DIY Personalized Candles

By Kate Riley December 16, 2009

I started working on this idea a few weeks ago, and finally got around to finishing up this little experiment of mine just the other day.  I wanted to create some original candles with plain glass containers and soy wax for the holidays and to give as gifts.

This version has a cranberry tinted soy wax inside a plain glass oval container – it is painted and embellished with a glittery seasonal message.

wish candle

Supplies: plain glass heat safe container, microwavable soy wax, chip board letters (or stickers), pre-waxed wick, frosted glass spray paint, white spray paint, glue stick, painter’s tape, glitter.

stick chipboard to glass

Step One:  Attach chip board letters with just enough glue from a glue stick to keep them in place.  You could also use stickers or Cricut letters here.

Anything goes !

Cover the top of glass with painter’s tape (or simply turn it upside down) and spray with two coats of frosted glass spray paint.  Allow to dry for 30 minutes in between coats.

Note: Most ordinary colored spray paint’s are not designed for glass, but frosted glass spray paint is, therefore it acts as a good primer for any subsequent colored spray paint you choose.

Step Two:  Once your two coats of frosted glass paint are dry, spray paint your color coat of choice (I used what I had from my stockpile: Rustoleum’s Heirloom White).  After you’ve sprayed your glass with your colored spray paint, sprinkle glitter into the paint while the paint is still wet.

heirloom white and glitter

Step Three:  Remove chipboard letters.

Melt your microwavable soy wax in the microwave and add any colored tint you choose.

If you want to have a white wax but colored letters underneath, then use colored paint designed for glass to paint the inside of the glass before you add your white wax.

correct with tool

Remove your letters and scrape away any residue from the glue stick or paint with a small flathead screwdriver or similar tool.

** You’ll notice the wax is already in the candle – I actually chose to paint it white after I filled it with wax, but I recommend doing the wax last, after you paint.


Step Four:  Melt your microwavable soy wax in a microwave safe glass container (like a Pyrex measuring cup) about 2 to 3 cups at a time.  Add tint, then pour into heat safe glass container with a wick.  Use a chopstick or similar tool to support your wick as your candle cools.

use chopstick

Once your wax is cooled and your paint and glitter have dried, your candle will look like this.

glitter wish candle

wish candle sparkle

You can do your own version with “Joy” or “Noel” or “Merry” or “Bah Humbug” or whatever you like.  Imagine making this with someone’s name, wouldn’t that be charming ?   It would look so pretty with pale blue or green tinted wax too, especially next to the glittery surround.

This next candle was made with an antique tea cup and saucer.  My sister-in-law adores Victorian style tea cups, and she loves candles too.  So I picked up this antique German tea cup (although it is 12 ounces, so it’s more like a coffee cup) at the Antique Fair.

She will love this sweet floral design.

antique tea cup and saucer

I pulled this idea right out of the Cambria Cove catalog – their tea cup and saucer candles cost $50 dollars.  Yikes !  This version only cost $5 dollars for the antique cup and saucer, and a few dollars for the soy wax and wick to fill it.

Here’s the snapshot from Cambria Cove – I just love this novel idea, without the price tag.

cambria cove teacup candle Image: Cambria Cove

These would make great gifts for teachers too !



  1. Absolutely creative and very impressive.Yes,the possibilities ARE infinite.Oh ,and your Mom looks fabulous:-)

  2. I love the teacup candle idea. It’s so cute. I’m not a DIY-er, but that is one I definitely plan to try. I’ll be looking for teacups or mugs in thrift stores to be sure!

  3. LOVE this idea!! If I had more time, it’s something I’d do this holiday season… but definitely something I will keep in mind for the future! Thanks for sharing! :)

  4. I got called into the Principals office at my childrens school the other day. Not for any problems thank goodness. The Principal – Ellen is a huge fan. I was told “you have GOT to check out this blog centsationalgirl” – well I just did,and I love it! Glad I stopped by – lloking forward to seeing what’s in store for the future. All the best, Lori

  5. I just love this idea! I’ve been dying to try the frosted glass paint.

    BTW, my hubby is a painting contractor (30 years experience) and I just asked him, “Honey, will Rustoleum spray paint stick to glass without a primer?” His answer: “If you don’t want it to, it will stick to anything.” hahaha. But, yeah, he said it should adhere just fine as long as you have a clean surface. :o) We’ll have to give that a try…

  6. What a wonderful idea! It went into my list of DIY gifts for next year. :)

    One quick question…it looks like the letters are inverted and the rest of the candle is raised…is that simply due to the layers of paint surrounding them?


  7. I love the candles, amazing idea. I love how you can made a gift for extremely different people with the supplies. I am going to try this one.

  8. Just lovely. Any of these would make a great personalized gift throughout the year. Thanks for sharing.

  9. OMG, is there no end to your creative, decorative genius? How do you find the time and where do you get your ideas?

  10. What a wonderful idea! I try to have some girlfriends over every spring for a get together and I think this would be the perfect gift. I’ll have to do some cup and saucer searching after Christmas to make those pretty teacup candles. And it would be a good little pick-me-up to take to those who have been sick as well. So many things you can do with this one!

  11. I recently tried spray painting glass, I think the frosted glass spray paint as primer was a *very* wise idea! They all look so great!

  12. You are so good with this stuff. I’m saving this and I’ll try it when it isn’t a hectic time. I would love to be able to make these.


  13. What a great idea … I love your Wish candle. I’m going to save your teacup idea for next year. We are having a dinner party for my Mother’s 85th birthday … wouldn’t they look nice all lit up around the centrepiece. THANKS>

  14. I only stumbled upon this today (almost a year later), but I am already so excited to make these for my family and married friends! What a great way to make a Pottery Barn-esque gift on a dime. Thank you!

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