Fur Trimmed Tree Skirt

By Kate Riley December 1, 2009

I was just fa la la la la-ing my way through the fabric store the other day, in search of more velvet for those stockings I have every good intention of sewing whenever I get around to it. 

Darn it, why did I have to spy those bolts of faux fur ?  I was completely stopped in my tracks.  I couldn’t think about stockings, I could only see a fabulous tree skirt trimmed in that cream colored fur.  I’ve never ever ever had a tree skirt –  it’s one of those luxuries I’ve just never bothered to purchase.  In years past, I simply wrapped a piece of crimson velvet around my tree trunk.  In truth, that worked just fine since the fabric always seemed to be covered up with Christmas presents relatively quickly. 

This year, after spying that fur, I just had to make myself an authentic tree skirt.  I wanted a skirt with a luxurious look, but without the big price tag. 

So I came up with this purty little number. 

fur lined tree skirt full

Here’s the quick and easy way to make this simple sew faux fur trimmed tree skirt in one afternoon.


  1. One square piece of base fabric (velvet, polyester blend, or felt – your choice).  If your fabric has a width of 54” on the bolt, then purchase the same length. 
  2. Enough 7’’ strips of faux fur to make 300” inches in length.  
  3. Three yards decorative trim (optional)


Step One:  Fold your square piece of fabric into quarters (I chose bronze polyester shantung), then use your scissors to trim off the sharp corner and round all the edges.

fold in fours and trim

Step Two: Measure the diameter of your tree stand, then use a measuring tape to mark the radius (half the diameter).  Cut the corner off in a round shape.

measure radius 

trim center fabric

Step Three:  Unfold your tree skirt, then cut a slit to provide an opening to wrap around tree. 

cut opening

Step Four: Hem inside circle and edges of opening.  If you seek perfection on the inside circle, cut slits in the fabric as you go around to prevent puckering.

hem sides

cut slits in fabric

Step Five:  Stitch your strips of 7” faux fur together to form 300” in total length. 

sew strips of fur

Step Six:  With your base fabric turned right side up, and your fur turned upside down, attach the two with your sewing machine.  Your fur will eventually flip over the top. 

fabric to fur

To achieve this ruffled look . . .

ruffle detail

Pinch your fabric with your fingers as you sew around the skirt to form a ruffle.

form ruffle with finger

No need to hem the bottom of an acrylic faux fur fabric that has a nylon backing like this since it won’t fray. 

Step Seven (optional):  Attach decorative trim with sewing machine   

attach trim

That’s all folks.  A few straight stitches in one afternoon led to this. 

fur trimmed tree skirt 

I’m smitten this season with this combination of cocoa and pink !

pink and brown present

This skirt adds just a little touch of luxury to my tree.  The best news ?  It only cost me $30 dollars and two hours to make !  

fur trimmed tree skirt up close


I’m signing up with Kimba’s DIY day too.



  1. I love this and it is fabulous!! unfortunately, my two dogs and kitty would think so too and down would come the tree!!! hahaha!

  2. The fabric looks gorgeous – I would have thought in all the boxes you showed us, there would have been a tree skirt! I love yours, of course!

  3. Oh my word!! Love it!! Thanks for the tip on pinching the fabric to make ruffles…I didn’t know that. I was thinking this morning that I need a tree skirt for one of my little fake-o trees. I don’t know if I could make one, but your post makes me want to try!! :)

  4. Now that’s what I am talking about! I, too, wrap the tree stand with fabric as I haven’t found the perfect ready-made skirt. This season gets soooo busy with other projects (Advent Calendars, sewing gifts, etc) that I will probably make one in summer – now I know how!

  5. Very pretty, Kate! It makes me think of a lovely winter cape.

  6. CAUUUUTTTEEEE HUNNIE!!! If I only knew how to sew (TEAR) and I had the nerve to buy a sewing machine on black friday because it was on sale for 30 bucks lol guess i should use my day off wisely and make my way on over to Hancock Fabs!!!

  7. Hey Kate- Did the fur come in widths of 7″ or did you buy a yard, and just cut down to strips that were 7″ wide? Looks great, and I’m asking because I need to make a new one soon too! Our new tree stand’s base diameter is larger than the opening in my current tree skirt. Bummer! -A

  8. I love this! You have inspired me to go and try to make one this year :-) I am so into white…so I think I may just try to make it simple and do it all in white fur. Walmart has an awesome white fur that I have dying to use.


  9. I am like you……I have never had a tree skirt either! I love the one you created. I only use my sewing machine to sew on girl scout patches, but I think I might be able to sew myself a tree skirt. Thanks for the tutorial.

  10. genius i tell ya! so my tree is too big this year and my tree skirt is looking a lil small so i think i am going to do the same. add some fur!

  11. This is so posh. I love it. Unfortunately, I got my first store bought tree skirt last year at the C&B after Christmas sale–not a nice way to shop at all–people were too aggressive for me. Anyway, I’ll file this idea away for a later date since I need to use the one I haven’t used yet.

  12. That’s beautiful! I’ve never splurged on a tree skirt either. I use an old lace tablecloth. I would love to make one like yours…oops too bad I don’t sew! Let me know if you start selling them.

  13. So So Beautiful. One of the comments said that this is so Posh! love that word, it reminds me of Fancy Nancy books. Yes you are like Fancy Nancy well at least your tree is
    Now I want to go and make one:)

  14. This is so cute! It’s really hard to find cute tree skirt ideas and this is the first one I’d ever consider doing. Thank you!

  15. Last year a bought a ton of burlap with the intention of making a tree skirt and stockings and had NO idea where to start with the tree skirt! Thank you SO much for this tutorial! This year my tree will not be naked :)

  16. so so happy to have stumbled across this blog!!! I have been wanting to make a tree skirt for soooo many years-and love this!!

  17. Fantastic! Best instructions I’ve found, thank you for not over-complicating this :) I’m feeling a bit of confidence coming on.

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