September Décor

By Kate Riley September 8, 2009

After a weekend of relaxation, I was very excited to jump into my long list of new projects for fall.  Unfortunately, I was up all night with an ill daughter, and as a result, tethered to my house today tending to a sick child.  It forced a change in plans for the day.  But no worries.  I changed course, and in between serving crackers and juice, I focused on injecting some fall colors into our home.   

I am by no means ready for Halloween.  Today, I was inspired to put away some of the summer whites, and bring out some of the fall colors that seem appropriate for September.  I challenged myself to work with what decor I already had, so I scurried around the house in my pajamas all day hunting for objects I haven’t displayed in awhile. 

First, I focused on the kitchen mantle.  It spent all summer covered with a collection of white ceramics, which I adore.  But today, I ventured into a study in complementary colors. 

complimentary colors crop 

These cabernet colored candles came out of hiding. 

cabernet candles

I made my own still life with some squash and figs, nestled in a thrift store compote. 

still life compote

The vibrant yellow wreath is simply a grouping of orchid stems that I tied together. 

kitchen mantle

Come Thanksgiving and Christmas, it will all change, but something about the juxtaposition of the deep purple and yellow speaks to me today. 

On the dining room table, I put away the summer whites and brought the greens and wood tones to the table, and the classic Ballard pear. 

dining room pears

Some glitz and gourds made an appearance in the family room niche:

glitz and gourds

I wanted some more subtle warmer tones and richer textures on this side of my living room.  So I added some chocolate brown silk to the vanilla lampshade with hot glue and double sided tape.  So easy !  Out from the linen closet came a shimmery taupe faux fur throw and some fall inspired pillows. 

living room tones and textures

From the mantle, I removed the turquoise decor from summer.  In exchange, I went with a more neutral combination of cream and bronze as a backdrop for the coming seasonal changes. 

toned down mantle

I also added some more natural elements.  The apothecary jar is filled with walnut shells, acorns, and pine cones collected from a winery on my most recent weekend getaway.  I had every intention of spray painting them white, but didn’t get around to it.  Wouldn’t that be stunning?  An entire jar of white walnut shells.  Swoon.  


In the window, my favorite glass jar of branches made friends with some new amethyst colored blooms I discovered hidden upstairs.  They are playing off the colors in the amazing hydrangea bush right outside.  


purple branches in window

In the foyer, I added some of those hydrangeas to my favorite flea market silver pitcher, and out of the box came my clearance Ballard pumpkins.

highboy hydrangea

For the mirror I formed my own custom wreath with beaded garland attached to a simple unadorned grapevines.   

wreath and garland

 foyer fall wreath


The wreath was a hint Christmasey with just the beaded garland, so I added some additional hydrangea buds.  It’s a bit Victorian, with a dash of ‘Midsummer Night’s Dream’ don’t you think?

hydrangea in grapevine wreath


The foyer console also got a bouquet of random clippings from my yard.  Hello Mr. Ballard pumpkin.

foyer flowers

How can you not love these colors ?

love these colors

Last year’s oak leaf wreath got some sprucing with some leftover pumpkins, gourds, and hot glue.  I raided the kid’s craft box for some ribbon embellishments. 

wreath supplies

Instant front door fall wreath (and free!)

front door


Not bad for a day spent in my pajamas.  And in case you’re wondering, my little girl is feeling much better, thank you !

Are you like me, moving everything around your home when the seasons change?  What upgrades are you making for fall? 


  1. Oh I love your victorian style wreath (the bling gets me every time) and your hydrangeas are GORGEOUS! I tried growing one here in Texas. Let me just say: BUST.

  2. Oh my goodness. I’m in love with it ALL! Simply gorgeous Kate. I think you should spend the day in your pajamas more often :). Thanks for sharing your ideas with us.

  3. I haven’t done anything yet, although if the rain holds off here today, I will cut some of my hydrangea’s this evening and bring them in. Always a nice touch. Love your wreaths. I have a front door similar to yours ~ how did you hang your wreath? Those 3M hooks that come off easily? I actually have them on hand so if that works for something like this {which I guess it would since these types of wreaths are not heavy}, I guess I’ll be looking to hang a wreath this weekend! : ) Thanks for getting my creative Fall butt in gear!

  4. Love it all! I’ve been stewing and planning over some fall themed changes, but haven’t actually done anything yet. Now I’m inspired! There’s nothing more satisfying that shopping the house and coming up with something FREE and FABULOUS!

  5. Oh Wow, I can’t believe you did all of that in one day, with a sick child at home. You have a lot of energy! Everything looks so wonderful and inviting. Makes me want to jump up and do the same thing. Now if only I had your flair for decorating! Love it!

  6. Beautiful my dear! I tell you, you have really jump-started the creative side of my brain today! I am already making plans to start going through my closets of goodies this weekend. lol

    “Welcome back Autumn, I missed you!” =)

  7. I am like you, moving things all around as the seasons change. Over the Labor Day weekend, I went crazy with my fall decor, completely re-arranging my vingettes. I went straight to real fall/Halloween stuff though…I can’t resist the colors & vintage Halloween designs! I’ll be posting pics on my blog soon…

  8. Let’s see, when I spend the day in pajamas I do things like laundry, clean the cat box, sort my recyclables, watch a movie…..You have inspired me. Everything looks fabulous!!!

  9. You had all that in storage? You are amazing it looks wonderful – I’m going to have to study these pictures in detail!

  10. I love your fall decorating! My kitchen windowsill is about to change from seashells to bits of fall nature. With five sets of little hands, my decor has to stay on the indestructible side. Thanks for the inspiration!

  11. I LOVE the wreath with the blingies and hydrangeas! The way it is hanging on the mirror looks sooooo cool. You have inspired me, too! Let’s see, first I need to find a fabulous mirror. . .;)
    Love your ideas!

  12. I feel so inspired after reading this. It is still so warm here, and we are leaving in a few days on vacation. I will probably hold off until we get home to change seasons here. I love taking the old and making it fresh with a few new flowers, ribbons etc. You make more changes than I have in the past, but you are giving me great ideas!

  13. Beautiful pictures. My fav has to be that beautiful wreath on that elegant mirror! stunning!
    I have my fall wreath I just made up on my blog ( on a glass inset door, kinda like the picture you have. Thanks for sharing! ;)

  14. Very productive (and beautiful) indeed!

    No changes here yet. I don’t generally decorate for the 4 seasons. Just everyday and Christmas and abit of Halloween outside for the visiting kids. I change stuff around the entire house enough to warrant getting away with that. :)

    Funky Junk Interiors

  15. I got more done around the house when a kid was sick, or the car was sick and getting repaired – it was like being forced to stay in and it was great.

    Lucky you to live in such a beautiful area – I’ve been to Sonoma and Napa and they are both amazing places.

    Love your blog –


  16. Wait – all of this was in your house? Then call my house barren because I have nothing. Nada. Zilch. You are my hero… and are you for hire? :-P

  17. Stunning! I have a question for you – how did you attach the beaded garland to the wreath? Did you just use wire? It looks so beautiful. Thanks!

  18. Fab-u-lous! You know how to decorate seasonally without going over the top. It’s lovely without screaming “Fall!!!!!” So glad your little girl is feeling better. Having a sick child is no fun for anyone. :( Your home, as always, is so inspiring to me!! :)

  19. Honestly, I don’t know where you find the hours in the day! I really should stop watching TV and get my buns down to the basement to dig out our fall decor. I just don’t know if I’m ready to let summer go just yet. Lovely and inspiring decor from you as usual!

  20. Those are some fantastic ideas! I am switching out my dark green curtains from the guest room and putting them in my living room. After reading your blog for the past few weeks, I’ve started finding things around my house and moving things around to spruce up the place. Thanks for sharing!

  21. You will have to come post your fall decor to my Celebrating the Holidays party.
    My blog has just been growing like a crazy weed and I haven’t been able to get by for as many visits. I miss all my blog friends.
    Come for a visit and see both of my new parties for the week. They are up every week and I hope you will participate.

    Its So Very Cheri

  22. Love it all. The wreath you made in the hall looks awesome. And, I lvoe the white Ballard pumpkin. Adorable.

    PS – Have I never seen your chocolate brown sofa before? I love it.

  23. So beautiful! You did a LOT of sprucing up in one day. I desperately want to see your closet filled with goodies that you find things to change out from! I wish I had one of those closets!

  24. Gorgeous.
    I’d be thrilled to bits to get my house looking great for any season, let alone getting my act together for Fall. :)
    Lovely ideas, I hope you’re feeling cozy and ready to enjoy slightly cooler weather.

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