Out of the Closet

By Kate Riley November 28, 2009

The kids beg me all November to open the Christmas closet.  It’s a big deal because the Christmas closet is hidden in a secret hiding place where no one else can see it, and it’s a little tricky to access. 

When we remodeled our house three years ago, we insisted on claiming every inch of storage possible.  Under the staircase was yet another place for us to incorporate a storage space dedicated solely to Christmas. 

Mr. CG calls it ‘the vault’ and it’s secretly hidden behind the dining room hutch.  Inside is 42 x 120 inches of great storage.  Every January I stuff it full of all of our decorations, and every year after Thanksgiving, we open it up again. 

Take a peek:

christmas closet 3


When I said I liked Christmas, I kind of meant it. 

This is only half of my collection – just the interior decor. 


christmas closet 4


Another eight boxes of the outdoor decor are sitting in the garage. 

Now if I can only convince my hub to climb up on our second story roof

and hang those lights.


  1. Whoa girl! You aren’t kidding! I only have a couple boxes, but then I have married kids who get to use my stuff after I’m tired of it. Plus we don’t have much storage….

    My younger kids and I are hoping my hubs will hang lights outside this year too :)

  2. I love that secret hidey hole! FUN. I think hubby’s going to put a door in my closet so we can get to the garage attic from our room so I can hide Xmas gifts in there! I’m looking forward to seeing your place all done up for the holidays :)

  3. Oh I can hardly wait to see it all decorated. What a great way to use the space that would otherwise be wasted. Hugs, Marty

  4. What fun! I have a Christmas closet too but not nearly as large as yours. But it is stuffed full of everything from Christmas china to indoor decorations. The tree will be put up tonight and the decorations tomorrow afternoon and hopefully everything will be wrapped and under the tree in a couple of days. Have a wonderful time getting ready for Christmas and I can’t wait to see the new office either.

  5. That’s fantastic! I don’t know what I like better, the vast array of Christmas decorations, or the delicious hidden storage space. Hidden storage of all kinds is my joy and my delight.

  6. WOW!! THat’s amazing!! Looks like you have a fantastic collection, and I love how creatively you store it! Plus I think having it behind the hutch probably makes it even more exciting for your kids :)

  7. I love it! I just can’t wait to see what you do with all of it. Have a wonderful time decorating and spending time with your family.

    I am going to begin my decorating today too. Recovery from major surgery, so I hope to get a lot done, but my expectations are lower for sure. I am hoping my hubby will do the outside lights for me this year.

  8. Kate – you are hysterical! Not just a fun secret, but a fun way to present it to us! It reminds me of when I was a child. Fisher Price had a cute Little People Dollhouse with a detachable staircase, complete with a working door for a hideout one of the people could fit in! I had such fun imagining that hidden space was my size! I’m turning 45 in December and will be climbing up into our “attic” over the garage to haul out my Christmas stash today. Have fun decorating!

  9. Boy can I relate..I own 26 rubbermaids of Christmas..villages..dishes for 24..all serving accesories..4 trees of decorations..Santa collection..Snowmen and Nativity collections and so much more..And the closer it gets Thanksgiving..I hear open..open..open…Then getting them out….warm fuzzies all over..I know they are just decorations..but I LLoovveee Christmas!!! enjoy your warm fuzzies!!!!!!

  10. Wow, you do have a lot of Christmas decor! I can’t wait to see it all done. A great storage area too…that would help tremendously.

  11. OH MY! We must be distantly related because mine looks like this too. My grandchilden love it because they know that most of my Christmas things, except for the outdoor items and my 5 foot Santa, are in that closet. It is off the upstairs bath and goes back under to roof so it is triangular shaped. They even ask in the summer if they can just take a peek in that closet. Of course, I always let them because I love it too. Thanks for sharing and I can’t wait to see all of your decorations up.

  12. Wow!!! I love Christmas too. And love to see the new decor stuff. Nowadays, the only thing that stops me from buying is storage. For instance, I would love to buy two little trees to put close to the front door. But, where to store later? Thanks for sharing. Can’t wait to see your house decorated.

  13. Wow – I am excited just looking at your pictures! Though not a child anymore I can so totally relate to the anticipation of opening up that chamber of delights every year – must be a ritual and memory that will stay with the kids for ever. What a great idea!
    Can imagine what a joy it must be to rumble through the boxes each year!!
    LOVE it!


  14. I will enjoy seeing all of your Christmas decorations since there will be none at my house this year. I am exempt because of the huge move we just endured. I can’t wait to see it all.

  15. I just broke out my decorations & finished a post about how I only spent $12 on some ribbon. I used what I had to create some very pretty and seasonal decorations! We are living in Japan on base housing, so our decoration possibilities are limited. But I have been inspired by your posts! Thanks!

  16. Well I counted my boxes today and I have ten plastic storage boxes plus a few things that won’t fit in a box. So don’t feel so bad and be grateful for your storage closet!

  17. Well….Good luck with that! Looks impressive.
    My goods are buried at the back of a “packed to the rafters” storage unit and look like they wont get any action this year. Add in one “back home 25yr old daughter and ca’ la vie!
    Such is the life of a gimpette!

  18. A secret closet for hiding your Christmas decor?! How cool! No wonder your kids can’t WAIT to decorate for Christmas!

  19. Ha! I don’t feel so bad now! I have 8 large plastic tubs, plus assorted cardboard boxes filled with stuff. That doesn’t even count the 5 animated figures, which are too big for a tub so they just go back into their respective boxes.

  20. First, I love your white French doors. So classic!

    Can’t wait to see it all in place!!
    I only have 3-4 boxes yet (I’m just 20… beginning my collection!) And they are still at the other place so I’m begging to feel the hurge to get them here…

  21. That is so awesome. I wish that i had a secret hidden closet filled with Christmas decorations. Sadly, we are down to 1.5 boxes after two cross country moves. The fun part about that is that I feel justified in doing more decor shopping :O)

  22. This is brilliant! I am a fairly new reader and slowly catching up on your archives as recommendations pop up. I would never think to hid a closet that is rarely used with a large piece of furniture, but its like your families little secret and has to make Christmas that much more exciting. I am going to bank this one for our next home or whenever we get around to finishing the basement. :)

  23. hi there,
    cute idea
    what is the color of this space? goldish yellowish????

  24. That is awesome! I love me a hidden room, and my husband hates dead space in houses, so maybe we’ll incorporate something like this when we have a house.

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