’t gone farther than that in the house, but now I may try! We’re headed to a cocktail party tonight & tomorrow may hunt down a tree. And I’d like to mention I’m wondering what on earth these thrift stores look like that you find these things in – NOTHING like that out here – lucky you :)

  18. It looks simply amazing – I could stare at all these pictures for a long time and still not be able to pull it off like you did!

  19. Girl…. YOU ARE SO FAB! Everything about this I love!!! ALL i’ve put up is the tree SMH and I need to actually get off my tale today and go buy more ornaments… Gotta step my game all the way up hunnie!!! YOU ROCK!

  20. Gasping!! My eyes can’t take the gorgeousness!! Too pretty!!! I have some of those hot pink snowflakes too (got mine at Target). Love the way you arranged everything! The cloche is adorable, but I especially love the white tree. My oldest has the same purple “diamond” shirt. ;)

  21. I typically do not comment (unless I’m trying to win a freebie) but your holiday decor was so good that I have to say, this sideboard truly looks like you spent hundreds in decorations. Truly amazing color scheme and coordination. It is not kitshy at all… and can’t you see how easily someone could have taken Mardi Gras beads and turned their house into tacky city? You made those one dollar beads look expensive on that display! Amazing! Two thumbs up from this decor snob!

  22. You are incredible! I totally love love how you transform simple things into works of art…. I love your $50.00 armoir… amazing, and so lucky of you to find such a beauty at that price. If only the previous owner can take a look at it now and see how lovely it looks with all your decorations on it… lovely lovely…. I’m adding you to my blog roll so I can come visit often. So nice meeting you!


  23. AH-mazing! But of course, are any of your creations un-amazing?! I love the decadent design. The fuschia is such a fresh twist on the old “holiday red”!

  24. Love this! The pink, silver, gold…all makes such a wonderful display. Love the wreath hung over the picture! You’re so lucky to have an “assistant” especially one with such talent for decorating!


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