Twin Tower Shelf Transformation

By Kate Riley August 3, 2009

Sometimes, you get really lucky being in the right place at just the right time.  My local Villeroy & Boch outlet was closing its doors last month, and they were selling all of their display cabinets for $20 dollars each.  My jaw dropped.  I was giddy with excitement!  At those prices, I could redo my entire home office/library for a fraction of the cost of new bookcases. 

Here they are in the store the day I found them.  Oh joy, what luck!

villeroy towers

I bought two of the taller shelves you see in the middle for the desk and window side of the library, and two of the twin towers for the sofa side of the room.  I brought them home with the help of a friend with a truck, and they’ve been sitting in my garage ever since. 

They were a buttery yellow shade with country blue trim, and the paint was a little nicked up from traveling across town.  I really wanted a bright cream color to showcase my books and collectibles. 

Last weekend, I went through the trouble of painting the glass towers. They were previously painted this yellow shade, so I chose not to prime them.  Outdoors, I painted right over the yellow with my favorite oil-based spray paint: Rustoleum’s ‘Heirloom White’. 

heirloom white

spray outside 


tower top before


tower after paint

glass tower after

These towers have lights built in to the top and tempered glass shelves.  I can only imagine how much shelves like this would cost me retail!  Ouch.  

I’ll show you the mate to this tower in the library reveal.  Now it’s time to paint the two big behemoth bookcases in my garage that are for the other side of the room.  I’m thinking more ‘Heirloom White’ with a gray/blue painted back panel. 

I feel like I completely scored finding these pieces for these prices !


  1. Those prices are insane!
    Talk about being in the right place at the right time!

  2. I was just thinking the same thing – talk about the right place at the right time!! What a score for you and your office and your library!

  3. Score! Can't believe the bargain you got on those. :) Love it in white!!

  4. Seriously? Seriously??? Talk about good karma! What fantastic pieces at fantastic prices. Looks great and a SCORE indeed!

  5. seriously that's not even fair! I want to find a store that is going out of business so I can buy awesome $20 cabinets!

  6. Beautiful! When you get tired of looking at them send them my way, please :)

  7. Ugh what a STEAL!!! They look completely different in the white. Great job

  8. WOW….total SCORE….congrats!!
    You transformed them and they are awesome!!

  9. OMG, you DID totally score!!!!

    I am SO jealous. *pout*

    I think I'll be wasting hours driving around looking for stores goint out of business now. ;)

  10. What a bargain!! You were living right that day. That is amazing! They turned out beautiful!! We are all jealous! Can't wait to see everything finished. Love & blessings from NC!

  11. Seriously, those were basically free compared to what they would have been! It turned out really nicely!

  12. Those were a total score!! I've seen display pieces like that (but not as nice) go for much more when a store goes out of business. Great find!

  13. You were definitely in the right place at the right time, you lucky girl! What a fab find! And they look wonderful redone in your favorite white. So classy.

  14. What a Deal the cabinets were. I think for that price I would even dust the glass before turning on the lights.They look fantastic.

  15. That was an absolute steal of a deal. Great job! They look really nice white. Just curious, do you buy stock in Heirloom White? :-)

  16. you seems like a very lucky woman!
    In here, store are oppening, not closing…

  17. Lucky! I love Villeroy and Boch too. I love the transformation. Thanks for sharing your blog with us.

  18. Girl, those are a really lucky find, so pretty! And of course I love the transformation on them.

  19. that is seriously the best find EVER. I have V&B dishes so I'm totally jealous of your display shelves!! those are amazing. best score of the year!!

  20. I can't believe it! some people are just lucky I guess! Awesome find! I'm giddy for you! :)

  21. You ABSOLUTELY scored!!! You're right – talk about being in the right place at the right time. You put the chalkboard I found in the garbage to shame with these! I was wondering if you got the bookcases as well, because I would have gotten greedy and wanted it all! Can't wait to see the reveal of your office.

  22. You not only scored, you hit the jackpot, won the lottery, and all that! LOVE the transformation, I'm a sucker for some Heirloom White. Can't wait to see the whole room! ;)

  23. You had mentioned you like anything French. Are you familiar with The Graphics Fairy blog? She has some really, really cool French graphics you can use for labels, pillows, plates, etc. You’re a great DIYer so I know you get the idea. LOVE YOUR BLOG!

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