Inspired by Nailhead Trim

By Kate Riley July 6, 2009

Nailheads are popping up everywhere, and they’re back in a big way.   Nailheads are no longer just for dark leather sofas in club rooms filled with cigar smoke.   Here are a few gorgeous objects out there that feature this fabulous finish.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s chair, House and Garden, 2006

gwyneth paltrow chair house and garden

Neiman Marcus Crewel Bench

neiman marcus crewel bench

Ballard Designs Garden Seat

garden stool ballard designs

Istanbul Stool, Shine Homeistanbul stool

Lamp, Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

stud table lamp mitchell gold bob williams

Neiman Marcus Blue Crewel Chair

neiman marcus crewel chair

Nailhead Diamond Pedestal, Home Decorators

home decorators diamond nailhead pedastal


Lee Industries Cube

lee industries nail head trim ottoman pico lime

Horchow Nickel Studded Crocodile Tables

horchow crocodile nail head trim table

Becca Chair, Home Decorators becca nailhead chair home decorators

Savoy Chair, Z Galleriesavoy chair lentil z gallerie

Fairfax Ottoman, Williams Sonoma Home

fairfax ottoman

Antique French Damask Screen, 1st Dibs

french damask screen antique 1st dibs

End Table, PJ Designs

pj designs etsy end table

I’ve done so many projects with nail head trim, and been delighted with all of them. Remember this fabric covered headboard? How about this chair, this chair, and then this chair? Don’t forget my memo boards decorated with upholstery tacks. I’ve even used them to decorate candles. As you can see, I am addicted to nail head trim ! Once you begin, it’s really hard to stop.

Here’s a picture of my own DIY headboard in my master bedroom.

headboard in bedroom

Nail head trim doesn’t just have to be antique brass. It is now available in many colors, like silver, chocolate brown, and even with patterned designs. It is available at most larger home improvement stores and costs about a buck a box. You can also buy nail head trim in endless styles online, or basic versions at stores like Joann’s Fabrics.

Here are some inexpensive ideas. Imagine adding silver nail heads to a mirror with a painted frame, or even a simple picture frame. What about a trunk, or a wooden box, perhaps with a single letter monogram? You could simply add this trim to any existing piece of furniture in your home, maybe your ottoman or a bench. The possibilities are endless !


  1. oh so exciting!!!
    I am in the process of re-upholstering my sofa and the new look has the nailhead. I don't have a blog yet. If I don't have the blog up by party time, I will send you the pics. Thanks :)

  2. Love that nailhead trim! I've been looking for a leather loveseat with nailhead trim for my soon-to-be den/library. I never thought that I could use nailhead on so many other things. Great ideas. Let's see, I've got a little table, a mirror, maybe a lamp, some picture frames . . . I'll try to get some done in time for the party! Thanks for the invitation.

  3. Ooooh, I don't know if I have anything to post (I'll look!), but I will be looking forward to the party. :)

  4. You are amazing! I don't think I am scared of anything, but nail head trim might be it. :) Oh, I want to try, so I am going to oogle your past posts (which I've already read, but need more inspiration. :)

  5. I think this gives me enough time to come up with something! I'm going to try.

  6. Hi! I have recently stumbled upon your blog and am thoroughly enamored! Although I don't have anything in mind for this project, you definitely have me keeping my eyes open. This will be the first time to use the nailheads, so I'm curious to see what I can come up with! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  7. Hmmmmmmmmm…this we shall need to delve into….

    m ^..^

  8. Even though I love it, I don't have a single thing with nailhead trim except a leather chair. I really do need to find something I can decorate. All of your pieces look gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

  9. Ahh!! I don't know what to trim, but I really want to join the party! I will be scouring my house for ideas. LOVE LOVE your headboard!

  10. I have a project in mind so I'll go ahead and RSVP for the party, how fun!

  11. LOVE nailhead detail. I've actually been searching for a project to use it on. Thanks for the inspiration.

    I have to tell you, my mom has somewhat ornate front doors in her house (from that whole Mediterranean phase in the 60's). She painted the interior side of the doors black and then added large shiny silver tacks and it looks awesome…hmmm, I think I already have an idea for your linky party :-).

  12. great, count me in! Now I just have to find some nailheads and somethign to attach them to!

  13. Sounds like a lot of fun, I am going to be looking for a piece that I can jazz up. :)

  14. My name is Christine. I am Brazilian, the city of Rio de Janeiro. My English is bad, I hope you do understand. I love your blog. you have hands of fairy! I come here every day.
    All the best, kisses

  15. Hi CG:

    I'll be a viewer at the nailhead party…but it may have an influence! Thanks to you personally, I have Heirloom Whited (yep, I blieve this is now a verb!)our radiator covers. They look spiffy! And we have a little cabana on the ocean here on Long Island…I spray painted all of our furniture-chairs, sofas, tables as it gets abused in the salt air. It looks like Cabana Beautiful! Thank you, thank you!

  16. Sounds good! We just got an antique bench that came from hubby's late grandparents' house, and I'd like to recover it for our bedroom. Of course, that involves sewing, so uh…tricky! But I would definitely like to trim it with nailhead. I will let you know how it turns out. =)


  17. Consider this my RSVP. :) I just completed my first nail head trim project and am itching for more!

  18. Count me in! I recently completed a headboard thanks to your inspiration and I am planning on making some nailhead bulletin boards and maybe something more adventurous. I have a few weeks to ponder before the big party.

  19. What a fabulous idea for a party. I'd love to participate as a nail head trim rookie! I've got a couple of ideas, so I'll share whatever I come up with.

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  21. Oh what divine timing. I JUST exactly precisely LAST night at midnight finished up a little nailhead trim project myself. First one and it was so easy! Are we kindred spirits? I will be in attendance, CG!

  22. I'll be participating! Great idea about putting nailhad trim on a mirror. I have the perfect mirror to work with – thanks for the inspiration!

  23. Wow, that Istanbul stool is calling my name. So lovely. I wish I was crafty enough to attempt something similar. : )

  24. I just bought the exact same ceramic stool you show from Ballard Designs (priced there for $139) at Costco for $19.97 in ivory!

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