Nap Zone

By Kate Riley July 23, 2009

When I was a girl, we lived in a cottage.  In the living room was a built in daybed.  In that daybed, I would bury myself in cozy pillows and blankets for hours while I read the latest Nancy Drew mystery.  It was enchanting.  Some of my fondest memories are there. 

Whether it’s a lazy summer afternoon, or a rainy winter day, I’m still crazy about the idea of lounging in the mid afternoon in a daybed.  There’s something about a bed, out in the open, beckoning you to lie down with your favorite book, with the likelihood that you will indeed, and eventually, drift off to slumber land.   

These days, with two small and energetic children, a nap in the middle of the day is my idea of a serious vacation.  But at least I can dream of drifting off to dream in some of these favorite cozy spaces.   

house beautiful march 09 House Beautiful, March 2009

o at home winter 08 O at Home, Winter 2008

country living white daybed Country Living

domino daybed Domino

house beautiful june 08House Beautiful, June 2008 

decor fall winter 07Decor, Fall/Winter 2007 

country home june 2008Country Home, June 2008 

west elm circle daybed West Elm Circle Daybed

sweetwater cabana from beach house style Sweetwater Cabana, styled by my friend at  Beach House Style

sunset feb 09 Sunset, February 2009

bhg flea market style 2009BH&G Flea Market Style 2009

 sampan_daybed Sampon Daybed, LifeShop Collection

mandelay day bed williams sonoma Mandalay Day Bed, Williams Sonoma Home

jay jeffers indoor swingIndoor Swing by Jay Jeffers 

decor fall winter 07 3 Decor, Fall/Winter 2007

priscilla day bed pottery barn Priscilla Day Bed, Pottery Barn

daybed from rare and beautiful treasuresSource Unknown 

house beautiful feb 2009House Beautiful, February 2009 

Don’t these daybeds make you want to curl up with your favorite read and hide away from the world?  They do for me. 

“Sleep, perchance to dream, ay, there’s the rub.” 

– Shakespeare’s Hamlet

Happy Weekend everyone.


  1. Where's my latest Twilight book…I'm getting sleepy just looking at them….! ;) I am especially fond of the Country Living/Home and Flea Market ones! That is so my style. I happen to be a big napper! I try to nap often, even if it's just a half hour of zzzz's!

  2. I too had a daybed that I would curl up on and bury myself in blankets and pillows with a good book.

  3. Oh so inviting. Inspiring pics for a just-moved-in-to-our-first-home-and-suddenly-starved-for-creative-ideas-before-hubby-comes-home-from-r&r girl. :) Thanks for posting!

  4. Perfect post. I am looking for one for my sewing studio. I love the Decor pictures. Something with a vintage French would be nice too. But I dream of the billowing sheers on the outdoor pictures…That would truly be a "vaction" during the day.

  5. Yes, they do! My favorite one was the Decor/winter 2007. Love that idea!! Great!

  6. Those beds do all look inviting!
    I saw someone once turn a large closet into a reading nook complete with a day bed – it was so cozy and cute!

  7. My daybed is in my mom's garage, awaiting the glorious moment I can move my girls into the same room and "reclaim" the guest room. I liked the Decor photo a lot…great storage underneath!!

    You go for that Dutch door, girl. Follow your dreams. ;) ;) I'd send T out to build it for you but he has big deck building plans this weekend (my gosh, I am so scared he's going to make it crooked or something!)

  8. I wonder where I could find a daybed like the one in BH&G Flea Market Style 2009… I love it!! it would be so cute in my sitting room!!!

  9. What lovely pictures…yes, they do make you want to curl up with a good book and relax!

    Enjoy your weekend!

  10. They do beckon you with that "come on, just lay down for a minute" attitude!

  11. Pretty! My favorite is the Country Home, June 2008 picture. I've always wanted a daybed. I tried to find one for my daughter, but they are so expensive!

  12. I read Nancy Drew as well when I was much younger. I absolutely loved that series.

    Love the first photo… :)

  13. Love the daybed from "Decor". It's the perfect place to read those books on the shelves right next to it. Reading this, combined with the rain outside, makes me want to curl up under my desk and take a nap!

  14. Oh yes, I love to nap… I can do it pretty much anywhere. But the outdoors ones you found here look particularly inviting.

  15. All beautiful examples. My middle daughter tells me all the time that all she wants is a big window seat that she can sleep on. Hopefully someday soon we can grant that wish.
    Have a wonderful weekend. Maybe with a nap. ;)

  16. Oh my, an assortment of beautiful daybeds. Maybe I should get a lovely daybed for my living room to like your mom did. So when I have guests, they can lounge on that. Wonderful post.

  17. I've had an espresso sleigh style daybed from Bombay Company in my living room for two years and every time someone comes over they look at it oddly, probably wondering why I put a bed in my living room.
    I knew I was ahead of my time :)

  18. Love the nailhead detail in the first one- and the color of it is just beautiful.

    Have a good weekend!

  19. Great collection of photos! I love daybeds. We have one in my daughter's nursery–I think a daybed is a must in a nursery, even if the room is small.

    And maybe I have a bizarre sense of humor, but for some reason that rounded Sampon daybed made me giggle. It didn't strike me as relaxing because I couldn't help but picture someone tumbling down a hill in it, hamster-wheel style. :)

  20. Love all of these. I am actually looking for something similar for a room in my house. I agree, it is hard to find a nap without a foot in my stomach–"Mommy, Mommy!" But life is great with my two girls! Always interesting…

  21. These make me definitely want a new bed. I LOVE the white built in one!

  22. I absolutely love the Sampon and the Mandalay. I've been dreaming of having a daybed forever. Once our house is built it will be one of the first projects I take on for my home office.

  23. We lived in a cottage when I was young, too. There’s something special about small spaces….we’ve downsized in recent years and now live in a cottage that’s been renovated to the gills. We love it!
    As soon as my daughter leaves the nest for her own place, I’d love to remodel her room with one of those daybed “swings”…isn’t that the coolest thing?

  24. Alas, none of these pictures showed up on my computer. This happens on some of the “You May Also Like” sites. I get a black rectangle with an exclamation mark in it. Am I doing something wrong or is it just a glitch?

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