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By Kate Riley October 2, 2009

Oooooh goody goody.  Look who’s been featured over at ‘The Secret is in the Sauce’ today.  The SITS sisters are a group of women bloggers dedicating to supporting one another.  I love these gals !  And now they like me, they really like me. 

SITS header

I just love making new friends.  




  1. Congrats on being today’s FB on SITS!! I’ll be back to read more!! Now, I am off to get ready for work!! enjoy your day!!

  2. Congratulations on your big SITS day! I hope you receive a lot of comment-lovin’ to brighten your Friday. I have been looking around your blog and I absolutely LOVE it! Of course I’m now a follower!

    See you around:-)

  3. Wow! You’re not just the Featured Blogger. You’re a FAVORITE! That’s special!

    I’m excited to explore your blog! Congrats on your day!

  4. Love, love, LOVE! your site. Found you via SITS and I am clicking around here like Templeton @ the fair — wheee!

  5. Wow, I’m comment number two? It must be earlier than I thought! Congrats on being the featured blogger! Enjoy your day!

  6. I’m so made up for you! Enjoy your SITS day. Am off out today to look for bits and pieces to sort out the front of my house. You’ve inspired me!

  7. Congrats on SITS!! Im looking around your site and think some of your ideas are just great. I’ll be so inspired after a good nights sleep to come back to read more!!

  8. I love the Veronica 4 Strand Necklace, perfect for every black outfit! My favorite jewelry is the god bangle that was my first bracelet handed down from my grandmother.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. Your blog is awesome, I mean, AWESOME!!! I am so sharing this with my mother in law who would TOTALLY love your sense of style. Actually I really like it too, so soft and romantic. Too bad a certain man who lives in my house (i.e. husband) probably wouldn’t like all those soft and romantic colors. Boo hoo. Oh well. I’m going to follow your blog and definately come back again soon. I am so glad you were the SITS featured blogger today, wow, so much inspiration for the weekend!

    P.S. I think I need one of those bumper stickers that says “Home Depot is my Toy Store” don’t you?

  10. Kate. Oh. My. Goodness.
    One of the reasons I love SITS is because I get to stumble upon gems like your blog!! What a treat–I cannot wait until I have time this weekend to sit down with a cup of java so I can pore through your delicious blog.
    Thanks for sharing, and have a super SITS Friday!

  11. You are aweome! Love the blog and can’t wait to check out some more posts….a big CONGRATS to you for being the SITS FB today:D

  12. Congrats on your Super SITS Day – I always love to visit your blog! Love the commenter who said you need a bumper sticker about Home Depot being your toy store – so true!! Have a good one –

  13. Happy SITS Day! Wow..You’re revamps are amazing! I’m coming back to read more this weekend! You have so many great ideas. I am in LOVE with your daughter’s bedroom. I’d love to do something like that for my daughter.

  14. Kate,
    You’re blog = FANTABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! Congrats on your SITS day and being a favorite. What an honor!!!! I love that I have found your little corner of heaven and have every intention of spending way too much time looking through it. Hehehe :)


  15. Congratulations on your SITS day… can’t wait to snoop around and check out the decorating tips – I could use them!

    Make it a great day!!

  16. Congratulations on being a SITS favorite! I’ve been peeking around your blog and can easily see why you are much revered. So much inspiration! I’ll be back often!

  17. Hubby and I are remodeling a house we just bought. Your ideas are stunning! Thank you for sharing with us all. Happy SITS day!

  18. Silly me….at first glance I thought it read Gestational Girl…..ha ha ha….
    So glad I took a second look at it.

    Hey….BTW…..congratulations on your day in the SITS sun!
    I hope your day today is beautiful.

  19. Congratulations! That feature is how I found your website and I’m glad I did. You have so much eye candy on here! I’ve become a follower and I hope you’ll come to check out my blog when you have the chance. Thanks!

  20. Happy SITS day. Left a comment on your great pumpkin project post as well. I’m new to blogging. Come by and visit me. I’m a new Follower of yours:)

  21. I’ve loved your blog for months, but didn’t realize you were a SITS member. Congrats on being featured today. I was featured a couple of weeks ago and it was so much fun!

  22. congratulaions for your SITS featuring day! also very big compliments for this magnificient blog; so interesting ans inspiring!!!!
    Have a beautiful day!
    elvira from tuscany…….besides: come and see our views in southern TUSCANY!

  23. Stopping by from SITS! Happy Blog day! I love your blog–so much to check out. :)

    suzi from

  24. Kate, congratulations on your SITS featuring day. Magnifantastic!
    You’re a gal of soooo many talents!
    Best to you, Kate….Mary

  25. I didn’t find you through SITS… I found them through you! How fun, and what a marvelous idea. And in the spirit of support, I will stop to tell you how much I adore your blog. (Because I am kind of a quiet reader – ahem!) You and your Heirloom White. You taught me about spray paint primer – who knew? not me. – and not only that, but you also taught me about using craft paint. So many colors! So cheap! It even makes oak look good!! Thanks for writing such a wonderful blog.

  26. Congratulation on your SITS day. This is the first time I am checking out your blog and I just love it. I love good bargains and decorating for less. I would love you to come over and check out my blogs, hopefully you’ll find something that will interest you.

  27. I just checked out all of your fabulous before and after photos of your house. BEAUTIFUL! Looks right out of Better Homes and Gardens. You have more talent in your little pinkie then I have in my whole body.

    (Stopped over from SITS)

  28. Love your front porch…those metallic pumpkins!

    Congratulations on being the SITS FB.

    Sweet dreams.

  29. Happy SITS day. I’m really excited to look around and see what there is to see. And make what needs to be needs to be made.

  30. Hey there SITSta! I am a little late, but I wanted to stop by and congratulate you on being featured :) hope it was a great day!

  31. I’ve been out of town but better late than never. Belated congratulations on your SITS featured blogger day. Great job…off to read your blog now. Have a great week.

  32. Kate,

    As these other ladies stated, found you through SITs and I’m fascinated by your blog and so glad I visited. I am also an attorney, former prosecutor, and it’s so exciting to find another blogger/mommy of similarly aged kids/bargain shopper out there in the world. I am bookmarking you and will check back again soon.

    Loved your idea on the headboard coatrack!

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